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According to the June number
of the Crop Reporter, published by
the department of agriculture, Ne
vadu crops are 95 per cent perfect
this year. This does not include
the apple crop, which is but 74 per
cent owing to late frosts.
Kor the entire United States the
grain crops range from 83 5 per
cent to 93.5 per cent perfect, win
ter wheat being the lowest and
spring whea* highest. The esti
mates of the condition of the crops
compares favorably with the con
dition in 1912 the bumper crop
year. There is a slight decrease
in spring wheat, a 1J per cent in
crease in winter wheat, a slight in
crease in oats and a slight decrease
The Nevada statistics supplied as
to conditions of crop follows:
Winter wheat ? 85 per cent per
fect perfect; 10 year average, 93,
Spring Wheat ? 25,000 acres, fc3
per cent increase; 97 per cent per
fect, 98 last year, 97, 10 year aver
Oats ? 10,000 acres, 4 per cent
increase, 90 per cent perfect, 95
per cent last year, 97 10-year aver
Barley ? 13,000 acres 5 per cent
increase; 96 per cent perfect, 95
per cent last year, 96 10 year aver
Rye ? No statistics.
Clover ? No increase; 96 per
ccnt perfect, 98 general average.
Alfalfa ? 96 per cent perfect, 85
per cent 7-year average.
L. All tame May ? 95 per ?ent per
fect. 95 average.
Pasture ? 93 per cent perfect;
97 10-year average.
Apples ? 74 per cent perfect; 68
10 year average.
Peaches ? No Crop.
Pears 78 per cent crop.
Blackberries 80 per cent crop.
Raspberries and Watermelons ?
No statisctis.
Cantaloupes ? 92 per cent crop.
Cabbage ? 100 per cent; 94
Onions ? 93 per cent crop.
Lima Beans, Sugar beets and
Canadian Peas? -No statistics
The Mantis Seems to Be Doing That
While Awaiting Victim*.
Most persons know (he praying
mantis ? that large, greenish, grass
hopper-likc insect which holds up
adoring arms as if venerating some
deity of the woods or making an in
vocation ? an oracle among iuBccts,
ns the old Greeks thought it. Hut
these attitudes of prayer conceal
tin; most atrocions habits. These
supplicating arm % to fall into
I aim 's picturesque phrasing, are
lethal weapons. These lingers tell
no rosaries, hut exist to seize the
passerby. Although a member of a
vegetarian family, the mantis feeds
exclusively on its living prey. It is
a tiger in ambush, and if only it
had sufficient strength its ogreish
appetite and its horrible facility
of concealment by color and form
among the green leaves where
peacefiJ insects travel would make
it the terror of the countryside.
At first glancc it does not look
very terrible. Its neck is flexible,
and it can turn its head and look
with sharp eyes in all directions,
but no formidable jaws affright a
victim. In its powerful uplifted
foro limbs lies the hidden danger,
the cruel trnp. Kach long thigh,
shaped like a flattened spindle, car
ries on the forward half of its lower
face a double row of steely spines,
alternately long and short, and
three nccdlclike spikes, longest of
all, rise behind the parallel rows,
between which the foro leg lies
when folded in "prayer." This
fore part of the leg is similarly arm
ed, but with smaller spikes, and
terminates in a hook with a blade
like a pruning knife anil a tip as
sharp as a needle. Handle the in
sect incautiously and this armament
discovers itself to you instantly,
thrusting its needles and blades
into your flesh, gripping you in a
'tinging vise and forcing you to
erush it lo get free.
When tbo mantis is in repose
theso weapons are folded and press
ed against the chest, showing noth
ing of their ferocity. The bandit's
sword is shenthed, and it seems at
its devotions. Hut let a victim
eoine within reach and the ruso ?
if ruso it be ? is abandoned likn ?
flash. The three long joint* of the
deadly fore limbs straighten and
shoot out their talons, which strike
the victim like the unsheathed claws
"f a eat and drag it back botween
the snws of the thighs. Tho vise
closes with an upward motion, as a
man would bring his hand up to
his shoulder, and no cricket, grass
hopper, heello or spider can strug
Rle ont of the crook of that terriblt
*lbow, ? JLUrpor'a W'cokly.
?5 .
Star Valley, A Veritable Diadem of Green
Set Among Hills of Brown
July 4th, 1913 will never be for
gotten by the editor c! its Inde
pendent. He spent the glorious
4th at Deeth and Star Valley. Ik
arrived at Deeth via the Southern
Pacific and whisked out to Star
Valley in Frank Smiley's elegant
touring car. Senator Jones was in
the party aud he enjoyed the day
shaking hands and renewing old
acquaintances. Star Valley is a
veritable diadem of green set
among hills of brown. There
were about bOO people on the
grounds; basket ball played by two
teams of girls in bloomers was a
sight enjoyed bv all. Foot races
and basket ball constituted the
sports. It was more like an old
fashioned family reunion. The
less we say about the ball game
the better for the feelings of Elko
fans. A second nine went out to
hold up Elko honor on the dia
mond and fell by the wayside. The
score was 25 to 3 at the end of the
fifth or sixth and the way the
"Haymakers" played rag with the
Elko boys was enough to make the
angels weep.
The grgunds was not good but
the playing of the boys from the
city was more than execrahle.
Never again will that bunch from
Elko talk ball, much less try to
play it without practice and a
different line up. Some of the El
ko boys had not played for years.
After the races came dinner
free to everybody ? barbecued
meat, done to perfection. Such a
sumptuous dinner is rarely served
as was partaken in the cooling ;
shade of Smiley's artificial grove.
The grove is a perfect dream. |
White birch from Canada, hox '
elder, white popular, cottonwood \
and a few other varieties covering
about ten acres planted some J25
years ago by Wm Smiley, the own
er of the Smiley ranch. The trees
have grown splendidly and mak?*s
Carliii's Fourth of July drew a
large crowd who took a keen inter
est in the contests and athletic'
events of the various kinds.
One of the amusing events was
the mules racc in whi ch several
were entered. During the neck
and neck race the mule of Joe
Griffin turned up an alley and was
disqualified. George Arthur had two
entered and he won first and second
Big Fat Sam won the Indians
race. The fat man's race was won !
by Sergt. William McKinscy a vet
eran. Charles Griffin won the free
for all sack race, Charles McKinscy
ran second. In the children's race
for boys und<~r 15, Arhur NVebb j
took first and Geo. Griffin ran sec- ;
ond. The girls race was won by
Dorothy Diecy and Ralph Hanks!
was second. The ladies race was
won by Mrs. Hanks. Miss McKinsey
came in second. In the motor
cycle race one of the machines ran j
into a porch and was so l>adly dam
aged the race had to be declared
Best number on the programme
was the drilling contest at 7:H0
p. m. won by F. Grctrg and Wm
Fairburn drilling 1 Oi inches in
hard blue grnnite. sccond prize
won by Jim Clark and Hosio Rob
ertson 71 inches, doubled handed
,tnd each team drilled 10 minutes.
Thomas (iriflin, the* CnrUn cattle
buyer, accompanied by Jumps E.
Holland, president of the Lamoille
Company, and Walter ClulT nn in
surance man, dropped into Eureka
Thursday in an auto after making
a trip through the northern and
western portion of Eureka County.
Mr. GriAin recently purchased all
the cattle of the George W. Gra>
son estate, tho ranch hnving been
rented to Miller & Lux for one
year. ? Eureka Sentinel.
Ob?ofe<* Garment.
A Now York firm of pottlooat man*
fncturom fntlod wfth >700,000 of lift*
bllttlos reoontly, and gtriM the ex
planation that wonwn'i nktrt* ar? ?o
tt(ht thoy barw (jnlt wearing pottt>
coat*. D14 yon know that I ? Kansaa
OKj Star.
one of the most magnificent parks,
if net tb~ very host in the St?tp i
of Nevad i. The trip out to Star
Valley was a revelation to us ?
Such beautiful fields of grain and
nay reminded us of bygone days
back in the good old Hoosier State
where we were born and raised
to mar.hood ? We were constrained
to remark several times during the
day that this was the "valley that
God made."
After the ball game was over the
( crowds gradually melted away and
evening found a goodly number
back in I)eeth to trip the light
fantastic until the wee small hours.
The dance was a splendid success
and closed the exercises of one of
the most successful and most pleas
ant celeLrations over held within
the confines of Elko County. Bro
ther Gray of the Commonwealth
our new U S Marshall was the host j
of the day and his good wife and
charming daughter assisted by
Mrs. Frank Patterson and other
ladies of the neghbornood in play
ing hostesses in a manner that will
never be forgottenn in Deeth and
Star Valley. Among Elko citizens
who joined in celebrating the na
tion's holiday out in this lovely
spot may be mentioned County
Commissioner Patterson and fam
ily, Chauncey Griswold and family,
Assessor Weathers, Senator Jones,
L. J. Wintermatle and family, Geo
Kussell Jr. and family, and many
A. W. Goble and wife came
down from Wells. Mr. James, cash
ier of the bank of Wells, was also
f?mong the visitors.
It was a great day and Star
Valley covered herself with glory
by her hospitality and kindly greet
ing. County Commissioner Issac
Griswold was as buso ns a bee and
as smiling hs a youth of sixteen
when trying to make a nice im
oression on his best girl.
Norbert Weiner, formerly In the front
rank as an Infant prodigy. has. at Uio
ago of eighteen, been made a doctor of
philosophy by Harvard university.
Walter P. Brent has beaten the
piano playing record at Lttbgow. New
South Wales, with a nonstop perform
ance of seventy-six and one-<|uarter
Joseph >L Baker. tho new secretary
of the United States senate, Is a law
yer He was formerly a librarian in
the senate and Is familiar with Its pro
John M. Slinonds, believed to be the
oldest bookbinder now working at the
trade, is actively employed In Rostou
des pi to his age of eighty-live years
Ho has been a bookbinder for fifty
four years.
Zue Sun Blen. recently appointed as
sistant secretary of state of the new
Chinese republic. Is thoroughly Ameri
canized. He was graduated last June
from llrowo university, where he made
a good record as a student
Sir Leander Starr Jameson. Just
elected chairman of the British South
Africa company, led the historical raid
on the Transvaal Dec. 29. 1S9."> He
served as premier of Cape Colony for
four years, beginning with 1901.
Bishop Charles Edward Cheney, who
has Just completed Ids fifty -third year
as rector of Christ's Unformed Episco
pal church. Chicago, lias set a mark
for continuous service willi one house
of worship. Christ's cburcli wag his
first charge, and ho was Its first rec
tor. Bishop Cheney Is a nntlve of
New York and was ordained In 1SDS.
The Writers.
Kri>dorlc Vllllers has boon n wnr cor
respondent for thirty-nix years for Lon
don papers. ,
(Jeorjfo Rernnrrt Bhaw. the famous
(lrnmntlNt. certainly doen not salTer
from mork modesty, for the other oven
ItiK he iinnouiicetl publicly that ho wn?
"ono of tiio moHt celebrated men in
Owen Winter has been Appointed ?
member of the committee to raise n
fund for n memorial to Knmunl Oiltnnn,
author of "Fair Harvard," in the
church nt CimrlMton where Oilman
prcnchcd for twenty years
The Marchioness Townsbend. t lie
first peeress to becomo nil editor. In
the author of a book of verse. "In the
Klnc's Onrdeti." Hbe has been delud
ed as editor of the new magazine, Otir
Dumb Friends. which will bo publish
ed weekly In London. It will bo the
ofllrtnl organ of Our Dumb friends'
Randy Diagnosta.
fortune Teller (solemnly)? Fven ud
I lrponk there Is n wrpek in your home
caused by u blond woman.
Customer (carelessly) ? That's noth
jnu ^?nly thnt Swedish maid of onra
bmkln* moro dlshea. ? Baltimore
The secret of success i H constancy of
purpose. -Lord HeaconaQtld.
Karl Johnson tbe efficient mana
ger of the Golden Rule leaves to
morrow for St Loui?, Chicago, New
York and Boston on his semi annual
purchasing expedition. He will
visit the large maufacturing cen
ters snd distributing points in the
east and cxpects to make heavy
purchases for The Big Store of
which he is the head.
Robert Ford of St Louis who is
held on the charge of burglarizing
a Western Pacific car while in
transit had his hearing put over
until 10 o'clock Saturday. The
contents of the car was checked up
and a roll of matting found short
but this was found in Elko.
A Kitctien Range Hint.
A lintlron Htuud will Ik? found useful
on the muse to keep the contents of a
saucepan warm without danger of
burning, it Is also useful when one
desires food to simmer. There Is then
no fear of sticking or burning on a
hot stove.
Siam's Petroleum.
Petroleum Is obtained from the earth
In 81am by the natives digging pita
about sixty feet deep and dipping It
out with palls.
Lille* of the Valley.
The cultivation of lilies of the val
ley Is one of the oldest branches of
commercial horticulture in Germany,
and since about 1S50 shipments of tho
crowns, or "pips" as they are called,
have been made to the United States
In Increasing quantities.
The First 8ilW. ?
The first silk was made 2000 B. C. by
the wifo of a Chinese emperor. Aris
totle In 3rO first mentions silk among
the Greeks.
Carpeau's Unconventionally.
The sculptor Carpeau was always a
Oohemian and generally absentmiuded.
invited once to the Tullerles by Em
peror Napoleon III. and the Empress
Eugenie, ho pulled out his pipe after
dinner, filled It and. discovering that
ho hud no mutches, took a scrap of pa
lter. climbed on ;> chair and lighted the
pipe from the groat chandelier altove
the table. "You don't mind smoking,
do yon, ma'am?" he said to the em
San Domingo's Showers.
San Domingo bas an average rain
fall of 108 Inches.
The Fleur-de-lis.
Almost every country has Its national
flower. It was not till the reign of
Henry VI.. however, that England's
cnmo to l>o the rose. Franco Is the
only European country upon whoso
arms a flower appears. Tho fleur-de-lis
Is renlly three lilies.
Straw Men ot Korea.
On the last <!ay of each year the
Korean throws out of the house a
straw linage of a man, which Is said
to carry sins and bad luck with It
Mount Apo.
The highest mountain In the Philip
plnes Is Mount Apo. on tho island of
Mindanao, according to a statement, by
the United States geological survey.
The height of tills mountain above sen
level Is given In the Encyclopedia Bri
tannica as 10,312 feet.
A Well Lighted Stage.
The stage light* of the Metropolitan
Opera House In New York number
over 2,000. There aro 700 white llghta
and 40S each of blue, red and amber.
Nothing Is known of the food of
eponges. It Is taken in through the
cnnnl system and in n finely divided
state. but of what It consists Is an un
answered question. Sponges nro paid
to havo few natural enemies. The
rate of growth under natural, undis
turbed conditions Is also a matter of
nncerlalnty, but It Is estimated that
tho average six Inch sponge Is irroba
bly four years old.
Gold and Silver Wedding*.
From Germany we get tho custom of
celebrating gold and silver weddings.
Pidgin English.
"Pussy ho belong housey," In pidgin
English means a cat. "Pussy he l?e
long bush." a hnre. A servant trying
to explain "pins and needles" in hts
legs described It this way. "That leg
belotigy toe he nil same make like soda
Children snd Promise*.
On? of tho Incomprehensible tilings
to a child Is tho fashion some grown
up people have of promising and for
getting. There l?i no surer way to lose
a child's confidence and love, ('lilt
dren do not understand excuses or (ho
yressuro of circumstance*. They only
know, said sho would, and she
didn't Dno child who had used the
word "promise" was asked to tell Its
meaning. Ho replied, "To promise Is
to keep It In your mind, keep It In
your mind, keep It In your mind till
jroit do It."? Liverpool Poet
Jagielle University.
Tho University of Jagielle of Crncow,
Poland, whero Copernicus received his
education, was founded In 1301 by tho
Polish king Kazltner Ihe Oreat and
endowed by a later Polish king, Jagh :
file, In 1400.
California Party In
Auto Crosses
A p?rt> containing Dr. How
ard M error;, professor in the- Caii
fornia University Medical School,
R. J. Taussig secretary of the Pan
ama Pacific Exposition and his
two sons, Lawrence ana Eric
reached Elko today on their way
from San Francisco to the Yel
lowstone Park. The partv left the
coast metropolis last Sunday and
have traveled across California and
Nevada by auto, camping out
wherever night overtook them. The
party are on a pleasure trip and
passed through Rer.o, Fallon, Eu
reka and Austin.
Mr. Taussig states that all the
way across Nevada he found the
roads in first class condition. He
was formerly, ? twenty years ago ?
a traveling salesman cohering this
territory and he was much sur
prised at the wonderful develop
ment that had taken place through
out the state in the last few years.
At |the time he visited Nevada
years ago there was nothing but
mining now he says there are many
other things which is bringing
wealth to the people of this
The party took dinner at the
Klk restaurant and later left fir
Wells where they will spend the
Mammoth Cava.
Mammoth cave breathes once a year.
That is to say. In summer, when tlw
temperature of the external atr U
above that of the cave, the current
seta from the latter to the former. In
fact, the cave is the entire summer
making an expiration. On the other
band, when the order Is reversed or
the outer atmosphere is below 54 de
forces, the cave makes an inspiration
or draws In its breath. This is accom
plished during the winter.
Glowworms, like ants, are very sen
?dtlve to vibration, and when approach
' Ins them in the grass one must not
tread heavily or they will extinguish
their light and thns be lost to view.
The Olo Swimmln1 Hols.
The "ole swimmln* hole," Immortal
ised by James NVhltcomb Riley, was In
Hancock county, Ind., a particular part
of Urandywine creek.
By the Card.
Olbbfi? I sny. old rhap. what Is meant
by the expression "to speak by the
card?" nibbs? Oh. otic does that when
one exclaims. "The deuce!" ? New York
Big Powtr Boat Carnival.
It is likely that the greatest power
boat carnival ever held In this country
will take place the week of July 27 oq
Lake Erie during the Perry centennial.
The contests will begin at Toledo, aft
er which the boats will cruise forty
two tul to Put-ln-Bay.
A Tender Strain.
First Diner? What Is that Ml, to?
piece the orchestra Is plajta*? 8?e
ond Dlnet^- Don't know, but I bop* Ik
will bare s softening Influenca oa thte
steak.? Boston Transcript.
It Oftan Comes.
In a Scotch Sunday school the lady
teacher, after speaking on the subject
of death, asked. -And what comes
after death?" Instantly a bright little
girl untied otit eau^1'/. **?? 8fibt about
the money."
Vulgarity In manlier defile* fine |U>
menta more than mud. ? Plantom.
Humor From the Judge.
"A solicitor's bill la like a bander's."
?aid the magistrate at Woolwich police
court. "When first you look at tt jcm
think yon hare been rohbed. bot
you go through tt carefully you feel
sure you have"? London MalL
You will get more enjoy ment out of your summer if they are.
EYE TROUBLE shews itself In various disagreeable
ways. Often headaches that won't yield to ordi
nary treatment ure due to eyestrain. A part of
this store's good service is devoted to keeping
Elko's eyes right. It is a service conducted on the high
est plane of excellence. A Graduate Optometrist who
has located here is at your command always. Your
eyes will bo subjected to a careful and comploto exam
ination. If they are all right and simply tired, I will
tell you so. If they need corrective glasses I will tell
you so. Be sure your eyes are right. It is a duty you
owe yourself.
MRS. W. G. HOWELL, Optometrist
With The Howell Jewelry Co., Elko, Nev.
A I u> suits
Our Line of
W a tches
includes the small
watch the .size of a
five cent piece to the
heavy watch for every
day rough use at
prices ranging from $1.00 upwards.
Thin Model Waltham 15 Jewel Watches in 20 Year
14k Filled Cases - - ... - - - $12.00
Let us show you the new model Howard
and Walthams.
Watch Repairing Engraving Stone Setting
L. J. Wintermantel Jewelry Company
Good Underwear
That Means "Munsingwear"
The "grouches" that some people carry around
with them are not always caused by indigestion, but
may be caused by mis-fit, uncomfortable underwear
underwear that has no shape to it? too tight in one
place, too loose another.
Well, if those people bought their
underwear here ? the Munsing ? they
would feel so comfortable they would
forget to be grouchy ? it's a fact.
Munsing Underwear [Munsiugwear]
fits every part of the- body perfectly;
that is why it has that "easy feeling."
We have a complete line of Lad
ies' Munsing Union Suits (a few in
Men's) with low neck, no buttons,
no sleeves and knee length, made of
the very best of long fibre cotton, in
all grades from 7">c to $.'{.00.
For the woman who docs not
care for union suits we have the
"Cumfy-Cut" Vests, so named be
cause it is impossible for the strap to
slip off the point of the shoulder. We
have this garment at 15e, 25c, 35c.
Munsing Union Suits for the
boys and girls, made of the same
quality of yarn and the same form
fitting models as the ladies. The
prices arc 65c, 75c and 85c.
Wear "Munsingwear" and be Happy
Yes, we have other kinds
The Reinhart Co.

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