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On. Hun. tm »»■», to ’* ln“,tio0.•* J®
■u.k ■iihHnnnit I mi 1 Ini '••••m.....,., 1 Ml
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J«b Wotk. will vweeirw pww '** RtUnio*.
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Ilea Cmpaiii, Wairlj E» ’♦■•»«•
The favor able action of ti n. National
(Imji and tbo cordial io doraeine <i
of tha American Agricultural Congress
given io the proposed Natio\ wl A-pri
coUural Lxhibi'.ioi*, brve give
project hungers ted by lhetiu<aiW.i
Exposition Company at; ir start! efo>e
thecoon.ry. Tha representative- of
the movetueni who t i*-* <*d hir'd *»,‘t
were .reeled by the represenin-ive t »»/
tba a.'icuhur.'J in'«r«» * of ' e n *m
try with the most bo*. l;.-Me consider
ation, and 'heir • ./ana io •• of .he
purposes of the Sou Hern fi .position
Company wore listened to wiih a 011
tion and approval, and resulted in fav
orable formal action. The opi n ion w-s
vary generally ex.j) east- iu.« tho a tri
cnltnral interesia of onr country had
not had .lie aamo oppon.an’ ie» in tide
direction as had been ex.cadfd to .he
arts and manufacturing indutti ies, aim
that compe itive exhibitions on a scale
♦ Hat would cover the entire coun ry
and bring together comparative du
plays of agricultural and natural pro
ducts were very essential to the devel
opment of the fanning, mitring, t.i«n
bar and livestock business. Tha ag
gregatiun of capital in manufactures
and the ease with which mauuf.ictuieia
dispose of thair articles of display, as
illustrated by tha aalo of tOO carloads
of machinery out ef 600 st tho Souih
orn Exposition of 1863, and the int
i-lli'y ef tho farmer, acting alone, .o
make a display at a national exhibi
tion, led to tho freely-oxpreased opin
inn that It wax now right and pftiper
that Congress should contribute to the
aid ef the former in taking advantage
of the offer rnado by the Southern Ex
position Company.
Wim »■*■««!/ «! UiHtarnln.
Noiwith»t ini’itig the vast lncre**e
l.i vineyard* and their product*, (lie
pete* 0f grape* doe* act niai erially de
«](ne, nor doe* ihe supply eweed the
demand. It ie ertimated that a vino
-.^d lu U» fourth year will prodnoe
tens to the acre, and in seven
yean four Von*. In the tenth year it
!• very profitable, nooning the eoet of
vineyard at sixty dollar* per *«re> “ -
elusive of the Ant cm. of land. Tb e
annual expense of cultivation, pick in; ;,
and handling ia about twenty five d« 1
Un per acre. The rapid increase of
thfe brunch of industry is someth) ng
marvelous. In 1848, there wero o nly
vhw iu all California. In
1809, there were 0 600 000; in V 181,
64,000,000; and lu 1882-33 84, vast
number* of new vinee were pis nUd
and new vineyards laid out.
ifhMhl yield of wine In CaH
fernia la astimutad at about 1 B,0C 0 000
gal one, nearly aua-Oiinl of wl iich ia
mad# in Loc Angelos county. I t ie in
teresting to visit the vlocyards in the
poking season. Thrones of Msii
eam aud Indians are employed in de
nuding the vine* of their lueci. >us bur
den, and the scene present e< 1 would
form an excellent subject for .he nan
ell of the artist. Vhe vast wi ne cellar*
and great crushing vats givs. avidenoe
of tL. cwtetS aud importune e of this
industry. One vat wdl hob 1 upwards
of or., then's- " gallons,; | died full of
grapes, hug- iron w heela are
driv* . tonne am! rou ad in the
spurting ma~, the jaice flying off into
troughs eu .ech aide, leading into
many great vat# prepared to receive it.
Below, men toil hard working the
wheelc; loads of grajwa coming up ev
ery Do.aent, are emptied into the
swirling vat, and tha whole atmos
phere Is redolent of the aroma of rich
ly aeanted grapes. Tho cellar* where
tha jaice of the grape is stored is quiet
dark and fragrant; full of great, oval
shaped butte, ten ieet in diameter,
eaoh containing ever two thousand gal
lons.—Resources of Cal.
ST* n unis mi,
M' l 'OR mu*
'Hi* *T"« ik »» i 's S:iver Fleece
v- ' 2iod i s,r* a.
T’-e on a e.- h-» ktraeV i he M. y Queen
Jeihebyai taw u.’iel, which ia ahoa
•M" up well .
P Tiles t re driving the two iannels
ou the Aui lira mine, -he lower oi>e is
iu 1*00 fet t, md he uppev one ia ia
2O0 rtu , h o kbir.i ig ii.-st rate.
Tne pre ,*nt o.e body io the Bweep
alii' ea a'p r?»«l at liisi eight to be oop
per, bi t i> ie a four 'oot, body of brom
ide 1 WOO >e • «ou.
% ■ K We,« -n /.
^ Ihi HuliVs TitsH'i'il
"h** .u rll the way from f. f> ofl,
hurt >.er ,« g,
•'lie' i iitc Pino lelrher, Is V :t •</
■'el* O n hundred o.r' ship ted
r w u '.#tl tip to is*'JO per Ion.
'•' ■■ ief is o-o ed ’iy a tunnel COO
r,*~ a* )«• ('jib, * t.. am* one slmft to
a.'. ... i« ’ ‘CO fee . v ‘o hj an C9-foot
t t»:1l wo>-’, *)/ i *>U p.ocets
up :>. i.t-i anrter ja.
Me ! h!v- c Wave has ah imi tense
1t>.(J.> of * ,ow :.i * «e ore il-.t w’ll averse
ti""1 per ton. lu chui,.<•„€»• i» princi
paHv A ‘ .oe chio.ide, oi hso •a b.om
h-o end horn sil ,’sr.
• tin it ;ho u-at three years the Hope
nv.so -i i.isr o-it. i , he neighborhood
of C«i000, wi.cn most ef the ore iu
aijh. \t. i e»h<iiis‘ed. ,rv,e present
p.Cspt J, is rei-'CACflf '1 A* e r«e.'||i»1y
• .i .■'* ef jr*0>'i'iV* i • • !H >. • * eve
. V* > •Vom he !. r' i .•<’ f ~o.
-'re ia reputed 11 / .,0 *c- ni.'o
• i .e’l dcG.>< x,' h *i'<"d -ooi r *f
,*v Ti * or.i . •’( «« '.o n
V j? •> (..0 *'e ■
• r*’; • u>i-e h."« proonced abont
,;0,> ") .•>••» of or* of the average v.due
"ft -5 por i»n. It hue been duvoloped
*o * depth of ?00 'net, with 'roui f>,
00C to 10,000 to is in light of free luill
i'i£ cliloii.le ore, eitiioated to work
u ) per ton.
At the Crown ,‘oiut about the use.-l
qo entity ana quality of oro ia being
•s .ranted and lent to the mill.
The foieci of the Overman are cx
tar mting • turnt the usual amount of ore
h >m the old upper leveveli.
In the Save'<e, the E-fifreet tunnel
L . now about to the point where it will
< ncounter the northeru continuation
• f the ore body.
Quart* of a promsin:' character con
tinue* to lx found in the drift* in tho
And** that are being run north and
In the Hale and Norcro**, on the
2,800 level they are cleaning out the
main north drift, putting in air pipe
and preparing to »*art two or three
The w**t crosscut on the 3000 level
80 feet north of the joint winxe in tho
Sierra Nevada; 4ha* not yet cut any
thing of more value than waa found
In the drift.
In the Utah the repair* to the in
cline are completed, and the work re
turned in the aoutheaat drift. The
drift ia putting through vein porphyry,
■hewing teams of slay and stringers of
(Rising Review.)
A new and valuable deposit of lead
has recently been discovered near Ga
lena, Illinois.
Turquois mining has for ages been
od important souroe of wealth to
Silver has been discovered on the
Colville river, in the northwestern p»rt
of Washington Territory.
Tnlcose slate contains a largo propor
tion of the soft mineral, Talc, and is
used for honee and scythe stones.
Another marvel recently brought to
light in the Yellowstone Park of North
America, is nothing less than a moun
tain of obsidian, or volcanic glass.
Had all the silver produced by the
United States hcen coined into stan
dord dollars for the fiscal year, it
would not have added more to the
specie circulation of our people than
seventy cents per head of our whole
Nevada mines, says the Mining Ito
viow, are “in the>r infancy.”
Vale ■ vMM'i I’rew Stery.
Geu. Hampion says .hat w hile on
hi<< 14 isais.ippi plantation he saw a
line crow that could lau«>h and talk.
The bird would eay, "Bello!” How
rvo you?” and sever. 1 oiher thinns of
like import. Ii was the most wonder
in' rr.ye.i since the dsye of Barnaby
Budge aud T’dgar T*oe. One morning
a vast number el crows a<se>nbled in a
tree on 1 lie pi. ib ion and prepirod
•or pow-wow. '.'lie lame bird flew
i uong .horn ard rearing up, saluted
the congregation wi.h a brisk1 1 Hollo!
How are you?” B is astonishod b.-ei U
erin scattered in alarm, as if they had
been p cd upon from a mountain how
itzer. Tuis marvelous fowl of tlie air
was to have neon taken io the Mew
Orleans exposition, but i.s sudden dis
sppearrn e prevented. Gen Hampton
ter .dies that >oiuo negro shot him by
N » L ot I' cofv.NE.—1'lie Los
4n;je!«s Herald says: A Indy <>■ .Ids
o'ly recently ur da a discovo-y of two
new uson for 1 erosene, wMc’i s;ia Ii-.-s
disclosed to a lle.'.ld icpor.er, nod
winch are published for tun good limy
mr.7 do." )t is possible thr.t i .heis
may alieidy l iow inno two r«es.
Two t:ible«poo-'*ols of lire 1 e.O'-c -e in
t.-e clea.ong of clo-bea. 'rt.-e v-,», i'
use<l at he same lime, lie.) -s remove
the I close 10 odor, which will e. ire
ly evujior. to whou e .posed to the wind
and sunsb'-o. Another me is in
cleaning .ho ha-tin Tnr'"'is who
have a 1 eu h *>;in, either from until.>1
caores or hard wort, will hud, that up
on roViirg lie hands with as much
keros* ->e as tun be hoM in Iho p -)tn o'
the ha"0, that ti.n shin will become
very clean, smooth and white. All
the grime r-ll he 1. > eu out of every
device. 'rho hands c-ii afterwards
>e wn. bed v»i(h c s 'e so- p to remove
■ l.e odor of ■’he l orosene, and a drop
or Iv.o of perfu.no w'll co >ce. 1 it en
tirely. A third use of kcresene is in
the removal of corns and bm ions l>y
its frequent application. Por .ons who
work in kurosone factories never have
corns or bunions, no diuertoce how
tight or luoso they may woar their
A Ct il jcs a>o Uncap AiKPD Facc.
—Person* 'who have watched much
with sick people'at‘night, or who have
been often awake at midnight from
any cause, have not cod an unusual
number of noises at that time. Those
who are not cowardly often r.scribo
these to the blinds, the cut, or a sort
ing nail. But just now, in Novada,
an old Ruby Bill miner, who has hi-d
tiftoen years’ experience underground,
says thafho has observed one peculiar
fact, that between twelve and two
o’clock iu tho morning, if there is a
loose atone or bit of earth in the mine
it is sure to fall. About this time ho
Bays it seems that everything begins
to stir; and immediately after twelve,
although tho mine has been still as a
tomb before, you will hear particles of
earth come tumbling down, and if
thero is a caving piece of ground in .ho
mine it it sure to givo way.
A Half-dazed-looking girl stopped at
tho postoffice snd callod out:
“Anything for tho Murphy si"
“No, there is not."
“Anything for Jane Murphy?"
“Anything for Ann Murphy?’.
“No ”
“Anything for Tom Murphy!”
“Anything for Cob Murphy?"
“No, not a bi> ."
“Anything for Terry Murphy?"
“No; nor for Pat Murphy, nor for
Dennis Murphy nor Pete Murphy, nor
Paul Murphy, nor for any other Mur
phy—dead, living, unborn, native or
foreign, civilized or uncivilized, sav
age or barbarous, male or lemale,
black or white, franchited or disen
franchised, naturalized or otherwise.
No; lliero is positively .lo lling for a.iy
of ’the Murphys, either individually,
jointly, seveially, now and forever,
one and inseparable.”
The girl looked at the postmaster in
astonishment and said:
“Please look if hove i'* anylliiig for
Clarence Murphy.”
Job Printing of every description
will !m) neatly and promptly executed
at this office.
if'Se H nVifd i, r Itr •!«.
1 ne followi'jj i» ft scr'o of herd 'ess
in use in (be libratory of 'he Techni
cal H ’ *.h School ftt >*»"«•#, composed
of ei;.n een m*'.c,1ic substances, cr
ranged in ascending order ft ;m the
so'.ent to the hardt. :
1. Pure soft lead. 2. Pure t>u, 3.
Pure hard lead. 4. "uro nnueVed cop.
per. 5. Cast fine cooper. C Soft be
ing metal (copper, it. i< > JO, non.
5). 7. Cast iron (r • iet le> ). 8 F>h
roi’a wo»"nt iron. 0. .r',n3 r rained
J’jht gr v vrsu >ro»>. »C S.evphened
cast' iron (. ie1. ed wi.h e.i per cert of
vi.'ought tur 'i”,s. )1, tjo t i r,ot iron
with 016 per cent c '-''on (•■ ’ '• »*t i,
harden). Jl Sieol, with O’’;* jyer
cent carbon (enfc hardened). 13. Sicel,
with 0 INS por cent carbon ("ot hard
coed). *4. Urncible c. *>t r «»* *n rd
ene<* and tempo ’ ’-:e. l.«. Cru i
ble cast steel, ha <’" ~»d r •><! tempted,
* inlei to o vuge Td'ow. Jfi. ( icciUe
Sie*-', b»rj#"<'i s,h1 ie jr— fclrsw
ye'loar. 17. Hrrd boar..''m0- (o"p
pe • 7 ; rjjc 1S(. *3. Ciu- i e t, r-1
(i.-s* hr ■«,.
J" o est is trade by r
ind <al pit » with a co-"- 1 t 'irt
I’-ng a pol'shed b or free tr be nodal
n be icbteil. 1 , hop»•» d- c 'M,
ret of a 0. K’.9 tt‘e ft‘V he cross head
• <o 'iff l/rv...oiive, '.tie po-nt, when
l.i".’..d with Cve 1tb .n«n»s w. s
drawn sic J "rob . i> T' ,H a di-dance of
three cen tmeten. Under . hoae con
ditions t. t* points of the number below
bcv in- hose ’ablunted «\iiLoufmark
ing ihe s"-"ace; with Nos. 5 ft ml 6
neither p«i -t nor surface were H’-r.ul
ed b»i No. 7, w b;,o being slightly
worn on the point, i -grot to scratch
ho sorb- o. ?he*’J"' ‘ -s w »s Jtere
ft-re, fi-at of pore coor-eroesn't bror -e.
'the absolute tern'ts tptis.pnee was
found to bo 2,to*. 7 k b-granimes )>er
square centimeter, whi'e that of cop
per ia 1,920 kilogrammes por square
centimeter, and t.it of bronze, No. 0,
is iSJiOO per suur.ro centimeter, thus
bhosi ’g au i’niuiuo rein Jon between
diea.ejgth and hardness of similar
metal io ,o . oou ids. iheien.iiic /trier
H'ivt ons »l kaij.i
In tho year loot wrs pvi - pu a work
entitled “Tho Anatomy of • ;n Dn,».”
It is a thin octavo of one hundred rod
seventy-two p.-ges, and it is accompan
ied by a list of errata of fiftc<»i pages.
Tho editor, a pious monk, informs us
that a very sciious reason induced linn
to undertake the tusk; for it is, b.'ys
he, to forestall the ar.ifices of Satan.
Ho supposes that tho devil, to miu
the fruit? of this work, employed iwo
very malicious frauds: the first, before
it was printed, by drenching tho man
uscripts in a kennel, and having re
duced it to a most pitiable state, reu
dored several parts illegible; the sec
ond, in obliging the printers to com
mit such numerous blunders, never
yet equalled in so small a wont. To
combat this double machination of
sat.m, he was obliged to careful'y re
peruso .he work, and to form this sin
gular list of rho blunders of printers
under the influence of tho devil. A'l
t.iis he relates in an advertisemc >t
prefixed to the errata- and hence in
pluaBe of “The Printer's Devil.”
The Albany Joi'rn- 1 eo'u-iins ’ e
following: The best business i.u.n ii
the city of Albany io-n y, said tv ■ i
that he spent the most money for ad
vertising when people felt \eo *• .
“That is the time,” he said, “w e
people read advertisements. T*
Had a store advertising barg . »» . \
w ill leave their old places and go t o l a
newer, and the new one, if it is s
will keep them every time. Toe rb ■
fashioned bu.-iufb* m..n will , (■'
he m«st do things in a inode r - *lo i'
lie wants ,o sw>"» Hi i } <■• o
Old Judge Sni '.le » is p j.i* j •._!
and has told about a d' ' p • < '
stories in regain to tie v» >• t o
certain big c .tjish ili«t be <’ ’’ * '■ A
friend, trying to e- v p Ii*. • e-',-'
“Judge, what was the precise vei .
of that big iish you c rv '■ 0
Sainider* fto colo *• wane-).—“ I soy
Ttob. v> hat di.* 1 say ve- s.rVv *’ .
c ■ i.,ts er ‘-\Mi.-; ti no yes'e.
dev, bo»s— 1 de ma.vrd >at di-i.-cr
lino or afte" si’ppe"'”—'t'e'a'sli i ipc
If you want the nows get tho Cts
■r a i. Nsvaims.
Mein Street, • RattleMountain, Nevada
M. J STAHL, Proprietor.
L flneet brand! of
DZER. ‘or sj^Ie at 25 cents a bottle.
A HEW picui nM T.IBIl
Hp* jait been added to the Cnrnilare of tb® la
loon for the amuectnonfc of Customers. Jalfl
Da* Wasser iat fur Ox u*id Scliwiein.
| Dem Munacliem £ab er D eruovc Wuin.
The understood having reP ted !he
old UNION BREWERY, and en
gaged ihe services of a FiRSV
CLASS BREWER, is now prepared
to furnish hid customers and ihe pub
lic in general with a good atiicle of
Draught or Bottled
^tSrSaoo is and families will do well
to give it a >rial. Beer will l>e deliv
ered to customers in BVt'.e Mountain
and vicinity free of c'.iarg j, and is for
sale by the gallon, quart or glass at
the Brewery.
BRINSDON BROS., P-oriutoks.
Having rented this old stand, we are
new prepared to furnish the
public with first-class
Which w:ll be sold at tho lowest pos
sible rates.

Tho patronage of the publie is respect
fully solicited.
H. Bressler,
All uoobb «otj> at th« Low
ed yntVHB*. mari-tf
Central Pacific Trains Stop at the
The Bar ia supplied with the Cheieeet
and Best Brands of
a»*A share of the public patronage is
respectful? solicited. aachW
This mew kill, with nr* latest
Improved end beat machlnaay, la aww
prepared to fill all ordera for
Flour, Shorts,
A full supply of which is kept
constantly or hand by
At Battle Mountain, N«r.f
Wholesale and Retail,
i3£*Orders from a distance will
receive prompt attention.
BalUe iMaUli, Merada.
%' 11
mid Corrtl O’i the uoruev 0. Rees* end
f. re,id ktreels, er.d fitted up the eeuie, mi eie
now prepend to do e f-iural Li Tory Butlaeee.
Hay & Barley
Per Me a* Uitat Rate*.
Free for Iwmitw,
pt eeneUnttt on bend for rnle, Ml Mtoend
teeny pert ol Wen. MMa

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