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Plot to Overthrow
'If KOVOTllilt
loud Urois
Lower Caliri
Estimated Awards Will Bring In Negotiations Now On May Lead
. . .
Leaders of Victorious Armies Are at
Head of Revolt
Additional Sl,500,000,000 to compromise
JBy Vnited Press
WARSAW, July 31. A Bolshevik
revolution is reported to have broken
out at Kovno, resulting in the over
throw of the Lithuanian government.
Street fighting has occurred.
Relations Strained
IBr United Press!
PARIS, July 31. Confidential
vices to the foreign office here indicate
that there is ground for belief that the
leaders of the victorious soviet armies
are plotting to overthrow the Bolshevik
government. The relations between the
Moscow government and the armies in
the field are said to be strained and
daily becoming more so.
Olive Tliomas In love's Prisoner
at the Carson City Theater Tonight
iBv CJi'ted Tress ,
WASHINGTON'. July 31. Sweeping
rate increases were granted the nation's
railroads in a decision handed down
late today by the interstate commerce
commission. The freight increases
awarded are as follows: Eastern rail
roads, 40 per cent ; southern, 25 per
cent; western, 35 per cent; mountain
Pacific group, 25 per cent. The aver
age increase was approximately 31 per
cent, while the roads asked for an aver
age of about 37 per cent. Passenger
rates were increased tne per cent
son City theater tonight.
picture, "Love's Prisoner," with Olive I
Thomas in the lead, giving the Ieauii-
ful star ample opportunity to display
her wonderful talent. "Love's Prison-1
A big show will be given at the Car- view. This subject gives pictures in
The feature ' natural colors, also movagraph slow-
motion pictures which slow up lignt-
i ning- tast movements io sucn an extern
that they can easily be followed with
i the eye.
A comedy and a Mutt and JefT car-
er" is a comedy drama of the highest toon will also be shown,
order. It is a Triangle special. Two shows. 7:30 and 9:15 o'clock.
On the same program is a Pa the Re- 1 Regular prices.
News That's Up to the Minute
: which was
Wits Are
the amount asked by the' 000,000.
railroads. Excess baggage rates were
also increased 20 per cent. The rates
on milk and cream carried on passenger
trains were also increased 20 per cent.
Pullman charges were increased 50 per
cent, the increase to accrue to the car
riers. This was the amount of increase
the railroads asked on Pullman fares.
The increases granted may be put into
effect by the railroads after five days'
notice to the commission and to the
general public. It is estimated the in
creases will bring the roads $1,500,000,
000 annually. They had asked $1,645.-
Villa as Philanthropist
MEXICO CITY, July 31. Francisco
IB United Fressl
ti:YTm riTV Tu, 1 nM--
ful settlement of the dispute between Villa, enroute to Torreon to complete
President De la Huerta and Governor j his surrender, has wired President De
Cantu of Lower California was forecast , la Huerta asking permission to estab
today as negotiations continued. Cantu ! lish an agricultural colony at Nieves.
is expected to yield and agree to give
up the governorship, officials said, pro
vided the office is handed over to an
other Lower Californian.
He said he wished to promote educa
tion and literacy in Mexico at his own
expense. The request probably will be
lie They
fFy United Press
PHILADELPHIA. July 31. Six are
believed to be dead in a fire destroying
the Mayer cigar factory this morning.
Loss, half a million.
the strikers to return to work Monday.
Two More of the Pendleton Escapes
In Custody
The papers of Rev. Hrewster Adams,
Baptist clergyman of Reno, declaring
his candidacy for nomination for the
i fn.,t. ""I" united Mates senator on tne
Services on Sundav are as follows.! ....
Evening prayer and sermon, 7 :30 p. m. ! Republican primary ticket, were receiv-
el at the office ot Secretary of State
Brodigan today.
It was stated also that "Dick" Stod
dard, state prohibition agent and f ir
mer district judge of Washoe county,
had finally made up his mind to run
for the Democratic nomination for con
gress and that his certificate would be
filed not later than Monday.
No other services.
C. S. MOOK, Rector.
Sunday school discontinued during
summer. Pastor absent on vacation.
No morning or evening service until
his return.
Tenth Sunday alter Pentecost and
first Sunday in August Mass and Holy
Communion in Carson at 8 a. m. ; in
Gardnerville at 10:30 a. m. No even
ing services.
E. HORGAN. Pastor.
100 Injured In Wreck
Hv United Press!
c .u t t u'C 71 Pr tn.P Thing a
just been received of a wreck on the
Oregon Short Line at Dowley, Idaho.
One hundred persons are said to be in
jured. Doctors were rushed to the
Ordered to Return to Work
fB United Press
SPRINGFIELD, III., July 31. Pres
ident Farrington of the Illinois district
Burglar Killed
fHv United Press
OAKLAND. July 31. Policemen
Watson and Garcia shot and killed
August Diaz, an alleged burglar, when
the latter attempted to escape after rob- i
house today.
Bv United Pre'
LA GRANDE. Ore., July 31. Neil
Hart and Jim Owens, leaders of the
prisoners who escaped from Pendleton
jail Sunday after killing Sheriff Taylor,
were captured today. They are now in
the county jail here.
United Press Head Resigns
fHv United Press
NEW YORK, July 31. Announce
ment was made here today of the resig
nation of Roy W. Howard as president
of the I'nited Press Associations to be
come business director of the Scripps- i
McRae league of newspapers, and the
Hart Killed Sheriff
I?v I'nited Press
GRANDE, Ore., July 31,
uty sheriffs declare that Neil Hart, the
desperado, admitted following his cap
ture today that he killed Sheriff Taylor
in the Pendleton jail break Sunday,
when he and five other prisoners escap
ed. Handcuffs were clapped on the
wrists of Hart and Jim Owen as they
slept in a cabin here this morning. Hart
had the revolver with which he said he
slew the sheriff.
sub-1 c
Morning service, 11 to 12. Sermon
and Sacrament ot the Lord s Supper.
Evening service at 7:30. Sermon -
ject: "What would you do if Jesus
should fail you?" Visitors are cordial
ly welcomed.
J. L. COLLINS, Pastor.
What Has Been Done In a Year
election of W. W. Hawkins as presi
dent of the L'nited Press, to become ef-
miners union has issued orders for all fective August 1st.
People ana HotuS of Interest
Oh boy ! Oh joy ! We arc going to
the American Legion dance tonight at
Armory hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Lauinger and son of
Pittsburg. Pa., cousins of Governor ,
Boyle's, who have been guests at the
mansion for the past week, expect to
leave for home tomorrow evening. J
So far, besides bruises and the fright,
no ill effects have been developed by
Irene Rnrr little daiicbtpr of Mr and
If you do not care to dance tonight, i Mrs M , R who was njn oyn y
an automobile earlier in the week.
The Misses Jane and Ada Torreyson,
who accompanied Senator and Mrs.
Harrington on a trip to the Vosemite,
state that the trip was most delightful
and they enjoyed every minute of it.
come anyhow. Kctreshments , iy the
Ladies' Auxiliary.
Miss Dorothy Cottrell, who has been
visiting her aunt. Mrs. Dale Pruett, left
last evening for her home in San Fran
cisco. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Haley of San
Bernardino are visiting at the home of
the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alf
Frank W. Ingram, state labor com
missioner, left for Virginia City this
morning on matters in connection with
his office.
Irvin Lewis, who has been spending
the pact few days with relatives in this
city, left on last evening's passenger
for his home in San Pedro.
Miss Mamie Berning has returned
from a two weeks' outing spent at Mc
Kinneys, Lake Tahoe. in company with
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Spangenburg.
Miss Josephine Sullivan, sister of
Lieutenant Governor Sullivan, left for
her home in San Francisco, after a few
days' visit at the Sullivan home in this
E. L. McKeown, superintendent of
the Carson schools, was a passenger
for Reno this morning to visit his wife,
who is ill in one of the riverside city
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Harrington have
returned from an auto trip through the
Yosemite. T. J. Edwards, instead of
returning with them kept on to Los
We promise that it will be cool if you
attend that dance tonight, special ar
rangements having been made to make
it such. A "Shirt Sleeve Dance" if you
desire to make it so.
Attorney General Fowler, who has
been spending a month's vacation at
the coastt arrived in Reno yesterday
and will take up his office duties in this
city the coming week.
Yesterday afternoon Dave Burke and
family returned to their home in this 4
city after an automobile trip during :
which they visited Southern California. ;
the Yosemite, San Francisco and other
M. J. Burr and family will spend next i
week at Lakeside, Mr. Burr will ad-
dress the second annual summer school
and conference of church workers in
session there at that time on "The
Bible and the Public School.
The six weeks term of the summer
school held at the University of Nevada 4
came to a close yesterday. About 100
pupils were enrolled, a nearly all of
the number have been signed up for
positions in Nevada schools.
Deputy Sheriff Thilbrook of White
Pine county was an arrival yesterday
Onp year a? today, on the 31st of July, 191!), a proup of
about twonty-tivo enthusiastic ex-service men assembled in
Carson City for the purpose of organizing a post of The Ameri
can Legion in Ormsby county. J. (. Serugham. then tempor
ary state chairman, gave his earnest endeavors to the matter
in order that a strong post might lie established in this city.
As a result, a working nucleus was accomplished, and officers
chosen for the remainder of the year. These were IT. M. Payne,
chairman; .1. M. Kane, vice chairman; F. B. Warren, secre
tary, and C. P. Ileidenger, treasurer.
The young post wont to work with a will, perfecting its
organization, strengthening its ranks, and engaging itself ac
tively in civic and national activities. Several social affairs
were also conducted, among which was the joint celebration,
with the Greater Carson Club, of Armistice Day anniversary.
At the first state convention, held in Reno, a strong delegation
from Capitol Post attended.
On December 4. 1919, officers for the following year were
elected. These were J. M. Kane, post commander; A. A. Mil-
lard, vice commander; V. P. Warren, post adjutant; L. M.
Powers, finance officer, and Maurice J. Sullivan, post historian.
All of these officers now occupy the chairs with the exception
.j. of L. M. Powers, who resigned his office upon leaving the city,
and whose pl-jee is now filled by Dale Pruett.
Capitol Post, No. 4, was the first post in Nevada to organ
ize a Woman's Auxiliary. This was organized on the 22d of
January, 1920, and since that time has grown to number about
seventy members, all of whom have proven themselves inval
uable as an auxiliary to the former service men. Their pres
ent officers are : Mrs. Drue Carothers, president ; Mrs. Josie
Millard, vice president; Mrs. Rosalie Payne, secretary, and
Mrs. Elspat Ligon. treasurer.
Today Capitol Post boasts over 100 members who are de
voted to the task of aiding their brother and sister patriots, of
protecting and strengthening their city, state and country, and
of making America a nation of better, happier citizens.
4" 't' 4 1t "i1 & "S1 'I1 "J1 'J1 " "J J''fr'H" H1'
At the regular meeting of the Chris.
tian Science society in Odd Fellows
hall Sunday morning at 11 o'clock the ;
subject of the lesson-sermon will be j
"Love." Sunday school at 10 o'clock ;
for all under the age of 20. Wed- j
nesday evening meetings, which in- '
elude testimonies of healing through j
Christian Science, are at 8 o'clock. A (
cordial invitation is extended to all to !
attend the meetings. Free literature;
also books from the circulating libra
ry may be obtained.
fBy United Pressl
CHICAGO, July 31. Samuel Loftis.
president of a widely known diamond
brokerage firm, was found dead in his
apartment today. Mystery surrounds
the cause of death.
Roy Shayne. son of the late John
Shaync, a nationally known furrier and
hatter, and a girl giving the name of
Ruth Woods, whom Shayne claimed as
his fiance, are being held. Both admit
there had been a quarrel. They were
present when Lottus died.
Win. e. Wallace
IBv TTi-.ire'l Pressl
WASHINGTON. July 31. Rear Ad
miral Grayson, the president's physician,
has announced that the past seven days
have been llson s finest week since j
his illness. He now accomplishes a re- I
markabie amount oi worn ami is Keep
ing in touch with international affairs
and the coal strike situation.
The president has taken several long
autobobile rides.
Reports received by the committee
managing the big dance to be given in
honor of Franklin D'Olier and his party
this evening show that there will be a
large attendance from Minden. Gard
nerville and Virginia, and that some of
the members from Yerington and Fal
lon will also be present to greet the na
tional commander and enjoy the enter
tainment promised by the local post.
r- f v
try I f-f : 1
Candidate for nomination on the
Democratic primary ticket for Legis
lative Assembly from Ormsby County.
Election, September 7, 19J0.
Walter Schilling, former member of
the legislative assembly from Nye coun-
afternoon. having with him a young lad ty, died the early part of this week at
from Ely who was enrolled among the . Bagby, Calif.
children at the Orphans' Home. The The deceased was a miner, and for a
parents of the child were victims of the
influenza epidemic of a year ago.
Due to mail or express misconnection
the autographed plate which the Appeal
was to have run in this issue with the
resolution of greetings to Franklin
D'Olier, national commander of the
American Legion, failed to arrive from
the engraver's, therefore we were com
pelled to change the plan of make up
and the names of signers appear in type
instead of fac simile as was intended.
However, the plate will probably ar
rive so that the original plan will be
carried out Monday and the page will
number of years held several positions
of trust with Tonopah mining com
panies. He had many friends in Car
son who will regret his passing.
TBy United Press)
SPOKANE, July 31. Two hundred
men are being rushed to the Priest J
lake country, where several forest fires
are reported to be beyond control. The
..ituation in Northern Idaho and West
ern Montana is reported as increasing
ly serious.
A fre check showed that thirty-five
The exercises from the Capitol steps ( ''lazes are ragipg in the Lolo forest
this evening in honor of National Com- . "ear Missoula today.
mander D'Olier will begin at 8 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hunting and sons
leave by auto tomorrow morning for
Lake Tahoe. Monday they will go to
Berkeley, where they will pick up Miss
Charlotte Lovegrove, who has been at
tending summer school at the univer
sity, and the patty will then proceed to
be issued as a supplement to the regular ) Los Angeles and other Southern Cali
edition. jfornia points.
Fire Fighters Requested
IBr United Press
forest service office here has learned
l that the forest fires which started ;n
Shovel creek, Siskyou county, in the
region of "the Klamath national forest,
a week ago are burning fiercely today.
Additional fire fighters are requested.
Read the Appeal
world events.
for the latest in
mm mil -
Post No. 4, American Legion, in
honor of our National Command
er, Franklin D'Olier.
Tonight at nine
o'clock sharp.
At Armory hall.
Gentlemen, $1;
ladies free. Refreshments by the
rrr A 'I-
w omen s auxiliary. it

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