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Ti:r.SAV APRIL. 17. 1MN8
There is a certain class of peo
ple who will believe nothing un
til long after it is too Lite to d j
them any good. These people
seem to have gathered into Ne
vada from all over the United
State. It tock the Appeal all
the Summer t demonstrate to
the people of this State what a
pretentious political humbug
yill Sharon was and if we recol
lect aright there was only one
paper at the time which took
the same view of the mutter,
and that was the Silcer State.
The Appeal spent another Sum
mer trying to demonstrate the
ignorance, trickery and incin
cerity of Jewett Adauis, but it
was of no use. The press of the
State was silent while a politi
cal Zaney climbed to the high
est office in the gift of tho peo
ple. Now the correctness of
this journal's views are being
very clearly demonstrated and
99 men in every J 00 so admit,
but it is too late to be of any use
and so the people must grin ?nd
bear it for four year This is
how our Governor looks abroad:
As a Governor, Jewe!t V.
Adams of Nevada is a flat fail
ure. The press of the State is
unanimous in it condemnation
of him. Our Democratic ex
changes atfect surprise at the
action of Governor Adams. We
say affect because we do not be
lieve they are a bit surprised in
reality. They knew before the
election of his utter unfitness for
the position. In fact we have
peis0nal knowledge of the fact
when we say that at least three
of tha editors who pretend now
to be surprised, made all man
ner of fun at the cheek of the
man's ambition. Yet they sup
ported him and he was elected.
Jle has not been in ollice three
months and a half yet, still every
Democratic paper in the State,
so far as we have noticed, s
abused him. It is natural to
expect the li 'publican press to
oppose any political measure he
may take, but when his own
party goes back on him so unan
imously and so soon, it is worthy
of note. Hut he is in cilice for
over three years and a half
mure. What must we expect,
judging by the past three
months, of the rest of the term.
We can but pity the Demecracy
over the doleful prospects. The
"man with a titter" is Governor,
made so by the voice of the
ballot box, and has already de
veloped into a cold-blooded, cil
culating politician, apparently
not caring what results may
follow so long as he serves po
litical ends. Not a move is
made until Governor Garrard is
consulted, and of such is Jewett
W. Adrms. The Insane Asylum
matter is not alone in hisschem
ings. His whole career during
the Legislature, and everything
he has said, has all been of
this nature. We pity the De
moerrcy, for bad as it is, it is
unfortunate that it must shoul
der Dim, too.
In this connection it is but a
matter of justice to say that
Major Garrard strongly advised
Governor Adams not to get
mixed up in the Asylum job
bery, and for the first time that
advice wa9 neglected.
- Dido't Want to Advertise.
The Nevada Transcript says:
Grass Valley contains more dead
merchants to the square foot
than any other town on the
North American continent. If
you don't believe it look at the
advertising columns of the
Grass Valley Union and Tidings.
A few years ago Grass Valley
was one of the most prosperous
towns in California. It got so
prosperous that the merchants
got an idea they could make
money withvut advertising.
When the local papers began to
run down the general idea got
abroad that the town was on the
decline. San Francisco mer
chants began to draw the ere lit
strings tighter" and capital
avoided it. The town soon got
a bad name, and now the mer
chants are beginning to reap the
disadvantages of their parsi
mony, and Nevada City, which
supports a live newspaper, is
tteadily going ahead.
SPHIJiOFIELD, Ills., April 16. Me
iii'inal bervioe on the eigteenth anui
veiaary cf the debtU f Abraham Lin
coln wt-re hM in the catacomb of the
national Lincoln mcmiiins yeaterdnv
nnilcr th i auspices f the I.inuclu (itiaril
if Honor. The programme Miibraced
r-iliiouB exercises, mu-ie, the leiJiug
of President Lincoln's Suuday order to
the army and navy and ao oration. At
the coDolusiou of the stated exercises
the cataconih was opened and a large
concourse of people passed iu aud
uluoe.l Hower.s ami evergreens on the
Washington, April 10. Tho',Tre38
ury Department has beea informed that
a qaao'i'y of viue cartings have been
imported int the port of New York
from China which the Custom-house
otiieers think are inftetnl with phyl
loxera. There is uo law authorizing
the il structiou of eurh importations.
The Treisury Doparinint reooni.-is
the fact that thin is a matter of great
importance to the vine interests ot the
c-.untry and will c-nftr with the Agri
cultural Depart mint u the Bubject.
Fort Worth, Texas, April lti
A outrac. was c'osed here for the
shipmtnt of 7o,000 head of cattle iroin
the grazing region south of this city on
the (rulf. The Colorado & Santa Fe
ruiiroad to Wielnta Fall, 111 miles
uorth, wiil rtijiiiro thrt-e thousand car?,
or 215 trains of fourteen cars each, at a
total txpenhe of 105 000. The- ship
ment is rendered necessary by the lare
amount of fencing recently put up in
the southern part of the State.
Chicago, April 16. The Daily 2cirs
of MeadviHe, M;s-i sippi, says: Tom
Biiiey (colored) outraged a youiiij ce
gro girl Lere, ami alter murd(-riii; Ler
aire' hi-r body in a ivcd. Amobtoi k
h:m from the j til this nioruin.; and
hauled him.
A Lit I a, Iowa, April 1(5. The Atlan
tic Hoiiie, iu this city, buruid yjsttr
day morn in j. Three U3sts were
burned to death. Tne pr iprijior nar
rowly escaped with l,H life.
Boston, April IK. The Matqais of
L'rne and Princess Louise drovft ont
this morning and will leak-e fur Canada
this evtuinj.
Heavy IY inl.
Ozauk, Ark., April Io. A disas
trous tornado struck Whiti 0-ik sta
tion on the Little Hock & Fort Smith
railro ad, ten miles from hers. The
wind blew with a force beyond the pou
eis ot description. The wults of the
mountains previously covered wiUi
trers now show none staudiuaf, large
oaks being snapped iu twau liKe (t
siems. After the storm came bail,
many stones nearly as large as hens"
etgf. F. H. liisoo, the potmater,
lost his store and icsid uce, and thu
west mail, incia iing jodO turnkey,
was carried awy by wind. Khuq
was also seiiourly injured. Numbers
of stores and re-idet'Cs were leveled to
the ground. The storm merayed three
miles in width. There were no signs
or fences anywhere in the neigh oorhood,
and pile after pilsc.f raiiroid ties were
fouud blown around as if they were
straws, lleports of the destruction of
pioperty aud lo.is of life come fr..m
every direction. Thomas Ross und
wire and son were found one mile north,
fatally injured. Houses were swept,
away. JlcCain, Erasure and vVillac-',
all lost their houses. Danie! Wade,
Wiiliim Ilann and J. llarir lost their
houces. Union Church aud the school
hoine, a mile northwest, are in ruins.
At Gay' mill, two miles west, one
small residence is all that remains
standing. F. J. Lewis's house and
half a doz-.ii others are in ruins. A
storm of such severity was never before
known here. Tne tornado reached
Conway, Faulkner county, this after
noo.o, but there was no one killed, but
several badly injured. There are no
reports from the interior. The Cath
olic and IlaptUt churches are both de
stroyed. .S:nim ns IVnthera' oiu mill
is a total wreck. Hilliard & Co. 'e
planing mill is swept away. The Bruce
Frankenthal and Mirtiu's brick block
arc unroofed, and the front of Brown's
drug store is blow n iu. Numerous
residences are in ruins.
Horrible Tragedy.
Chicago, April 15. This afternoon
Roman Nowak, a Bohemian cabinet
maker, went to the bouse of his di
vorced wife for the purpose of gettiag
possession of one of their children, a
biy fonr years old. She refused him
admission and he drew a revolver and
tired through the window at which she
was sitting, shooting her in the head,
tha ba.l lodging iu her brain. He then
turned the pi.-toi on him-e'f and blew
out his brains falling dead ou the steps.
A letter was found iu his pot ke- giving
directions to the Knights of Honor to
use the insurance money on his life for
the education of his children. The
woman canuot live through the nigh'.
Philadelphia, April 14. The Chi
nese engiged to play base-ball, and who
struck for salaries of 20 a week and
expenses, have been allowed the ad
vance, and the practice for the tour Las
been resumed.
England' Poor.
Boston, April 15. The steamer
Nestoriau arrived last eight with 65
passengers, most of them impoveiuhed
Irish people sent over at the expense of
the English government. The greater
part are families, some of which num
ber eight or ten persons, while tho aver
age is About five. The majority come
from Glway, and the others from
Mayo, Derry and Donegal. Most of
those from Galway were evicted, and
daring the past Winter have lived as
best they could, finding shelter in tents.
India meal porridge was thtir princi
pal article of food. Tne agent of the
government furnished money to thi.su
who desired to j;o to any place beyond
Boston, the amount depending ou the
size of the family. Some received a
few shillings, others two, three, live or
six pounds. A great many of the men
are larmeis, but they seem undecided
as to what they ihali do here. Some
are going to New York, others to Pitts
bur, Portland, Chicago and Can at a,
while some will remaiu in Boston aud
vicinity. .Several paid their own pas
sage, but brought little with them in
tl.e way of in uey or household goods.
Th Hrhellcr Case.
Milwaukee, April 14. The prose
cution in the Schellsr case was allowed
to call two witnesses to-day and pro
ceed to prove by officer Freflson, the
central si a ion keeper, that Scheller,
when arrested aud while being searched,
said be wished he had a revolver so he
could blow bis brains ont. Interest
to-day was entered in the appearance
of Scbcller on the (stand. He told the
story of bis life, and accounts for his
whereabouts on the niht of the tire.
A sevtri cross examination failed to
elicit any contradiction in the testi
mony. The defense went on with their
case, but did not complete, and ad
journed till MoL-day.
Milwaukee, April IS. The evidence
in the Scheller case is ail io, and the
case will go to the jury this afternoon.
Norwich, Conn., April 15. O'ncy
Burgess, of Foster, IX. I., while making
a friendly cill iunri Daniel aud Henry
Burlingama at Killiogly, Codd., sud
denly shot Daniel, i-lightly injurii
him. In the struggle for the pist. 1
Henry was dangerously wounded. Bur
jjess returned to Rhode Island, w here
he was arrested. While beini taken to
jail at fvillingly he asked to be allowed
to jump oveiboard, which would save
the Slate trouble and expense. Bu:-ge-s
killed himself iu his cell.
Salt Lake, April 14. Since the
opening of the Deuver & Ria Grande
Railroad this place has become a center
of attraction for railroad men. The
S neral freight agents .f the Central
Pacific, Atchison. Toueka & Santa Fe
and Missouri railroad. arrived here to
day, acil are ! w Liug over the liel.l.
The business of the D-nvvr & Rto
Grande shows up much bettr r than they
expecttv. aid they are ordering n w
r Hing ttoclv for the Utah Ibvi.-i. n
San As onio. Tex,, April 15 The
report of the Indian iiivaxi m on Friday
proves to ba iironiia'.e-is. No Lidiar.s
ire known to have entered Texs, but
thieving bandits have bren trailed by
Captaiu Alvarez, of the Mexican army,
to a point near Langtry, where the trail
was lost, aid it was euppoed the In
dians crossed the Ru Grande. No
'race of them has been found, however,
by the scouting parties sent ont from
our military posts on the frontier.
DuBCtirjF-, la., April 15 This after
noon the bodies of Mrs. H. Zieprteh',
wile of a well-known druggist ;f this
iaoe, and hor three-year old boy, were
found at the bottom of a tifty-foot well.
They were alone in the house during
the forenoon. It is supposed the
woman threw the child into the well j
and then ja taped in herself, as a hiyh
curb around it foib'ds the suppositijn !
of their faiiiug in accidentally.
New York. April 1". The fie ,
story building, Nos. 279, 2S1 and 2S3
Broadway, occupied by the Bradstreet
Commercial Agerey, Remington &.
Son's rifle; manufactory aud Hall's Sife
and Look Company. iru't-d by tire
to- lay. Lo-s, about 170,000 ; par
'ially infuied. The Bradstreec agency
had its sti ck insured for 8100,000. and
this will piobably cover the lots, if the
books are not destroyed.
Chicaoo, April 15. Rev. Dr. Henry
Bannister, Professor cf Exegetical The
ology in the Northwestern University
at EvanRton, and widely known among
the Methodists as a theologian and edu
cator, died at Evanston tod;y of lung
and heart troubles, aged 71.
Dublin, April 1. Th inother f
Peter Tyuan, "No. 1," rays the lc
lieves hfr sou wan the superior ill rer
of tlie Inviucibles.
Although a true bill was returntd
against eleven prisoix 13 charged vi h
the Paeiux Park murders, it is believed
only seven will be tried "n the capital
charge. Ic is stated that Dclaney aud
M.Caff.-rty will plad guilty. Peter
Carey wiil depose on Mouday that he
was sworn as an Invincible by his
brother. They will be tried after Cur-
London, April 14, Keene's Foxhall
hsu gone amiHi, and will probably not
atari in the city aud suburban handi
cap. Tea to oue are laid against L,-ril-lard'd
ufci'SHor to Cbew It-ei
Ciiiocse Groceries & Provisions,
Place of EusinesH Chinatown, Carson
jllnller, NclimiK & Co
TrJ a i d w a v E
Stoves, Tinware,
Glassware, Crockery,
Terra Cotta.
Mowers. Reaper?,
Plows, Shovels.
Guns, Rifles, Pistols,
Hunters' Outfits, Knives,
Fishing Tackle.
A Full Line ol Family Groceries
Alvays m Hand
Oar facilities of all kinds of
Tin Work. I; limb in if, tinn Filling
ml Water I'ije tlorh. are
not excelled in the Malf
Minors and Ranchers are especially
inviiod to rail -iii'l examine our co -jilele
ran! eurefullysoieeU'd stock.
SOHMII'TT are now tho munajiui;
juirtners of the CrUi.
Opposite Cotiuty Building, Carson, Nev
What tho great restorative, HoM'ttor's
fiomncli Bitters, will do, must be gath
ered from what it has done, it has
effected radical cures in thousands .!'
cases ol dyspepsia, billions disorders,
intermittent fever, nervous affections,
general debility. constipation, sick head
ache, mental despondency, and the
peculiar complaints and disabilities to
which the feeble are so subject. For sale
by ail druggists and dealers generally.
i J SS.WSf J2CT5 ST iffr
U U rfes
J.-053 of A 5-wtite. Bw-h ccstiv.-.
I'f a 1a tt j liz't viv.h i t-jJl scr:
r v'uon in tiia back yat-.. i'uiu under
11x3 SboiIJer b'aie, ful.-'esa Ffcer
t i'ir.g, v.'itTi a d.iainjiia3icii to ex
c t on. cf 'boJy or mind, Imtabiiiiy
Ox temper, Low spirita, witli a feel
i ft of bavin? ucg-Iected eomodnty,
enrinss3, DiEsines3, Flattering ct
tho hirt, Dots before the eyes, ""ol-li-.vkin,
Headache gn?raiiy over
tfce rig-ht eye, Restlessness, with t
fl dreams, highly colored, Uitaa,
itixt- l to SHtlt tnsi's, oue !se t!.
fttts nu !i a c. :-s;c of ttciiitt: to
att i. .h ti.-e ev. ti -r.
Tiicy I u;ivnsa ".lit i .i. ; iter-. 5
t!ie t xiy i. 'J'jvhc on ! i';t. , t r
tein Is ncJiWi'-:f. fi-i.l tv tlieir I onic
Action the limt?ivcJi:tmis, l' tr
ttiar tjtools me prxilafeU. i li uictj.ii.
Gkay IT air cr WmsKFrs ehnnj-'O to a Qlrnry
bLA.-K by a single app'lcatioc of ti !? Vrn. U
mipn.r-sau-ttiir!leo:o,-. j!ct Inrr-iitr-reo!.
Iy. S Id by I'ri'p-rists, or tcft by eiu.uw
Vi JCI3, f?r nrrifKAY BT., n. 1'.
CIV. TTTfS SAM '.?. T.,1,1-1 lnrnrtl-r nni
OavlvJ kriX'tpt' 4UI in nullva I'litK uu ,Uu!itta.'
1 3ST PltlCEt? Ol
Ilai'tford, l".Cft All V.'u-1, :' -
BcPt Q-jality liody nruspel!.
Best Quality Tapt'Ftry, reduced to 70 and 1V pr !
Ingrains; rodiiccd to
Call XCrvrly nnd S'ciirf- Ilfir;.'i,iri.s ;i.i.
cRiairiAi, orjE-i-aioE nn? tcoss crosis
To make room for our Largo Stin'k of
Winch will arrive .tbout the First of April, we have conduriori
o olfor oar entire stock of goxls, comprising the !;ilest nti 1
S?Bi'a, Voatli's sand 2!ojr'
Gent's Fornishing Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots & Shoss,
Etc., Etc,
At Greatly Reduced Prices Call and Sec for Yotnelf.
Every department filled to overflowing with new uitd
reasonable goods for Spring and Summer requirement.-.
Importers and Dealers in Dry floods-, Clothing, Iioots and KW.
Men's Furnishing Goods, Clothing, Girpets, House Furnish
ing Good.-, etc., offer better inducements to purchaser
than any other hoii-e in this city.
Having NO RENT to pay and .ni;tller expenses than our com
petitor, carrying the largest stock aud let assortment, v& af
enabled to sell at closer prices.
Our SHOE STORE i the most complete in the Mate, anil wh
have on hand an excellent assortment of Hisses', Ladies .nd
Children's Shoes of the test Eastern makes.
'), rclm-eil to J! 10 pr yd
reduced to $1 2fi pr jd
:t7?,c pi vd

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