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' i . 111. - ... - 'U'-l-
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sale brewery and saloon keeper, Folsom, Cal.; S. B. Coolie
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Geo. C. Thaxter is asrent for Ormsbv County. All orders
)ft with him will receive prompt attention. je20
I dicial District, a and for Ormsby County, State of Ne
In the matter of the estate and guardianship of Charles
F. Smith, Clara Smith, Alice Smith, Ldfrar Smith and Em
ma Smith, minors.
It anoearinir to this Court from the petition this day-
presented and filed by W. H. Smith, the guardian of the
persons and estates of Charles F. Smith, Clara Smith, Alice
smith and Emma Smith, minors, praying lor an oraer oi
sale of certain real estate beloniring to his wards, that it is
necessary, and would be beneficial to said wards that such
real estate should be sold ; it is hereby ordered that the
"next of kin of the said wards, and all persons ink-rested in
the said estate, appear before this Court on MONDAY
THE 23d DAY OF JULY, A. D. 1S77, at ten o'clock A. M.
at the Court-room of this Court, in the County of Ormsbv.
then and there to show cause why an order should not be
irranied for the sale of such real estate.
And it is further ordered, that a copy of this order be
published at least four successive weeks before the said
day of neannsr in tne morning appeal, a newspaper print
ed and published in said county of Ormsbv. Dated June
23d, 1S77. S. H. WRIGHT,
District Judtre.
Statu op Nevada, County of Ormsby, SS. I, Alfred
Helm. County Clerk, and ex officio Clerk of the Second Ju
dicial District Court in and for said County and State, do
hereby certify that the foregoing is a full and correct copy
ef itte original order of said Court, in the matter above
stated, as the same appears on file and of record in my
o nee.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
, i hand and the Seal oi said Court this twenty-tniru
( i uay oi june, a. u. ibi i.
Statu of Nfvada, Coi nty of Ormsbv,
District or Proskcitiso. Attorney's Omen, l
JL ants, and to all owners of, or claimants to, the real
estate or improvements thereon, or improvements when
assessed seiiarately, hereinafter described, known or un
known : You are hereby notified that suits have been com
menced in the District Court of the second Judicial ins
trict of the State of Nevada, in and for the County of
Ormsby, holden at the Court Room, in the Comity Build
ings ill Carson City, in said county, by the State of Nevada,
plaintiff, against each of the defendants hereinafter named
and each of the following described tracts or parcels of
land, with the improvements thereon, and improvements
when searately assessed, and all owners of, or claimants
to, the same, known or unknown, to recover the tax and
delinquency assessed to said defendant against said proper
ty, for the fiscal year commencing the 1st day of January,
A.D. 1B77, and endingthe 31st day of December, A. D. 177,
and that a Summons has been duly issued in each cae:
and you are further notified, that unless you appear and
answer the complaint filed in said cause, on or before the
11th DAY OF FEBRUARY, A. D. Ih78, judgment will be
taken against you, and the real estate and improvements
herein described, for the amount of tax and delinquency
Specified and costs of suit; the lands and improvements
herein described Deing situated m Carson lownsnip, urms
bv County. State of Neveda:
Corbett Brother The Arlington House Block, being
block number fifty-six (56) of Proctor & Green's division of
Carson City, Ormsby county, Nevada, with the Arlington
House and two dwelling houses situated thereon, and
household furniture valued at 3,000 and wagons valued
at $250, all in gold coin of the United States; upon which
the taxes for said year amount to said sum oi jjvhi oz-iou,
which amount, as is alleged, you have failed and refused t
pay, wherefore plaintiff demands judgment against you for
one sum of SMI bz-luo, with 30 er cent, damages tnereon,
together with all costs, fees and percentages accrued since
the assessment of said taxes. Tax and delinquency, twelve
hundred and seventy-one and 18-100 (1,271 18) dollars.
I) G. Corbett The whole of block number sixty-six (66s
in Musser's division of Carson City, Nevada, and the im
provements thereon; and the following lots and blocks of
land in Corbett's addition to said Carson City, to wit : Lot)
five (5), six (iS), seven (7), eight (), nine (0), ten (10) m
block number (one) 1 ; lots three (3i, four (4), five (5) and
six (() in block number two (2); and also lots seven (),
oight (8), nine (!)) and ten (10) in block number two (2);
and lots five (5) and six (ti) in block number three (3); and
lots one (1), two (2), three (3), four (4), nine (9) and ten (10)
in block number five (5); and lots two (2), three (3), four
(4), five (5), six (0, seven (7), eight (S), nine (9) and ten (10)
in diock mimner seven (7); and the whole of blocks num
ber eight (8). nine (!t), ten (10) and eleven (11); also all that
portion f the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter
of section eight (, township fifteen (15) north, range
twenty (20) east, Monte Diablo base and meridian; and
that certain tract of land containing eight and 6-10 (H.C)
acres, known as Corbett's Park; also personal proertv as
follows, to wit: household furniture valued at five hundred
dollars, jewelry at one hundred dollars, and wagons valued
at five hundred dollars; all in gold coin of the United
States, unn which the taxes for said year amount to
said sum of 310 80-1QU, which amount as is
alleged, you have failed and refused to fiv; wherefore,
plaintiff demands judgment against you for the sum of
110 80-100, with 35 er cent, damages "and penalties there
on, together with all costs, fees and iiercentages accrued
thereon since tho assessment of said taxes. Tax and de
linquency, four hundred and nineteen and n8-lim (410 5s.)
ture and one piano valued at .150, and Si, 700 on deposir
in the Carson City Savings Hank, upon which the taxes fot
said year amount to said sum of ..23 23-100, which amount
as is alleged, you have failed and refused to pay; where
lore plaintiff demands judgment against you for the sum
of -123 23-100, with 10 ier cent., and a further 25 per cent,
of damages thereon (in all 35 per cent.), together with all
cost, fees ami percentages accrued since the assessment of
saiL taxes. Tax and delinquency, five hundred and seven-tv-one
and 36-100 (571 3C) dollars.
District or Prosecuting Attorney, Ormsbv county, Nevada.
JSheriff of said county of Ormsby.
Resolved, That we reaffirm the principles of, and renew
our allegiance to the party which preserved the I nion,
freed the slave and maintained the essential doctrine that
this is a nation, and not a confederacy bound together
with ropes of sand, and that both State and National
Governments should give amide and competent protection
to its citizens, both at home and abroad ; that against the
assaults of traitors and rebels, the Republican party has
preserved these Governments, and the Republicans of
Nevada now demand that every qualified elector in every
State South and North Democrat and Republican, black
or white, shall be permitted, undisturbed by force and un-
awed by fear, to vote at all elections at the places lire
9cribed by law, and that every vote so cast shall be honest
ly counted, and that every person chosen by such votes,
to any omce, shall be freely inducted into it and effectively
9upKrted in the discharge of its duties ; that the perma
nent pacmcation of the Southern section of the Lnion,
nd the complete protection of all its citizens in their
civil, political, personal and proerty rights, is the duty to
w hich tne Republican party stands sacredly pledged. In
rder to redeem this pledge it placed the recent amend
ments in the Constitution, and upon the righteous basis of
said amendments it will go forward in the work of pacifi
cation until iteace snail come through right doing and con
tentment through justice. That the evident purpose of
the Democratic party, if it should come into full power, is
to pay hundreds of millions of suspended war claims of
disloyal men, already presented to Congress or awaiting a
favorable moment tor presentation, make it doubly im
portant, now that the Senate is soon to pass under Demo
cratic domination, that the House of Representatives to be
chosen m the coming election should be under Republican
Rewired, That the validity of the Presidential term was
difinitely and finally settled by the Forty-fourth Congress,
and that the attempt shadowed forth by the PotU'r resolu
tions to disturb the title by which President Haves and
Vice -President Wheeler hold their seats is revolutionary
and dangerous in the extreme, and characteristic as it is of
the underlying motives of the rebel Democracy calls forour
unqualified disapproval and denunciation.
Revolted, That it is the duty of Congress to perfect with
all possible expedition such legislation as will secure to
the country the benefit of an honest and fair adjustment
of freights and fares on all railroads, whose construction
is the result of land grants, subsidies, loans and other
Oovernment aid or assistance.
Rewired, That the Republican party favors and demands
at the hands of the State Legislature having in view the
regulation and equalization of frieghts and fares on the
railroads within this State.
jiejtuivea, that in their shameless disregard of an
avowed principle, the Democratic party of this State, ir
their unmistakable purpose to nominate the present in
cumbent of the Gubernatorial office for a third term, have
brought uin themselves the deserved distrust, not only
of every Republican, but of the more honorable and con
sistent members of their own party.
Rewired, That we believe in the dietrine of rotation in
office, and that so believing, we are opposed to the nomi
nation of candidates to office under the State Government
for a third term.
Required, That we hail with joy the remonetization of
silver as a step towards our emancipation from the grasp
of the corrupt money rigns of Kurope and America, ami
we ask Congress to complete the measure of our redemp
tion by according to silver unrestrained coinage
Rewired. That in the legislation of the Forty-fifth Con
gress, nothing more fully commands our approbation than
the efforts of our Senators and Representative in securing
the remonetization of silver and the dual standard in the
coi nage of the country'.
Resolved, That there should be retrenchment in the
public service ; that men elected to office should be quali
fied by education, intelligence and business habits to per
form the duties of their resiieetive offices; and that the
system of deputy-ships and clerkships at present existing
in the interest of state omeers 6tiould be abolished at once
and forever.
Rewired, That public lands are the property of the peo
ple, and therefore they should be reserved for actuol set
tlers, aided in their settlement by the Government and
protected in their possession by just laws.
Kemlred, 1 hat we recognize the wisdom of the framers
of our Constitution in providing for the taxation of the
proceeds of the mines; that all taxes should be equal and
uniform ; that the present system of taxation is as just
and fair as any that can be devised and should be pre
served ; that the mining eorjorations doing business in
this State pay no more than their just proportion of taxes,
while the railroad property situated within this State pays
much less than its just projiortion; that no more taxes
should be raised any one year than are necessary to defray
the actual and necessary expenses of the State during the
same period, when economically administered ; that the
present rate of assessment of property should be decreas
ed so asto produce only such a sum as is absolutely re
quired to pay the exeiises of the State, at the same time
having due regard to the surplus of funds already in the
Rewired, That the Republican party of the State of
Nevada is opiwsed to and protests against any repeal.
mollification or change of the law taxing the net proceeds
of the mines, commonly known as the Bullion Tax Law.
Required, That we refer with pride to the record of the
Republican party in Congress, where, in spite of the as
saults of a malignant and unscrupulous opposition, not one
stain of dishonor rests, and not one act has been brought
to light which reflects anything but renown uin the rep
resentatives of our organization and its principles.
Rewired, lhat labor m itself recognizes the Republi
can party as its exponent; demands emancipation f-om
oppression, and elevation to its proper dignity, a just and
equal place with capital, and that both are alike necessary
to the well being of society.
Rewired, "nat the General Government should immedi
ately take such steps as to absolutely stop the further im
migration of Asiatics to our country : and that such just
and )eaeeful measures should be adopted as may be appro
priate and necessary to induce those already among us to
quit our shores at the earliest praclical moniet.
Hewleed, 1 nat tne Republican party ol the State oi
Nevada enters its most solemn protest and condemnation
against any corrupt interference in the politics or legisla
tion of this State by moneyed rinirs or corporations, or the
representatives of aggregated wealth or capital : that we
view with alarm the increasing and unceasing attempt of
the moneyed powers of the Pacific States to control the
elections and shape the legislation of said States; that the
principle and practice are fraught with danger to our re
publican form of government, and should be frowned down
and resisted by every individual who has at heart the wel
fare of American institutions and the freedom of the masses.
Rewired, That we are unalterably opposed to the diver
sion of any moneys raised by the taxation of the whole
people to the use or benefit of any sect or relgious denom-
Rewired, That we solemnly declare it to be the senti
ment of the Republican party that the breach of a pledge
given to a nominating convention bv a successful candi
date for office is more disgraceful and dishonorable than
the violation of any private trust or duty can possibly be.
Rewired, lhat to promote the advancement of education
and morals, to stimulate a true and beneficent enlighten
ment, and to preserve to the men, women and children of
this State the fruLs of the taxes so cheerfully borne ami
generously disbursed in behalf of our admirable system of
public schools; to maintain the I nion and protect its flag:
to guard the memories of the dead w ho died in the name
of Union, liberty and law; and to vindicate all our
acts and purposes, is the aim and mission of the Republi
can party here and elsew-here; and, first of all, to do that
which is best for the preservation and pei)it'tiiation of that
party and its principles, holding all men's claims and aspi.
rations secondary to these high aims and ends: these are
our duties, and these the intentions we do most strenu
ously maintain and avow.
E. B. HARRIS, Chairman,
ALF. DOTEN, Secretary
Of the Republican State Central Committee
ond Judicial District of the State of Nevada, in and
for the County of Ormsby. Anna R. Galvin, plaintiff, vs.
Morris Galvm, defendant. Action brought m the District
Court of the Second Judicial District of the State of Ne
vada, in and for the County of Ormsby, and the complaint
hied m said County of (irmsby, in the othce of the Clerk
of said District Court. The State of Nevada sends greeting
to Morris Galvin, defendant: You are hereby required to
appear in an action brought against you bythe abovenamed
plaintiff, in the District Court of the second Judicial Dis
trict of the State of Nevada, in and for the County of
Ormsby, and to answer the complaint tiled therein (a copy
of which accompanies this summons) within ten days (ex
clusive of the day of service) after the service on vou of
this summons if served within this county: or if served
out of this county, but in this District, within twenty days,
rtherwise within forty clays or judgment bv default will
be taken againt yon. The said action is brought to annul
and set aside the bonds of matrimony existing between
on and plaintiff, on the ground of your willful neglect
and refusal to provide plaintiff and her child Elinor, or
either of them, with the c mmon necessaries of life for the
ast year or more; wherefore plaintiff pravs that she be
ivorced from you (said defendant), and that she be de
creed the custody oi said child Elinor; all of which is mrfre
fully and specifically set forth in plaintiffs complaint, now
inn le in my ottice.Anu you are Hereby notilicd that if you
ul to apiiear and answer the said complaint as above re-
piired, the- said plaintiff will apply to the Court for the
relief demanded.
. Given under my hand and the seal of the District
i s t'o:irt of the Second Judicial District of the State
'" I of Nevada, in and for the County of Ormsby, thiii
7th day of June, in the year of our Lord, one thou
sand eight hundred and seventy-eight.
je-4wlaw ALFRED HELM, Clerk.
E3onarch Saloon,
ortb Carton st
opposite Passenger Llepol
BILLIARDS. The finest Billiard Table In the State.
eb!9 M. P. OREOOVICH. Proprietor.
I 27 Montgomery street,
San Francisco Opposite the Occidtntal Hotel.
For the Permanent Care of all Sneefa.1 and
Chromic Diaeaaea, aa kIso all Female
Complaint and Diseases of the
Nervous System.
man life annually from secret and chronic diseases
caused this old and reliable institution to be establishes
first in Philadelphia, Penn., in I860, and afterwards in San
Francisco, Cal., in 1854, as a private dispensary, in ordrr tc
afford the afflicted the best medical and surgical treatmsn
for the above and all other affections and complaints
Consultations at the institute or by letter, r Ktt.j
To the Afflicted!
Dr. Ij. J. Czapkay would most respectfully inform the
public of the Pacific coast that, at the earnest solicitation
of his numerous friends, and hundreds of those unfortH-
nately afflicted with disease, he has reopened his MEDICAL
AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE and resumed the practice
Df his profession. The doctor would remind all these who
are in need of medical aid, that since relinquishing his
very extensive and successful practice in San Francisco, De
has visited the priudfial cities in Europe, inspecting dili
gently the most renowned hospitals, and gathering tne ex.
perienee of the most learned in the profession, the benefit
from which he offers to all in need of his services. Rheu
matic affections, chronic catarrh, diseases of the stomach
and kidnevs. liver complaints, etc.. successfully treated.
Those who are suffering from the errors and indiscretions
of youth, nervous weakness, physical and mental debility,
are assured of a permanent cure. Charges moderate. All
communications strictly confidential. Medicines sent by
express. Address L. J. CZAPhAY, M. D.,53
BtSl2' Montgomery St., between Bush and Sutter sts.,fc
au25-ly . an r rancisco.
F-naaru(Jy Cur"I-no hunibuir by ont
month's ttai?e of Dr. Goulard1 ( elebratw
Infallible Fit Pown. To convince sufferers that
these powders will do alfcwe claim for thorn, we will eend
them by mail, pOKt-7l, a free Trta.1 box As Ir
Goulard in the onlv uferfiiui that has ever made thiti die
ease a secihl tudy rifnl as to our knowledge thousandc
have been pvinitt.nen.tty cured bv t.e use erf these
Powers, we will Guarantee a permanent
cure in every case, or rotund you all money
lendei. All sufferers should jfive these Powders ati
earlv trial, and be convinced ol their curative iwer.
Price, for lare box, $:t, or 4 boxes for $10, sent by mai
to any part of the I nited States or Ouiada on receipt
price, or hv express, c. U. v. Ailurei",
, feblOy 3t0 Fi'Ltok Stkekt, Hrooklts, N. Y
Positively Cur
c d.
All sufferers from this disease that are anxious to b
lired should try Dr. Kls. tier's l-brattd 01
anmptive Powdnri, These Powders are the only
preparation known that will cure f ansumptton anu
all diseases of the throat and Lu nirs indeed, so
strong is our faith in them, and also to convince you that
thev are no hiimbui.', we will forward to every sufferer,
mail, post paid, a fre Trial Hoi
e don t want your money until you are perfectly satis
fird of their curative powers. If your life is worth saving
don t delay in giving these fowatn a trial, as they wfl
surely cure vou.
Price, for larve box. $3, sent to any part of the Unite
Mates or Canada, by mail, on receipt of price. Address
feblOy 360 Fclton Strekt, Brooklyn, Jf. Y.
1ST Ail W
Under the Arlington Uouit, Carton, Nv.
r p.
Perfect Fit Guaranteed.
Cuttln); and Filling a specialty.
Uone to Urder.
Agency of Cornwall's Self-Filling- Charts-
Instructions biven,
iSTThe Ladies are cordially invited to call.
September 21st, 1S7S.
I P. A. Wairner and John G. Fox, under the name and
style of P. A. Wajjner & Co., of Carson City, Nevada, was
lissolved bv mutual consent May 2d, 1S7S, Mr. Charles
Sadler having purchased the entire interest of Mr. John G.
rox therein.
The business will hereafter be carried on bv the under
sized, Charles Sadler and P. A. Watrner, under the firm
name of P. A. Warner & Co., who will collect all dues and
pay all de bts of P. A. aner ti Co.
Carson, Nevada, May 7, 1878. m
1 of Sale issued out of and under the seal of the Hti
Second Judicial District Court in and for Ormsby County
and State of Nevada, on a judgment obtained therein on ,
the 8th dav of July, A. D. 1878, in favor of Wm. R. Mus-
grove, executor of the estate of William Patterson, de
ceased, and against Adolphus Waitz and Ann Wait, for
the sum of S2.000, with interest thereon at the rate of two
) per cent, per month from the 15th day of November,
. D. 1S7H; anil the further sum of "j2, with interest
thereon at the rate of two (2) ier rent, iwr month from
he 14th day of October, A. II. ls,7, until paid; ami the
further sum of 06 lb, with interest thereon from the oth
dav of December, A. D. 1877, until paid, at the rate of
two (2) per cent. ier month ; and the sum of fiil 23, with
interest thereon at the rate of two (2) tier cent, per month
from the 18th day of January, A. D. 1878, until paid ; and
the sum of Vi 2 ,5 for costs and charges in this actum, to
gether with all accruing costs, all in the gold coin of the
L lilted States, and to me directed, commanding me to sell
certain real property set out and described in said decree
and order of sale, and in pursuance thereto 1 have levied
upon and will sxiiose a' public sale ou TUESDAY, THE
22d DAY OF OCTOBER, A. D. 1878, between the hours
of 0 A, M and 5 P. M., to wit, at 1 o clock p. M., in front of
the Court House door m said Ormsby County, to the high
est and best bidder, the following described real property,
to wit: Lots numbered seven (7), ten (10), and the south
twelve (12) feet of lot (6) in block numbered eight (8), of
Proctor & Green s Division of Carson City, Ormsby Count-,
Nevada, as designated on the official map of said Carson
City. S. T. SWIFT,
Carson City, September 28, 1878. Sheriff.
1 Assessor has this day delivered to the undersigned
the Assessment Roll for the current fiscal year, toi'ether
with the map book and the original lists of proierty, and
that the Bard of County Commissioners will sit as a
Board of Equalization at the County Clerk's office on
Monday, fisptrmber loVh inotant,
m lOd o'clock a. m., and continue in session from time to
A etnias provided by law, until the business of equaliza
mo , resented is disposed of.
Clerk Board iff County Commissioners,
Ormsby County. Nevada.
Dated F c 1 1 her 10. 1878. " to.",
11 undersigned Trustees of the Pancake Coal Company,
a corporation organized and existing under and by virtue
of the laws of the State of Nevada, have called and do
hereby call a meeting of the stockholders of said corpora
tion, to be held at the office of the company in Carson ( Itv,
Nevada, at office of T. Coffin, on the 17th DAY OF AUG
UST. A. D. 1878, at 12 o clock M. ot said day. for the pur
pose of increasing the capital Btock of said company from
one million dollars, consisting of fifty thousand shares of
twenty dollars eadi, to two million dollars, consisting of
one hundred thousand shares of twenty dollars each.
June 10, 1878. - C. DKRBY,
j21 wSaul 7
Trustees of Pancake Coal Company.
Ij O ST!
a Memorandum Book, containing iwipers and letters.
The f.nder by leaving the same at the Cai mm Post Office
will orifer a favor. tJv!!SWj A. CAMERON.
issued eut of and under the Seal ef the Hon. 8eoeod
Judicial District Court in and ft- the Comity of Ormaar
State f Nevada, m a Jadgment obtained therein o the
31st day of March. A. D. Ib77, and attested an the 5th day
of April, A. D. 1877, ill favor ofMames Uowan and against
John F. Byrne, Susan K. Byrne, U. Reinstein, E. F. Oil.
son, and William P.. Maggrove Executor of the last wii:
and testament cf William Patterson deceased, for tse sum
of four hundred and twenty-six dollars principal and in
terest thereon to date ef Judgment in the sum of one
hundred fifty -nine dollars and sixty cents, and in the sum
of sixty -two dollars and sixteen cents for taxes for the fls
cal year 1876 paid by plaintiff and in the sum of ane dol
lar sixty-flve eents the interest accrued to date on
above: nam fl principal sum and interest from date
paid at the rate of 2 tier cent Der month an both of
above-named sums ; alsa eounsel fees in the sum of
sixty -four dollars and ninety-three cents, and oriirinal cost
in me sum oi forty-tour dvllars, all in tne gold coin ot the
United States:
Second In favor af S. Reinstein and E. F. Gibson, and
against John F Byrne and Susan E Byrne lor tin sum
four hundred and fifteen dollars and sixty-two aeaU
cipal debt, and the sum of liftv seven dollars and sixty
cents interest thereon to date, and interest on said priu
cipal sum from dale of Judgment until paid at the rate ol
1 per cent r month, and counsel fees in the sum of
seventy dollars and ninety-eijfht cents, and costs of suit in
the sum of eleven dollars all in gold coin of the United
States :
Third In favor of Wm. R. Mutvrove. as executor
of the last will and testament of William Patterson, de
-c-u, agauua J win r . isyrne ana susan t.. Byrne, for tn
principal sum of four hundred and eiKhteen dollars and
fifty cents, and the sum of fifty -one dollars and sixty cent
interest thereon accrued to this date, and interest cm said
principal rum from date of said ludimieut till oaid at the
rate of 2 er cent, per moiJJh, and eounsel fee in the sum
of forty-seven dollars, and costs of suit in the sum el
eleven dollars, together witii all costs which may accrue bj
reason of advertising-, commission, etc., and Clerk's accrued
cotrts on all of the above in the sum of eight dollars and
sixty cents, all in gnld coin of the United States : to me di
rected, commanding me to sell accordinjf to law certaii
real ironertv set out in said d,- ami trd.r f cal ti.
satisfy the above demands : and in wirsuanee thereto.
have levied upon and will exposed at public auction, h
front of the Court House door in Carson City. Ormsbv
County, State of Nevada, on MONDAY, THE THIRTIETH
DAi Or A PHIL, A. D. 1877. between the hours of a. m
andS p. m., to wit; atone o'clock p. rn., all the right,
title, interest and claim of the defendants. John F. Bvrnc
and Susan E. Byrne: of, in and to the following deserilx-d
mortgaged real property to wij : The north half () ol
block No. thirty-ane (31) in Sears, Thompsoni and Scare
division of Carson City, in Ormsby County, Nevada, to
frether with all and singular the teuement," hereditaments
and appurtenances tuereto belonging or in any wise ap
S. T. SWIFT, Sheriff. ,
Carson City, April f, 1S77.
The alKive Sale is hereby nostnoned until SATURDAY
hour and )dacv, by ropiest of Plaintiffs and Defendants
S. T. SWIFT, Sheriff.
Carson City, April 30, 1S77. mvl
The al-ove sale is hereby MtM.ued until THURSDAY
the 31st day of MAY. A. D. 1877. at same hour and olace
anu i rcquesi eti pmu.uiis and ueietuiaiits.
S. T. SWIFT, Siriff
Carson City, May lwh 1877.
JflTKE IS HVRKBY given to ail
persons holding- liens airaiust ths nronertv of Jaeot
P. Winnie, described as follows, to wit: Low numbered
eiL'ht and nine in block number fifty-eurht of Proctor &
Green's division of Carson City. Nevada, that the under.
signed has coinmeucad an action in the Justice's Court ol
Carson Township, imnsby County, Nevada, before C. A
minereu, justice oi tne Peace, to foreclose a mechanic
hen held airamst said oroiiertv. and all oersons holding
uens on said premises under and by virtue of an Act of Uh
ieKisiaiure or tne Mate of Nevada, entitled "An Act
secure liens to mechamcs and others, and to repeal all
oiner Acts in relation tiiereto, approved March 2, 1S77
are hereby notified to Ie and aripear before said Court, oi
the Cth DA 1 OF Jl LY, A. D. lt-77. at 10 o'clock a. m. f
sai day, and to txhibit then and there the iiroof of the ii
uens. m .mu X Ml NT,
By Hakkih & t'omx, their attomeTP
Carson, Nevada, June 16, 1877. Iaw3w
OBISA.('E NO. 4.
An Ordinance to Abolish Opium-smoking Dens.
The Board of Trustees of Carson City do ordain:
Section 1. No person or persons shall, within the limit
of Carson Citv. keep or maintain, or become an inmate of
or visit or contributf to, the support of any place, house
or room, wnere persons frequent, or assemble, for the pur
pose ci smoKing opium, and all such places, bouses or
rooms, are nereov declared to De nuisances.
Section 2. Any person who shall violaW any of the pro
visions of Section 1 of this Ordinance, shall, on conviction
thereof, be punished by a tine not exceeding one hundred
dollars, or imprisonment not more than hftv days, or bv
fKh such fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the
Court. D. A. BKNDKK, President Pro leui'
Attest: Alfrkd Hklm. Clerk.
Carson City, June 12, lb77.
ship, Ormsby County, State of Nevada, before C. A.
itnerell Justice of Peace.
D. H. Lentz and P. A. Wagner, plaintiffs, vs. David A.
Smaill and Kaehel E. Siualll, his wife, defendants.
Notice is hereby given to all persons holding or claiming
Mens on that certain piece of land, with the building and
dwelling thereon, in Carson City, Ormsby county, State of
Nevada, called and Known as being the west half of lot
number nine (9) and the west half of it number ten (10J
in block number eleven (11) of C-.j-rr's Division of said
Carson City, same being and forming one compact piece of
land, under the Constitution oi the state of Nevada and
under the provisions of the Act of the Legislature of said
State, entitled "An Act to secure liens to mechanics and
others; and to repeal all other Acts in relation thereto, ap-
proved March z. l&ib, to De and appear before said Jus
tice's Court on the lWth DAY OF MAY, A. D. 1S77, at 11'
o'clock a. M. of said dav, and to exhibit then and there tc
said Court the proofs of their said liens.
Carson City, Nevada, April 27, 1877
V. CAKE COAL COMPANY to Remove the Officers of
said Company. The Stockholders of the Pancake .'
Company, a Corporation of Nevada, are hereby notified
that a meeting of the Stockholders of said Company will be
neiu at tne i otin Koom oi tne uistrict Court of the Sec
ond Judicial District of the State of Nevada, in anil for the
DA OK MAY, A. 1). 1877, at TEN O'CLtlCK A. M. of said
day, to consider the removal of the officers of saidcompauy.
b. it. ivuii.ni, District Judge.
April 28, 1877 myltd
undersigned, Assignee in Bankruptcy of the estate
A. B. Driesbach and A. B. Driesbach and M. D. Hatch
bankrupt in bankruptcy, that I will sell at public auction
on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1877, at 11 o'clock A. a., in
front ot tne county r.uihlmg in Carsou City, to the highest
bidder tor cash, in gold com, the following described prop
erty, to wit : All the right, title and interest of the said A.
B. Driesbach, bankrupt in bankruptcy, to twcntv-foui
thousand and fifty shares of milling stiK-k in the mine
known as the " Fourth of July Gold and Silver Mining
Company," located in Eureka Townstup the county of
Eureka, State ol Nevada.
Also, all the right, title and interest of said bankrupt
and to a certain mining cmurtz claim, known as ths " Da
vidson or Mount Hope Mine," located in Grizzly Flat Min
ing District, in El Dorado county, State of California.
Also, all the right, title and interest to the notes, book
accounts and demands belonging to said estate, that re
main unsatisfied at the time of sale.
Carson City, August 8th, 1877
District, State of Nevada, County of Ormsby. In the
matter of the estate of vuinam Patterson, deceased.
Uion reading and filing the iictition of Alexander Ijeort,
in the above entitled matter, praying that a decree be made
authorizing ai.d directing the executor of the last will awl
testament of said deceased to convey to the said Alexander
Leport certain real estate, to wit : Lots seven (7) and Un
(10) in block forty-eight (48) of Sears, Thompson & Sears'
division ot t arson citv, Nevada, and that a dav of a regu
lar term of said Court be apisiinted for the hearing of said
iictition, and that due and legal notice of the iendencv of
said petition and of the hearing thereof be given accord
ing to law, and it apiieaiing therefrom that a proier cause
therefor exists, it is hereby ordered that SATURDAY,
JULY 7th, ls.77, a day of a regular term, to wit: of the
June, A. D. 177, term of this Court, at the Court room
of this Court in parson City, at' 10 A. M. of said day, be
appointed as the time and place of the hearing of said pe
tition; when and where all iiersons interested in said es
tate may apiiear in the manner prescribed by law and con
test said petition, and that a copy of this or.kr lie pub
lished at least once a week for four successive weeks before
said hearing in the Morning Appeal, a nwspaier pub
lished in Oim-by county, Nevada.
S. II. Vt HIGH I ,
District Judge Second Judicial District.
Caroo C y Nev., June 15th, 1877. iel!vv4
IT T. Dl'VNINO and E. M. HUNT, dln
lit business at the I-ake Tahoe Lumber Yard, under
the firm name of Dunning A Hunt, dissolve iiartnership
this dav bv mutual consent. H. 1. Dunning will collect
all bills due to and pay all demands against the old firm.
The business will be continued at tne old pKii-e by f.. m.
Hunt, as sole proprietor.
Curson City, A pin linn 178. uj
1878. PROSPECTUS 1878
r tiia
The Proprietor of the Morjiikh -Arrtu
takes thin inathod of informing the public
that with the New Year are beun certain,
changes and reforms which, he flatters him
self, will make his i-aper more attractive, r.
it eertainly will le made more avaikl.le to
every one. Thug, the
Price of YVkIy Hnfearriptieai by C'awrier
Will be, more than ever, the ujiecial ft-atone
of the Daper.
Will be, as always,
Ktrirllj Black Repnblirnn. r Hdtl;
And the editor anticipates with pleasure tLe
probability that in supporting the next re
publican candidate for the Presidency, L
will support
Meantime the Aitf.al will nail the Old T'
to the mast, and neither surrender U the
AilheroiH f Ibe LoNt 4 n,
Nor pive its support to a policy which
Demolikheil Hi Rrpnblicnn I'nrly nt
III fcOlllli,
And sought o
Handeutr It In I lie North.
In short, the Morning Appeal will Ittp
on an even keel and stand by the friends f
Republican principles, Republican nsajre r.rA
the Republican leaders of tried courage ;.r:d
But the Appeal will be especially v;ilti'i 'e
as au
Because of its greatly enlarged circulate u.
Also it will be, a heretofore, a arfi'y
Devoted to the promotion of good taste, ii.u
Letters, Education and the Arts.
Has been greatly reduced. The new i&u-f
are as follows :
by mail:
One Year
Six Months 4
Three Months 2
Invariably in advanoe.-'X
And now is the time to subscribe : now ik
the time to advertise; now is the time
bejfin sending the Appeal to your friends.
Editor and Proprietoi Daily Mohnino An i.
Virginia, Cold Hill. Silver City, Carson
City and Reno.
1 O 70-0,
One Volume, Mvo, fiOU pp. Price 4 JO
Canvassers are now in the field irathc rinir inforfnulic n
for the above work. It w ill contain a complete and rum
ble register of all residents, and a full classitieil IliiHim w
Directory. Information relating to the irrowth, is piiu
tioii, etc., of these cities, their inuniciiial irovcriiincn:.
educational institutions, reliirious and l iievolent aso i.
tions, milliner interests, etc., niakiuir it a most useful lk
of reference for everr resident.
B. C. VANDALL. ------ 3Bblia he
Compiled bv D. M. HISII(i CO.. com oilers Kit! .'
San Francisco Directory, directories of Oak land, Alain M
Herkelv, Stock tan, San Jose and California State linen.
Changes, removals, etc., maybe It ft with our acint,
iliu (. Kox, Carson street, Carson City. j ll
pursuance of an Order of the District Court of ii,
Second Judicial District ill and for the Contitc cf Onnri v,
and State of Nevada, made on the Mh day of August, 11-77,
in the matter of Ouardiaiislup of the iicrson and ostat cf
Charles T. Smith, Clara Smith, Alice Smith, Kirar hinito,
and Kma Smith, the undersigned, the trunrdian of tne
said ix-rsoiiH and estate, will sell at private sale to the hirl'-
est bidder for cash, irold coin of the I 'niti states, on trie
Vih DAY OK JAM'AKY, A. D. Is7s, subject Id confirm
ation of the said District Court, at the l office of T. D.
Kdwards, at No. 7 hiiia; street, all the ri'ht, title, interest
ty of Ormsbv, State ot .Nevada, on a judgment obtained
therein on the :10th day of November, A D. 11-77, a?,W
attested on the flth day of levmbor, A l. 177. in fsv. r
if Cillsoii and llnrbcr. plaintiffs, ami lU;:iiiist Robert Sin. it
son and J-ume Minpson, ins wuc, defendants, for II. e
principal sum of Five Hundred (i"oo) Dollars, w ith inter-
st thereon to uaie oi juo)rnieni, amouiiiiiitr to the sum f
Fifty four and 4s 100 (f',4 .), together with loi a. attoi
v's fees, and costs of this suit taxed at AM 1ft Km: k,
sums ainountiii',' in the atrirreirate to Seven Hundred and
Five and KMist dollars in I niti-d Stati s t'old com. si d
that the said principal sum of JVK) bears interest from tl
late of judgment at the rate of two and one half (n i ,
-cut. prr mouth, and t l rk s accruiuir o1h in the sum f
?4 KO-loO, and all costs which may aci rue byreiisoii of ;m
crtisin, coiiiiiii-sions of sale, etc., all in (.'old coin of ti..
I'nited States, and to me dircc'od, coininai'diii).' nie to mv.I
certain real proliertv set out in said Decree and Order I
Sale, to satisfy the the above demand, to wit : 1'1'at orr
urn piece of land in arson Citv, Ormsbv Couiitv. Sist . f
Nev:ida. called and known as and bciiu tlte w hoi-ol V 1
'mnlier Five (fl) in Ho k Number Sixtv tiircr (Kf), im
lris-tor and Urecn's Division of ;ud Carson itv ; mm
pursuaiu-e thereto, I have levied umiu mid will 'swr t
tuhlic auction to the highest and be-st lnWer for cash oi
"nitcd Stntos vrold coin, on MONDAY, THK Hist DAY
DFX'F.MHF.H, A. D. 1S77. in front of the Court Hr i.-e
door, betwee n the hours of y a. m. and ft r. to wit : t
me o'clock P M., all of the real property described s
of the said minor heirs in and to that said piece of h&l
situate, lyinif ami Is-ini in the County of lxi.iilas. ud
State of Nevada, ami elcscniKd as ioiiows, io wu: v
is known the W?rm Hoilhi'S or Winith Kanch; ru
nud condition cf sale: ruth. ioM coin of the I mud fctato,
chi day of $.-,1.
W. II. SMITH, VwudM.

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