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You Cam Outfit Ii Carson for Youir Lake Tatioe Trfp
25 cents per week
Five cents per copy
No. 173
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Outlines Plans Providing Funds for
Railroads and Farmers
By United Press
WASHINGTON, July 26. President
Harding today asked congress to
broaden the powers of the war finance
corporation so it can give financial re
lief to railroads and agriculture. The
president's message was in the form of
a letter to Vice President Coolidge.
president of the senate, and Represen
tative Gillett, speaker of the house. The
message said the details of the plan to
broaden the corporation's power is to
be issued later by the railroad adminis
tration, but gave a general outline of
the proposals to be made. It provides :
The war finance corporation is to buy
the railway securities now held by the
director general, so that officials can
settle with the railroads by using
this treasury fund; powers of the cor
poration are to be broadened to permit
relief to be extended to live stock rais
ers arid farmers. It stated the railroads
have agreed to waive their claims from
the depreciated value of labor, and that
Sinn Fein Leaders
Suggest Conference
By United Press
DUBLIN. July 26. It was learned
today on creditable authority that Sinn
Fein leaders will inform Lloyd George
that his peace offer is unsatisfactory,
Russian Millions
By United Press
PARIS, July 26. Famine is depopu
lating Russia, Paul Miliukoff, leader of
the Russian constitutional democrats,
told the United Press today. Miliukoff
"The Higher Law"
A history-making picture is to be
shown at the Grand tonight and one
that everyone is interested in. "The
Highest Law" deals with Civil war
times and embraces presidential action.
In order to carry the story to its ful
fillment a lifelike characterization of
Abraham Lincoln is presented.
"The Highest Law, the new produc
tion from the Selznick studios, which
The many friends of Mrs. Nellie
; Richardson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Lawrence Kearney of this city, were
shocked to learn of her death in a Reno
hospital yesterday. As a young wom
an she was well known both in this
city and Empire, where she grew to
' The deceased was born in Waterloo,
Iowa, January 11, 1876. She came with
her parent to Nevada, residing first in
n Empire, and l?jtcr in Carson. She
taught in the schools of the state, both
before her marriage and after the death
of her husband.
f Surviving her are her son Lawrence,
the government has already made over
$200,000,000 in settlements. It is pro
posed to fund the debt of the roads to
the government. Senator Kellogg in
troduced a bill containing the farm re
lief features immediately following the
Billion for Farmers
By United Press
WASHINGTON, July 26. Senator
Kellogg's measure provides $1,000,000,
000 credit for farmers to enable them to
carry their surplus crops until markets
are available. Liberal terms of pay
ments are provided.
fBy United Press
No Arrest Made
By United Press
SPRINGFIELD, July 26. Court ad
journed this afternoon until September.
No effort was made today to take Gov
ernor Small into custody. He refused
to confer with the prosecuting attorney
on a warrant.
but will suggest further conferences.
De Valera is to continue conferences
with Sinn Fein leaders, and possibly
with Sir James Craig, before returning
to London.
drew a sordid picture of the millions
living in lilthy lints, weak from hunger,
or wandering over vast areas searching
for food.
Grand Theater Tonight
comes to the Grand- tonight only, is a
photoplay unique in many respects. ' It
contains no sign of the convential vil
lian, the "hero" is a man famous for
the homeliness of his features and well
past middle age, and there is not any
thing in the story or style of production
that bears any resemblance to the us
ual photoplay scenario.
The added attractions will be a Peer
less comedy and Movie Chats.
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kear
ney; two brothers, William and Thom
as Kearney of Reno; three sisters, Mrs.
Annie Dyer of Reno, Mrs. Ira Winters
of Carson and Mrs. Alice Luhrs of
The remains were brought to this city
this afternoon and taken to the Ira
Winter's home. The funeral is to be
held tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock,
from the Catholic church. Interment
will be in the family plot at the local
David Williams, who was quite ill
of ptomaine poison and was in a Yer
ington hospital for several days, re
turned to his home in this city last
Judge Declares Illinois Executive
Made of Ordinary Clay
By United Tress
SPRINGFIELD, 111., July 26. Judge
Smith today held that Governor Small
is amendable to arrest on warrants
charging embezzlement of state funds.
The court said: "There is no king in
Illinois and the governor is liable to
arrest." The judge ordered a warrant
to be issued and handed it to the sher
Must Clean Up
to the
By United Press
WASHINGTON, July 26. President
Harding is opposed to the house taking
a vacation until the tax bill is passed.
Representative Mondell stated after a
White House conference today. The
ways and means committee has started
work on the. bill. It is said the plan is
W. P. Harrington, Nevada State
After making a trip of inspection of
the present and proposed routes over
the Lincoln Highway between East
gate and Austin with Chief Engineer.
Cottrell and F. O. Booe of the depart
ment of highways, the writer can see
no reason why the present route should
be improved, and many reasons why
the proposed new location should be se
lected and improved. Lest the foundar
tion for the improvement of this fifty-two-mile
section be forgotten, it may
he well to state that the Lincoln High
way Association has placed at the dis
posal of the department of highways
$37,000 to be applied toward the work.
Lander and Churchill counties have
each pledged $30,000 and the remainder
of the amount required will be made
up by state and federal aid.- The esti
mated cost of the ultimate improvement
of the project is about $448,000. How
ever, the immediate construction of sev
enteen miles of the distance and some
maintenance work on the remainder 1
will provide at once ati excellent road
tar superior to that now used by way i
of Newpass.
The present route goes through Al
pine and Newpass canyon. The only
habitation is at Alpine and the New
pass canyon is the striking point for
every stray cloudburst that comes
along. The new route, less expensive
to construct and maintain, will serve a
greater population, pass through a
great cultivated area in Reese River
valley, and the scenery in the Desatoya
range will compare favorably with that
in the western part of the state. An
other point in favor of the new loca
tion is the fact that probably 90 per
cent of the new road will be built on
natural road material, while only 10 per
cent of the present road is so located.
Improvement of the present road would
be an expensive matter and mainte
nance would cost a great sum each
PRtitat Opposes hw w raw
Summer Won Los Apte'
iff. He also stated that a governor has
no right to use the state militia for his
personal protection. Governor Small's
attorneys asked that the serving of
warrants be delayed until September.
Under the stand taken by Judge Smith
the governor Would be allowed to ap
pear in court voluntarily without the
indignity or arrest, if he so desired.
Business Before
Tall Timber
to repeal excess profit taxes, reduce the
surtax rates and abolish the petty con
sumption taxes. The senate finance
committee is considering the tariff. The
committee's plan is to retain the Ameri
can valuation as a basis in assessing
custom duties, it is said.
Consul. Lincoln Highway Ass'n.
The only objection raised to the new
Carroll Summit route, which will cross
the range at an altitude close to 7,000
feet, is that there is a probability of
snow blocking the road for a short
period each winter. Owing to the fact
that snow blocks nearly every summit
for a portion of the winter, no great
weight can be given the snow argument.
When it is remembered that the trans
state roads -will be used largely by
tourists for the next few years, the
snow condition will be a negligible fac
tor. Whenever travel conditions re
quire that roads be kept open all year it
will be an easy matter, under mainte
nance, to keep travel moving.
A point that has been lost sight of
by the few proponents of the present
location is that Nevada must, above
eveything else, reveal its cultivated
areas. The view from car windows of
overland trains has done more to damn
Nevada in the eyes of the traveling
public than any other factor. Roads
should be built, whenever possible, so
that they will run through irrigated and
cultivated valleys in order that a mis
taken idea may be corrected. Roads so
located will also serve the country
through which they pass and assist in
The new location will call for a road
down and across Reese River valley
and across Smith Creek valley, both of
which are under cultivation and capa
ble of great development. The possi
bili ty of cultivating large areas in
these valleys by artesian wells is
claimed Jo be greater than in any other
section. This alone should be a deter
mining factor, for any improvement
that will directly or indirectly assist in
developing the state is a permanent in
vestment. What will probably become one of
the most famous places on the entire
route of the Lincoln Highway is the
great dry lake about three mile9 north
rams tie fcl
British Note Suggests Change In
Disarmament Assembly
By United Press
LONDON, July 26. A Pacific coast
city for the meeting of the disarmament
conference is suggested in a British
note asking that the date of the confer
ence be moved up to September or Oc
tober, it was reported today. This sug
gestion was made for the benefit of
Special to Appeal
LOS ANGELES, July 26. An
nouncement will be made throughout
California this afternoon that an initia
tive petition for submission to the vot
ers of the state has been drawn author
izing state bond issues up to $500,000.
000 for the development for Califor
nia purchases of hydro-electric power,
largely along the Colorado river. The
act specificially provides authority for
the taking over of water and power
from outside the boundaries of the state
and it is believed by the Los Angeles
city officials, who are fathering this
movement, that this will prevnt the de
velopment already contemplated by the
power companies already serving the
territory included in the proposed de
velopment in Arizona. New Mexico.
Nevada and Utah, and will turn this
power over as a unit to the state of
California. The measure is to be offi
Americans Arrested
By United Press
NOGALES, July 26. Four Ameri
cans, alleged cattle thieves, have been
arrested at Hermosillo, the capital of
Sonora, it was reported here today.
iThey were captured in a pitched battle
with fiscal guards, it was said. The
governor stated he would turn them
over to the Aemrican authorities.
Orders Survey
IBy United Press
WASHINGTON. July 26 A survey
of famine conditions in the south was
ordered today by the Red Cross; upon
the advice of the health service. Food
of Peterson's ranch, which will be on
the new route. This old lake bed is
about twelve miles long and from five
to eight miles wide. Its floor is as
level as can be conceived, and the in
spection party made a speed ofsixty
eight miles per hour over eight miles of
the course. As a drawing card the lake
cannot be over estimated, for every
traveler, after traveling all kinds of
roads, will be anxious to see how fast
the old bus will run and enjoy the ex
hiliration of unrestrained speed. It is
thought that a circular course about
twenty miles in length can be marked
on the lake bed, which will make it the
fastest and longest speedway in the
worm, contrary to usual conditions on
dry lakes, this old bed does not become
impassable in wet weather. The sur
face becomes slippery, but a car will
not sink.
In order that the new route may be
thrown open as soon as possible, a re
connaisance has been ordered to be fol
lowed immediately by surveys. It is
thought that contracts for the mountain
section of the project can be let next
winter so that work will be started in
ihe early spring.
The Fallon Sink Project
The mud flats each side of Fallon
inn d in
Continued on last page
the Australian and New Zealand pre
miers now attending the dominion con
ference in Loiklon. They are anxious
to return home as soon as possible.
The coast city preferred was not nam
ed, but the premiers would sail either
from San Francisco or Seattle.
cially known as the California Water
and power act and specificially pro
vides that reduction in water and elec
tric rates can be made for competitive
j purposes as has already been announc
ed. I he interior counties of Calif tor
nia will lead the attack upon the plans
of the city of Los Angeles for political
dominance and already meetings have
been held throughout the San Joaqula
valley in protest. Other meetings have
been held in the interior counties of
Southern California and the imeprial
valley, and it is stated that the interior
counties will appeal to the residents of
; Arizona. I tan, ..Nevada and Aew -Mex
ico to join in the fight against the con
trol of Colorado development for the
selfish benefit of the city of Los An
geles. This- because it is recognized
that both the interior states and coun
ties must equally suffer through domin
ance by any one city or state.
and medicine are to le rushed to tin
pellagra ridden districts.
Bv United Pressl
WASHINGTON. July 26 The par
cel post system is being conducted at
a;i annual loss of $50,000,000, Congress
man Steenerson told the postal survey
committee today.
He said that Postmaster General
Hays is to be asked to make a slight in
crease in parcel post rates; that an in
crease of 1 cent per package would
make up the deficit.
The scaffolding about the Memorial
building has been removed, thus giving
the building a far better appearance.
From now on the work of clearing the
lot preparatory to parking is to be t:.k
en up.
The plastering is nearly finished ard
interior work is to be the next order.
Before winter this splendid state build
ing will be ready fur stnte office occu
During the absence of John G. Em
ery, national commander of the Ameri
can Legion. J. C Scrugham, national
vice commander, becomes the head of.
this organization.
Commander Emery leaves for France
on August 3d for an extended tour and
thus the affairs of the American Legion
come into the hands of the Nevadan.
In Oakland. Saturday. July 23, to the
wife of Fred Scarls, a daughter.
Mrs.- Searls was formerly Miss
Gwynne Davis of this city.
World's news up to 3 p. m. in Xh

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