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Published Daily, Except Sunday.; at Carson- City, Nevada, ard Entered,
a Second-Jla9s Mail .Matter at Carson City Postoff:ce
L. J. BLAKE, Publisher
Commutucatior.s intended for .publication must either be signed by the
' writer, or th. writer's name must be filed in this office.
A reward of $10 will be paid for information leading to the arrest
and convictios of persons siealirg ibe APPEAL from the premises of
a subscriber. ,
One nr.or.th by Carrier
Cta mooth by Mail '.
AjhertisixRate On-A;,plication
- 75
William Kearney "for governor. , Kress on the Republican t'eket, was a
That is the first bit of the Republican delegate from Reno. II. Y. Huskey,
slate that has become known since the Democratic aspirant for the same office,
word was ent forth that the Republ - also stuck close to the convention, al
cans would have a full ticket in the though he is not a member of the Le
fieid for congressional and state offices gion. Congressman Arcntz was here
at the coining elections. j also.
Kearacy is said to have the suppou of j Aside from a few candidates for
the Wingfield faction in his patty. county offices in their home counties,
which means that Miller must be con-1 who are delegates, the three named rep
tmt to seek individual support and . resented the total vote-seekers at the
Stewart must be content to do likew se, ex-service men's meeting.
in case he should again chang" h;s
I Watch for
the big
When traveling
through Placerville
It is the official A. A. A. Garage, where an up
to date ladies' rest-room is provided. A full
line of accessories and a complete repair shop.
mind and become a candidate.
Something new in campaigning was
offered the Republican voters this week
when Mrs. Lydia Adams-William used
a circus as the vehicle for getting her
Jcampa gn acros.
The Humboldt btar tells the toi.nv
ing of her mingling with the clowns
and elephants:
Mrs. Lydia Adams-Williams, Me
.vada's single woman candidate for
the United States senate, a Repub
lican, and the first to declare her "
210 Main Street
O. N. HIRST, Proprietor
HFTEIfc but a little more than a year in control the Republican
party finds itself breaking up- Dissention among the leaders
is apparent, even in Nevada, and while the glory gained by the Re- political aspirations, came to Win
TMiklionrw nt th last rWtion i on th wxnc th Dnwrats are nro- nemucca as a member of the Gentry
paring to present a solid front in November. j
The withdrawal of Wingfield from the office of national commit
teeman from Nevada follows the threat the angel of the party in
Nevada is alleged to have made, that he would resign in the event
that George Spiingmeyer was recommended by Senator Taster- Oddi
for the office of United States district attorney for Nevada.
In California there isstill greater disagreement in Republican
ranks. Robert II. McCormaek, friend of Senator Samuel Shortridge.
has been discharged from the office of prohibition law prosecutor and
on top of that comes a meeting of San Franeiseo Republicans and
the selection of Charles C. Moore to oppose Hiram Johnson in the Re
publican senatorial cumpaign.
The charge that Johnson is in alignment with William Rnndolp)
Hearst is made by the San Francisco Journal and the combination
does not suit such men as Marshal Hale, Chester Rowell, Ralyph Hat
home, Marshall Stimson, and others of those who years ago were
most prominent in launching Johnson -as a representative of pro
gressive Republicanism.
On top of the rebuke for the present Republican administration
throughout the East in the election at primaries of Oifford Pinchot
and other Progressives, it appears that the dissatisfaction among Re
publican voters is pronounced, and it would not be at all surprising it
a new Progressive party is not io the making.
The appearance of a leader seems to b all that is necessary.
circus tram contingent. She jomed
the outfit in Carson City, rode from
there to W inncmucca with the cir
cus aggregation, making her stops
conform to those of the show. Reno,
Fallon, Lovelock, and then Wir.ne
mucca, and in each place she
moved about among the people and
made her plea for support. When
the train moved Mrs. Williams was
one of the party.
During the performances in W'in
r.ernucca Mrs. Will ams shared hon
ors with the clown brigade in creat
ing amusement for the crowd pre
sent She distributed well printed
dodgers, showing hersrlt as she was
a couple of decades ago.
If fortune should p!ay a prank
in Republican circles and give the
woman now appearing daily within
the hippodrome the Repaid car.
nomination f ir the senate, political
dope and d. .pesters in N'tvada would
be much upset. Stranger things
even than this have happened.
Chandler appears to be the man on
the inside track for the organization's
support for the Republican nom'nation
for United States senator.
Not much has been given publicity
on the relative strength of Arer.tx, Buol,
and Roberts with the party leaders, but
it appears that Chandler tops them all.
Rumor has it in Carson today that R.
F. Burris, known more familiarly
; throughout the state as 'Bubbles," will
make n:s announcement tor ine demo
cratic nomination for secretary of state.
"Bubbles" was formerly deputy in the
office of Secretary of State Geeorge
Brodigar, but was relieved a few months
ago when he and Brodigan could not
lie has been approached by his
friends regarding a cand dacy for the
office of secretary of state, but so far
had been rather uncommunicative.
He ha;led originally from Goldiicld
and has a large following at that place.
re could also draw strength from Reno
.nd has friends here who would work
for his election. "
1 'Service" is our Motto
Announces His Candidacy for Nomination as
From Nevada on the Republican Ticket
at the Primary, September 5, 1932
The reported decision of G'tert C.
Koss, present state bank examiner, to,
get into the race for congress on the
Democratic t'eket did not come as a
surprise to the friends of Ross. It has
been known for several years that Ross
cherished an ambition U represent his
state at Washington and he evidently
believes the time is ripe for making an
announcement that he will run.
Ross :ervcd as lieutenant-governor.
Ite is known in every c ty and town in
the state and there is no deming that
his political sagacity will make him a
serious contender for the congressior.il
Mayor Harry Stewart of Im',, who
concocted the scheme at calling the
Republican h'sts throughout uiie state'
to Reno for the purpose of sounding HE TORE PADDING
O.MlE time ago the Appeal commented on the use of the whipping
post in Delaware and in European countries. A- number ol
letters poured into this office and ome of them were harh.
Such critics will probably be surprised at the statement in thi
connection of William Pinkerton, head of one of the greatest do
iective agencies in the world, now attending the convention of the
International Association of Police Chiefs in San Francisco. His
remarks are terse, emphatic, and conclusive.
"The man who robs with violence, the house prowler, the stick-up
man, should be lashed forty times. They all dread that. I have talked
to dozens of criminals who have told me, that they would rather
serve twenty years in the penitentiary than take forty la-dies across
the back."
Mr. Pinkerton 's bnsice i the protection of society against crim
inals of all sort; he comes of a family experienced in that work, and
if anyone knows the relative -merits of the various penal processes,
it should be himself- 1
lie maintains,' first, that the most frightful crime wave he ha
ever known is now rasing in this country.
Second, that the parole law i an utter failure.
Third, that criminals are more vicious than they have ever been.
Fourth, that reatilts have proved the public whipping post and
pillory to be the only efficient remedies in such an emergency.
ifftSiTIL the death of Lillian Russell, one hardly realized that she
VV' WM perhaps the best? known woman in America. One might
conceive of people so remote, from the clamor of our press as not to
have heard of Mary Piekford, but scarcely anyone to whom Lillian
Russell's name was unknown. Even to the children of the present
generation, who know of her accomplishments only by hearsay, it 'is
hajnntingly familiar. Those who were children twenty years years
ago remember her as one of the most vivid splendors of their child
hood, and can recall with-diamond-like clearness the beautiful fea
tures they, admired in the theatre, or on the majestic cigar signs
of those days.
A reason for-her faigh '.place in the affections of America is that
she wm profoundly American, in the complete and effortless way; of
inJand America in her time. It was so cardinal a thing in her nature
that people rarely spoke of it, recognizing it intuitively rather than
eofticiously. Her active work in the Red Cross and Liberty Loan
campaigns attracted less notice than that of many other women,
probably because no one could have imagined Lillian Russell re
fusing an opportunity for patriotic service. Famous both in England
nd America, die was a splendid example of the Anglo-Saxon type
that has so signally lost its dominance of recent years in American
art and in many, other departments of American life.
one was a great singer and a great actress, but
ut sentiment n his iaor for the gov
ernorship and who was beaten by the
announcement of Johnn;e Miller, has,
:t is .said, thought of a plan to have
eardidaic: cr.d.jr-ed at the state con-
r.tkn to be held at Reno next Tues-
i 3 v.
Stewart, so the report gie, ha- bec-n
Batv.sta Mendoza was cast :nto a
dungeon at the Nye county jail two
trghts ago for his own protection as
he was fighting drunk and likely to
run against the fist of some roughneck
who did not understand the language
sending letters to the delegates to the I a she is spoken around Mexicali, says
.invention, urging them to d:scuss the Tonopah Times. Mendoza could not
themselves the various cat.di-
appreciate the friendly nature of the
late. i act and he whooped it up with a spig-
Th's is taken to mean that Stewart ' goty eloquence that -caused him to be
.r some of his cohorts will attempt to removed to a padded cell. In the morn
etk endorsement for some of the fa-! ;;ng the prisoner was subdued and turn
vorites. j ?d loose. Some hours later when the
trusties went in to clean up the cell
The absence of Senator Key Thtman they found the interior clawed and
rem the Democratic convention next ! chewed as though a rabid coyote had
week will take some oi the edge off the bven caged. Sheriff Thoma. said no--neetir.g,
for Pittman was expected to . body could put it over the county in
lave somethmp very forceiui to say. jthat shape and he ordered the wildcat
William McAdoo will 1-e there, how- j returned forthwith. The pr soner on
ever, and McAdoo :s an interesting ; showing was directed to di up $10 to
speaker. ILs recetpion in Nevada, too, pay the cost of repairs and on produc-j
night have influence on his state j fog was turned loose with a warning I
it nv.nd regarding a presMlenttai can
didacv two years from now.
There were a few politicians at the FURNITUBE MOVED For the
merican Legion convention he'd here moving of furniture, bouse-bold
his week, but or.ly a fw. j goods, trunks, machinery, etc, phone
Col. C. II. Moore, candidate for con-' to 1614 j2B-ti.
a very great
Just a :d
Qood Car
ZOME to our Sales-
room and see why
proud to have this car
bear hi name.
Fire Insurance
James M. Leonard, Agent
Cftison Valley Bank Bldg.
Phone 5-6-1
Carson, Nevada
Carson City's Leading Hotel - Headquarters tor Com
mercial Men and Travelers
Rest 2:.(1 Reception Rons for the Traveling Pub- i
lie. Every Convenience for Ms
Tourist Trade Solicited i
Dining Room Service Unexcelled Rates
W. J. MAXWELL, Proprietor
80X3U, CORD CASINGS $18.00
30x3 RUGGED CASINGS $17.00
30x32 TRAPFIK CASINGS .. .... $13J5
(Plus War Tax)
Red Crown
26J cents a gallon
Red Arroiv Garage & Auto Co.
PUONB 16 1
isco. Cole, Pres. T. L. Hawkins, SecTreas.
t t Mj

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