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THUB8DAY...DEC. 5, 1907
I <&& I
| Live News • • • |
a aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAOAAAAAA*
Miss Ida Weaver is visiting friends j
in Austin.
K. II. Estes has returned from a
trip to Goldfield.
Assessor Lemaire went up to Austin
Tuesday morning.
Rhea McGinty left last Monday for
his home iu Georgia.
Miss Dean Middleton has return
ed from WinnemuccA.
Joaquin itianchi and wife of J.ander
were in town Monday.
John Jory of Willow Creek was
in town Sunday and Monday on |
When you are sending money away
get a draft from the Horton Banking
Co. 25 cer.ta will buy $1011 worth. *
It was reported in town this week
tlsat the leasers working on the A I- ,
tenhurg property at Bullion had made
a good strike.
The railroad company intend to re
move their coal chutes from this place
to Valmy, a station 14 miles west of
Battle Mountain.
L. A. Lemaire, wife and little son
left last Saturday evening for Ma|ia,
California, on a month's visit to rela
tives and friends.
Judge Peter Breeu, on November 23
granted a divorce to Miles McKinnon
■of Palisade from his wife, Olive Mc
Kinnon, on the ground of adultery.
The Watt property in Now York
■canyon, a few miles north of Austin,
lias been leaser! to Hunter and Brad
ley, who represent Colorado capital
The Horton Banking Co., are pre
pared to issuedrafts on sM pirtsof the
world, letters of credit and travelers
dsacks available everywhere. *
The Thanksgiving dance given by
the Lark'* orchestra was a delightful
social function. A Urge crowd was
present and <rverylaxly enjoyed them
Congress met at noeu Monday.
‘The indications are that tliii session
of the national lawmaker* w ill he one
•of the most important ill the history
•of the coun try.
Mr. Marymont, an agent for the!
Rflers Music Co. of Heno, accom pan- 1
ied by a piano tunner, were in town :
this week, and while here tuned a
number of pianos.
Oounty Treasurer Hogan returned
ho Austin last Saturday morning after
spending a couple of days in town col
lecting taxes from the taxpayers in
this end of the cyunly.
William Jury and family, Joseph
■ffury and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Slates,
Mr. and Mrs. Weiss, F. E. Chagnou
•end William Meager of Galena, spent
Thanksgiving Day in town.
The Secretary of the Fairview Min
•er»' Union is sending out notices to
thewsrious towns in the State warn
ing *miners to stay away from Raw
tbide until the Winter season is over.
M. W. Frary lias taken a contract
to sink an artesian well for the N. C.
R. R. Company at Watt's station, on
tlie line of the railroad. The well
boring machine was shipped over the
road last Saturday.
Hon. Simon Bray of Austin passed
through last Monday on his way to
New York City. He was accomnan
•ied to New York by Mrs. E. Mitchell
of Austin who is on her way to her old
home in England.
Notices are posted up in the new
scamp of Stimler slating that the scale
of wages for all underground work
•hall be $5 per shift, and unskilled la
'bor $4 50 per shift. This is a raise of
150 cents per day over the former scale.
L. E. Kendrick, who has been con
ducting the Gold Note saloon for the
past seven years, retired from business
:iast Saturday night. Janies McCloy
'has taken the building occupied by
Mr. Kendrick and opened it as it was
■ formerly used for—a saloon.
Mr. Kendrick is one of Battle Moun
tain’s most enterprising citizens and
we hope to see him remain in our
Miss Leah Wilson arrived from lios
Angeles last evening on a visit to tier
sister, Mrs. N. E. llartoo, who lias
been very sick for several months.
Miss Wilson wilt remain with her sis
ter for tome time.
Mrs. F. Burner accompanied by her
sister Miss Bessie Johns, departed for
Yerington, Nevada, last Friday even
ing after visiting several weeks with
their parents, Rev. and Mrs. Joseph
Johns of this place.
Dave Norris lias been confined to
liis bed this week suffering from an
attack of apfiendicitis. For a time it
was thought he would have to be tak
en to Elko to lie operated upon hut
at this writing the pain lias subsided
and lie is resting much easier.
At Thomas Nelson’s ranch last
Monday, while some of his men were
heating water to be used in large vats
for dipping sheep, the boiler exploded,
injuring one of the laborers by break
ing his left arm. Luckily no one else
was injured. The wounded man was
brought to town and the fractured
member was attended to by Dr. Pope.
Gold Circle Notes.
A. E. McMullin returned from Gold
Circle last Friday where he lias been
for several day* su|ierintendiiig the
working of a number of claims in
which he is interested. Mr. McMul
len speaks very encouraging on the
outlook of the camp and believes that
in the Spring Gold Circle will be a
lively camp.
Htwinformed us that just before he
left Gold Circle a great deal was con
summated whereby a group of claims
was bonded for tire sum of $160,000,
the purchasers making a cash pay
ment of $10,000 and the remainder to
Ire paid inside of a year.
Mr. McMullen’s claims are located
*'out three miles from tire 01 iginal
strike and are looking very promising
Assays from the surface gave $12 in
gold. His partner is now engaged in
driving a tunnel about 75 or 80 feet
to cut the ledge.
C. D. Dorsey is conducting a gener
al merchandise store ill the new can’"
and is doing a fine business. He lias
built mi addition to the store which
is occupied by be and bis wife as their
There is sous' talk of a hank being
established as soon as the financial
situation becomes normal. Home of
Elko counties wealthy business men
will be at the head of it. Lots have
been reserved for the building winch
will be a 25*75 two-story stone struct
A telephone line is goingto be built
by the Golconda Cattle Company to
connect with the district.
Newton Boyd Mamed.
Newton Boyd was married at. the
home of Kev. 1). Arthur Brown, past
or <;f the First Baptist church, 116
Weat Fourth South street, Salt Lake
City, a week ago last Monday to Miss
Lena Weber of Kansas City.
After the ceremony the happy
Couple were given a beautiful supper.
Mr. Boyd is a very successful min
ing man, having made a fortune in
the Ely copper district, and is the ow
ner of valuable copper property ia
this district, lie is a man held in
high esteem by all who have formed
his acquaintance.
The bride is a young lady of Kansas
City, and is a niece of Tom Johnson,
who was prominent among the active
men in the Ely district in the tar.y
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd arrived .in But
tle Mountain last week and will take
up their residence here.
The Nevadan extends its congratu
lations to the newly married couple,
wishing them a mutual life of felicity.
Appointed Justice of the Peace.
TIk' Hoard of County Com mission
era at their regular meeting held la-t
Monday appointed N. E. Bartoo Jus
tice of the Peace of Argenta township,
•vice r. A. id mini ugh, resigned.
Mr. Bartoo's hood has been apprnv
-ed by the Board and he is now ready
to transact such business ua may
oome before him
Mr. Barton’s appointment meet*
with the approval of this community
He will no doubt make a tirat-cluss
magistrate and will at all times act
•without fear or partiality in the dis
charge of his duties, giving right and
justico in all proceedings.
- »w
A Methodist Minister Recumtnends
Chamberlain's lough Remedy,
We have uaed Chaiuberlain'a Cough
Remedy in our home for aeven yeara,
and it haa always proved to be a reliaba
remedy. We have found that it would
do more than the manufacturers claim
. for it. It is especially good for croup
I and whooping congti,
Kkv. Jamks A. Lkwis,
Pastor Milaca, Minn., M. E. Church.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is sold
| by A D (Lemalre A Sods
The Casta Basis Sooa.
All authorities seem Agreed that the
financial clouds are lifting and that it
will be hut a question of a very few
days or weeks at the outside when the
principal banks of the country will
resume the cash basis.
The clearing-house certificates will
be but a memory, a sort of nightmare
of the past.
It is stated that the first of the
banka to begin paying cash once more
and the full amounts of checks pre
sented will he those of New York.
From thence the wave will spread and
it will take very little time for San
Francisco to resume its former ways.
Nevada is only waiting for the word
and in very little time indeed after
San Francisco shall have begun, this
stale's hanks will put away their cash
ier's checks and clearing house certifi
cates and pay cash to depositors as of
It will tnke a littlo time for every
thing to right itself, »n«l business may
not be in its old form until after the
presidential election, but for that
mutter the people will not be so hard
to satisfy as they once were. Good
steady business is nil they want and if
they cun have the same year by year
there will be no complaint.
That Nevada will come out of the
disturbances with colors flying will be
a cause for congratulation and as
often mentioned the people of this
fortunate state can well thank their
suns that they are here.—Tonopah
Robbers Qet Treasure Box.
A gang of robbers held up the stHge
between Hamilton nnd Pioche ou lust
Friday morning about 1 o’clock and
secured the tieasure box from the
stHge and then made their escape.
The holdup occurred about 1 o'clock
in tbe morning and almost all the oc
cupants were asleep at the time.
The driver was swinging tlie stage
with its six ahead along at a stiff gait
oil the down road betweeu Hamilton
and Pioche when he heard the sharp
command to halt. He threw on the
brake and looked to the side of the
road and several guns stared toward
hitu. The robbers then clambered
from their hiding place beside the
roadway and compelled the driver to
tlicow tlie Well-Fargo treasure box
from the top of tJie stage to them and
the driver, persuaded with guns, did
so quickly. 1 he curtaius of the stHge
were diawi a! tlie time, most of the
passengers being .asleep but they were
uwakcr.id by the unusual stir. The
robbers called out to the inmates not
to lookout nor attempt to leave the
stage and llie p.is-engeis, busy cram
ming iheir valuables in every conceiv
able biding place about the stage will
ingly obeyed.
Afier the driver haJ delivered the|
treasure box to the holdups he was
inslructed to drive on and he did su.
The stage mauea record trip from tlie
scene to Pioche but the fosse which
was sent out could not strike the trail
of the highwaymen. A reward of
if 1,000 has been offered for the appre
hension of tbe holdups.
Commencing January 1st, 1908, a
fee will be charged for grilling cattle,
horses, sheep, burros, or any other live
stock on t tie Toiyabe, Toipiimn and
Mouitot National Forests. The own
ers of live stock being graced on any
of these National Forests after the
shove date should apply to me for a
grazing permit. Owners of stock
which graze on the National Forest
without |**rmit after January 1st next
will he classed as trespassers, and ali
Forest privileges will he denied them
until the damages arc settled.
The laws and federal osmrt de
cisions require that- tlie owners of
stock alia 11 have knowledge as wheth
er their stock are grazing on or off of
the National Forest, and are resjxtn
sible therefor.
Mark O. Woodruff,
Forest Supervisor.
Made Second Payment
Messrs. Langley & Trimble,of Gold
field, on lust Monday, made the second
payment, to H. K. Lonmire, A. C. Le
maire, C. A. Lee and D. Macdonald
on the Pedro property.
H** Fought at. Uettyaburg.
David Parker, of Fayatte. N. Y., who
lost a foot at Gettysburg, writes: “Elec
tric Bitters have done me moro good
than any medicire I ever took. For
several years I had stomach trouble, and
paid out much money for medicine to
little purpose, until 1 began taking Flec
tric Bitters. ! would not take $500 for
what they have donefor me-” Grand
tonic for the aged and for female weak
nesses. Great alterative and body build
er; sure cure for lame back and weuk
-kidneys. Guaranteed by A D Leiuaire
|-A Sons. 50c.
Ao Do Lemaite £t Sons
Candles, Powder, Fuse, Caps, Drills, Ham
mers, Picks, Track Iron, Spikes and etc.
^ wpmmcAT r and RETAIL DEALERS
Groceries, Provisions,
Wheat, Barley, Etc.
Barb Wire, Hardware, Tin and Agateware
Ao Do Lemaite Sk Sons
Horton Banking Co.
Battle Mountain, Nevada.
May Take Over Austin Property.
Sydney Smith erf Chicago, a mining
man of worth and reputation, was in
Austin last week in the intereatsof
his associates for the examination of
the properties recently acquiied by
the Austin-Hanapah Company.
Mr. Smith and associates have se
cured much of the stock of these
properties and now have an option on
nearly all outstanding certificates.
A goodly so id of money lias been
made to Messrs, bickvards, M-oflivt amt
DetJosta, the holders of the majority
stock, in order to secure an option up
on their respective interests. The
parties holding the present option are
members yf a syndicate operating
mines in Mexico and California. Mr.
Smith was an arrival from Austin
last Monday on tiis way to ClNcago to
confer with his company.
A Hard Ibebt tu Pay.
"I owe m debt of gratitudes that can
never be paid off;” writes G. S. Clark, of
Westfield, Iowa, “for my rescue from
death, by I)r. King's New Discovery,
Both luugs were so seriously affected
that death seemed imminent, when I
commenced tuning New Discovery. The
ominous dry, hacking coqgb quit before
the first bottle was used, and two more
bottles made a complete cure!” Nothiug
has ever equaled New Discovery for
coughs, colds and all throat and lung
complaints. Guaranteed by A D Le
maire & dons. 50c and $1.00 Trial
bottle free.
It is a well known fact that persona
living in the Pine forest do Dot suffer
from kidney diseases. One dose of
Pineules st night usually relieves back
ache 39 days' treatment, $1.00. Your
money refunded if not satisfied. Sold
by l%o Horton Co,
The editor of the Neva»ae will es
teem it ft favor from any one who will
bring or send in mining news, or any
thing tending to advance agricultural
or stock-growing interests. Of course
we by all means want the locitl news,
and while it is impossible for a news
gatherer to see everybody every week,
and attend to the manifold duties in
the office, please remember that the
owe, young or old, who furnishes an
item of news is bhe editor's warmest
The growers of live stock who are
interested in gracing their herds or
flocks on the mountain ranges which
are now incorporated into theToiyabe,
the Toquinm and tlte Monitor Nation
al Forests, are cordially invited to
meet at the town of Austin, Nevada,
at 10 o'clock a. in. on Wednesday,
December 18th, 1907, for the purpose
of conferring with the Forest Officers
as to the divisions of the range, the
regulations under which horses, cattle
and nh 'ep will he admitted to graze on
the National Forests in 1908, together
with such other matters of interest as
may arise.
The Forest Service desires tlte clos
est co-operation with all users of the
Natioual Forest in order that the best
results may he secured, and to that
end the formation of a Forest Users
Association will he suggested.
Very .Sincerely,
Mark Cl. Woodruff,
Forest Supervisor.
Mothers with little ohildrenneed no
longer fear croup, colds or whooping
cough. Bees Laxative Cough Syrup
tastes good. It works of! the cold
through the bowels, clears the bead.
Guaranteed. Sold by SJtio Horton Co.
A Sad Case.
At Austin Tuesday a man named
Terry, was adjudged insane and yester
day Sheriff Murphy passed through to
Reno to place him in tbs Asylum. Terry
has been around Austin for some time,
and is said to hare valuable mining
property at Iowa canyon, some 30 miles
north of Austin. He is a man well-liked
by all who knew him, being a very aober
and industrious man.
He w said to be worth between (36,.
000 and SfOjOOO, and since the money
stringency came about has become very
despondent nndbrotded overtire closing
of the bnnks as most of bis wealth was
deposited in the banks while he had
much moDey invested in stocks. He
1) as an idea that be has been ruined and
that be will never te able to get any of
bis money.
Experts Leave France.
Experts of the French company
who purchased considerable mining
property at Galena, left Paris on Nov.
26th for Battle Mountain. The ex
perts mission is for the primrose of in
specting the company’* projrorty at
Galoau. It is thought possibly that
operations may soon ke commenced
by this company.
New Dninkenccss Cure.
The city of Denver hive instituted a
new method of treating men who are
arrest.*! for drunkenness. At the pc
lice station a photograph gallery has
been established. When a man who
as drunk is brought in liii picture is
taken. The negative is developed and
a print made from it. and the next
day the drunkard is shown exactly
how he looked the night before.
A Hair'a Breadth Karaite.
Do you know that every time ynu
have a cough or cold and let it run on
thinking it will just cure itself you are
inviting pneumonia, consumption or
some other pulmonary trouble? Don't
risk it. Put your lungs back iD perfect
health and stop that cough with Bal
lard's Hnrebound Syrup.
Price 25c, 50c sod 81.00 per bottle at
A D T emuire & Sons.
It come* put up id a collapsible tube
with a noixle, easy to apply to the sore
ness and inflammation, for tny form of
Piles; it soothes and heals, relieves the
pain, itching and burning. Man Zau
Pile Remedy. Piice 60c. Guaranteed.
■Sold by The Horton CoJ|

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