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IKSBAY "... ....JLT.Y S,
J. FISHER. Advertising Agent, 21 Merchant
cxcruige, u kmc agent lor the Mor.iko AprgiL in
120 Ophir 5?
100 Mexican"
68 Goold and I'urrv ti
820 Best and Belcher VA
400 California 75e
100 Con. Virginia 2 2
250 CholIar-2 35
245 Savace 2?i
300 Potosi 2 8!
H0 Hale and Noivrosa 3 85
70 Crown Point 2 15
200 Yellow Jacket 4 55
30 Imperial 15c
25 Kentuek '2i
20 Alpha 3 60
130 Iielcher 3 15
400 Sierra Nevada 0
40 Uiah-67S
700 Bullion (JOc
2o0 Exchequer 20
640 Overman 1 40
100 Justice 1
280 Union 3
300 Alta 4 .30
150 Julia 10c
150 Silver Hill 20c
180 Ladv Washington 25s
200 New York 5c
170 Benton 1
180 Scorpion 1 10
125 North Ex. Utah 80n
SI0 New Wells-Fargo-25c
100 Curtis
350 Andes 1 55
150 EurakaCon. 29?4
loO Jackson 50c
100 Belmont .Vc
130 N. Belle b
100 Manhattan 2
600 Grand PrizA 25o
200 Argenfa 10s
350 Star 55
2t)0 IJelle Isle 40c
1450 Albion 1 65
150 Wales 1
60 Mt. IHal.lo 6
250 E. Mt. Diablo 15c
100 Bel ding 5
40 Bodie 77$
980 Bechtol 1 GO
100 Tioga 35o
20 Bulwer 2 70
130 Syndicate 35rt
200 Blai-khank 10c
100 South Bodie 25o
150 Mono-3 05
300 South Bulwer-30c
(SO Noonday 55
60 North Noonday 10
120 Tiptop r-H
30 Head Center Soc
,400 Giant and Old Abe 2i '
100 Silver King 21
' 60 BelvMere 25o
485 Oro 70
80 Addenda 15c
200 Sulphtiret 3
100 Tranquility 2
250 Navajo-80c
450 Tusi-arora 30c
3050 Day 2 20
60 Summit 25c
100 Concordia 70
600 Holmes 45
400 Booker loo
250 Bodie Tunnel 3 10
The Richmond men are now singing
"Victoria Rules."
Lucky Baldwin came down from the
Lake last night and went through to
San Francisco.
J. R. Mason and family started for
the Fish lake valley yesterday morn
ing, to remain two weeks.
Chas. Hope, the opium smoker, was
sentenced yesterday morning by Jus
tice Cary to three months in the couuty
Wells Drury is up in the lava bed
country instructing the native Modocs
In Christianity, and selling the Lady
Bryant stock (old shares) at par. He
will be on the Comstock in August.
It is now asserted and probably true
that the Comstock booksellers have
been disnosinsr of the old version of th I
t rj " - - - - - I
nwnmpnl nn, that in this wav they
liave worked off a lot of stock over
twenty years old. Parties should be
careful and look at the date when buy
ing Testaments and see that they get
none but the genuine new version.
Thero is a $250 cabinet organ at
Winston's saloon which will be dis
posed of at raffle. The tickets are one
dollar. The instrument is new and has
eight of the most modern stops with
the latest imerovements in pedal and
swell attachments. It is rich and full
in tone, as any one can ascertain by
passing the place at night.
San Francisco Xeiwsi.
Rax Fkancisco, July 27. City poli
tics, so far as the Democracy is con
cerned, have taken, quite a different ap
pearance within the last day or so. It
is now understood that instead of a
iasion c? the Yosemite wing of the
"Democracy with the Workingmen, a
iruce is likely to be patched up between
the opposing clans of the Democracy and
a straight ticket will be put up, headed
by Frank Mc Coppin for Mayor. There
la also a report that the Workingmen
-will put up a straight ticket, headed by
Kalloch, who, it is stated, will accept
the nomination if tendered him, not
withstanding his recent statement to
111 congregation that be would, decline
"the office.
The Carson M Daily Independent,
SO, 1804.
Yesterday this office received a copy
of the Carson Independent of June 30,
1864. It ia a yellow, dingy old sheet,
with the name of Lincoln and Johnson
at the head of the columns. In looking
over its advertisements one recalls
many interesting events.
Hal Clayton issues a challenge to run
his blind horse against any other blind
horse in the Territory for 500 a side:
J. A. Wright advertises his "third
mammoth gift enterprise," at Maguire's
Opera House, July 4th, and assures the
public that an immense amount of dia
monds, etc., will be given away. Tickets
one dollar.
The Logan Hotel, "situated on the
banks of Lake Bigler, a beautiful sheet
of water."
William Wallace advertises a recruit
ing office and calls upon all who are de
sirous ot crushing the infamous rebel
lion to come forward and get $J02
Government bounty.
Lee & Ryland's grand "equescurri-
culum" is advertised for two nights
and spoken of as "the greatest on earth."
There is an editorial headed "Panics"
which calls upon the people of the Bay
to hold on to their stocks and wait for
developments. It closes with these
cheery words, which have so often
been repeated since then. Thp Corn-
stock is not played out, and before the
snow Hies there will be a boom in stocks
that will astonish anybody. The
theory that another ere body will not
be discovered comes only from the
chronic growlers who are always seeing
disaster ahead."
It also calls attention to the fact that
Mark Twain has resigned his position
on the Aituerprise ana will localize on
the Call. It closes the notice by hoping
that Mark may prosper in San Francisco.
Alf. Doten'g Drlnkn.
Major Dennis thus pays his compli
ments to Alf. Doten:
The Gold MU A'eics favors the intro
duction of half dimes on the Comstock.
Alf. Doten, the old rooster, doubtless
imagines with meir appearance will
- "umu u.
This was not true of Doten five years
I ago. in the old nusn times lie never
touched a glass of whisky which did
not cost two bits and when the last
high priced saloon closed on the Coin-
stock Alf. hove in sight two minutes
before midnight and laying down
twenty five cents pn the counter quaffed
the last glass of high priced liquor ever
swallowed in Gold Hill. The historian
I of events in Slippery Gulch, however,
does not state whether Doten renounced
the flowing bowl after the price reached
cents or drank double the quantity in
order to give the saloon keepers the
same chance.
Mining Music.
The Bodie Free Press, says : The
hand organ, the accordeon or the bass
drum never gave out sweeter music
than come from the Standard and Bul-
wer mills, The music of the stamps
V 1 1. A. . .,1 .,AninJ 1...
my ue i,ars" lu uueuu,"ueu can
to the mining camp inhabitant it is soft
and full of eloquent meaning. The
hum of industry is ? symphony to be
compared to tho song of the stars.
Every time a ponderous stan?? Orops
on a piece of qu.irtz it indicates a bar
of bullion is forming, and it will as
sume shape in the near future. These
two mills are doing good work at
present, and the bullion output th s
year will be very large. Bodie is not
dead yet, and while some people feel
discouraged, there is a great deal to be
thankful for.
A Lover's Elysium.
There is not a single ice cream saloon
or soda fountain in Gold Hill, and the
young men who put in their spare time
courting in that section say that the
place is a perfect elysium. A young
man can take a girl up and down the
streets at night and all over town in
fact, and not run up against any of
those ; ket denting ice cream ai d
soda water resorts. Under these favor
able auspices courting becomes a pleas
ure unencumbered by any fear of raid
upon the flattened exchequer. Vir
ginia gallants are seeking the' company
of Gold Hill girls in preference to all
others and the back porches and bal
conies of Virginia City are deserted
after sundown.
An Occasion When it Didn't Work.
William Daugherty has just filed ap
plication for a patent on an affair which
It consists of a 'string of trout, bull
heads and carp, made of rubber and
fixed on a string in such a way that
when carried along the street it has
every appearance of a big catch of fine
fish. The thing is made of very thin
rubber and can be packed in the vest
pocket until ready for use, when it can
be" blown up to any size, giving the
trout a fat or lean aspearance as the oc
casion required. Of course it would
not do to have the fish look exactly
tlike every day. It is almost needless
to remark that the inventorrecently at
tempted a practical test of his work.
He blew up his fish string in Benton's
stable yesterday and putting a fish pole
on nls shoulder wanceu along Larson
street to receive the plaudits of the
"Where'd you catch 'em?"
"Mexkwu dam. They bite like the
"How long did you fish ?"
"About twenly minutes."
He stood in the sun a few minutes
while he allowed the mob to admire
from a distance. The heat expanded
the air inside and the robber frauds
swelled, burst with a loud report and
disappeared. The next thing that uis-
ippeared was Daugherty, the inventor.
The Mint Investigation
The investigation of the
made by Congressman Page again
t Su
Mint pcrinlendent Dodge ot the U. S.
at San Francisco, are now under way.
In one of the specifications it charges
that the bullion from the Northern Bill
mine, was received under pretense that
its base was copper, whereas it contain
ed other base metals and substances
which rendered it unfit for coining and
its working resulted in loss to the gov
ernment. It is also charged that Dodge
continued to work this bullion after his
attention had been called to its character.
Dodge in defense claimed that he
no control over the Melter. Refiner, and
Ciliner. when asked about the low grade
silver as low as 424 fine, and claimed
there was no law fixing the grade. He
however established a grade of GOO
when he discovered that anything lower
occasioned a loss to tha government.
The amount of deposits received under
GOO fine in 1S73 amounted to about one
million ounces.
Medical Predictions.
The shootinir of the President has en-
atied a o-00j many doctors to get largely
advertised. Nearly every paper in the
Union has contained a communication
on the subject of the President's wound.
His death has been predicted every day
since the 4tli f July and each doctor
has given his reasons for anticipating
the demise. A Virginia doctor is quite
certain that he will die on the twenty -
fifth day. Now should the death ol--
eurtheComstockers will think that they
have a very smart man up there. Other
medical m?n have i jjated his death on
all the tlays between
and New Years. Th
the 4th of July
? ground ii ther-
ft'.ie pretty well covered. It will be oi
served that so far no Carson physician
has rushed into piiat with an opinion,
nor is it probable that any will.
The Reno IMtch Case.
The Journal says: Yesterday Com
missioner Comstock was occupied in
taking testimony in the case of Ah
Quongand others against the Steamboat
Irrigation and Canal Company. Wood
burn and Clarke appeared for the ditch
Company and Deal, Lindsay and Di-jk-son
for the contractors. Tho case wiil be
passed upon in the United States Cir
cuit Court in September.
Ah Quongis theCiiinaain who a few
weeks ago was nearly beaten to death
by some of countrymen whom he had
swindled. ' The suit involves some
$200,000. ,
Wit and Wisdom.
This new periodical started in New
York a few months ago is looked eager
ly for by tha editorial fraternity. It
collects all the odd yarns and funny
stories together and the editor has but
to take his shears and pluck the sort of
fruit he wants. The paper also gives
credit to all selections, a rule not gen
erally observed. Beside the ' selected
matter there is lots of original fun from
the pea of Shellman, the editor.
An Extraordinary Finding
by Judge
Yesterday a dispatch was received
from Eureka outlining the finding in
the Albion-Richmond case. -It was in
effect that Judge Rives would decide
me uncie ;?am location as valid over
the St. George. This was the main
point in controversy. However, the
Judge further proceeded to find the
Victoria a younger patent than either
and on this patent gave the case to the
Richmond. Last evening the Chronicle
printed the following special from Eu
reka :
Eureka, July 27. In tho Rich
mond-Albion case the Judge has now
(II a. m.) just finished reading his de
cision. n is me same as reflected in
these dispatches last night. I will give
full particulars of the situation at a
later hour. There is a great deal of
indignation among the friends of the
At tho conclusion of the reading of
the decision the Albion asked for nn
injunction covering the disputed prem
ises in the other two cases pending be
tween the sam parties. The injunc
tion was granted for the whole ground
until the hearing of these eases. The
Albion was required to file a bond in
the sum of $10,000, which was imme
diately given.
As the case now stands the court has
given the Victoria patent applied for
October 18th, 1878, preceden.e over
the Albion No. 1 applied for July 9th
of the same year, three months earlier.
The Uncle Sam is the oldest claim on
the ledge and its protest was against
the St. George application for the ledge,
of date of August 29, 1873. The St,
George patent has just been declared
void. Admitting that the Uncle Sam
has lost its prior right to the ledge by
its failure to protest against the Vic
toria application for a patent, (which
is not true) why then, the Albion iNo. 1
application being three months older
than the Victoria, must take the ledge
iust as sion as a new hearing can be
had. All the rub! ish has been cleaned
away and the Albian people are con
fident of ultimate victory.
The Savas Mine.
The San Francisco Post says: "We
understand that the new managers of
the Savage seriously contemplate the
production of the bullion from the large
quantities of low-grade ore which,
it is thought, can be worked at a profit
through the concentration process." It
is to be hoped that Colonel Keating will
try to fairly win his military spurs and
mining exaltation by proving the above
statement true. At any rate he prom
ises that there will be something done
in the Savage in the way of genuine
work, with the end in view of making
a development, 11 sucn a surprising
event be among the possibilities.
St. Lous, July 2ti. tJovcrncr Cut
tenden, in conversation with a reporter
last night regarding the death of Judge
Clifforu, of the Supreme Bench, stated
that some time ago when he (Critten
den) was in Washington, Clifford told
him that he had prepared a complete
and detailed history of the Electoral
Commission, of which he was a mem
ber, and taut it would be published
after his death, unless his wite, "who
was the custodian of the manuscript,"
suould otherwise decide, and that it
would create a sensation.
Breaking it Gently.
The New York Slock Report has a
delightfully touching way of announc
ing an assessment :
We understand there is a syndicate
forming to relieve the Bald Mountain
Company of its debts, and allow its
stock holders to coins in on a pro rata
An announcement like the above
does not strike the stock holders like a
plain notice of assessment.
3Ioonli;ht Party.
At Tread way's Park on Friday even
ing, oth prox., a moonlight party wiil
bo given for the benefit of the Circu
lating Library, Dancing from 9 o'clock
p. M. to 1 o'clock A. M. to good music.
Admission one dollar for gentlemen and
fifty cents each for ladies. The party
will be well managed, and there is not
a doubt of its success financially and
For Hale-
A new Singer sewing machine, with
latest improvements, will be sold cheap
for cash. Apply at the Bank Exchange
saloon, corner of Curry and King streets,
Carson City Nevada,
When the fruit season opens in Cal
ifornia It also makes it appearance in
Carson through the medium of tho wide
awake Vucanovich, who places on the
Carson market every conceivable thing
that tho palate craves, from a straw
berry to a Dine apule. In the way or
nuts, candies and fresh vegetables he is
in the front rank as usual. His prices
are low nnd his wares fresh, my.l-lm
STATK OF 'VKVADA connty rOrnMIy.
w. .'ohn II. hliit.eail nn.l II. A. Mnrfptiy heinp
duly sworn, severally say, thy are mpiii!ers .f tlw IkvtJ
of hxmainrrn of tiic Maw of .Nt-vud.i; tliU un tun lin nay
of July, 1881.tliev(afU r liavintr -erl nhied Irum ! I tvik
of the Statd Controller 'he anii:nt of iniiiwy )iii-h l onM
be in the Treasury) m.ule an otllciul e I'njt ittkri and run t
J the moiuy anJ voucher for lnot.ry iii '! Statu Tri
urv uf Jifcvida, and f jv.n J the same co.-r.vt, ai f.illfn :
Coin 12rt,24
Pcii coin vouchers ot return J to CuirjIUr. .).jUi 00
fl.TF. fECritKTIC.
IrreJoemable N'evailiStitrt Vhiol B ind
$030,000 00
.. . . ." OiK on
.... I0o OOi" CHI
Neva ia State kon.!
L"i.i..il SUt?a Lf;i is
M A. :i lli'il v.
PutKoriVd and sx ora to before ine this twenty filth d ii
(seal of July, A. I.
J vs u. Uii-.5L.r. , .V'T iry ' i;u :c.
Vrifi: is r.nr;tv
i tiartieiilebet. t:i' !-i i:
;i TO M.I.
th.tt 0 y w i
: ' St- ii , an J
lm:)u-ni for t'lu qu I. tor J A ' . :l ,
ir-ini! i i; v, Ju'.v : J'.-iI.
mm to Gis oorssy.iE s.
us: :; iiuiir m. i!s;:hy
supp!ii. J ! y i Cjc Sj.a Cris (' H!i,.a'!V ill .. i r thotissad
caLic'i-' t. S. W aI.Ip , Sjih r...!'.'nj.uw.
Tiis Best Sch39l for Boys.
For term-, aidress Ir. K(fvi Parker. Wardnji
of Raciue lollrn. Uaeiuc. Ml. jy0
Ey Tirtue of an execution to inf directed, issurxi
out of the Hon. -eoonil Judicial Idstrlct Court In
and for Orrnsby county, State of Nrvad.i, on a
Judgment rendered tliort:iu on tli. IhirVcnth day
of June, A. I). 1S3!, in favor of Nevada Hank of
San Francisco, a corporation, and nguipst A. D.
Trend way, fort lie stun of S!'.!' k).:i, wlili Inter-
est In thef.iu of $: lit-lco, tngcth ir vith tho sura
of !10 STi-10) costs of suit and aecrnlna; costs, now
intl-.eui!i of !2 fiddlier l;h all luvrulnjr
cos's 1 huve levied upon ari l sri.od, aiid wiil
expose at public siile, at tli- Court. House door, In
Carjon City, Onji.iby county, on tli'i
Fitlh Pay of A. !. 1VHI.
Between tho uour of 9 o'clook a. :.!. tnd 5 o'cloct
p m. to-wi:: At one o'clock p. all tho right,
title, interest and claim of th x.iid A. I). Tread
way, of, in and to the following described pro
perty, situatt; and being in the county of Orul
by, and state of Nevada, t j-wlt: IV-vinii'ii'? at
the section stone common t i see' Ion seyi u (7),
eight (S), Kpventecti (17) an 1 eighteen (IjO, town
ship fiYteen (!), north ran3 twenty (o) east,
Mount Diablo base and meridian, nccordini;
the Uni;.ed states land surveys in the State o.
Nevada, and running thence north twenty (Jo)
chains, thence west twenty (2t) chain, thenco
souih twelve (1J) chains and eighty-four links,
thence eat five links, thence south one and a
half degrees w(st twenty-five chains and thirty
links to the north line of the road known as and
calif d Trcadway's lane; thence north ssj J decree
cast along the north line of bald Trcadway'n lane
eleven hundred and seventy-six (11"") feet, thence
north twenty-one minutes east ?ive hundred and
twenty-sevea ("27) feet, thence north 8:1 decree
and 79 minutes west eighty-nine (s!) feet, thence
north 21 seconds cast six hundred and II ft y (two)
feet, theiiee south !! degrees and 1) minutes east
two hundred and thirty-four Z',1) feet to tin; sec
tion line between sections seventeen awl
eighteen, thence north thirty-one feet to the place
of beginning; s.iid premises nro situated In tha
county of Oniisby, in the state of Nevada, The
above described real property wiil be Mild to tbi
highest hi I.U r for casa in U. s. g il coin or it
H. T. SWIFT, Klieritr.
m, piaintifl's attornev.
inly II, KSS). JyliM
n. c wi
Cirson i
Loiu:: in ,f pKneiprJ pl.ioo f tu inc s, Ciria City,
Ktvili. Soti. -.! i h -n by wivea Cat ut a in cDn ef tbv
Eyri of Ir svji3, 1 c' o.i tho ufioon-Ji (1 tn) .!ay f July,
1SS1, ai a3 .-:suicnt( u :) of Ave d illars V) pt r lmre
ws In-dod ujvin the .a;il'a- ktn.'k of tie: iv ui-aticii, pay
a'c'e iuHii-iitit-'r, tn Vnlttd 1 o.t i s jroV, co il, t tie Sec
ret. ry, ut ills o;Moj of t o ciiinpuiy. Ai y ht'n;k tip'ju
which tliiii a"pcss.:i nt -li:ill rtirain u.i; .lid u:i
.VIO'VUAV, TH : Fli-TEENni I'AY Hi' A! lit 'ST, lS-SIj
Will ho djli:ujcht : nJ aihortlted fer d.- it ubl'c mic
tion, and uii!.'.-a piymci.t U madj bif iro il tie nuld O
Wediie day, tiie (.mrU-utith (Utu) day f S. (itcndr, 181,
to p-y iha d .limnie.it ;ii.-!'!.ciit, t-.e-tair with cimtsof
.Uv. itisai aJ cxjie-iso dc.
jjb.i Cid C. T. MAs;N", Slct. Ury.
pnx hs
ourtmunt of
BookSt Music and Jswelry.
pistol BeloadiDf Tttli,
And Trythinj in the inortinf Iloe
AH th leading Periodical! and Maguint ol
Cutlery, Fancy Article
HKni waartmmt of 1 not verythiafrthaft

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