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From Saturdays Daily.
Morn flower seeds reached this
oRice this morning. They are foi
free distribution to those who come
after or send for them.
Sam Hachrnan is in from the
Kuby Valley country. He did con
siderable assessment work at Medi
cine Spring' and says the prospect?
for a big mining camp looks good
to him.
The uopulation of Elko wr.s in
creased last night by the arrival of
tivo baby boys. One of them glad
dened the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Emil Miland and the other blesses
the hoire of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest
Dr. IIojJ informs us that Walter
Iliggenbotham, who accidentally
shut himself, is not seriously injur
ed. The bullet passed through his
hand without touching any hones.
will have a pretty sore hand for
a fev days but no permanent in
jur, * ill result. Boys of his a,<e
have no business with pistols <r
other firearms.
Geo. go liaker w as found guilty
yesterday nfteroon of violating the
?l"0 yard limit hw andni.2 o'clock
this afternoon was set for sentence.
At that hour Judge Cattle eentenn d
him to GO days in jail to begin
with and then added a $.'500 fine to
he worked nut at the rate of $2
per day. George now douhtlcs.
wishes that he had taken Sheriff
Harris's ndvice instead of that of
The proposed form of assessment
lists and tax roll is giving the as
sessor and treasurer something to
think about. The listing of prop
erty in districts is the sticker
with the a?sp*sor, as there are ('?!
school districts in the county and
should each levy a special tax there
would he <M different tax rolls for
the treason r to look through, in
making out tat receipts. There's
where the treasurer gets his. The
assessor will not enter the descrip
tion uf property on the roll as he
has don.; heretofore. This will
sa e considerable work in that
From Monday's Daily
'J he commissioner* met this fore
n n<n ti attend tn the county busi
Mr. Mallet returned from Cali
fornia' this m trriing. He will re
niain a fe.v days ami then ivturn
to thj land of fog.
Judge Castle had an Indian
matinee this morning. Two squaws
and a buck were before him for
being drunk and disorderly. Each
d.-e# .'JO days in jail.
Maury I. Diggs (he convicted
white slav.T is in trouble again.
If the last charge against hint is
true, he should be pent to prison
for life. Such men as he seems to
be are a disgrace to humanity and
should be put where they cannot
contaminate society with their evil
A. II. Symons, the new superin
tendent of tne Dock Valley Indian
reservation, his wife and three chil
dren arrived from Colorado Satur
day night nnd left for the reserva
tion hy the Tuscarora stage this
morning. He bos been in the In
dian fcrvire a number of years nnd
is tinder civil service role.
The annual Charity Hall of the
Woman's Guild will be given at
Bradley Opera House on February
12, Lincoln's birthday. These
ln<lle< are doing noble work and
should have I lie generous rupport
of our citizen*. The proceeds of
the hall will In? devoted to charit
able wo /k among I he needy, Htlv
a ticket.
About l;|.*i this morning a big
meteor b'r.z d over Carson. It
gm>.FMch a light ti nt for a few
seconds it seemed almost blinding.
11 lit up the entire valley with a
brilliancy that *n* equal to the
day. Some who saw it insist that
the light was pure white and other*
describe it vcllow.-Carwn Ap
Kev. Dr. I.. A. Ilnxlctto has an
noticed Hint Bishop Spnlding of Salt
l ake City WftS Kriflny ofTJHally hp
pointed to have temporary chargc
of Episcopal church affairs in No
va da. The appointment was made
by Presiding Hlsl.op Tuttle, of St.
hoiiis. This action is tnken pond
>ng the selection of a new bishop
*or Nevada. ? Carson Mews.
A Jocal man who has just return
ed from a trip to Washoe Valley
reports thr^e horses in the tules at
Washoe lake cntirey frozen in.
They had managed to sccure nour
ishment from the vegetation within
reach, but were weak. The own
ers of the animals were not i f i e l and
their rescue promptly effected.
What is supposed to be tue lnrg
| est parcel past shipment sent nut
ny a Reno firm was received at the
postoflice yesterday from Constant
Brothers, nays the Journal. The
shipnfc: nt consisted of one ton of
barley, packed in r>0 pound tacks
to comply with the weight specifi
cations, and was consigned to Man
hattan. The postage totaled $25.03
and one of the clerks in the store
was kept busy fur nearly an hour
licking postage stamp*.
The road between Ellen and Bul
lion is s:?id to be in a very had von
?lition. The heavy hauling before
the last storms cut the road up'
badly and the water from the melt
ing snow and ruins followed the
ruts down the grades and m ide the
road almost impassable. Along !
Dixie Creek the road is washed out
in several places. If other r.ia ls
in the county suffered as much as
thr Bullion road, ince will be :
heavy bill of expense in putting
th-m in shape again.
Engineer Hall of the I'umping
Association ard Sup? rintendent
Douglass made a trip of inspection
to the 2700 sta.ion of the old Con.
Virginia winze this morning isnd
report conditions improving at that
point ns to cooling ell' of the sta
tion. On a shelf at one side of the
station- they found some old pump
valves, springs and hooks. Tlw? la or
was covered with rust, hut the
valve and springs were in excellent
state of preservation after being
submerged for thirty years. ? Vir
ginia Chronicle.
The lady minstrels drew a gojd
sized, enthusiastic crowd to the
Opera House Saturday night. The
performance moved along smoothly
and each number was loudly ap
plauded. As the writer could not
tell which from t'other, he will not
attempt to particularize. Ol
course, each one did her level best to
please and the applause each re
ceived showed that the effort was
appreciated by the audience. At
the risk of ( ?(Tending some and m ly
be all of them, we will say that
? hey were the homeliest aggrega
tion of black faces we have seen on
the stage in a long time. Of course,
their make up. made tlicm so.
From Tuesdays Daily.
The sherilf's office has received a
utter from Mrs. .1. C. Artcrhurn at
! Dunin f, Oklahoma, asking for in
| formation about her husband. She
i says (hat their little boy is ve ry
? sick and she wants him to come
1 (Jarre Warden Russell arrested an
Indian this afternoon for shooting
a deer. The deer was killed about
three miles north of town. What
business had thai deer so close to
town? Perhaps it wanted to be j
! killed.
Dean Bradley of Bono, repre
senting the State Tax Commission,:
during tli? week inspected the f!5 i
ranch for the purpose of equalizing'
the taxes. He will soon visit other
j properties, the Jenkin's properties;
being next on the list. ? Battle '
! Mountain Scout,
People who want free advertising
| from I his paper must bring their
' notices to the ollice. The force is
I instructed not to receive any free
notices over the phone. If you
| can't spare the time to bring your
I noticea to the ofbee we will not
j give you our time.
A progressive luncheon will be
I given by the Teachers tind Parents
Association Friday Feb. f? from 1
to S p. rn. at (he Grammar School.
Prices ndulls 35 cents, ehilJren
under 12 years 25 cents. Proceeds
for benefit of playground and stu
denta loan fund, Advt.
The Mikcsell family that blew
into Elko the r!ay before Christmas
nnd who were housed, fed and
clothed by (lie Woman's Guild pull
ed ou( yesterday for their destina
tion near Tonooah, They proved to
be shiftless and not of mucii force.
Klko treated them well and does
not regret their departure.
A Missouri editor bewai's the
disappearance' of the old fashioned
bootjack. He says that a few dc
cades ago there were forty millions
of 'era, and now with the incr us
ing use of shoes instead of boots
anil the nun her ot. buotjatks
thrown at torn cats, you can't rind
one in a week's search.
President Wilson and cabinet met
this forenoon and decided to raise
the embargo on shipping urms to
Mexico. This means that Mexi an
rebels can now purchase arms fend
amtiiuni ion in this country and
ship th?i n across the border without
interference from the government.
As a result of the cnbinet's action,
Americans are gcttirg out.of Mexi
co in droves todav.
Somebody has discovered the
soap mine on South Fork that, has
been discovered at intervals for
the last 30 years. Some of the
stuff took a prixe at the Chicago
Exposition and a bronze medal, is- j
lUed to Booher & A 1 tier t i , is now
in the writer's possession. At the
Omaha exposition it received n ni- j
ploma. It's a wonderful deposit of
mineral matter hut it has little or
no commercial vjlue.
It is a (natter of congratulation |
that at last science has exonerated
the appendix from any false ;
charges of uselejMie-s and danger
to the own r, says the Commercial
N'e.vj. We have been told that it j
is ftimply a survival i f a secondary j
digestive organ reduced through \
.-?volution of man, to n mere rudi
mentary worm whi h is tha de.cpair
of the man who get? a stomach
ache Mid the joy of the surgs n.
For f.irtl er information see Liils
fur operating ho.-nital eh irg. s ? tc.
If people who want the V?rdi
Lumb r company on the phone
would call Cent'al for the n :r
tunv's number in the directory in
stead of 402, the company's old
number iind the Independent's new j
number, they would save tlx
selves and this othci: a good deal of
trouble. Look in the direeto-j tne
next time you want the Verdi
Lumber company and ask for ilie
right nunib>r. We are tired f
your carelessness.
From Wednesday's Daily
Jailer McMullen has 2D prisoners
to feed and look after.
A jury has been secured at Reno
to try (!. I'. Cherry on the charge
of nurdcr. He is accused of ki!l
i 'g Th id Tayh r, a col >red man.
Supervisor Short's expense bill
amounted to only ?.J last rnon! h.
No one would complain i' his ex
pense bill was no more than that
every month.
Mr. J. Conrad has purchased the
personal property of the lesfto of
his l.t.moille ra^ch and has gone
back to the farm. He says ranch
life is the best for him.
The i'ythian Sisters gave a birth
day part v at their Mall last i.ight.
I he time was spent in contouring
ages, s ci.il visiting and stowing
away the choicest of refreshments.
There were !)0 people present and
all voted the pnrtv a grand success.
Sadie had accompanied h?r
mother to a missionary mceti g.
Aa usual, the afternoon opened with
a prayer in which several memb ra
of the society took part. "Mother,"
whispered Sadie, "what are nil
those ladies alraid of in thu clay
Mr. W. I). Or- gory and Mia9
Flossie M. Watkins were unttet in
marriage Tuesday evening by I. v.
('has. Mcliurness of the FJIm B p
tist church. The ceremny t >k
place at the home of the brii <?'?
parents in Wells. Mr. an. I ft: i- .
(ireitnry left today for Kly wlnro
jlhty will make their hem?.
Two more two-room hou?cs fr in
, (ioMlield arrived this roorriinj- in
l iw of nix horses and were hpoUcd !
on Jim Ihitler ground, fh>s the Ho*!
i ati/. i. Th" owner, Dick W'iilia us, '
'of the Western Union, has three ;
more he is going to move to 1\ no- I
pah. lie finds them a good inv .;t~
tnent, as he tvn rent them tea ily
for SIT, n month c ich.
The Railroad Cornmi slon with
! Attorney General riintcher held a
rneeti. g thin afternoon to deter
mine the proper method of prose
citing the cine of the Rtilroul
Commission of the stnte against the
Southern Pacific railroad for a re
duction of passenger rates on ilm
1 main and branch lines. ? Carbon
Three thousand pounds of candles
were shipped by parcel post Tues
day, from Hudson to Aurora. The
A. M. Co had ordered a carload of
car. die? by the way of Hudson but
?ouldn't get them on account of the
snow. With the object of making
L'ncle Sam do the stunt of trans*
porting good?, they are being re
cognized as mail, via Hawthorne.?
Mason News.
While away last week W. N.Mc
Gill made arrangements fcr a man
to come ftcm G^d? n to install
sheep fheai in machines at the old
Hurton ra e? about two miles west
of theMcGiil inciter, which is new
owned by th*> Adams-McGill Com
pany. The ?? ichines will be install
ed ia time f >< the shearing this
spring ?'f >h? n imerous thousands
of sheep bfl ofirg to the com
pany. ? Ely Exhibitor
There is no gambling in Nevada.
If you don t believe it, just read
the statues in such cases made and
provided, prescribing severe pur
ishment for all offenders against
Mie majesty of the law an.l peace
an'.' dignity of the State of Nevada.
The News therefore f.-eh justified
in proclaming to the world at
large, md Nevada particularly, and
Ormsby county still more particu
larly that there is no Rumbling in
Nevada. ?Carson News.
Teccrnn, this county, one of the
col Jest weather stations in the state
has sent a weather report for Jan
uary to the office of Section Di
rector Cole of the weather buracu
nt lleno which gives 25 below zero
as the luwest temperature for the
month. Fifteen nights in January
nt l'ecoma weie nt zero or tielow
and several times temperatures of
15 to 21 below zero were recorded.
Hu'..' would you like to reside at
Estimates of the department of
agriculture show that there is a
shortage of I -.2511,000 meat ani
-mals in the United States. These
estimates show a shortage of near
ly 1) beef cattle, 7 sheep and over
?{ hogs for each 100 of our total
estimated population, as compared
with conditions in 19!0; an actual
decrease of 7,305,000 food animals
in the face of an estimated incr?Hse
c.f m arly seven million inhabitants.
1 he total value of animals is more
than in 1910 and there is a slight
increase in the number of milch
cows, horses and mules.
Both the Ely National and the
First National banks of Ely have
sent in their acceptance to the or
ganization committee for the feder
al reserve batiks, agreeing to the
terms and provisions of the federal
reserve act, and making known
their intention to subscribe on be
half of the respective banks, to the
capital stock of the Federal Re
serve bank to be organized for this
district as soon as the geogiaphical
limits to be served by such hunk
have been fixed hy the organiza
tion com: 7i it tee. ? Expositor.
From Thursday's Daily.
A hoy was born to Mr. an J Mrs.
Sam Wines of Ruby Valley thin
The deposits in the postal saving
hnn'ts in Nevada at the end of 191ft
amounted to ?467,484.
J A. ("amenta r treasurer of
White fine county has resign' d.
HI health is giwn as the reason f. r
hi- resignation.
An nlnont'minded and careless
Chicago duet or sent in n certificate
of Heath the other dny with his
rnme nigned in the space reserved
for "Cause of death,"
Shetiir Harris is in Salt l.nko
??ln re lie went after F. Wheeler,
with several a!in*e?, whu is wonted
here to answer the charge of i rand !
larceny, Wlieclei consente ' *o rr- !
turn without extradition.
Senator Pittmnn lini recommend
ed S. CirifT n of Mnhattan for
t if position of Deputy Collector of
Internal Revenue for the State of
Nevada. Congressman linker of
California joined in the recom
Conductor Fred llalznr, who is
! nt. tick some where up the road with
a crippled engine, replied to a
telegrnphe 1 inquiry as to how ho
wa? g ftinif ntoi-K: "All right.
Would like to trad" you some
whiskey for some ham and eggs."
? Inyo Register.
Peru is in the throes of anoth r
revolution. Its president has been
arrested and exiled from the coun
try. The complaint against him
was that he was too economical in
administering the government.
Wish he would come to Nevada
and be elected governor.
Because he attempted to collect
the bounty paid for wild cat scalps
on about <10 specimens pronounced
by the officers as m.stly the scalps
of the common or garden variety,
housecat, Fred Mitchell recently of
Verdi was arrested yesterday and
charged with presenting a fraudu
lent claim against the county of
Washoe. Mitchdl was committted
to the county jail to await a pre
liminary.? Journal
The dispute between Treasurer
M ill tr and the state over the treas
urer's settlement with the state is
still unsettled. On January 20th
the attorney general wrote Mr.
Miller and intimated that manda
mus proceedings would be com
menced against him. .Mr. Miller
replied that he had nr.t changed his
mind in the (tatter and would not
remit another c?nt. Nothing has
hecn done since.
J. H. McCracken, Lovelock's ex
postmaster was caught at 4 o'clock
Monday morning in'the office trying
to ( pen the safe. He was placed
under arrest and charged with
breaking and entering' the office
with intent to commit a felony. The
government has made no move to
ward his prosecution as nothing
had been disturbed and there is a
question as to motive. McCrack
en claims to have been drinking.
He furnished bail. Republicans
do hate to leave the pie counter
The sheriff's office received a dis
patch yesterday from he chief of
police of Han Francisco faying that
a colored man who gave his name
as Williams was under arrest and
that he claimed to have robbed a
man near Elko of $GU0 and asking
if Williams was wanted here. As
the sheriff's office has no knowledge
of any such crime being committed,
the authorities of San Francisco
were notified that Williams is not
wanted. It may be possible that
the colored gentleman is playing
for a free ride from San Francisco
to Elko.
From Friday's Daily
Mrs. Mamie Dorsey and Mrf.
Win. Peace entertained their lady
friends at the former's home this
The Mexican rebels arc shipping
great quantities of arms and am
munition across the Texas border
and are making it very warm for
Hucrta. The port of Mazatlan has
been captured by Carranza's force.
It now looks as if the rebels would
sor.n drive Hucrtit from power.
The attention of cattle owners
is called to a notice of a meeting to
be held af Reno on February 14th
for the purpose of forming a state
organization. This is a matter of '
inipnitmcc to cattle owners of this
county and they should bo well
represented at the Reno meeting.
S:e the notice elsewhere in this is
.Jim Burke and Dave Oeilvie
came in from Bullion yesterday.
They rep<ri things rather quiet in
camp owing to the Kerr & Peter
sin lease shutting down. Both say
t'u re is plenty of ore in 6ight to
haul out as soor. as spring opens,
fim^s will he better then and the
old camp ?ili give n good account
cf itself before tha summer is over.
Richard Ford and I). H. Suhr,
convicted of the murder of District
Attorney Manwell of Yuba county,
California have been sentenced to
imprisonment for life. The crime
wrs committed during a riot of the
hop pickers on August 31st of last
year A deputy sheriff and two
hop yard employes were also killed
in the riot. The convicted men
are members of the I. W. W.
Following are tho bills allowed
by the commissioners at the Feb
ruary meeting:
banc Griswold Sal anil Mil $ 91 00
Webster Patterson Sal and
Mil 75 40
J. II. Peck 115 00
Fred C. Vfiight ir.O 00
II. C Sproule 100 00
E. P. Carviile 166 66
M. H. Miller 166 66
W G Greathouse 166 66
L A Eyler 100 00
R B Hunter. 100 00
J C Harris 200 00
OM Lamon 100 00
Jas McMullen 100 00
George Cotant 100 00
W M Weathers 183 34
J M Short 150 00
Fish and Game
Geo R Russell IJ?5 00
Engler Co. Mdse 11 50
J. C. Harris Board of pris
-*? oners 429^75
W. T. Smith Co. mdse.... 13 90
J. W. Yowell 8 70
J. C. Harris Board of town
piisuners 23 62
A W Hesson, mdse 85
Seymour Jacobs Co. mdae 2 00
Dr. A. J. Hood R. U. Fare
advanced 2 80
Dr. A. J. Hood R. R. fare
advanced 4 25
South Fork Merc. Co., mdse 14 46
Mrs. A. E. Lane care of
Indigent 15 00
Dr. C. E. Secor Attendance
medicine 15 00
Elko Lamuille Power Co
lights hospital (2mos.) 38 25
Troy Laundry Co laundry.. 9 70
Reinhart Co. mdse 32 80
Elko Water & Light Co... 5 00
J. M. Tat.er Board of pat
ients 783 75
Sutherand & McFarlane . . . . 15 25
Sutherland & McFarlane.. 15 55
Dr. A. J. Hood R. R. Fare
adv 7 20
Drs Hood & West County
phys 100 00
W. T. Smith Co. mdse ... 8 00
W. T. Smith Co 1 00
Elko Lumber Co. coal .... 9 00
Elko Drug Co. Med 86 20
Chris Eshelman, ice 3 00
J. L. Keyser Buriul of In
digent 26 50
Dr. A. J. Hood examining
insane 20-00
Nevada Dray Co. cleaning
furnace 6 00
Dr. John E. Warden Health
Officer 60 55
J. A. Zundel Const. 3al. exp.
claimed 76 50 75 00
J. M. Short 33 40
W. G. Wright Coroners In
quest 11 00
Dave Marquardson Const
sal 100 00
Coroners Jury Services. ... 15 00
B. H. Mallet Insu'ane prem
iums 142 50
W. G. Wright Insurance. . 142 50
C. E. Gundlach Const sal. 75 00
A. D. Taber Insurance.... 190 00
D McElroy 190 00
Dave Marquardson salary.. 100 00
C. E. Gundlnch salary Nov.
Dee 150 00
Kalph S. Silver Justice fees 5 75
J. W. Puett road rent.... 20 00
11 U Cast'o Justice sal.... 150 00
Coroners jury services.... 15 00
E. H. Gross typewriter re
pairs 7 50
H. U. Castle Coroner's fees 11 15
J. B. Ghecn Janitor 93 00
L. E. Morgan Gardner,... 50 00
A E Stream Justice salary 50 00
W.J. Forbes Ju3 Sa' . . . . .^0 00
H. U. Castle Coroners in
quest 24 90
A. L. St. Clair Const. Sal 75 00
First National Dank Insur
ance 190 00
J. F.Clark Justice fres. . 2 50
Elko Lamoille Power Co Labor
and material If. 8?
I'hil S. Triplett Co printing 41 00
PhilS. "IripletU Justice Sal 50 00
W. W. Weathers Relate on
taxes 21 15
R. W. Hesson Services as
Accounant GO 00
Elko Lamoille Power Co.
Lights 2 men 107 30
Elko Tel. A Tele Co Rental
Services 30 05
Elko Water & Light Co.
water 20 00
A. W. Ilo3son Co. insurance 190 00
H. A. McMurtery Const.
sal 150 00
A. W. Hesson Co. Light
globes 10 00
J. 0. Harris expenses 27 93
Rockwell & Sutton repairs 6 50
K. P. Carvillo expenses... 4 00
J. J Thu.-ston justice salary 50 00
Dr C. W. West examining in
sane 20 00
W. T. Smith Co. mdse 1 95
Elko Drug Co medicines.. 4 25
John McComb salary Ex
penses 116 00
Charles H. Kappler const *nl 22 45
Charles H. Kappler sal . . . . 125 00
J. A. Biclar Justice sal ... . 50 00
J. C. Dough tty envelope!.. 63 72
W. T. Smith Co. Inaaranea 190 00
J. G. Dufoer, 10 00
C. B. Pease 9 00
W. R. Lee claimed 8 50. . . 7 50
Green Parker 21 60
James Greenfield 13 50
Blaine Jeanney 4 50
Sam Furni?s. .... 8 00
Joe Fillipniui 9 00
Leon Duval 6 50
Kirk Cornwall 3 00
Green Parker 14 00
Earl Philips 11 50
R. H. Mallet 28 00
Tip Lowe 13 50
E. V. Cole 13 50
O. S. Hoffman 76 50
C. E. Wood claimed 10 60. 10 00
A. L. Clayton 15 00
R. F. Dietz 14 50
Frank Winchell 16 00
L. A. Hackward 53 00
0. E. Brower 19 60
Walt A. Welch 4 60
Jas. Hanford 9 00
Sherd Johnson 17 00
C. E. Gorman 41 50
T. T. Suttle claimed 8 50 8 00
R. C Brown 32 50
M. Kelly 5 00
James Mulvaney 5 00
Walter Gann 10 00
Candido Bcllot 24 00
John Dudley 6 00
Ima Thurston 8 00
1. M. Nicely 4 60
A. L. Bowman 5 00
Louis Butler 48 50
J. P. Sherman 4 50
Sberd Johnson 11 00
Halleck Mayer 6 50
Martin Aburr<-a claimed
23 00 1 1 50
Ima Thurston 6 00
('. H. Lewis 6 00
Halleck Miyjr claimed
41 00 33 50
J. T. Edwards 12 00
J. F. Klani'r 6 60
Ray Handley 22 00
Louis Salet 6 00
E. B. Rutler 10 60
Mike Arregan claimed
63 00 60 00
B.C. Clawson . . . . 7 00
Jack Bryan claimed 5 00.. 3 00
Geo. F. McKnight 18 00
W. M. Petti! 39 50
The following road bills were al
lowed at the last meeting of the
highway commissioners:
J. W. Graham work.... 34 60
Metropolis Merc Co supplies 35 28
G Wolford work 9 00
Lee S"ranton work 18 00
George'Arthur work 18 00
Hiram I Sails work 475 00
Primeaux Co. material ... . 60 10
W. T. Smith Co. Iron etc.. 13 06
C. H. Lewis hauling 71 05
George Arthur work 9 00
P. J. Wollman claimed $117
allowed 112 00
Wm. Toyn claimed $18 al
lowed 12 00
J. F. Raker, hauling 32 60
A W. Hesson Co. supplies 129 30
F. A. Kaup work 12 00
R. M. Woodward work.... 30 00
Wm. S: Raine work 69 00
R. B. Stewart work 18 00
$100 REWARD (100
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to lesrn that there is at
least one dreaded disease thtit
science has been able to euro in all ,
its stages and that is Catarrh.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only
positive cure now known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being
a constitutional disease, requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cute is t?':en internally
noting directly upon tho blood and
mucous surfaces of the system,
thereby destroying the foundation
of tho disease and giving the pat
ient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature
in doing its work. Tho proprietora
have so much faith in its curative
power that they offer One Hundred
Dollars for any esse that it fails
to cure. Send for list of testi
Address: F. J. Cheney & Co, To
ledo, Ohio,
Sold by pll druitgists, 75 cents.
Take Hall's family Pills for con
Thought for Wtmts.
"In tho whole feminine oreatlon are
thorn any happtor women than tha
doforiuotl wlfo who Is not orookad for
tho eyes aho loves, th? lam* woman
when her hunband would not hata hat
other than aho Is, and tha wife crown
old and gray who Is >tlU young fof
hlmT"? Baliao.

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