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VOL. 11.
ju. liiiTirr. r. *■. - a. . ». w-:o€an.
Publishers and Proprietors.
Offirr on Uir«l Mml. iit twcru >lyrr* nnd
II mi toon Sl*.
One year pci Mai! f j f, O
Six Month* do ... •"» l,n
Three Month* do 2
Delivered by farrier }>cr Mouth ' »
Single ' pies 1“
Per square of ten line* or less, first insertion ?r* no
Each subsequent insertion 1 >0
«iir A i;f>eral ■.];-■ <-;nt v.V be made in favor of
thn*e who advert:-- bv the \ ir.
«#*lJ'i*inf*' Cards inserted on reasonable terms j
Physician and Surgeon,
Will practice his profession in
Can he consulted at his office as follows;
f.utle Bounty Hospital At his ti- e oil Mont-
Froai c i.. 10 v m - direct Jr<»m 1 to
'l. and 6 to 7 P M.
HjfPtT'o:.- v.-hh'ug l.* treat. •! tor any f-rm
of dls«*ase. will W* {m i. ) •■'! pU-.i-.ant i ■ ms at the
Hospital, at a moderate that :o.
,\|T(ll!.\!n \ T I. AW,
Forbestowa, Suite county, California
Faulk mer Sl co.
mm a B.assn,
Corner Myers a..d M t r• ; ,'»i •
E. L AN£ & Co.
mm •*. u :i a «•: ,
Montgomery street. Oroville.
*.o. silpson. I mo-;, e \1.1.0W
aii.l 1!.t;.il I*. ... U""UU \M>
stvthi.neuv. sr.\m: and tan. y
Th.-atrc UI.H-k, !1 sUt.U, Oil villi'.
I , s. Asscs.or an<i Coilecfoi'
or mrm; coi’ntv.cat.
411 1 IA K—o:i ’l} > > < S«f*'< «.
Jiitwrni Jiff ' F> t' s ?."'
Attm nt‘y at la\\\ N* >• :>rry i’ubl l<*
on*.; In The .;, r lU.llcltn-.
Has resumed the pi < .<• <i 1.. 1 th< • r{~
of Justice, in Batte and adjoining count h
ATTORNEY A\:» i’iM'V- ,T I.A’.V.
AND .VOTARY t’l iil.lf.
Orovim.k, I'.i ttk i"orxtv.
Office Bird sl., hot ween Mversand Hun-oon.
.\olas} Public,
_T:I./ Cifintm '-..(..1.. . /Ih • <l.* fui .Ytri tila in.
OlHre Vl \.<>. shiiprnii's HuuU Store.
\ll or ii •' v a utl CoikiiM- llor at I. aw
Practices in the courts : . ic -vl Judicial ID strict
and in the Supremo court.
OFFICK In Burt's brick building, up stairs, on
Bin! street. Or a ille.
*L. C. iIKANt. KR-] [ A. Matkick. Jr.
Will practice ia all : the ('.<a:,:u -. f the Fit
leenth Judic al [listrid and in the ■supreme Court.
Office- - n Birdstr.at ve. i Hid n and Myer>
•treets.OHovii.Lß. sep.2',Hf.
OFF IFF -!n Mathews" Brick
g »raer\ nod Bird Streets,
iiih)\ 11. i i -
IMii-it'iau \ Siii^fini.
I\.»« Is I uiK, li.ill. ( »«_. V at.
OFKICF. uu ih Ilk* I'. or. cv;; i.!;
Particular alien! n p.U>d to Ohr-mic Hi-fn'C-.,
and all others con;icon \ ■-.'■■■ dry. Ha- had
line experiea ■
■ •
Oltl« < V\ ! i;;; - dk »V hr • -
store. M\ers street. \ ‘
J. BLOCH &. Co,
srrn.n <,
a.rv -IT.. I. Or--.
Co.intT Myers aud Moiuyvuitrv t■ ..t -. Orcvilly-
International Hotel
Corner Montgomery autl Lincoln
THE PROPRIETOR would B"i:re f rt-i !♦?. ''
of Orovilie and the traveling public. that no means
will l»e left untried to enable him l*» deserve a
share of their patronage.
I« supplied with cv.my luxury of the season, at;
every thing will be done to in.-ure the coil: r! > :
the guests at this house.
Will always be supplied with choice liquor* and
Single Meals .TO Cents.
Lodgings 50 to 75 Cents.
t<*. The OH aof the California Mage Company
is at the Internationa!.
I -- ive this
parts of the country.
hotel every day for all
I or. liiiiiioou Sts..
pnetor of this establishment. i
J>he:»-by inioi rn-the Public that x?;...!, v /
is prepared to furnish meals at all hour, day and
Liiil. compiled of all the substantial 0 and delica
- uf the season whirl; the market affords.
And A*!temMics of cvn »j not arc,
willin' supplied with Pinners, Supers and Colla
tions, in the ln>t style and (Mi the most libeial
( o.uo ■ i* .I with the Restaurant is a BAR where
« - ;ia always U* beiud the best and every do ription
of Liquors.
Hoard |»* r \Vr« k .^0
Single Meats .*(»
Hoard per \Ve« k ,;i •••.; . T.’ o
Lodgings |»e r M ;!i} ‘Z~.
apll*tf J. REYNOLD. Propriet r.
<Z> x*
r jpHL rxi’ ihi.iN::;) world t-
H fully mtonn his triends and the public gene
rally that he has rented the
(u-fjuerly kept by Crank Johnson,) in Orovilie.
and be would be pleased to see his friends, when
ever they will give him a • all.
ROBERT O’NEIL. Proprietor.
Orovilie, June 10th, I'm,:;.
What Cheer House,
o R CM I f. L K,
Montgomery street
Between Myers and lluntoon Streets.
o t.Tm- his (ricti'l, ui.l tli.- ]■ ..Mi . t!,i .. j,u
ni,iies ;it the ho:Hc !!n> In-.-t 1- ,ir.l .u.J
-ing for the following prices:
Board and lodging per week .. sr. Oo
Board per week.. c;, on
Single meals '. y,
1,: 2
A Splendid Bar
Containing the very be -t of Liquors and cigar*
ha« Item adtled to the establishment.
Call and examine for yours* Ives. R. OLIVER.
onoviLiL. e.
I). >1 VII K, I’ioprit'loi.
r B -
9 ui'hetl. iidw« .. : a ig. vi, :: : r-.o Med m
pleasant nwius. atVrdiug pleasant h ■uu- f r um
ilies and transient Boarders.
Board and Lodging at Seduced Prices.
nil n. MAIER.
Livery Stable.
I >;iy dc XV 1 rent» m.
. CNI ‘E R> b NEB 11 W N
r fJsr ■ purchased the in:< rest of M.'-r<
Nve •**.; i ' ’era ..... w ... here tih :
ry on the
Liten !>iisiiu*s>
in all its branch* >. at the old stand. ,r i.c-'f
Montgomery aad Uuntoou streets. Otwilie
% I I i ■■ li
ran a 1 wavs I* furnished to parties from abroad.
E. W. DaV.
Ore*vil!c Jan 1 - 4 W.V.WHEAI ON.
An Ac! in Relation to the Board of
Supervisors of the County of Butte,
To define their powers and dutl-.?. ar.d other
mailers rei*:itijr therct ■. aid to reduce
j tibltc expense* acd taxation in said coat.tr.
T F. f t'iz >' • ( . . *
tailed ta Snote . AsstHtbdy, do enact a
te t:on !. The county cf Butte shall be
ditiJf! into tbr. ; Sv} D>:ne. ; . to be
known ns 1)1-::i *. N ~r tt:c, I J -‘riel
Number Two, a: J District Number Three.
The townrhi; if II.:!:.- :. O; Lir uad Ori - o
(La!) be I' strict Numb : One ; the towusiiif -
of Chico. Cuuci.w a:.,i Kit .-hcw shall be Dis
trie' N in.'.vr T« ; t!.i ;• hips ■■! Wvaa
• ~
be T .;::ct Number 1 :
jjec. 2. The term of c.i. < f each uti .-
of the I! ard .-i tii bo it r three rears ft. u» a; a
after the first Monday i f ./a: ary .-ah--. - t .wit
to their elects-a. and on their seccessofs arc
e aeted at.d ij - a - .-e .1 t a t ..e ir* t . r ... i e . ■ a ...
eighteen hundred ami sixtv fuur,ui.e it-••);»e: .. r
sii.,l be . I rted hr District Number U;.v. u:.J
every three years ihere-ai'ir; in the }....■
eighteen hundred and sixty-five, < oeSu{ ervia -r
shall be elected f r D.-triel Number Three,
and every three years ti ■ r.ata.r; in the year
eighteen hundred" urd -.sty - tl, ■ 51.a.l be
ouo Supcrvi.-or chute.l lur Distriel Number
I wo, and every thieo years l!t- r .-fter.
See. 3. From and alter the Qr-t d.-.y ef Jan
uary, one th. t-.i-. i. _i,t ! : d r ed ai d MXly l:e r,
the compn.satli.il to D paid to each member
of said Board s' ail be five dollars per day fur
each day of actual services in >• SS) . . and fifty
cents per mite fur got: tr only hum the- place id
his residence to the county-.-, at of said county,
once only breach tecalar ai:J ca.hd si s.-ton ;
}>rovniid, tin 1 com; carat: m in pi d-.m of rach
member siiali I. t excee J 1 ;r liiu drdi .1 ■!- liar-:
provided further, mat the Chairman of said
Board shad receive as eompe-u.-at .-.a : r his
ctvi.es ill- s un -if s x di 11-.*.- per d. ... a r each
and cvi ry day of act u! . . t
to exceed the sum i.-t live I. Ireii <1 I ..-s; and
the payment of all ; t r diem and mileage pro
vided for in ti.i- Art shall I ■ . . , the
Su! irp Fnl ■ : s -.in cm f. as
are paid; bat > warn i-• issu el in
fav. ■ * .r lll' u.i.-cr * i .l> .. e\- ;
ccrli tuti'e uf tia V' u- to the l.'.ttu
her -f days'sa rvie-es ruali ri til number
"I lilt - tiavclid. f, r ni,. li payment i*
, l/int.cr, that mill . u. ti.i- At: d.a..
meir.lv. si f the Ii a*'! !;- rvi is
st-tu.-I. Kvery j i.n i.avu a i • .r' l.i.i
payable out oi t ..- I iiiuty I re.-. -ury t-f - . i
county, nr out of any p t - P.i iU e; -..ltd
county,shall, within ix m i a
present a demand therefor n: it ti c. signed I .
him or !.:- agent, a ; vei I v i.. it
slating minutely "I.at the c »:m is 1 ,by»i .1
particular provision c I law its |>.iyiuvi>t out u!
. * ying
several item, v. :ih l ; ; - ,i * ai dam -not
ti.i- I; provuhd, lh.it the compensation oi
jurors and witnesses, a- tar as the Same are
authorized by law to bo paid out of the
Comity 1 ic.isury, slt.i.i he j -. I in the same
manner as they a., i au .or./.td !o be paid;
jm-ruled fiui 'cr, that, if d mai d be lor
ullicia! .-a. .u ;cs or any o; hi r c'atim . the payment
whereof cot of said Con t v Treasury is
exprcs-ly author iz ,! by 'state, end the juicl.-e
um-at. I, ed l>y law. and the 1 oaid of Si:; i
i 3 having no pot , .
same, tlicu they shall be aiioned aud paid ....
now an
drawn un l! e 1 b.. .! 1 ■ . ■ ala; i- ■.
which warrants si y bedra vn once every
four r.. t!:-'.
Sit-'. 5. N del. . li. I y Treasury
(except for . tii ... mpensati . the ; rsoa
in wh'H- i;auio it p.--! . wh. ?x;:i m.y
C- - ♦ i • U:l
--arising of a
office:.' shall ;V any l.m-. v. :*. . l.a ."*.
beetj a party or o'.lu j lUavsted,
sr.a'. a;y rou-I. . ;■rj* . ;; o»i.ry
such contract, d. ; . • i; ■ i»y
Jtdareti to be null ai d \ i. No hi. m.;: 1 >i:
the C-i :nt\ LYca'Uhv -...i . be u lowed by
Auditor in favor cla j ; : it ;• ma d
to 1 the Treason
there:!, without first dc locling sucb indebted
ness; lu.r in favor of r,:.y uflictr
accounts i *t have b -rn.tiered and ap
proved. or \vl o shall I ..o . _.t .■.J »«r ida-cd
to :u ahe his t fihial relurusor n , tL* i. • writ: . er
as- rcijuircd by |j*.v: or m favor »f any i ffietr
who shall hi: v, ii.gly and wilfully ive-..-; i »
perlorai any of the limns i-i Ins ut;. e, .;
being lliereouto adiuoun'lied and ruj oied in
writing by order of the d . 1 Sa; rvi- ; -
I Audit
orally or otherwise, mi o.:th. the { pre
senting any demand mi the rreas%ny, or the
agent or altonuy of such person, or any other
per?; n, in ordv r l> a.n -uin any facis nct..ssary
or proper fm nu. i,. ... .d. rU- iL-ioriiii;.e
bis A • of £ ....
Afice - . • •■ • y demaud
upon the Tre.iottiy- ph. e u nu:.,. : oil
(wbtdb number shall begin wiib the fiscal year
uihi run -v, "I\ely to the c;.d - t "... I -i.,.i.
specify in his all *wauce, to be ind< .
out of w !m’ ' - p»y He .-ha i .x.ep
a recif.il ef i.i< v!m at: nuj '.very or
maiul sunciitle l for hi- aii wa: ce, at i shah
nj>;>r in awu n and i . . io he by him
kepi lor that pifj., all dvmaids ua the
l ieas'.ty >y Li;.i ai! tw\ '. -r • .: : the number,
date, am in’, when a : twed. vat ot what Piud
hose oa
mato.r •»! the ch.r.u ? ■ ‘ *te !. a., i. ..
prcviou-ly approved « y ;.. I.- ...a vi rsup.r
--\ isoi he date f the order f appi sal. No
demand shall be deemed audited *ilbio th
approved, allow t d. and i»g:-;e.ed by If;-. At:
ditor. as herein i\tpairt-i: i; ; »..i • la. i-.i
such ap| roval (when - .... waiice ... 1
regi?lru»i**n shall ap; «ar by tin . ; r indorse
iikills u. a .'.ml d m... d.
.< .7. I.very , v u .. - i.i g ud. >-• .
\ :w i; .'ha’.! til aw .. . ....... .. . 1w .e ...
llionzed warrairt, i » . dvma. d up u the
C tv Tr. .4 *’irv. • i • ■ vi . r?e .. -y
Bcb ■ r olb ■ county I ys, co
tra'V to t r wi; ui in-. ■ • : ■ : ■• • *• •• =
be liabl to he t • : ’ •'
iin-v liy ; aid oat or «i..-.>ui.- .* or. ' . • w..
claim ■ ! ii- liUJid. V. e - ....e li a; be I'iCoV
rt J bf gains
tberefor. jointiy or .<evera iv. >:i the n..a.e • . the
Cvunty ot Hut: . ii >h.i jbe ii-v vlaiy oi
_ - wu i . .il ho li . cl A ’O s*-e ’a:at
- ..t ~..1 in li. .... • i«.' -hr the ee.
: ..< •> :.t v i the {. •' i Ib.s >v . ■ ; i
c • . e
said sail shall be !•:» . _./ : p: • - m-d.
whenever to direc ed by a . :a.r writ;: a*
'.gn.d by any t-.n %*ut oi tax |*a}eis
said county d'ng i. ghrst .-n the enl
rt'il thereof, ti.i ii last Coniple’... : and « piai z.d
spect to the assessed
real and personal. Ihe voio of ach S rvi- r
on every vpa - i n. rder. r matter ae*. i upon
by the Boa d oi Superris s, except ad im
meuls. shad tK recorded the mi o- ef the
. lid provided, >i»a;i be paid by the
ITca.'irer. a. a pre.- iativ.. . th war; a.. 1 < ?
the Auditor, pr-p
proper fund lot the Same, ii iL— c-iboieni
moneys iu the find at the ■ ;me I/ applica
ble io that purp-.ac ; and :7 I.:ht2 iach
war;. ‘si bo r by ■ :..r
a b •, k to be kept by him f r that ; nr: with
its number. amount, is whose i an tested
out cf w‘..at f-.t J payable, with the date f
r < <z ,-rrnt. n An ■' -."a 'stu : ; r-,;;-n red shall
t'aii! oat rd nt »• eys ah rwu-Js c r, • ; ir.t
the I'reasury appd abb:- thirct in th ;.j. rof
their registration ; that Is to say, it of a
sit the pi per t 1; ■■. j « mil . i
by tbo Tivasu.'vr sh..".at ti :
t o bv !..ra cane led and n ,-,l ...A r:, -..-red in
1.. S .. O'. ~. .ti .f .S . It t’u. Ctu t it ~ , 01.. S S.l.*. .
at tin ■ tiJ of each £■ -■ y-.tr, be ha u-J ■ ver
t Auditor. v,-':.'. a; -,r ,xa:;.l.. . ; ...
<; ,i J ir _> them c -.-eet s a ican-t
the tit ■■■ be cancel, ■ i f - i x-y are tut ~nd shall
fi j a: ti j ; nr vt , .. n. i. - ■ Are ; anti it *-
hereby furtlur ■>! 1 aid A oln.red that no
•varra tdrawn ■ T: a' -ry :.f Biitlc
e v fr., m :i. i at r tiie fb<l day of May.
_■, huadr, .. . sixty I - 1 . shall beat
■lrntv any iuteiti! '■> ha’, v or.
b '1 v . a . a-.", i T; a . ..I
■ ■ tufasation of '.he dTi.nrso! the c-ar-ty of
i. t . fr' m and T ttie cxtvutinn of the
ter las of ; offict :■ Cow ty Jn ige.,
twot.'y ft ar humirid d> bars; I' na y (,’letk.
thru'ih o ; i Siam ; lb.-’r:et Attorney. ?i.\.
t. eobamltcdd am; <’■ inu'y Treasurer. twenty.
Ev< it . -it. • ; : i ...-; C< n: ty 11. omder. In i.ty
tw ; a .iarn ; b; .o.y At.-.s .'. .111.
hundred dolla s.
mv Id. On ti. M. • lay of January of
each year, the Auditor .-hall in A, a fall and
detailed report of the fi at.c.al affairs ,-f the
c ••inly, ir.cludiß" in it a tninute s'a:-. ;n,: I of
the receipts aed expenditures for the year last
pa-t. The 1 nasun r -hall abo make qnarterly
statements to the Board of Supervisors of bis
receipts nr.d payi; rn . w ’h such particularity
..' } d •„ ! as r.tav be required by order of the
Sec 11. From rtl .. lay , May,
’! ■ u-a: d i _h ■ • 1 -s' ;>d six y ' it
shall i tbe lawful r ti.e T. usurer pf hint*.e
cpu;,:;. t pay any warrant or claims of any
kt- J what-* ever ana i-t the conntv. that have
prior to said fimt day . < v' y. u
hundred and sixty fi ar, except in the ;n.i!,t I r
her-matter pi viiied.
1 Ll. Die Hoard oi Suj rvts ta for the
c. ~;} of 11 :' te shall l ave 1 ■■■• r. at 1 it is
!:■;. t'v i. i• ■ t!i 1 iroru k 1 .il: t r the fir.-t
lay fJa ...ry. ( U ... ired
ala] .-i vy live, to . vy a special tux antaully. in
a i.lilion tootle, r taxc- [.tovlded for by law. of
not mere than le.rty certs < t aeh one hundred
lol'am of all taxable pnqvrty in said county.
.. .1 iid .ax shall he lev ad. a.—d at.d c 1
1 ... tsame timeutid in the same mar.;-r
is ether taxes are lev iu! .. . ed and cul-vCUd
ill said county.
Sec. 13. The tax | v'tdedforioibepre i
s. cti-.m shad be set a-ido and kept as a ■: ciat
fund to b-e call 'd "iv.dentptt m I*’i:i d, «...!
shall be held and di-b used as l;t r- tttabvr pro
vi i i. Whenever, at any time, there shaii be
1 . the ib-h mj . : id.:,,; cr .. -.1 by this Act
i - .1 of tnoiu.y air. t* !o live hundred
d 1 ai,r npwurds, it shall be the tli.'y i f .1.
r :■ y |t usurer! p-tve libten da}'- •Xi ,■
by ;t■ 1 i att.in in -;t,t ;en paper pub'l-l;- •! .-.t
the v uo’y .-eat, tluit «e-.;-,d proposals dtre> tc 1
to him will be received lor the surrender of
comity warrant.- is.-tu-d prior to tin fir-d d iy rd
May. euhleeii hni.dr. d and sixty h ;r. er « auto
t ,t .. .■ ■ j t ; t .. t t t.. ■. . a I Salt!
proposals will be rt aai! by 1 ; n up to’ ti e
«d of Supci
vis rs thereafter.
Sue. id. On the Cost dav o. such tmtuiur
in, ettiist of Ihe T aid of > ; '..-or?, t! y. t 0...
... .. ( iitora It
s..a:l attend at the oliiceot the luli,r, anti there
dl proposals,
. ;■ ;be tui render ot c c\: v warrants o> duitas
•■I ;i.o ci.nract! r si'coiried in t!.e prec<siu
section; provided, Ural no bij fdr more than
; ,r vaiiu' riiaii be «.!•> »i, luyt :.l V bnl, UDic.-a
actv..:j ..ifi/J by ti;C • anal/ tr c. ami
>: •. 15 WL.ii a y «■ !- atci-fa 1. •: ■
r. ■ * v Auditor u. j t •*v Ir .>uu*r >ha .
r ich ial.e a d«.?cri(.:;un id tl.; !. a.;l>.,r uiitl
an:t.»u:iT • w arrat/. > t to b i; I. mud.
'/ ibe iinut-uiil it) i ! r t.itni
warrant or da.<l n.akt a: .v ■.d ti.; i- t>i i.;
Ila-ir ns{tftivc «>ti;o--: and is ,t ibu
Hoard of Supervisors >La!i m ;Ue au order
• .
wat rants . c'*dii»s -.le»ii;i.aU JUi iiif ;u copied
i.itis. a:„l pay U.C same fUt l>l l.v Uol.inpiiOO
i ; d it - 1 iiiO w.ei .u.i - or c.a.rj ltdccLot.il
s!t,.ii bo t i . i o’.t.i-r rctlal!ktl c iuuty
w.*,:. ;.i-. c\.• j.c iba; U»c ('■ ../> irea arer
si».i.i \s: i‘t il til * la; s- *1 said wanai/.- or
Cl .ll illS * I*o-. '..1 -d. ai.d liiO «:ni' Ul.l patti ial
: . . . 1: / -I.;;/ - _ . In- name llicidO. 1 i»c
■ ri . u.c J t.i iuj-krviaors :bc
{' . j*;. , i<> {.urebiiaesaid wanai/s or
■ ;.uujs* i _■ tncr /o i *- u. c- :ti made by the
C 'UiO AUtii'.t-r fu-; Vs_• sullic.c..l vuLtovia it r
;lic Tit tifcrcr iu the -v iidineLi of L.
aw'.unl. i ... bids by.. -up-.. |.. .> xV shad
bv ... ato 11.. -tna.i - ai;. ail. 11a. bi.-and
a i .at « ; waruioj itjua!, l«sLmg into
c... ial.t i. luO pdlsCipal aiul interest, caCfa
- - . ■ p .•
possibJ 1 ■ . . I ■ ill reiun
n | m; it j t ~.i*. '• . ~ ; i. f. .ia ai n»a is
therein Contained, to the ■ vv tiers, on ueinucd.
l iic Cminty Tre-a-nie; An.li hv p .1 .-.qijrale
aoei unt, utider I. e oi *'ivedi tup'.;.:.
bund." of ud muiiOVs Iveeiv-.d i..;j sa;d land,
.- . id. in. H.m-.-J . • v.s . :
0, I HuUe shad e . to be 1t..: fe. d.
a; 1 shaft give j-.-wer to etd. r a transfer ol all
- , <. .: it the I 'o tnfy hr- usury from
• . . • 1 during the y ,itr
eighteen hundred and sixty lour, nnd n t rt
. ; red I 1 p.iv . V, \ a - ,
w ■
i ■ ...
raid fund.
Sk<\ 17. 1 ii< i*. -.ti ..f S.. ;.. •- . 1. --
[, r' a! r » »;i ' ' > led, j i a., ic .
1. a:.v iricali r !u\ lor i *a: .v j afpOfc?
1 iia ; v. dl. ia ill. Ir jn.i/meiit. afT.>r.i >uflicicnl
n»‘-iit*y t ,ay the a:.a .a! saj . ti.’* • uuty
tTOVOJDOr ./. iXcipl iixlcxcst ta.\c2> a:. I .' ./Li
o«h’ r< art' rc/t .•?y.
- K officers of t
c -u:.iy v: Ihutc ua/.ciiug *»r refiisir.^
... *.:»;••• Ad AliH’i guilty 01 a tai-de
Hi -., ria . fVu ;• a:ai. •at , *-n < saa.i be
l•*> »r, ; ; ../■ i. v • .;• r V.l I’ f
C'' u. cr from office,
or b !i - . a iiutf.. .d o-'ia. .-ai. in the d.-crciiou
( ■ ity
d r • r. . A'. ::.- y lu . ■. /• a. 1
1 ~;s t.: • tilts -\CL
< y 1 0. A: ■ ! V /. - ' C . i
a: ivr pr •v: u- A .-L. ! paid
, 1 ...ti oi i*iv Cflttoty far cOQnty
M-e. U". - A ad . . dc.i and • •
u r-reo from a:td a:: r it* pa-.'d^e.
A: rr. ved April 4. \
- . ’ii . . \ ir kMs, Y.i \ i•; nt v
>1 vi:. —I. B. : Svf»;v> *>. - cf a*
.. :ru-. t-5 UsJ v... -f \ . U l iu rr . • tl.e
Retard if> r t .-r» i :a» '• uctf «•! Ujitu . i.> :• >*
l>t r-vwt fl Alt . o dllt ’ —; ; t«il. ...4 trf-. . . .-vi
Aj-rii -t’a. I^**4 — »oc tse m <
Wit m tnj luo.-i : ii.- Gr- <*: * c±i . ai
:u. .' , .■ ‘ '..a. liiv ..u vta*" Oi Apr . I 1
T«©4. B «. bFI'DING. .--xTetirr of -
, -fit HxxDttf
Trial of Ad Sullen at CMqaito.
fotease Esutemenf cmoKi* r , v . /
■ ’ It : - F '* ’ V ..*
fi ■ ■ -e i r •
7.//.. / J T .
Ore ’/? v •• i (f v. .i.
' ted es] v for tbe Uxi n Ei
a. l. cpnis,
. .: . the Sew York
1*; S:: *y. A: ril j:b. a *v!i k.- citiiv
; county, named A !
V.-a> U.T; -tv I *.• T 1 1 " «‘ 5 .11 ihe IT
iV.cr I ;? a. a h:ji T tv-; • _ .*.!•. ins'
... - •
u. i. a.-u u■■ ■ • .-->■ - r - • •-• ‘- ■ • in «... a
.;... ; : ; Kj I. aim. of th ■ tr;t>e of for:: w.i
want to -ay. ibe ab-r.-aid AJ Mu&n is
;; i\ .. .V — a sb-op Load. re.,. Damns
eus twist. J. .. threats bad been fre-jtienil
made in lb. pti-nee of third parlies, bat a
yet t!io d d man liad received no notice o
the 1: ■ : Intel..* :■> of Ad Mu ier. .a, the da
previous to ■ a:..si o! the taller. ’lilt no
fortunate lark w*> toid by a well known
itcl bat Ad M ~... a
...j ruut'.;' a c-oil dealer Kd h.ar.
;r ii.al he wi Id “h! 'w fi* e‘jt out;
a glazier va- afraid of the loss [bis basins.-
I .saute Ad Mtiilcn bad thriatuad to mak
village g
smith bad beard him swear b< would “fix hi
[Lark's! Hint" and several nth r gentlemen ■
iiicl. pn-bity a; d veracity likswise infotnt.i
n; : ti.; mao i i tbcabyss on which be
s.■ d. I; . -• was but 'one r> rt in -uch
I . - t re dadg Ma t, a
j r roiueal member of the "maul and wedee'
party, who issued a warrant for Ad Mubins
am-t ai.sl placed il :n llio bands of I rani.
Blur dei , tb< t •■. . natal le, who s n ar
rived at the court r tti with his ; i i r. I:
t-.ur.l .• his pockets were found a deed for a
la : ground t• be used as a ccmelary for the
remain.- of ore IV-'er Lark: a nrA'i ;.>r a span
ish sadd e. a fine tool :i comb, a bottle' ofsweet
;!. a oa.i ..1 \a .» knife’ and a j.ce of
Ela?*waro of fui .l .r form. Ike sparoli Is i:
n t was erg ir ized I y J □ Ige Mal
ls t clearing bis throat ::: •] wb: e constable
iffuodi tin e-Vared the court by cull » ’order.
H Ja • ■ ■• - ler anything y i ' a
last. I c-i.’s of "wlti-k-y sour,” “sec-gar.''
I'.. !.• t" oi 1 -u» deck” filed the c.virt
ut.wl.sr !i n lai-le Itlumhrin cris'd.
in a v ,■ tUsi r than tbc e\; osion of a 15
insdi I’.ir:oi C .io—•silence.*
1! ...da- I’,. “id— ’ Ilejabors I 'sysrselftha'ls
: :.' . . re n*;--■ : : ■ .y nv is in 'ln- ci-n-.t.**
i ' : .- rtr batinr no c■ -or.nt’l was a->--rn
od tin- v;i i i.sbb- leer .1 services of Littleton Coke
Dai r. K who was swore in as a regular
;.r..e-i . s.er .1 e urt and gave in bis alle
; - A. ! i r any otbci mao.*
The case was • pened far the prosecution by
lialdy Burnside Snotesby, Esq., who U las
be had missed ayear’s anils and consequont
lv i:e\ r : e.d cl tier use: its ol Dr. Dni r Fish
K -a'svc. The first witne-ss called was the
Hun. dam ■ I! d a diamond of tbc first wa
is ; from tl • I,in.raid l-.o and an is member
. :II g.uh t-L N. V. lan'.eors.
J. Bond—K • feodant wel
He- i. tie- in mid Pa'rii-k Mullen, the
cousin t i Michael Fogarty
,f.’: :. i ga-cr. that burnt op Dennis t'a
. j- t'n.er sh'ili bc-ca-c be bate Demol
t t : M.’. McCo-1 w! in
1.0 c.i .- I I'urn.y I i n's wi e 'an onld rat
II I! |*.
i I;-.- Couit—’-What is the character of the
,"..i M . . r I. : . y, sobriety
and ! i ,dty.
D ,ud— \V, I. -nr—ycr boner 1 mane, 1
Diii k'n is p rl-.-tiy honest, especially since
be iante to Attn iI.v. where there's Uss timji
i.tsli.ti' to In’ stalin' praties au' the likes. But
In.me in tippore.ry. yer hon r. he was the
divil ir.'.irely, for I "U stale the bnt'.hor 'IT the
Do: ■ '.« fish, in a Ki - lay. yc-r honor; an' as for
tbc girls, be me sowi, mammy's the wan be
load iav,- her p -A« for sobriety he is as
u isi as Dad,.: Mali! . v himsc'f [<j"d rt-t bis
nverino s so-.vl] for 1 taw him take up an
i : tie ,f w ;-lii,i y. to yer imr.rr. an' hould
it ’..; iiis :n alb for tin u.:i alt s an’ thin he
thro.ved it d-u -n an sis be - I b lave I won't 1
trial;.' se- he Hut in Ireland lie '«■ as ti'ut.k
a? an owl the night of bis own wtddiu’.
Mr. li,;’._n r—’ Wi’ness do y-u mean to tay
that ir.y citent was married in Ireland.' ’
Boord—Divil a bit, cur Sure he p t as
and liis riv i ticc died on th’ le-sdto tin. wed
Mr. S. i Is Lis character for
Boord \ wme to remark nor. th t in
b ..f tin Uimiciatic pa; tv of a gr.-at an'
-.. ; ■ .-late. 1 ..bj :l to ti,. ,-e list - alb=a.-
pri.-enbed by a tyrannical Legislnthur at tin
bcb.-.-t Oi a venal an' c. rrupl admii.i'tbration,
and as a i of this great State I ei ier my
r-,.- :: ;i j: .-ta„■ •. tb.to tyrannical lest rati '
arlutraiy ar:v»t>, denials of rights, coercion o!
fr.v men, and batricidai war, ? .:*. Fur, whin
J, 1m if. Downey ■
The Cotfrt—That will d -yon may go
11v:o a i ar of laughter was raised at tbc
iij eti-. of a n.! faced individual, in a pair of
doiv cordwroys. who entered the court non:.
and “Who ca'. b .it- fuive ti; -7 ’ The mst wit-
- dy !>.- iking military g»nt
wi; • ui.’Wirvd to the name el Capl. Dig Iron.
II ’ =:iC. -I us f !!■>« •:
Kt. -w tl,.- defendant. Kn w him well
\Vi..; 11: ■a d -liar nn-i a half for every time
I ~ » him to be perfectly bon
• i but .... ; . id. lie always has his
a j". . .; never .--.v- ■■! \ . let slicker up”
.... , nun if s ,at ti-in-i. We have .Irani
l, , i icr __ o..;’diuiik together: got drnnksej.a
dru: ou whisky, drunk on j > aeb
brandy, on tea and gillers, oa stone (esc
ti .-. ■■ S :
uru; iv.
M. . , - • y . at-. I In.
’ V.l' r '. i(‘ I—N .I. ' -old ... i bo-t - -
ia.v v! • ' - lu t kerj. awav fr.-m in front of
t baas ' • big g -
was a .in' at fee ■- -. I; al he-i shoot him
v. ;bo * sWam; angel' ef be could find her
iiovk ’Lu* k.il iiUii Wilh u b.:iet til
w ■ J the : lime "be eh- ; ped any; b-al out
- • * ’
Cl •
i- ; Vituiil? ui.a a.;* ir- r. clad
ext; \ ‘coco u, I,
I !.■ : L’.v:ii s ma;.
I: I * ~;k r*. t !r : nk li.-t of
Idol - • ! JW
• ;■ •
Daogei d tl : jr tbe
W ■ ■ ti.it the crowded state
■:r . -.i s not admit of oar pabiiaUng
■ . . . I’tbn’e *.- :ue b-n. -ly ami inleg
r:tv ..: a wo-tl.v ueuiieman at,d the victim of a
aspaid by aa astute mud clear
i,- ..I on' g*.t‘ [n-t ■ l 'be’gar' t] --t red tape.
. . eived tfeeenorai KCMtiogeat te
. ~ ~ii.i oi, i : -r c nd-olug Ik. case, in
y. ann.cal eflorii o;
1 - i.i defrajJ an honest profession of its jasl
nje .n ...ini., dr.v]. But we ibink we can
-:;e g;.at .:-I ■-soaringn! ' : t)fbe?!ood
'.'i . cf for; s ' a* d
. ip*e c ; : • .i! ‘f *1 .• ><’ s • ! M.i a
wo hum-. a i —pauroai ancestor <4 Thai
v . .
’ 'S . at a-. : - - , I: \ g.
with the hyperborean scin .I!at :.us f Lis co
ra' vdi age, - - f argur *a»iv--d clair.u'
H 1..-.;, ca. .-d up J . > * * afar Mar .a!
C- per. l-.M|u;re, wh * i iv.- the di •.; ,e.
K. ‘V : e «.. > i. l w. i»> -■ „ i
.s-Ik \ rich*. * >
C - us. e • m:e.i‘. trust w :.
virtu* j>. element. patriotic and loyal to a
ii- if a mean r : :... Krchabite >
v T A' «. C* ‘ a.
i'A. : . With ! :n.. Juioo. i! ;s r.
ti ’■> t>"l sa •' him. ;i‘ iT t ;v: . la'! Sr. oar.
cha ... :,i be ii v. ,1. io ito ; ai pitcb
M-Vwi* up r -e>.'ii as Uc » palmed out a>*
• h a .« i cw .s . toe deck. Morn v,r h.
' a hard-;. Mt-;i. -'is: r I ?aw h:ei. r
s ■ - - - l.
Fassarom. :Jy Huy o;. ‘ fcjus.day in
J*i. r. y ITT*'. s.x Ui alii>* pr.or to the li.dv.i
--t: o! 1‘ He Studied U'.V ■■ ..
>C. -■r C. ;a.\ ' M .
was an. mber d :tie F‘ •; Year lizards. Ca t
il . »i:t iy. f.iftl to : ave ie.ind Maj
IF, u. J ... 1i: .\ . .i : . me b.i’Lic et Harper a
M I :
fectfy h nest; takes nothing ho can't carry i £T
ar*-f : ■ \ heg :> »**. w. I
h.s 'vaity i.v .i;e can su*pic:oa. 1 kisow u by
T.ral cast : u ; iu T . Fi;sl, he v. i tat:.
on L*.' buck a! at cakes, because :
was rai« lint! :I. I. r w
wife ■* <].»;. -!: be at in’ his oKh st I y
fjii’ir jj fc;s \r d.xre. ’*i. ; reirard;’ d
lazily I kt.. w he s . yal because 1 1 card him
hooray lor ; Id A;- a: I the - u t:ub.»i ds. ai.d
say that JefT ])a\is was a dirty (Here the
iren’iemariy c*‘: stable, ever a live ».» a sense of
politeness, clapped a hand as big as one of
Ddiincs* Cincinnati l.atns acro-s the wiims.-es
mouth.] Yes. y. .ir h r. he i> u loyal man,
you bet you. y n bar me.
I he sum min ir i;n c.n botli s: h.-s was sp’.enoi 1
—lb names } \\ irt. Webster. ( ay. Cheiato,
Br >wi .. { iba a. ]*!.- lon, PiiL Fx, Buik .
Cirathau, Cur:an. to : > 'y. and (' I. Janus,
mu-’ all “pa’e t:.*, ir in. fu etur.i lire s'’ and ‘take
a-back s-'.'.f' w’:;?n t!>e sph-ndiJ lejpa! aeqaire
inents and do'pn i.ee of Mt >.*.ie:ir> 1 Litr ui *1
Snoicshy are l.iken into c.-asiili--ration.
Justice Mallet, having hammered at the
case ala ;t ~jli. br'udly charged the
Jury to thv'clT-.ct that they must bring in a
verdict according to the evidence adduced by
the te.'Lmcny which had bet-u elicited by t; c
facts i:nr lifted by the v.' • . S'cs who had tesli*
d what they kn w t-> he the case on in" r
mation and belief whether by direct impiica- 1
ire, i 1
inh ;encc or circumstantial evidence cf sabor
nati >a of f rarication, mendacious concnpis i
nee. and self stultification. I’he jury retired,
and after an abst-t:ce od’aa ' ■ ur and seventy
minutes, returned with the Pillowing verdict
cnJa u.-’a -d with five iri'.en. .1 rev. m.e stamps
visit Miss Ada Jai
Wo, the U’ulei jurors comr.tencfd to
try the <. : I !*• p ! e v Ad Mullen, do
her-by find the •} n.t guilty. And we
further find that he did, on the 4th day <;f
April, -Ib’94, threaten ?o e> mre.it self def<; ec.
issanlt, bait perjury 3u
n •:• ... : f.: • litt . . ; piracy. ;<*rg*,-ry.
barratry and ha!\ as i orj i:s upon the person of
IVltr I ark. the e :np!.. : . a:. r in this case, and
that he did intend to assault him with pistols.
Is, 1 < . . . . : I, I
: • r . ; ihar.dl lerri
P'T', Gre.iv Lie. b -wio k:.:vei, six shooters,
stuffed bladgo es. b ass knuekl -s, bowstrings,
l-re.-d ijs. tomahawks, pepper boxes, boome
rangs, revolving turrets and other deadly and
• ;a:—u We recomnien<l him to
r].. m ev of the c • nrt and tine him one hun
dred (! V< r->\d coin and order Lira impris
oned tiii he marries the girl,
Jd-nis 11.. hi. Foreman. C. J. Bathbick
. I *
F gartv. J. Carborry, lb Watters. Lazurns
Wurmser. F. hi - \ mark Deolv, John Frauk
f-ou, Jean F. lb -;-* - taire and M* a-s Solomon.
(Kr--.ii tin-Siu Kram i.-co Kundsy H.-r.-■ tv.)
«U■ r. . : . . K tMU H .' Bl ...
\ il»»• >?• *rit >! £ realm
o: ' mo niat-lmiinw •<i pile,
N -v:u.r !.» pea:: ' i.. .u-r-ni
Ihr • .eh lli- i .1! 11 aisle ;
I'i. ; n ri-.-- a/uto,
W \"'v* o.nth vine- nuv i-h-m.
And. iJ.i ■ !ji a;*.] • »ui :*« _i»i
'• d ~y j.;c hi the sui.m/i •
, *. :!. t.-.. : '.air. Jm ■ ky
j. : i ;inir > n inrun there
iWu.d; ;u- white I
*• H . v me in the sun-:.:
M d Nalutv'.- 1.-.u.cinnc •>.
* ra. i v : i-l . «j- i..j !i
1. • .
Avo : ... : tin th«* w : ’ i-'
Where Ih-jugi ' < ! s-marui :a
V.av Lit r n.-i. the h- h i . • e
ii;V bre .isah-veliwr-nvii-.
. re him t
'1 -.11 the - ;n’- ■'v.i i>.- dim —
t.arth’s emptv and pn-ie.
What are llity n, re hi.a :
A w- n ir. at John-tow:.. N. A . foretold
the time of h r dec-.a-c. mad • all her prq ..ra
t event . y’si k aln tsh
injx and baking, t her clothes and hun^ r
them away, say 1 •.■..(! i;-. verwar.i tin . i
acain an i next njorni c w . found dead in
her bed *
Am. fruit tr: < .•? have military |.r ; ;.-i ; -.
\\ hen voting thej are v.« .I li.ii:. m ' y J■ • ;
de.ee many kerne!.-; and their shoots are very
Mvsv'of i:." :■ o! - y.-ty. iik" t»- : r
aesake .... .took a
tr ie liiali ill llie uy »•.
A marri-.d editor rarely w rites a*tout, r ..re u
I!- d.-.us i.ol tty- to ainL ■ her hi? -übje*d
he is her?. ’
n:-: m- •; are ' rnu-icat glus-? to pro
,j.. •• lir lio : t : - y-.-u h . p »h :n
A man of n.n'. ; - :dy i< like iCy 1 : •
with cye.a . i that i lie ill the back of hi ;
T.or. • rtb. with h- - fa * »s • y
c. .10 past; the air and hcava of futurity.
Important petroleum discover; s have bevu
There are two things you should not bur
row—trouble and newspaper.
An “object •!i ' r ' —a gin who.-e in-
Cv me is c'd.ooo a y tar.
Thk battle of life ne«-d« no general? . every
mio i= his own cwoDiander.
; aacipa
ion ic Poiacd.
Superfine C i riilzatioa.
•-• I- i sa i The- Krjlbh papers
d ' ?; uk : . f I ot’
- c .. ; ’ . j ' s«y the
- - g ■ - . : are
b : . '■ . ■ * . , ■; r. \ >v. etc.
1 . . * -ay -i-’. ■•< >j «al '" i - i nry to
t: r t■> * 5 black.
» K> v.t the I .. ai;para
stjrie ol
K clbh cirdisatiou
C ■ . ; - pa . d se—
U C.< I.
» .. . . Is of ;• 'pie ia
b: g - : . k’Mir.g.
i 11
Picc,.. . ; \\. ... . w h hi? belt
• - >. :j i . ur .eaden fhgics

a 1 r: *r . • I. : d we f und
wa- ah. • ’ squ» set in the nrdi vof
i mi:l « ; I ; v.a ' >f it r ai iat three
■ r « ,i: e
.. d 1 ■ a : ’ jht -Why. sir/’ sail the
\ r. “we
I • .
1 I *i r 1 !:.*■> Ike w>re
. -.- . ■; 'yV. ‘ *aii. and
c\ \t» u-; '\v t dh u. :f his Ift arm. The
' re ' u ; > •»' 1 g*»t fn-!.-s?cweM.
\ i: t i > b c bill soon get
« • .r. .v . <l, £ w . kill i dozen rau
.. ; : ’ :be w.s ike «,*»••■ a for a liny
t i j-.-t i-v.t ?w pounds in we.ght.
I . r an 1 fac of :hi< »an me species are
by ihi m v; ! > - ir. n r is the color
h - a v,... :.y* .\v Fra mfa is let as
g . * wh. re. in place of
d : • I ra‘s. y i-e in a: 1n an fighting.
!■ : t'liel .. M ten :\vt s«|-; ire was
ilia:. . i;c vxp ’ siit •.» comprised
V;..l 1 y.i, 'l'i.c pioprie’.r »f lh:< *a!ooo
•bib . by iv.a/le proc'nmatj. n. "V 'UDg
■ ! - .. la ' <• d. and t lit u the two iads
d d a hand-. d forhwith
with i v u tin ability.
i s . ii S. ci is »; > n pu: >cd
1 ‘jeet
f wl.ich b r» impr it wi:h carbon.
«' ' i \bi s tv-re ab;;nda!»tly in charcoal
•i. y ;; v ; .'.le substarce, and the smoke
ll .r a 1 ; s i;p fr m a charcoal is carbon in
a : . i state. Nn.v, it yui tan manage to
•: et. a’.'; and put a pi» ce of iron no
it f r s ' , al days, and heat the iron at the
same time, it will become steel. Heating the
ir. n opens its pores, so that the smoko oi curboU
can ei.vr into i*. The furnace for this purpose
b a c : ..! bui ding of brick, in the middle of
w: •!. arc two troughs of brick .r ~t :>c. which
ho’ ;c. ut four tons i f iron. At tlie bottom
> a 1..- ..r.ite ; r tin- fire. A !aur v. charcoal
b put at the bottom of i!;c troughs, then a lax* r
ef bar iron, and ?o on alternately, until the
i ey are then coveied ever
wiiii clay, to keep oiit the air, which, if admit
tc . w add psevi-nt the cementation. Fire is
• a communicated to the wood and coal with
w . d the furnaci is filled, and continued until
the conversion of iron into steel is completed,
which. g> : ■!idly happens in about eight or tiu
da\s. This is known by the blisters on the
in order to determine. When the conversion
b c • : !■- d, the fire is then let go out. and tl e
bars : in the furnace about right days
The bars i.f steel are then taken
out. . I b• ■rs-Id as blistered steel or drawn
• . ;» :i: six-’.when it is call* d tilted .steel.
Merman - lis f.v h* out of this blistered steel
by break g rlie bars i-.to short pieces and
D to
a proper . for use.
T" \ that Makk a Patriot Nfad.—To
• i t . :■ d a:d it rcc.d. rantii g about iU
i • > \ i di»i a day's labor in
th. > live howiii _ about the influx of negroes
and i‘.■* it jury to the white laborers.
’P • ;ir men rave about the Presidenfa
vidati'in of the < kui.-titalii n. who are so utterly
s'updl or ki-uvi-b that they have never
vvr!„ • .>d .1: »t lb r lliou is in violation
of the Constitution.
To hear men who care not for law. for God
r r r.ian, arid who live in daily violation
»-.x, pra'iug about law.
To J.t- ir men who, were they South, would
be l d as the p > rest and meanest ol “while
t ; d‘ taunted as “nuirlsills,” “greasy meeban
■ *.. ;.!>!.olding tlie very men who so
tii r. c i !■ -pi-e Ihv'Se xvno do not
own n.gircrs.
p . h. : r t! ::: j ■ ' d ‘.r-g J« :T. Davis and the
- j •, in i and d cncy
•m. a ideb tbiy like
'I . ry io »ro than
1 , ;i . thick headed.
a u 1 id y , ’;i. tuh' ;d belching
about ab >lition.
| ... ..pa: and • 111-
. .. ,r i»« u kicked a. d spit
upon by the S idi.— Ostrcgo Tones.
d: b ,1 .!.* ' ■ • ali 'Tnia. it is gen
-t.], have n- .b a■ i any ri hgiou of
r i.. i.. I ' *«[ j.inU. huwexci’. •? qui eai
va . .. . > wi ll the 'b- rvatloi.s of an early visi
. ’ iik - rt .*• ... v. ii * v. ot*. many years ago,
U v follow? ; • The Indians say their adorations
to a a cv ii .-pint, w ho is supposed to preside over
evt rvih ; and whose displeasure they wish to
av ri h\ .. »rship. This .spirit is, believed lobe
soprein ■ a: i una.--5-!e«l by any inferior agents.
, ; - . ii.j *y happiness c.f cr this
I i . b i. g in- a-un-d by t »eir present
idea-, ?;.-t usual craliii * »tion.
b v
ii v. i . . ;a■ r.s, ir. otluT day. A woman
; her husband—i mbimm d nms
• r his liaodkercidref to wipe her eyes, after
pa i I ‘ inder her
... . 1 : ir; 1 ; • Win. Husband t --K
. .
V» Li.--.* • i.-alKiliel chief.
goe. ■ -
' ;
fhe scow! of &
tpi-.-.-kl. .. . v ; a hawk d -es the song
o! a bird.
,-.. ■ . . a
rer i I ... I
with ti fcrcv - two provinces claim- Jby lire
father 1:. law ot the Princess of \N aU-s.
L mas lia
timber ol a Lcu>-- i.i Franklin Mi .s. built by
I - Fl K
budding a’. Cleveland, properly iabcilrd-
M KBSAi hubs rrs g dog to e? ablisb a mili
tary school, and exp-end ■?i Td 00U to teach h«r
young men how to fight-
A hurricane is the su-.-czing cf the s:oc/n
c i ‘ rif -

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