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THE WOMAN'S CECB cur-l party
held Monday evening »U the Uock
bill-Shallanbarger hall tvas both .t
financial and social success, about
thirty tables of players enjoying the
evening. Delicious refreshments were
served. Prlies were won ly Mrs.
Thomas A. Dath first. Mrs. A. C. Jones
second, and Miss Sybllla How 1U con
solation for the ladies, Dolph Fopplanr.
first, Mr. August It. Itiepe second and
Mr. F. F. Towne consolation for the
Mrs. .lay Hrinton entertnlned .it .1
Kensington Tuesday evening. Dainty
refreshment* were sorved. The invitee
guests were Mrs. Dee H. Murdock. Mrs.
Fred T. West, Mr*. Pros J. Goumond.
Miss Cleora Murdock. Mrs. Ilcrtha Fox.
Miss Kdr.a Squires, Mrs. M. V. Clays
Miss Clara McDonald and Miss Kate
Mrs. George 11. Ltnsley will entertain
the members of the Tuesday Evening
Five Hundred "Club Monday evening.
Miss Alda Stevens will be the not
hostess to the members of Iji Courture,
Mr. and Mrs. I., II. Murdoch, Miss
Cleora Murdock and l.eo Dccklem&ii
motored to the Magnuson ranch Sun
day and spent the day visiting ther*-.
Mrs. F. D. Oldfield will entertain the
members of the Spoon ctub at its next
Mrs. W. II. IJoyle of West Virginia
was an nrrival during the week to join
her husband, who has been here for
about a month. They ate now it home
In the lUchmar.
Mrs. George H, Llnsley will l>. the
nest hostess t>t the members of the
Amatuer Ilrldge Club.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Fib ge of McGill
were Eust Ely visitors last Sunday
Mrs. Edward Janes, who ha* been
seriously ill at the Stcptoe hospital, is
now rapidly convalescing, having been
temovrd to her home Wednesday,
Announcement has hern made of the
birth of a baby girl, born to Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Brown last Sunday at thi
nly Burgles" hospital.
Mr and Mrs. W. B. Bateman and
family of McGill have inorvd to Ely
and are nev at hotm In the ntchmar
,Virs. l,iw Pedlar, who. wits opetil.ij
on for appendicitis at the St- ptoe hos
pital about two weeks ago, if. rapidly
Improving, having been removed to hi 1
home on M rry street Monday .
Mrs. Mary Cupid will entertain the
members of the guild of St. Bartohlo
mew's chutcli nt its next meeting
Mrs If. A. Davidson of East Ely w i|j
• ntertain the mcmbiis of the r. K.
tomorrow evening.
Vlr. and Mrs. Fred 1J. Oldlield Wi-ti
dinner hosts Sunday. The invited
guests were Mr. and Mrs. John Stnek
ana Mortimer Keuugh of McGill ami
M::»s Frances Peters, the party later
being Joined by Mr. and Sirs. .1. f.
Miles, t'.irds were played.
The Order of the Eastern Star will
> oeJ initiation, election of officers and
a banquet Tuesday evening-.
Mrs. Bello Baird, who recentlv under
""it an operation at the Ely Surgical
hospital, Is now rapidly convalescing,
having been removed to her home Sun
-The ltcbekuln will hold their regular
meeting nest Thursday evening when
• lection of officers will take place.
.'frs. 1>. r. Stung entertained the
memb- rs of the Bridge Club Tnursday
evening. Delicious refreshments were
rerved Those present wero Mrs. Wil
liam Campbell, Mrs. Josephine Weynian,
Mbs Jennto Newlnger, Mr. and Mrs.
r>. C. M;Donald, Mr. and Mrs. A. N.
McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. J, F. Miles’,
'frs. II. \ Condns and Alfred Tamblyn!
Mrs I C, Whitmore wi'l be the
ne\t hostess to the members of the
•utur lay Five Hundred dub.
Mrs. O. B. Nance and Mrs. Ted Mul
t hew a ot Itutli attended the card party
riven Monday o\ -ml rig by the Woman s
Mrs George Newman and Mrs. Frank
Buffer of McGill were Ely visitors
Mondiy, being the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Jyliu If. Eager.
Mrs. Geoige W. Lichlllei of East Ely
entertained the members of the E. T.
last Tuesday. I.ight refreshments
wero served. The club members are
Mrs. W. O. Moorman, Mts. James Mac
I-aughlin, Mrs. D. T. Stong, Mrs. D, C.
McDonald. Mrs. A. N. McDonald, Mrs.
George W. Jackson. Mis. Ed Furcell,
Mrs. Clarence O. Barron, Mrs. Liddell.
Mr*. E. E. Knox and Mrs. If. v Travel.
1 he meeting of the Dinner-Bridge
• 'll b has been postponed until after
-Mrs. Paul It. Boose was a charming
dinner host< sh Sunday evening. Covers
wer-j laid for Mrs. Walter S. IIolmquiHt.
.Mrs. Helena White and the Httl
Misses Polly and Peggy White.
Mr. and Mrs. Mac Settles entertained
at cards during the last week. Dainty
j refreshments were served. The guests
were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Tl*tz, Mr
and Mrs. I^iwrence A. Ti< tz. Mr. and
Mrs. August It Uiepe, Fnd Baglln (•■’•!
Joseph TletZ.
Mr. and Mrs. August It. Bhpe w.i.
dinner hosts Sunduy evening. Covers
Were placed for Mr. and Mrs. rawrence
A. Tltex. Mr. and Mr*. Herman Tletx Sr.,
Joseph Tietz and Fred Baglin. thd party
later being Joined by Mr. and Sits Mac
Settle* and cards played.
Mr*, llarry Tamblyn entettained the
member* of the Taidlcs’ Aid of the
• Methodist church Wednesday afternoon.
' Plan* are well und'-r wav for the bazar
to bo held December J8. At tho con
clusion of tho meeting dainty refresh
wore served.
Mrs. If. A. Fravel of East Ely will
bo the next hostess to the members of
the Needlecraft Club, tho meting being
postroned until December SO.
Mrs. Gael S. Hoag entertained th*
numbers of the into Club at its meet
ing last night. Those present were
Mrs. James s. llennett, Mrs. Arthur
Smith, Mrs. Paul 11. Boose and Mrs.
Vail, Pittmen. Dainty refreshments
wore set ved.
Mrs. S E. Devliu of San Francisco
was ait arri\^l Friday night and is the
house guest of her daughter, Mrs. Elton
Mrs. Raymond 11. Holtzinuu will en
tertain tho members of the Drama
League at its next meeting, tvlilch will
be December 23.
Miss I.ols Lockhart and Miss Ruth
Oliver were breakfast guests of Mrs.
Aubrey Burkhart Bonham Sunday
Mrs. Van Newman, who was summon
ed to Stockton. Cal., owing to the se
rious illness of her father, who is now
convalescent, returned Sunday evening
Miss Margaret Smith depaitcd Wed
nesday morning for Coallnga, Cal.,
where * lie will be the house guest of
jher niece, Mrs. Norman Dorn, nee Maude
Mrs. II. C. Christian, who underwent
a serious operation at tho Steptoc hos
pital last Saturday, is now rapidly con
Mrs. Bud Uodell was a luncheon
guest of Mrs. Thomas F. Chambers at (
’hr Elite cafe Tuesday.
Mrs, D Body-Smith of McOlll was an
Ely visitor Thursday, attending tho
meeting of the Thursday Bridge Club at
th.: licmc of Mrs. Ercd T. West.
The F* nedict Dancing Club lies >s
s .«d invitations for the third !n their
series of dances, the dance to be held
December 17 at the RockhUI-Shal'.nn
barger hall.
Mrs. Martha Fainier v.as a dinner
hostess Monday evening. Covers were
laid for Mr. ar.l Mrs. Charles C. Caper
ton and Mr* Josephine Cameron.
Miss Irene Mendez of Duckwater,
who has been the house guest of her
sister, Mrs. Herald Dugan, departed
yesterday for home.
Mrs. Jack Caulfield of Until was an
Ely visitor Tuesday.
Mrs. Martha Farmer was a delight
ful hostess at cards Tuesday evening,
followed by the serving of delicious re
freshments. Friz'S were won by Mrs.
Willis E Mey »rz first, Mrs. Bert Hot
brook second, and Mrs. D. B. Italley
consolation for the ladles and by D. T.
Stong first, 11 Ill's E. Meyers second,
and C. C. Caperton consolation for tho
gentlemen. The lnt'ted guests were
Mr. and M s. Bert Walker of McGill,
Mr. nnd Mis. J. C. Wheeler. Mr. and
Mrs, Charles C. Caperton. Mr. nml Mrs.
Willis K. Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. D. T.
Stong. Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Bailey. Mr.
and Mr*. Thomas A. Bath, Mr. and Mm. '
Belt Halbrook, Francis Lewi" and Mr*.
1 Josephine Cameron.
Mr*. C J. Moseley of McGill vix an
Kly visitor Tuesday, being th<; lunch-'
' eon guest of Mrs. Archie Blair.
Mrs. Ray Itelding Is expected to i e-!
turn from Omaha about December ]«. !
_ l
Mrs. J. II Alagnuson of Steptoe Valley
is tile house guest of her sisP-r. Mrs,
Le<‘ H. Murdock.
Miss Carol Clark, charming young
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Clark,
a student at at. Mary’s academy, ,?alt
Lake City, is expected home nbont De
cember 15, to spend tlie holidays visit -
ing her parents.
| Mr. and Mrs. William Nell McGill
and Miss Frances McGill, who spent the
last week In Salt 1-aWe City, are expect
od to return this evening.
The Missot Walz and Jenny had Mlsa
Mary Black and Mrs. J. K. IJeighler as
dinner guests during the last week.
The Misses Walz and Jenny enter
tained at a charming dinner Sunday
evening. Covers were placed for Miss
Ophelia Gilmore and Miss liraen.
Miss Marie Sears entertained the
members of the newly formed Tuesday
Sewing Club among the young misses
of the grade school Dainty refresh
ments were served. The club members
now are the Misses Virginia Ray, Melba
Goraghty, Iicne Cook, Dorothy Del
more, Mildred Delmore. Gertrude Pha’
lanberger and* Willie Carpenter.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Squires of Central
Ely were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.
J. Ray Monday evening. Dainty re
freshments were served.
’1 lie Misses Jeanne Dooley and Caro
lyn Osmo entertained the teachers of
the grade school at their apartment in
the Dorothy Thursday evening. Var
ious games were played. Dainty re
freshments were served. Those present
were Miss Mary Black. Misr. Ruby
Rogers. Miss La Vita Harrison. Mias
Adelaide Hilling. Miss Lottie Taylor.
Mrs. Ida Henry, Miss Klbllla Howells,
Mrs. Curtis H. Bent and Miss Howe.
Mrs. M. E. Peters had Mrs. Joseph V.
Murphy and Miss Janyce Puryear as
dinner guests Sunday.
Mr. end Mrs. Bert Walk, r ..f McGill
were Ely visitors Tuesday.
Miss Margnr.-t Ilogan of McGill was
an Ely visitor Wednesday, being a
luncheon guest of Miss Cleora Murdock.
Mr. and Mrs. 8. Herbert Williams
wen- McGill visitors Tuesday.
Mr. and Air*. Walter Harrison Shelton
and Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Rose of
Hutli were Ely visitors Tuesday . ven
Dr. and Air*. .V. E. T. Buck. 11 expect
to leave lure about December 19 for
a vacation trip to b> spent In Hono
Airs. Ed llorrocks «.f Ea'-i. Ely enter
tained the members of the Double E
Bridge Club Thursday afternoon. De
licious refreshments were served. Mrs.
J. P. Rumbaugh won first prize, Miss
Jennie X. winger second, and Mrs. A. E.
Haitnctn the consolation. Those at
terdlng were Mrs. H. It. Anx-ns, Mrr.
J. P. llumbaugli. Mrs. J. W. Painter,
Mrs. A K. Hartman. Miss Jennie New -
inger, Mrs. Doris Duval), Mrs. 11. A.
'JnvMeoit and Mrs. Ed Purcell.
In honor of Miss lless Fulmer's birth
day. Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Fulmer enter
tained at dinner Wednesday evening.
The invited guests weie Miss Mary
Decklwnnu lnd >lr, and Mrs. Ctrl F.
Mrs. John Weber entertained the
members of tho Grandmothers' Club
Tuesday. A dainty luncheon was serv
ed, followed by tho playing of bridge.
Mrs. George H. I.lnsUy had high score.
Those present were Mrs. James S. Ben
nett, Mrs, K.l Mlllntd and Mrs. George
>1. Linslay.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred T. West had Miss
Hut an Brown of McGill as n dinner
guost Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Joseph Ties and Mis* Jtuhy Ties,
after spending the last five months
visiting relatives and friends In Europe
returned home Monday evening.
Mrs. William Vales McGill entertain
ed the Firate Bridge Club Wednesday
afternoon. A dainty luncheon proceed
ed the playing o? cards. Mrs. Arthur
Smith had high score. Those present
were Mrs. Raymond if. HolUman, Mrs
Arthur Smith and Sirs. Paul tl. Bocse.
Miss I ols I.ockhart was a charming
dinner hostess Monday evening, follow
ed by the playing of cards. The in
vited guest* were Sfr. and Mrs. Aubry
B. Bonham, Mis* Ruth Oliver. Philip
Hunak, J. E. I.ovejoy and Vincent Ruse.
Mrs. A C Cleveland departed Wed
nesday morning for Reno, enroute to
Oakland, Cal., where she will spend
the remainder of the winter.
Mrs. J. M. Lockhart was a charming
luncheon hostess Monday, followed by
the playing of cards. Covers were laid
for Mrs. SC. A. Dorsey of Elko, Mr*.
Charles S. ('handler nnd Sirs. Nealy II.
Mrs. Fred T. West entertained the
members of tho Thursday Bridge Clab. ]
Mrs. John We her and Sirs. Charles C
Caperton had high score. Those pres
ent were Sirs. John Weber, Mrs. W. O
Moorman. Mrs. Percy Jackson, Sirs.
James S. Bennett, Sirs. WIBls E.
Meyers, Mrs. Charles C. Caperton and
Mm t>. rtojd-Smlth.
Mrs. \\ llbar P. Lindst-j and children
Roger and Betty of McGill wa r* lunch
eon guests of Mrs. James s. Pennett
Sir. a till Si's. Gerald Dugan entei ■
(allied gjcsls at dinner Sunday even
ing. Tho invited guests were Miss
Irene Mendes of Duckwater and Dr.
W. E. Taylor of Reno, the party lalei
attending the show.
Mr. ami Sirs Aubrey Buikiiait
Bonham w re dinner hosts Tuesday
evening. Covers were laid for Dr.
Robert P Roantreo, Pliilip Hunak and
Miss t.old Lockhart.
The Misses Mary Ash. Lucille Hagans
and The'ma ItiganB. also Kent Baird,
Stanley Williams and Vaughn Driggs,
motored to McGill Wednesday evening
and enjoyed a swlrr. In the clubhouse
! por ). Vn< r t-I.' put (V having flipper at
Hie Elite cate.
Philip llamtk of Provo, t’tab, who
has been the' house guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Aubrey Burkhart Bonham, de
parted Ifiusnlay morning for home.
Miss; Lois Lockhart was a charming
luichoon hostess Wednesday. Covers
were mid for Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey
Burkhart Bonham and l’hllip llnnak.
Mr. ml Mis. Charles 8. Chandler
had Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Burkhart
Bonhnn. or dinner guests Wednesday
hr. and Mrs. J. A. Wulace plan to
leavo neve -ibout December 20 for Lit
tle Rock. Ark., to spend the Christmas
holidays with Dr. Wallace’s parents,
Mr. a-id Mi r. O. M. Wailaoo.
i —-—
Harry Smith, son of Air. and Mrs.
Arthur Smith of East Ely, a student
at the Ames Agricultural College o
Iowa, is expected to arrivo abc-ut De
cember id to spend the Christmas holi
days wlto his parents.
Mrs. August^!. ltiepe and Mis. Law
rence A. Tietz spent Thursday visiting
at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. 1.. M.
•Crawford and Mr. and Mr*. John Stack
of McGill.
Mr*. Jack Mahoney is the house guost
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Mr
Greevcy of Ruth.
Mr. and Mrs Paul Irwin of Duck
water have taken up their residence
here fr the winter.
Mrs. J. W. Burrus of Ruth was an
Ely visitor Wednesday, spending the
day at the Steptoe hospital visiting her
Miss Margaret Hogan of McGill was
an Ely visitor Saturday, spending the
week end ns the guest of Miss Cleora
Mr. and Mrs. O, M. Wallace Jr. and
son "Duster" expect to leave about De
cember 10 for Little nock. Ark., to
visit Mr. Wallace's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. O. M. Wallace Sr.
Mrs. J. W. Kowartli of MciGli spent
Friday hero on a shopping trip.
Mrs. W. 11. Cour of McGill wan an
Ely visitor Friday.
Mrs. F. Rockcnbacker of Meiiill was
an Ely visitor Friday.
Mrs. J. tV. Ford of Ruth was an Ely
visitor Friday, spending the day shop
, Ping.
Mr. ami Mrs. Walter 11. Shelton were
Elv visitors Tuesday Overling.
Mr. and Airs. Charles F. nose of Ruth
were Ely visitors Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Rowan were Ruin
visitors Friday, being luncheon guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Harland Rowan.
Mrs. Joseph Long and Mrs. John
Donahue of Ruth attended tho card
party given Monday evening by the
Woman's Club.
Mrs. The mas H. SuffaU entertained
at cards followed by the serving of
dainty refreshments Tuesday evening.
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Hair Ribbons, the Latest Colors
In widths ranging from 4 to 6 inches, at
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Dainty Kid Gloves in Brown and White
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