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Another Gae audience attended the Carson
Opera House last evening to witness the really
excellent actinz of Mr. Florence as Jules
benreizer in the drama of "No Thorough
fare." The story from which this play has
been dramatized is one of the strangest works
of modern fiction, all of the characters being
sharply drawn, each having its own individ
ual peculiarities. Neither Charles Dickens
nor Wiltie Collins, who wrote the story joint
ly, waa given to padding-work in the line of
romance writing, and all the characters of the
story have been introduced for a purpose.
But Obenreizer is the central figure of " No
Thoroughfare," the body around which the
lesser figures revolve. He is a smooth, plausi
ble villain, whose worst moods have a fascina
tion about them. If it be our lot to be
swindled we prefer to have the swindling
done with a polish, a culture in the art, so to
speak, to having the operation performed in a
coarse, bungling or vulgar way. Iago fasci
nates, but Bill Sykes disgusts. Mr. Florence
has with great care studied the character of
the wily 8wiss, and in dress, dialect, manner,
in short, in every detail, he has made the part
a grand artistic success. The cast last night
unbraced fourteen performers exclusive of
the star, and with but few exceptions, and
those not sufficient to furnish excuse for un
friendly criticism, the drama was well ren
dered. Two scenes new to our Opera House,
the cellar and a snow scene, both from the
brush of Voegtlin, we take it, elicited well
merited compliments from the audience.
Messrs. Barton & Lawlor, the managers, have
given us two first-class performances, and
kave been well patronized, which Carson is
always ready to do when a first-class theatrical
company visits our town.
A Darling. Last evening after the second
act was concluded at the Opera House a
gentleman stepped out upon the sidewalk
where he was immediately besieged by a lot
of boys begging for a "check." Among the
gang was a well dressed lad with a refined
looking countenance, who could uot have been
over thirteen years of age, and whose exterior
bore evidence to the fact he did not belong
o the social riff-raff of the community. This
boy was more importunate and his clamor
iogs louder for the gentleman's theater check
than the regular gamin. The gentleman re
plied that he did not feel disposed to give
away his check as he wanted to uso it again.
Upon this the well dressed boy replied :
"Well, keep it and be damned," and conclud
ed his remarks with an approbrious epithet,
which, had he been a man, would have se
cured for him a first-class knock down. What
ia expected to become of such a boy when he
reaches a mature age? If his parents would
keep him at home nights, he would not be
thrown into company where such vile language
m learned. There are hundreds of other
boy here in the same boat, and if some steps
are not taken to check the bad habits which
they are now forming their parents and guard
ians will surely regret it a few years hence.
On a Lark. A number of old stagers who
were in for a good time, at an early hour yes
terday morning, enticed a pair of drunken
bummers into the saloon of the Ormsby and
stood one of them up in a corner, with a lime
placed on the top of his head, which one of
the frolickers was to shoot off a la William
Tell. Bum No. 2 objected to having his
friend jeopardize his life merely for the fun
of the thing.. "Well,"; said the man who
was going to do the artistic shooting, "if I
lit your friend I'll buy him a new hat, ain't
that an inducement T" The inducement, was
cot great enough, and the shooting didn't
come ofi.
It will be remembered that very lately a
party of ladies and gentlemen from Carson
city went up to Virginia on special invitation
to attend an Entre Nous party, at which the
"German" was to be produced as the main
feature of the entertainment. The manner
ia which the guests were received (or rather
not received) and treated by their hunts did
not reflect great credit on the Virginians. In
fact, a number of the Carsonites who attended
the "German" felt so much annoyed and
hurt by the indifference with which they were
treated and the embarrassing lack of cour
teous attention that they had to put up with
during the whole affair that, in the absence
of everything like explanation, several
of them have determined never to
accept an invitation from the Eutre Nous
Among Ourselves Club again. Apropos
of this afiair we have been shown and al
lowed to publish a letter received here yes
terday, by a gentleman of Carson from a
friend of his in Virginia City. The writer
has a delicate appreciation of the courtesies
and amenities of polite usage, and evidently
is greatly annoyed for himself and the gen:
eral membership of the Entre Nous Club that
there should have been any direliction in
duty to their guests. But the letter speaks
plainly enough for itself:
Virginia, Nev., March 17, 1879.
"My Dear : I enclose you clippings
from the Carson Tribune:
Plbasurb Bent. The following gentle
men and ladies chartered a special tcain and
went up to witness the production of the
"German" by the Entre Nous Club in Vir
ginia City last evening: Governor Kinkead,
General Clarke, Captain Lyons, Harry Hun
ter, Peter Cavanaugh, Jr. , John Forbes, J.
T. Pantlind, Jack Marshall, T. C. Pinckney,
Geo. Davis, Geo. B. Hill, W. Ricord, Geo.
H. Davis, Jr., J. H. Martin, and E. J. Par
kinson, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Hunter, Miss
Fannie Clarke, Miss Fall, Miss Small, Miss
Anna Batter man, Miss Fannie Sutphen, Miss
Nellie Parkinson, Miss Ricord, Miss Maggie
Cavanaugh and Mrs. Hill. The ride up and
down was greatly enjoyed.
' P. S. The visitors found the colored
usher at the ball-room very kind and obliging.
Elsewhere in a copy of the Tribune which
has been handed me I find the following
Those who attended the Entre Nous Ger
man talk of getting up a testimonial for the
colored usher.
These are rather unfavorable notices of the
party given by the "German Club" last
Wednesday evening. As I happen to be a
member of this club, and, as like nearly all
the members, I feel aggrieved at the action of
the self-constituted Committee on Invitations
and Reception, I would like to explain our
situation in the premises, hoping that you
will take it upon yourself to make a similar
explanation to any of the Carson gentlemen
with whom you may have opportunity to dis
cuss the matter. The failure to make pro
vision for carriages at the depot to convey
our visitors through the muddy streets, the
neglect of the extraordinary Committee to
make any effort themselves to entertain our
guests or to introduce them to other mem
bers of the club; the banquet of weak lemon
ade which, under their supervision, was
served up as the refreshment of the evening;
and several other things too disgusting to
mention, formed a display of prodigal frugal
ity and want of attention that was not only
independent of our sanction but was of a na
ture to mortify and insult us. When I
say us, I mean to include all members of the
Club except the Committee of Five, which
was entirely self constituted. In fact, we
had no notification that any strangers would
The following business was transacted be
fore this court yesterday:
Adams vs. Bradley (the old State Prison
case); motion for a new trial denied.
F. Shrier vs. Piatt & Rich; attachment dis
solved and demurrer overruled.
Lonkey & Smith vs. Dardanelles M Co. ;
decree ordered as per stipulation.
Doble vs. May berry; tried and submitted.
Brown vs. Leete; on trial.
The following gentlemen were admitted to
practice: S. A. Mann, Charles L. Queen, J.
H. Harris, George A. Rankin, N. Soderberg.
Ssa Franeltico Mtoeli Exoluau e avaiea
The recent law passed by the Legislature
licensing gambling, reduces the license for
banking games to $100 for the first month and
$75 for each subsequent month, and author
izes the issue of license monthly instead of
quarterly, as under the old law. It also per
mits licensed games to be conducted on the j
tiral floors of buildings in counties where the
vote at the General Election next preceeding
the time at which the license ia issued, did
not exceed fifteen hundred votes. The new
law goes into effect on the first day of April
A Drunkard's Drop. Yesterday noon a
a man overcome with spiritual emotion was
sailing towards the northern part of the city,
and at every step he would box the entire
compass. Now and again he would sit or lie
down to rest. This he did several times
when, on one occasion he got up to resume
his voyage, a lady was passing by him carry
ing a small basket of eggs, the drunken man
stumbled against her, knocking the basket out
of her hand, spilling the eggs on the side
walk and very nearly knocking the lady down.
Unfortunately there was no one at hand to i
take the fellow into custody.
A Nuisance. A nuisance that ought to be
abated at once, is base ball playing on our
principal thoroughfares. It not only impedes
the progress of pedestrians, but they are lia
ble to be hit in the face or on the head by
one of the soggy leather balls used, for the
street base bailer has no idea that any one
has any rights but he. One of the principal
spots whore this nuisance is tolerated, is the
Ormsby House corner, a corner where more
people pass in an hour than at any other
place in the city.
Requisition Issued. His Excellency,
Governor Kinkead, yesterday issued a requi
sition for the person of Pierce, the man who
killed another for the trifling sum of twenty
five cents, in Esmeralda County some time
since. After the commission of his crime the
murderer escaped, but a few days ago he was
captured at Silver City, Idaho, where he is
. . "ft m nr -it
now lodgea in jail, anerui uiem ugg, oi
Esmeralda County, will go for Pierce, armed
with the necessary documents from the Governor.
Ophir 85 36
Mexican 41 40
Gould & Curry It'i 12
Best .V Belcher 20?
California 32b
Consolidated Virginia 6
Choiiar Potoei 41
Hale & Norm 18 18Jfc
Crown Point 6ya
Yellow jacket
Saa;e 114
Alpha 21
Bjlciier 9li i
Vn?dcme 17 t
lniX.riai 1 60
hentuck 6
Sierra Nevada 48 48
Utah 19,
Bullion (i
Exchequer b
Belcher 30
Overman 14
Justice 4 30
Succor 40c
Union Consolidated li
Alta G
Lady Bryan 1 45
Julia 6i
Caledonia 3 20
Phil Sheridan 35c
Challenge 3 50
Silver Hill 2 05
Sutro 20c
New York Con. 55c
St. Louis 50c
Leviathan 40c
Andes 50c
North Con. Virginia I0?i 11
Lady Washington 1 65
Benton 4 80
Flowery 90c
W. Fargo 15c
Solid Silver 45e
N. Bonanza 1 W t
Ward 1H5
Scorpion ll,
Mackay 4 15
Dardanelles t 25
Raymond k Ely C'4
Eureka Con. 25J4
Jackson 7
Northern Belle 11
Higlibridge 55s
B. Isle 35c
Grand Prize 4 65
Belmont 55c
Manhattan 1 90 2
Arenta 1 35
Mono 2 50
Bodie 6
Navajo 40c
Bulwer 17
Paradise 245
Hussev 20c
Hillside i 15
Bechtel 1 90
Dudley 1
Tioga 160
Goodshaw 60e
G Terrace
Tiptop 05c
McClinton 1 15
Star 60c
Summit 260
Endowment 5
Independencel 86
Belvidere t5
Booker 95c
Modoc 55c
Oriental 25c
Black Hawk 2 25
South Bodie 6Jc
Day 35c
M White 7
May Bjil 50c
Hiinburg 50
K Cloud 1
S Standard 25 o
Aurora Tunnel 70c
At It Again. Old Eolus, who respects
neither persons, sex or condition, was out on
a lark again yesterday. He blew off hats to
the discomfiture of pedestrians, making them
swear initially, as is now the custom; he filled
peoples mouths, noses and ears with du3t
and cobble stones, and made himself gener
ally as disagreeable as a cross antediluvian
chap like he, can. Fortunately his biding
time' with us is growing to a close for the
"Goesir." On next Sunday evening at
the Episcopal Church, the Rer. Geo. R.
Davis will lecture upon the subject of
cGossip," its curses, its pernicious influences
and the unhappiness which it scatters over
entire communities. The reverned gentleman
will masterly handle the question, as he does
very other. Let every body hear him and
be benefitted by his remarks.
III. We regret to state that Mrs. W. J.
Florence, who has been suffering with a very
severe cold, a fact which every one noticed
daring the performance of the "Mighty Dol
lar," waa quite ill yesterday. Fortunately
for that lady she was not in the cast of "No
Thoroughfare " last night
Departures. The following passengers
went south on the stage yesterday morning:
Mrs. L. Jones, J as. Kelly, H. Feeney, W.
Fite, W. J. Beven, H. Ward, T. C. Sharp,
John Pepper, John Howell, W. B. Rankin,
W. 0. Haight, G. M. Stephen and wife.
The Mania. Since the performance of the
"Mighty Dollar," the average Carsonite em
ploys the initial language used by the Hon.
Bard well Blote. It is a good idea, for it saves
the superfluous expenditure of considerable
Personal. Hon. Jonas Seeley, Hon. W.
E. F. Deal and Col. E. B. Stonehill were in
the city yesterday.
m f . . nrt .
uou eter oavanauoh is aaictea with a
stiff neok, which lends him a regulation mili
tary air in his gait.
be present, nor were we apprised of their
presence in Virginia until they made their
appearance in the hall Were it not for fear
of being classed, by gentlemen in your town
for whom I entertain the highest regard and
esteem, with a parcel of idiots, I should re
main silent and allow myself no feeling in
this matter, for I do not believe that in all
justice and courtesy our club, as an organiza
tion, can be held blamable for the presump
tuous and ill advised conduct of a few of its
We do not know thaVwe are fully author
ized, or that it is necessary to give the name
of the author of this rather sharp epistle, but
he is not one of the kind who shrink from the
responsibility of their utterances.
Additional Stages. Frank Cluggage, the
proprietor of the Bodie stage line, will in all
probability put on additional coaches by the
first of next month. So we shall have two
lines running out of this town to Bodie. The
new line will be run by way of Bridgeport,
shortening the distance between ten and
twelve miles, while the old line will continue
to take in Aurora as heretofore.
Legal Lights. The town is full, at pres
ent, of a vast army of the disciples of Black
stone and Coke, ranging from the dignified,
talented and celebrated jurist down to the
pettifogging Police Court shyster, all in at
tendance uponthe several courts now in ses
Arrivals. The following passengers ar
rived from the south yesterday afternoon:
J. C. Murphy, J. W. Murphy, L. Solomon,
H. Woodruff, Charles Williams, A. P. John
son, Clem Ogg.
Mr. Frank Cluggage, the stage man is in
the city.
Capitol Commissioners. The State Cap
itol Commissioners held a meeting yesterday
to ascertain how far the $5,000 appropriated
by the late Legislature for those purposes
would go towards onnging water into me
Capitol building and grounds, making repairs
to that building and improvements at the
Orphans' Home. The sum is small and will
scarcely be enough to make the contemplated
New Scenery. Mr. T. F. Laycock, of
Reno, who painted the elegant scenery for
the Opera House, is now in the city preparing
scenery for the play of the "Nick of the
Woods," which will be presented at the Opera
House, under the auspices of the Curry En
gine Company, on the 31st of March.
Stamps Wanted. The following letters
are held at the Post Office for want of stamps,
addressed to Seth Thomas Clock Co., Oak
land, Cal., W. S. Harlow, Oakland, Cal., D.
F. Norton, Dayton, Nev., Neil Cook, Pen
ton, Ontario, Canada.
The Highwaymen. The examination of
Watkins and Maguire, the alleged road agents,
began before Judge Cary yesterday, but was
postponed until 2 o'clock to-day, owing to the
absence of some important witnesses for the
Very III. A telegram was received here
yesterday that Judge Parkinson, of the
Tribune, is lying seriously ill in San Fran
cisco. Mrs. Parkinson went below last night.
Koppel & Platt want to reduce their
stock to make room for Spring goods. Now
is the time to secure bargains at that house.
Charles Schultz, the celebrated director
of the California Theater orchestra, is in the
city with the Florence troupe.
The force in the Secretary of State's office
is so busy that no grass grows under the pens
of any of the attaches.
A booming stock market is predicted, in the
near future, by knowing ones.
There is hardly any one who has not heard
of the great clock of Strasburg: of its marvel
out mechanism, and the cruel fate of the
maker. The famous working model of this
celebrated clock will be displayed to the pub
lic in the spacious store on Carson Street,
which has been fitted up expressly, commenc
ing this evening. As a wonder of science and
mechanical ingenuity the great original is
famous throughout the world, and this, the
fac simile in every' respect, must prove more
attractive and interesting, as it combines all
its mechanical features with undisputed pre -
cision and truthfulness. Its run of six weeks
in San Francisco, and the increasing daily
attendance as its merits became known, until
nearly forty-five thousand persons saw it, is
certainly a guarantee of its excellence. The
exhibition is continuous afternoon and even
ing at the nominal admission of 25 cents,
children 10 cents.
Removing the Dead. Workmen were
yesterday engaged removing the few bodies,
which yet remain in the old burying ground
opposite D. A. Bender s residence, prepara
tory to the erection of D. L. Bliss' projected
mansion. Among the bodies exhumed yes
terday was that of a man which had been bur
ied nineteen years. Upon opening the coffin
it was found that the corpse was in full pos
session of its hair and beard, with which it
was buried so many years ago.
New Music. We are in receipt from M.
Gray, music dealer, San Francisco, of a new
song, entitled "Drifting with the tide." It
is a beautiful song, and many a one would
like to do the same thing, but they are tied
so fast .they can't drift. It takes coin to drift
It is reported that the C. P. R. R. Com
pany will make a roductioa of 25 per cent, in
its rates between here and San Francisco. It
is too liberal to be true.
These Goods are fresh from
th9 Manufactories, and
TPoj? Sale Olioap X
Call ftnl examine their Iaimeaio Stwesa
Canon, October S, 1879
(Formerly Hague's.)
Carson atrcxit, opposite tba Capitol. Car,
lltjr Nevada.
OOLF SHANE, Proprietor,
Moat Commodious flamlaf
Ormtbr Count jr.
Hall 1
Carson, January 1, 1878.
12 Cents "bj
W. D. Mann, of the V. & T. R. It Co.
who has been very sick, is out again, but
shows marked traces of a severe illness.
Recovering. Hon. Charles Martin has so
far recovered that he is able to move about
his residence with the aid of crutches.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Florence, accom
panied by the California Theatertroupe, go to
Virginia this morning.
District Court. The District Court will
be in session again at 10 o'clock to-morrow
Joint Stock. The Reno Gazette has been
sold and will hereafter be run by a joint stock
III. Mr. J. B. Harmstead, of the Mint,
is quite ill.
Instead of waiting for the turn 'of the season before ret
ting new good, we take pleasure to Inform our patrons
that we have just received a Complete New Stock of Dress
Goods and exquisite Fancy GikkU which we offer at such
remarkably low prices that they would induce the most
stingy father and hUjUand to dive down for his bottom
We have received a consignment of One Hundred Cloak
with positive instructions to dose them out at any price,
and we will do it. MR., J. SHEYER a CO.
Carson, January 23, 1S79. m
OF VOICE, incipient Consumption, and aft
Diseases of the Throat and Lungs. Ask for
the California Pulmonary Balsam, and tsfce
no other, resold by all Druggists.
GATES & CO., Proprietors,
citu3 4 1 7 Sansomo st. 3. F
prietor. Dear Sir: I feel that I o-ve(
it to you and to humanity to writer
the fact that I have been SUBSTAN
TIALLY CURED of a bad case of
Rupture of thirty i ears' standing, by
one of your incomparable trusses,
which I nurchuxed irom you three
month ao. cannot dctrribe the suffering, both pbysi
ca'.ly and mentally, that 1 have undwrgnne during tia
period; and now 1 fi' like a new bein;. I have worm aU
kinds of Trustees, both Steel and FJastic.and never roiTa
any permanent relief until I tried your. Its simplicity of
constructioi., and facility with ohich It can be adjusted.
and the eaHe and perfect freedom to the motions of th
body with which it can be worn without causing any irri
tation, are its chief merits, aud it is a perfct supporter. I
have not had any mgn of a return of the rupture sine th
flint day I put it on, ud feel that 1 am peitii-tly CiRXU.
It is invaluable, and the fact should be known to the wnrtd.
You can refer any one to me on the siilJp-t of their merit.
Iain, trulv your. ALFRU) J. BUKKE, Chief Kali Clsrtj
S. F. Daily Evening Post, San Francisco, July 20, iH7S.
A Physician's 45 Yra xperleneo
Columbia. Tuolumne Co., July 16, 1S7S.
W. J. Home, Ej. Dear Sir: For some time pMC
have have used In my practice the California El astic Truss,
irh entire satuf action in miMtcasen of complicated berraa
of both sexes. During a prtctiee of forty live years I hava
found no trusts that woulo, with the same ease and certain
tv. retain the reuuired adjuxuuent, the irueure being al.
nvi under the immediate control of the iwtient. Tbe
simplicity and ease of application is of itself a iruaranta
to everv experienced physiciau. I have the honor to rem
bv mail the amount due', knowing that i contribute tu lb
alleviation of allticted humanity. Yours, truly,
J. P. TIBD1TS, K. D.
sod for Illastratod 'Mtl(ra aid Prt
JL.i.t K"lntr Vnli I a form ! amd
RuIm f-r !liailaa
N. B. The California Elastic Truss is not i ml bf
any Druirgint In Canon City. They prefer to sell Easter,
trasli, hi which Uiey can make a large profit. Head 4U
rect to the
myl&s 720 Market stmt a Frauciscoj

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