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The Carson City Daily Appeal
Editor and Manager
Entered as Matter of the Second Class at the Postoffice at Garson City. Nevada,
under Act of Congress of March 3. 1879
One year by Carrier
One year by Mail
Carson Citv Daily Appeal is the .real live advertising medium of this section
as evidenced by its carrying a larger amount of advertising than any paper it
(he city.
Joseph Kronthal, in O. C. Store News
In speaking oa person's faults,
Pray don't forget your own;
Remember, those with homes of glass
Should seldom throw a stone.
If we have nothing else to do
But talk of those who sin,
'Tis better we commence at home,
And from that point begin.
We have no right to judge a man
Until he's fairly tried;
Should we not like his company,
We know the world is wide.
Some may have faults and who has not?
The old as well as young;
Perhaps we may, for aught we know
, Have fifty to their one.
Then let us all, when we begin
To slander friends or foe,
Think of the harm one word may do
To those we little know.
Remember, curses, sometimes like
Our chickens "roost at home;"
Don't speak of others' faults until
We have none of our own.
Just Received
Good quality ticking; linen for
fancy work (linen color) ; red and
white damask.
peace." They are sure to summon to a stem reckoning those who
stand in the way of it.
When a merchant talks about "affording" advertising, he is
getting ready for the live merchant to take his trade away from
him. People do not "afford" advertising any more than the man
who needs a suit of clothes "affords" them. It is not a question of
"affording" advertising, it is a vital necessity. Sanford (Fla.) Her
ald. .
A newspaper editor relates this story about a green reporter.
He was hurried off to write up the murder of a wealthy manufactur
er. After describing the details graphically he concluded with this
sentence: "Fortunately for the deceased, he had deposited all his
loose money in the bank the day before, so that he lost practically
nothing but his life." Cheyenne (Wyo.) Tribune-Leader. ,
Invisible government wouldn't be so fearful if it included in
visible taxes.-Kansas City Star.
Charlie Hapsburg ought to hook up with Charlie Chaplin Chi
cago Journal of Commerce.
I have for your inspection a nice line
of up-to-date hats, coats and dresses.
Prices right.
riease call and inspect my stock be
fore buying elsewhere.
December 10. Christmas gift sale, by
Methodist Ladies' Aid.
See-' C.
Jensen at
Fill out your questionnaire and mail
to the Labor Commissioner NOW and
help get a correct analysis of the em
ployment situation in Nevada.
FRANK W. INGRAM, Commissioner
Job work that will stand the test at
the Appeal office.
A widely published story in Washington, in effect, giving Presi
dent Harding almost exclusive credit for the limitation of navies pro
gram has caused a lot of political commotion.
By giving Secretary Hughes credit for the proposals now under
consideration, the press of the world started something. Friends of
the president, and some members of the cabinet not in the limelight
just now are watching the Hughes wave of popularity with fear lest
it turn into a presidential boom. For several weeks a very subtle
movement has been on foot to poptilarize an Old Guard leader for
the presidency. Mr. Harding is not one of the men in mind.
About the hotel lobbies at the capital it has been quietly but
cleverly stated by visiting Republicans from big Republican states
that Mr. Harding is "a one-term man." This had become very com
mon, and those mentioned in connection with it were of the protec
tionist wing of the party. Secretary Weeks was often referred to.
Immediately after the American proposals were made to the arms
conference, the name of Secretary Hughes began to be used. It was
instantly apparent that Old Guard leaders disliked that and would
try to cheek it. Mr. Hughes is not popular with the Old Guard Re
publican members of congress.
This interesting sub-rosa situation flared when the carefully
written story, giving President Harding full credit for the proposi
tion submitted to the arms conference, appeared. Members of con
gress were busy all day speculating as to the inspiration for the story
and were disposed to charge friends of the president with putting it
out to curtail the Hughes talk.
It was pointed out that Senator Borah introduced his resolu
tion for a conference on arms four months before Mr. Harding mani
fested any public interest in the subject.
Two efforts in congress to give the president full credit have
been made within the last few days. Senator New and Representa
tive Butler of Pennsylvania gave out statements saying Mr. Harding
and not Secretary Hughes was responsible.
The tendency to assign credit for the conception of the confer
ence to one individual or another, or to ascribe to some specific per
son the development of the American plan, has led to the statement
in a high official quarter that the American delegation and officials
are free from all hatred and jealousy, and that if the conference is
successful there will be enough glory for all.
The question to which individual the plaudits should go has be
come one of the most interesting subjects of discussion in Washing
ton. The view of one high official was that the plan may be called
the "Hughes plan," the "American plan," the "Administration
plan" or any other plan without incurring the bad wishes of the
president. It was stated that as personal feeling has not been arous
ed and no rival factions have come forward, the administration is
most hopeful and confident of the parley's success.
In an official quarter it has been asserted the story of the calling
of the conference will not be made public until the thing is over and
the results are seen. However, the statement was offered that the
American delegation had been working on the proposition in co
operation with the executive, which would indicate the completed
proposal probably was the result of more intellects than one.
It is definitely known the American conferees did not have a
proposition presented to them when they got together. And that one
of their first concerns was to build up a definite plan. According to
the same spokesman, the thing that will blast the hopes Tor the con
ference, if it is doomed to failure, will be personal jealousy, and it
will not be in the United States delegation. In such international
attempts, he deemed that no more destructive thing could enter than
individual jealousy.
It is the apparent desire of administration leaders that the ques
tion of who gets the credit should be stilled while the conference is
yet in its infancy.
No attempt was made by the high official who referred to the
question of crediting the proper source of the arms plan to enter the
politics of the situation, which is one of the points arousing much in
- terest, in view" of previous, assertions that the arms conference might
make one of three men Harding, Hughes or Underwood the next
The delegate from Portugal at the opening session in Washing
ton made a speech of but three sentences, states the Philadelphia
Public Ledger, yet he said more than some others said in addresses
considerably longer.
With a brevity that may have .had for its pattern the eloquent
restraint of Lincoln at Gettysburg, he reminded his hearers of the
"submerged millions" whose will is sure, to be felt and whose voice
will make itself heard if "national egotism" threatens to defeat the
purpose for which the conference has assembled.
It is time the millions had their turn. They have been waiting
through the ages for their day in court. It has eome, and they are
going to use it for all that it is worth. As Viscount d'Alte said, the
millions have had "every feeling outraged by the intolerable anguish
suffered," and their one paramount desire is for an "enduring
The Laws of Economy
An apple bounced off Newton's head and inspired him to evolve
the Law of Gravity. ..The advertisements in this paper can give you
no less forcefully the inside workings of the Laws of Economy.
As sure as the apple hit Newton, the advertisements have a per
sonal message of economy for you.
Merchants tell you of their bargains through advertisements.
Almost every new opportunity is offered through an advertise
ment. Practically every unusual buy is advertised.
You save time and trouble by choosing what you want and
where to get it from the advertisements instead of hunting all over
You save money by keeping up with every opportuni'Y to get
full value in buying.
Read the Ads Regularly
Carson City7xt-Nov. 22, 1921.
TLe board oi trustees is apprised that
a number of requests have been receiv
ed from parents, addressed to the prin
cipal of the Garson City hierh school.
requesting him to dismiss their child
ren -on every Monday from 11:15 a. m.
ta 12 m. for the purpose of receiving
religious instruction.
We have requested the principal to
report to what extent, if any, such dis
missal will interfere with regular class
work. His report indicates that it will
be necessary for four students to leave
the music class onte a week, eight to
leave the oral English class, three to
leave typewriting and sixteen to leave
the study hall. The principal also re
norts that further requests will un
doubtedly be received before the end of
I the week. We are of the opinion that
this constitutes a serious mterterence
with the regular order and class work
of the school, notwithstandnig the fact
that the principal informs us that the
interference at this period is less than
what it would be at any other period.
Furthermore, in view of the fact that
the schools at the present time are
laboring under a great and serious
handicap owing to the loss of the school
building, that a number of school days
have already been lost, and that a neavy
rain falling on the building at the pres
ent time would render it untenantable
and cause the loss of further time, that
the teachers and students are laboring
without proper facilities in temporary
quarters, all of which conditions tend
to decrease the normal emciency oi tne
instruction :
We believe in view of these facts that
this time is particularly inopportune
for the introduction of any new courses.
which, as pointed out above, will tend,
in anv wav. to interfere with either reg
ular class' work, or take from the pupil
that which is equally as important
regular school time which he would or
dinarily use in the preparation of his
The board of trustees is thoroughly
in sympathy with the high ideals and
principles that have motiviated those
who make these requests, ana wun tne
work of the men who are devoting their
lives to the great and important task
of making better men and women. We
believe that an important work ot trie
schools is to aid them m every way
possible by not neglecting moral train
ing ot the boys ana gins in our wnw.
But we do not approve of any system of
instruction that takes the pupils out of
the school during the regular school
hours and places them under others at
a time when the regular class room
teachers are under pay for that purpose.
We believe that the proper time for re
ligious instruction is on Sunday, and if
further instruction is necessary on days
and hours when the public schools are
not in session ; therefore, be it
Resolved, That the board of trustees
of Carson school district No. 1 author
ize and direct the principal of the high
school to refuse any and all requests
of parents to excuse their children for
the purpose of religious instruction dur
insr school hours.
By v order of the hoard of trustees,
Carson school district No. 1.
W. N. EVANS, President.
F. E. MEDER, Clerk.
M M M M M M M M t-H M M M M M M M t ft MMMMMMMMM '
In the First Judicial District Court of
the State of Nevada In and For the
County of Ormsby.
In the Matter of the Estate of Barney
H. McClure (Sometimes Known as B.
H. McClure), Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned was duly appointed and qual
ified as administratrix with the will an
nexed of the estate of Barney H. Mc
Clure (sometimes known as B. H. Mc
Clure), deceased, by and in the First
Judicial District Court of the State of
Nevada in and for the County of Orms
by on the 5th day of November, 1921.
All creditors having claims against
said estate are required to file the same
with the orooer vouchers and statutory
affidavits attached, with the clerk of the
court within three months from the date
of the first publication of this notice.
Dated this 5th day of November, lyjl.
Administratrix With the Will Annexed.
HOMER MOONEY, Attorney for Ad
ministratrix, Carson City, Nevada.
First publication of this notice Novem
ber 7, 1921.
The Appeal is mailed to your post
office address at 75 cents a month.
' jJg
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ephone the doctor and he prescribes the remedy. The same
reasoning should arply to your electric appliances. Telephone
our electrical repair shop, to prescribe for the appliance which
is out of sorts. Our expert repair men know how to give a
vacuum cleaner, a toaster, a chaffing dish and other electrical
I deviees a new lease of life. . "
We have saved many an elec
trical appliance from an un
timely end.- Our prices are con
sistent . with expert repairing
and we quite frequently save
an immediate expenditure for
new equipment. Prices include
call and delivery service. A
phone request will bring us "to
your aid.
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SS Tinner
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Gas Stoves On Hand
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Fnnutnra Bevel
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