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F M Flynn of Halleck is in town
Mrs McConaogheny and M. E.
Lewis of Bullion are guests at the
Elko Hotel.
J. E Williams, of Lee is in El
ko *oday4
William Martin cf North Fork
hid business in town today.
E Bater ot Reno is registered at
the Elko Hotel.
IV. rs. Carter of Lee is visiting
fricn Is in Elko.
D Muller of Salt Lake had busi
ness in town today.
Wm Leslie of Carlin is here to
Dan McCormick of Virigina City
is an Elko visitor.
J. A Peny, of San Francisco is
stopping at the Commercial.
C M McCormick of Devil Gate
is here today.
Mrs M Hinckley of Beowawe is
visiting in town.
Geo D Powers of R>no, is stop
ring at the Commercial.
J. D Smith of Hilltop is in town
James Burke of Bullion is in
town today.
H A Stone of San Francisco had
business in town today.
C Arthur Stephens of San Fran
eisco is stopping at the Commer
BOHN? To the wife of Louis
Knocuie, a son July 26, 11)13.
Mrs. Clara Ogden and children
who have been visiting her bro
ther, T. J. Crithley, left for Jack
Creek this morning.
D D Ogilvie of Lee is in Elko
John Taylor of llalleck had busi
ness in Elko today.
B Jones of Arlington, Texas, is
an Elko visitor today.
T W Dove of Tuscarora, is stay
ing at the Mayer Hotel.
Ed. I.ane, of 1'hoeuix, Arizona ie
in town today.
Lang Buchanan, Jnmes Atkenson
and Kmcry Ferguson are stopping
at the Elko Hotel.
H ferguson of Fallnn is in Elkc
today on business.
0 F. Malin cf Ely is an Elko vis
George I'ettigrew of Skelton i<
hero today.
J. D Wells of Reno, Is hero to
George Glaser of llalleck had
business in town today.
Royal Mathias, of Ely, is a visit
or in Elko today.
The roads in Elko Countvarethe
worst known in years. Webster
Patter m n came in from Lamoille
in his big car. He says he found
the roads almost impassible.
J- H Mlddleton. the Jarbidgc
mining man is spending a dav or
two in Elko. He reports things
"?Ply in the big camp and is full
of optimism. He looks upon Jar
bidgn as the coming cimp In Neva
da in the very near future.
Chat J. Nelson, the mining man
from Jarbidge in in town on busi
ness. He thinks Jarbidgc is the
coming camp and talks big figures
Klibly when figuring on the future
of his homo town. He is a born
booster and any small town will
soon become a city if it had many
loynl boosters liko C. J.
Will Critchley of Cnrlin spent
Sunday in town with his parents.
On Building Lumber
U not rr*|i??ntJr u??>d hy tnanufaoiiragg >
or ?at>Mltul<<? to eonfuM iirn?tnoHw
hntuft bulldor*. but U> thn man ?tm ?
known finality. tho r ha.rnr4?tl?tl<ia of Itio B
dUfarmt favorod building wood* ami E
thftlr profK-r application. thl? tm brw ?
cauM>? little ?n?reh?>n?lotr Wr'r* help
?d fimmy htilldara right here at hmne
brat t (hi building nunc to a fraz/lf and
onn hxlp ymi too U you'll bring y<*r
plana In or tell ?? |na what ytti wfliw
Plate 'l Uriit Milling lumber la only ?
part of our bualnaa*? the pervmal wr
'W mr rendor our <*i?toinn?? IttiltC of
?oual Importance -hut wn'ro willing u>
donnto thl* norrlrx fur thn rnikr of thn
community and thn ?fidnr*m?,ni of our
auttomera. IWorn making your final
deotaton on your new houae r/m># In and
?nt at flrxl hand the real faat* about thl*
lumber bnalnoaa argl )>ih? what "twloo
par thousand" inoaoa to ?ou.
Elko * ? Nevada |j
E C McClellun and C Arthur
Stephens, of San FrancUco, return
ed to Elko from a seven days trip,
of Ncrlh ForU, interviewing the
watpr users ir. the Greater Hum
boldt Corporation. Without one
exception all who were seen came j
into the company. It proves that
the people are fully alive to the
possibilities of wuter development
ill the valley, and are ready and
anxious to receive the benefits of
Mr McClellan reports now that
there has been $13, 575. 00 subscrib
ed. Of this amount, $6280.00 cover
land around Lovelock; $2345.00
south of the railroad and $-1950.00
The subscription list now num
bers J. J. Hylton, J. E. Williams,
Geo. W. Hanna, C. A Toyn, C. A.
Clayton, Drown Bros., G. M. Bow
er, Andrew Westland, Jas. T. Hol
land, Mrs Ella Adatns, I'. J. Ogil
vie, E. C. Kidded, F. T. Hunter,
Frank Smiley, C. A. and L. M
Laing, M. B. Connell, F. C. Ruth
erford, R. and H. Morse. C. L.
Nickols, Geo. E Hlundcll, J.E.Smith,
Hylton and Clayton Brop., S. A.
and R Tucker in Elko County.
The heaviest subscribers to date
is the Lovelock Land and Sugar
Co., with S5, 000.00.
As less than one tenth of the
water users in the * valley have
been seen, ami many of ihose sub
scribing last fall and winter said
they would take more lefsr, there
seems very little doubt but what
he watei uters will C8rry out the
plans themselves as if is estimated
j about $5,000 will cover what is re
quired; but there will be no trou
ble in securing money from the
outside now to make up any defic
iency in subscriptions.
Mr. Stephen is enthusiastic over
what he has seen of the country
so far and >-ays Nevada is going
' to be his Mate from now on. He
iwas royally treated on this trip
and had his first feast on fage
i Eud of two year's contest settled
out of Court
Litigation is ended
District Attorney Carville ha?
been notified by the Pullman Palace
. Car company that it will pay taxes
accrued against that corporation
I and hereafter pay like any ordinary
citizen of Elko county. This change
of heart comes as a surprise to
, everybody an it was stated that the
case would be fought to the Inst
I ditch.
The amount involved for the lust
year is $1880.20, find this year the
I amount of the Pullman taxes will
be fully as much and possibly more.
Hy the settlement the company pays
nil costs ?nd the county will he
enriched to the extent of nearly
$2000. The Pullman Company
realized that a fight in the courts
was hopeless and that in the end it
would be obliged to pay the whole
umount assessed anyway, so the
company came otT its high horse
and agreed to pay its taxes like
any good citizens. A letter tft Dis
trict Attorney Carville says the
check for the $1880.26 taxes for
1012 will be sent to Elko in a day
or two and the 1913 taxes will be
paid promptly.
I.eon M. Hall, the well known
mining and hydraulic engineer of
the Comstock lode returned Satur
day night from nn examination of
the proposed water power on the
South Fork of the Humboldt. Me
stated that it was one of the best
powers he had ever seen in the
state of Nevada nnd that there is
no doubt that it soon will be uti
lized for power ro the mines at
Hullion and the mining camps to
the South. Mr Hall accompanied
by Frnnk Hall, a well known min
ing promoter of San Francisco, re
turned home on thf? Southern Pa
cific limited.
Meet me nt. the Hig Stampede in
Klkn Sept., 1st to 3rd. I'll be at
one of the Ice ('ream booths on the
, ?W'e offer Ore H n Ired Dollars
Reward for any c^.^e of Catarrh j
that cannot he cur.-d hy Halls' I
Catarrh Cure
2 F J Cheney jc Co.. Toledo, Ohio.
We the undersigned, have known
F. J Cheney for the last !!> years
and believe him perfectly honor- 1
able in all business t ransactions and '
financially able to carry out any
obligations made by his firm.
National Hank of Commerce, To
ledo. Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally acting directly unon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Testimonials sent free
Price 75 cents per bottle Sold by I
ail druggists. Take Hall's Family |
Pills for constipaiton
An Exchange remarks: "What'* ^
a newspaper man good for anyhow* .
"If some fellow or bunch of fel
lows have an ax to grind, and the
paper can be of benefit to them in
furthering their scheme, then the
newspaper man is a good fellow.
"If the court house is in danger |
of removal, to the detriment of |
the business interests and the prop-j
erty owners, and the newspapers
howl and snort to keeps the coun- j
ty seat here, without money and |
without price, then the newspaper
man is a good fellow.
"If somebody or some institution
wants something for nothing and
the newspaper man is sucker
enough to give it then he is a good
San Francisco, July 28 - Japa
nese land c.wners of California have
fouf.d a loon-hole in the anti-land
law which will enable them to es
tablish practically perpetual owner
ship of land now acquired, for
themselves and their heirs, thus
defeating that provi.-iun of the act
which was designed to eventually
force them out of ownership by
Incorporation is the weapon to
which the Japanese farmer is re
sorting to partially nullify the new
law. Oriental farmers are combin
ing their farm land units and in
corporating block companies in
the belief that the stock compan
ies in the coporntions upon their
deaths may be transferred to heirs.
The maximum life granted lo a
domestic corporation under the
California law is 50 years. All of
the Japanese land corporations that
have been organized since the alien
was passed are forni'd for the lim
it. The Califorina law also pro
vides that corporation is privileged
to reincorporate the at expiraton
of its charter.
Figuring that their tenure of
farming property will be safe for
at least 50 years, or as long as
they CHfi expect to live, dozens of
fares from Fresno Florin, Newcos
tle'and other Japanese colonies arc
rushing to file articles of incorpor
tion with the secretary of state, be
fore the law becomes effective,
August 10.
Twenty four Japanese land com
panies filed articles of corporation
yesterday, bringing the total for
the last two weeks up to more
than fifty. Reports from several
county recorders indicate that with
in the next week the secretary of
state can expcct hundreds of other
land companies.
The Busy Deo Kestaurar.t has
moved to Commercial Street just
east of The Hesson Co's store and
will open for business Wednesday
July 30th. All old customers are
invited to call for meuls after that
date. New customers wfcu want
something good to eat at living
prices are al.'to invited to call.
Remember tho now Harber Shop
on Commercial street. It is a
dandy placo to get an easy shave
or a fashionable hair cut. Give
it a trial.
John Crowwn of Starr Valley is
in town today. I
Our Line of
includes the small
watch the size of a
five cent piece to the
heavy watch for every
day rough use at
prices ranging from $1.00 upwards.
Thin Model Waltham 15 Jewel Watches in 20 Year
14k Filled Cases - -- -- -- -- $12.00
Let us show you the new model Howard
and Walthams.
Watch Repairing Engraving Stone Setting
L. J. Wintermantel Jewelry Company
Jesse R Grant, son of President
Grant and whose brother is U S
Grant Jr., whose second marriage
took place in southern California
last week, filed suit for divorce in j
the district court this morning
Grant has resided in G'ddfield for
over six months ar.d has made
many friends in the camp during
his residence here. The complaint
is h brief document, and states
that Jesse R. Grant and Elizabeth.
Chapman Grant were married in
San Francisco on September 21,
1880, that there are two children
a son and daughter both of full
legal age, sod that there is no com
munity property. The ground on
At the Hotel Mayer
MrsT II Given?, Edgemont; Nan
K Burrell. Edgemont; Sid Burrell
1 Edgemont; Gen Cook, Edgemont; E
V Mayfii-ld, Lynn; Clyde Ofelt.
At the Commercial Hotel
II C Nelson Lovelock: A Long,
San 1 iego; Jas Hanks Jr., Union
Springs. Ala; Frank M Gray, Max
Alexander, Salt Lake, Jas Lobey
;John J. Reid, Lovelock; D. S Du*k
1 erson, Carson; W Wilson, Carson;
| C J. Nelson, J arbidge; R Campbell,
Jarbidge; L S Porter and wi-e,
Hamiltion; S. Baker, Ft. Collins;
I Colo. M B Kennedy Reno, F/ank
| Gray: 1. Spcllman San Francisco
Dan McCormick, Virginia City
At the Elko Hotel
Dr Morrison and wife. City; Jos
Baile, North Fork;F L Middleton,
Jarbidge; J Taylor, Reno; F Kirk
patrick. Deelh; J Fuller, City; Dr
VV E Well. Klko; Owen Neberker,
Salt Lake City; W J Rountree. Los
Angeles; Mrs H D Ernst, Eureka;
Archie Ernst, Eureka; J Owens,
i Sucto.
which divorce is asked is simple
desertion. Mr. Grant's daughter
was recently married at San.Fran
cisco to an officer of the navy. ?
Goldlield Tribune.
The following letters remain un- j
railed for ir. the Elko Post Office i
for the tveek ending July 25, '13
Mrs. Thomas Eastman, Ered IIol
ste, Frank Pacini, Oscar Pinnco,
Russell Prunty; Pompllo Higon-j
When calling for the above please j
mention advertised and pay one
cent for advertising.
J C Doughty Postmaster.
Meet me at the bitr Stampede
in Klko 1st to 3rd. I'll wear a
button hole hoijuet, n Stetson hat
and a pair of Walkover shoes.
Thots the way you can tell me
from the other Buys on the ground.
Mrs Hny Harris has returned
from tho east where she took n five
months course in manicuring, fac
ial macsape, shampooing and hair
work. Sho bus opened parlors at ^
Mrs Campbells millinery store. She I
will also do residence work. Hours ?
K to 1 1 and I to fi. Advt. t
At the last session of the State
legislature section 16 of "An Act
to provide revenue for the state of
Nevada and other matters relative
thereto" was amended and provid
ed that the Assessor should have
th<> assessment roll printed on or
before the first Monday in Septem
ber and the legislature went further
than this. It provided that the
board of county commisioners
should arrange to pay for the print
ing of the same and they should al
low the claim when it was present
It is rather a strange proceed
ing to call for bids and get the
lowest bids from some pap^r that
wants to "scale" on the rates, and
then give it to some other fellow
who will do the work for the "scab"
price. The law appears to be on
the side of the assessor and County
Commissioners. In fa*;t, they sim
ply followed the letter, if not the
spirit of the law. The last legisla
ture certainly takes ^ie cake for the
ambiguout wording of more than
one piece of important legislation
However, one thing is certain
printers are not likely to break
; their necks to put in low bids when
there is no certainty that they will
get the work even though they bid
i below all competitors.
They did not tell the assessor
where it should he printed but aitn
Dly told him that there was that
sum of money for him to use for
the purpose. This under the advice
of Attorney Moore, and in strict
conformity witn the law as passed
by the last legislature.
Conrary to thp statement of the
Reno morning paper, the board of
county commissioners did not take
unto themselves an> privileges that
are connected with the assessor's
office. but simply did as the law
tells them to. They arranged for
the printing of the roll and in do
ing so set aside a stipulated sum
for the purpose.
The assessor is perfectly free to
have the printing done where he
will, tis long as he confines himself
to the amount stated.
The Reno paj ers are having a
row ovr the printing of this liste
under the new law. The county
Commissioners called for bids and
the following prices were revealed
when the bids were ocened.
Sparks Tribune $750
Reno Journal 490
Reno Ga/.el te GOO
The White Co 620
The Nevada I'ress 625
After reading the bids the board
took action and then and there set
aside from the monies in the county
treasury the sum of $490 for the
printing of the tax roll.
The family of Mrs. M. A. Porch
wish to extend sincerest thanks to
all tho kind people who assisted us
during our ercnt sorrow. When
troubles come to them we pray they
may meet with the same kindness
and symnathy.
Mrs. Geo. M. Clayton
In behalf of the fami.ly
iVestern Pacific Depot jibs rented a
jousc next door to the restaurant
ind is prepared to furninh lodging i
o guests, advt.
Baking Powder
Absolutely Pure
Royal Baking Powder is indis
pensable to finest cookery and to
the comfort and convenience of
modern housekeeping. Royal
Baking Powder makes hot breads,
cakes and pastry wholesome.
Perfectly leavens without fer
Full instructions in the "Poyal Baker and Pas
try Cook" boo!; for making all kinds of bread,
biscuit and cake with Royal Baking Powder.
Gratis to any address.
You will get more enjoyment out of your summer if they are.
EYE TROUBLE shows itself in various disagreeable
ways. Often headaches that won't yield to ordi
nary treatment are duo to eyestrain. A part of
this store's good service is devoted to keeping
Elko's eyes right. It is a service conducted on the high
est plane of excellence. A Graduate Optometrist who
lias located here is nt your command always. Yonr
eyes will bo subjected to a careful and complete exam
ination. If they are all right and simply tired, I will
tell yon so. If they need corrective glasses 1 will tell
you so. Be sure your eyes are right. It is a duty you
owe yourself.
| MRS. W. G. HOWELL, Optometrist
With The Howell Jewelry Co., Elko, Nev.
(i. S. Garcia
Elko, Nevada
Conduct Your
On Good
Ni>tl>intf *hows refinement, or tlio luck of it( liko
tho j>?per on which you wrlto your lettor*. lie
particular about (ho stylo, an well as tho quality.
We Carry a Full Line of '
Elko, Nevada
A. F. and A. M.
HtnteO communication* holil on tho
Firat Tuomlmjr of ?vury month ?d 7JV)
p. m.. All Miwtw Mn son* Ln tfoo<l
M mrting nro cordially invito*! to At
J. F. T?n*i wrr. Swrotary.
What la llfo without Tlio Indrjiotu]
R. A. M.
hcl<l on Plr^t
Thursday of eooh month at 7;JW p. in.
W. <?. Wwonn H. P.
J. C. POUUHTY, Hocniturr
Daily Independent
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