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FEB 8S, 1MM3
ROW 4. E.
The spectacle of Christine
Nilsson weeping at the tomb of
arfieltl is a touching and dra
matic. Thousands of people
when they read of the circum
stance will heave a sigh and
have a good word t say for the
beautiful Christine. Then when
the b. C. comes along they will
not hesitate to put up 2 to
hear the lady warble a few
choice notes from her upper
register. There is no question
but that when an actress weeps
over the dead President she is
doing slicker work in the ad
vertising line than losing bogus
diamonds r getting rescued
from burning hotels. Mary
Anderson, Clara Morris and
John McCullough will have to
look sharp or this cute foreigner
will beat them at their own
Yesterday there was a sort of
dead lock in the Senate when
"Williams wanted to make out
of order a report in accordance
with the Governor's message on
railroad legislation, llobart ob
jected and held that such a re
port could not be made out of
;rJer without a suspension f
the rules and carried his point.
The anti-railroad men then took
up the club which had been so
generously placed in their hands
and proceeded to use it with
evident effectiveness, and by
playing back the same tactics.
It ii a poor rule that won't
work both ways, and ilie lact
was well demonstrated yester
day The result was almost to
impede business. This is
if the Appeal is not greatly
mistaken, the first time i:i the
session than anyone has ob
jected to a Co:cmittee report
win:; made out of order.
The Senate refused to allow
some one in the Capitol Build
ing $60 for hoisting the Ameri
can flag over the dome. The
bill was just about to i;ass when
some one remarked that it had
not been hoisted for two weeks,
and the appropriation was
promptly squeuched. Thus are
the people's interests guarded
right up iO the handle by men
who will not allow any man to
put his hands into the public
treasury unless he sends his
arms iu up to his shoulders and
done with. The man ought to
have had his bill beaten, and
will know enough next time to
vociferate for $1,500.
It looks as if the ardent de
ire of the Governor to see some
anti-railroad bills passed might
have bten manifested a little
earlier in the session. That
message is supposed to make the
Governor a small quantity of po
litical capital, and it wont hurt
the railroads- It reminds one
of the British officer who said :
"Wah is blarsted jolly you know
so long as you don't have any
engagements, my boy."
One of the Senators in ex
plaining the circumstance that
he got intoxicated twice in one
week, said : "I was so glad the
Williams bill passed that I got
otf the hooks, and then when it
got beat, what could I do except
iill up ?" Next thing you know
the same man will hear that
Freddy Gebhardt has bought
Mrs. Langtry a $1,000 bracelet,
and go on a fresh spree.
The Stock Exchange, learning
that Lyman Beecher once went
into a neighbor's house and sat
down in the family circle in a
tft of absent minded ness, mis
taking it fur his own, rises to
remark that this has long been
characteristic of the Beecher
family, Henry Ward having
once invaded Tilton's house-
Jioia unuer the same state of
B A N K .
M E N T.
Sick in Sew Jersey.
Xew York, Feb. 27. A heavy de
falcation W38 ditcovertd to-day. Gilbert
L. Cromeil, president of the Empire
Mining Company of Summit county
Utah, is the defaulter. The officers o.
the company here are at 52 Wall street
Cromell iu lSt7 was given the agency of
the Talrnan estate, the owners being
Mrs. Cornell A. Atwell, her sister Miss
Catherine C. T&lman, and her niece,
Miss Caroline Talnian. They confided
to Crome!l'n care their securities, stocks
and bonds, ami gave him a power of at
torney to transact their business. Iu
1879 Cromell went into the Empire min
ing scheme and bought largely of its
stocks. The mine was afiiiiure and the
aoesisments increased until tioalJy Crnin
ell abstracted 001,000 of the Talrnan
trust fuwds. Brides this amount he
borrowed from Mrs. Caroline Talmau
0,000. In all in the 1st thrert yearn
he has spent $774.1100. la addition t
this he owes $480, (XX). On the I2zh in
stant he made an ass-isjoment of hii es
tate, which consists of real estate val
ued at SrKC.OUO, mortified almost to
its full value, and 1 16,000 shares of
mining stocks. Croniei' is kick in New
A lire Flees! Indioted.
Milwaukee, Ftb. 26. The Grand
Jury, investigating the Ncwhall House
case, pj'evd this afternoon ra a true
bill against Schiller, former lessee of
the tcr in the hotel, indicting him for
arson. The indictment contains three
counts. The tirst charges the prisoner
with wilfully and feloniously setting
lire to and burning the JSewhali Hotel
during the risjlit cf January 10,
1SS3. Tle others repeat the ac
cusation iu thtiereat form. Schiller
w.t takeu from j.til to court at 4
o"cliick. After reiliG the indictment
the prisoner answered, in a tirni tone,
not guilty. Thp Court fixed hU bail at
$10,000 and the prisoner was taken
back to jtil. 0in to the late hour
bill was not ob'ainr.hle to-night, but
will be to-morrow-. Tiia Grand Jury is
still in session considering the responsi
bility ot the owners ami manager of the
hotel. It is believed indictments for
maaslaugh'cr will be re'urntd against
Nash, Aatisde! and the night e'er';, De
laney. The labors of the Grand Jury
will nor be finished before next week.
ajiit for an "Ail."
Cleveland, O., Feb. 27. A touch
ins; scene was noticed a: the tomb of
President Gartieli to-day. Persons iu
the Like View cemetery noticed a
richly-clad lady i-eeriug into the vault
djor, the s -ntry standing aside to admit
her. It was Ctmstiue Nds'Sou. As
she bowed her head before the tomb
and looked long and earnestly at the
casket the correspondent came near.
She turned-at once, and in her charm
ingly animated way, v. iih flowing
cheeks and t-parkliog eye, said: "1
wonder tii.it the American peo
ple, who are go quick to act, and jeal
ous of the fame of their great heroes,
should not ere this have erected a mon-nm-jut
over the resting place of this
great man.'"
I'ostjx-ressiona! Honor.
Washisuto.v, Feb. 23. Mace and
SJ.ade gave a boxing exhibition at the
Theater Comiqua to-night. In the
audience were a number of men of dis
tinction and several members of Con- !
jiress. Sjla-le was greatly admired for I
his proficiency in the manly art, though
vhe opinion was freely expressed that
he was hardly quick enough in his
movements to make a successful fiht
with Suliivau. Slade visited the Capi
tol to-day, and was followed through
the corridors by a large crowd. Even
some dignified Senators and members of
the House left their seats and went ini.o
the hall to get a look at the Maori
A Cook's Blunder.
New YoKK, Feb. 2t A Tribune's
Milwaukee special says: A lumber
nun, named Alfred Everson, arrived
here to day from Maoietee, and reported
to Captain John Fitzgerald that seventy
ti um had been poisoned to death la3t
Sunday in a lumber camp near Glenca),
Michigan. A new cook had just begun
work, aud the first biscuits he made be
mixed with a can .f strychnine, used to
p-ion wolves. He mistook it for bak
ing powder. The biscuits were eaten
by every man in the camp, and seventy
out of eighty died in horrible agony.
N: p'.yMcin was near, and nobody
could do anything to alleviate their suf
ferirgj. Braidwood, Feb. 21. The pumps
are working better, aud the water is
coming faster than any other day since
employing the process. There has been
some talk of eir.ployiug divers to go
down in the. mine to Bearcu for the
bodies. The coal companies have re
ceived an offr from a noted diver, bnt
they decided not to use him, as it would
probably delay the work of pumping,
aud might Dot be of any service. It is
generally supposed that most of the
bodies are half a mile from the opening
in the bliaftc, and the apperturts beiu
tmal, it vroa'd . be next to impossib e
for the diver to reach them.
New York, Feb. 2. A recent issue
of the Panama Siar has the following :
Thj rumor is confirmed that Garcia
Calderon is treating in Chili with Alti
mirino, and strong hopes are enter
tained tbat an arrangement will be ar
rived at which can subsequently be
ratified by the Congress to be held at
General Battertiel.l, now in Guate
mala, recently paid Mr. Schlessineer
$1,260,000, being the balance due for the
purchase of the railroad from San Jose
to Escuintla.
Barrios and bis friends in Guatemala
are trying to establish a Confederation
of Central America, and are liable to
create serious trouble. Two Ministers
from Guatemala aud Salvador are now
in Costa Rica trying to induce that re
public to join them.
Chicago, Feb". 27. A mysterious
prisoner has been in the custody of the
police sines Siturday night. His place
of confinement is unknown. The police
refuse any information. It is stated
that his name is Ferdinand Ihls, alias
Franz H. More. He claims to bs from
Hanover, Germany, and a member of
the reserve corps of the army. He car
ries with him the peal of Hanover and
some official documents. The arrest
was made at the instance of C. L. Ni
eoff, banker, who claims tbat Ihls de
frauded him out of !$,(X) on fraudulent
Hanoverian securities. It is alleged
that several others have been victimized.
New York, Feb. 27. The meeting
..f the Informal Commissioners of the l yio.,t publishes a letter from P.iei.
New York Petroleum Exchange and ! nan, who was mentioned bv informer
Mtniog Exchange for the consolidation
of the two organv.itions remained iu
session several hours. While there is a
preponderance of sentiment in favor of
uuuiu. there is much difference of de
tails. l!y uniting they save the rent of
one set of rooms ami the palaiies of
half its employes, while, brokers and
operators would hare more to deal in,
aud consequently seats would 13 more
Troy, X. Y , Feb. 27. Miss Mary
Djniels, who presented a claim for
180,000 damages :itjiinst the New
York Central railroad for injuries re
ceived in the Spuyteu Duyvel disaster,
has compromised for 829,000, the
largest eum ever paid by the cotnpaoy
for peronal injuries. A. I!. Valentine,
of Bennington, Yerinon, received
S5.000 for the death of his son, and I
85,000 for tho death of Potter's youug
bride, both killed ia the same disaster.
Clevelan"!', Feb. 27. This mornini;
the greater portion of Myers, Ojborn &.
C3.'3 stove works was burned. Incen
diarism is suspected, because fur months !
the strikers whetc places have been I
tilled by non-union men h-ive bten j
troublesome. Loss on building, .si.",- j
000; on stock, $15,000; on mauhintr,',
$10,U0:j. Insurance, s72,Ot.'0 -iu tlur-
ty-four companies. '
Sjtronjr Talk. ;
New Yotik, Feb. 2iL iorricge re- i
iterates his charges ia the most intense ;
language, and styles Secretary Chandler j
as a bar and a bbekaard aud Jidoi j
Roach's lobbyist. Sj it foetus that '
Roach is at tt.e bottom of the ecaudl, ;
as h lias been at the luttom of tw - i
thirds of the-worst scandals wiih which
tie American Navy has been cursed
during the last twenty year?.
Washinotox, Feb. 27. Senatoi
Divis, President pro tem. of the Seu- j
ate, read the following to the Senate j
to-day: In view of possible exigencies !
that might s Ji" jet the public services, I i
deem it proper to give notice of my in- j
tention to resign the cilice viith which j
the Senate has honored me, at noon on j
Saturday, March 3 1. David Davis I
New York, Feb. 27- Caroline
Bernheimer, a widow, fell from a sky
light directly upon a rapidly runniui;
rip-saw in a picking-box factory, and
was immediately cut iu twain.
Bp.rs.sELs, Feb. 20. An explosion of
dynamite occurred here yesterday iu
the open air, by which several men
injured. One of the men injured has
since died. Several arrests were made.
The prisoners belonged to a committee
of Antrchists. They were experiment
ing with a new kind of tirew.rks when
the explosion accidentally occurred.
The police have seized documents re
vealing a plot to assault Belgium aud
other countries. Other arrests are ex
The house of aa Anarchist here, who :
entertained Louisa Michel when she!
was in Brussels recently, hiiS been
searched by the police, who seized
lairee iruuks. iu injoriy 01 me
documents contained therein were
written in Itussijn aud Italian, and
rtfr to an international plot. It
is rumored that disclosures bave beeu
made iu connection with the dynamite
explosion, aud the seizure of these pa
pers will lead to the arrest of Louise
Michel and several of her colleagues.
Cyrote, one of the men not wounded
by the explosion, is a weaver from
Lyons. It is said the French govern
ment has demanded his extradition.
It is reported that the Anarchist doc-
umenta ae z .-d here show that; a plot
has been organized to murder the Czar
of Russia on the occasion of his coro
nation. .j
LoNbOX, Feb. 26. A Wcstmeatb j
member "ave notice that he would ask j
for the immediate release of Harriug- j
ton, the elected member for Vest-
meatb. !
The Chief Secretary for Ireland de
nied that Carey, the informer, was "in
terviewed" before testifying.
Hartington declined to give North-
cote a day for the discission of the
motiou asking the committee to inquire
into the release of FarnelL Dalon ari
O'Kelly from Kilmaiuham jail. North-
cote wiil cousider whas course to pur
The Hague, Feb. 27. IWon Not-
deDskjold. the Swedish explorer, has
notified the Dutch Minister at Stock
holm that he intends to claim the re
ward of 25,000 guilders ff.-red in 1096
for ths discovery of the northeast pa-
Paris. Feb. 26. The report ni G d.
Tbiebaudip, Mioi-W of War, in justi
fication if the retirement of the Dnc
D'Aumale, Due Da Charles and Due
D'Alioson, says public opinion demand
ed the adopt on ot measures placiug
them on the retired list, and the pubiic
has becom : alive to the inconvenience
of the presenco in h a army of i fillers
belonging to a former reigning family.
The great principle of disjipliue mi,bt
be weakened thereby.
Lt Tanp (National) and the Paii
Coaservative aud Republican papers
plore the fact tbat the government has
been forced to place the Prirces on the
retired list of the army, d demand a
rvisiou of the laws ot 1834, and that
the ofiicers be reinstated.
Madiud, Feb. 26 A society to de
stroy the rights of property and ex
terminate land owners has been dis
covered in Andalusia. Tho government
has resolved to suppress these societies.
They cumber 1,000 aud include persons
of Socialistic opinions.
Accounts from Andalusia show that
the cioinus ef the Socialistic pocitties
recently discovered there resemble the
worst crimes committed in Ireland. Tne
societies are particularly violent in their
denunciations of landlords.
The arreits at JervtZ, Cadiz and
Seville exceed o00. Seven iuf.irmeis
from different towns exposed a com
pletely organized society, iih fuudp,
a foreign com so ndeucd and aeorct
DmiTW. Fli T Tim Fnpmnn'x
Carey iu the textiinon v given at the
hcaniitfof tl.e consj i ators here. The
letter is dated London, February
Brenuan neither admits nor denies that
heonoe belonged to tile Irirdi Republi
can B-otheihooil, but tay. that the
B.-itifh overumeut i ui.t nble to
' , . L : : . t- ... V a. ti. - e
I cuKrt'e io'ii win any xira-ut-tuie u
I fens-. If it wauis bi:;i it need not fp
! p'y to tne American government for
j DbHi.i, F.-b. 27. It is reporft d that
i when trie tiids of ihn nun charged
j with the Phenix Pai k murder are C '-i-
eluded, J iriiex Carey will be tried .ii the
' charge of bcii g a suspicious charciei.
! of the Stiite of Nevada, in ami for the
(ountv of Orinshy Monlia M. Inyria
liam, plaintiir, v. John Sj. Inyrahain,
ib fi iidant Action Iirou'it. in Hie Dis
trict Court of the Second Judicial BN
triet of the State of Nevada, in and for
the County of OrmsUy, and the com
plaint Med in said County of Ormby,
in rheoftieeof I lie Clerk c i said District
Court-Tho statf o! Nevada sends greet
ing ti Jiilin S. Iiisraliaio. defendant :
You are .;reh" n'nuirt d to a)ipoar in
an action brought against you hy tho
above named plaintiff in the District
Court of the JScconJ Judicial District of
tin- state of Nevada, in and fr the
County of Orinshy, and to answer the
coinpiaiiit filed therein (a copy of which
accompanies tills summons) within ten
days ,eclusive of the day of service)
after the service on you of this suia
r.ions if served within this county; or
if served out of this c ounty, but in this
district, within twenty days, otherwise
within forty days or judgment by de
fault will be taken against you. The
saiil action is brought to obtain a judg
ment and deciei? against you dissolving
the bonds of matrimony :iow existing
between you aud plaintiff upon the
grounds, 1st Desertion and abandon
ment of plaintiff by yon for more than
one year last past; id -Failure on your
part to provide for plaintiff the common
necessaries of life for more than one
year last past, not the result of poverty,
which you could so avoid by- ordinary
j industry, and for the care, custody and
j control of your minor children. 'Walter
S. I-igrahani, Kdna I:igra liarn and Her
bert M. Ingrahnni . And you are here
by notified that if you f.;il to appear and
answer the said complaint as above re
(juirod, the said plaintiff will apply to
said Court for-tfie relief demanded and
prayed for in tier complaint herein.
(.Siven under my hand this 27th day of
February, in the year of our Lord, one
thousand eight hundred and eighty
three. THEN Muft COFFIN,
feb-'S-Dd Attorney for Plaintiff.
" .
y Q (JentS 101 W QGK
ff if All classes of legitimate ati ertisements
not exceeding six lines inserted in this column
for 5U Cents per week.
A bunch of safe keys. The finder will
bo rewarded by leaving the same at this
office. febj"
On Sunday, between Kinjr street ami
the railroad Oi'pot. a sold neekliice. to
which is attached a irreen stone orna
ment. The Under will please leave the
same at this office. f:b27
Special Xotiei.
Chun n xow thk Nr,K
ajrent in "'arson of the "White'
na e" nowe-sewing mac tunes.
A scarf pin made of a gold painter:s
pallet, with two brushes and five stones
of emeralds and rubies Thelinder will
berewaidcd by leaving it at this office.
ASniEiM IS NOW 1,'lXINfi I1IS B fi
ber shop near the dupot, jiud runs it. as
they say, up to the haitlle. tVr a f ooii, clean,
clone, artiHtic and quick sha.e, shamixKj or
hair cat, this place cannot easily be matched.
9 Jlarie Stuart, White (icraiiiiim and
Sprin? iolet, for sale at the City Drug; ftoru
Cae in A XotewarM 5few Depot
Daf;g-ett's " Braxton' Bar," Htylufraphie
and McKinnon I'eos, Automatic PencllH, Ba
zar Patterns, Powoer, Shot, fcfcells anil C'art-riditesj
1882 FALL
Every department filled to overflowing with new and
seasonable goods for Fall and Winter requirements.
Importers and Dealers in Dry (ioods, Clothing, Boots and Sho.--,
.Men's burnishing' (ioods, (.dothiug, LJirpef, House J urnish
ing Goods, etc., otter better inducements to purchasers
than any other house in this city.
Having NO RENT to pay and smaller expenses than our , in -petitors,
carrying the largest stock and fest assortment, we arc
enabled to sell at closer prices.
Our SHOE STORE is the mot complete, in the State, and wo
have on hand an excellent assortment of .Misses', Ladies' at!i
Children's Shoes of the best Eastern makes.
w Ok m !
All Goods Marked Down
Inteii(liiii- to enlararo mv Stoic to
meet the Demands of' my Trade, and
wishing to open with an Entire Xew
Stock in the Spring, I shall from this
date offer the greatest inducements
Call and convince yourself All Goods
marked in plain figures at
'Vvre cannot tell t lie, we did it with our little hah hot."'
when we knocked the covers oil our immense
o;ises of
Low -Priced Fall and Winter (loot Is !
-And now we are All Ready to give yon a welcome that
means business. We have laid in a Xew Stock of
Men's, Youth's, Boys' and Children's
WHICH is positively a surprise to all.
WE astonish the sight-scor with an unrivah'ii collection of ele
gant styles and beautiful fabrics.
WE delight the purchaser with prices, which were before so low.
WE afford all an opportunity to secure the newest and best Fall
and Winter Garments at Trices within their means.
BfiT THESE PLAIN FACTS demand your attention, and we
respectfully advise an early examination, and invite it.$Sa
Arlington Clock.
CLOlJltfcG, TC.

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