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For President, in 1864,
The Demand for Peace at the South.
llt has ■ ci mu !!y :>--erteJ by Copper
it the «
tatea can". }t b,- r .* rce ' to return to their
llegiance to the Fohral Government; that
ic rebel* cabe conquered, etc. How
prrect d » the , views appear, when brought
Fj'i.r .ip -!ii with the slate of affairs exist
ig i/i the South at the present time 7 How
inch po<-;b;jity is there of the Confederates
dj - 10 the last ditch” to maintain their
ao '■ -w idling by the action of prominent
phel- within the past few months? Every
■ ■ .
•oath is whipped and most submit,” is true.
'naV-lhc leaden may prolong the fruitless
goggle for a while is p ;?»ible, but they cannot
fleet the Coal result. On this point the fol
ding’ftorn the Raleigh (North Carolina)
•regress is pertinent :
“Peace alone can prevent narration. !l !•
illy to talk about there being enough supplies
i the c nntry. Such is not the fact, and those
Mhere t<# such a mistake will find their error
Iw ;i .is too late Confederate money is bad
f revisions is not
f fence in 1
t is be ipr ducers have nothing to
ri - in. We tell the and authorities
innol and
rid not ia«t. 'I he masses of hard working,
I red long
nd will not puffer and endure always. Peace
hey want. Peace they will have—if not upon
»ich terms a- the leaders who have betrayed
hern de-ire, upon such terms as they themselves
hail pre-'Tibe. Rich men may have meat and
(read, but we tell them it will not remain with
(uni, unless the p* »r are pr* vided for. Peace,
pch as statesmen and rulers might obtain,
n*uM give us abundance of all creature com
brts, but the c.)ntii.uili.\'i of the war will rob
s of til social and political rights, and make
he many slaves of the few.”
I if the above extract is a fair representation
f the condition uf the States in rebellion, it
roviN-c Mclusivcly that they have very nearly.
not quite, reached that point when sabmis
ion bje< ;;i3s a necessity. Vet, notwitbsland
<g this position of affairs, and the established
that tbou.'audt of loyal men at the South
re t Adm trati
|ie t>v which has brought this result about.
; ’ ivery m of the N rlh continue Ic
lon i urv the Government pdi cy, and to insist
(pm a reveeali. n of the Emancipation Proc*
timat. 11 as the only way in which the Union
t an be preserved! Put all attempts to save
,he institution of slavery from the fate which
as overtaken it—whether they come from
i** oil hern doughfaces or Southern rebels and
ratv -must prove futile. The “masses ol
a:d working, honest people” in the South,
C Ter red to by the Progress, are fast coming to
t predate tue terrible condition in which their
•elrayal by the conspirators is placing them.
’• ' " ere Img wreak a terrible revenge upon
y des t I
: K A:.J. whit comes to a choice of
javorv without the Ur.ion, or the Union wiih
■ n
o ca*. ? They will certainly choose that
fh:c : promises the most certain and permanent
e.ics and prosperity. Slavery has never be
dm ! J or ns-dsted thorn, and now, when it i>
> ’■ v vm_o of d -f;notion, lh y will ahkov it
i* perish having no j>y in Us life, they will
d lament its death.
Uh ft few such repentant rebels as Gen.
:iqjU 4 distributed throughout the Confederacy
i- f w inch the present prospects are strorglv
jdicative—a f‘volution io tlie entire South is
' certain as that which has already occurred
* Arkar* ••, in which th p Ay . Mr. Idnc In
l*d bo . n -i: c tu-i; of a return to the
| will ensure t
40 r'.'Uth l.;c . • h the Progress savs
:IQ»pe I; ’ faav I ! • Other W3V Call
■ ■ er way would
•eace be of that s did. permanent character
■ *h is desirable after such a devastating war
- i .at w . ich the rebellion has brought upon
ic c untry.
J Cov ire sicv.vi Districts. -TheCommittee
o*i Idle : n.s in the Asscmldy has reported a
Sta three Congressi il
• I strict San
[hvg.\ l.os Angeles. San Periurdino, Santa
Barbara, San I mis Obispo, Tulare, Monterey.
h v M • mV- St m 6 a»
, ftrlft Clara. Canta Cruz. San Mateo and San
r^*KV vo. Seen nd District—Marin, Sonoma,
dapa. > at:v Contra Costa. Alameda, San
hmjuin. Tuolumne, Calaveras, Amador, El
b 'fada a*'d Sacramento. Third District—
llS . N a
■ i i iia-. 1 cliama, Colusa. Men
y , Sisk
; - •IV N v.-te I*he la-t section of
Gvpiri provide? tha*. ‘ at the general election
tativo to the Congress of the United
■ ■. . ■ ass
*Goodß:i: DffkarFP.— A Bill has been
l, c : eavc.i via. get era! laws in at Vast
N : - ia each coar.ty ihrooghoat the
Tl>;> ! a w. we tHck. sbou'J not have
i*- cr '' ' l as :t is a matter of general in-
Orc,-; : w;.. anj they should
■ l> pp 'rttu.::y ul ai.owi; wl.at the laws
Fro. 1:; better or cheaper manner could it
Svc be, d: e than in the way proposed.
V.-' >' • ■ a::.i other States have ben
' ; ‘by antbftrity and it hastriven tteuc
4iti#fac:i nto the people. I here are but
1 * Stab who can I ive acc ■-
f - r i-ut- -s. while on the other hand,
I ■ ■■ in possess
,ounty ; rtvottp •, a: i a large number preser
■ - ■ Vki ledge of wfaat ir
'* ; ’ r ■ ■ cal law; are w uld be of greater
■ due to the people than the small pittance to
| ’ ■ frati, he
| Ork “
A Noble Tribute from an Englishuian.
While the greater portion of tho English
oobiiity are bitterly opposed to '.be sc •ss of
oar GoTerr.n et t Is ':• = efforts f ■- : rva
ticn. a* ■! have v- v :■] nntar. " . d * ;,-tia v
(bin t ' . Is 'ne lira
Br Got cn n proi
c-rned, maty of ! create 7 ! mi: ■in T gian ;
of the act!tied clas*—! t jey en. ra '•••• far
tost so I of that n t ry—
have proven steadfast defenders of t el':
Governin' nt, even at the tit. e wl-;:. our pr ,
pccts were the dark -■ a d tie clan ' in K: :■
land was loudest f r a rccujjnk’on of the bogus
Confederacy * \ »! . ■ friends f the
Cotton tracy gla Seen
ctantlyt relinquish a soft!
of the Confederates, the words f tbv -s r bit
men «bo have refused to lend lh*;r aid to the
slave power are listc: e.I to with profound at
teution, at.d must have a powerful effect in
shaping the course of the English G verement.
In this country, the names of suvh men a?
Richard Cobden at.d John Bright will be
gratefully remembered and c! crisl. d when
those of many of our own p< iitiemns shall cease
to he thought of except to be ex- crated.
We have been led into n.g th* above
remain;- by r adit g the f. . wl. _at from
the concluding port: n of'agreat speech of Mr.
Bright before lits -constitucr.ta at Rochdale.
It is a noble aud impartial tribute to our
Government :
"Will anybody deny that the Government
at Washington, as regards its own jwople. s
the strongest Gorernroent in tho world at this
hour? [Cheers] And for this simple reason,
because it is ba 3 cd on the will, aud the good
will, of an instructed people. [Cheers ] Look
at the power! lam not discussing whv
it is, or the cause which is developing iu
p iwcr ; but powt-r is the tho: tr which men re
gard in these old countries, and which they
ascribe m i :,:y to K
look nt the p >wer which the looted .States
have developed! They have b-e . t more
men into the field, they have built in snips
(or their navy, they have shown creator re
sources than any nation in Europe nt this
moment is capable of. Isjok a' ti.e order
which has prcvailW at their elections at which,
as you see by the papers, 50,00". nr 100.000.
or d.>0.000 persons voted in a given Stale, w i:h
less disorder than you have seen la my in three
of the smallest boroughs in England—B irn ta
ble, Windsor and Andover, ; Tr:_t!,'-n a; i
cheers j Took at their Indus rv. \ (with
landing this terri
their manufactures and nitm-ice proewd witli
a i nninterrapted sucec-s. Th. y are ruled by
a President chosen, it is true, not fr m - me
worn out royal or noblc'blocd, but from the
people, and one wh sc troihtuh -s and sptitl.ss
honor have claim,d him universal praise ; and
now the country that has been villifkd through
half the organs of the press in England during
the last three years, and was p dated out. too.
as an example to bo shunned by many of your
statesmen; :hat c uintrv, now iu mortal strife,
affords a haven and a home I i inlnuide? fly
ing from the burdens and the neglect i f tie
old go-ernraents of Europe [cheers]; end
when this mortal strife is over, when peace is
restored, when slavery is dcstrovr 1. when the
Union is cemented afresh C.-r i would sav in
the languag-eof one of our own ■ ... s avhTer-n ■»
his country,

In tearful haste, thy murdered ■ r— away '—
[loud cheers] —then Europe and England may
learn that art instructed deni . racy is in -ur -t
foundation of government, and that education
and freedom or., the only sources of true great
ness and true happiness amor g a:a i , ’pic."
[lmmense cheering.]
The Chii-max Pirat. - —The United plates
Marshal at .-tan Francisco received, on tire
2'dh. tho President's pard :. t > Rubory.or.e of
the Chapman pimtes. lie was forthwith re
leased. The condition is that lie shall leave
the Uniti,! Stab s wit! t ■ ;, . He will
s' irt for Kr gland by tire ;. M amor for I’au
rims. RiJgcly Grcalhine lr *...,:n the cn.'h
of allegiance, and agrees to •it all lire
President's proelam.i'i :.s r-.aru g slaver'.
H 1 h eforth c iuct an and
loyal citizen of tho United Slates, lie claims
release from custody under tho President's
amnesty proclamation. The question wall he
argued on Monday next. bcMre Jadg? Ilcff
man—Alex Campbell a: I Take for prisoner.
Hi mj son Camj be 11..: dU. S A tte rcy SI. irp
for Government. 11.. : ■
the oath of allegiance, declaring that prefer?
to rctniiti in prison rather than perjure h:ms*!f;
that lie does not like tfic I.me. ;; llovcrtiiuent.
and will not give it his supp nt. S > the Gov
ornmeut must needs him.
Ai t. the Sauk —The California Express
publishes, in full, the Message of Jeff Davis to
•he Confederate Congress, which commenced
i's session at Richmond, on th seventh of
December last. Of course it is loyal to the
Sonthern Coni 1 ■ nd ild ■ ■ have
lone otherwise without '
versa! t
As- advocate of and sympathiser with !' od. s
potie and rebellious aristocrats of the Confed
eracy, it is allowed perfect freedom to print
and publish articles sympathising with Jeff's
tyrannical rule,and in oppositi n to the G v
ammont under which ii ii suffered to exist
—and still cries out for “ more fre, dom cf the
press. - ’ The Express should bare bad ■■ By
Authority " placed over the iMcssags—a? it
appears to be a t n t official pat t »ge
Thr horse *• 01.1 Bill " says ti e San Jose
Patriot, which D M-: ■■ v - ie acr s* the
plain? Mis 1 the s
' January last, at sal. 1 Mur .v s ra: ch ::
Bat tt tp r . -■ was
when he crossed the plains. ..: 1 twenty f r
years old at dea'k. He was a m a: m.il,
fine under the saddle and in Im-:- ss. an i lived
to a venerable age. respected bv mil ,; ;. c y •
an., his void owner.
Fishier, of the Red Bluff Itai ■ j
to the 'heading' rf Lew : • ;-*s part r. -0 d Pah-
Utah,” and ad led : "There is t
for tastes, as the -ii wvma - .... ,1 -,v',si.
kissed the cow. " I.ovv y replies : - We'll
send the old woman up to ..: i i e ; her trv
a kiss at a ■*ar ■ how g- Ikt ? that. ”
McClellan's report of 1. - cam; . in V.rg. ia
■ 35 pages -.■ I . . lr ; v
as heavy as the report of t. -nore's .■want’'
angel.”—dm j,for Di<mr .
That's rather an tm'hi-d c" t _
"Why shouldn't if be as l .-.-.-v? J ? g■ i;
the rep rt of tie C.iea'. i p swat: - .
A N kvroß vkCi ~
It is that ground , s
Cbm 'ry at Chatta ...... . ',• j
ati 1 tho position chosen for a :n'nnment to the
memory of the brave :: ,;t wh :jiere.
Xae Legislature.
T:.: a - t£r.\ n f ■ L:jislai-jr.- ia- a* last
:: direct. Jto the a committed bv the
• . k! _ ■ti
Mr. Purler 2 ■ i a re?" f:>n icftra.the
Committee on I’ubho Lands lo report a bi.i
pi-: :in :? if. ti; la - ed that iLeti
in growing tin r, and
.t tb ■ • meoced tnrj ■
has air»a ■- e-1 t ‘he detraction of ft.
sands of tr - which re nproperiy tap]
f r tiie pitch lh yci;;;'ai:;ed. This evil shcui :
tecked in I is 3ev< ral S iat r - an it
red in this view, among them Hon. F. M.
r-miti . ,f tLi- countv. w i.ere the pitch gather
ers are d• i' g t :>■ mo-t damage. The rts.'.n
lion was adopt,d. after amending it. at the
suggestion of Mr. r-i after, so as to include
limber on private iat.ds.
Among the acts passed in the Senate, on
the 25th, was an Act to amend an Act to levy
a tax fur the support of the Insane Asyl im :
also, an Act to amend an Act concerning
g f i . . lepr lat s.
■■ th 271 l s petition was rec . t
iof San Fr isco,
g that ; - ■ ic Contract law shu
... *
. A rosclut i 3
tto a n the sh j
Dk-nl of bitting powiK-r fur mi:/.!'; purposes in
Mexico. Two bills for the codification of the
laws were discussed al great length—cutting
uflf contract bill—and were amended
and ordered engrossed.
In the Senate, on the 2Slb, a reiolution wag
passed a.king the President to delay the sale
of public lands in this Slate, which have been
occupied hs swamp lands under .State title, and
have rot been correctly segregated.
The bill to repeal the Specific Contract law
w-18 ordered engrossed, in the Senate, cn the
28th—ayes I*3, nocs 10. So the Contract
law will be rep.-aled.
-\ n act to regulate the revenue from civil
actii ns in the courts of record in the several
conn;‘ea of this State was passed in the As
sembly, ou the 22d ; also, an act to exempt the
county of Sutter from the provisions of the
act relating to estrays.
In the Assembly, on the 23d, the act legal
iz.: g the elcc i >n uf Boards of Supervisors in
certain co inti s was passed.
In the Assembly, on the 25th, an Act abol
ishing the Hospital Fund, and transferring the
money to t!; - * Ltgßlalive Fund. was passed.
On the 27 h, the resolution deprecating the
appointment i f disloyalists to office was.pa.-scd.
I. lad Move.
In tiie Senate ind House similar bills have
been introduced, propositi" the enactment of a
law, whicli. if pa. sed. will create a reduction
of the already mini usly low prices, for legal
men:?. I’l.e necessity for th pas sag
f such a iaw. we caonot divine —without it is
to reduce proprietors of country newspaper?
f. m a mere livelihood to extreme poverty—
such a result would inc.’itably follow. Were
the present prices extra 'agant or oppressive,
tlicio would be some just cause for such legis
lative enactm tits, but cc tht contrary, it has
been reduced'o such a Fgurc, th.it county
newspaper p iblidwr? scare >ly eke out a res
portable live;: o-l by applying faithfully daily
labor at the " ease, " not even enabled to pay
the wagi sof the da; >r ir. The gr at rc-
Huctieu fur the ; .- t two y >ars. in printer's
prices, has il. inonst.'ated the fact
t;.v without aI) t r -.avion for labor,
r the entire offi d pair ge, a coun'fy pa
per cat t live - for i rant
j rt. 1 ; dor ti e- eirc inistanies, to now
cripple, re 1 ice ai I drive . it of ox'Stenci'. by
- .... o. in a manner, the coui.’ry Ui.i u
; - f ih;-Slate, is lilera'.y working a tie
slraction of the I nioa party, destroying its
present perfect orgat tuition, weakening the
: , wer that p'. ■■ d the ji:esoi.t members of the
great Uniou party in their high and honorable
p’sit ion—it is reaching forth to the destruction
I tneir own batterh s. and falling into the arms
of the enemy.
However, wo can !o k upon the introduction
of this biil in no other light than that it was
created and. 1 r ' ght both by shrewd, cunning
Copperhead loaders, ruled from power by the
advocacy of disloyal sentiments. And now as
they witness the downfall of their party ard
listening tc the co: tir.ual death knewlsof their
S - ith«rn mj at isi g orgat s. and li king
forward to the remaining hopeless aril dying
few. they seek to divide or destroy the official
at 1 general pati ig f the Union press, a»
m nly ei tini g spark . f consol it ion to be
swallowed from the bitter cop.
Dor;, g the past political contest, sufficient
-acts were iu y deve o; eil and clear to everv
member of the Union party to now be placed
on guard against any and every species of
C pperbead trickery and deception. No pe
titions have been sent up favoring the passage
of such law —no ohjecti.-c* can be made
against the present system—and no one will
rejoice at the success of said law except Cop
perheads. it being of their own planning.
Progress fh Sacra onto corresf ndcnl
o: ihe \ irgmia Knterprisc. to give au idea of
» ; sentiment sai - : it a
f years s ce re ns, i 1 1 ir s
radical as Campbell's, were introduced in the
(. ... t. rn a I-ogts ature by K F. Perkins, and
: ived but ■ o vote—and that was giv by
res itions. Verily
re belli : i.as >r-.r.'cd an astonishing revolution
••• put.c se: riment—of which the end is not
yet Bat tl g i : ■
g -a;.-; ;be Mar viand Leg is-
Ues Abraham I r
■• ‘ a;:d tl*-. pe ■ >-i Arkansas ir-• to wo:k
y - ,
w... bop: '.c-J .bal Slate. Two years
■ • ’ ' 3 against 11 I
certainly * -ked great changes, and, while
mu: Jof thorn 1. ivc 1 . s.ul. by far the larger
portion are of a character to g’jddoo the heart
of every Jovcr oi the L :.. ■>?, a< indications of
its giorlcss Mture.
Ins Express says the first nv.ssage ever
'U'::*: 1 tdegrapb:‘.ween Cal:*' rn a
manager, dlr.cily from Jack' -vb o, to which
. 1
; - - - coi gjetgd
Letter from Humboldt.
I’m nv;l: s t X. T., Jao. 7. 15-'4.
Mr Kditor:— * * • The Humbo’.d:
Cana! is only one of the cr j enterprises of
frit le going quietly this c ‘7.
We have two laccCs now heir.? ran through
she Humb Ml range of mountains—one from
tlunit ; ’.dt tVy to Star, and the oiler from
Kcli to L... :ivile. Tfct.se tunnels, when
completed, will be four to fire miles in length,
fifteen hundred feet below the summit of the
mountains, and of capacity for teams to pass
ti.ruagh. They will open untold riches; and
these are only two out of thousands of less
magnitude going on as fast as the miners hare
the means. We are doing nothing compared
with what we w ,i ; do bad we the means.
Capital is what we want. Any quantity ol
steam mills could find constant employment.
The best of wood can be had in any quantity
almost, at ten dollars per cord at this place.
Almost all whom I have conversed with in
California and many who have been hero, are
of the opinion that wc are short of wood. To
such I would say, you have not been into uor
hills and canons.
Fall's mill? are running, and the rock fr* m
Tißcrcnt ledges pays from 01 hundred and
thirty to four hundred dollars per ton. We
want mills. Sie:;:n mills would pay well, and
find no trouble in gelling wood. In Cinnabar
and Table Mountain Districts, in the range
east of this place, wood could be had delivered
at the mills at four or five dollars per cord, and
those districts have a plenty of good ledges
The Great Republic, Blue Ledge, Golden
Magnet and Tou Bet ledges are in Cinnabar
District, ami Table Mountain District can
boast of the Senator, Champion, and many
other good ledges.
Late la~t fall. Trinity District was discovered
by Joseph Ronse, ati old Butte county man.
nnd is now attracting much attention. Cure
diver can be taken out of many of the ledges
with a blow pipe or in a blacksmith’s fire.
This is particularly the case with the Canada,
Texas, Highland Mary and Pennsylvania
ledges. Rouse !ia= a "good thing," if he holds
on and don’t get in a "weaving way" too often.
Go rge Guise, Pat Harris, Tom Harris, and
many other Oroviiliuns, are here; and, by tin
way, Pat lias quite an intercsCin the lowa, in
Sierra District, a ledge that pays remarkably
well—has assayed as high as six thousand
dollars per ton. and not selected. Guise and
I urn Harris have confined themselves more to
this district, having interests in the Chameleon,
Silver Heels, Brunswick, Sinaloa, and many
tiier goid ledges in this district and the
Taylor Co., in Sierra. George Lovelock is in
Keho District and on his feet once more—
having many good feet, such as the Broderick,
Leviathan, etc., in Kcho, ajid some in Trinity,
I think, in the Highland Mary and Isaac
M e have had a very pleasant winter so far.
No snow at this place, and not much on the
mountains. 'Truly yours. If I’M 801-DT.
List ol‘ Letters.
RLM AIN INC in the Postoffice at Ojorville.Jan.
- 30, In 4. letters uncalled t#r at the end
oi I'Ju: 'vet k- nill be sent to the I>cad Letter Office,

i••- ;e calling ior any ef following letter
•Til! please say Advertised. 1 ”
Aadc:.M.»n James T AdJcns Joseph II -J
Audi--a J »rgan Armcntroul Henry
Anthony Lewi*
1' h nelly Patrick Deubi v W in P
Foley Bryan
barrens .N 1,
Kwera David
Fitzgerald George
Fe«jua W
; I r< ver A.
Griffiths John
Holt 80l t
lirw L’ria
Oournay Lcond
Gardnier George
G- rducr Stephen
Husted Henry
Hutchins Haul A
Keller J H
Lnivson C M
1.a.1ew.; :d Mon?
Lew is i: uruev
jer M i
L avid
ei 'V
Lndolphi Charles*
1 ■}' us John A
Mercer George
Mcl'-wei! Julian
Fan Kaward
is ■■ >:
Keauey M iarj
Saddle Meyer Wm
•awyer -amei M
Symons Kate Mrs
Th nip-on M Mr
Inorp O
Parker Mrs Lydia
Parks John
ModeigwM J Silverla
Sleven*ons J a*
Smith is t Mm
Span so Wni
iger Elizabeth
Tolmey Andrew
levniis Ihomaa
e!ty Ap.i 'S Wilson George
A a vie nor ge Williams Wm
W iisoa i*ark Wallace B B
Washb ra Wm A
. M.
iiosr.s station:
4hi Miles from Orovillc, ou Hie
W. 1.. UOSK, Proprietor.
THIS ! and well known Public has
wh g j • andt
r n - neatly and elegantly furnished.
The leave hag Puniic are respectfully invited to
give him a call.
The under-.v n*d wishing to return to ihe A in
states - ■ ■ S . tat . .
9.1 - tj
c*i i iirc of the proprietor.
T • - ■' . •
BAILBcvD. ■■ u i:.- c. up .:; n t-> Or - _ r ; .e
notice of which. will I v a
A N .»
. - •
■ .
10 o'clock on that day.
I.T.D.C Ik KLINuAkL. MaJ. A. U. ."iM'.’SoN.
t O.MMI L' l EE OF l.\ V 1 FATIO X.
Gko. IE SuiTH,
Cat. li. B. Hlst,
M. 11. Dauuacu M aj. A. <J. biMrsoir,
, Col. E. Lank,
Co*r.N a ioli >tkis.
Hos. Tu Wsilj, t-Vr. Geo. C. Tehkin^
H js. C. F. Loir.
iU.N. J.V..'«
; L>k. C. F. C olt >n*,
Hon. v> . s. <ai t oi;!'
, J. M. Bkock,
. T. Feu;
H. (\o - - KTT,
t A. Md'.vlV. TV.
. Tlies. Callow.
Catt. 11. IE Hi st.
P*»IV. Juil.N i.', . i.:..
»• iMi.ilovr.sti;.
T. r. Milli;*.
Insolvency j i otice.
A . 1!. (' \. !! t , ■, ri.
Pursuant t.) 4 ,
id a the I . \V. S.Saftoi
f-C L ] n.Ti i L7:U l:o : January A. D. I**.!
J • •Ci 1 L!\ \ S<)X. Clerk.
Jons S. C...LIV, All■■ v I r IV:it; r .
Sheriff’s Sale.
hbv v,::rn: nr a \vnr exi-ti't: >\
55 i •It •I' til ' I>. • ,-t (■■■::■• Ti: ■ I ii
of. t<> me directed and delivered, cot , i a
to nKikc the .*■ • ,
(|4> hdlars. will ■ - • • •. ■ •
ten per ceut.pi r annum from tin- Cnii da;, of April
A. D. 1 .inti! p ..id. toe*r her wh h !'•■: t\ and live
oncdiisn.-rcdlbs (sin u.-,) d*dla»> oi'.-uiLaud
all " •• ' • i Cruiser
is plaintiff and EiLha Cutler derendant. I have lev
' ' ■ tth lieu ,
-aid Count} and ••* .* ,
On Wednesday, the 27th day of January.
A. D. laf 2 ; v P. M. • f ■ d •• ° \ V.
right, tit . dot
ant in and to the ’ ■ rt\ : e at
tached i:i ','!■! r.i 00, : wit; • u the 27th dav of
January A. I*. land h - •• iu- ■;; ,• I. •'
VII that certain j
CalitV-i , ’ . •
bind, on the south Me.' 1 the
by . 1 .
with all a:.il ■t. ■ * 'h ... ...t x
’•■■ i - •
O: -viße, January 2J. A. D. I ;i.
Bj F. X. Veka I putj
. M.
Oroville, January 27th V I.
V*. O. MIDDLE! )X.
Rv In >. F. Mili.kr. IV n
Constable’s Sale.
BTdj'out :
Justices of the Pea nd - .
scanty of Butte and Stat
K 1 . ;
directed and delivered, c-. ;u:i:a:.di! g :• l«. -ell ah
the right, title and iatcie-t in . erlai. ...
claim, reserroir and tva**T privilege. . ’■■■] i
w hat is known a> Fret: •!: nvine, a t < • • ini;»•
from Cherokee Fiat. No-.v therefore in pu - . v..
of law and the e. rnmamls of -aid rdir. I tti.. m-II
at pui.iiraia ti •; : «• v.- <le- rihrd elaiui *. *’
highest bidder f : . a-h, ci
SatuuLv, Feb:uary 2 \ a d I>‘‘4.
at Moore c: M - l'.viei si -e. l-ftwcr-n the V :\r< <•?
It X ,
: of A
ADI ■ • ' ,
i Maurice, for t
JNoticc to Creditors.
sons having claims against ilie e-tale of Cas
per lien ker, deceased. to present them or-perly
’ I rsigned at his
< iroviEe. within ten m i from this date, or they
wil* be forever barred. Rv order of the H>n Pr "
bate Judge. C H A>. C-HUIHSAXT. Admr
John S. Berry. Ally for Admr of said estate.
Jaa 30 ow
Office •
meeting of the frasti
st isme:.* .»f tin j -
DIS ! lis
or ;hec mpany. ■■
of Mi. h. A I'D ; ' "tli
the Secret
Pacific mail s.s. co.
SG •
Month of Feb., 1864.
Feb. 3d S 5 .H Is
Ft. IJ -C. -XSTITTTIOX. J. I. Watkin-
Feb. 23—C.OLPEX AGE.Wm. F. La: i lro.
From F Is m street AVbstrf, sU I o'clock
Aipiawj,!! L'V ;!i.' ihb...,.
i O ti 3 .v - j l '! >A.. . 4 « .\ 1 v
k '
A P. S. Co.
~ f . and Lt id-d- rt! St-..
Ct. C. P.
\< ncle sale and Retail
l‘r<*\and i’roduce,
Cmin r 'lja r> mid II »• i j "•:
okoa u.i.k.
I AM BaZ.V F.ZCEiVING. arul htl';' t *‘fi>lA.. I y
Cll ’ .• L a !:rge and c *d ;i« ■:* ue«t of
• Butter and Lard,
t.K AGV IiAH K i OU \ >ll. V1...1
...I nr! ’ - : <1 f r . •
M.S> _
robe.cco and Cigars.
I'nrc a~e invited In u* » rail \>t
J. M., Brock,
Crockery, Stoves, and
w ;v. t, , .
PoimUt, Fu.'-e,
i lc , i lc.
M vM r ny
Hydraulic Pipes
X 3=w Old XX OSS,
1: ■..-• i R uli;.- .i d Fh-.aijig attended to with
11. tf
Kft. fU C. MINING fMA\v.
is ll!•;>:Ki’.V GIVFX that <■>. S.;»: rdav
- ■
‘ • • • * ■ !»•->-. i- will In 11 v t*.—ary t*j ay
•- N '. " I, \v due l-v -,;:U parlies,

■' ii£u l. • :. * - and charge- arc -..-ly
Mv . k..
M f v\V -
dais Z. Kkstcji. S-.-r.
%'T', l',: <)F f.\l,i|-M|{.V| \ : In 11 «■ A' f ‘
i * ‘ i; t. K itn.-iiew 'J • •wn'ddp, in ; . n d f»•
. ' Vo - . ■ I ; in : f) )
■ ; • i. .<• • .mat HU «»llice. in the j„ wi .
’ • c unly J Butte, <n the
: ’■ ■ ■ it ten oVI ck A M
k - \
i ’■■■■■ ka • ■ i■: t f• *n ill** in of -eventv -even
i ■ v'! he t : ‘k*.-n vn f.-r the -aid
' of -li.i connty
- ,r " -dak** • il -f!.; >» and due return here*
■a Civeri under mv hand, tt.w .;x*eenth dav - f
! I . T V A D !'•:{.* w. !>. KELLY, J.'r.
1 *>o A [ . Goo.
Piobate Notice.
■ \t
■ • Pi- a '. Guvti: a:
• n den. diii-.i-Tr.it- •• <-f said ■ -i, "•
' * ' •? **• i r- i Ae Court in and
r ■TI I* Itv
• ■' - • • d P<will Ik ■ :
■ 1 ; ■ ■ t tii ■ •
ry term thereof. to wit: on
A D 1^64.
.It ten k. A M. #
5. Sa ProbaU
Judge in and for -aid county.
V/itn- hit h ind and the seal of-aid court*
(L. S.) this Jam-ary I*.. t.
J. W. ciiLKVSOX. Clerk.
TL - 'Velle. Att y f-r Admr 4tfan 33
Insolvency Notice.
‘T ltd- ‘ ALII ‘UtNIA.rnCNTV OF Dutte
a airy term. A
eWrtt C. Powner vs. His Creditorc.
f the H ’■ . S
' -o Ji. Ire of the - dd r ,»irt. N- 1 i- lierehv
ito allthe ; jij
fore the Hon. Wm.A
court, or at
; fin* c« .rl ;• t r: -a . . mrt in «it vide.
;»:> ol .»j?‘e,m,:h- -,thday f February. AD
• ‘ ® - AM, of that : 131. tl cn and
! ' ; »"<-• to-«• anyil.i y an. wliy the pray
..ye* * a- » ;-e "ranteil. and an
i— _ . limit <•: esiat- in- made, he L*e dis
cs : •
XT v A
J. A.'iJi.Kv-oN j, i t ., k .
i L. A’ty f--r I*.-! it. mor.jai; 22 5w
I -
ty. it t its n
Tertu. i v ' and cn the ur-t day 1 : -aid term, or as

.t: aii-■ :th ti r a- •- :i.-f the C->u:ity Road lead
ag r ~ Hale A*' Ferry,--n the wot hank of

—. d. ;• 'Le :'dcr o* : ! ■ f >• • - rvi- -r < of
a ■ ■
; ci:'-. - : tii.u ;• ;.• Ceaatv Rnad lead
. rrom F Ori i - c.h line. :hro.._-. the lands ol
IFM : G Lyn I . 1 ruer at I Jobi
• - -' : • t of a out}
id A.H :c tr •: tne ■ ■■. ; .d .a Davi- v Xaati
; -re near i.ynchS ranch, HamiSt n tp., tr- a -take
►a tin: said r*ad leadinj l*vm A CoA
- MM
li\> Al.'l'AT> ON HASP A FI LL
Assort ment
an oceries.
Provisions, Liquors,
ii £ 5
W liivilumivv' \ Miiiinu Tools.
... ■ ■” • foiTrr t-**. .
‘ 1
• Lie .. VlC.'t
r"o n cas tt
0 nirm vrin xlway, ftml ns »t i«r oM p Ur« of
busine**, Montgomery st , Oroville.
Okuttlt b. J»n. ;ith, l<«4. }
Warrants oral Countyfnf
1,1 ", v ■U’ l ; also, warrant onmbor
-yt'r.i si.K 1- ;ml rnciatfresi Nn,*n*-
; will ' i p.ii l on inrs<nfatK»»» ihia
< ■- leu -t fit■ in this
I sixty ilart the
■ ; »l »rt • r their redemptioa, win be
:.i! M juy warrants next in order nf
I>. lil iIUOfLHS.
County Treasurer.
OUOVILi.L LODi.K No. lu.l. F. t. H.
x f P. A. M. art
;“U the 1..-! Saturday of each month.
I in vet i ngs every Saturday. at the Masonic
* 1 '>rA. Mi i U- *lt s Drue Store.
Max Hkooks, Scc’v.
' Word i« tlif \ckl.
:' »n w h
j • h recr
ig the
•f ordinal
In the decline of lift
j>ie*rit ujdfii physical
"‘■•fop Tivifring
- C»e strength and spirits,
: the exlian-ti • - -
e... >♦,
which i* stir,in
'■ *' * T “f ordinarv >timulanls. We tendtr
I he agvd
Hos- ftti u’s Stomecii Tlrrmw
■ ‘ -v t ralive, immediate m »c*
' • nat d peirnanent in its <•(!,>,-t. u
:!1:V nnyr 'vts The appetite. acts like
;; ! t spirit". K..r dv-*|n-’»oa f
Lr l»ili s cholic, wind cboKc,
; - *'• -t h. "iv-k r iinvoiw headache,
• ; \er, Urruei:-. j •;-..-trrlinn. and all the
: ■r T" ,-j • Pi tin h*eb.rr h‘.\, the Hitter*
■ ' ; y K commended hy fhviiaAitds who hare
■ I*' 1 - ti<• r efficacy In such fanes.
1 druggists and dealers everywhere. I
A ger;N fur Pacific (’oast, San Francisco.
the f t *«!« ofion an«l I tn* Kloml. Xo per
‘ an
■ itment Tbn
i red j> ;,-e and healthful
II »>e. tlie • the disur let remains lurk*
• * ' * "A t brt.ik in some
. tnova
v neful pi loci*
t * it soi 11. i S
1* 1- ■ r ■ .’> S\t:>apa»cili.a.
■ ire l lv dangen-U"in siuh
-t i' variably saltstitutes
.i. ll :v 'On-re., '•My terrible, but this
\ t _'et.i 1 !e a;.:! Restorative
! id ••• .4 of disease And convert*
■■ ! • ■ U .«• •' stji-Mgth the patent
' ' i' - tiii* ) -iMimms Invader*
i 1 renewing j*ower, this
nv >iid s remedies owes it* unto
. the
Arm i
and \
nd rtc
il "I Ihe
it.it i«»n.
■ : \X.
.\getit-* t r I'a-hti • (’oast. San Francisco.
il.-Mtnn] i oi.s Ipatlon. NVortl* of r»m>
1 . ’ ' ■ ’ v n, of li st »n. Mass..a»
in the Treat
11 : -« nrinal diseases.”vs. in a letter dated
• r ■ nsrder Brist ifa Sugar
• Tt •’ : : tb*- ’ st remedy r r chronic Constipa
it U Ist fi T
r all irrej
; .‘i: r- a The dige-uve lun«-tio;is! the liver and the
bowel". T. • y an* t.y Jar the ni >"t a oful medicineh*
is ever erf eel ’ emineiiltj
reliable. >ni! ; r ti -• n uy volunteered by I>r.
Hun:r hrey l.ettxm. of Chi. ag ), 111., who enumer
ate'tidily a-es. vv’th r.jine.s and dates, in which
e tire Win f.
' c tstireness and piles. Whenever
S' a rent y for liver and * ovt|
■ uafs. the rhas 1 1- n eqaally satisfactory.
V '.' . d ’»p in class - mU, and will keep in any
-■ornate. I’rorun.Lle of all druggists*.
Aa l ’.t" 10.- I’avi;; i »*ast. San Knaciicv.
M<>T 1 1 K RS! IHOTHF.R9!
>1 i) T I* i: RSI!
Ito 11 i fail |o Pioruri Him, tVlii«)ow‘a SuotH*
n - ‘ ’ll I I.MIKS TiIBTIIING.
1 1 - ' ; 1 -v preparation is the presoriptioi »f
one f the i est female phjscians and narses In
I nited States, and has been used for thirty vear»
with never failing safety and success by millions of
i"M •&»
week old t ithe adult.
It not only relieves the child from pain, hot Invlf.
orates t ho stomach and bowels, corrects acidity, and
* t-*ne and energy to the whole system. Il will
a!:u.>"t instantly relieve.
tiKiriHG iv the Bowels ak» Wivn colic.
■ ’ •• 1 Surest Remedy in thw
.... A»aa4
Teething an.
* ■* '• ' ns uu .sing will a*.ronapMby eaclk
'■ v N ■«•- 1 bnuino unless the fac simile
* A i LKKIN>. of Ntv York, is on thf
o.it"iiK wrapper.
s* Id by .*.!! M»d)' ine Dealers.
Pr ■; al • ’h‘-p. 4 v Hey street. Sew York,
K. A _■ MarvsTillt.
41- and 41 s * Front .street. San Francisco.
A gents for Caiifonua.
1 F: m *r Mines.—We saw a few day*ago
*' r ‘ ’ cn fi ihe < riginal *• Anld Lang Byue, TV
' --dated and called the Humboldt Cold
tfi Comj uiy. It i" the rirhcit
■ saw, and is only equalled bv
Heiiston. Hasting »v Cos. new which
are the ri- iiest and l>e~t in San FraacHco.
K- U. K.—“Tweaty years of excruciav*fK,paig f
■a. «:.-ep;e«" oights. I have suffered. A Spanish *
reseated m . ttleof Drl Rad
"Ay’s l. . ’y Relief; I appliad it, it gave me ea*e
at once. I have been free frua palu since I first
-Cil it ; I n- v shop in ptacc. my rheumatism hi
.red. no more suffering, no more pain.
Wm. Sydney Myers.
C . c-sp. ndent oi the X. V. Herald, London
T.mt'. Pari? M&iiiear, Havana. Cuba,
s v A genii for Pacific Coast.

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