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Carson City Is the Gateway to Lake Tahoe
25 cents per week
Five cents per copy
No. 190
m o
PnsMat Fks
May Come as Result of Misunder
standing With Britain
ran Cil s Tims I Ira ft
TBt United Press
PARIS, Aug. 13. The resignation of
President Deschamel is imminent as a
result of France's new and aggressive
anti-Bolshevik policy and the conse
quent diplomatic misunderstanding
with Great Britain, it was reported to
day in high political circles. In such
an event it was considered likely that
Premier Millerand would he elected
president and M. Briand would he ap
pointed premier.
has been
that corn-
Situation Easier
I By United Kress
LONDON. Aug. 13. It
learned in official quarters
munications between premieers Lloyd
George and Millerand over the recog
nition by France of Wrangel's anti-
Uolshevik government were continuing . purpose
this afternoon. The government im-J Minsk.
pression was that . the situation was
easier, but that a week-end conference
between the premiers may be necessary.
Shares America's Views
By United Press
PARIS, Aug. 13. France today sent
a note to the United States government
declaring it holds the same views with
regard to Russia as were expressed by
President Wilson in his note to the
Italian ambassador.
Getting Ready to Receive Federal
Army, Enroute From Mazatlan
IBy United Press
I war might be at hand across the bor-
CALEXICO, Aug. 13. The rattle of jder. While Cantu headquarters admit
machine.guns firing practice rounds to-!ted that De la Huerta troops were en
day was the only sign in Mexicali, j route from Mazatlan there was little
Lower California, opposite here, that unusual activity.
To Meet Reds
By United Press
WASHINGTON, Aug. 13. A cable
from Warsaw today advised the Polish
legation here that the Polish armistice
delegation will cross the front tomor
row to meet the soviet delegates for the
of opening negotiations at
Molly King--'Suspense'
at Carson City Theater
Mdpld fill
a Fit fllnln
I vyJUlJl ,
Former's Stand On League Much
More Definite Than Latter's
fBy United iress t liquor question Bryan says there is lit
LINCOLN, Aug. 13. Bryan, in a j tie difference letwecn the position tak-
signed editorial in the August issue of en by the two candidates, both hold-
his publication, the Commoner, says :
"Senator Harding wants to go back to
normal, and Governor Cox wants to go
forward." Bryan devotts most of his
comment to a discussion ' i the position
taken by the two camiii'ates on the
treaty and the liquor qu:s;io:'s. He re
grets that neither took a firm stand for
ing out alluring hopes for the wets.
Bryan also states there is an interest
ing discussion between the two candi
dates in which each avoids the argu
ment of the other. Harding eulogized
party government as distinguished
from the autocratic power of the indi
vidual. Cox virtuously disclaims any
Amendment Passes Tennessee Sen
ateComes Before House Tuesday
At the Carson City theater tonight
Mollie King will be seen in "Sus
pense." Also a Harold Lloyd comedy and
Ruth Roland in "Adventures of Ruth."
Two Shows. 7 :30 and 9 :30 o'clock.
Regular prices.
fBv United Press Catt
NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 13. lhc
HT -.J li
icnuessee .senate iaie iuua aiiocu T ,- . . ..r, c,rs , nnt
meet the approval of good women. We
charging that she favored mar
riage between negroes and whites. Sen-
News Ms Up to the Me
IBy United Fre
BOSTON, Aug. 13. Charles Ponzi,
the financial wizard under arrest here,
today told the police he had received a
letter threatening his life. It was writ
ten by a man who said he had been
trailing Ponzi for twelve years. It is
believed the writer may be one who
suffered as a result of Ponzi's financial
was today formally charged with kid
napping and extortion.
the federal suffrage amendment. The
vote was 25 to 4. Ratification now goes
to the house of representatives, where
action is expected Tuesday. If the
house passes the ratifying resolution it
will provide the thirty-sixth state and
insure voting by all women in the j
United States at the November election.
Don't Wear Petticoats Any Longer
By United Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 13. Sen-
will not have negro rule. Republicans
and Democrats alike would take mus
kets and go to the polls to prevent it."
Senator Patton said, "W'e have been ac
cused of having petticoat government;
that is wrong; they don't wear em any
a dry plank. He says the stand taken j such worship of party and commends
by Cox on the League of Nations as j independence of the executive in fol
framed in Paris is much more definite j lowing out his own idea of duty,
than an "association of nations" as ad- j Neither one, says the Commoner, pre
vocated by Harding. Discussing the sents the real issue at this time.
Plan Reservoir Site
On Truckee River
Majority Larger Than Expected
Bv United Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn.. Aug. 13. To
day's majority was larger than had
Pope Injured by Fall
IBy United Press
ROME, Aug. 13. Pope Benedict fell
while in his library today and slightly
injured his knee.
Water Rate Increase Next
By United Press
WASHINGTON, Aug. 13. The ship
ping board announced today that a
hearing will be held August 18th to de
termine the advisability of increasing
transportation rates cf water carriers
subject to the board's jurisdiction.
Democrats from all parts of Nevada
are making plans to come to Reno on
August 24th when Franklin D. Roose
velt, candidate for vice president, will
speak here, according to announcement
made yesterday by Sam Pickett, nation
al committeeman for Nevada.
Arrangements have been made for
Roosevelt to speak at the Rialto thea
ter. He will be accompanied to Reno
and on his trip through the west by
Makes Confession
Ht United Press
SAN DIEGO, Aug. 13. T. F. Flash
,. ,. . " e . ,' i Senator Key Pittman, who will meet
the police regarding his wife s death. I . . . f ' ...
He said she swallowed strvchnine he
jjave her, knowing it was a deadly j
poison, after they had quarreled three'
hours. I
Fire Damage $200,000
fBr United Press
SACRAMENTO, Aug. 13. Fire of
an undetermined origin in the commis
sion district today destroyed the plants
of the Valley Seed company and Cali
fornia Pine Box distributors. The dam
age is estimated at $200,000.
Investors Storm Office
iHr United Press
BOSTON. Aug. 13. An infuriated
crowd of investors today stormed the
offices of the Old Colony Foreign Ex
change company and sought to attack
C. M. Brightwell, the president, threat
ening him with death. Brightwell ad
mits the company is insolvent. The po
lice dispersed the crowd.
I him in Chicago. Senator Henderson
! will preside at the Reno meeting.
"The Democratic campaign in the
state will be officially started when
Roosevelt arrives here," said Pickett
"He will be the first speaker of nation
al prominence to visit Reno during the
campaign and his arrival will be the
signal for two months of work on the
part of the Democrats.
"The Roosevelt meeting will be pub
lic with no reservation of seats except
on the stage. No tickets will be issu
ed," Pickett added.
Charged With Extortion
fBy UniteH Pressl
NORRISTOWN, Pa., Aug. 13.-Aug-usto
Pasquale, confessed crank in the
,the Blakely Coughlin kidnapping case,
ator Candler drew applause when he been expected. At the last moment sev
bitterlv attacked Mrs. Carrie Chapman1 eral senators climbed on the wagon.
Virginia and Trite Sun Big
Loss by Fire In Gold Hill Tunnel
In order to afford relief for the water
users of Western Nevada, who are now
dependent upon Lake Tahoe storage,
and to make possible the irrigation of
at least 50.000 additional acres of land
in this section of the state, Governor
Boyle and State Engineer Scrugham
have proposed to the irrigation service
and peacock blue abound in the debu
the construction of a large storage res-
storage of flood waters of the Truckee-
river that are now going to waste each
spring and winter.
It is estimated that such a reservoir
and its main canal system can be built
for approximately $2,000,000, one- half
of which cost, it is proposed, shall be
advanced by the state of Nevada and
the remainder by the federal govern
ment, all of which would ultimately be
repaid by the present users and new
settlers upon future reclaimed land.
The irrigation service has already in
dicated a favorable attitude toward the
project but has not yet given definite
assurances as to the amount of money-
Fire this morning in the Jacket tun- j
nel just this side of Gold Hill and a
mile and a half out of Virginia City
stopped traffic at that end of the road
and caused a big financial loss to the
Virginia and Truckee railway.
The fire, which started near one of
the portals, was discovered about 4
o'clock this morning after it had been
burning some time. An alarm was im
mediately given and firemen and ap
paratus from both Gold Hill and Vir
ginia City, together with railroad em
ployees, responded at once and fought
like demons to quench the flames, which
aided by the draft that had been creat
ed made a fiery furnace of the tunnel.
At 6 o'clock it was reported that the
flames were practically under control,
but later reports said the fire had gain
ed new headway and at noon it was
stated it was again burning fiercely.
The tunnel, 500 feet long, will be
a wreck so far as the timbers are con
cerned and a number of caves from the
roof developed as
that the government would advance in
co-operation with the state.
Two sites for such a storage reser
voir are being considered and have
been given preliminary examination,
Lemmon valley, directly north of Reno,
and Spanish Springs valley, lying north
of Sparks, both of which are capable of
large storage.
Lemmon valley, according to Engin
eer Scrugham, is capable of several
times the storage capacity of Spanish
Springs valley, but as the latter, if
dammed, would contain at least 500,000
acre feet of water and could be con
verted into a reservoir at a much less
cost than the former, it is believed to be
the bettec- selection. Engineer Scrug
ham left this afternoon for Spanish
Springs valley to continue a recon
noissance of the site there. Later a
complete survey of both sites will be
made which will be participated in by
L. II. Taylor of Reno and B. G. Mc
Bride of Elko, who will assist the state
in the matter. Reno Gazette.
The industrial insurance commission's
office received word today that H. C.
Korn, manager of the Churchill County
Telephone company, died of blood pois
oning on August 8th at Fallon.
While coming down a pole near Fal
lon on June 5th Korn bruised and oth
erwise injured his left knee. Infection
set in a few days later and despite, all
treatment his death followed.
Korn is survived by a brother. There
are no known dependents.
tion will be started. It was last used
for traffic by the train which arrived
here at 5:30 last evening and at that
time there were no evidences of smoke
or anything else that would indicate
It will probably take 200,000 feet of
lumber to rebuild the tunnel, railroad
officials said this morning, and an or
der for the timber has already been
sent out.
The work of cleaning the tunnel of
burnt timbers and debris will begin as
soon as the fire exhausts itself, but
with the best of luck it cannot be re
moved, it is believed, within a week.
As a result of the fire no trains will
be able to enter Virginia City for a
number of days, but means for trans
ferring passengers and freight will be
arranged so that the public will not be
put to any great inconvenience. The
local train which left here late yester-
"For After Six"
(Ey "Marjoric," written for the Unit- the same shade of velvet. A fringe of
ed Press.) Orientally-hued beads falls from the
. ti- tit t .1
NEW YORK, Aug. 13. Evening wocice, snouiacr straps, ana over tne
gowns of the fall and winter season
seem to promise more scope for indi
viduality than the street and afternoon
dresses which so dogmatically declare
that slinkiness is absolutely the only
It is true that the swathed effect
takes title role even in evening gowns,
but there are a few exceptions. The
very top-notch evening gown the sort
that would be worn at a Blue Bird ball,
if such a social event should happen all
over again, is merely a very few yards
of shiny material bound round and
round the figure.
Such a model of jet over a fitted un-
derslip of black satin is the piece dc
way, nearly hlhng the tunnel in var
ious places with large amounts of de
bris. What the loss will amount to
General Manager Ardery was unable
to estimate this morning.
This is the second fire that has oc
curred in the same tunnel, a former one
happening in June. 1903. A heavy loss
occurred at that time and it was a
couple of weeks before it could be put
back in shape for use.
What caused this morning's blaze has
not been determined, but an investiga-
day afternoon for Virginia and sched- resistance of a Fifth avenue house
"rlothps for after
UI.U I'J ILIUIU 11113 UK '1 II 1 IH Jvv i J - . ... . .
,v, r, , ... . . . - i -.i .i r, lame uowus, wiuie DiacK idni. uci.t, jci
the supports gave t there until the tunnel i made naahle Uiv " Comnlvinc With the VOgUC lor . '
hips. A huge bow of tulle floats from
the left shoulder.
The more bouffant evening gowns
are shown for the debutantes who have
not sifficient maturity of bearing and
face to wear the Theda Bara gown. A
charming model is shown on the ave
nue of dove chiffon over coral satin.
Soft bands of deeper-toned marabou
finish the top of the bodice and are
used for shoulder straps. The Turk
ish raem effect is retained by the shir-red-in-skirt
Combinations of net or lace with taf
fetas and softer silks are much in the
vogue for thesd panniered and puffed
soubretisth dresses. Bright shades of
flame, canary, emerald, and turquoise
ish harem effect is retained by the shir-
The crew was ordered to Carson this
morning and took out a train that was
made up here and put on the Reno run.
The Truckee River General Electric
company gave out the information to
day that the power would be turned off
Sunday in this city between the hours
of 12 :30 and 4 :30 p. m.
They will take this time in which to
make some necessary repairs.
some covering over the epidermis, the
sleeves of this model are of sheer chif
fon and even envelop the wrist. There
is no back, but a long train atones for
any seeming deficit. A novel note is
given by the sash of tulle which floats
over the hips and is caught in a wired
bow as wide as the entire frock. The
streamers of this sash float to the floor.
A corsage of deep-toned artificial roses
is the only touch of color on the gown.
A similar figure-revealing gown is
shown of electric blue spangles over
and satin are the more mature wom
an's favorite.
Ten Claims Allowed
The industrial insurance commission
today allowed ten claims for minor in
juries. The total amount involved was
Have you moved from one precinct to
another since registering? If so you
must have your name transferred or
you lose your vote. Only three more
days in which to have the transfer.

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