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Pagan Super, tit-ions.
Memphis. situated ou the banks of
the Nile, ne;fr the Pyramids, was the
capital of Egypt before A'exandria wa=
built, and contained the Temple of
Apis, die ox-god, tile tpye of Osiris,
whose soul ti e Egyptians believed pas
sed into the body of an ox. Tlie great
festival of this god was performed with
the most magnificent cen monie- atMem
phi«. at the conmeneeoif-nt ot the an
nual inundation of the Nile, and la-t*-d
seven days. The ox, -elected t" repre
sent the god, was distinguished by par
ticular marks, which were, most pro
bably, the ingenious productions of tbe
priest.-: the whole animal was black,
except a white crescent, or a mark
resembling the figure of a man, on the
right side ; and on the Lack, the figure
of an eagle ; on the forehead was a
w hite, square spot ; under the tongue a
knot resembling a beetle ; and the hairs
of the tail were double. I Ins ox was
led in solemn procession, and having
made the round of the city in order that
those who smelled his breath might gain
a knowledge of futurity, and after a
variety of other absurd ceremonies, he
was led to the river, and if he hail at
tained to twenty-five years of age, he
was drowned, and a new Apis elected.
On this occasion, although the god was
purposely drowned, the priests shaved
their heads as an indication of mourn
ing ; cries and lamentation resounded
through the city ; and these continued
until a new Apis,with all the character
istic marks, was found. This new rep
resentative of Osiris had to perform a
probation of forty days, before being
initiated in all his dignities; during
which time women only administered
to him. ■
hull and kiuc worship passed into
Egypt from Hindustan, and it is still
retained in the East; for tdva rides
upon a white bull, called Hand!; and
Brahmanv, ot sacred bulls, are seen wan
dering unmolested in all the cities of
Hindustan. But the most curious cir
cumstance relating to bovine worship,
is the fact that it was practice 1 in Eng
land in the fifteenth century : another
proof, among many, of the difficulty of
shaking off old habits, and a verification
of the remark, that the early Christians
had ingrafted some of the abominations
of Paganism on their ritual. Major
Moor,in his Oriental Fragments , p. 16,
has given the following translation of a
register of the monastery of St. Ed
mundsbury, contained in a volume en
titled Carolla varia, by the Rev. VVm.
Hawkins, of Iladleigh, Suffolk, printed
at Cambridge, 1631.
“ This indenture certifies, that Mas
ter John Swarsham, sacrist, with the
consent of the prior and convent, demise
and let to the manor called Hah
yrdm in Fury, and the said his
executors, &c., shall find, or cause to be
found, one White Bull, every year of his
term, so often as it shall happen that
any gentlewoman( mulierem generosum)
or any other woman, from devotion, or
vqws by them made, shall visit the
tomb of the glorious martyr St. Ed
mund, to make the oblation of the said
white bull, etc. Dated, the4th of June,
in the second year of Henry \ 11. (a. d.
1457.)” Two other indentures, nearly
similar, are of the eleventh and twenty
fifth of Henry V HI. Now, the worthy
Mr. Hawkins informs us, that when a
married woman wished to make
tiiis oblation, “the white bull, who was
never yoked to the plough, nor baited,
was leal in procession through the prin
cipal gate of tbe monastery, attended
by all the' monks singing, and a shouting
crowd ; the woman walking by him,
and stroking his milk-white sieles, and
pendent dewlaps. The bull being then
dismissed,the woman entered the church,
and paid her vows at the altar of St.
Edmond, kissing the steam, and en
treating with tears the blt'ssing of a
child.” It is not easy to say how many
other equally ridiculous pagan supersti
tions deformed the purity of Christianity
before this period.
Comparative Durability of An
cient and Modern Structures. —
Mr. I re observes, that “such was the
care of the ancients to provide strong
and durable materials for their public
edifices, that but fe>r the desolating
hand of modern barbarians, in peace
and in war, most of the temples and
other public monuments of Greece and
Rome would have remained perfect at
the present day. uninjured by the ele
ments during J.'H'O rears. Ihe con
trast in this respect of the works of
modern architects, especially in Great
Biltain much more true of the United
tMau- , . is very humiliation to those
who boast so loudly of social advance
ment ; for there is scarcely a public
building of recent date which will he in
existence a thousand years hence."*
Manx splendid structures are niuiiu
meet not endless) of folly in ibis res
pect. He i bst rves als t t ? ston
intended for a durable edifice ought to
he tested as tc its durability by immer
sion in a saturated solution of sulphate
e'f soda, and exposure to the air for
some da vs : the crystallization w ithin
the stone will cause the same disintegra
tion that would result in time from fr. -t.
The Bi i ssed \\ okds of St rii it kf.
Th -e I lesseda* ids it is full of —words
that in our hours of ease or biblical
criticism pass over our mind like some
drowsy chime, but in the bitter day of
anguish and bereavement, when the
body is racked, the sou! darkened, shine
out like stars to the mariner—seem then
first to swell to their real size and
meaning, and eoinc to writhing mortals
~ . O
like pitying seraphim, divinity on their
faces and healing on their wings.—
[Charles Reade's “Very Hard Cash.”
Its temperate in diet. Our fir?t parents ate
themselves out of bouse and heme.
Sheriff’s Sale.
SUED oot of tin? District Coart of the 2d
Judir-i.*: DDtii t. in and for the County of Butte
and Male of under the -eal there* •? in
the case of A. L. <'hamberlin (surviving partner of
the late firm ot Haas and Chamberlin). v*. H > —♦it
Johnson.l" on** directed and delivered, commanding
me to -eli mortgasred premiss hereinafter described
t - -atisfv the jujiriuent mentioned in .-aid order, to
which reference being had. more fully appears, I
have levied upon, and * ill exp*** at pubh to
the bidder for ■■ash. at the Court ilex* do r
in said countjrand State, on
Mmiduy. Il»e !>«> of Majr, A. D. Im»J
at 2 o'clock i*. M. of said day . all the right. title and
interest <-f the above named defendant in and to the
follow mg described property, to wit; Thai certain
piece or parcel of property .-iluated in Bidwell
t*>wu>hip. Butte county, i aliform.*, on the Bidwell
and American Valley road, and of seven
quarter sections of land, ibe fireWix of which were
originally !««aUd under the poß*sv»ry laws of tln
."Late, and uie recorded *n the Recorder s office of
the count v an t State aforesaid, in Book A. 5 ••lußie
4 •»! Possessory 1 iaims. on pages one hundred and
eighty eight and one hundrt d and eighty-nine, and
were taken up and surveyed for W. Foreman. A. B.
New comb, A. Owen, J. U. Mason, G. U. Brooksand
H. Dutton, the same containing nine hundred and
sixty acres, surveyed by J. K. Stockton, the then
Comity Surveyor - f said county, and recorded in
mass 4«q page thirty-four of -aid record, by the Berry
Creek Mill Company, to all ol which special refer
ence is made in this d*>. ripti »u. and for this pur
pose is made a part hereof ; also, the seventh quar
ter section, which sdj*»insthe aforesaid six quarter
sections on the north, and contains one hundred
and sixty acres of land, purchased by the said Berry
.Creek Mill Company from John Fouri. The whole
seven quarter sections contain »ne thousand one
hundred and twenty acres of land, and is ku*>wn as
the Berry Creek mill property, together with the
tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances there
unto belonging or in any wise appertaining."
Paled Uroville, April iGth, lvi4.
F. W. DAY,
Sheriff of Butte County.
B. F. Jones, Under Sheriff.
Sheriff’s Sale.
MB sale. Issued out of the District Court of the
Second Judicial District, in and for the county of
Butte, and State of California, under the seal there
of, to me directed and delivered.commanding me to
sell the mortgaged premises hereinafter described,
to s4Nsfy the judgment against Win. Hesse, and in
favor of R.Winter (and John Upstone. Intervcnor),
mentioned in said order, to which reference being
bad. more fully appears, 1 have levied upon, and
will expose at public sale, to the highest bidder for
cash, at the Court House door in .slid county and
State, on
Monday', the Olh Day of May, A. D. IHC4,
.at 2 o'clock P. M. of said day. all the right, title ami
interest of the above named defendant in and to the
following described property, to wit: ••Being part <*f
Lots Number two and three (2 and 3) in Block
nuinlier fifteen [ls] of the said town of Oroville,
fronting forty-four [44] teet on Montgomery street,
and running back one hundred and thirty-two [1.12]
feet, bounded on the east by Joseph Bloch's brick
store, on the west by the mortgagor; also, a part
of Lot Number three [l] in Blin k Number fifteen
[la], commencing forty four [44] feet from the
southeast corner of Bloch's brick store, and thence
westerly along Montgomery street thirty one [2l]
feet by one hundred and thirty two [l32] feet, run
ning ba« k towards Feather river; also. Lot Number
three [ 5] in Block Number fifteen [ls]; and also,
the following part of Lot Number eight [ s ] in Block
Number two [2], commencing thirteen [l3] feet
from southeast corner of said Block; thence n utt
erly along Myers street twenty-five [2s] feet; thence
westerly fifty [so] feel; thence southerly twenty-five
[2s] feet; thence easterly fifty [so] feet to the com
mencement; also, the whole of Lots Numlier five
[s] and six ['•]. in Block Number fourteen [l4], as
laid down on the plat of Oroville.*’
Dated Oroville, April IG, Isg4.
F. W. DAY.
Sheriff of Butte County.
By l>. F. Jones. Under Sheriff.
Sheriff’s Sale.
sale issued out of the District Court of the 2d.
Judicial District, in and for the County of Butte
and State of California, under the seal thereof, in
the case of W, S. Green vs. Lewis Dellon, to me
directed and delivered, commanding me to sell the
mortgaged premises hereinafterdescribed.to satisfy
the Judgment mentioned in said order, to which
reference being had more fully appears.
1 have levied upon and will expose at Public Sale,
to the highest bidder for cash.
On Monday tlie 25tli day of April
A. D. 1*64, at 2 o’clock. P.M., of said day.at the
Court House door in said County and State, all the
right, title and interest of the abovejiiamed defen
dant in and to “that certain piece or parcel of land
lying in the village of Dogtown. Butte County,
California, commencing on the south west corner
of said land, running thence north easterly 1244 feet
along the south easily side of the street towards
Lovelocks, to a division fence, thence in an easterly
direction along said division fence 120 feet, thence
south*westerly •D feet, thence north-westerly M feet
to a stake GA feet from the north west corner of
Bader’s Hall,**thence along the north westerly side
of said Hall to the street feet, and thence to the
place of beginning 30 feet, together with all and
singular the tenements, hereditaments audappur
tenanees thereunto belonging or in any wise ap
petaining. There being thereon a large frame
building used as a Hotel.
Also, that certain other lot or parcel of land
lying in said village of Dogtown, Butte County.
California.nearly opposite the al*ove described lot
and premise* and commencing at a point where
the two roads intersect, thence running with and
bounded by said two roads to within six feet of the
ButcßcCs Shop and store owned by Charles and
John Bader.together with all and singular the tene
ments hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto
belonging or in any wise api ertaiuiug, there being
thereon a large Barn or Stable."
F. W. DAY.
Sheriff of Butte County.
By B. F. Jones. Under sheriff.
Oroville, April 2d, 1864.
Sheriff’s Sale.
By virtue of a decretal order is
SUED oat of the District Coart of the 2d
Judicial District, in and tor the County of Butte
and State of California, under the seal thereof in
the case of A. H. Ferguson vs. Bridget Lowery.
Executrix of the estate cf John Lowery, deceased,
to me directed and delivered, commanding me to
sell the properly hereinafter described, to satisfy
the Judgment mentioned in said order, to w hich
reference being had more fully appears.
I have levied upon, and will expose at Public
Sale t*> the highest bidder for c.uh. at the Court
House door in said County and State.
On Monday* the li day of April
A.D..lSG4.at2o*clock.P.M..ofsaid day .all the right,
title and interest of the above named defendant in
and to •all that certain piece or parcel of land tying
And being situated in County of Butte and State of
California.and described as follows ; Commencing
at the North-west corner of Alexander Kerby’s
K. • h. thrr.-'o running South one half mile.thence
F..st • nc half in o. thence North one half mi e.
F. W. DAT.
f Butte Count v.
Bv B. F. Jovks. Under Sheriff.
Oroville. April 23. ISC4.
Sheriff’s Sale.
Hv virtue of a writ of execution is
in and for Ophir Township. Butte County. Califor
nia. to me directed and delivered. c« inmandmg me
to make the sum ««f thirty eight and twenty live
:*• hundredth.-* d Gar*. ($ ••* 25-Dmi) and all c si*
and accruing o»>t* Ilurc< n. wl - «iii The I’< «■ .-f
the state ot California are plaintiffs, and S. Me
Carger. defendant.
1 have levie«l i ; • n and ** at Piibb • Sale,
to the highest bidder for cash, at the Court House
doorinsaid County.
On Monday, the 2-sth day of April,
D.. 1>64. at 2 oclocf P. M . ol said day. all the
right .title and interest of said defendant in and l ■
i g to wit;
"Claim to S2O acres of land bounded E. by S.
808 W v
Bird A Thumps* r and improvements situated in
Chico Township.'
F. W. DAY,
Sheriff of Butte County.
By B. U. Jonfs. U: B ■ Sbenfl.
Uroviiie, April 2d. JitU.
Black Hawk Consolidated G.SA C.
Mining Co.
meeting -•»; the above company, held at their
office, March 211*. 1 s»U. an assessment (No 4 ) of
twelve and one half cents, on each share of tfie vp
ital slock of said company, was levied, made due
and payable immediately.in U.S. coin to the secre
tary at Oreogn Citv.
* JOHN J. SMITH, President.
H. J. Morrison*. Secretary.
Oregon City . March 21st 1564. (ao2I
Sheriff’s Sale.
>'OTtCE i“ hr .V ciT. n. that. V virtue f a
d„ viul . ■ • • «>!«'. n .•■!•■ •«!>.! enten-l in t.ie
■ irt ; the - ifical Di-ari. I,n
anil !■ -r Hut!* ~ot>. ••«lif«rnu. nil the ••tU day
Aj-r t P. 1-fit. 1 will. on
.Monday, tlie Mill ilat *»1 May.
\ D. : ‘clock P.M. of that * '
Court H »n*y •; -r mOr wile. Ituttc • "ait>. Otli
-■• ' ■
: - ■ nos
parcel ..I U r <i. I. - -n Butte- creek, in Bare
i, re hi s
coots Bing (me Non (red and
-ixtv (pa>»a-i.- I- nded II theca t:; v't-.r-
I -
the --uli 'i-i- -■ itutu -reck, on the west -j Sun >
. |
[ether with a
ament- and c'U»t i* la itiu jiii” ■
. ■ . ft :- - - ' ' IV Will
-old to -ati-fy t u-iid r'.- i»»a tu la.'ur «-f Pleasant
Bari*r. and .iu-t David l.~w illcn. and the pr«*
ceeds ot the ■‘.ilt thereof will be applied I ■
the pa v incut «*f liie ecc-is of the sale. the
of >.ud ~i.il taxed in the sura «>f twenty »: lit and
fifty live hundredth dollars, and all accruing costs,
and the sum "t one hundred and eighty tliroe and
eleven hundredth dollars debt due fruii Ntid defend
ant, Levalh b, to sai I plaintiff, Barfot r, as
money for said pi■■•perty. and interest thereon tr->m
April *• DM. .nti paid, at ten (10) per >ci t.
annum. for which r.dement was du;y entered in
-aid Court,the c.th day «»f \pril. A. lb I"' ».
By order of the 2d Jcdh ial District C ort, Bi tU
county. Cal.
Oroville April lath. DM. F. W.I»AV.
sheriff of Butte County.
By R. F. Jones, Under Sheriff.
Sheriff’s Sale.
TION issued out of the District Court of the
Second Judicial Di-trict. in and for the County ot
todStal ler the seal 1
of. to me directed and delivered commanding me to
make the following sums I r costs, to wit ; one for
the sum of twenty two and 5-100 dollars, with in
tercst thereon Irom the nth day of I>eceml»er. A.
lb. D'3, and one for the sum of thirty seven 50 100
dollars, with interest thereon, from the 2-d day of
January. A. I>.. DG4. each at the rate of ten per
cent per annnm. until paid, and all accuring costs
on said writs, each in favor of Charles Evans, plain
tiff, and against Michael Clark, defendant.
I have levied upon and will expose at Public Sale
to the highest bidder for at the Court House
door, in the town of Oroville, County and State
a fore.-aid.
On Monday, lli«> 'ld day of May,
A. I>. DG4.at the hour of 2 o'clock. P. M-. of said
day, all the right, title and interest of the above
named defendant in and to the billowing described
property, to wit: The same being -the undivided
one third part of a certain Mining claim, situated
in Hamilton township. Butte co., about J of a mile
from Lathrop's Ferry, across Feather River, com
mencing at Carr’s diggings and running up to Cox
heads Hor>e Power, di-lance of about G»»0 feet more
or less, and following the gold lead in width from
about 60 to 7') feel-and knywn as Clark A Co
claims.’’ F. W. 1»A V.
Sheriff f Butte County.
By R. F. June*. Under Sheriff
Oroville, April 2 r D 64.
Ferry Notice.
v undersigned will apply to the Board of Super
visors of Butte county, at their May term DM. or
as soon thereafter as the same can be heard, tor a
renewal of License to keep and run a Ferry a
heretofore, across Feather River, at Rancheria
one mile below Oroville, Butte rountv.
S. V. HALE & CO.
April 2d, DG4. (5w
Notice to Creditors.
SONS having claims against the Estate of
Caspar Renker. deceased, to present them properly
vouched, to the undersigned, at his Ptore. on Mo
gomery »t, Oroville. within eight months from thi>
date or they will be forever barred. Bv order ot
the Hon. Probate Judge. I). N.FRIESIF.BF.N
Adisnistrator of said estate.
C. F. Lctt, Atty. for Admr.
Oroville, April 2d, IBG4.
Notice to Creditors.
» v ITORS f the E-tate of R. F. Gage, deceased,
to present their claims and demands within ten
months from this date, to me at my residence on
the HoQcut. M. F.GAGE, Admilstratrix
of the estate of B. F. Gage deceased.
Oroville. March 30th, 18C4. [4t
Bonnet G.& S. Mining Co
.’4 1 EE> of the above named company held on
the 14th day of March. I>G4. an assessment of fif
teen (15) cents per share was levied payable im
mediately in United States gold coin, to the Sec
By order of the Trustees.
TUEAPOIIK F. FORTE. fcivretary.
• Office, Montgomery St.
Oroville, March ISth 1861. td
xjL TEES ot the above company.held this day .an
assessment of Fifty cents per share, for each and
every share was kvu d and made’payable immedi
ately in Gold Coin of the U.S., to the Secretary,
at the office ofthe Company. R. 11. AI.I.EN.
Sec retary.
Chico. Feb. 23d, 18G4.
Pay Up!
r |IHOSE who owe me are respectfully and ur-
JL gently requested to “pay up." without delay,
aw I am going away. THOS. WELLS,
Oroville. Feb. 20,DG4. •
Snuff and Tobacco Mamifaetnrcr.
(Formerly 42. Chatham street. NEW YORK.)
W.-uld call the attention of Dealers to the articles
of his manufacture, viz :
Macaboy, Demigros.
Fine Rappee. Pure Virginia.
Coarse Rappee. Natchitoches,
American Gentleman. Copenhagen
Scotch. Honey Dew Scotch.
High T* i-t S t. h. Fresh Honey Dew Sctoh.
Irish High Toast. Fresh Scotch,
or Laudy F<x»t.
♦»* Attention is ailed to the large red ip-lion in
■ ■
which will l«e found of a superior Quality.
Long. D. \. L., or plain. S. Jago,
\ ( Sweet
Sw t Scenti O •• r
N - A . mixed. Tia I *il ( aven lish. i: ki.-lt
N. B.—A Circular will be sent on application.
■ ■
receipt by every arrival, from
The Best Growers in the United States
and Europe,
On the Pacific Coast, and are prepared to filler
ders fnun Merchants and Dealers and others in
want >f sut h.
All o?ir seeds have been known to give sat is fac
tion r r the last twelve years.
All orders punctually attended to.
Seedsmen. 4 A -* California street. San Fran -co.
Catalogue.' sent free ;poD Apj l.ration. uli
. .
of the £
I• I ' . ■ -■ ' B"• - It aoswerthe
c-m plaint tiled therein. wiliiia I Tty days alter t;»e
expiration ••! eight snc ■•O'dve l•.‘•. ■■at;-ms i*v
clu ive *>f i:»#* la-l day of su;d :i) •! 0 : -
.| • I
Record. a weekly new-pap* r. \ .< i -Iff 1 in r
Übtie, or judgment by civ lau It w. ! be ta
li* n against j'-n.
The -.» ! action is brought to .-Main judgmerf
against the real estate above named i.t lh- -.m •
20 16-10*» sr». alleged to be d • from ~|<j j -
e.'inlv in tr.is pl.;int•.:! • r luxe* a--.- laud I. •ed
against it f r the ti-'a’ year A. D. a id .C- • .
the sum of 8 93 Ibßus -
fr ... said •esl ite to this pia I I r tax*
• I pui.4 it Snr tte Iseil year .i
lb I s * (amomitine in the aggregate I • thf >u:n '
• ■
m e spt ia!ly -ft f-Tth in the complaint*
■ * r
it y-'i fail to appear, and ,u*w#r *. he -.t i
plaints as above required, the plaintiff w t.ik--
judgment against said real estate by ch fault. t r
the sum of 2 * < Too dollars. U'sid**'<-"sts and per
centage. and a decree of Court adjudging the title
of -.aid H. Ib Oliphant. (and all other claimants
known and unknown.) to the same, subject and
subordinate to the judgment herein for taxes, aI-o
for sr.ch other and further equitable relief, a* ra.iy
be right and equitable in the premi-es.
Given under my hand, and seal of the District
Court of the Second Judicial District, this sth. day
of March, in the year of our Lord. one thousand
eicht hundred and’ sixty tear.
J. w. GILKYSOX. Clerk.
Tnarl2 By U. II ff.AKT, Dept.
rial Pis t the Slat
and for the County of Butte.
The People of tLe State of California vs. H. K.
Mitchell and the foil wing do- bed real estate
situated in Ophir Township. Butte County uiui
State of California, being the South half of the
southeast quarter of section T.wn-hip 1-.
N. R. 3 east. \ -
half and south quarter of Section 2 Tuwn-hip 17.
NO. R.
owner- of any interest or estate in said described
land, known or unknown, defendants. A- i. *u
brought in the District Court of the Second Judi
cial District, and the complaint filed in the County
of Butte, in the office of the Clerk of said District,
f theStal
ing to H. K. Mitchell, and all owners of any inter
e-t or estate in the above de>cril*ed real e-tate
known or unknown. You are hereby required to
appear in an action brought against you by the
above named Plaintiff, in the District C -urt ; the
Second Judicial District of the State of California,
in and for the County of Butte, and to answer the
i omplaint tiled herein. within forty days after the
expirati m of eight -a xt ssive { iblh at
elusive of the last day of .-aid publication) ot this
Summons, once a week iu the Weekly Union
Recoup, a weekly newspaper published in the
county of Butte. *t judgment by default will be
taken against you.
The said action is brought to obtain judgment
against the real estate above named, b-r the sain of
2b .’>o-100 dollars, alleged to be due from said real
estate to this Plaintiff for taxes asst s>ed. and levied
against it for the fiscal year A. lb. Iv'.iJ, which said
taxes. a* assessed, are mure specially set forth in
the complaint riled herein, to which yon are refer
red--a ud for cost ; and if you tail to appear and
answer the said complaint as above required, the
Plaintiff will take judgment against said real
istate by default for the sura of 2b,bo-100 dollar*,
besides co-its and percentage, and a decree ot said
Court adjudging the title of said H.K. Mitchell,
(and all other claimants known and unknown), to
the same subject and subordinate to the judgment
herein for taxes—also, for such other and further
equitable relief as may be right and equitable in
the premises.
Given under my hand and Seal of the District
Court of the Second Judicial District, this sth day
of March, in the year of ocr Lord one thousand
eight hundred ami sixty four.
j. \V. GILKYSOX. Clerk.
Bw-nlB By U. Hobekt, Deputy.
fiiheactof which a copy is given
g lieluw was pa-sed April 17, 1 -U2 and cau lit
found at page 2* •; ,f the Statute- of that year.
“If any person shall wilfully make, or give, un
der oath or affirmation, a false list *1 his. or her.or

property under his, her, or their control . such per
son shall be deemed guilty ol perjury, and upon
conviction thereof, shall be puni-hed therefor, a- i
by law provided for the punishment ot perjury ;
and any property wilfully concealed, removed,
transferred.or misrepresented, by the owner or
agent thereof, to evade taxation, shall upon “dis
c-very, be assessed at ten times tlie amount of tax.
tor that year, which would otherwise have been as
>c-.-cd upon it : and fifty per cent, of the amount
of such additional tax. wnen collected, shall
paid to the person or person* who shall furnish the
information which reveals the property so conceal
ed, transferred, removed or mi.-ivpre-entvd. and
the remaining fifty per cent.,after deducting the
usual per ventage for collection, shall be paid ini**
the Treasury, for the benefit ol the Common
School Fund of the State."
X. H.—The above will bo stri« tly enbu - ed accor
ding to law. J. lb GIVEXS.
4m IS County Aesessor Butte County.
For protection of the Assessor, Taxes on per
soual property must lx* paid when us.-essed.
County Court, March term. IS<54.
The People the ot the State ot California vs Ah Chew
,v Ah Tye. I will apply to the Governor of the State
of California.to pardon the above named deiendants,
as soon as so. 8
were indicted together, by the'Grand Jury, in and
for Butte County, at the March term of the County
Court aforesaid, for the crime of Robbery, and
thereof convicted, in said County Court, on the
f Mar A. D. 1864 ring s
March term of said Court: and on the 14th. day of
March, Iml4. they were sentenced by and in said
Court, to imprisonment in the State's Prison of the
State of California, for the period of three years
each, from and after that time.
Attest: Thomas Wells,
Oroviße, March 2 s th. A. D.
To Hon. W. S. Safford, Presiding Judge of the
County Court.in and tor said County, and to Sim n
Rosenbaum, Esqr. District Attorney, in and f r
Butte County. California.
• . ■
Insolvency Notice.
Bn I HE < OCX! \ COl BT, IS OVD 1 OB 111.-:
Stat f In tin
matter of the petition ot X. B. Alworth. an insolv
ent debtor. Pursuant t" an order ot the Hon. W.
S. Safl Ige ot the
i- hereby given to all cteditors of the said insolvent
.., ■ ' '
af resaid. in oj*ea Court, at the C-mrl Room « t said
ity ol ’ Uh day
May. A- D. I>G4, ai 10 o’clock a. m. ot that day.
then and there tn show cause, if any they can. why
the prayer of said insolvent -hall n-*l i*e granted.
- . . • - - - ■ * *
d;- barged tr- m his debts and liabilities, in pur-u-
and in the meantime all proceedings against *a; l
insolvent be stayed.
Witness my hand and the Seal of -aid Court, thi
-th day of April, a. r». 1564.
J.MOORE. Clerk.
JAMES GREEN. Deputy Clerk.
S:lis W. W. Coro hey , Att’y for Petitioner.
Notice !
Ji. offers his services, for a moderate con-;dera-
IB ' _
in particular, in writing letter-, translating docu
ments or a- interjireter in Nvlh the English and
- . _ .
thing d'-ne in that line wiil pleaae to call , n the
marl S. STRAUSS.
' • ■ r ’ ‘ v

I. G.U. Mo* re-Grecth-g; V ar
l«* appear l«©fore cw. at mvo:
Opoviile. Ophir I wu>hii>. iJ
on lie Uth dav Mr.. A. D., I".
M.. u*answer unt . u\ ' L
A Brr>.. wh . stie lo th
dred and sixty vt dollars and
ledgt-u tf* t*f do© Iron y.ru lo I
i»i*ry Nc.u aiidU • ka c- S
bears cat*.-I .m 2Ns. l>.‘,r». for >i\*v five-i
parab’e *o C. !>. Mart:. ‘.earing iaTcrV-t at th
.»f three p*'r or r? per month. Irr.m date n- r
- C. sold
•- ■
Ui the loW' .f
niljTy • ! Butte
-I i 1 • . k A
. X -te
J »-ii c <-f the IV.iiv t Ophir Towtudii:., Bulb
February I*2;h I v **l
[?m ]
• u ■; i ,\v van : ■ iam-
S■ ■ lo 1
Nt-Nr.n, Greeting:
Y. . 1 are here y Strum o-i to appear ef->re me.
at my office, in th* I* wn XVyaudotte, XVyau.T tu*
Towi;>hip, in the County «*f Butte, on the 20th day
of May A. D. 18*4. at 12 "Mock M . to an>w. -
unto the cow plaint of the Lire Oak 0 Id. S liver
and Copper Minning U -. who sues t ■ recover the
'Mu of twenty dollars, alleged to l*e cue th« ru tr--n:
you for an assessment. leived 0 t. 1 »t i l"f>:>.
your interest of two hundred feet ,«f intuit; j :r»-
in the claim of said Co. as appears by refer* • •
being had to the complaint on tile in my •:!! • ,
when judgeroei t will be taken against y ; f-r t' ■
said am nut. together with «. Ms and damages, if
you fail lo appear and answer.
To the Slier.RHr any i' u:>taMe of -aid C*nnty.
Greeting: Make legal services and disc rcti
hereof. Given under my hand, this 1 >th day
February A. lb XX’. Y. HI.IS"
Justice of the Peace of said Towush
1 hereby order the above Summons to be p
hshed in I’m ’A eeklv Union Rt.c- kp. f-r a ; ■
of three m «nlhs from a:: i r the 20 th day ■ * F
A. D. 8< i. and it is furthei ordered that D.C< m
Consta ■ reof
Office. at XX'yassd Ate, p "tage paid.
ihonias Nelson. Virginia U.tv. Neva-it Terri:*
W. Y. H!.l»
Justice of the Peace of said Tow to:
Court, Ophir Township, in and for the c- My
of Butte :
The People of the State of California, send Grtc
ting to. Ira Procter :
• before i
at my efti e in the Township of Ophir. in th-
Comity of Butte, on the 20th. day of June. A. lb
I'mU, at 12 uVlo. k, M.. to answer unt * the com
plaint of J dm Upstoue.who sues to recover the prin
cipal and interest of a Promissory Note, dated
June 23d, 1 given by you. payable ninety days
alter date, to the order of Bird A* Stewart, for the
sum of f"0. with interest thereon, at the rate of mu
per cent per mouth till paid. the same to be paid
in Fnited States g«dd coin...r in equivalent in |*apcr
evidences of indebtedness then made or which
might thereafter be made a legal tender by th
laws of this State or the United States at their
value in San Francisco market a* time of payment,
the said note being the property and in tic. po»es
sion of Plaintiff, when Judgment will be taken
against you for the sab! amount .together with costs
and damages, if you fail to appear and answer.
Ordered that publication hereof !*? made for 13
successive publication,on and after the l‘‘lh, ••!
March. I>»‘.4. in The 'Vki kuv Us i s Rei om*.
Given under my hard, this l s th day of March.
A. D. lso4. JOHN I'K'K, Justice of the
uo‘2o 13t Peace of said Towii'l i,
boupt, Ophir Township, in and lor the county
of Butte.
The People of the State of California, send grcc
ting to Ira I’roctor.
You are here by summoned to appear before me
at my oßiee in the Township of Ophir, in the «*.» u
ty of Butte, on the l>lh. day ot June, A I»
at twelve o’clock. M. to answer unto the complaint
of John Upslone. whosuesl*» loreclose a Mortgage
given by y >u to him on the 16th, day of June, 18 >3,
ftvsury N
by you to him on said day. for the sum of with
interest thereon at the rate of :i per cent per month
till paid, and made payable six months after dat
in gold coin of the United States, or its equivalent
in value if paid in legal tender notes, at their vain
in th- San Franeb. <. market at time of p i\rrent
said note, and PlaiutifT pray- that Judgment f..
such balance if any. as may be due alter the pro
eceds of sale ot Mortgaged property shall liav.
■ It I -
and paym< nt of said n »te. and Judgnu nt first f
foreclo'ure of Mortgage, when Judgment wbl 1.
taken against you for tiiethe said am ent. Mget’e
with costs and damages, it vu n.G aiq>e »:•
*..{ b(
Ordered that piit>li<*ition hei
Weekly Union Recoup, tVr 13 successive j.
tions, on and after lath of March. 1"*.4.
Given under my hand, this Isth. day of Mar-li
A.lbl" l. Ji)IIX IMUK. .1 i-‘: t• <d th
. .
an.l a half fn-r cent i month .r »rn da’e un'ii j.ai i. j-wa
ble in Forbestown, HuUe comity. Cal;Torni.i. on wit h
;.lain* (T :i*lege« h- paid f*»r yon as security on th * l.’tii
day of April Ih- sum of si» • 10-000
Plaintiff pr .yfc judgment that the- ai rur ieed j rojw-r’v
be «01-l according lo law to .v the costs of it- stio. tl .
co*ts ■ I thi« suit, and th- paid hist named sum ->f *'.»o lo
(XK) and interest thereon at the rate of tw-. and a half
per cert per m-nih from April fifteenth Isrg. utcil p:,i b
ami that if th<* pn ce* ils of the of sni-1 ir.or’gice l
propert> be insufficient So pay all of said costs ard d-bi,
that a judgment b-•iii-r-d against you for the ba'ance
ih* n found t-» be due to him w hen judgment wil 1 In- ia
k- n agun.t you for iho said amount together with costs
and damages jt you f. ; ii u* ap( • can ! answer, and judg
ment fir«; f -r f-reclo«nre of s ,i 1 mon-act .
\ ry A I
ophir township. P-utte counts, Oalif-n.i.i
3 h-« Wells, Attorney for Ibaiuutf. F«b ‘27 3m
ST \TK »
COO*t, I
Uul-e. Tie
i (Jr;
hir Township, n.and f-r th- e.-;;--» ot
I'm jle the sme of Cai f--rn a, to 1! hart
When .’ 1 Igni s * wid be '.*ken aga:f t :r
>-tid amount, iogeiher with ai.d lam it y.-u
f.c’. *.. apsrf’. r and ar.«w, r Tp n’ - : r. and pr -r
affiiavus made and rletl; it is ordered by said n:
service «f sciu.ii n- emu by pubhc.ci.. ;b« r e »•
three >*;■ -on and a:>-r the 27. h -.»> . f Febrw ry
rn th* Wet k’ v I nba Kecae I a i --vrspaper {-.bbshed
ih.: li.vec uniy, t':.i.foru;a, and this a copy
the summor s be y mail, p paid, to ♦ ach * »t
deb-i-daniS • ; Auste;. Kewse r:ver. Nevada Territory,
and to their la-t place of residence in B ute county,
iiiveu under r..v hand, th;** gr» h day of Febr-mry A
Feb 23 ' n s-td Township
Dissolution Notice.
firm f DeamerA Wallin is hereby disolved by
mutual ‘ - *ent. from and after th- 22d lay >■:
March. ]s*.4. W. E. Deamer is authorized t - col
lect all partnership debts dne the late firm, and
will nay id! indebtedness ■ ? said firm- Tlkkc in
debted to the late firm will please call and settle
their amounts at the old stand. Thankful foi past
favors of the old firm. XV. K Deamer will lie great
ful fora continuance of the -arae.
B r. WAU.I.c.
Orovilie. Maicn 22d. no2l it
I .
« *1 *'•’ tU-O ustr •»; Unite. The Pc- ide of the
' ■ -
- '' - Roving
- • -
tnct »' r: •: *nd.» , ui .ui 1 u.-tr t.and Ute
.1 Pisuicv Courl,
S ’ I
t-iale n the
. known and
■ :
in,* Di>t t 1
I . : "I
b. Hi »i.u an.' » r the v
v.* nano A
oud JmL
a■: J i *r the
r ai:;l 1.. i A
. • c—i v e ns (i \ !
- * Sai
the Wkkkj.v I'm n P.jvokp. a week'.}
1 rt..* e-late ab
t t. out.:
named. I •
< jig men t
• ■ -:.m ’
t-> tr. - plaint::’ *• ' taxes ;i«r<>cd a* A ;t-\ ied
- ) \ .
l.’-c v ’ lint t ied birein, !•'• wLi •!: y -n arc refer
red—ami r cost; and if you fail to appear and an
swt*r ihe >a’d -omj aim as aU_»\e loquired. the
■ .■ nest against . rod estate,
by default, for the sum of HTT oO dollars beside
cost- ard percentage: a .’; a dev ree adjudging *ll
he s .
of t M i-st.tie ot J'Lii i',’ t. r. dr east d als-* oi all
owners, known and m known, • i a: d si • ■
nale I > :Lej iilg.neut for taxes herein.
Given under irv hand and seal of the District
- daj
«'I" Ft brnary . ihe year <*l our Lord me thousand
tijisl liMt.drcd ami s:\tv i«-ur.
J. W. GILKYSON. Clerk,
vll nl7 >vv Rv R. HOBART, Deputy.
Lv -o:lbea-t : uc <■; the at- se-aid tract, and i»li
the -..nth west by Hue running parallel with the
,ii -\e. .. . the alH.ve oei ng the two third interest in
what i.- known a> the Tarr tract. and tormeriy a—
ses.-ed i > It. Woolen. Alsu, all owners, known or
unknown. deiemlants.
1 in- People ol the Slate of California send greet
ing t-» heir.- ot B.F. Tarr. dece.wd. and all o\\ ;,er
t»l any interest or estate mi the above described real
estaU known or unknown ; You are hereby re
ipiircd to appear in an action hr-- *ghl against' you
by the above named plaintiff. in the Di-tiicl Court
oi the si ud J Di.-Uiel the Stall if Ca
toi tiia, in aiot t->i ihi eouulyol Butte.and to answei
the eompiai. t lilcd therein. within forty days after
the expirati n of eight sin cessive publications (ex
elusive of tire last day <>!' sail! publication) of this
> turnons, one* .i week in the a ki.ki.v Union Ue
eoiiiu a weekly newspaper pnl 11.-ln d in the county
of Untie, or j dgmenl by default w.il he taken
against you.
Ihe said action is brought It* obtain judgment
again.-t the real e.-tate ah -vc named, b*r the sum ol
7s s 7-100 dtillars. alleged to he due from said real
e-tate t-* this plaintill tor taxes assessed and levied
against it lor the i;.-» ,rl year A. D. I s * which -aid
taxes, as as-essed, are more spe•cialiy -el forth in
the complaint hied here in, lo which you are referred
and tor c -.-t: and ii you fail lo appear and an-vvci
the said complaint .is above le.pnred, the plaintill
will take judgment again-t said leal estate by de
the im ul W tS7-ltMl dullvbesides costs
and per v uiage. and a tlecree adjudging ail interests
or ei unis **t tj: • ■ -aid he is - 1 the e-late of B, F. Tarr.
decea-ed. and al-o ul all owners, known and un
known. swhjevt and subordinate lo the judgment lor
taxes herein.
Given under ni\ hand and seal of the Histiict
I’ourt ot tin- Second .1n... n.; Ib.-lrict, this ’J.'itli day
of l ehruarv. A. 1). I -c t.
J. W. GILKYSON, Clerk,
vllnl7 n\v ByJ. G. MOORE, Deputy.
c n Tin: district cufrt of nr

The People of lh
State o, ralilornia vs. Heirs of B. F, Tarr. decea-ed
■ • i i■ 'ii "ii' mile. Go .... n..rihea-i
t ‘ ■ : e north west to the middle o. Lillh
... : n.-n.-o down said creek to pi i. , . . •
■ • . ■ ror pai • b imh . »
• • k n the northeast, by the lir-t inn-’oi
the c unty of Ruttc, or j .dgmciit by default will In
taken against you.

' • late a the sura o
? l s I i“d dollars, alleged to be due from -aid re.i
estate to This plaintiff lor taxes assessed and levie*
again.-t il h r the fi-ealyear A. 1). which sai-i
taxes. :l-a-se-.-ed. are more sj.ccially set forth in
the complaint filed herein, to which you are refer
red—and for yost; and i! ton fail to appear and an
>w* r the -anl cumplaint as afn-ve reipured, the
L--.Uil.rl will take judgment again.-t said real estate
by default, tor the -urn of M - Mon dollars.be.-ide
■ *■ • *tnd j rcei lagi ; an i ade ;ree adjudging ai
intere-t- . - Liims • » the -aid heirs of 15. F. Tarr
deceas'd, and ai-o of ail owners, known or nn
k'. iwn -■ -i-j• ‘ and sab irdioate to the jodgmeni
for taxes herein.
G,\.n in. ;• r in; him] and seal •• f the Pistn*t
Court of the Second .ludh iai Di-tricf, thS< 2.»th da}
ul February. A. D. I - GI.
J. W. GTI.KVSON. Clerk,
vllulT -w By J. G. MooRK, Deputy.
Justice’s Summons.
plaint, on file in my • »ffi >*. when jndgmeot will be
tak-n again.-’ \ “i for the sai l «inuunt. together
with costs &ad damages, if you fail to appear and
To the SL< riff or pny <’> n-ta -f-. d C .unty.
Greeting: -Make legal -ervieo >nd due r* tarn Jiere*if.
Given under my hand lh:- 12th dav of February,
A. D.. i v '4.
Jus: eof tl p» .ice of -aid Town-Li|*.
I her. y ofdorthe a> Stunmons to 1m? publi-hed
in Tin Wf.kklv Union Ke.orii. for a period of
three Mouth-, and it i- further ordered that J. H.
site atrm
. - is the I *t Office at Orw
it Silvei
Citv. X. T.
Justi.eof tiie Peace of Ophir Town-hip, Butte

Febraxr y I h. 1 >o4. [,3m]
ri.mßuin. \s x ctrativf.
■ d varii
" ' w jt; owc<'TvmJ. ?,. r u TVAchr*
' ' \il t> - ,-h tfx>
' ' " ' •- ot foreign tiaiU'r, at
kitty site to ik#
I - (Vil,t-l-T*lU'l)i
i*t a«r*
• ' abaierer can eac-ap*
'* v . ir : r«. ac be* every Hereof ;fc*
*rt: n’
*u rtf Kncirm
‘ c ti* IN ALL I
■ ef«»c - ict ami
PT tva’ cvn caa N had i« at the
1 1 '• \V:tsMn,|«n Url«\« Kcrucy,
I" ian. whe
lo the cere t»f
■v» i he is aow
■ a«es w hi*». the as*
»- . v act- <*f rcr\ cv*
' '“•( pcr« npf
1 ' • —i . i > >et v! i*-
' - • ' n :ui.i . yet it !•
HA t*
' * iI- fail an 4
I PMT X! I* F U»T»IN ' H l't\p CA«tt
• ' ■ ' n* ltk>t>u:;e w»e
. ■ • the tr*s e*>e t*f ■ -*an«*«rtb'n is
• • • . . 1 w.i l> Uie iNrectxirs
W VHU WIH) OK \i> P\ Y 111.
m iukii.
- r rMlsisyßjrs
• ' i ’ '■ X I • . ill—dll' »U>aach
' « T ;*! • I *•. 'i'll i. >1 U •> difS'Mse ft,t
in I I M \ : j s,
• m tii - " iMt(i«ular]«
« 94 It ii a n
: !‘..> r *i rv i 1.-S • n»i:i-r vx • .; :• , x u>* <• .use
I L'Sr . id T.r tu >-. :r. U> aii pa. ,' : he vo>* DITJ—
v « n - w " an.l plfttur»
OSi.s-*|. *u 9av.i- > n r m Uxirr fniix.
J- >l. l>.
Ui sidrut Piiy ulrUs.
( K.in iKU \TK.S OF CIKKS.
.'an I i.aXi :src». April l«i. Is®#.
rupalhic I Mil i> sad that h*
■ ■
of Uafts n.f'uih
■ ' Ui riupl .% h :;i lie has cured
me without nuvli
' . ■
Su’-'r its-.I .-ui.l
1 V x>l Ap. : . \ I
■w<*rii t.
tr pstbit
> .. ‘k •>,. iy ~f Hau I ran
b»-Vre me. Ibis civUtceiuk
HAKK\,Noliiry PuNi-*
i 1 vi r« _ . : k»> this method of .ick x*xxiet!cii)<
' > ■ ' ■■ ■ ir. . :! ; *>.-H moot «jw
pi i : him a; 1 ;n>path:c .to. whi rsuiffrr
ii‘-' under .1 tern hie mtbctu n.
■ ■ r I
IBH a- i w
I tsaa all
cramped with rt»« imafieio, and also had th. mad
- * •" *- 1 »V‘ !ih it. xv ;! t out relu i I «*n t think
• ! >t *'t‘d 1-.- ri oi» - wick. The i tH'lor,
■' ■ ■■ 1 i he I n»i jo la m
" r > in.- i i ;i>easc m twenty

r ' - - -••*•! n® ito patronize Utii fi atitols, f. r
' I '■ t>* f * .xlll.tt •:. ami the operation is
1 v- - , '* - »?ik I*r Jossc!»a
- ' 8 •
'■ ’ r 1 1 I'o*. of (tolinxi Hay.
"I • ‘.tf ruta. City at:.l County i f >«n I'rsn*
-rit.cxl nnd <« rn to Ir\ re me, this I9lb n|
Se| •• u.'n r, A 1» iM>O.
n.arWSm P. BARRY. Notary Public.
M remedy upon the •st omaeli. liver and excretory
' I-. r>, ilurly <«voi him; and conservative. It
re- ’ it, ~ re.mil- ,m.l purities them. Dyspepsia,
its for is yields to its control and inrigorat
ing propeities.
Invigorate the System.
\ ; - ‘t "in di. e-:-.■•n and pure bile produces nutri*
iioi!> blood and r <>tritioii< blood ;i healthy frame.
I’-e-il.- \ li ni ' I ;i dyspepti. stomach and a dis»
ordered liv.t -ire t . know lew the digestion
rio v vt-il. ihe bile and other Iluids ot the
body purified ?
in t
st re
a nd
I>.-. Hostetler s Stomach Bitters
' iesira reliable reio’nf inn
■ 1 'y-1• ■'.■ i*■;r i i’.i?iiiir the secretions, giving
‘T->theai:, .mI j iiee-i which dissolve the food,
M-Th l i ev. rv relaxed n* rve. mu<i le ami fibre,
brings the whole machinery of vitality into
*»>u.s and healthful play.
Strengthen the System.
• '1 m- • 1 *' i •ip.n t iiig vigor to the broken
i frame and NhaUeied eon>litulion. which has
\- • .cm inverted «*r dis.-overed. or proffered to the
Jcelde >*t both sexes and all ages is
Dr, Hostetler’s Stomach Bitters.
I* 'i.i’y. fr-» »ii whatever »a :>e aiming, mny l*e
■ 'ir. l; >tre.u:th, in whatever manner it may hare
bi n w i t' d, may be restored by the use «*.f this
p-werfnl and healthful invigoraiit. For Indiges
tion and all it- painful efleels, bodily and mental,
they are a positive speeilic.
A Word to the Aged.
In the decline of life the loss ot vital force eonse
fj! e.ut upon physical decay, can only be safely snp
;di* 1 y - :ne \>\ iM ju - • ur.rTi -n wh, 1» reeruiltt
* '' ' t entailing the ex
i r i
stimulants. NVe leader to the aged
Dr. Hostett r*s Stomach Bitters.
■ ■ ’’ and restorative, immediate ic
ment in it
the .uaoitc. ai ls
i 'he spirits.
For Females.
ii< ' re- rl t * it a> a remedy fot
i-’ 1 - o| the heart, nervous headache.
'• delulity■. and all peculiar disturh
■"! '-•■•merits to which, as a sex. they
; heers ; d lightens the depressed
' •- •' ’■ strengthens tie- body,
and its u-e k ;e-ver f* liowed by any reaction.
Fur< lias., only ot rtdiahb- deal.-rs. Sold everywhere.
4<tl A 4 1 *.I Battery st. cor.(’lay,
San Fram isr*
The Great Cure
Vel T
are ■
And Bowels.
Put iii* in Ola.— Phials, and warranted to
ihc-e Pills arc prepared expressly to operate in
ua;:uouy with that greatest <.f Idood puri tiers,
ai deprave! humors or impure blo-nj. The mos
h"j<eic» suffen-r' need tj- t despair. Under the in
f’ o nce of these two GREAT REMEDIES, mala
d that have h. ret .re l»een considered utterly
a. a.i iisappear qul kiy and permanently. In
t!.’- ‘•• h ,:, t a- i.ses these Pills are the safest, the
quickest, and Uie !>est remedy ever prepared, and
should h*e at once r.jsorted to.
Dyspepsia or Liver
Complaints, C oiistiptaion,
lleadac fie, I)iop>>,
* r many year- these FILLS hare been used in
da * practice, always with the be-d results, and it
i> with the greatest confidence they are recom
mended to the affli'-ted. They are composed of the
rn'>st costly, purest and liest vegetable Extracts and
Buisara«. such as are but s t .lJ.»rn used in ordinary
medi-ine«. on account of their great cost, and the
combination ot rare medicinal proj*erties is anch
that iu 1- <g standing and diflicult diseases, where
other m. J:< es have completely failed, these ex
triordinary Pills have exerted speedy and thorough
For sale by
>an Francisco.
Ageniaao; California.

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