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Eastern advertising Agent 2:50-234 Tem
ple Court Building, "ew York City, E.
Katz, Agout.
Meteorological Record
11. s.
department of ao ricui.tu he
Weather Bureau.
Carson City, Nevada, Deo. :jn, 1S33.
"Yesterday's observations at the local
Weather Bureau Office:
Maximum temperature 34 degrees
Minimum temperature :!0 degrees
Mean temperature .'!( degrees
Normal temperature .'il degrees
Amount of precipitation 00 inches
Depth of snow lull 0 indies
K.n stationary tempci nture.
J. II. Smith.
Trib is a ;ood liniment.
Turkev tomales at Nis' toni
Neeretsrv of State Unwell is
from California.
Miss Georgie Freueh arrived yester
day morning' oh a visit to relatives.
The Nevada Business College will open
Tuesday morning. A number of. new
students will enter the college.
TtiG postonice at Ci adlebaugh's has
been discontinued. Mail now goes to
The pension of Thomas Kennedy of
Virginia has been increased from $0
to $8.
The Wateh meeting at the Methodist
Church should be weil attended. An in
teresting and profitable s, rice i as
While the ticket agent at Heiio was out
to lunch Friday night some one pried
open the window and cash drawer and
etole aoout $ti0.
Governor Sadler has received the
paper in the case of Indian Frank, the
nelf-coni'essed murderer of Mrs. Del
Gross. They were received from .Iud"
Fitzgerald yesterday.
Try a can of M ustavel, the best cheap
co fie if. the Market, at the Emporium
Grocei v.
Hon. Wells Drury Suggests a
Remedy for the Ssate's
For some months past tha question
of taxation has been a fruitful source
of discussion in Nevada. It is patent
to everyone that something is wrongs
in this State. Capital is very chary
of investing- here and men who make
money in large quantities within its
borders invariably take it out of the
State. Meanwhile the situation is ag
gravated by the constantly increasing
tax rate, a rate which is prohibitive as
far as the investment of capital is con
cerned. It is clear that when a State
of the magnificent resources of Nevada
is languishing- there must be a cause.
In the last number et the Nevada
Magazine Hon. Wells Drury, formerly
a member of the Legislature from
Ormsby county, points to the e istinjj
system of taxation as the prime- cause
of the decline of the State an J recom
mends what is commonly know as "the
single tax'' as a remedy. This is a tax
on land alone and Mr. Drury proceeds
to argue in favor of the theory with
greit force.
lie says in the article:
What's the mater with Nevada?
''She's all right!''
That would bo the easiest response
for the optimist to make, were it not
that we all know it to be untrue.
Nevada is not all right.
Church Notices-
St. Peter' Church December 31.
Sunday after Christmas.
10 a. m. Sunday School.
11a.m. Morning Prayer and Sermon.
"The Blessing of the Unattained.'
The Christmas music will be repeated
at this service. '
:15. Young People's Bible Class.
7 p. in. Evening prayer and address.
"St. John as the Patron Saint of Free
8 p. m. Daughters of the King Bible
In addition te the usual services on
Sunday, the 31st, the last day in the year,
there will be a watch night serviee to
toke in the New Year and celebration of
Holy Communion. New Year's Day is
the feast of the circumcision. The ser
vice will begin at 11:30 and last about an
hour. All who would like to welcome
the New Year in this way are cordially
invited to attend.
Kev. J. B. Eddie,
-Services at 11 a. m. and '
p. m.
Class meeting 10:30 a. m.
Sundaj School at 12 15 p. m.
Kp worth League 0:15 p. in.
Young People's Social meeting at f: 0
Morning subject: "Is Possiniisni a
ICveniiig: Watch meeting service bo
gins at 9 o'clck. Subject of pastor's dis
course, "Searching the Records of
Dancing Class
1 will hold an adult dancing class at
Armory Hall every Saturday evening,
commencing at 7:30 p. m. Social
dances will also be given commencing
at 9 o'clock sharp. Good music, new
dances and perfect order, and an en
joyable evening is assured those who
attend. Admission 50 cents, ladies
Ernest Hall,
5 The regular monthly meeting of the
County Commissioners will be held on
Monday, January 1. l'.tOO. All parties
having claims against the County must
tile same on or before Saturday, Dec. 30,
Or urge W. Cowing, Clerk.
By W. II. Cowan, Deputy.
Goin Away
Painter, the phetographer, will make
no photographs after the 1st of January,
as he will leave this city during Ike first
week of next month.
Your : Choice
Presbyterian Church Services at
a. in. and 0:00 p. m.
Amateur Photographers
A new paper called Autotoiie Matt at J
M. Johnson's drug store.
FOR RENT Brick building on King
street, suitable for store or business. In
quire of Ed Sweeney.
Velvet golf caps made of faucy check
Mr. Cutis iil read a sermon by one of goods in light and medium dark colors
our talented min;stt r-. j only oO cents each at Kellj Co. 's, Ar-
Sunday School at c'.os of morning ser- iiu" ton blccj.
Ed Perrow Killed
Will Kyan received a telegram yes
terday stating that Ed Perrow had been
killed in the Parrot mine at Butte City.
Perrow is well known as the pnenowenal
pitcher for the Nevada Star who gained
the victory for them in their contest with
the Alameda Alerts in the Kxaminer
tournament three years ago. He was a
quiet, steady, industrious young man
and deservedly popular. He was a na
tive of this city, age 1 about 2s years and
leaves a wife, a father, lcotlier and an
uncle, E. Perrow, who resides here. Hi
wife was formerly Miss Eva Maledon of
this city. Report.
The Fire
Saturday morning about two o'clock
the property owned by D. O. Kitzmeyer
known as No. 1 was discovered on tire.
By the time the alarm was given the rear
of the hause was in a sheet of flames and
it was only by iiard work on the part of
the fire boys that the main building was
prevented fr m total destruction. The
fire pretty Will gutted the building and
with the damage done by watr the losi
will font up about f 1,000, with no insur
ance. Tic lira was evidently of incendiary
origin as the house has been unoccupied
for the past two months, and the small
house where the lire started has been
used f. r a store ream for two years past.
There is something radically wrong
with Nevada. Everybody knows that.
Even the Piutes kaow it. Things have
gone wrong so long in Nevada that '
j many begin to think there is no such ;
thing as a remedy. j
But there is a remedy and the people
can provide it. j
'Population! j
'Population! j
"We want more population!'" is the
constant cry of the level-headed Ne- j
vad an who clearly perceives what the
State needs. Then this sometimes
level-headed Ntn -idan, in a bevel
headed mauner, turns in and passes
laws to drive away as many inhabitants
as he can and to hinder others from
coming ie to take their places.
Men and women of Nevada you
know that you are in desperate case.
What shall you do to be saved? That's
the question. You see the values of
your property dwindling. Yu sadly
mark the departures of good families,
apparently without being able to curb
the outgoing tide. . You observe the
bad result, but not all are able to dis
cern the evil cause.
Would you like to know the reason
for this calamitous condition? Listen.
and I'll tell you in a few words:
Nevada has enacted unwise tax
ation laws: laws that penalize ac
tive, energetic citizens, and that
offer premiums to those who least
deserve the assistance and good
will of the community.
l ou must know t hat your laws are '
driving people out of Nevada, for no- !
body who ever lived there ever really j
waated to leavj. There are other coa- I
tributory causes of the depopulation,
of course, and the depreciation of silver :
is a potent one, hut in my estimat.on it
is not so overmastering as the uujut j
manner of levving taxes. Persenal i
property and improvements, such as j
houses, burns and the like, ought to be '
vie .
N evening s. i vice.
Christian Endeavor :iiii
Wednesday evening 7: 0
To all of these services all are wel
Seats are all free.
m. midweek
Watch Meeting
There will be a wateh meeting in the
Methodist Church this evoinsr and the
public generally is ;isUed t.' attend. The
following piograin !ih been arranged:
Young People's service.
Literary Symposium "A Retrospect
ive V;cw" Mr. ('. I-. Cutis. A select and
timelv reading, Mi-s Eva McClaskey.
"Present Possibilities
We Spend Our Lives,"
Sermon "Searching
Love Feast.
Service of sung and prayer.
Conseerati n service.
Welcome 1! '().
and How Should
Miss Grace Iler-
the Archives of
Ed. T. Dupuis, Attorney at Law, Ollice
Bullion it Exchange Bank Building
Carson, Nevada.
The Thaxter Drug Store has received
and has on display a line line of vases,
pictures, fancy calendars, celluloid toilet
sets, perfumes (latest odors:, porcelain
f.uicv w at e, glove and handkerchief boxes
etc. They sell cheaper than any house in
Nevada. The pub!ie is cordially invited
to call and inspect and priee goods.
It's no trouble to get good cigars
CJ. ur. Friend keeps them.
Camniencing Friday, Dtc. 15th. I will
sell my entire lot id' walking, golf and
Tarn o' Shanter hats at si eaeh. Come
eariy and secure your choice.
M its. K. 1 NoWl.Ks.
Eon sai.k ok itKNT Nicely furnished
house of live rooms with bath and barn.
Now occupied by F. J. Stcinmetz. in
quire of Mrs. Barnes.
St. John Evangelist
At. St. Peter's Church Sunday even
ing, at 7 o'clock, services commemora
tive of St. Jonn Evangelist will be
held. The Hector will give an address
1 St. John ;is the i .. ' on Saint of
!' co Masons. The .... lc, especially
i. embers of the craft, are cordially in
vited to attend.
Attorney at Law.
Office north Carson St., Carson, Nev
Irrigation and Mining Law Specialties
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists
to cure. 115c.
on each box.
refund the money if it fails
E. W. Crove's signature is
Hoaeyman Still Lives
Considerable anxiety has ben felt
here of late as to the fat.? of E. Iloneyiuan
who is a prisoner of the Luzon insurrec
tionists. This anx iety is allayed by news brought
by Albert Sennichsen of San Francisco, a
fellow prisoner who was recently re
captured. lid says tiist when he last saw the
Reno boy a few days before Thanksgiv
ing he was in good health and spirits.
Davis ,t Fairer have a splendid assort
ment of umbrella'. Take a look at them.
The Thaxter Drug Store, lirst to put
prices in reach of the poor people.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Kays Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
:-n:i:rv . in! - .-.I. .- ; . . . i
e"ii';n:l!!;t .en ;:;c f. !.-. . l
suit's. It ;..u .u'c : i s.,; ;
we wilt ref und y-iUi i:wucy.
ami ji.iW.
1 nee cts
For sale at Nevada Drug Store.
Gash Bargains
At the
he opened
Housekeeping rooms: In dt-sirable
locality, centrally located, a be rent
ed to responsible parties. Inquire at
Mrs. fury's, east of C jpitol.
Wines, Liquors- Cigars
Capitol buildin;
Baking Powder
Made from pure
cream of tartar.
Safeguards the food
against alut
absolutely exempted froin tantiaa, ! ... . ,, ..r(. ClIAaV
and all revenue fer governmental pur- ; Hi'LL U IU HALL MLU'M
poses should be raised by the taxation
of land values.
It eeis like a simple thing, yet this
ehango would be fraught with stupen- j
dous result. By exempting improve- j
inents and personal property from tax-
ation. which would be the adoption of j
the Single Tax philosophy as taught J
by Henry George, you would ncour- j
age all kinds of iadufetry. You would !
invito capital from afar and the Stat I
K!l - 1 !
uuiu mi up wiiu ji usi;oi uus pvupie.
In less than five years the State would ' Maiu
costain more than 100,01)0 inhabitants. !
Tiie.se would cot Iks exclusively of the
industrial classes, ior the rich, finding
t hat they would be freed from uajust
burdens of taxation, by becoming- citi
zens of Nevada, would make their
homes with you, and as their houses
would be released from the demands of
tho Assessor, there would scaicely be
any limit to the extent of their estab
lishments. They could expand their
improvements to their hearts' contest
without fear of beit.ff punished by the
tax collector."
Of ceui'se. there are difficulties and
objections in the way of adopting any
thing whicn is entirely new to Nov "
and Mr. Drury proceeds to
objections and explain
be met and disrv- - - ow they can
of his int" . -3il ol. This portion
westing argument will ap
1k a aubseouent issue of the
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i 10 cans Cove oysters 1 00
10 cans Standard Toai Uoe s 1 00
10 2 lb pkgs Wheat Flakes 1 00
I Box Extra -Soda Crackers 60
1 gal Choice B'Ak Syrup CO
now we are reaay tor your
trade in
the line of good, reliable
shoes made jv shoe-
nAi-i-s; onlv is at vour disposal
lathes' $3 shoes are here they are all ritit. our gents
,!.., f in dine nrp t.li hest ill Anirl'iea. our Ulilt-
1 - f
our queen quaiiy
" A?um
baking powrj
f5 are '
. present day.
XAt xkihq nwofp
Call on Geo. X. Tyrrell, agea t for the
Gt. Am. Tea A Coffee company, and see
the nice premiums given away with sales
of teas, reffe and spices.
. i l 1
ed workni linen s boots and shoos tor men ana b are
too well known to be disputed as the best th.t material
and skill can produce, our line of ladies', gents', boys',
misses', children's and infants' are very complete and
good. ' a full line of rubber boots and shoes and over
shoes, gents' gloves and mits.
E. Burlington
: For : $1.45
We Never Leosc Our G-
We sell everything needed in wtitinj, all kinds of
paper and'blank books to wiite upon, all the useful aud or
namental accessories employed by writers and bookkeepers,
and all other ar icles sold iu a first-class modern stationery
stote That is the kini of store we keep.
Our stock is large and varied, and is kept fresh by the
constant iaaportattoi's made necessary by increasing sales.
Our prices are right. We give every purchaser full
value for his money, every time.
Tell us your want. We wili supply it.
Davis & Farrer
Successor to
Staple and Fancy Groceries
P I I S H. 3 I

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