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for your Battery
Water is as necessary to
battery life as it is to
plant life.
The water should be pure
and it should be put into
the battery regularly, at
least once every two weeks.
You can easily put this
water in, but we will gladly
do it if you prefer.
We are also equipped to
recharge and repair bat
teries. We carry a com
plete line of Willard bat
tery parts, rental batteries
and Willard Threaded Rub
ber Batteries.
Ask us how Willard
Threaded Rubber Insula
tion puts an end to the
separator replacement ex
pense caused by warped,
cracked, punctured and car
bonized wood separators.
Carson Electric Shop
Opposite Arlington Hotel
" ill
People and Kotes of Interest
Jack Mackey, who has been confined
to his bed with tonsilitis, is able to be
up today.
J. G. Scrugham, state engineer, was
among the arrivals Irom Keno this
Mrs. Mark Cecil, who has been visit-
ng her son Clyde in Reno, was among
he morning arrivals.
P. A. McCarran, former chief justice,
drove in from Reno this morning, hav
ing business before the supreme court.
William Woodhurn came in from
Reno this morning and represented a
lient before the supreme court today.
George A. Cole, state controller, was
departure for Reno last evening to
attend to some state matters at that
place today.
Harvey Fayne, who journeyed to San
Er,ancisco to hurry up the shipment of
tents and cots for the encampment at
Lakeside, arrived home on the morn-
ng train.
Mrs. D. R. Session is the guest of
her brother, Dorsey Noteware. Mrs.
Sessions jnade the trip to Carson from
California with Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Seymour in their car.
Miss May Kenney returned this
morning from Carson valley, where she
had been on professional duty. She
states that the valley people were much
pleased with the entertainment provid
ed in this city on the Fourth.
Dan Sullivan, state auditor, returned
yesterday from an official visit to a
number of the eastern and southern
counties. Sneaking of business condi
tions, he said they were rather quiet in
all the places he had been.
Only Weighed Eighty Poundi Before
Taking Tanlac Now Weighs One
Hundred and Ten.
This week has marked the heaviest
tourist travel of the season. It is esti
mated that close to 100 machines a day
have been passing through this city,
either going east or west.
The cainp ground is receiving liberal
patronage as twenty machines were
parked there one night this week. A
dozen cars is nothing unusual at a time
since the first of the present month.
. - oo
World's news up to 3 p. m. in tht
"When I began taking Tanlac I was
in a dreadful state of health and
weighed only eighty pounds; now I
weigh one hundred artd ten and never
felt, better in my life," said Mrs.
Dolores Oest, residing at 3415 Chest
nut St., Oakland, Calif.
"Two years ago I was in the hospital, j
where 1 had just undergone an opera
tion, and was a complete wreck of my
former self.
"My stomach went bad and I was not
able to eat anything nourishing, and
what I did force myself to eat gave me
such terrible pains they nearly drove
me wild.
"The pressure on my heart from gas
in my stomach kept me in misery all
the time, and I was afraid I had heart
trouble. Then I'd have choking spells
that would interfere with my breathing
and make me more miserable than ever,
and I'd get so dizzy I couldn't stand
"Nervous headaches pained me more
than I can describe and usually put me
in bed for a couple of days. To add to
my miseries, my back got to hurting
me right over my kidneys. I was that
sick and nervous and many nights I
never . closed my eyes in sleep, and I
got so discouraged over my condition
I feared I'd never get well.
"My first bottle of Tanlac helped me
so much I knew right away I had
found the right medicine. I was so
surprised and happy over the results
that I bought a bottle and sent it to
my mother in Mexico, and persuaded
my brother in Albuquerque, N. M., to
take Tanlac for his stomach trouble."
Tanlac is sold in Carson City by
Charles L. Kitzmeyer, and leading
druggists everywhere.
a Cup
of Cocoa on a Summer Morning
ing aids a good beginning of the
Or you may add a little more
sugar and call it CHOCOLATE.
Under any name, it is a luxury;
but, unlike most luxuries, it is
also a valuable, healthy food.
And remember, I am still sell
ing COCOA Genuine Lipton's
Bulk Cocoa at only 25c the
Reno Radium
X-Ray Association
Radium treatments.
X-ray diagnosis all parts.
Main Laboratory Masonic Tem
ple. We have charge of X-ray depart
ments in the Hospitals.
For information address
Box 578, Reno, Nev.
Complaints are becoming so numer
ous that the city trustees are thinking
of appointing a pound master to round
up the stray horses and cattle that are
continually ruining lawns. Carson City
The Appeal would also suggest that
the rounding up of some few dozen
stray cats might not be amiss. The
nightly fights of thl felines are rapidly
bringing some of our most estimable
citizens to the verge of nervous pros
tration and heart failure.
1 Fresh Fruits and
Ed. J. Walsh
V egetables
Watermelons and Cante
loupes in Carload Lots,
Direct From Grow
er to Consum
er at
Carson Produce Market
Arlington Hotel Block
Miss Feggy Hager is busy at present
touching up the face of Nevada and she
is doing a good job at that. The big
profile map hanging in the corridor of
the Capitol was found to be shy a few
peaks, some valley points were dis
turbed, a few of the rivers had lost
their course, owing to the extreme dry
ness of the surroundings and other mis
haps had taken place while the state's
profile was visiting in California.
Miss Hager has replaced the sum
mits where they belong, refurbished
several valleys and is now doing a few
things to the Smokey range down
south. The whole map is taking on a
more pleasing appearance following the
application of a touch here and there,
more umber to the hills, a touch up of
lapis pigment to the lakes and an oc
casional riverway marked so that one
may find it.
Groceries, Hardware,
Paints, Oil, Etc., Etc.
Furniture Moved
For the moving of furniture, house
hold goods, trunks, machinery, etc.,
phone 941. J28-tf
Carson City, Nevada
Efficient Service by Mail. ,
Shirt-sleeve dance, to be given by the
American Legion. The big dance of
The committee in charge state that
there will be a fine of 25 cents for any
one wearing a coat. This will be en
forced, July 22, 1921.
See Bath
Express work of all kinds, trunk
and baggage hauled to and from de
pot. Bath, phone 941. j28-tf
Piano in excellent condition cheap
if taken at once. Apply, N. C. Brown,
702 N. Curry St. jl2-lw
Handsome coat and skirt; medium
size; too small: Cost $50, sell for $25.
Address "B", Appeal office. J23-lw
Eight by ten tent, with poles com
plete, at a great bargain. In good
condition. Apply Gray, Reid, Wright
Co. jl-tf
Sec Bath
See Bath for the moving of all kinds
of articles, from valises to quartz
mills. Phone 941. j6-ti
The contractors having the bridge
building under way near Cradelbaughs
are making good progress, according to
members 0 the highway force who are
keeping tab 011 this work.
The new bridge is about half a mile
east of the old wooden -structure and
means the construction of a highway to
its approach s. both north and south.
This new connection at the bridge
will straighten out the road at both
ends and will cut in considerably east
of the Pony saloon.
The bridge, which is of pre-cast con
crete,' is now assuming shape, most of
the work up to the present being the
casting of girders and sinking of con
crete piles. When finished it will be
one of the best river bridges in western
On August 8th a number of Califor
nians are to dedicate a bronze tablet
at Kit Carson summit. From arrange
ments announced a large number of
machines will make the trip to the Spur
from California points.
The tablet is to be placed at the
summit at the point where the Kit Car
son tree stood for many years.
's Fas Ice Cream
Received daily. Fresh confectionery
always on hand. Cigars, tobacco,
fruits, groceries and Langendorfs
bread. Your patronage solicited. Ex
cellent service rendered. At
Here's vhy CAMELS are
the quality cigarette
: CIOiTTCl tyj
BECAUSE we put the utmost quality into this
one brand. Camels are as good as it's pos
sible for skill, money and lifelong knowledge of
fine tobaccos to make a cigarette.
Nothing is too good for Camels. And bear this
in mind! Everything is done to make Camels the
best cigarette it's possible to buy. Nothing is done
simply for show.
Take the Camel package for instance. It's the
most perfect packing science can devise to pro
tect cigarettes and keep them fresh. Heavy paper
"secure foil wrapping revenue stamp to seal
the fold and make the package air-tight. But
there's nothing flashy about it. You'll find no
extra wrappers. No frills or furbelows.
Such things do not improve the smoke any. more
than premiums or coupons. And remember you
must pay their extra cost or get lowered quality.
If you want the smoothest, mellowest, mildest
cigarette you can imagine and one entirely free
from cigaretty aftertaste,
It's Camels for you.
Bob Reiggs, a former resident of this
city, spent the day visiting friends here.
Bob is getting over a severe accident
when- he was injured in a head on col
lision last February. Injury to the
spine followed and he has been in hos
pitals since that time. He is employed
in the railway mail service between
Sacramento and Placerville.
Soft Drinks
Billy Kearns, formerly of this city,
has been granted a soft drink license
in Virginia City and will open up a
place of business in the Young build
ing on C. street.
Called Home
Mrs. Ivy Wilson arrived in this city
yesterday from Honolulu, being called
home by the serious illness of her
mother, Mrs. H. B. Millard.
Job work that will stand the test at
the Appeal office.
In order to control the hobos who are
infesting Winnemucca a change gang is
to be inaugurated.. The Silver State
says :
"It is reported by officers that not
only men are bumming their way from
one part of the country to the other,
but also women, and even families with
small children have been seen riding
the freight trains."
Of the Dixie Fire Insurance Company,
125 South Elm Street, Greensboro,
North Carolina, for the Year Ending
December 31, 1921:
Capital (paid tip in cash)..$ 500,000.00
Assets 1737.J21.9ti
Liabilities, exclusive of
capital and net surplus 9S2.343.41
Premiums $ 1.103,927.65
Other sources 78,876.81
Guests at Mansion
Governor and Mrs. Boyle had as
iheir guests Monday and Tuesday of
this week Mrs. J. S. Mitchell and two
daughters, and Miss Loalita Heer of
San Francisco.
If you are troubled with pains or
aches; feel tired; have headache,
indigestion, insomnia; painful pass
age of urine, you will find relief in
AFrisndof thaFamily
Over fifty years ago a young
physician practiced widely in
Pennsylvania and became famous
for his uniform success in the
curing of disease. This was Dr.
It. V. Pierce who afterwards
established himself in Buffalo, N.
Y., and placed one of his prescrip
tions, which he called his "Golden
Medical Discovery," in the drug
stores of the United States so that
the public could easily obtain this
very remarkable tonic, corrective,
and blood-maker. Dr. Pierce
manufactured this "Discovery"
from roots and barks without
alcohol a corrective remedy, the
ingredients of which nature had
put in the fields and forests, for
keeping us healthy. Introduce
pure red blood into the system,
and health is assured. When you
feel run-down, out of sorts, blue
and despondent try the energiz
ing influence of this reliable tonic
You can obtain Golden. Medical
Discovery in tablet or liquid form
at all drug stores, or send 10c for
a trial package to Dr. Pierce's
Laboratory in Buffalo, N. Y.
The world'! standard remedy for kidney,
liver, bladder and uric add troubles and
National Remedy of Holland since 1696.
Three sins, all druggists. Guaranteed.
far tke mm CoM Madal aa rery box
aaa accept mm
Total income. 1920. $
Paid policy holders
Other expenditures
Ail .034 69
Total expenditures, 1920..$ 814,256.17
Business, 1920
Risks written $187,348, 182.00
Premiums thereon 1,775,57426
Losses incurred 444,205.69
Nevada Business
Amount of risks written..? 43.797.(10
Premiums received 4S7.67
Losses paid - - -53
Losses incurred .53
Amount of said policies ... 43.797.00
Of the American Eagle Fire Insurance
Company of New York City for the
Year Ending December 31, 1921:
Capital (paid up in cash)...l,000.000.00
Assets 4,279,175.81
Liabilities, exclusive of cap
ital and net surplus 2,AX).648.99
Surplus - - 918,526.82
Premiums $2.693228.96
Other sources 220.304.02
Seven room house and barn ; occupies
full block of ground. Address S. C.
Anderson, Carson City, Nev. m27-lm
income, 1920. $2,913,532.98
jPaid policy holders 41,147.066.62
.Dividends 140,000.00
Ed Curran is prepared to do plumb
ing, all kinds of repair work, soldering,
radiator work, etc.
Orders promptly filled and charges
right. Phone 485. j22-tf
Total expenditures, 1920....$2,517,057.41
Nevada Business
."Amount of risks written .S 26207.00
Premiums received 77.34
Losses paid 00
Losses incurred 3.90
Amount of said policies 26207.00
A man's pocket-knife. Owner can
have same by proving ownership and
paying for this ad. - jl2-tf
Candy-making Business Start at
home. Everything furnished. Men and
women; $30 weekly. L'on-Bon Co.
Philadelphia Pa. , tn20-lm
WANT TO HEAR from owner hav
ing farm for sale; state cash price and
full description. John J. Black, Nevada
St., Chippewa Falls, Wis.
Latest telegraphic news in the Appeal.
Edward T. Patrick
Rooms 3 4
Carson Valley Bank Building
Formerly Carson-Reno Laundry
All classes of laundry handled. None
but white' help employed. Try us for
silk shirts and soft collars. Actually
done by hand. Phone Carson 1513.

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