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An finance granting' to the Cur
ion Liiit and Power Company the
right to erect and maintain electric
wires and poles in the City of Carson,
for thi purpose of supplying- said City
and its inhabitants with electric energy
for elf ; ric light, power, he it and such
other p i .'poses as electricity may now
or heivificr be used and to regulato
the s;t .i. . .
The !'ard of Trustees of Carson
City do ordain:
SuctijJi 1. The right is hereby
rant.:d to tho Carson Light aud
Powi'i' Company, its successors and as
signs, to construct, maintain and oper
ate in tho City of Carson, and in ahl
upon Ui streets, alleys and thorough
fares thereof, such masts, poles, wires
and other conductors for tho trans
juss'oa or conducting of electricity as
may bo necessary for introducing into
ml supplying said City and the in
habit an -,s thereof, with electric energy
for eic( trio light, either arc or incan
desce!!',, or both, electric power heat
ing ;i i; ;i l utus, and for such other pur
poser a - electricity may now or here
after bii used.
Sc. The poles, masts and other
appilii' - for supporting the wires, or
othor :.ioans of conducting electricity
above the surface of the street, ground
and thoroughfares of paid City shall
bo of s 1'iieient height to cause no iri
terftsivn.'o with public comfort or con
vcnieiici : such poles to be erected and
located in accordance with the re
quirements of tho Hoard of Trustees of
b&id City.
Sec. ,'!. Said poles and wires shall
be plac.-d and maintained so as net to
i i with travel on said streets,
and thoroughfares or public
and said Carson Light and
Power Company shall bold said Car
son City free and harmless from all
damages resulting from any abuse of
3aid occupancy. This grant is made
and is to be enjoyed subject to such
reasonable regulations, ordinances and
resolutions as the Board of Trustees of
Carson City, or its s"ccessors, is au
thorized and deems proper at any time
io ordain.
Sec. i. The Hoard of of Trustees
said Carson City expressly resarves the
right and power, whenevwr in it judg
ment tho public safety, welfare or con
venience may so demand, to require
the sa'.d Carson Light and Power Com
pany io change the location of its
nastn. poles and wires now erected or
saaintdined or hereafter to be erected
and maintained, but such change shall
not bo required until sixty days notice
thereof shall have first been given to
said Carson Light and Power Com
pany or its authorized agent.
Sec. ". The right of use herein
given shall not be exclusive, and the
Board of Trus -es of said Carson City
e.prer-.ly reserves th powor to grant
like or other rights of way to others
for electric purpotes. The same, how
ever, not to interfere with the reason
able and proper exercise of the privi
leges herein granted.
Sec fl. In consideration whereof
the 3:M Carson Light aDd Power Com
pany, its successors and assigns, shall,
and by the acceptance of this Ordi
nance does, agree to allow the Board
of Trustees of said Carson City to at
tach t or suspend upon or fiem the
poles placed by said Carson Light and
Power Company, its successors er as
signs, vvhorevet practicable within the
corpo. ;ite limits of said City, any and
all wiras which said City may require
for th' fire alarm or police telegraph
erv:co witheut charge or costs to said
City therefor and said poles are here
by made a municipal instrumentality
for these purposes; provided, how
ever, that said attachments shall not
be made so as to interfere with said
Carson Light and Power Company's
use; .ind said attachments shall be
mada and maiatained under the di
rection of said Company's manager ia
Carson City. The said Carson Light
and Power Company shall furnish fer
ihe said Carson City the use ef its peles
for tho attachment thereto of its fire
alarm boxes, without charge te the
said Carson City.
Sec. 7. This Ordinance shall take
effect from and after its passage, and
the filing by said Carsoa Light and
Power Company of an umconditional
acceptance thereof in the office ef the
City Clerk of said Carson City, Ne
vada. Dated Dec. 11, 1899.
seal J- Gko. H. Meyers.
1 'resident Board of City Trustees.
C.ko. W. Cowing,
City Clark.
J. D. Torreysori
Attorney' at Law
Office on King Street
Carson City, Nevada.
Attorney at Law
Office Opp Capitol North Entreuce
Carson City, Nevada.
J. R. Judge
Attorney at Law
A.lju'M it- ieuerals Office Capitol Bid.
Carson City, Nevada
At the regular meeting of the State
Board of Examiners held June 7th, 189S
the following resolution was adopted:
Resoi.vkd. That the Board ot Exam
iners shall meet on the third day of every
month, fer the purpose of allowing
claims againat the State, and all claims
Hot in the office of the Secretary of State
on or bafore the third day in each month
shall not be considered or allowed hy the
J'anl until the next meeting which will
be oi; the third Tuesday ef each month
Hhikhol Sadler
I LK8 K. Judge
livard of Kxaiui iters.
Atrthpr Morris.
Carson City, Nevada, June 7. 1893.
Horse Shoeing.
I am uo v prewired to do all kinds cf
I lorse - Shoeing
Wagon AVork
to Suit the Times-
a27 Proprietor.
Every Day
In The Year
"WkZF I'ninPatiBc.
Overland Limited,
Atlantic Express,
riental Mail,
Reno U Chicago Without
Buffet, Smoking and L,i
rary Cars, with Barber Shop.
Double Drawing Rooms
Dining-Cars (a la eart).
Free Reclining Chair Cars
Only 2 1-2 Days to Chicago
3 1 to New York and Boston
Oae day quicker than any other route
CURSIONS to ail Eastern eitiai.
Far reservations, rhten and inform
Hoa address W. D. Phillips, Ag
3. P. Oe., Reno, Ke'.,
OBorai Ag-Hfc,
-Te. 1 Man ego nary Street,
Baa Praaaaiseo, Oal.
2 & PENCE.
Rooms 390-1 Parrott Building'.
San Francisco.
Alfred Chartz
Attorney at Law
Office in Bank Building
Carson City, Nevad.
Successor t Fred Bargest
Delinquent Taxes and Delin-j
quent Tax Notice
To the following named persons and '
all owners or claimants to the personal
property and real estate, and the ini-j
provements thereon, or improvements j
when assessed separately, hereinafter de
acribed, known or unknown: j
Estate of Mrs O C Musgrove, and the
following described property: The n SO
ft of blk 22, Phillips' Division, dwelling !
and stable, $750; furniture $T0; totil
Taxes $27 20, 10 per cent del $2 72, cost of
ady ?2 00, total 31 92.
Sanford Bennett and the following da
scribed property: The w hf of lots 7 and
10, bilk 18, S T A S Division; vacant; iU;
tiix $1 70, 10 per cent del ? .17, cost of av
S2; total &i 87.
August Perkins, and the following de
scribed property: The nw qr of Sec 11
and e qr of nv qr and awqrofneqrof
se: 12, tp H n, r 21 e, 120 ai-res, SMOO; tax
$2 70, to per cent delin. .27, cost of
a.lv 2; total 4 07.
Mrs B II S. ott, and the following de
sTi!ied property; Tlij svr of neqrof
Sec 21, tp l. n, r 21 e, 40 .icres, K.ii; t:-i
il ';", lit per cent del .l-'U, c st of a,lv ?2;
total 4si.
Swepf.er and l ieronx, nd tli
ing described property: Lot
vacant ; Sh 0;
1, eo-t o:' .(!'.
::. i.lk it,
tax Id,
?2; total
Curry's Divisio
10 per rent dei -is
.Inhn Latham, an.
scribed property: L
Iiv; small house; :
tax $'!, Io jr cent del
total $s I0.i.
Unknown owner, an 1 ihe i .dh in de
scribed properly: Lot-. ::, 4, 5, t, 7, s, it and
10 C'orbett's Div, l,)k 4: vacant; SM; tax
$1 70, 10 per com del .17, cot of adv $J;
total f, S7.
ihe following d(
'!, blk 2", M usei 's
,"; t;.x ?2 .V), poll
.Vi, cost of ad v ?2;
Tha carM ..f ovarwurkrd womankiuil. bra .juickly
mid unir rar1 by Krl' OloTr RfK-.t T, the
trt blood puriflnr and tissue builder Money re
funded if not t W actory. Pric cU. acd-90 eta.
For sale at Nevada Drug Store.
-jitj o pJojpa;t ivaji uioj; iiujuo.up
jou; paAOUiaj sauij .Catipunoq aq jo
aSutttp v aauaptsdJ Jaq uiSnnno no
-qLVi su.woj uajajjrp aojiji ti; suq
aqg -ssbj ';auqsnov J 'Jouoody a'jcj
ssij jo jtjqi si aououadxa 3jbj y
jiav aqj joao pjuaqjoAO ptjq
81(9 uoibsjsauoo jucjodui; ire pasojostp
SutAtjq qi.v a,q paijjuqo oti.w 'uoaud
pnBjtia ub A"q papitjAvoo ;t!rDoj st:.v
'ajj 'ojoqsuaAQ ti; j auoqd.ai y
jsaip ;oiiin:-) i;;i;.im aq; jyqi K.-.)itoq
aq 'pjob oqtnu ati s -snp;o'.: jaADj
ptoqd.f aq; oj p.'iuj aq o JOt!jsaAUt
qouajj b A paaaAoas;p itaaq sbij aapi
Jajuu laap in tioqj
AioBqs m A"Aoia ajoni iiii'Aoui Sas
-sa. aqj '.fiqBJaptsuoa .aa. sjau-,i;a;s jo
paads aqi sjoajjB jaB.vi jo qdap aq
-'!)or)'oIT$ s! uoijcxbi mojj jdinaxa ,;ja
-do.td aqi joatquA aq pin: 'SiS'OGO'O'OO'tt
si uosorj jo uotjinqitA i.mskjssb aqj
Suppiup inoqii.u jajui.-A ui sjnoq
puts jauiui!s uis.moq joj jjasap aqj
ui aajuB.i ui.u as.ioq uciqB.tv poorf y
suoiooo'l squ)A qout u 'jt:aj;)
aq Jaa.l jo i:qt aauaisixa ui annus
azaoaq ;sa3ji! aqi si:q i.'jnqsjaia.i 'IS
stitai aq; ijnojqi
fiB Xaajj sb soiup? uaji;qa Suiioa"
AiaA jo sanoq qgnojqj s.woy poom
uuo 'paojje j ui pa.jnpoaiui uaaq
srtq sjBOs.faOJi Aq iiiiu jo uoi;aa03
D n 1
i no r
I I If
i lit ' i y
The Kind You Ilave Always Bought, and which has been
iu use for over 30 years, has borne the sijarnatnre of
S?? - and has been made under his pcr-
SjjyjjfeT"?2! . sonal supervision sinee its infancy,
wtf; '4tCU4t, aiiow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
What is CASTOR I A
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops aud Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates tho
Stomach and Dowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
iwi nj ('e
I'ent del
When the recent eclipse of the sun
occurred in India the pries-Is in some
of the village temples had a quiet tip
te be ready for it, bays the New Ytrk
'The sun pod is in danper." said the
crowds gathered near I'atua to watch
the eclipse. "We must help him. He
is iu debt, and every one must give
money to pay. his debt, or a huge mon
ster will swallow him!"
Iatbimr in to Vmlv nnr.mc m-n.l -
n ow nor, and tbe fallowing de- , ing there to the sun would help. The
Unknown owner, and the fo
scribed property: Lot 1, blk 7,1'
Div; vacant: S2.S; tax S lit jer
$ .0SJ, cost of adv total O.U.
Unknown owner, aud the following de
scribed propyl ty: Theseqr of sw qrof
see .35, tp 15 it, r 19 e, 40 acres; $.-0; tax
31 :i", 10 per cent del 9 .l.U, cost of ad 2;
total $1 4SJ.
U ) i k n o v
scribed property: Lots, blk 2, Mussel's
Div; vacant; $2.',; tax ?S .NO, io per cent del
f .OK, cost of adv J2; total 2 D.i.
Unknot n owner, and the following de- i
ncrihert proprty: la ere in e cud of si
hf nf sw qr of see Sand 15 acres on o (,ud
of n bf of nw qr of See 10, tp jr, n, r 2o e,
.10 acres, $50; tax 1 35, del g .1:;, cost f
adv f2; total f I IS.
You, and each of you, am hprebv noti
fie'' that the first installment of taxes j
upon your property, for tho rear 1S90, is
now delinquent and you are further noti- j
li that unless said taxes are paid on r I
befort the third Monday in January, 1900 j
(towit: January 15, liHXb, your property j
will be sold at the Caurt House door, in
Carsoa City, Ormsby county, State of
Xevada, at 2 o'clock p. in. of said day, to
pay said taxes, together with the ten (10)
par cent delinquency and tbn cost of ad-
Tertising, and you nre further notified '
that such sale will h subject to redemp- j
tion within six manths after the date of !
le, by payment of all said sums to-
getner witn three t-S) per cent per month
thereon from the ilate f salo uutil paid, j
i too. W. ( 'ovriN(j,
County Treasurer nd ex-Otticio Tax
Receiver nf Or:.!hy County, Xev.
Oftieeof th Counlv Recorder and j
x-Otii. io Auditor of Onnsby
County, Nevada. j
Carson Citv. Dec. 11. LSD0. I
Notice is hereby given that the forego- ;
ing list contains the names of all delin- j
qoent taxpayers, a description of the
property upon which the taxes are de- j
linquent, together with the amount of j
taxes due upn said property, aw hwn
by tha delinquent tax list for the year J
is:, as returned to this fhce by the
Caunty Treasurer and ex-Offleio Tax Receive-
of Ormsby County, State of Ne
vada, and is a true enpy ef said delin
quent tax list now unpaid.
J. A. Wall,
County Recorder and ex-Offleio Aud
itor of OrmBby County, State of
priests said the early morning would In
most eflicncious, and the people went in
immense numbers.
The eclipse began soon after noon,
and was total about two o'clock. Dur
ing totality the crowd became excited.
Men were trembling from head to foot
with excitement and fear. "Ram,. Ram,
victory! Ram. chunder, victory to
Ram: O, Ram, victory 1" was the cry
all round.
Then, at the instant light reappeared,
there rose a triumphant shout from
many thousands of voices of "victory!"
Rapidly the multitudes melted awy.
They say that the money that was
criven so liberally to the priests helped
' f ' .
Restore VHalfty, Lwt Vigor aod Mwbood.
Core Impotency, KiffhtEmiasionaand
wasting1 diseases, all effect of self-
abuse, or excess and Indis
cretion. A nerve tonic aud
blood builder. Bring? the
pink glow to pale cheeks and
restore the fire of youth..
lBv mail 50 oer box. 6 boxes
$2.50; with a written guaran
tee to core or refund tue money.
Send for circular. Address,
CRnton & Jaokson Sts., CHICAGO, UJ
For Sale bv
F. I. ITSINMRTZ, ruegist,
Carsoa City, Nerada.
In th District Court of the First Ju
diial Diatrict of the State f Nevada, in
and far the County of Ormsby.
Nora Jenkins, plaintiff, vs. Charle
Jenkins, defendant.
Action brought in the District Court of
the First Judicial District of the State f
Nevada, In and for the County of Ormsby
and the complaint tiled in laid County
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Moiitjemery St., Froai Rush t Sutter,
Sn Tr i icio, Californi.
; for
AMERICAN Pr.AN-J:. par y ;tud Up ward, Aeeor iinj t Iloai and Location
HUBOPKAN PIN ?! per Dsiymid Upward. Snits ef
'JL- K ioms 2:."j0 prr Day and Upward.
A First-Class Restaurant on the Office Floor Prices Reas
onable Street Cars Pass the Door to All Parts of City.
riliuni iai U-sajir Hrri. Sprul Rate t- Clnbt aril Sn m
Prtie wh want a run ind a few dHys sty dnn by Tidewater.
W waut to l Vainfs witii Novada people ajl
your Silver Dollars are m god as (J .!!.
NAm O, Hooper, Lessee
Geo. A. Tyrrell always has n hand
fresh chocolatei, creams, bon bees, taffias ' in'the offiee of the Clerk of said District
frnitanl nut of all kinds of the finwst
quality. Als on hand a nice line of
god miitable for Christmas presents
FrSsh Eastern ayaters 50 cents per an.
Official Count of Stat FunJs
tte of Nevada,
Court on the I9th day of December, A. D.
The State of Nevada Henda greeting to
You are hereby rcrp;! red to appear i
an actio broujht against you by the
above named plaintiff, ia the District
Court of the Firet Judicial District of the
State of Nevaia, ia.'and for the Ceunty of
Cunty of Orrmaby. J i urmflt)y aaa 'ljwr te cuiplamt plat
Reinh.dd Sadler and W D 1 1,11 UH?a lmmrmn wuntn ten aays exeiu
Jones,being duly aworn,sTerall v st that j "'ve of tho ay f service) after the aer
theyare members f the Board f Kx- j Tlce on yw of this served
arninersaf the SUte ef Nevad: that ... i iH ,1id c91,ntr. r, if served out of said
the aith day f December 1S90, tby'co"nty but withi" lh district, twenty
(after having acertaiaed from the beks
of the State Controller the amonnt of
soney which should be in th Treasury)
roads aru effieial examination and count
of tho aaoney in the State Treasury of
Nevada, an d founu Msr mmf eorract as
Cnin f2.S,'J09.25
Paid Otin VoucJiers net
turned te Ountraller 1,K5.38
Total ?27.1,0fi4.f3
Hutts, School Fund Setwrities
Irredeetnable Nevada Stte Rchort
Bonds $?0,(H0.f)0
Nevada State Bonds,. 301,7306
United State Bonds.. (WeKKJ.Ot
. Keiuheld fciadler.
W. D. Jones.
H3lacwrBd amd trwora to before mo,
this 26th shty of December, A. 1899.
M J. Dcaib, Ury
Pub temfer thnmt, levtiAa,
days, in all other cases forty days, or
judgment by default will be taken
against yu, aecording to the prayer of
said complaint.
The said action is brought to ebtain
from you a decree of divorce, diaselving
! the bonrls ef Hia.trime.ny now existing
j Between plaintiu and defendant on the
I ground of extreme cruelty alleged In the
i complaint on fiie herein to haye been
! committed en the day of November,
I 1899, and at divers other times daring the
j year last past as will more folly appear
pr complaint on tile.
And yon are hereby notified that if yeu
; fail to answer the complaint, the said
, plaintiff will apply for the relief herein
' demanded.
Oiven under my hand, at my eulee, nt
! Carson, iu the county of Ormsby, thi
' 12th day of December, 1390.
i Gkoruk W. Cowink,
f County (Jlerk.
W. W. Woedburn, Attorney for Plain
tiff. dlS
Proposals for Supplies
Sealed proposals for furnishing sup
pi ies of groceries, provisions aud meats
of all kinds to be d ftliverud at the State
Orphans' Home fr six menth- in ni
and including January 1, Hoo. will be v
ceived up to noon Deeember 2!, :i. All
articles to be first-class of their kind, atid
to be delivered iu uch quantity and at
such times as tha Superintendent mny
direct, quantity varying each month as
All articles not satisfactory to be re
turned at contractor's expense.
Bids t (be directed to Secretary of
State Orphans' Iloma Board, Carson
City, Nevada.
The Board reserves tho right to reject
my and all bids.
Orvis Rin,
Secretary of Board.
Carson City, Nevada, Dee. 20, 18!t:.
Board of Equalization
Notice is hereby given that the As
sessor has this day delivered te the un
dersigned the assessment roll fr the cur
rent fiscal year.
And that the Beard of County Com
missioners will he as a Beard of Equal
isation at the County Clerk's offiee on
Monday, Sept. 18, 1899, at 10 a. m., and con
tinue in session from time to time, as
provided by lnw until the business of
equalization is disposed.
Oho. W. Cowixa,
Clerk of the Board ef County Conimis
lenera. Dated Sept. 4, 1M9.
Juror's Warrants
Juror's warrants fr tha year 1899
are sew res ay and payahle. Get your
warrants at the Reeerder'a office.
DrSv Heiisessj and Hutchison
Office in Rinckel Bl'd. eppesite Bank
Use Yori's CrotKn Cheese
It is a H-sn rVedaerion and equals th
Best Imported frna Orhw JsUrtes.
! Address fcfl orders t
Proposals For Supplies
Sealed prposnls for furnishing gro
ceries, provisions and meats (the lattar
in separate bids) as per schedule on file
in thcortiee of the Secretary of State, and
; be delivered at Nevada State Prisan
for one roar from February 1, P00, will
be received up to (but not including
Wednesday, the 17th day of January
moo, when proposals will be opened in
the ofliee ef the Secretary of State at
Carson City, in the presence of bidders
at 11 a. in. of said day.
All articles to be first-el isw of their
kind, and to be delivered at such time as
the Warden may direct, quantity varying
each month as required. All articles not
satisfactory to be returned at contractor's
Bids to be marked "proposals" and di
rected to Srcretary of Board of State
Prisen Commissioner, Carson City, Xev
up t (but not including) Wednesday,
the 17th day of January, 1900. The Board
reserves the right to reject any and all
By order of the Beard.
Arthur W. Mrris,
Clerk of the Bsard.
December 20, lsi9.
Carson City, Nevada
To Chicago in Days
I. YOKI, Gardnerville, Cal.
very day in the year from San Francisco
AT 8:30 A. M.
Buffet, S;nokinr and Library Cars, with
brLer. Double Drawing-room Sleep
ing Cars. Diningv Cars meals a la
rrti. 1
Daily through Tourist Car to Chicago
wiitieut change at 6:30 p. hi.
Gkwiaral Afnt far Poifi Ceaet,
N. J New Montgomery Bt., Palace
Matat, Ran BVa-miecojOal.or Agent
s. r. o.

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