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!. FISHER. AdvartLsintr A-retit, 21 Merchant
Exchange, is sole nffent for the JIoRNixa Appeal in Salt
50 Ophir 2h 3 90
SO Mexican 5
230 Gould snd Curry 4 55
130 Best and Belcher 8jf
315 California 1 40
4,0 S.va:c 2 20
355 Cin. Virginia 2 15
350 ChoIIar-2
00 Potosi 2 43
435 Halo MHt Norcrosa 3
250 Crown Point 35
235 Yellow Jacket 3 15
400 P.olchtT1 85
10i0 Imperial 15
0 Alpha 2 i5
165 Sierra Nevada '
LTrh 74
Bullion 1 40 -Exchequer
Overman !H)c
I. I
Union Cin.
Alta 1 85
270 Andes 1 '5
125 Justice loo
20 Confidence 3
250 Concordia (Va.)-
70 Scorph.n 1 15
450 Banton-
Eureka Con 25
Korthern Belie 14 .
Argenta 40c
Nftvajor 1 25
Dv 40c
Albion 1 70
Mono SO
East Mount Diablo 10c
Mount Diablo 5
Mt. P.itosi 15c
S50 Oro 80c
50 S. Kim' 2
DC0 Grand Prize 50
250 Noonday If
100 North Noonday 1 20
100 Con. Pacific SO
350 Addenda 20c
300 Jupiter 15c
100 Concordia 1 80
150 Bechtel GOc
500 Paris 55a
50 Tioga 40c
50 Tiptop 4
200 Star 15c
Belcher, 2b, 2 05a 2 08s; Mexican,
5; Bullion, 1 45b. 1 50a, 1 45s; II. &
N., 1 15b, 1 20a; Oro, 75b; Ophir,
4 10b; Jacket, 3 35b; Andes, 1 65b;
Exchequer, 2 10b; S. Nevada, 7gb;
Chollar. 2 2Ub: 2 25a, 2 20.s: B. and
B., 9b; Alia, 2a; G. and C, 5b
perial, 10 b, 15a, 15s: Albion, 1
1 75s, 1 7ob, 1 80b, 1 90a; Savage,
2 35b, 2 40a, 2 40s; Oveaman, lb,
1 10a; Navajo, 1 20b, 1 25a, 1 20s;
Utah, 7 25b; Occidental, 1 75b; Alpha,
3 75b; California, 1 40a; Justice, 50b,
45b, 54s; Scorpion, 1 20b; Silver Hill,
25b, 30a; Con Va., 2 15b, 2 25a; Ben
ton, GOb, 65a, 65s.
Chas Kaufman
H G Hanson
D L Martin
T Pomher.st
John Peaso
M-r McGlntie
Mr Sancoes
O H Brooks
R DeCoiirsey
Miss Franks
D Fonnhals
II G Tobler
Mr. Morgan
O Morena
Geo L Smart, Washoe D W Avery, Tahoe
O II Brooks, Bodie John Pe;;se, Virginia
Thos Buckle-, Budio J S Thomson, Nev cy
J It Stjne, San Fran J McDousrall, Bodie
Among all the disagreeable consequences
that follow the decay of the teeth, an im
pure breath must be the most mortifying
and unpleasant to its possessor, and it is
the mostinexeusibieauu offensive in society ;
and yet the cause of it. may easily be re
moved by cleansing you" teeth daily with
that justly popular deatrifrice, Fragrant
SOZOiONT. It purities and sweetens the
brc-lu, cools and refreshes the mouth, and
gives a pearl-like appearance to the teeth
Gentlemen who indulge in smoking should
cleanse their teeth with SOZODONT, as
it removes all unpleasant odors of the weed
Ask your druggist for it.
At Fox's. Fox is in the field with a new
batch of Spring goods. The croquet sets
are very much improved and the "profes
sional mallet" is a thing long needed. The
head of the mallet is covered with a thick
piece of vulcanized rubber and which does
away entirely with "niiscues." The lawn
tennis sets are much lighter and cheaper
than last year. Fishing tackle which never
faiis to fill tho pot, and archery goods of
the best quality. Also an artistic assort
ment of Prang's Easter cards, with their
splendid designs in form and color, alw.
Sale of Floweks. This afternoon, at 2
o'clock, Mrs. Wilson will close out her en
tire stock of flowers at auction, at her store
in the Adams House block. These plants
and shrubs are ail Nevada raised, and em
brace some rare varieties.
Easter Cards. Cawin & llen have jus-t
received a fresh lot of Eaiter cards direct
from Prang's, They are decidedly the finest
work that Prang hus ever executed, and from
so many designs the most fastidious can easil.s
chose. ap2 lw
The Testimony of Xhc Children Regarding;
the Ue of the Jlnliil-St tmHt or
tJio n affluent.
Yesterday afternoon Messrs. Sessions and
Crockett, accompanied by representatives
of tho press, visited the Orphans' Home for
the purpose of investigating tho recent
flogging of the boy Fi ed Gray.
The examination w as held in the school
room, with tho children the managers of
the institution and the teacher who flogged
the boy being excluded from the room.
Half a dozen of the older boys and girls
were asked to tell what they saw. o? the
whipping. They all testified nearly alike
and substantially as follows:
Gray was in the sjielling class, and failed
in the word "bite." Miss Harris told him
to be seated, and he began to cry. She re
peated the order, at which he picked up the
stove poker (a piece of broomstick, about
three feet long), and advanced toward the
teacher. He attempted to strike her with
it, but did not succeed. She then twisted
it from his hands and struck him two blows
on the back. (Some of the children held
that several blows were struck.) He then
attempted to strike her with hi3 fist, but
did not succeed. The two fought and
wrestled, and Miss Harris bringing a black
rawhide from the closet, whipped him with
it, and calling in Mr. Mill? to witness the
whipping. Mr. Mills took no part in the
whipping, except to stand by and order it
done. He did not take hold of the boy at
all. Upon the length of time occupied by
the whipping the children gave vague tes
timony. Seme thought it fifteen minutes
and some longer. It was generally agreed
by them that it began shortly after the class
was called (10:33) and lasted until llo'clock
or thereabouts. One of the children testi
fied that about one hundred blows were
The whip used was picked up in the road
by one of the boys. It had fallen from
a passing cait. it was a large black whip.
Gray, in the scuffle, pushed Miss Harris to
ward the hall. Wheu he said:
"What have you that stick for ?"
He replied,
"I'd show you why."
He made an attempt to strike with the
stick before she whipped him.
now FCNisa.xj exts were ixflicted.
Several children testified that they had
been whipped for not being able to get
their lessons although they frequenty
stayed in to get them. They were required
to write words fiva hundred or a thousand
times, were locked up or whipped with a
ruler or rawhide. Some one was whipped
nearly every day. They had been shut up
for not going to church, but never flogged.
Some boys had been flogged; not for s'ay
ing away from church, but for disobeying
other rules when they stayed away. They
h id been told not to speak to Mr. or Mrs.
Webb even should they be spoken to by
them on the street or in church, and been
threatened with punishment if they did so.
Wheu they had written to their guardians
and expressed a liking for the Webbs tho
letters were inspected and they were not
allowed to put such expressions in. They
were als.- ; ; b idden to call on the Webbs
under threat ui punishment.
Mary Fay, aged nine years, volunteered
the statement to th-3 Committee that she
had been beaten with a rule and rawhide
until her body was black and bine. She
had beeu taken into a closet and flogged for
not siBsni) and Miss Harris had left the
doors open that the boys might witness the
punishment. The witness said that Ida
Johnson, Josie Enders, and Alice Beals had
been spanked in tho preseuce of the boys,
their clothes being pulled up. Ida John
sou, also nine years, corroborated this tes
timony. They also said that Lizzie Moore
had been slapped in the mouth for whisper
ing until her lips swelled, and that Miss
Harris had cut one children's ears wi h her
finger nail until it bled, besides pinching
their arms until they were marked.
None of the children witnessed the whip
ping of Wise. He was locked up after
wards, and soma of tho boys talked to him
through the window, but their testimony
wa3 not material.
When asked regarding the food they all
agreed that they had plenty to eat, and that
the bod in which they slept were as good as
they wanted, and provided with plenty of
blankets and sheets. They were also warm
ly dressed, and had no cause for complaint.
Much other testimony was given, but it
was oi
had no
a rambling, desultory nature, and
special beariug on the subjects at
Mr. Mills aad Miss Harris were then
called in and told what the testimony of
the children had been. Regarding the
whipping of Gray, Miss Harris . denied
striking him v.nh the poker, but admitted
that. Rome blows niiaht have reached his
body in the scuffle for the stick. She
claimed that the boy had struck her a glanc
ing blow in the face with his fist. She had
used the rawhide, but not any more than
she considered necessary under the circum
stances. She admitted the whipping of
Mary Fay with a ruler, but denied the use
of the rawhide. The girl interrupted the
teacher by strenuously insisting that the
rawhide was used. Miss Harris admitted
spanking some of the girls in the presence
of the school. She took them behind the
stove when the spauking was done, and
their faces were toward the schoo', so that
there was no exposure of person. She ad
ministered the punishment to the tills in
the 2'i'esence of the school, she said, to
humiliate them, as other methods of pun
ishments? hid failed. For missing !es ns
had been in the habit of giving them ;ive
or ten strokes with a ru'er. She bel cved
that whipping was neccessary to enforce
discipline. The children admitted that
when the frills were spanked their faces
were toward the school.
Mr. Mills explained to the Committee
why he whipped the boy Wise so severely.
He had threatened to kill Mrs. Mills, and
sfcrucK her a severe blow ia the face with his
fist, the scirof which was exhibited. He
immediately ran out of the house after he
struck her, and this was why he remained
out ail night. The boy had been in jail,
and once had been examined for insanity.
Mr. Mills flogged the boy pretty hard, as
he thought the case fully warranted it
The boy had expressed a desire to go to
California, saying he could get work, and
he was allowed to go. He was ninet-en
years old, and well able to earn his living.
He was not sent surreptitiously, but with
th consent of the Board. Tho boys, as a
rule, Mr. Mills said, liked to go to church
Those who did not wish to go were lecked
up to deprive them of tho pleasure of
roving about and running away to play
base ball with hoodlum boys of the town.
They had been taken at different times to
the Catholic, Me'hodist and Presbyterian
churches, but as a rule to the Episcopal
church, because Mrs. Mills was a member
of that church. He had forbidden them to
call on the Weebs, because he believed that
they were trying to break up the
discipline of the place and poison
the minds of tho boys. Mrs. Quinn is
a discharged laundress. He thought she
had done more than any one to ferment
public opinion regarding the Home and had
written lying letters in all directions to
make all the trouble she 'could. Every one
who had ever been discharged was the
sworn enemy of the Home, and the storie3
that tho initiates were dirty, lousy and
starved came from these irresponsible sour
ces. The rod hr.d been used freely where
the children were incorrigable Miss Har
ris said that she whipped the children as a
last resort Sometimes twice a week and
sometimes every other day. Some of the
girls were very impudent. One girl who
had been whipped resisted her and said
that she would not allow herself to b pun
ished. Here tho girl, aged eleven years,
rose up and explained to the Committee
that Miss Harris had threatened to lay her
across her kn.-e ia presence of the boys,
and it was only on this occasion that she
rebelled. This Miss Harris denied. She ad
mitted slapping a girls mouth, but did not
1- ZL . 11 1 ' A n 'r
Know mat it causeu uer lips to sweii. iurs
Mills said that she had frequently invited
clergymen of different denominations to
come and hold service on Sunday.
There was no more testimony offered and
the Commissioners adjourned.
D. A.
Bender has returned from Cali-
Judge Belknap is afflicted with
Dr. F. J. White returned from Walker
river yesterday.
A case of small-pox is reported on the
line of the C. & C. R. R.
Governor Kinkead is being detained
San Francisco on business.
There will be glass ball shooting at
Treadway's Park to-morrow.
C. F. Mickell, of the Winston's quartet,
went t Wood River last night.
Cajitain Thomas Buckley, Superintendent
of the Goodshaw mine, is in the city.
A number of the suspended Mint em
ployes have gone to California on a visit.
Charles Coyle is failing very fast, and it
is doubtful whether he can live this day
J. H. Ferris, formerly of this city, is said
to be getting rich speculating in Colorado
Ex-Myor Curric, of Virginia, and Mr.
Cohen, of the Enterprise, were in the city
Harris Eros', team ran away yesterdiy
morning, resulting in a general demoraliza
tion of the delivery wagon.
The game law went into effect yesterday
and hunters are cleaning up their arms and
putting the away for the season.
There will be'a meeting of the Orphans
Commissioners to-day, for the admissinu of
orphans, and other business.
Eugene Pierce, who has been for many
years employed in the bank of Wells, Fargo
t Co., in this city, has resigned his posi
The TIaverly company passed up to Vir
ginia yesterday. On their way East from
San Francisco, they will stop here one
Mr. Joseph Woodworth, Deputy Warden
of the State Prison, has been superseded by
Benjamin1 Garrard, the youngest sn of the
Mr. J. F. Bigelow, the Virginia agent of
the Nevada Hank, was in tho city yesterday.
R. C. Bell, of tho Western Union Tele
graph office, will leave hero to-morrow night
for Tucson, A. T., where he has been ap
pointed to a position in the company's
office. Mr. Bell has made many friends in
this city, all of whom will bo glad to hear
of his prosperity in the country of tho
5 Tears Before tlic Public.
the oEmumE
are not recommended as a remedy " foralltha
ills that flesh is heir to," but in affections of
the Liver, and in all bilious Complaints, Dys
pepsia, and F'"?e Headache, or diseases f
thr.t charac' ey stand witnout a rival,
No better cathartic can ts used prepwa
tory to, or after taking quinine.
As a simple purgative they are unequaled,
'The cenuine are never sugar-coated.
Each box has a red-wax seal on the lid with
thr impression, McLANE'S LIVER PILL.
Each wrapper bears the signatures of
C. McLane aid Fleming Bros.
JfSf Insist imon having the genuine DR
C. M cL ANE'S'LI VER PILLS, prepared by
FLEXLVG P.FvOS., Pittsburgh, Pa.r
of imitations of the
lied differently but
rltt 1.pi?-,T fill'
rut', sp
aiTip rr(
i J'.
N2iootiii' lit ,tSoIjp.
A Bodie dispatch says that about 2 o'clock
yesterday looming u man mined Elijah
Ellis was ding with two women of the town
iu a bognio. Charles Price, better known
as "Cockpan Charlej'," entered iu a par
tially intoxicated condition and commenced
a disturbance. Ellis told him to keep quiet,
to which he replied: "I beiieve 1 11 take a
shot at you for luck." Suiting the action
to the words, he drew a revolver aud shot
Ellis in the groin. The latter sprang from
the table at which he was seated, snatched
the revolver from Price's hand, and shot
the latter twice, once iu the hand and once
in the left arm. Price has been arrested.
His wound3 are not considered dangerous.
Eliis' wound is thought to be fatal.
Tile 8eU'.sl 4Viass?.saAjers.
The Board of School Commissioners met
last night and allowed the following bills:
G. B, Webb, Clerk, 10; Cagwiu and Allen,
supplies, 10 25; Frank Craven, labor in
grading lots, 42; M. A. Bowker, labor
and lumber, 20 25; G. B. WTebb, table for
south ward, 4. Warrants were also drawn
for the teachers' salaries.
Itlslrict t'oa it.
The following cases were disposed of yes
terday: Nevada Bank vs. A. D. Tread way; argued
and submitted.
Hi Wah vs. Duncan McRae et als.; judg
ment rendered for 939.
Huntington, Hopkin3 & Co. vs. N. D,
Chamberlain ; judgment rendered for 4,118.
Prof. Eastman's entertainment comes off
at the Opera House this evening. The pro
gram is a good one, and sure to please all
who attend
There was a crowd at the depot yesterday
morning to get a glimpse of Jules Verne,
nit the great French romaneer failed to
make the connection.
A gentleman in this citv has a tobacco
pouch niado from the bridal dress Mrs,
Mack ay wore r.t her marriage to her first
husband, the late Dr. Bryant.
B a notice in another column it will be
seen that proposal will bo received at the
State Prison for convict labor, to be per
formed within tho walls of the prison.
Members of the Carson Guard arc at the
ride range iu Treadway's Park every day.
Tho Sarsefield people would feel greatly
chagrined if they could see some of the
A true time piece, a good gold case, an
American movement, a perfect watch, really
worth 85, price 30, warranted for five
years, at Uncle Harris, 221 Kearny street,
between Bush and Sutter.
Rails and running stock have been pu r
chased in New York, for the Nevada and
Oregon Railroad, which is to. run from
Reno to Beckworth Pass. The work wil
now be pushed ahead with all possible
A special train will bc.dispatched to Vir
ginia to-night to see the "Strategists," pro
viding twenty live persons cau manifest
sufficient substantial curiosity. Names of
subscribers may be left at tho Arlington
House office.
An insane man, named Jacob Staal, whose
lunacy was produced by salivation in a
Bodie quartz mill, was taken from here to
Stockton last night. His violent conduct
at the depot, while in the custody of his
keepers, attracted a largo and curious crowd.
The LingarJs will appear at the Opeaa
House on tho IGth instant, and tho New
Orleans minstrels, composed of 2G first
class artists, on the 14th and 15th instants.
Haverly's great European minstrels will
bow to a Carson audience some time next
Tho Enterprise says that a Mrs. Wh't-
comb, who is said to have successfully en
gineered similar exhibitions in the East, is
at Carson, making arrangements far a baby
show. As a silver cup is offered as a prize
for the darkest brunette, Captain Sam, of
the Piute tribe, will bo on hand with his
two year old.
Many of the Appeatj readers would like
to know what has become of William Cass,
the fellow who maliciously stabbed a waiter
in Kaiser's restaurant 3ome months ago,
and why he ha3 not been tried for his of
fense. On one or two other occasions he
was goilty of making deadly assaults in
tk in your own tr.v.n. Ttrnis and S3 ontfl
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f the sf(!ll:'.cil.
sure romcity, l.i'--l.t. r
the or;:4ii:4 nuiiiu-; i t ct
dt lay is tli -reforu Iiaziuiimn.
chills ami itiw, oaily riitti;.;
ncss, hrin-jsen'"!'1 t!!:iv tri
time ni um!!'.t :his lii
itttf: Nfioiil:! Ir J.ovt
htr ii J how. -Is : ff'M't'.'l, to adopt th
!rt"HT!ie!i HHti-ir. DisiBSOS O
i'crs t';r ii. i. r -iriiiis. nml a
i. l'.v.-;i jif.i;). liver complain
;.;aii" .!:!;. s, kiilncv we T,
f iri;I; il - i'h. I.o:e no
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icino. Tor sale l.y all .lrii.-u! an! :1. hI.ts ;ciier.il!y.
il aine.
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mzwi iff
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2 3
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Agreeable Preparation
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For Constipation, miiousncas,
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l.a'lip and chililrnn, and those who dUiiko
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Invoice 1 .;i. Is tit lUe
Opposite the Si. f'h:nl':3 ifolel.
Kow is the ti:ne to vicv their iiia 'iii'e.;nt new stock of
Consistm;,' of
mens, YnuifiS' ii) srn siothisb
Of ail tho latea: and m t appr n.-d s'y k-s;
this city, for which he never was punished Hsti, Caj. rriuts, VniNa, Etc.

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