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AD? AD E?FQTPn ' Ha. a Stormy Meeting and Finally! A Very Ex,le"t suggestion from the
MICi HIVlVUW fl W SettlM Down ? ADDOintmn(, Ren0 Ga"tte " State Publicity
. . ' ... ! It is rather hard to get anything! In 1908' from Ma 25th to June
In Goldfield For Implicity in Th9l.ZT??Z
nfl..JAM ll C:i. " ithe members are not disposed to dis-j tne nations and states of the world
IVlUlUCSr Ul JUIIIl OIIVC& iuss the matter.
GOLDFIELD, April 25 Under indictment of the grand jury at
Hawthorne, the following men have been arrested by Undersheriff Bart
Knight and Chief Constable Claude Inman. They are accused of com
plicity in the Silver murder case: Jerry Sexton, vice-president of the I.
W. W.; Vincent St. John, delegate; Ben Donnelly, ran for delegate on the
last election but was not elected; R. Elmer Vice, recording secretary; A.
E. Johnson, Walter Campbell, Harry Itodgers, and L. D. Jardine. The
last four men hold no office in the union, but aro prominent in the
ijffairs of the I. W. W.
'Ine indictments were brought into the city by Undersheriff Bart
Knight on the early train which arrived in Goldfield in the morning.
At 3 o'clock the deputies were scouring the city looking high and low
for the men named in the bills. By 4- o'clock all of the men had been
rounded up and had been confined under guard in the small room in the
! will be Invited to narticinate and the
It is claimed that th emain fight j collection of mining data that will be
was over the appointment of Feb grouped there under one head will be
lows and Smyth. Douglass wanted of immense interest, especially to min
to reward Fellows for standing by ing meQ and stateg rich ja mineal
him all through the library fight lastj wealth. At the Ume tWa h
winter and the friends of Fellows; is being wriUen we &re nQt
claim that he had a definite promise, to the fae Qf thj b,ic, bm
measure of vast merit, that was pass-
that if he stood pat on the library
bill he was to be rewarded with a
position in the pen. .
It if held that Douglass made a
promise before Felows voted and
they think it up to Douglass to re
deem his pledge. In order to re
lieve Douglass of embarrassment
ed by the state senate, but which has
been dilly-dallied with in the assembly
However, it the law-makers of the
lower house have been wise enough to
approve of it, and the governor allows
it to become a law, we believe that
one of the good things that the bureau
could do would be to start at once
Day was willing to concede this ap-
rear nf the insticer court, where thev were visited bv their friends, most
of whom seemed to take the matter as a joke. Others came in and for gmvth who was elected by the ?U Ul? Vrk or PreliarinS an exhibit
. ! iur uuu exposition mat would urnve
gave the prisoners words of assurance and told them they would look ; Democrats and went over to the Re-j
after their affairs while they were gone. An hour later, in the presence
of a large crowd, the men were put into a bus, and driven down to the
publicans before the session was
over. Protests came to him from allj
station where they took the 5:20 train for Hawthorne,
Chief Inman and one of Bart Knight's oeputy- sheriffs.
guarded by ! over Carson as the regular Demo
! crats and Silver men who elected
him last fall were particularly hot
done ! over tne idea of his appointment and
Undersheriff Bart Knicht left for, trouble finding them. It was
Hawthorne on the 5:20 train Mon- so quietly and so swiftly that many their protests were of sufficient
day night and the next morning was
back in Goldfield with the indict
ments. The latter charge the men
with conspiracy in tne Silva murder
,.e i, a; a Tvpiirht to nut. hini on the Shelf. Had! .
int; Liuf:uo ou,mm6' " . , May. Any further suggestions
liarl hgtiiuncH until lflat ovon nc in: lie SIOOU U Ills tttlli nun uuuc;
tiie back room of the justice court,
a crowd of men had assembled.
ase of Sunday evenfng, March 10.' friends of the arrested men and many
Chief Inman arrived from Haw-J were the assurances of help given,
thorne Monday night but when inter-' Many of the men were woried over
viewed upon the subject of the in-' their business affairs and held back
Nevada to be what we claim it is
the greatest mineral state in the world
We shall recur to this subject at
greater length at some future time.
especially if the publicity bill has
L passed. Reno Gazette.
Well the bill has passed and the
commission wil be in running order in
the Gazette will be greatlv appre-
straight politics he could have had ; ciate(j
a place, ana a good one witnout any i
For some reason or another the,
Republicans of Carson are after j
Fellows' scalp and are dissatisfied;
f,,aort to TvaVo a,w tiiA officers until thev could iret them! with the appointment, so that the; As reported by the State, Bank &
u nDhQr oHm,-t! nrmmrori satisfactorily when thev lot of any member of the prison Trust Company.
Of Witness Who Implicates Many
in murder of John Silva
HAWTHORNE, Nev., April 23. The most sensational story that has
ever emanated from the lips of a witness in a criminal case in this state
was that told by W. L. Claibourns of Goldfield in the murder trial of M.
R. Preston and Joseph Smith, in the first district court this afternoon.
The outlining of an alleged plot hatched by leading members of the I. W.
W. at Goldfield, for the assassination of "Diamondfield" Jack Davis and
John Silva, formed the basis of a sensational testimony given by Mr.
Calibourne. Calibourne names as members of the conspiracy Walter
Campbell, Dan Roudebush, Frank Jardine, L. Elmer Vice, Jerry Sexton,
A. E. Johnson, Ben Donnelly and the two defendans.
Calibourns testified that the assassination of Silva was discussed be
fore him on two occasions and that the defendant Smith said: "We would
have gotten the of a the night before the killing complained of
but for the fact that Silva would not come to the door of his restaurant."
He also testified that Preston was the man selected to assassinate Silva.
Calibourne further testified that he heard Johnson say that he would give
$250 to anybouy who would kill "Diamondfield" .lack Davis, adding
that he had a bead on Davis at one time, but something prevented his
carrying out his design to kill him. Calibourne came to Goldfield last
February and shortly thereofter joined the Miners' union which is
affiliated with the I. W. W. He is said to be a native of Tennessee, a
graduate of three leading colloges, a lawyer of seven years, experience
an ex-lieutenant of the United States army where he served for seven
years, and a member of one of the most prominent families of the south.
The circumstances of his joining the miners will probably come out
on cross-examination.
Calibourne's testimony caused an immense sensation in the court,
nor deny that they tad been issued.! marched out to the bus waiting at the Board is not a bed of roses just now. j
It was well known, however, from1 door the crowd gathered around to
advices received from Hawthorne, j get a look at the men who are said to
that the indictments had been filed, have largely caused the trouble in
for the men, in accordance with tes-' Goldflexd, some of them laughing and
timony and evidence in the Silva! shouting "good-by, boys," as though
case which had been unearthed by
the business men of Goldfield.
Deputies were appointed by the
they were a bunch of picnickers in
std of men who were going to jail with
the stigma of the charge of compli-
undersheriff and chief constable in! city in a murder case. Chief Inman
the afternoon, and they slipped out took the men down to the county jail
quietly all over the city looking ,for, at Hawthorne, accompanied by one of
their men. The deputies had no the sheriff's deputies.
Con. Col. & Va.
Best & Belcher
Yellow Jacket
Twelve Hundred Miners Employed at
E. J. Horrigan. secretary of the
Miners' union states that 722 miners
in good standing are working in Won
der, not counting the men that are
employed around Victor, which is the
townsite platted .in the near vicinity
of the Spider and Wasp, where up
wards of 400 additiona1 miners are
employed. This makes the number
of men now engaged in opening up
the ore bodies of the camp between
1100 and 1200. Mr. Horrigan stated
mat the mine owners are continually
making application to him for more
men, and that there were jobs wait
ing for at least 300 additional miners
as soon as they can be obtained.
This breaks the record of all min
ins camps in Nevada for the first
vear of existence. Neither Tonopah
Goldfield, Manhattan, Bullfrog
Fairview had as many miners
nloved at the end of their first year
and, as a matter of fact. Bullfrog in
I agreement not to strike in sympathy
j with miners of any other camp, and
1 the wage scale has been fixed at $5
per day the same as in Goldfield.
The town is now building up rapidly.
There are now seven gambling estab
lishments in full blast, and one of
them is bigger and more densely
crowded than the biggest in Goldfield.
Money is in sight everywhere. Specu
lators who are flocking into the dis
trict complain that they are unable
to buy properties at reasonable prices
and that the cream of unincorporated
properties are held at prices that are
prohibitive. This is viewed by mine
owners as a healthy sign. It will
make it impossible for men with small
capital to float mining companies of
Wonder. It is an established fact
that more failure in the promotion
of mining companies are caused by
a lack of the proper capital than from
any other reason.
Day accepted Fellows in the inter
est of harmony, but declined to be
led any further and was willing to
resign before he would stand any
more packages being handed out to
The following are announced as TONOPAHS
slated, but it is asserted in several Belmont
quarters that changes in this pro-' ash Boy
gram may be made before the 1st. i Golden Anchor
Captain of the guards, Joe Muller, Great Western
present lieutenant of the guards: Jim Butler ...
Lieutenant of the guards, Jesse Macnamara . .
Newham, at present turnkey of the Madway
prison; overseer, Fred C. Fellows, Montana
who succeeds Al O'Brien; commis-j North Star ..
sary.Martin G. Cecil, of Dayton, who' Rescue
Booth . . .'
Diamondfield Con.
succeeds Jason Burlingame; clerk to Pittsburg S. P.
warden, John Hill, who succeeds
James Lucy. Several changes in the
personnel of the guards will ajso be
made. Capt. Cavanaugh of the
guards handed in his resignation sev
eral days ago effective the first of
the month and Mr. O'Brien expects
to engage in mining in the Jumbo
2 35
1 00
1 35
1 00
4 50
1 22'
1 50
3 55
2 00
court convened at 1:30 p. m. today
the witnesses of the respective sides
of the case were called and sworn,
after which they were excluded from
the court room until such time as
they may be called.
When ton and Smith prevailed upon the
cook and waiter to accompany them
to the Miners' Union hall. There the
lights were extingushed and the
waiter was severely beaten over the
head with a sun.
The Killing of Silva.
Shortly before the killing, Mr.
Special Prosecutor Douglas then ; Douglass said, Preston and Smith
made the opening statement to the were seen watching Silva's restau
jury upon behalf of the prosecution,! rant and Preston was heard to re
the defense reserving its right in mark something about getting the
this regard until the prosecution hasj . A man, upon pre-
rested Its main case. I paring to enter the restaurant, was
Prosecutor Douglass in his state ! accosted by Preston, who urged him
ment of the case to the jury, said he; not to patronize Silva, but the cus
expected to prove that Silva was con-j tomer went on Into the restaurant
ducting a restaurant in Goldfield j Finally Silva went to the door and
Prior to his death on March 10th. J told Preston to go away and attend
It was also set out that Silva had ' to his own business. Mr. Douglass
been so harrassed by employes quit-1 admitted that Silva had a gun, but
ting him without due notice, he ; declares that Silva held the gun be
made a rule that any employee leav-' hind him when he went to the door.
ing without one day's notice sholud j Mr. Douglass said, "the cowardly as-
forfeit a day's pay. Under this rule
a girl employed by Silva, who quit
43 j -without the required notice, had a
sasin Preston fired at Silva, . fatally
wounding him, after which Preston
ran to the corner, where he was join-
Goldfield Mining 8 37 day's pay deducted, and after join-jed by a number of his companions
A horse belonging to the Superin
tendent of the' Electrict Light com
pany ran away this afternoon and
made a temporary sensation on Main
its entire history has never had with- street. The animal was finally stop-
in 200 of the number of miners al- ped ana no damage was none,
cloved in Wonder. This is o
no reflection on Bullfrog, which is ROBBERY AT TONOPAH .
prospering at this time. It simply, At 1 o'clock yesterday morning a
cives an idea of the extent of the dis-i couple of men, one with a shot gun
coveries of high grade silver ore that and the other a six-shooter stood up
have been made here. a game in Cobb's saloon and annexed
The properties now in shipping o $1,800. A couple of shots were fired
are- Nevada Wonder, Jack Pot, Ruby at them as they got out and two
(Billy-the-Kid), Hercules, Golden Wo"-( suspects have been arrested.
Jumbos. Snider and Wasp, Rich; n-n
Gulch, Colorados, View Wlonder, Dick- BRIDGE COMPLETED
ey V Vulture and Christmas. There The regular V. & T. train for the
are in the neighborhood of 6,000 sacks south -which has been hung up by
of ore piled on the dumps of these reason of the loss of the bridge at
properties, and the estimated value Dayton in the freshets, pulled out at
of all of this is above ?200 a ton. 1 9.25 this morning with a load of pas
The miners have signed np an sengers.
They Will Astonish the Natives on
the 7th, and 8th, of May
The date of the Leisure Minstrels
is fixed for the 7th, or 8th, of May
which will fall on Tusdey and Wed
nesday and already the work has be
gun in dead earnest. Miss Page is
proving a veteran Instructor and all
the ladies who are taking a hand in
the work are showing great enthus
iasm and predict a tremendous suc
Miss Page has the recbrd of get
ting the biggest houses for her work
that were ever secured in Reno.
She infuses her own unbounded
and enthusiasm into every one with
whom she comes in contact and her
plans are revelations to everybody.
The Leisure Hour people are de
termined to have a club house and
nothing con stop them from landing
the goods.
Laguna ,
Nevada Boy
Red Top
Silver Pick
Great Bend
St. Ives
Combination Frac.
Red Top Ex.
Blue Bull
Black Butte Ex. . .
Lone Star
National Bank . .
Yankee Girl .
Denver Annex . . .
Original Bullfrog .
Manhattan Con. . ,
Manhattan Dexter
Manhattan M. Co.
Gold Wedge ,
57 ing the I. W. W., made a demand who took him
1 M through that organization for a full
16 00 day's pay which was refused.
IS Wanted Waiter to Quit.
4 05 It was then set out that Smith had
82 called out all of Silva's help, but that
1 27 the cook and a waiter was afterwards
1 20 I secured by Silva. The day before
1 62 the killing, Mr. Douglass said, Pres
up to the Miners'
the following day, after Preston
learned his identity was known. It
would also be shown that when
Smith was arrested he said to an
officer: "Will you protect me?" fol
lowing this question up by inquiring
if the "others" had been arrested,
showing that a conspiracy, Mr.
ton went into the restaurant and Douglass declared in conclusion.
tried to prevail upon the waiter to
quit. Tha waiter said that he would
starve if he did, and Preston said
wauld be shown by the teslimony
which would be presented by the
prosecution. Mr. Douglass character-
! that he might as well die one way as ized the killing as on eof the black
another. Later, in the evening, Pres- est crimes in the history of Nevada.
j Hans Martinson fell from a loaded
I wagon near Cradlebaugh's bridge yes
terday and the wheels past over his
chest. His collar bone was broken
his chin fractured and several ribs
getting down to business gradually, j broken. He was brought to this city
It is rather a new thing for all for treatment,
hands and they are feeling their way. cv
They are feeling Their Way Along
and Getting Into Working Order
The Railroad Rate Commission is
Sixty-five acres of land on Reno
western suburb sold yesterday for
$25,000. The Twaddle ranch of 25
acres, south of Reno, sold for the
same figures.
The melodramatic troubles and sor-
rows of Dora Thorne drew a larger
audience last evening than the pre
vious nights performances did.
The action of the play aroused the
enthusiasm of the audience and gave
general satisfaction.
Tonight the tribulations of "A
Gamblers Wife" as regarded by most
established play-writers will he given
with a full cast.
along. Yesterday was spent in going
over the rates of the roads which
had filed their schedules and com
paring the same with the rate bill.
Three railroads, the Southern Pa
cific, the Nevada Northern and N. C.
O. have filed their tariffs and sched
ules with the railroad commission in
accordance with the Syphus act
- o-o
Senator Nixon has decided to do
nate a $12,000 public hall to the
town of Winnemucca.
The City Trustees will meet to
night for the purpose of arranging
to call for bids to macadamise Car
son Street. The question of macad
amising Roop Street to Valley Park
will come up.
James T. Shaw has returned to Car
son much improved In health.
o-o 1
Reno Is to have a six story, half
million dollar hotel.

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