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lVf..n im lies "Thvj Christian Mirror." It
is an oll fculiioned "Orthodox." weekly; and
we see that the present is the LVIIth volume.
It was originally published and edited by the
flov. Doctor Camming, a learned and very
levont man, and ;i shining light in the Con-'i-egatioiud
Clnin.li. The i;;jer is now edited
by one 1. 1. Warren who lling.j out as his
motto the words: ' ' Tf I forget thee, O Jerusa
lem, Let my right hand forget her cunning."
We hardly know why 51 r. Warren chose this
particular sentence fur his motto. It was-the
I'.salmist who said those words; and why Mr.
Warren thinks them appropriate to his calling
and eh'ctioii " e are :if. a loss to guess. Wo
have heard a gr.wt deal Jaid about " That
blessed word Mesopotamia"; and there is no
doubt that people ' like in ivII under their
tongues sue! i ivs umling and rythmical sen-
Then Simon, pirdin his Usher's coat.
Went over the nets and out of the boat
Ay, first of them all was he ;
Rupeutinjr sore the denial past,
He feared no longer his heart to coat
Like an anchor into the sea
Down djep in the hungry sea.
And the others through the masts so diin.
In a little ship i- ime after hi:n,
1 'ra'.-,'i!ii; their nets through the tide;
And h.;n they had gotten close to land,
Tkey saw- a fire of coals on the sand.
And with arms of love so wide,
Jesus, tiie crucified !
'Tis loir,', and lour, and Ion a;o
Since the rosy lights began to tiow
O'er the hills of Galilee;-
And w ith carer eyes and lifted hands
The seven nsiiers'saw on the sands
The fire if coals hy thr; s-a -On
the wvt, wild sjndj by ihe sea.
'Tis lonp- a?o, yet, faith in our soul
Is kindled just by the fire of coals
That .streamed o'er the misis of the soa;
Where l'cter, irirdiiiij his fisher's coal.
Wot over the nets ami out of the h:ial.
To answer, ' Lov'st thou me?'-
Thrice over, " Lov'st iiiou ine?" Ai:ca Cor.
tences as are to be classed among favoiiio quo-
just as certain young men and boys
'sp'.ut" lin -s f:o;a ;-!.:ikesneai'e and
like to '
t!ie other noots. Aft. :- all. it is bavelv nossi-
lile that Wvrren's i ight hand hasn't much
tunning to forget. I hap, 'mwever, if he
could forget or frt". ,- ne .f his mrrmvjk'ss
of belief an I hard Li.-. t:
i!d U
Iiappier man and urtke tliose a!)out him feel
more pleasantly. We note tiiat The Christian
Mirror, reflecting like unto a faithful glass
the doctrines of the s.out old Calvinists, ar
raigns Mr. r.eecher for his heresies and re
luikea him with an unsparing hand. As for
example, in reviewing s.ome of Mr. IVs recent
utterances as given to the world through the
columns of the Christian Union, the Mirror
employs the following language: "His objec
tions to future eternal punishment are what
have been reiterated by skeptics, infidels, and
"riorists, ever since Christianity was given to
the world. It is an old device of unbelief to
draw up the soul-harrow ing pictures of persons
phingod in?o flames and tomtented by devils,
and to ask, " I low would you feel to think
'hat your child were to be doomed thus?''
What do all such pictures prove ! Just nothing
jt all. The actual world in which we livecon
ains the elements for innumerable such pic
tures as these, in regard to which one might
ask, "How would you feel if you were assured
that your child or friend were to be made to
urt'er thus f The truth is that the whole uni
verse lifts a "Background of Mystery" not
alone of possible mercies but of actual and
jKwitivo horrors; and ho reasons but poorly
who flies thither to find the one, but shuts his
'n'es to the cvtainfieof the other. To the
wicked (.mil (. a consuming tire,' and it was
in apostolic hands these ' terrors of the Lord'
by which men were persuaded. The one sufti
ient answer to all these frightful suppositions
Is that if any human soul is finally and forever
tost it will be because it was so appointed lv
unerring Wisdom, and Goodness, and this
met made apparent will command the appro
val ..f all but those who are themselves rebels."
Now if this means anything it means a hold
ing to the faith of what goes by the uylv name
f "Infant D amnatiou' ---which, not profanely
peaking, is Hell with a vengeance. We are
tree to coiifeis that we cannot see how one
may accept any of the premises laid down by
(alvin and not proceed to just these lengths.
The fact is that Mr. JJoechcr represents a class
of emotional people who, as the saying is,
"have got religion," but who shrink, coward
like, from the inevitable conclusions of the
logic of their doctrine.
Furthor along in this review of the Mirror's
is the following amusing bit of sanctimonious
ness: ihe theme is a fruitful as well as a
Mid one, but we forbear to follow it. As we
rook occasion to s;-y when the reports of Mr.
f's late sermon came to us, we have no fear
from all this for Cod's truth. "Forever ()
Lord thy word is settle! in heaven." Christ
:as spoken in human language, and neither
ho words nor the meaning he intended by
i hem will ever pass away. They will remain
from generation to generation declaring ever
the immutable principles of his law; that he
is merciful and gracious, long-sulFjring and
abundant in goodness and truth, and that will
by no means clear the guilty." This "Hot
iospeller" has no thought of letting off" the
wicked with any we-'.k assurances of a chance
to escape. And it is held by a not a few that
uch a hard-hearted religion as this is a com
fort to its possessors. And we suppose it
must be, else they would try and be rid of it-
Hut we can and will get away from this bit
ter subject far enough to let Alice Gary sin
to us, in her sweetest measures, of
j eaterday morning at 5 o'clock the Senate
of the United States passed the Silver Bi!!.
Ti e vote stood 48 to 21. This of course is a
two thirds vote. All that was needed, how
ever, was a majority. The value of the two
thirds is in its relation to a possible veto by
the P.-jsident: For it takes a two third vote
to p;us any measure over t.Vj veto of the exec
utive. Now the question arises: What con
stitutes a two thirds vote of either House of
Cong: ess.' Let us see what the Constitution
says reknive to the matter. Specification V.
Section Cue, reads as follows: "Each House
shall be the judge of the elections, returns
and qualifications of its own members, oi l a
iihijorif'i vf ;-h Kimll roh.sh tnf,: a iKoni))i fo
Inishutx. Specification Three of Sec. VII.,
reads as follows: Every order, resolution or
vote to which the concurrence of the Senate
and House of Representatives may be neces
sary (except in a question of adjournment),
shall be presented to the President of the
United States; ami before the same shall take
effect shall be approved by him, or, being
disproved by him, shall be repassed by two
thirds of the Senate and House of Reprsen
tatives, according to the rules and limitations
prescribed in the case of a bilL "
This makes it clear, provided there is no
rule of the Houses to the contrary, that two
thirds of the members present is the two
thirds contemplated by the Constitution.
The Su preme Cou rt is competent to pass upon
the constitutionallity of any act of Congress;
while it is entirety incompetent to determine
the question of what constitutes a two thirds
vote, or to pass upon any other question af
fecting the organization or functions of Con
gress. Otherwise, the law-making power
would be subject to, instead of being hide
pendent of the judicial department of the
government. What it does mav be tried in
the courts; but its manner of procedure is
solely its'own business.
Washington, D. C, Feb. 8, 1878.
Almost the only interest in legislation cen
tres in the Senate, the week opening in that
body with a resumption of debate on the
Bland bill. Senator Beck offered a substi
tute for the amendment proposed by the Com
mittee on Finance, requiring the Secretary of
the Treasury to purchase $;,000,000 in silver
bullion per month and coin it into dollars,
and, if the market supply should fail, empow
ering any citizen possessing bullion to deposit
it for coinage. It also provides that the
standard of subsidiary coins shall be raised to
an equality with that of the dollar. In reply
to an objection by Morrill that foreigners
might avail themselves of whatever advantage
could be derived from the bill, Beck explained
that "they must make our citizen the owner
of the buMion for all the purposes of our law,
md our dealings should be with him and not
with them." Senator B.ivard followed in a
trefrdly prepared speech which consumed
the remainder of the daV. He insisted that
to say the dollar of 4121 grains should be re
ceived at par was to say that a dollar's worth
of labor was worth but ninety cents. Labor
seems willing to risk all that sort of tiling,
m l our greenback experience taught us that
when a dollar was worth only forty cents in
gold, l.toor demanded more dollars than
:i.;ig-i to make good the deficiency, and,
what was better, got them. Senator Eaton
struggled wildlv with the rn
The Eureka Sentinel of Tuesday has the
A boy, while on his way to the Richmond
charcoal pile above the furnaces yesterday,
espied an old wheel oil the hillside. With
true boyish impulse he stood it on its rim and
started it down hill. With the usual perver
sity and cussedness of all inanimite things, it
took a straight course for a Chinamen's shanty,
and gathering force and velocity by the mo
mentum of its down hill revolution, it dashed
with great force against t he door of the Celes
tial residence and tore it from its moorings,
carrying wreck and destruction to the interior.
A dozen terrified and scared Celestials tum
bled out of the back window and sought
safety on the flat below. The boy had taken
to his heels and disappeared over "the crest of
the hill, and there was no visable cause in
sight to account for the apparent earthquake.
After a long consultation the bravest barbar
ian cautiously crept back, peered around the
coiner of the shanty and finally ventured to
the doorway. His con:aanions joined him.
Great Reduction in Prices, owing to
the decline in the Eastern
jL lielail Oeaier in
and the gesticulating
out porn,
of ch
speech and the testing of the capacity of their
native language in the way of profanity, was
wonderful. The boy forgot to return that
way to explain the cause of the accident.
tiling subject on
Tuesday, and was followed by I J owe in a law.
yer-like and well-digested written argument
in favor of renionetizatkm. Wednesday
brought the gallant, learned Democrat. Thur-
mari, to the front with a torrent of learning.
law and logic- m favor ot the bill, that caused
its friends to rejoice and its enemies to look
blue. Thurman is in training for the Presi
dency, and if there must be a Democratic
President in '81, certainly no man in his party
could fill the office with greater credit to the
country. He was followed by Kernan m the
interest of the gold -grabbers, and also by
Christiancy, who endeavored to repair the
damage he had received on Tuesday at the
hands of Howe. Yesterday Senator Blaine
took the floor after the expiration of the
morning hour, and spoke apparently on both
sides of the ponding question. He wanted
and didn't want silver remonetized; but in
any event desired silver enough (425 grains)
in the dollar to suit Jay Gould and his asso
ciate sharps. He admitted that his proposi
tion stoodiio chance of being adopted. Sen
ator Johnson closed the day with a strong ar
gument in favor of the bill. To-day Siinator
11:1! spoke in opposition, and as at least five
Senators will follow his somewhat extended
remarks, silver will probably be a subject of
discussion until the middle of next week j
into which it is hoped all long, dreary talkers
will be projected as from a catapult. Senator
is expected the Grand ithers is now talking m favor of the bill,
Mr. Hart of the Reveille having got back
to Austin sits himself down and writes as
"Is it a crime to shoot cats?" asked a prom
inent citizen of an eminent jurist, in ihe In
ternational Restaiiiant, this morning. The
lawyer said he could not answer till he had
searched the statutes and ascertained what
bearing the Common law had on the subject.
Though not a lawyer, we think we can satis
factorily answer the citizen's question. In
our opinion it is not a crime to shoot cats,
providing you hit them square between the
eyes and stun them so that they will lie still
till you can get to them and chop them into
small bits with an ax. We do not hold that
walking into a sitting room, and turning the
contents of a six-shooter into a cat as it peace
fully slumbers in an old maid's lap, would be
strictly within the law; but we contend that
the murder of a cat that is attending a musi
cal rehearsal in the still watches of the night
under your bedroom window, is within the
pale of the Constitution.
I'-ja tier,
lie! lows.
I-ace Leather.
Fixtures, China Sets,
Lamps, ChiiudeHers,
Mirrors, Lanterns,
L'tc, Etc., Et
Agricultural Implements,
ia-a; icrs,
, Mowers,
Cultivators, Etc., Etc.,
Gang Plow.
Wheat Kaksc.
Pera, Feb. 1G. It
Duke Nicholas will enter Constantinople with and adjournment to Monday will follow In
a portion ot nis army, but will come as the the House yesterday Pacheco, of California,
guest and friend of the nation, with the con- was, of course, turned out of Lis seat He
sent of the Sultan. Russians consider this must be gratified at the justice shown by his
win give England no casus belli, especially as sometime Democratic friends who applauded
ner snips are near tne capital against the ex- his course in 75 when he aided by his candi
press wishes of the Sultan and the Porte. In dacy the Independent ticket, and thus seated
the Kussiaa camp the renewal of hostilities Irwin and his gang, after paying his ten dol
ts uteusseu as more probable tlian peace, and lars at the Sacramento Convention of that
every measure is being adopted to conciliate year in order to get up on the stand to enable
tne Russian advance. Ihe entrance of the him to assert his undying devotion to liepub
""ua" "Lt" 1Jll l"u faruanenes neiore tne Ucan principles. Let Pacheco take a oraceful
conclusion of an armistice would have been waltz, in which dance he is so proficient in
answered by a Prussian declaration of war, the direction of Southern California, and re
but now the case is doubtful. War with Eng- tire on his elegance and beautv There is
land would be popular with the army, though considerable stir here iu the way of the Mur
oiiiceis speaiv oi it as a terrible struggle. nhy Temperance movement. Chas AT V
ot. l etersourg, J- eb. 10. Jt is stated the a son of the late Senator, heads another oro-a
peace -negotiations are now practically inter- nization m the same direction. Nye does the
rupted, as the Turkish plenipotentiaries de- business with a red ribbon while Murphv does
cline to complete the provision of autonomy it with a blue one; and it is quite edifying
for Bulgaria, since the appearance of British to witness the great number of red and blue
men-of-war m the sea of Marmora. nosed reformers who are on hand h,t .,,,,1
JNow lorx, eb. 10. It is stated a build- early exhibiting badges on the lapels of their
ing lias been rented on Wall street for the coats, waiting for some angel to invite them
estabiisnment of a branch of the Nevada Bank to beer or whiskey. Murphy and We
King Humbert enjoys the most robust
Victor Hugo is so strong a person that he
can go out in all weathers without a great
Lyda Thompson is worth a quarter million
dollars. So much tor dressing economically,
Danbury News.
Whittier writes a friend that he does not
see why he should be congratulated on old
age and rhumatism.
Eagle Plume, an Indian chief, is starting
on a lecture tour. Me speaks very little
Hmglisli and will have an interpreter.
Madania Yoshida, the wife of the Japanese
Minister can now speak English well enough
to do without an interpreter.
The Princes Mercedes, judging from her
authorized photograph, is rather too much
like a fat school girl. Boston Journal.
It is gravely reported that at her approach
ing wedding, Princes Charlotte of Prussia
will be attended by forty fair bridesmaids.
Miss Katherine Chase Sprague is living at
her father's house of "Edgewood," near
Washington, and gives weekly receptions,
crowded as of old
Ralph Waldo Emerson, owing to an un
timely cold, has been compelled to postpone
for the persent his lecture in the Old South
Church at Boston.
President Diaz of Mexico, is tall, straight
and spare, looks every inch a soldier, and
lives in the simplest manner without any
Paints, Oils I Brashes,
Coal Oil, Paint Oil, Turpentine, Varnish, White Lead
Kubber Paint, Chemical Paint, Lard Oil,
Machine, Castor, Neats Foot Oil,
Alcohol, Etc., Etc.,
Medallion and Laurel Kang-os,
Duck's and other Brands of Stovw.
Paw8'JHO' ,,,, P,pe Door" Window,
Blinds and GIa. Wood and Willow
Ware, Bird Cajf,,, Pigtola,
Guna. Cartridges, Water,
Ga and Lead Pipe,
House Furnishing Goods.
Brass and Steam Goods.
Practical Plumbers and Tinners to do roofing and ma.
ufacturinjf of all kinds Tin and Iron Ware
Call and Get Prices Cheap for Cash.
EflcCOfgfJELL & CO.
. . nn,xn.,au.iuaui lu ieei ui oiiLsivev. .tiunwiv "i)u Nye are a
of San Francisco, to he under the exclusive noLle pair of Arcadians. Francis Murphy is
management of C. F. Christiansen, who will a convicted murderer, and entered the tem-
superintend a mining stock transfer aencv
The passage of the Silver Bill seems to have
had no eil'oet whatever upon the Wall street
Tlmro were seven fiheii with net in their hands
AnJ they walked and taiked hv the seaside saml'
et set a the sweet dew a fall.
The word:, they ?.il;e, though thev spake so low
Annt ihe Ion;, dim eeiituiiea li'ni.
A'ld we know them one and nil
Ay, know them and love them all,
S ven fad men in the dayH of old,
A'ld one wa.1 ,'ontle, and' one was bold
And they walked with downward cv'es
The bold was rVtor, the (rentle was John.'
And they all were sad, for tils Lord was L-one
And Uiey knew not if he would rise -
Knew not if their dead would rise.
The livelong ni-ht till the moon went out
In the drownh.ir waters thev beat about ;
Heat slow through the fo? their way
And the sails drooiwd down with w-ruuiiiir wet
And no man drew but an empty net.
And now 'twas as the bleak of day -
The irreat glad break of day.
" Cast in yeur nets on the other side V
('Twas Jesus jeakinfr acrotw the tide )
And tliey cast and were dra-?in hard
llut that diseiple whom Jesus loved
Cried straightway out, for his heart was moved
" It is our risen yrd - '
our Master a.id our IwrJ f
Of a Jehu, son of Ximsln, w ho let his head
go a wool winding, the Pioche Record of Sat
urday saj-s:
The Eureka stage arrived here on Saturday
last about 2 o'clock, and after discharging its
freight at the express cilice the driver was told
to be around next morning at seven o clock
The driver, after he Inul put up his horses,
took a smn around the block, and m con
sequence imbibed several times, after which
ho went to bed. About a qrarter of seven,
Sunday evening, business men who had let
ters to send oil' by the out-going mail were
considerably surprised by seeing the Eureka
stage driven up Main street, all ready for de
parture. On visiting the express office to re
monstrate about the mail going out twelve
honrs before the time, they found the stage
driver and Griflin in an argument the driver
trying to convince Griffin it was Monday
morning, and seven o'clock, and that he was
right on time. After some argument it was
explained to the driver that he had some
twelve hours more leisure, when the
stage was driven to the stable and the horses
put up. "The driver had the starting hour in
his mind when he went to sleep, and waking
up a little before seven, looked at his watch,
and the day, which was just departing, look
ing like day just breaking, caused him to get
up out of bed in a hurry and quickly harness
perance trade because he knew it would brin"
more ready cash than keeping a very low
groggery. bueli an amiable person is of
course the most senseless and fit man to point
the way to paths ot sobriety and morality.
Nye has crraduated in most of the vioni
Irunkenness included, and his discourse
therefore be compared to histoiy, which is
defined to be "philosophy teaching by exam
ple." Ex-Secretary, ex-Governor of Arizona
ex-assi3tant Secretary of the Treasury, pres
ent Gi: and Commissioner to the Paris Expo
sition, and so forth Rn n.u.-n f! Airv.., ,.-
is here in search of new panegyrics from the
press. He is the most eminent successor of
the late Schuyler Colfax in pettino- hi'mB.lf
o -I
kept gratuitously before the public that has
yet appeared, and the correspondents all wish
that he and Charlie Boss were entombed- in
the same supulchre.
The kite Samuel Bowles leaves an invalid
wife and several children the eldest, Samuel.
at the head of the business department of the
Springfield Kepublicau.
Junius Crutus Booth is buildinz a srood
sized hotel in Manchester, Mass. , which he
proposes running next summer. Manchester
is Mr. booth's residence.
Ean Francisco,
February 12tn H A. M.,
Ex-Governor Bedle of New Jersey has re
sumed the practice of law.
I bought this day a Bankrupt
COLLARS, thirty cents on ths
dollar. Coot's will be up there
in thirty days. Seli ail Coods
Eeiow Cost to mako room for
Th5s Tremendous Stock, and
give the good psople of Carson
the benefit of this Purchase.
4S words, paid. "".
I.A1HES, We Shall Sell Goods in Accord
ance wit It above Order.
Take advantage of thi Rare Chant.
Bought, Sold and Carried ca ETargias.
Liberal Advance . Active AccouiU.
Hn.Trt.A fJ'! sWIttHIXO HATH
1KM th0 Nevaii StuteTW., Warm Springs Koan
EUTT3 & CEORC2. .- - . Proprietors.
and is
This splendid Batlmisf Institution and well known nia.
nas oecn tnon.n.rM, ..-.-..fi... ,,i i.. . ' .
. - .v., nc iv lUflllMie'l
.111 point of i-lean hni-ss ?, i
"one on the coast. T1IK KATilS arc .md. a thnf-
:,'''? ! i"! -air. and will receive j.Tcat addition to their size
MPiK ,..s"I'"'leii ' ' of li.piors procur. blc.
Jii-.AL by f lrst Ciass Cooks served to order at all bourn
1 lie apriiis Carriage runs constant 1 v. Orders left at th
hotels will be promptly attended to
Caniaue Free.
.. . . 50 cents
(Late State Surveyor General,)
No. 310 Pine street. Koom Xo. 18,
San. Franci.co California
State Lands and State Titles a special! i
liniber Jjtnds Located and Titles Perfected
I . S Mineral 1'ateiits obiained tor Mines in California
or Aevada. det.lg
I5-SAf'E- CHEAP A Five (5) Stamp Quartz
Mill. Engine, Boiler, Pans, Settlers, everything
complete. For particulars apply to
J. W. FOX, tt. D. J. s. u. SHAKT, M. D
OFFICE: Waitz'l Buildinir. corner of Kln n.
trort, Cwon City, Serada.
For family use constantly on hand.
TFor Ntce LUtle Thing, Knt to Be m
Found Elsewhere '-U
A jfcneral assortment of the befit staple and ehol.

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