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Ford Delivery Cars are used in fleets by many
of the largest business firms of the country.
This is because the Ford Delivery Car ha» solved
the problem of safe and quick delivery with the
smallest possible expense. Easy to understand,
easy to drive, and durable. A faithful servant
giving years of faithful service. We can give
you any style of body you want. One thing is
sure—every retail merchant will make money
by having a Ford Delivery Car. Come in. Let's
talk it over. We assure you genuine Ford
l service with genuine Ford parrs.
Lincoln Highway
Garage Company
We are located on the Lincoln Highway and
Midland Trail, in the center of East Ely.
Our Repair Work is guaranteed to give satis
Our expenses are low and charges in propor
Storage, Gasoline, Oils and Accessories
E. R. MILLER, Proprietor and Msmager
PHONfe r.*-j K*vr ELY. \e»*d%
R. R. ORR, Proprietor PIOCHE, NEVADA
Tk« beat wltirr route to Lot tagelea trow LIt i* kf mo, of
Pkuebe, rooarctlaft with tbe Arrowhead troll at laM Ve«aa.
We are located oa tbla direct route.
Repairs, Storage, Gasoline and Accessories
Ford Agency
Tanned, Dyed, Rebuilt, lined in Your Choice
Overcoats, Mackinaws, of Latest Styles
Ladies’ Plush Coats
Steamed, Fluffed, Rebuilt, worn edges turned in.
Cleaned, Pleated, Altered in Every Way Necessary
Beleal Tailoring Company
Tailors, Cleaners A Furriers for Ladies A Men
We Call for and Deliver
Telephone 50-X Kljr, Nevada
Building Material of All Kinds
Everything from Dimension Lum
ber to the Finest Finish.
Call on us for estimates. If you contem
plate building or house alteration, we
can figure to your advantage.
IK IT wasn't so foolish as to be
funny we'd naturally lose patience
with the Ely man who turns in an
ad for the paper with the announce
ment that he is giving it to us "Just
to help us along." .And yet every now
and then we run across the fellow who
lias not learned that advertising-Is the
best protection he cun have again«t
failure in business.
Take any prosperous r«tail concern
in this country as an example and ask
the proprietor if he advertises to help
the editor or himaelf. Take the mer
chant who is content to go ahead sell
ing the same amount of goods today
be did ten years ago and you'll find
he is standing still simply because he
is too shallow to see that advertising
helps the advertiser far more than the
publisher If advertising only h-lped
the publishers then American mer
chants are the most charitable people
on earth, for they maintain thousands
' of newspapers and magarines and b-t
loose of millions of dollars annual 1}
which they eould otheiwi*.- keep in;
their pocket.
The day w h< n that old question
"does it pay to advertise." was sprung
has passed with the stage coach and
J cent sugar. Today the sensible man
asks himself, "does it pay not to ad
I vertlse in every issue of the paper
j that goes to the people upon whom 1
I must depend far trade?" No sane man
! advertises today In a newspaper Just
to help somebody out. but he does so
to keep his business out of the hands
of the slieiiff. The truth *'a« never j
more plainly spoken than when some- j
1 one said there Is only one business in
the felted States jhat can g. t along
without advertising and uiak> money
and that is the Knifed Suit, s mint
Clliaena of Ely who ar* watching
i closely the trend of affairs in tini
country now realise that matters ar**
I reaching the sliowdow'ff stage, and tlu
wc are fast approaching the day w hen
there will again he more rn« n than Jobs
Already some of the larg< r factories
in thia country are letting men off
Detroit lias commenced to f> ■ 1 it nlwut i
her automobile factories, and In Cleve
land, there are wail to he thirty thous
and men out of Jobs.
The country must end Us w ilJ oigv
of ejtravagu.ice. It must cut out 1 ix
lirles and devote itself to the production j
;»nd distribution of essentials. Tin
warning has been Often sounded but
not heeded. We must heed now wheth
er we want to or not. We have done
our dancing in this country—and now
we must prepare to pay the fiddler.
Every time an Ely man undertakes
some worthy project In the community
there are the suspicious ones who ask.
"What does ho get out of 111" Just as
if nobody ever did anything without '
an ulterior or selfish motive.
A public Improvement of some k.nd
ia proposed and a certain element set*
up the cry. "Somebody is going to g< t
something out of It." A man accepts
an office at a sacrifice, tuinking he can
help the' people of the community, and
some fellow speaks up and says: “Oh.
well, he'll get a good deal more out
of it In aome way than the ssiaiy.*
And where a fellow makes a donation
to some worthy cause his motive 1
msplcloned ard questioned.
The auspicious —tne ones who do the
queat!>tnrg—ere the omt who deserv*
to be suspeeti-d. not the on*- they are
•knocking." Where a .nan *n*p<ct*
: elfish motive* in am-ther, he knows
difp down in his own heart that he
has mlflrh motives in most things that
he does. There are a lot of righteous
pet pie in this old world, doing all they
can for the b-ttcrin.nt <‘f the human
race—helping all of us In every way
they can. Money Is net thhr main ob
ject in life—which cannot be under
stood by those whose obiect in life la
money. There arc public officials aa
honest as anybody else, and doctors
who do more charity woik than they
do work for which they are paid—and
lawyers and merchants arJ manufact
urers who have other things in view
than piling up wealth. Tet. notwith
standing the great number of people of
this kind, there ate still those who ars
always ready with that suspicious
question: ' What does he g- t out of
Every citizen of White I'^n- county
understands tho Importance of ha-luff
capable teacher* an-1 preach, rs. and
their pewer far doing good in any
community Is too well known to be
dvbat.-d here. Everyone admits that
the future of this community, the
future of this country, depends upon
the ability of our teacher* and pr.-c.ch
tnd yet tl • fact r. main* that neith* i
the preacher nor tho bather i* paid
living wag-*. Thev ate at this tlm*
paid less than the wnrktr lr. the ditc h
or tl e hadcari ler. an-1 the r-rult i*
that reople are refu*!r.g to go ahead
teaching and preaching Thtre is a
shortage of teacher* and preathirs all
over the country and young in«-n and
women are refuting to prepare th«m
-elv*s for these professions li'cau*.
there Is no prospect of salaries in fc' *p
ing with the labors performed
Let s get down to plain, common
-sente and do something els* than talk
about It. Let's Inform ttie legislature
and tlie «eli.Kii boards that money must
be forthcoming to pay the teacher and
the preacher living wages. Let'* notify
tho member* of every congregation in
(he state that they havo no light to
expect their minister to serve them at
starvation wage*. lot's show th ••
n,. inter* of th**.* two crest and lionoi
able profession* that we appreciate
their value to the community In pai tit
ular and the world In general.
1 < t'» get ov-'-r the old belief tnat it
is possibly to hire good teacher* at
bargain price* or tv get to heaven with
out the aid Of a ininlvier.
Wouldn't It b» tine if K'y <mt touhl
w. ar a shirt without noticing the dirt
as long as a small bay can use ■< hand
.n: Chief without noticing II'
Dally papers announce a dump In
the price of silk, but most of us are
iiiore inteies'id In tin price ©* ban*
and eggs.
the average Ely man is :is anaiou*
to hav- his wife forget ills strr i* l »
is to ha»'e her forgive them.
Ida)be one reason overalls .re not
note popular is because It Is too hard
to conceal anything in the hly pockets
It nas about r-ached th ■ mint In
lids countr'- where a fellow o*.* th#
wont -cnl) wh-n he m>. ak- f 110,*
••00 O't,.
Sono timi e i. b'ly woman thinka »v
i much of her Ini shand Mie r-tka .tint it -
Another Royal Suggestion
Biscuits and Cinnamon Buns
From the New Royal Cook Book
BISCUIT! So tender
they fairly melt in
the mouth, and of such
glorious flavor that the
appetite is never satis
fied. These biscuits
anyone can make with
Koval Baking Powder
and these unusual re
S cups flour
4 teaspoon* Roy*]
Bakin* Powder
*4 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon* shortening
% cup milk or half milk
and half water
Sift together flour, baking
powder arid salt, add
shortening and rub In
very Ughtly; add liquid
■lowly; roll or pat on
floured board to about one
Inch In thickness (handle
a* little a* possible): cut
with biscuit cutter. Bake
ia hot oven 15 to J* min
Royal* Cinnamon Bun*
Z<4 cup* Hour
I teaspoon salt
4 teaspoon* Royal
Baking Powder
* tablespoons shortening
1 •**
b cup water
>4 cup sugar
• teaspoons cinnamon
4 tablespoons seeded
Sift S tablespoons of meas
ured sugar with flour,
salt and baking powder;
tub shortening Tn lightly:
add beaten egg to water
and add slowly. Roll out
*»-lnch thick on floured
board; brush with melted
butter, sprinkle with su
gar, cinnamon and ral
sins. Roll as for Jelly roll;
cut Into llq-inch pieces,
place with cut edges up
on well-greused pan;
sprinkle with a little su
gar and cinnamon Hake
ia moderate oven St to 15
minutes; remove from pan
at once
MU. Irmm Cmm U Tartu,
-J-l--J «___
■VrlYM irWi fTfepCt.
Writ. TODAY Iw tb. N.w
Hoyal <*ok Book, cm
tain. 400 otbar rorip*. ju.t
a. dclif htfnl a. than.
xov al kakiko rowDimoo.
114 Fulton 8trMt« >m Tot Oir
Athens Mercantile Co. Telephone 52
Three Deportments
Meat Department *d 12? ifiS**
Bakery Department «tl!
supervision of a master baker. See Window Display.
Grocery Department
and look at the array of good things on our shelves.
Mejii ol the children gbout wh*t tiro*
she oi'ght to h*ve dinner on Sunday.
.Another ihing about not owning nn
nutoombile is it savis wcrryMg 1oT
fear some iilltftf wtff steal *t.
If >ou want to :-e.r mm; E.y men
drop their prosperous look, lust present
th?m wit!) n blit.
Circus animals Me about ll.a jnly
ones now getting meat regularly, and
even they have to growl for It.
There are a few fellows in Ely so
skeptical they won t believe a good
thing oven when they hear It about
tbeniaclt c».
The F'y man who live* on “tick"
toon finds Uial life 4<<ein’t run like
1'lease don't call it ibe “almighty
dollar' any morn, when it won't even
buy a perk of puutoes or a couple of
inestes of liver.
New York union* pay their “walking
delegates'’ I7J a we;k. Conr^dorlng
the prior of thoe*. that Isn't nitjeh for
Every Ely boy scon learn* to know
that wh.<n everything vise falls he rap
always g-‘ h.s “iUl“ at a dentist's.
We still contend that the wjset man
irr Ely is the one who knows the pres
ent-day dollar is worth 50 cent* wher.
you spire! it and 10? cent* when you
save It.
Some Ely men are fair enough to
admit there'# two sides to an argu
nunt -their sld" and the wrong side.
This “• a*on » harvest will be the
largest In }ear* and prices will be sat
isfactory. f«o when the presidential
I year calamity howler com«s around,
turn a d<af ear toward mm.
I'or. t boiiow the News Subscribe
Thanksgiving Day
We Have in stock for the days
feast a choice line of
The hnest line of makings
for the
Also an endless assortment
Ord* r« arr now being booked for
*lic i»paM. iJ. t in tarly and avoid
the po**!bl>lty of m ahort market.
1-Lb. Package 85 Cents
Any Flavor
When You Want Black Tea
Ask for Tree Tea Ceylon
Finest Tea in the World
Feed and Grocery Store
It Pays to Save When You Can Also
Get the Best
We know How to Bnv and What to Bay to
give you the best the market affords and give it
to you at the Lowest Price.
Opposite Ret Theatre, Ely, Nev*4a.
The Store that Saves You Momey
We ere moving to the Nunnelly Building, in Eait
Ely, end will be reedy tomorrow morning, Monday,
November 15, to ani«t yea in reducing tbe high co*t
of living.
It’s bound to be a pound and sure to
be all right, if It’s from the Ely Market
Ely Meat Company
R1EPE & T1ETZ, Proprietor*
Trlvphoae 4#-K.
iUo Fir* luaniarf.
J. D. WALUCB, Altai.
Bill, Nttaila Pkaar 90-H

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