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He Learns of the Insides of the
New Steamer-
The following is an extract from one
of Carl Smith's interesting letter to
the Chicago Record, telling of his
visit to Glenbrouk and what he
thought of the new steamer :
The big steamer, trefctled u, in the
air like a V s?el on stilts, was really
an attractive-lookintr craft, and we
learned with interest from every
human heing at the lake that she
had teen hauled piece by piece across
the uouutaint and put together there
on the lake shore. It was all very
interesting, but, told once, we were
satisfied, and twice was too frequent a
recital, and by the time the sixteenth
person hd detailed the circumstances
the whole story began to be tedious
and annoying. Wh felt, though, that
to the engineer we owed a duty, and
so the next morning went up to
his hill-side machine-ahop and asked
with stimulated eagerness to see his
blue prints. Langdou, I think, had
an idea that a blue print was a kind
of cloth much affected by dressy
women, but he rallied a great atten
tion when the engineer produced from
a drawer in his table two or three
dozen great maps of the engineering
work on the big boat. He looked
earnestly at the first drawing and
murmured: "Yes, that's he engine
room, and the boiler-room, and the
cabin," and so on, for" these apart
ments were marked on the print, and
it required no guess to place them.
Tden the engineer began to recite the
virtues of especial improvements and
methods of structure, and technical
terms rolled from his tongue like
manna dropping from the heavens.
He grew interested in his explanation,
and, showing plan after plan, all of
which were to our unaccustomed eyes
as iutelligible as the hieroglyphics of
Yucatan, ho bade us note the great
advantages the oscillating eccentric
bad over the counterbalance shafting
gear, or something like that. He
was mathematical, and to prove his
reckoning pulled up a pad of paper
and figured out cube roots cf steam
expansion of parallel flues, aided by
lateral motion spark arresters. The
value of the kinetogram device for the
storage of power in tubular abestos
cells wrapped with gutta percha
trapezoids was demon- trated by him,
and as we sat in a sort of hypnotic
state, forgetful of all the world, be
sides the horrible night-mare of his
outrageous blue prints, we heard a
whistle from far out on the lake, and,
looking around, we saw that the little
steamer was half a mile away, and
that we had lost the trip, not only for
that day, but for all time, for we must
leave the next morning.
We made no dole. The engineer
had been so earnest in bis effort to
entertain us that we had not ths heart
to mention the disappointment, and
indeed, the courageous Langdon
asked him if he hadn't some more
plans he could show us. But fortun
ately he had none.
The man who expects support from
his local paper and is too stingy to
invest even the amount of a year's
subscription even though he takes a
thousand outside dailies, has an im
mense screw loose to hi box of busi
ness judgment. Silver State.
"What are the four seas?" asked the
boarder who had found the expression
in a novel. "The four C'e," explained
the Cheerful Idiot, "are Crete, Cuba
aDd Carson City ."
420 Yc .rs Experience.
J V Fl'nt practical and experienced
piano tuner and repaire . First class
referencer-, first class work. I,eave orders
at Cagwin & No ewares. 23 iw
"Cad" Thompson ihml.
"Cad" Thompson who kejit a notorious
establishment on D sireet in Virginia
City for over a quarter of a century died
yesterday morning. Although a woman
of the town the Chronicle says she poss
essed many sterling qualities. She
was kind and charitable and her word was
as good as gold in all of her dealings.
The attachment supposed to have been
placed on Stuart's arena by architect
Donohoe seems to amount to nothing,
When Batoy n as sick, we gave her Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castori.
Vbeu she bd Children, she -rave their Oastoria.
The Justice Finds the Killing was in
There was a large crowd at the Jus
tice Court rooms yesterday to hear the
argument in the case of W. A. Smith
charged with the killing of Dick
Bradford on the night of the 17th.
Woodburn and Torreyson represent
ed Smith and District Attorney Mc
Gowau for the State. It has been
shown by the evidence that the defend
ant had been attacked by the deceased
and very badly beaten. That while
he was undergoing very severe punish
ment from the deceased he endeavor
ed to get out the door he was followed
up by Bradford who grasped his
collar and continued to tain blows
upon his face.
It was after his eye w is blacked
his jaw cut, his lip split a.d portions
of flesh forced into his te.h and some
teeth knocked out, that li" pulled a
weapon and fired remarking :
"I hated to do this but I had to."
Woodburn, in his speech said that
Fitzsimrnons had not received one
third as much pun:sbm9nt in fourteen
rounds last Wednesday and a general
laugh was raided. He also dwelt
upon the facts as shown in the evi
dence that Bradford was much tbo
larger man no occupation known as
a desperate v'ndictitave and a gun
fighter and a man who had a few
weeks puiled a pistol oo a man in
Randsl urg and attempted 10 kill him
The District Attorney contented him
self with reading the various authori
ties and the Court discharged the
prisoner on the ground that a very
violent assault had been committed
and that the prisoner had started to
go away before he was followed and
the assault continued.
The defendant thanked the Court
and a great many people came up to
shake hands with him in congratula
tion. The decision of the Court seem
ed to be approved by every one in the
city who had any opinion on the sub
ject. A Weather Forecast
The Appeal never went much on the
weather forecasts and it always
seemed a waste of time to print thriu.
Here J- me of Fosit and if anyor.e
thinks he wants to bet on the
weather after reaJing it, he can do so.
Hear this :
A very considerable drop in tem
perature will occur during the last
week in March, but 1 cannot now de-
b rmine whether it will develop its
greatest fall after this or the preced
ing Btorm wave. Therefore its is best
to be prepared for both periods .
A very warm period will occur be
tween the 20th and 27th and this may
extend to the 31st, but probably will
Then following this warm peiiod,
probably not far from the 29th, pos
sibly not until April 4th, a cool wave
will 8prnd over the country, causing
frosts in Northern States that may do
some damage.
Thus the prophet predicts a drop in
temperature iu one paragraph and a
warm period in anorher If the
editor who prints such trash would
stop five minutes to read it, the stuff
would go into the waste basket where
it belongs.
Carson Again Xoruial.
Carson has returned to its normal
condition. The big telepraph office
has been reduced to a small upstairs
room and the force or twenty-five op
erators has eimmered down to one
young lady lightning manipulator.
Snaw's Springs and Cook's ranch are
simply the ordinary places they for
merly were and the stores close at 7
o'clock. The roulette, faro, keno and
other tables are piled up for future
reference, and the lone bartender in
many of the resorts looks wistfully at
the old stiffs as they drop in now and
then and dreams of the days that are
past and gone and wonders if it will
pay to take out the next license.
In San Francisco, at the residence
of the bride's parents, January 24,
1897, by the Rev, J. P. Cross, Eugenia
Cowne and George I Lamy, the
groom being of this city .
Mrs. Lamy will arrive in Carson in
a day or two.
A surprise party was given Miss
JosieBrulin and her guesr, Miss Ida
Adams of San Francisco, last evening
by the Kings Daughters. It was
said to be a genuine surprise, but the
) parties of the second part had every-
tning ready.
Mrs. Tobriner was a west-bound pas
senger last evening.
Rudolph Spreckles has just beaten his
father out of a mi'lion dollars in a law
Blanther, the murderer, died yesterday
is a Texas jail froir. an overdose of moiph
ine. He was fully identified.
The Governor Knocks Out Four
Bills YesLerday-
Assembly BUI 1J9, appropriating
money fur the printing and binding
of the compiled laws was vetoed be
cause of its indeflniteness and-vngue
and unceitatu lai guape and the fail
ure to provide who rtie money appro
priated whs to be paid to-
Assembly Bill 93, an act for the
compiling of the laws was vetoed be
cause of the fact that it named Assem
blyman Norcrss as one of the parties
named in the bill to do the work and
he being a member of the Assembly
at the time, the naming of Mr. Nor
crofs in the bill was unlawful.
Senate Bill 92, extending the time
for the payment of ir-turest on S'ate
bonis was vetoed because it names
offices not in the Constitution and
would civu'e confusion in land
matters, bur mainly for the fact that
it conflicts with Article 1, Section 15 :f
the Constitution, insomuch as it im-
pares the obligations of a contract.
Assembly Bill 108, amending the
divorce laws was vetoed on the ground
that the present marriage and divorce
laws were sufficiently liberal, and if
A B 108 became a law, temporary in
sanity on the part of husband and
wife, however short, would relieve the
other of the care and maintai nance of
the unfortunate one.
Similarity In Names Causes
Creek News : Already the dis
advantages of having two post-offices
in the same State with names so near
alike as "Gold Creek" are becoming
manifest. Elko is the distributing
office for both of these points, and yet
mistakes me bound to occur. A
paper lies ou the News desk plainly ad
dressed to "Coid Cteek, .White Pine,
county' lhe News is also in receipt j
of complaints of letters missing and
delayed, and it is feared they have
been missent to the -Cold Creek"
office. There is a very simple remedy
at hand. Gold Creek was the only
name suitable for this place. But
But Cold Creek is only country
office supplying a few ranches. Any
other name would no as well. Why
not call it "Ice Creek?" Now that
Gold Creek has won its point in
having the famous name retained
hero it should do the handsome thing
by its southerd ueishbor in considera
tion of a change iu name to one not
quite so frigid.
Jim's Own Fault.
Ed. Cook is reported by the
Chronicle as saying:
"Corbett ran himself down too fine
and lost the fight by being over
trained. He has himself to thann
and no one else. His lack of speed
and force after the eighth round
showed that he was overtrained. I
knew that he would not follow De-
laney's counsel and that be violated
j everf one of Prey's orders in re
gard to training duriDg the last few
In this city, March 23, 1S97, to the wife
of Wm. Remelv, a daughter.
Fitz And Corbett Bine.
Sn Francisco, March 23. Corbett
and Fitzsimrnons had an amicable
meeting this afternoon and partook
of refreshments together. Corbett
begged hard for another chance. Fitz
reiterated his resolution to fight no
more, but finally made a concession,
promising that if he did fight again
Corbett should have the first chance.
A ew Drug Store.
J. M. Johnson has opened his new
drug store in the Moncton building.
It is very handsomely fitted up and
everything is as neat as wax from end
to end.
Trees, Shrubs, and Plants.
Rcses, snow-balls, lilacs etc., sugar
maple, coik elm Carolina and Lombard v
popular for sha ie, and all kinds of fruit
trees and bei ries, Nevada grown. Giain
or Hay w ill be taken for trees o: any kind
of Nursery supplies. Hauses and rooms
to let Address.
John Wood, Carson, Nev.
For Sale A Parker gun 12 guage
Original price $60 new offered for $30
Almost new. Call at this office.
Arbor Day Maybe so I have a
supply of nursery stock at greatly re
duced prices Orders reaching me up
to and including April 5th will receive
careful attention
W M Starling.
Governor Sadler will soon take a
trip through the Eastern part of the
State, leaving Senator McCone as
John McCrimmon, Ji., was arrested
yesterday for an assault on Miles
Sharkey. Ha pleaded guilty and
was fined $10.
Wholesale and Retail
Jobber of Tobacco, ( (
Flour, Oils, Paints, Salt,
and Sugar, etc.
221 a-In. Street, Caxcon, ITevada
F. W. Day's
20 Yards of Gingham
20 Yards of Flannelette
20 Yards of Calico
12 Yards of Lon sdale Muslin.
2 doz mens socks
8 pairs ladies hose
10 ladle's neckties
1 man's Fedora hat.
8 yards of tailor Suitin i
4 gi n gham a pron sreadi,-m ade
6 Turkish tow els
8 pairs of men's linen cuffs.
In fact he can undersell any house in the State in the
line of day gooes and clothing. Give him a call.
New Tills Week
Mess Mackerel
Smoked Halibut,
Finnian Haddies,
Tongues and Sounds,
Milohner Herring.
"Tnat Toe Piatt is selling
Men's and Boys wintei
Clothing sit si G-reat Sacrifice
237 stocl' m ust Toe reduced.
Imist make room, for unmsr
SZEjing- and stjmmeb
Drugs and Pure Chemical u
Flower and Garden Se ids,
Perfumes and Toilet Articles
Cigars, Stationary, Etc

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