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The Carson City Daily Appeal
A. G. Meyers
..Carson City, Nevada..
Those who gave their lives get no bonus. Columbia Record.
Mexico should adopt the cactus as its national flower. Grand
Editor and Manager
Entered at Matter of the Second Class at the Postoffice at Carson City, Nevada,
tinder Act of Congress of March 3, 1879
One year by Carrier
Une year by Mail
Some of these bitter-enders may find that the voters are better
, enders. Brooklyn Eagle.
Having acquired a half-billion-dollar steel trust, Canada will
now have to support it. New York American.
Equal pay for equal work wouldn't be so bad if we might get
Carson Citr DailT Anneal is the real live advertising medinm of this section I equal work for equal pay. Columbia Record.
as evidenced by its carrying a larger amount of advertising than any paper it ,., , , i j
tbe city. In the matter of candidates the people desire a man and the
politicians desire a winner. Greenville (b. L.) fiedmont.
Having failed to get in touch with Mars, they might next try
" Representative Edward W. Pou, former chairman of the house to communicate with Colonel House. Nashville Banner
... .i 1,. i i ii l I
rules committee, recently aenverea a vigorous speecu in uie nuust-i ti,. ,t;ii k
charging that even before President Wilson sailed for the Pans Anything with a kick is popular nowadays. New York Her-
peace conierence mere was a nepuuiiuou cvuBjimcjr iu uaiaua .1 j
1 , , ! A 1 J 1 J I
ana weaKen nis innuence ai nome auu auroau
If America's industrial problem was in Ireland or China, con
gress could think of a dozen good ways to solve it. Salt Lake City
: Telegram.
The recognition of Armenia will convince the Turks that they
The partisan conspiracy against the president, which embar
rassed him in his negotiations with foreign nations at the peace con
ference, was without' parallel, asserted Representative Pou. He re
ferred to the introduction of resolutions to declare the office of
:J-i. ...u:i. u 41, fl ine recognition 01 Armenia
IZTCrrl :"Sr&rZ failed their efforts to make it unrecognizable.-Greenville (S. C.)
nn.fi. tt -e o j. t.-ii i. .ini;.:un 4 4it- oK,,,4 v.a r neamoni.
Mexican situaion, but really to find out how sick the president was, tjow can we teu whether 2.75 beer is intoxicating unless the
according to Mr. Pou. supreme court decides we can have some to experiment with?
On his indefensible visit, Mr. rou assertea, tne KepuDiicair sen- Brooklyn Eagle
fltnr found the president s mind clear as a bell. I
"Men do not do desnerate things without strone. reason." said The Polish government seems to have an eye to business when
Renresentative Pou. "and I charge here and now that these con- it selects as minister of finance a man named Grabski. Indianapolis
tpmntihle attacks nnon President Wilson before and during the Star.
it -ii r 1 a I -
Versailles peace conierence were nmue lor one purpose umy ; wi- John Barleycorn refuses to join in the accusation that Bryan
wu, 10 promote ulc proevt uA uuuvau cM i js a pacifist.Chattanooga News,
election, i
"Surely there are times when the official head of a nation is in Louisville has started a move to discourage buying at present
fairness, entitled to the sincere, generous support of all the people I prices. Don't present prices discourage buying at present prices?
of the nation. There are times when good men are glad to discard Baltimore Sun.
all political differences. There are times when every decent Demo
crat is proud to follow a Republican president, and every decent
Republican is proud to follow a Democratic president.
"During every hour President Wilson spent in Europe, he
was entitled to such unstinted support, but it seemed certain Repub
lican politicians, even during that critical period, thought more of Action t0 guiet Title Brought In the
party success than they did of the great struggle to make war be- Above Entitled Court, and the Com-
twppn nations less nrohahle. I plaint filed in the Office of the Clerk
"Let us not forget this: Mr. Wilson was not only president, but of sid County of Onnsby.
he was also commander-in-chief of the army and navy, and the war Henrv F Droste 839 Mills Bldz San
was stui on. ine anacKS upon mm were jusi as unwarranted as
the attack of a soldier upon his commander during battle."
Representative Pou then read the Walsh and Campbell resolu
tion declaring respectively that at any time the president leaves the
soil of the United States he shall be considered unable to perform
the duties of the office and the vice-president shall serve, and for-
In the District Court of the First Judi.
cial District of the State of Nevada,
in and for the County of Ormsby.
Francisco. Calif-
Attorney for Plain-
poration, Plaintiff.
bidding the president to leave the territorial confines of the country. BRADFORD B. CORY, JOHN
- -IT lnifW 1 1 ITI T a
' ' A o,.,. nv, Vo,J r,, 4 l,w.V, I lVIVir,, 1SU KUOWU US JUnil A,
tained before," said Representative Pou. "the bill and the resolu
tion I have just read were directed. Vhile he was at Versailles
striving for a just and righteous peace, we have such a performance
Can you think of anything more unfair? Do you think the people
of America approve such treatment of the president ?
But this is not all. After the president returned, another Re
publican introduced a resolution to investigate the tokens of appre
ciation given the president while in Europe
I charge here and now the whole scheme was in effect a con
spiracy, because this is the only theory which will explain and
square with the course pursued by certain Republican leaders
through the long months during which the treaty was pending. The
and "also all other persons unknown,
claiming any right, title, estate, lien
or interest in the real property de
scribed in the complaint adverse to
plaintiff's ownership or any cloud
upon plaintiff's title thereto," Defend
ants, r
the SWJ4, and the NEJ4 of the SEJ4
of Sec. 14;
The EV2 of the NWM, the W of
the NE'4 and the SWJ4 of the SW of
Sec. 25 ;
Lots numbered 1, 2 and 3 and the EV2
of the SVVJ4 and the E2 of the NWJi
of Sec 23 ;
The SEJ4 of the SEJ4 of Sec. 26;
The north six acres of lot numbered
1 of Sec. 33; lot numbered 3 and the
of the S' of the SWJ4 of sec
tion 36;
The of the S4 of the SEJ4, the
NE54 of the NEJ4 and the Ny2 of the
SyZ of the SW of Sec. 35;
The NVV of the SV. the NEJ4 of
the SWJ4. the NVVJi of the NWJ4, the
NVVJ4 of the SVV'4, and the Kyi of the
SWJ4 of the SWyi of Sec. 36;
In T. 15 N.. R. 19 E., Mount Diablo
Base and Meridian, as follows:
The W'yi of the NWJ4 of Sec. 30.
All of the alKve being according to
the United States government survey
Together with all and singular the
tenements, hereditaments and appur
enances thereunto belonging, or in any
wise appertaining.
And you are hereby notified that un
less you appear and answer as above re
quired, thefaid plaintiff will take judg
ment for any moneys or damages de
manded in the complaint, as arising
ashamed. I make this charge also : The attempt to foil and humili
ate this great man had the support of every hyphenated, false
American and every German sympathizer in this country to the
last man."
exeetinirs to Bradford B. Corv. John
story is a tale of which every fair-minded American ought to be I Lockie, also known as John A. Lockie,
Charles I. raton, Ellen Lockie, James
A. Rigby, James Elliott, James Mc
Norin, Joseph D. Frazier, William El
liott, George Gillson, Mary Goe Davis,
and "also all other persons unknown,
claiming any right, title, estate, lien or
interest in the real property described
in the complaint adverse to plaintiffs
ownership or any cloud upon plaintiffs
title thereto," defendants.
You are hereby directed to appear
and answer the complaint in an action
entitled as above, brought against you
in the First Judicial District Court of
the State of Nevada, in and for the
County of Ormsby, within ten days af
ter the service on you of this summons,
if served within the said County of
Ormsby, or within twenty days if serv
ed out of the said County of Ormsby,
but in the district in which this action
is brought, or within forty days if serv
ed elsewhere.
You are hereby notified that said ac.
tion, entitled as above, is brought to
obtain a decree of said court to quiet
in plaintiff the title to the following de
scribed real property situate, lying and
being in the County of Ormsby, State
of Nevada, to-wit:
In T. 15 N, R. 18 E., Mount Diablo
Base and Meridian, in Nevada, as fol
lows: Lots numbers 3 and 4 and the Ej4 of
THE STATE OF NEVADA sends upon contract, or plaintiff will apply to
Over 20,000,000 of the American people bought Liberty bonds
or Victory notes to help win the war. How many, do you suppose,
are still holding themf
How many have clipped the coupons as they came due, and
cashed them in or added these earnings to their savings accounts?
Did you cash the coupons which were payable on Saturday last, the
15th T
Or are you one of those who have sold your bonds or exchanged
them for some other form of security T
Your banker, or any sound financial adviser, will, if you ask
him, tell you to hold on to your bonds in preference to parting' with
them. They are gilt-edged securities none better: They are just
as sound as the United States government, and they , are just as
valuable to you as an investment as they were the day that you
bought them.
True, the bonds are quoted at less than par, as you will find if
you attempt to sell them on the open market. You may get $85 or
less for what cost you $100. But remember this: That now is the
time to buy, when bond-prices are low, and not the time to sell.
Shrewd buyers are picking up Jjiberty bonds as fast as they can
now, because they know that at maturity Uncle Sara will redeem
them at full value, 100 per cent. And meantime those who buy at
less than par will be drawing interest at a considerably higher rate
than is nominated in the bond. -
If, as alleged, Liberty bonds are gradually finding their way into
the coffers of the rich, it means that thousands of individuals pos
sessiong bonds in small quantities are surrendering to others wiser
than themselves the safest security the world affords.
If they are esteemed prizes by big bond-holders, then they are
prizes for you. Keep them. Borrow money on them if you have to
have money, but don't part with them that's folly.
Bent upon adjournment or recess early in June, the present
Republican congress will have written a sorry record. To date, of
general legislation promised the people in the 1918 campaign, it
has passed a railroad bill. Granting that it will pass a budget law
and soldier bonus bill prior to June, neither of which is yet certain,
.its record will consist of three general pieces of legislation, added to
the usual annual supply bills. It will have done nothing to adjust
the tariff and revenue law inequalities; it will not have solved the
problem of what to do with the merchant marine and will have done
nothing to encourage foreign trade ; it will have neglected its oppor
tunity to create land settlements for discharged soldiers, and will
have done nothing for the encouragement of better relations between
capital and labor. .
In a sentence, it will have done little but criticize the adminis
tration for what it has done and for what it has tried to do, but has
been unable to do because congress blocked the way, and it has been
in session approximately one year.
The people will hardly be fooled again by such promises as
were made by the Republican leaders in the campaign of 1918.
the court for any other relief demanded
in the complaint.
Given under my hand and the seal of
the First Judicial District Court of the
State of Nevada, in and for the County
of Ormsby this I3th day of September
Clerk of the said First Judi.
(SEAL) cial District Court of the
State of Nevada, in and for
the County of Ormsby.
First publication May 24, 1920, 2m.
WANTED Salesman for Carson City
and vicinity. Commission contract
only, for spare time or full time. We
will teach you to sell income protec
tion through our free school of in
struction and help you build a busi-
nes of your own. Massachusetts
Bonding and Insurance Company,
Accident and Health Dept., Saginaw,
Michigan. Capital, $1,500,000,
Order Direct
When you want wood or coal phone
direct to John Rubke. He will supply
vqur wants. Call up 1511. fl-tf
-We Are Offering-
Styleplus Suits
Spring Styles at 55 and 60
Some Hold-Over Fall Styles In Stock at $35 8C $40
W" Now Have Carpenters' Aprons, a Complete Assortment of Hand- '
kerchiefs, Paris Garters, Wool Shirts, Cottoa Hosiery, Hats In 7
Latest Shapes, Riding Pants, Leggings and Underwear.
The Emporium Co.
A. COHN, President
Grocer ie s . .
.H a r dm a r e.
. . C r o c k e r y
." C?'jj'&' i urn BMnnmnrimiiiiiiiMMiiDan,,, "' j
Two Uses at Once
from Single Sockets
Two-Way Plu&s can be screwed into
your electric liftht sockets, feivinfe two
outlets in place of one. Use both outlets
for li&ht, or one for light and the other
for heat or power.
Wonderfully convenient for ironing,
toasting, percolating coffee, operating
sowing machine or connecting ny appli
ance without removing the light. Every
home needs three or more.
3 for $32, 12 each
Sold by
Frank E. Meder
a "V.- - V -
fc&Xy.yjv: g .mnnmwnrm nm
Imported and Domestic Cigars Pipes, Smoking
Tobacco, Cigarettes, Everything for the Smoker
of Taste Pure Goods an Courteous Treatment
6 3
H. J. Vaughan
6 3
Tobacconist-Newsdealer-Billiard Parlor
All San Francisco Dailies--Hot Butterkist
. Pop Corn Daily Peanuts and Confection,
Fresh Opposite Post Office Telephone 63
Fire Insurance
James M. Leonard, Agent
Caison Valley Bank Bldg.
Phone 5-6-1
Carson, Nevada
pervising Architect's Office, Washing
ton, D. C. May 4, 1920 Sealed Pro
posals will be opened in this office at
3 p. m., June 3d, 1920, for the new toilet
rooms in the United States Post Office
and Court House at Carson City, Ne
vada, in accordance with specification
and drawings, copies of which may be
had at the office of the Custodian, Car
son City, Nevada, in the discretion of
the Supervising Architect, Jas. A. Wet
more, Acting Supervising Architect.
"Men may come and men may f o," bat
with "Wilis Gear-Life" your anto will
go on forever.
See Bath
For the tnovrng of furniture, house
hold goods, trunks, machinery, etc
Phone 941. 6-tf
! Dr. W. T. McLain !
. . . Optoni etrist. . .
Eyes Examined and Glasses
i Fitted
i t
X Carson St., Opp. Postoffice
In any quantity, best in the market
Also all kinds of tircken feed. Orders
promptly delivered. Phone 151 L

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