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Peoplu and Notes of Interest
William C. Nixon has been admitted
by the Supreme court to practice law
in Nevada.
Miss Verla Meyers, who is a stud
ent in the San Francisco normal school,
has returned to the coast to take up the
coming year's work.
John F. Kunz, chairman of the Dem
ocratic state central committee, was an
arrival on the morning train from his
headquarters at Reno.
Mr. and Mrs. Wales of England, who
have been visiting Rev. and Mrs. J. L.
Collins the past two weeks, left yester
day for California points. Mrs. Wales
is a sister of Mr. Collins.
Ray Tucker, who has been with the
Standard Oil company in this city for
some time, has been sent to the Yering
ton office. Mrs. Tucker will join him
in a month or six weeks.
Miss Ilelcne
Japan Expected
Remain In
IBv United Tress an armistice, thereby tacitly admitting
LONDON, July 20. (By maill For- their right to recognition,
cign office officials and diplomatic offi- japan, however, is expected to charge
cials here arc filled with curiosity over tlat tne Verkhne Udinsk regime is a
Japan's next declaration of policy re-; tool of Moscow, unless by favorable
garding Siberia, which is due shortly
after the Iact Czecho-Slovak contingent
sails from Vladivostok.
That Japan will fulfiill her former
pledges to evacuate Siberia upon the
departure of the Czechs, Folcs. Ru
manians and other war prisoners, is
regarded as highly improbable. In
fact, foreign office officials do not con
sider such an action debatable.
What interests them more is the sub
stance of Japan's new alibi, by which
she will seek to justify the continuation
Furlong of Berkeley, 0f her occupation of Russian territory.
concessions it proves its friendliness to
Japan and hostility to the Bolsheviks.
The Supreme court yesterday revers
ed the the decision rendered by the Es
meralda county district court in favor
of Marie A. Nichols versus the West
ern Union Telegraph company.
1 lie action was brought to recover
damages for mental anguish caused by
the alleged failure of the telegraph
comnanv to deliver promptly a mes-
who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs.
Minnie Crisler, left this morning for
Dayton, where she will spend a few
days with friends, retitrning home by
way of Lake Tahoe.
Leonard B. Fowler, attorney general,
returned this morning from a month's
vacation trip spent at various points in
California. Mr. Fowler was somewhat
under the weather during a part of his
absence, but has fully recovered.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Keyscr of Oak
land are visiting the former's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Keyscr. The
young people will remain about two
weeks. William Keyscr, who has been
spending the summer at Ilobart Mills,
is home for a short stay before going
to Berkeley to enter the University of
Mrs. Minnie Crisler leaves this even
ing for Reno, where she will spend the
next two days. Mrs. Crisler, accom
panied by her daughter. Miss Clara.
will leave the riverside city on the 5th
inst. for Minneapolis to attend the
Knights cf Pythias convention opening
in that city on August 10th. Mrs. Cris
ler goes as the supreme representative
of the Pythian Sisters of Nevada. Af
ter the convention the ladies will visit
Chicago and Ohio, and may go on t
Niagara Falls and New York City.
I t- i: ..,....,,..,. ,-,t;rr I s.-iro ronveviner the news of a death.
The lower court awarded damages to
the extent of $2,900 to the plaintiff, but
the defendant company appealed the
Chief Justice Coleman wrote the de
cision and upheld the company's con
A desirable room.
Division street.
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Make their own ice cream;
all the fruits of the season,
ery, tobaccos and candies.
also have
Phone 501
Furniture Moved
For the moving of furniture, house
hold goods, trunks, machinery, etc.
phone 941. J28-tf
ical injury. All testimony supported
the claim that the message was inter
state and the decision was rendered
that the federal statute overuled the
state law.
The decision was concurred in by
Tustices Sanders and Ducker.
from the foreign office at Tokio indi
cated positively that Japan's only pur
pose of maintaining forces in Siberia
was to "protect" the Czechs. Later
declarations referred to the necessity of
protecting Japanese subjects and cov
ering the Korean frontier against the tention that the message was interstate
intrigues of the Koreans domiciled in nature and there could he no recov
adjacent Russian territory. The latest ' cry of damages sustained for mental
declaration promises evacuation when l anguish when unaccompanied by phys-
stable government has been estab
Recently, according to foreign office
reports, Japan sent UMAX) additional
troops into Kussia, presumably as re
lief forces for the soldiers there whose
enlistments had expired. However,
none of the time-expired men have
been withdrawn, which makes the status
of the newly arrived contingents more ;
f the nature of reinforcements. ,
The general opinion in official quar
ters here is that Japan has made her
self the dominant factor in the Far,
Fast and expects to retain her hold
and position in Siberia until action
by the Russian government renders :
such position untenable. 1
Unless combined European and
American pressure forces Japan to
loosen her hold upon Russia's eastern
territories, or the policy of the Jap
anese government changes radically,
there is nothing to prevent her "peace
ful occupation" from becoming perma
nent. The present Russian government
will require ears to become strong
enough to wage successful war against
io powerful an enemy.
Japanese diplomacy, however, has al
ready got itself into an incongruous
position by admitting that the present
Siberian government was entitled to
Ostensibly the Verkhne Udinsk gov
ernment was purposely set up to om
;ly with Japan's demand for a stable
government. The Japanese, realizing
he power of the new coalition, negli
ion. negotiated with them regarding
OTTAWA, Ont, Aug. 3. The se
riousness ot the business in bootleg
ging whiskey between Canada and
the United States is disturbing the
provincial and Federal authorities.
The Royal Northwest Mounted Po
lice are taking a hand in the supres
sion of the bootlegging, but so far
without much success. In Quebec and
New Brunswick, all along the border,
there, is a well organized bootlegging
business, and apparently little effort
is being made to cope with it. That
there is an enormous profit in rum
running is evident from the prices
paid. Whiskey has jumped 100 per cent.
witnin tne last six montns. s bottle
sells now for $5 to $8 in Canada, and
fancy prices are said to prevail in the
That the great increase in imports
in whiskey into Canada is due to the
bootlegging is the general belief. For
the year ended March, 1920, the im
ports of alcoholic liquors were $9,152,
339, and for the same twelve months
of 1919 only $1,860,963. In 1918 there
was imported $4,065,728. The first three
months of this year shows the same
Stomach' Kidneys-Heart -Liver
Keep the vital organs healthy by
regularly taking the world's stand
ard remedy for kidney, liver,
bladder and uric acid troubles
Charles Davis, number of the staff'
of the mining experiment station, the
removal of which from Golden, Colo.,
to this city was recently authorized by
die government, will arrive here on
August 7th, to begin the work of the
station. Davis will be the first of the
staff to arrive.
"University authorities and the arch- j
it'-cts arc now working on the plans of j
the new huildinir which will house the
station in an effort to make the struc
ture confom to the funds at hand." F.
C. Lincoln, director of the Mackay
Scho.d of Mines, said this morning. "It
is believed that the new building will
' be separate from the present mining
; building win en. ugh space brtween the !
two buildings to allow plenty of ligh: j
j to ( liter the School of Mines. The staff :
i will woik in .lie laboratory of the i
j Mackay buiblir.g until their own is j
; completed." !
j Davis is ;ri''tu'i:larly engaged ir mk-'
, in-? platinum in vestigations. It is not i
'.known at the university how soon the j
J other members of the staff will arrive.
j Drvis was vxr it-tod here to 'v. bu: j
'jSeni word that ne would not be able to i
.arrive until th? 7th. Gazette. I
1 b '
The National Remedy cf Holland fot
centuries and endorsed by Queen Wilntl
n.ina. At all druggists, threa sizes.
Look for the nerr.e Cold Medal on veer has
and accept na imitation
Silver Corporation
Circular on Request
In the District Court of the First Judi
cial District of the State of Nevada,
in and for the County of Ormsby.
Action to Quiet Title Brought In the
Above Entitled Court, and the Com
plaint filed in the Office cf the Clerk
of Said County of Ormsby.
Henry F. Droste, 839 Mills Bldg., San
Francisco, Calif., Attorney for Plain-tiS.
Win. I Wallace
Mrs. Skeehan's Rheumatism
Recipe for All Blood Dis
eases. Made of herbs. Nature's reme
dy to throw off uric acid not ex
pelled by the skin, kidneys and
bow els.
If yiiu will write me personally
and briefly stating your case, no
matter of how long standing, I
will give you the benefit of my
experience as nurse in the study
of rheumatism and all blood dis
eases. Send for sample bottle.
Address : Mrs. Skeehan, 217
Russ Pddg. 255 Montgomery St.,
San Francisco. Calif., inclosing
$2.50; or apply to your dealer.
Regular price. $3. Special rates
to jobbers and druggists.
fir -s
if ""'
7 -
. m-- i
Candidate for nomination on the
Democratic primary ticket for Lecis-
ive Assembly from Ormsby County.
on, September 7, 1920.
Read the Appeal tor the events the
day they happen.
Sub agents in your spare time ; easy
money to rustlers. Box 106, Tonopah,
Nevada. j30-5t
On the road between the Carson Hot
Springs and Stewart Institute, a lady's
black plush coat, with brown collar and
cuffs. Reward for its return to the
state printing office, or address P. O.
Box 604, Carson. a2-tt
days suggest light, quick lunches.
I am making special prices, while
stocks last, on s
Mission Brand Prunes (ready
to serve) Sy2 oz. can 10c
Crescent Sardines 22c
Cleremont Sardines, 2 for 25c
Shasta Sardines, 3 for 50c
Continental Sardines 10c
Golden Gate Sardines, 3 for... 50c
Snider Tomato Soup 16-oz can 10c
And see the prices on the celebrat
ed "American" Soda Crackers:
No. 10 Package 17c
No. 25 Package ....38c
1-8 Box 90c
221b. Box (half case) $4.40
It's a cinch
to figure why-
Ed. JMValsh
Groceries, Hardware,
Paints, Oil, Etc., Etc.
Carson City, Nevada
Efficient Service by Mail.
. S?"1 ' ' SI
You should know why Camels
me &u unusuai, so reiresning, so
satisfying. First, quality second,
Camels expert blend of choice Turkish
and choice Domestic tobaccos which
you'll certainly prefer to either kind
smoked straight I
Camels blend makes possible that
wonderful mellow mildness yet all the
desirable body is there ! And, Camels
never tire your taste !
YouH appreciate Camels freedom
from any unpleasant cigaretty after
taste or unpleasant cigaretty odor I
For your own satisfaction compare
Camels puff by puff with any ciga
rette in the world at any price !
Camels are sold tmryrrhert, in mcientitically mealed package of 30
cigarettes for 20 cents; or fen packages (300 cigarettes) in a glassin
paper-covered carton. We strongly recommend this carton for the
home or office supply or wAen you travel.
poration Plaintiff.
LOCKIE, also known as JOHN A.
and "also all other persons unknown,
claiming any right, title, estate, lien
or interest in the real property de- j
scribed in the complaint adverse to j
plaintiff's ownership or any cloud J
upon plaintiff's title thereto," Defend- j
Lockie, also known as John A. Lock:r, j
Charles 1. Paton, Elltn Lockie, Janus j
A. Righy, James KUiott, James Mc-1
N'orin, Joseph 1). Frazier, William F.l- i
liott, George Gillson, Mary Goe Davis. .
" 1 - , .,11 ,c nnl-niiirn ' 'a
claiming any right, title, estate, lien or s J'.lccli
interest in the real property desenbea ;
in the complaint adverse to plaintiffs j
ownership or any cloud upon plaintiffs ;
title thereto, defendants.
You are hereby directed to appear
ana answer me tonipiauu m an i
entitled as above, brought against you j
:wTSd!SrtiMt to BemccratiG Primaries
Lounty ot Ormsby, within ten days al
ter mc service on uu ui mis suimuum, cttot1 imn
Ormsby, or within twenty days if serv
ed out of the said County of Ormsby,
but in the district in which this action
is brought, or within forty days if serv
ed elsewhere.
You are hereby notified that said ac
tion, entitled as aixjve, is nrougiu to .
obtain a decree of said court to quiet :
in plaintiff the title to the following de-'
scribed real property situate, lying and
being in the County of Ormsby, State
of Nevada, to-wit:
In T. 15 N., K. 18 E., Mount Diablo
Base and Meridian, in Nevada, as fol- ;
lows : !
Lots numbers 3 and 4 and the YLi of
the SW'4, and the NEJi of the SEJ4 j
of Sec. 14; i
The Y.y2 of the NW'i the of
the NEH and the SYJ4 of the S '4 f ;
Sec. 25; .
Lots numbered 1. 2 and 3 and the EJ'J
of the SV4 and the E of the NW 'A
of Sec. 23 ;
The SEJ4 of the SE of Sec. 26; j
Tne north six acres of lot numbered
1 of Sec. 33; lot i.umbered 3 and the
Nj2 of the SYVJ4 of the SWJ4 of sec
tion 36;
The KA of the SjS of the SE. the
KE of the NEJ4 and the of the
$yt of the SWJ4 of Sec. 35;
The NWJ4 of the SWJi. the NEJi of
the SWJ4, the NWJi of the NWJi. the
XW1 of the SVi, and the N4 of the
SVVJ4 of the S'y4 of Sec. 36;
In T. 15 N., R. 19 E-, Mount Diablo
Base and Meridian, as follows:
The of the NYVJ4 of Sec. 30.
All of the above being according to
the United States government survey
Together with all and singular the
tenements, hereditaments and appur
enances thereunto belonging, or in any
wise appertaining.
And you are hereby notified that un
less you appear and answer as above re
quired, the said plaintiff will take judg
ment for any moneys or damages de
manded in the complaint, as arising
upon contract, or plaintiff will apply to
the court for any other relief demanded ;
in the complaint. I
Given under my hand and the seal of j
the First Judicial District Court of the ,
State of Nevada, in and for the County j
of Ormsby this 13th day of September,
; 1919. I
; Clerk of the said First Judi-
I (SEAL) cial District Court of the;
' . r t i " . f
rotate oi xevaaa, in ana xor i
the County of Ormsby,
First publication May 24, 1920, 2m.
L !r. I !
Nollce la Sliareiiclders
Goldficld Merger Mines Co.
Reorganized Atlanta Mines Co.
Reorganized Blue Bull Mining Co.
C O. D. Consolidated Mines Co.
Goldficld Combination Mining Co.
Milltown Mining Co.
Please communicate immediate
ly with the undersigned Secre
tary in order that you may be ad
vised of the plan of merging the
above companies into the Gold
field Deep Mines Company.
Please state number cf shares
you own.
If. G. McMAHON, Secretary,
jl8-4w Goldficld, Nev.
Read the Appeal tor tne latest hap
penings, both a: home and abroad.

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