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343 0hir 71 75
150 Mexican 8
100 Gould ami Curry 3 85
20."i Heat and P.elcher
55 California 1 55
SCO Savago 2 50
250 CkoUar 2 55
340 T'otosi 1 IV)
8.')5 Halo find Nurceo3s tfg
835 Crown Point 1 20
100 Yellow Jickct U 15
100 Imperial 15c
280 Bolcher 1 95
10 ConfiJenco 2
410 Sierra Nevada 9i 9
280 Utah
520 Bullion 1 30
60 Exchequer 1 35
400 Overman 50
4J45 Justice 1
340 Union Con. 11 g 11 $
7C0 Alta 3
450 Julia- 25c
150 Caledonia I Oa
550 N. V. Con. 15c
80 Challenge 70c
ti5 Occidental 1
500 Scorpion 1 45
150 Andes 1 95
3000 Lady Washington 20c
300 Wells-Fargo 5c
100 Ward 1 50
1140 Benton I
120 Northern Bello
600 Argenta 25
500 Tuscarora 30c
340 (J rand Prize 105
500 Navajo 80
70 Belle Isle 35c
170 Day 25o
100 Albion 30c
00 Bodie (
175 North Beilo Isle 35
300 Noonday 1
100 East Mount Diablo 15c
150 Bechtol 90
20 S. King Ui
250 Goodshaw 90
700 Champion 25c
100 Con. Pacific 1 10
210 Mono 1 15
550 Tioga 35c
350 Oro-30
150 Boston Con. 80c
200 Addenda 20c
100 Tiptop 2
By Virginia and Trnckee Railroad.
J Shaughnessy
Miss Cloak
K B Rail
.1 Flich
J W Madelcy
M E Spooner
J as Madison
R Gieason
W J Walsh, S F
It lVteraon, Va City
K I'atturson, do
.1 T Rogers, Gleub'k
Dr Young, do
V Emery, do
G Henderson, Cand'a
P W Bennett, Bodi
J B Oliver, do
C C Cousins.Ool'bia
E E Eddy, do
T Lerd, Va City
A couple of weeks ago a tramp printer
stopped at the Appeal office to apply for a
situation, ne 'was furnished with tempor
ary employment which enabled liini to se
cure a few nights lodgings ami meals to
match. He was a printer who a few weeks
ago had been one of the eighteen proprie
tors of the Daily Globe which reeeutly sus
pended in San Francisco; and gave a full
description of its inside workings and man
agement, tiuder a pledge of secrecy and a
promise that no rise should be made of the
information until he had reached Salt Like
where he now is.
was founded by the printers wno relnsed
some months ago to accept a reduction of
wages on the Chronicle. Charles De Young
reduced the wages from 50 to 45 cents per
thousand ems and in consequence a nuni-
ler of printers left his employ and' started
a paper of their own called the Globe. It
gave a fair promise of success and to all out
ward appearance was a well managed and
well edited newspaper. Its main purpose
was to kill the Chronicle and the enemies of
the latter paper "stood in" quite liberally
at the start. Let the story, however, be
told in the language of the narator.
"Who ran the concern ?"
"1 did for one," said the wandering
print. "Then there was Lynch and Brooks
and Wood and all the balance. When the
force were all on deck it had eighteen boss
es beside the reporters and editors.
"Who edited the paper ?"
"I did and the rest of the gang. We all
took a hand. Some man would be setting
up an article and see some friend given a
deal. He would walk up to the imposing
stone and yell out, 'What in blazes is this?'
Then the boy3 would all quit work and col
lect around the stone. Some would think
that the man the article went after was a
perfect gentleman and the rest would think
he as aa old snoozer. Then we would
row over the matter half an hour or so and
pretty Boon a couple would "jeff" to see
whether the item went in or not. Each day
the editors and reporters got their instruc- j
tion3 from eighteen of the regular bosses
and their assistants. I kept track of the
regulars but split on the 'subs.' Each man
had a policy. I Lad two. Some had more.
No particular policy, but a general sliding
scale to fit any circumstances."
"Did the Gobe roll along pretty well at
"Yes, it swelled up big. Subscriptions
came in lively, ads. were briSK and for a
spell the great question was what to do
with so much money. We talked of buying
a building to move into. Presently, how
ever, the expenses began to chaw us up.
Then it wasn't so much a question what to
do with the money, but where to get it.
Some of the boys were sticking type at the
Ex-Senator Hill of Churchillja in
E. B. Rail went to San Faancisco last
Elder Miilard has returned from a trip te
Entertainment at Public School building
Fred Phelps, of the Mint, is quite sick
with pneumonia.
. G. F. Fnrgerson and Sarah Hanna have
taken out a license to marry.
A collection of elegant silverware was re
ceived at McLaughlin's yesterday.
All the churches are vieing with each other
in getting up attractive Christmas trees.
The Reno people have revived the tar
bucket to take the place of the Justice Court.
The nwly elected officers of the Lewis
Chapter No. 1, R. A. M., were installed
iast night.
Cagwin & Allen have received photographs
of Bernhardt. Not bo thiu as has been rep
Mr. McWade as "Rip Van Winkle" will
open in Carson next week probably for two
An invoice of gold pens, pencils and oth
er novelties in the same line was received
at Fox's yesterday.
A Chinese boss purchaced $50 worth of
silverware at McLaugelin's yesterday for
Chrictmas presents.
Farrell ha3 lost a Plymouth Rock game
cock. When last seen he was chasing a
Chinaman toward Genoa.
For a gent of taste, a neat pair of single
stone amethyst sleevo buttons, price only
$15 of Uncle Harris, 221 Kearny St.
The Appeal feels under no obligations
whatever to R. M. Daggett for a bulky pile
of Congressional documents.
The Times suggests a benefit for the de
feated candidates for clerkships that will be
left out in the cold after the caucuses are
Immense Stock of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods
ladies' and CWWrcn's Shoes, ltst Makers, at Lowest hirst or any Store to IIif State
I do not oiler 10,000 to Customers in Christmas Gifts, and after the Hwhiisys are
past charge up those " Gifts" to my patrols.
SilTcr I'ateU Ware, Albania. Toilet nut-, Prrlniuery. i'anty fJ. Elk-.
Every Department Filleil uith Choive Mew Uooitsi. Bonicht and Sottl
at Lowest Cash Uata. PoMitlve ItarcaliL Unarauteed
Every Customer.
Cor. North of Opera House, Carson, Nev.
Sand. The Appeal has received from
Bancroft & Co. a book entitled " Sand and
Bisr Jack Small," bv Gaily. B. J. Small
appeared originally in the "Overland" and
Sand in the "Californian." Both are clean
cut stories of Western life. Sand is im
probable in many respects, but interesting,
and Big Jake Small is a fine character
sketch. The book is well bound and printed.
Pacific coast people should patronize pub
lishers who take hold of the productiens of
Western writers.
- E
T t-T -r m v
Prepared from! J 1 f tropical
i s
Time. Father Time walked into Friend's
with his old scythe under his arm, yester
day, and called for meridian time. After
setting his old ticker by Friend's clock, he
laid in a supply of rattlesnake twist, some
smoking tobacco and fresh cigars. He
proposes to hold a wake over the old year
and have a general good time next week.
ine L-arson uuanls nave decided to re
main in their old armory. The hall is to
be improved in various ways, and a reading
room will be attached.
James Madison, the party who is talk
ing of starting a Democratic paper in this
city, went below last night, to spend
Christmas with his family.
Tom Beer, of Empire, has added a ten
pound baby to his family. Beer considers
that this event more than offsets his recent
failure in the meat business.
Among all the disagreeable consequences
that follow the decay of the teeth, an im
pure breath must be the most mortifying I case and some were rustling about on the right inte the thickest jungle i
and unpleasant to its possessor, and it is I outside. Somehow the outsiders seemed
themostinexcnsibleand offensive in society; J to dress better and eat at better restaurants
than the insiders. Curious, wasn't it ? I
guess we galley slaves at the case didn't
clear over S7 a week.
and yet the cause of it may easily De re
moved by cleansing your teeth daily with
that justly popular dentrifrice, Fragrant
SOZODONT. It purifies and sweetens the
breath, cools and refreshes the mouth, and
fives a pearl-like appearance to the teeth.
Gentlemen who indulge in Bmoking should
cleanse their teeth with SOZODONT, as
it removes all unpleasant odors of the weed.
Ask your druggist for it.
Mikkks, Attention! Mrs. Dr. How's cel
ebrated Neuralgia Medicine will stop pain as
eooti as applied. Dj not suffer ; try it. Do
not have your teeth drawn. Get a bottle of
Mrs. Dr. Howe's celebrated Toothache Cure.
That will instantly stop the pain and save the
tooth. Hold in your mouth from live t ten
miuutes. Her cure for toothache and neu
ralginin has never failed yet. Mothers, use
a few drops in a little warm sweetened water
to swab a teething baby's month. It will
instantly relieve thho little sufferer. Sold by
all druggists. Giant powder headaches cured
in five minutes by rubbing Mrs. Dr. Howe's
luedicinQ vn tho head. It is a vegetable com
pound, ami perfectly harmless. This also
, cures earache, toothuche and headache. Di
rections on bottles. .dec 1
Tiik Old JIkaikh'akteks. This prima old
resort of the law makers, connubiators and
lovers of the pure old genuine is still com
manding tho front place, It is the only
resort in Carson where genuine tea-kettle
whisky and old New England mm can be
produced when called for. C. Yeomans, man
ager, tf
1 SAM-rox'. Dr.' L. A. Herrick, of this
city, has constantly on hand afresh supply
of Bovine Virus, right from the heifer pro- i
pagated at Sacramento, Cal. Tho Doctor
t "wiD, ironi now on, keep this virus insuf
ficient quantity to supply physicians and
families. One dollar for ten points price
charged in San Francisco, warranted to
be pure. . tC", .... :.:f d!2
(3i)vk Factory. M. W.1 Uodkins, at the I
Glove Depot opposite the Arlington House,'
keeps constantly on hand a full line of gent's,
, . ladies' and children's gloves of every variety.
: i .TVhosesiIe and retil at San ' Franoisco prices
"Did you dabble in politics ?"
"Oh yes, we ran most of the politics there
for a while. We had Democrats, Republi
cans, Greenback and Kearney men on the
managerial force. We didn't agree for a
while, but compromised on a sort of Dem
ocratic, Kallock, Kearney platform. The
Democratic Central Committee gave us
twenty-five hundred dollars in political
printing and owed us about two thousand
when we busted. Some of the politicians
offered us five thousand, cash down, for
the paper. We didn't expect over three
thousand, but after that offer we had a
meeting and raised tho price to ten thou
sand. Some of the boys wanted to set the
pegs up to twenty, but wero out-voted. I
was one that wanted to settle on twenty
thousand. Have ye got a chew of tobacco 1
If I had a cent I'd buy my own. Well, the
twenty thousand proposition fell through
and then the Democrats bought the Exam
iner: After that things went by tho board
and we began to lose interest in politics.
Then some of the typos got sick and we ran
short of managers. Then we ran short of
coin and we were sorter short all round.
Then we shut up shop and give the other
papers a show. " WeJiad lots of fan though.
I'll walk down to Reno to-night and see if
I can't get to Sajt Lake. I know a conduc
tor that knocks down on the fares And if he
don't pass mo in the Pullman I'll frighten
him to death. Next time I start a paper
111 tlo it on borrowed' capitol and don't you
let that idea fall out of your head till I see
you again.'.'. . . . . ,
A good many people out this way would
iike to see Sparks come out to Carson this
winter and call somebody a liar on tho floor
of the House or on the front steps.
Dolp Shane is back again in Carson, making
it very lively for the tiger. Shane will walk
a the dead of
night and close with the beast open handed.
Dog poisoners have begun to make havoc
among the thoroughbreds of Virginia City.
A Vigilance Committee has been formed to
punish the agents of the sausage mannfac
TnE Weekly. The first number of the
Weekly Appeal will be an edition of 5,000
copies, bince the scheme was announced
the people of Carson have taken very kindly
to it in the matter of subscriptions, and or
ders for sample copies have been received
from all parts of the State. Agents are
wanted to get up clubs in every town of
Nevada. A liberal commission will be given.
A man named Smith kept the District
Court waiting four days in the Carrick case
and was ordered by Judge Rising to appear
for contempt at 10 o'clock to-day. Goo
deal of style for such a plain name.
Now that a few crossings have been lai
down, tue need oi more is felt, ine more
people try the crossings the more they
want. Before the Legislature meets there
should be at least half a dozen more good
substantial crossings put down on Carson
Edward S. Lee and Richard Eliott are can
didates for the Portership of . the Senate,
Both are colored, and their influential friends
will make a hot contest. As both advertise
in the Appeal, it is a hard matter to chose
between the respective qualifications in which
but a slight shade of difference exists.
Muller is getting up a ladies' bathing es
tablishmeot in connection with his tonsnrial
rooms. The boys say that he has purchased
some of Warren Wasson's new parlor patent,
which, when set up in the corner of a room,
uoks like a dressing case on an old-fashioned
New England clock. These useful machines
Blight be put up right in tho main tonsorial
rooms and no' one be the wiser.
McLaughlin's Phizes! The presentation
of prize drawing tickets by McLaughlin to
his customer attract s lare numbers of peo
ple to purchase jewolry in the hopes of strik-
ii' 20 , I ing a streak of luck. It must be borne in
iTminu that-any. fellow that gets a ticket tuns
Boarder " Is that genuine butter." the same chance aa the next man, or any-
Carson Landlady " Yes, indeed; 111 body else in winning tbe, prizes, which are
take my oath on it." 1 quite valuable. v Even if blanks result, the
r; iBoardeu'.'Uienr for harn' sale brine I fact of having purchased . cood jewelry at
me some oleomargarine. ' bedrock prices should not be forgotten.
" New EDirou.-Col. II. G. Shaw has ac
cepted the position of editor-in-chief of the
Enterprise. Mr. Shaw is a man of very
extended newspaper experience, both in
New York and San Francisco. He is a
logical scholarly writer, and under his
management the Enterprise will be a clean
ly conducted and dignified journal. Mr.
Shaw is on a friendly footing with the
editorial fraternity of Nevada, and much of
the bitter, personal controversy -which has
marked the conduct of Nevada newspapers
of late, will give way to an era of better
New Goods. Fox has just received a
lot of Russia leather goeds and new faagled
styles of note paper.
Choose Your Faetneks. The ladies
having the Episcopal Christmas tree 'in
charge extend an invitation to all who may
desire to enjov themselves, to attend the
Christmas tree to-night at Moore's Hall and
join in the dance which follows, free of
charge. This is authorized by the com
mittee. Change of Toktcre. Straps have been
substituted for rulers in the Virginia
scliools. When the writer went to school
it was strap one day and ruler the next,
and more frequently both, with an occa
sional variation in the shape of a birch
Announcements. Attention is called to
the political announcements in another
column. Candidates seeking -clerkships,
etc., at the hands of the next Legislature
will be charged $3, with 100 neatly printed
cards thrown in. Terms, cash.
Perasich. The turkeys are roosting all
over the front of the store. Birds in the
real flesh and fowls of candy orgin.
Isthe Best and Most
Agreeable Preparation
in the World.
For Constipation, Bilionsnew,
Headache, Torpid Over, Hem
orrhoids, Indisposition, and all
Disorders arising: from an ob
structed state of the system.
Ladies ami children, and thos who (iif likr
iakin pills and nauseous medicines, are espe
cially pleased K ith its affreealile qualities.
TROPIC-FUriT LAXATIVK may he r.srd
in all cases that need the aid of a purgativ' .
cathartic, or aperient medicine, and while it pro
duces the same result as the aeents named, it is
entirely free from the usual objections commoti
to them. Parked iubrotixedl tin buinonl.
Price 25 cts. Large boxes 6oc.
Sold byam. first-class Druggists.
Bl3 MonfKoaaerry St., ban Krametac. Cat
-ON -
Saturday Evening, Dec. 25, 1880.
There is no civiiixed nation n the Western Heft.ippr;cr
iu which the utility of Ihkstetter's stomach Hitters up ;
tonic, correc'.ive, ;n.d anti-hilioos medicine, is iot krHWii
ami appreciated. While it is a lmdicinelor ail seasons and
all climates, it is specially suited to the cninplaiiits ptiir
ated hy the weatln r, hi tn;r the purest and lust vcj.'.eti'i.-l e
stimulant in the woril. For sale Uy Uruypsts ,-hkI Ikiiii s
t.i whom apply for Hosteller's Altuausu-for CSS
Four Pieces of Muttto Two Violins,
:tnl Double Kaw.
ADMISSION, per 'onpIc....3t: DOLLAR
Delinquent Tax Notice.
the Delinquent Tax List of Ormehy County, Ne
vada, for the year A. . lSjjO, ha this day iieeu de
livered to M. A. Dreisbach, District or Prosecuting
Attorney of said County, duly certified by me, and uu-
less the delinquent taxes therein specified are paid to the
Treasurer as ex-orScio Tax Receiver, within Twenty Day.
from the 7th day of December, A. 1). ib0, action will be
commenced by said District or Prosecutinif Attorney (or
the collection ef said taxes and costs.
County Auditor ,
Auditor1! Offic t
Canon Cit ct. December 7r 1880.
f 5 Years lief ore the JPitbCU
nre not recom memled as a remedy " for all ! lie
ills that flesh is heir to," but in affections of
the Liver, and in all Bilious Complaints, Dys
pepsia, and Sick Headache, or diseases cf
that character, they stand without a rival.
No better cathartic can he used prepcra.
tory to, or cEter taking quinine.
As a simple purgative they are unequaled.
The genuine are never sugar-coated.
Each box has a red-wax seal on the fil with
the impression, McLANE'S LIVER FILL..
Lach wrapper hears the signatures, of
C. McLane aid Fleming Bros.
Insist tinon having the genuine Pr..
C. McLANE'SLIVER PILLS, prepared by
FLEMIXG BROS., Pittsburgh, Fa.,,
the market being full of imitations of the
name McLane, spelled differently but
iame pronunciation.
Dally, In quantities Co suit any oue, at Low Prfcarf
tfujir rebK'eLce . . ..
Tile Ice thut I fnrvlsli la lakrn from
Canon Hlver. fanned f Par, S-of,
raiinlBB water, and net from
lay atajrnant pena arn
healthy Ivcattoa.
Orders left at mjr liver Stable, on Canon street,
be promptly attended to.
el3tf Agent Pacific Ice Com Xaad
A WEEK. 12 a day at home easily made. Oust)
Outfit free Add res True & Co., Aiignst, Malm

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