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WED.(iD.t V. . . AFRIli 18, 1SSS
One wtld imagine that Gov
ernor Butler in his fight against
the hell-hole at Tewk6bury,
would be backed by every hu
mane and decent person in the
State of Massachusetts. Such,
however, is not the case. He
is fought inch by inch by min
isters of the gospel and by quite
a large number of newspapers,
la spite of the appalling mass
ofjevidence which has been pro
duced in the investigation there
are etill to be found editors
depraved enough to write
vile assaults upon Butler and his
work ofcleaning out this foul
r.est of harpies who prey upon
the bodies of children and im
biciles at Tewksbury. The
Marsh family belong to some
church, and exponents of the
gospel are found who rise up in
the pulpit and bsrate Butler,
who is doing that for which every
citizen of Massachusetts should
honor him irrespective of poli
tics. The only defense so far
made by the managers of the
almshouse is that they are the
victims of political persecution,
liah !
It is generally understood that
Tom Wren of Eureka is once
more in the field as a candidate
for the U. S. Senate. During
Sharon's last campaign Wren
was in the field and nine-tonlhs
of the voters of Nevada looked
upon him as simply a tail-piece
for Bill Sharon and that when the
time came Wren's strength was
to go for Sharon. Wren pub
lished explicit denials of this
charge, but nearly everybody
continued to look upon Wren as
they did before as Sharon's
cat's-paw. With this hanging
over him, Wren has ro more
chance in the Senatorial fight
than Sharon himself would
The most dangerous female
Nihilist in Russia is Mile. Fin
ger. She is said to be so beau
tiful and fascinating that the
look of her eyes and the melody
of her voice subdues every em
issary of 'the Government sent
to arrest her. In ten minntes
she can make the most devout
royalist swear by the bones of
his ancestors that hn will kill
the old Czar. She is highly
educated and mignetie. She
has been captured at List and is
now in jail awaiting to be hug
ged by the Russian bear.
Be sure and register so that
you may vote at the coming
city election. The Dollies are
marshaling their forces to take
in this small p3t. They should
not be allowed to have it simply
as a matter of pride and prin
ciple with the regular square
toed Republicans of Carson.
It now turns out that the
fctory of a meteor falling near
Fort Worth, Texas, is a hoax
which sprang from the brain of
an imaginative Associate Press
agent. In a few days the yarn
telegraphed from Eureka about
the beheading of an Indian wilt
be traced to (he same source.
ft is a thing worth knowing
that a jackass won't bray with
his tail down, but most men
had rather listen to the concert
than arrange the tail.
Tuscarora is badly in need of
a brick yard. The citizens be
came convinced of this when iu
the election riots they were un
able to find anything to throw.
Only one hack followed Peter
Cooper to his grave, as it was
his wish that there bo no display
at his funeral. His eiamplo
might-be imitated in Nevada.
Iasxr U Heard From.
Washington, April 17- R. M.
Dgi,'ftt, U. S. Minister resilient at
li -n lulu, has ni:i'!e a full report to th
State Department with regard to the
alleged reshiprcent from tht-r-s to the
Uuked StattB f Chinece sugar, with
a viuw to securing the advantages of
the re:ijr"city treaty between thr
Santiwxil I lau-la and thi. c -unity.
He tay that during the year 1SS2 u.j
nur vessels, arrive. i at Hono.'iia In mi
Chinese prla, and mine of tliern
brought or disobliged Chinese Uigurs ;
but evt-n granting ihat t-ujars -u d b
imuor ed and refhitnied ia this way,
the necers-iry ex-ner8 incidental to
this Work, viz: ligliteraga to shore,
trading aud trdtsior'ing the mars iu
laud from one to five mi!8, mixing and
workiug it in wiih iJ.iwMiian ngar,
resaclung, Tdhjadiug anil retran-"(joriiMg
it to the thore arid iighrerajii ag.iio to
tbo vessel, uould be in txcess i.f the
evaded du ies. Uud-r the cir.-uin
leaflets, therefore, Mr. I) srtt is firm
ly of the belief that Chlurne sugars
have not been in the at't nor arn thy
no', brought t the Hawaiian Isiaad
nd r-shipped to the United States as
products of Hwaii in p'antatiu.
5lre TMeviDsr
Washington, Aprn 17. Xhecharges.
prefeired agniust architect Hill by Rep
resentative March wero niaile pub'iu
to-day. Thepaptrs ara drawn np iu
legal form and ai qmtr volnniiuou?.
Fiie charges are clapauJ under five dif
ferent he.nl.-. The principal charts
are general c'larg.-a of ivn rupt-oii, fraud
and ex'ravgauee against ih- rina in
the aiciiiti-ct's fli ! cornj.-o-e 1 of As
distant Secrutar) 1'i'in'h, aruiii ect Hiil,
;tsitant arrhiteoo J-icub, A G.
Triorapon, Ym. H. Poi. f. F. Lift e
(ia'i!)'i). Ciiurci). Jordan, Bo tlei:, 11 !
bins A Co., a id otners ; also, tha c a
tr.ie'ois knowu to be j;ai!"y of frau i
-ire esji-daily fav.n d by t he in ;trvii--ing
aiolutect, having heu :-.rgly ov,r
paid by ih; manager tliu-a tl-i ot dol
lars and otherwise c.irrup.ly ben- ritd
Auotlier opecifio-itiuti is that employe
in lilt) otiija hays used the gnveruiaut
ime au l materiil iu the devigu-t and
oonstrus.iou of piivace ! l.ings.
Among the wifnessHa n iQJ '8 are tho-e
oi Secretary F '!ger, Seuatir Dtvve",
and A. A. Mallei', cx-Scpcrvising Ar
uhitec:. Coa'i) of Fire.
Chicago, April 17. 0 ;e i f tt
morning piper-1, to d-jy, comnuenting
editoriiily n the Apoilj C raman ler
affair, io'i iires wty the Earopeau trip
shou!d have basn prop.ned instead ot
that serous t!i6 K cky M iimt iios in
company wi;h brothers from th'j oilier
Commandeii-s. The public knowa thai
the California Coirim iuii-ry was nut
we'l pleased with i s treai liittit here iu
1SS2, aud that Oassotta rightly or
wrongly was blamed therefor. It has
been said that there is no humiliation
qua) to that of accepting ln.epjtali'y
from a party one has wronged. Was
this at the bottom of G issette's deter
uiioatioc to cut California? According
to the letters of Dr. C'-llister, who was
"eut out to view the iaud, Californians
hav-i forgotten ami forgiven the inenn
vi nience they suffered in Chicago, aud
were prepared to heap coals of tarth'y
coinfona on the hea.;a of the Ap'dio
Chicago, April 17. Congres?man
Springer of llliuoi", who has been in
this city inca Thurtday, was iuter
viewed yestt-rday ia regard to the pub
lished statement that the general senti
ment of the Democratic leaders who
were ia attendance at the Iroquois ban
quet favored Tildeo for the standard
bearer of the party in 18S4. Suriuger
said the meeting was not in tbs luterei-t
of any presidential cand'date, aud as
far a he knew, no preference for any
individual caadida'es was expr-.s.-ed.
I s only objt cs was to enunciate D. mo
cratic principles aud to voice the geuti
went o- the party on the great ques
tions of the day. Tnere was an over
whelming sentiment, however, iu favor
of a tariff for revenue only, aud it was
his conviction that the repiej-nt9tive
of the Northwest would demand the
insertion of this plank in the platform
of the next Democratic National Con
vention. CHICAGO, Apul li. Variou3 jour
nals here are discusMDg the methods
observed in burying the pauper dead,
and the Warden of the County Hos
pital is made to say that one CnatTee,
County Undertaker, sells seventy-five
per cent, of the bodies to medical c 1
leges in this and other citie-, and that
his revenue from this source has ex
ceeded $6,000 annually. It is al.-o
charged by those who have visited the
potter's field that the bodies of dead
babies have ben interred by simply
throwing a few ahovelfa'sof earth upon
them, aud that evidences of this revolt,
ing usage are disclosed by skulls aud
bones being found in various portions
of the field with no earth covering
Nirw York, April 17. Carpenters
generally have secured an advance of
wages to $3 50 per day. The painters
are 8f eking a similar advance.
Pittsburg, April 17 Two hundred
tan tiers, or ahoot balf the force em
ployed in the Alleghany tanuerieR,
struck this morning against a reduction
if a dollar per week. The tannerie-
are running with a reduced force, and
ir. is thought the matter will be ami
cb'y settled within the next 24 hours.
Nine coal mines along the Panhandle
railroad resumed operations this morn
ing at a reduced mining rate of thrte
cents per bushel.
Boston, April 17. John F. McGov
ern, a tanner at Woburn, said that the
-kiu of a negro untanned was brought
to the tanneiy by W. F. Morrisou, who
wanted it tanned. Morrison said that
he brought it from Harvard, and that it
came origiually from T--wk-bury. Mor
rison claimed to be a student. Pieces
of the skin were shown and lirown
ked for a bit of it, which McGovern
cut ofT and gave him.
CheYkxsk, Apiil 17 Alien Potter,
who came here as a reporter for the
Chicago Tlwf to report tne meeting of
the Stock Growers' Association, but
went on a long debauch instead, sui
cided tuis morning with morphia. The
father of the deceased is a banker in
Kdamazm, Michigan, 'file body was
forwarded to him to-ilat .
Wjikeling, W. Va., April 17. Miss
Kate Griffith, a aohool teacher at Mar
tin's Jerrv, attempted to correct Win.
Beck, a 15 years old pupil, when he as
saulted aud beat h-r brutally, until, it
in thought, khe is fatally injured. The
boy was arresltd.
Reading, Pa., April 14 The striking
moulders of the Manhattan Hardware
Company returned to work this morn
lfrs Quit.
New York, April 10. The evening
papers learn from Salmi Morse that he
will not attempt to produce the Pashm
1'Utff. " I fchall tievtr pun it on any
stae again. I bow to the decision of
the present. In the ne3i- futiiie a more
liberal and idacited fentnaent will
prevai'; thi-n I believe the Panlon will
be dt-ma td-d ins-t'-'ad of refused."
' What will jon do with y;or thea
ter?" " I am going to produce plays there
thai will shame thosj who have
thwarted me in my purpose, plavs of
my own, as dignified and as noble as
the Pawsion. They wi 1 le ready by
the opening of next sea-'on."
Tne Sun prints a communication
from Dion B i:cieault, opposing the bill
no ill ibe L is!ature Jrclaring that
no theatrical rrpivsntitioii of the
.Sivior of uiai.kind is to be permitted.
Ho thinks s-ueh plavs as the Passion
'.'aj should be let t f ;r the public c- n
fC:euee and good to condemn. " Many
yt-ars ago. " he say, "I wrote a p:y
called "Uia.' The f.uliii:" was the
! tighter of Pontius P.late, who, having
been present when J S'.:s reaebcu in
he streets of J -rnsalem, btcarne a
C .ris.ian. She i.r .ya prr. at. iy '- h r
fa'hert i spait she life oi tile Savi r.
The trial b-loro l'iiate was represented,
b jt. it senn.'d to me that the chief figure
-hould be f peliie!', a holy o!.j-c'.
I'h n'py as performed in New Oileai n
in 185(1, during L-nt, acd lnaiie a deep
onyre ion. I witnessed li".o perfor
oiai ce of h' Passion Ptau in Sm Krai
Cisco four years ago, and feit confirmed
hi my judgment that when, into the
m U'h of our Lor.l fre given w( r 1.,
uo". tho go.u6!, but of the author, he
a-is m T'aliz d. 1 did not think the
Patiion Play did any harm, excepting,
o-raps, to he manager, as the atleu
daacj was very poor."
The Dynamite Policy.
Nkw Yoke, April 16. Ths Suruia;
M'.rcxr'J prints a long interview with
Professor Mezzrobt, Nihilist and head
leader of the Irish dynamite party, who
arrived from Europe yesterday. The
Professor details at soma length the
dynamite warfare to bu waged against
England. H declared at tho utsec
that people have the riht to use the
most effective weapon they can procure
to defend their lives, liberty and prop
erty, lie said that if England didn't
let go her bold on Ireland bis party
would leave her a ni3ss of ruin? ; that
a dozea men could destroy London in
one night by chemical fire ant dyna
mite, and they would do it. He de
clared that they would blow up every
British m in-of- war and all vessels flying
tho British flag and plying lie t ween
B. itish ports or on the 8ea. They
could do this without breaking interna
tional law and at a trdl::ig expense, ir
respective of where they themselves
were located. Every harbor in Eng
land could be fired. Then they would
hlow up every bank i'i Eagland and
take poeesMon of the void 3ay the
95 OJO.OOO which Eogland ha forcibly
tluil-rvd from Ireland. N-xt they
would begin the destruction of the pri
vate property of the ari-tocracy, capi
talist and monopolist clasj. They
would then fill the E iglish rivers and
harbors with torpedoes. The harbors
in Irtland would be protcc'td by tor
pedi.c, and the English soldiers fought
with explosives. They would not de
stroy the telegraph, but in particular
places would destroy the railroads so as
to render impossible the traneportatioo
and concentration of troops. Th Pro
fessor dwelt on the eay method of ob
taining and making explosives even in
the heart of London. In closing he
said they had England completely a
their mercy, and had given her warning
that if she did not take warning, her
doom wonld be on her own head.
Sr. Locis, April 16. Further chan
ges in connection with the amalgama
tion of the Wabash with the Missouii
Pacifia were decided on to-day. The
official announcement is not yet made,
but it is understood from a reliable
source that H. C. Townsend will be ap
pointed General Passenger Agent of the
combined system, and Frauz Chamber,
heretofore General Passenger Agent of
the Missonri Pacific, will be appointed
General Ticket Agent of the entire
system. The combined roads are now
under the management ot Captaiu
Hayes and Colonel Hxiea, and have a
mileage of 4,538 the largest number of
any system iu the world.
Nkw York, Aprd 16. The 250 h
anniver-ary of the founding of the
Society of Jesus and of the establish
ment of the j tint province of Maryland,
which embraces Massachusetts, New
Yolk, Pennsylvania, New Jersey,
Maryland and the District of Columbia,
was celebrated to-day with great pomp
in the new and beautiful Church St.
Francis. Many digni'arits of the
Catholic Church were wi;hin tho tanc
tnary rails. The congregation was
very large. Bi-hop Gibbons celebrated
the anniversary mass in the J. suit
Church iu Boston. Bishop O'Reilly, of
Springfield, preached a bermon in the
Church of the Immaculate Conception.
In Philadelphia, in St. Joseph's Church,
in addition to the above anniversaries,
there were commemorated the 200 h
anniversary ot the tstabiishment of the
JcBuit mission in Ameiica, the 50ih
anniversary of the building of S'.
Joseph's Church and the 50th auniver
hary of its restoration to the sons i f
Rostov, April 16 The Mayor and
Mrs. Palmar dined with tha Marquis
anl Princess this afternoon. About
u':30 the Viceregal party left the hotel
for the Boston and Lowell depot, where
two special cars, attached to the regu
lar northern train, were in waiting.
About 250 people had gathered at the
depot toiee the distinguished partyoff,
and on their anival at the depot, and
on the departure of the train, they
were goodly cheered. The Marquis
and Princess bowed their acknowledg
ments from the rear platform.
Governor Bat.'er paid his respects to
the Marqiis aud Princess this morniof,
and was very graci n.-.iy received by
b th. IIo was urged lo mnaiu to
lut-cti, but was forced to di c'loe, owing
to prossi-ig business at the State
Rl ffal . April 10" The following
cablo dispatch was received by Pfef.;-
dtnt Mooney of the liish National
I. md L'-agae from Pari.el! :
In ri,?- t tne tronc ooi.-i n eipressed
in yo'ir cable", and Ire iinpniutimiity of
my attendance at tha c nvi tiou on tie
20Ut. I would 'advisa a uostponenjfi;t un
til Atuuuiu, whea 1 promise to attend.
The message comes toa lutu to make
a postponement possible.
Ni:w Y'or.K, April 1J. Daring a
fight between some colored and white
people at midnight, at 132 Elm street,
the bileony oa which tKe men wre
tigli'ing fell from the Lcccnd story into
the yard. John Grant, an old colored
corn doctor, Wis kilied. Martha
Is , aged lh:r -biven, colored, was fa
tally injured.
Siors City, Ia., April 13. Daring
the storm on Friday night the hou-e of
a farmer name I Dia'ii .uJ, t.e.ir Dan
bury, in this county, was struck by
lightning, in-tamly killing a three
ye r-o: t child, sleeping lift ween tin
oiirciils. T!i!i father w i! probably do-.
T:i; mother is rt covering
L"iN !):, April 17. A Court circular
c mtj.iiJ8 the ftrlhuving, mii'.'.i u by tie
Q i,-eu herself:
"We have to record tho de3th of Mr
John Brown, the Qui en's personal at
tendant, which took placat. Windsor
Casile at a q-iarti r iast 11 o'clock,
Tuesday evening, the 27th instant, of
erysipfcl is. Tne melancholy event his
caused the de-pest retret to the Que n,
tl.C Itcyal h.tnily at.d all the tneiubt
of the R.iyal housth'dd. To her
M ij sty, tfi lof is irrep-.rahle. and
and the death of this trusty, faithful
and devoted :-tiVHTt lias been a gritv
ous shock to the Q ieen. In 1849 Mr
John Brown entered the Q'leen's fer
vice as one of her Bdnmral gilbe?, and
i.y his tare'ul attention, steadiness and
inteldgencs he ro:e ta 1S5S to the
position oi the Qiteii's persom 1
stivant io S-.Mtiani. which in 1SG4
as extended lo tint if constant
personal attenltnt on her M-j-sty on
ail occasions. Dnin ihc'ait rihteeu
years and a 'naif he fervid htr Majesty
constantly, and never ati-ented hiuneit
frmn his duly for a f i:ig:e day. He hai
a -ci 1:1; allied U:e Q ie n in hi r daily
walks and dmv.s and all her joartuys
and expeditions, as well as personally
waiting on her at ba-quarr, etc. He
wan an earned, faith.;ui and devoted
followe", a trustworthy, discreet and
straightforward man, possessed of
strong sense. He tided a position of
creat and anxioi-.s responsibility, the
duties vi which he pfji formed with such
constant and incroa.-iog cire f.s to s -cure
t.-r him.-elf (lie real fiitud h p oi
the Q ieeu."
L0.NP0X, Apiil 17. The Quci leit
Windsor this morning for O boro. O.v
ing to the troublo frori her prauud
knee she was unable to walk, and had
to be lifted into tho carnage. The
route U carefully gear-led.
What the groat restorative, Hosiotter's
Stomach Bitters, will do, must bo gath
ered from what it has done. It has
effected radical enres In thousands of
eases ot dyspepsia, billions disorders,
intermittent fever, nervous affections,
generai debility. constipation, sick head
ache, mental despondency, and the
peculiar complaints and disabilities to
which the feeble are so subject. For sale
by ail druggists and dealers generally.
D A m
Hartlu(. Best Ail VrV.l, ii-ply, red'.ieod lo 1 10 pr yd
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Best Quality Tapestry, reduced to 70 and SOe or yd
Ingrains?, reduced to 37--c pr yd
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