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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, January 31, 1867, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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; ' or. . ,r,:'.i. ,.'. r'
': :''! :' .r .-. .,. . .. ,r, . - ,. ,
Hi. Ir -t
11 ;.,'! i-
zsS BKraffwxaraEEjsS'Rt
"' : rf:! i Hill", i-. - v-.i A a .,.-:t
r ,1 r
Dcmocr9lic at all Time ami under all Circuiusiancc.
.v .,;. i-..s r-i ajj-Y -5-., v.
: It. !i ).. .
unrialii.li IVERT . TIlLnaliAY MOENINO, BY
.Editor and Publisher," i '
' OFFICE In SUiinii's Buildme, on Main Street.
tn'cop!r, on!ri'r, f ' f : -
. f.nriv. bit months. 7"
. . rim. crihv. riirc InonthK." " '''''i'"'
"iv oi'ica, one yr,M en Post Office., y i
-Ten popies, one yi"iir, toone roftomo, ' In (Vi
Oiit'irrma reifuire pajment' to bo ;md MuiOTtT
A fnilnf to h'ito notice of n wish to dlftaonfiinie nt
(lie clote ol the time ubwrilid for, will h conoid
:reil anew cngnffi'intrit; nnd no papor will I di
eonilnucd tint' I otter nil BrrcHr:ipf phnlf be jpmrl. "
P.pert are delivered throuish the mailfreivof pot
within the county, and, also, free to suhannliers
'linn in tlie county, .rlioue poatotfice fe otiiof the
county.' .ii.v .i . . I'fci, ? ; ,
. : - TERMS OF AD VER T I SING. . ' .
Ten lines of this type, or the Bf ace occupied by
'ihe 1.0ne, maVe one iqunre.- - .i.: '
'". '; Dm Himret one inMtrtion( ' , $10"
.Such ailditionul insertion, ' 6
' All' transient advertlsina for a shorter perloB than
Ihret monthSj chartred at the abovp raten.
3 mos. 0 mod. 6 moa. 12 rrfoa
-V column,''1 ; 4' M ijiooo jiisoo. ,zooo
eolumn,.,..- , , 1Q0D , oo ..80 00 , , 40 1
column, ' 15 W 30 00 4O0 ' 60 00
l euinmn, ' 20 00". '40 00 6U 00 80 00
fiuii..i cards, from U to 10 lines, per annnm, 'SOO
IiTorce Noticts, not ccecding 2tf lines, (in
.. advance,)" ,. r . . 0t
JCai'h addittonal 10 lines, . ' .' , . 2 "
. AttiuhAinl Noticet, jm i!tWiis,V l 2 00
Administrator's or Executor's Notices, (Jn . .
idvnnce,) ' ' , ' 2 00
' Notices of hinnwny htubands or wivos, double
price, and in advance. ; ,
Notices of l1e.ilhs. frf. Marriaee Notices, Bro"
' ' mgtothe lilierslitvof the parties. ,. L"
eJ Nyticei in the locuUolimin, If (jents per line lor
ch insertion. ''' i '
Notices of political meetinss. free.
Benrcsentnrlvefin ''onpress II. 8. BUNliY. .
Wile Penalor-.T. I)RI)UHY. ; , ' ; "''
' Rpresi n'otive A. J. BW AIM. tv! .(..;'
(k.inmOD Pl-as Juilge I P. I'LYLEY. ... . .
ProbatemlB RIOHARD CKAlti. . r '
AUditorH.C..MiliRB, ; . ,
Proaomihe AttornAiAROHl OAtO HATO: ".'' -Treasurer
CU-tk of Courts OEOROE I.A'Tl '
' BhciaT OHM J. SHOt'KEY. . ' . .
Burteyor ..: .
Corouer-tVlLUAM I). IlltlfilJW.
.(WlUlAM UMRK.' , ... i-t-Ccminissioner--
iMOltltlS ALBAUOK'" '.-
Post Offices in Vinton County.
NnmeofPost Office.
' Township, i ' Post Master.
AllensviUe" ."
' Hope Furnacs
'Dundas ' u
E'gle Mills ,
Elk .1 i :
'New Plymouth
RectiV Mills "
Vinton, Station
Z ilesVi ,
Kagle . , '
J. WHoux
S. Iaaminger
f. Reynolds ;
Elk .
Clinto-n 1
Elk . ., .
Iioiacs Redd
Oeorga rj .
.r.a. vvin
f. "J s' mm i w .t . Asnpzarif.is-t-wswmexrw,
Business ar&0e
, ..D.litlEL. S..-DAK4, ' :
'j&ttcxrxio-y- xt Xs.-w,
' ;' MoARTflUR,' OHIO. '
,'"tjii.h prat'tice'in the Courts' of Southern' Pis
y tnct of Ohio, and in tlio Courts of Vlu.ou,
Jai'ksuii, and Athens counties. ,
Onrict decoud citory of Davis' Building, ' on Main
Ptret , .-i . .. . , .
January 24, 18C7-,tf , .. .. , '. ., , . .'
f'.;t, , JOIHIS t. STEVEKSON, ;;"!'
;JACK30KT C. H OHIO,' i ,
WILL practice in the Courts of Jackson, Vinton
and other counties. . .. , , i .. i
JsntiarV 24. 18'17 tf " '
hJ tbeW ftre lonely hearts to eherlsh!t' 'i''
' Ta the days ate go' njty; -v (..
. .'.' there weary eoulg who perish 1 ' '
TrV'h'iie 'ibe dayS'are going byj"
If a smile we can renew, .
As our journey we pursue, ' "'"'St
1o OU .tho ggod we all may do , . . ,
While the days, are going by!.,
.' ) -': K'.iJ,.r .'j - ,
.There's no. time for idle soorning
., (,, , w bile the days are going by , ,
i .tet our face, be like,(he mprnipg '''
. . :; :biledays'iare.gmnVby:
'n Ob! tb -wor)i is full of. sights,' ' " " ,J
r rFull of ad and weeping eyesj . , ' ).
:; Help youMallen brother, rise r- ' :ifj " 7
si. 'While tbe. days f.re going.ky.. ), ,t.'.;',
j' t:t i .;, . i . i ," . t
.thJM, u i?ins ii?i" f?" ;s:
hjleyths days' are going by:'11 . ""''.
. ,j vpneby one we';loaTe behind tiS ; i
Vbile ;th days are going ' ' "j j
' VBot the:seeds, of good we sow,. . , ;' ; i
. Both in shade and shine will gnn, t j
: And will keep our heartssglow '
,f ' .. While the days are.gang by,,T.(,
"V1 "iLet'eacn'one strlfe with llhis n'h; --,
' : fobea-deoentman'V' '" '!'. :v-i s
. . Aid love his neighbor as himjslf '
, ny Up'oa the golden plM0) .-. '
' ''"infl if his" rjeighuof chance to.be, '.
Apretty female woman, 4 ; 1
1,1 "Why', lovi her alllhe mors-r-yqusfe.. ,
,' ThatV onlaoting human ; L'-'i'.jiii, I
' Mncii-hft n.1 yrii ten about Wo'maii'g
love, but We doubt if ilht '.'glo'ro a momna"
was iver. o;; forcibly expreaeii ;in a few
words as in the following stanzas:
' dome from'yW lortg long roTiif,'
(On'the'eea'so wild and roujb;
Cow) toi e-te'ode'r afid 16Ting,.', - ' .. J
l " And ! shall be blessed enough.. V-.i---
' Whers your sails have' been unfurling, .
"'" What winds have blown on ybor brow, .
I know'notj and aslc not, my darling,' :
Bo'thatyotioOme to ine nbir.
--'Vi'- ! ::,:! i . i .) ..
Sorrowful, sinful and lonsly' ' . ' ' '
Poor and despised' though you be, '
re nothing, If only-,,,
, xot) turn ironist he. tempter tame.
I'fr.a i'r j n.s i-.r, ' . ;v.
Of tnen though you be unforfjivsn, .
.: Though prieifj be unable to shrive,
I'lL pk-ay. till I weary alllieaten. ,
If you Only oonbaek:alie. .;
i. i'
Select Story.
'."i Miofsttmrner'tn the tropics is' t poet's
ilvuiin,' Virirlullhi'fTleF 'Hrt' T'tfia KamiiIiPiiI
wiideruess if. Mil En'glaiidis g solemn,
many-voiced epiO out woo nas ever
given us a description of the dry detaild,
the parched nxotiotony, ot oitdsummer lo
a great dry goods' establu-hmeut, Sisy
puus Smith' could " have enlarged' tnorit
plaint ive.lpn. the ' sutjectj as bo; itood
drowsily behind' the ' counler, lisle&iog
to jiie oeaeless' tbuder if wheels' 6d the
paveme'otft outside'aod watohuig the doe
slender , thread bf'euQ-bhioe taut glim
iiierod froK aiirhe flaw id the wiudovi
fhades. like 0 guided cbsio, across tbe
piled up 'goods.-
' 'It's very' hard,' L61iT(.iquied Sisyphus
'to have a feilpw's opble wliut-d'ye-oall-it
repressed ii? this sort of way. I. leu!
I'm t'uo'ormy proper sphere, but how
the duoa to get Into -it- is aooiher quos"
tioo, I eia'l starve and 1 can't, run
ibout hko'l iLlfajhcrtaiis.; with a woolly
rug on my b-ck'aua while' I'm working
'like a gaily Muio' for-i'b'e'altry eiz huo
dVed dollars 'a yeaMbat keeps soiil and
body together, :wliere'a 4'lbe 'chance to
soar,' and-expand,' ahdatid all thut
sort of thing? I kh5w I should muke a
Qrkt rale'Rltimbfir df 'Cngro'sy if 'I bul'y
hiid 'a id? lieM- 'i'tid t Lore's no earthly
leusoq wFiy'.itliOuldo't go io for litera
turs and'.dip'louiatiyj it well as other
lUks.lH AM w-ftal'1 ': more, 5 I'm good
loQkiog dr iny lobking glass; is A' mObt
atrocious ' liar,'"''8 i ' i "';-'r '---
':ilr'"iuifb.' plillea '; lis-, long anburi
mqus'taohe,':aDd thoigh witn a ooUipla
cent simper, of the preyy "girl who had
bobehl some' dotted muslin at his eoua
ter the day beforeafid -who had aligtted
from sdeh a ; Idainty 1 little -Wine-colored
(Jdw'pe, WT'.h a eoaoumad iq - livery rem'
ibgiu tbd high-'iVeppibg bbrsesj' -' I
'-' ,'I wobder if shb'U coma' ssain mttr-
murfd Mir! Sisyphus 3 Smith.' -'She eer-
(ainly seemed impreSEeo, and 1 atiKaite
4'uio she bmiled when I asked her if there
wasariyVruftg 'miie. 1 ;oould show her.'--Other
l'elloWs marVy 'richv aud I doa't
see wuy l .BdOQlda't. Ina lact w-,l
duglit trt i'LTne as i' higher circle. ' Ooi
logoe 1 qd 'totfuni',' kid rgloves; "silver
dre.iug eases, Jupiter iooausli d lust
like to try tlie experimeot bf being rich.
;'l?urrwara,'Bmitb't' ,' 1 '''
1 'isy phus" startlid s'pBsuiodically ' from
bis reverie; as the 'harsh, aeceriti' ' of his
oarro' w'Vouled superior summoned ' him
.tAff field 'Jof action'and ',-thh ' blood
m'oubtc,d to Eisl;f,orbhead,,"3s 'ha-''re'cog.
oizod io his fair customer' now Vwaitihg
bis attention, the very-damsel who had
sru'ildTovertb8"dotted .! toualio' s0arce
tnntyfoar hours. ago. i; J , . -r, .
i' d'l" thought o I'i passed triumplrantly
through' his biainf n knew she was jo
(erected 1 A very petty girl;, upon my
w'ofd h"ow.thai.diambuds sparkle upon
herfingTjTKl'p ' v&m'uxm ::' .-.
' -MK'iSmitturidviqeed -amirkingly to
shoV'jStfoiergiod cambrics to the:h;igbt
eyed ydttagJady'wTio.'oeoorted by iav da
'mute tockio elderly companion, vliad
sealed herself opprjsita bisj ojoutar,aDd
at as turil fng' oVe t it bla no wy ?oi ds w i t h
tbe prettiest little ungloved hao.da in the1
world.n. "t0 j,,,;, . ;.... :v,r
lo'lMSHroi yqn, Lj. an excellent quali
ty,' saidi.iSisyphuB, 1 lauding, V!oo4s
ith.glib,.tODge1fnd.:V!rj graijgea-
for- : '.(:v
-I suppose I may depend on what yon
say,!1 said.'.the yoting'lady, looking him
direotly.'i'n' the ye. ' ''-'N1' v.it'T. ....
V i'eed.oti 'iskte 'fjue'stldn ? tny'r'
mured Sisyphus ,'io 'duloei a.'tjCenfir. ,
The bricht'eved divinity looked a lit-
tic sstoDiMhed, bat with the epeotaolea
orbs of the elderly dragon upon them,
Mr; Smith felt that it was : no-lima to
enter into particuUr?. . But t)ie drew
out her fairy purse and laid it orj' he
oouoter, Sisyphus saw a little sealed r'eo
'velopo flatter, dowa aaioDg ( , the jaco
nets.', :. . ,, ..: ,:. . . I;',
To seenrq it ,was the impuHe of sh
i est s n tj a u d "w i iTTlti t Ohb f u h c"s r f," a h'd
handj oul quite so steady as usual,,, Dir.
S mi til toeasared off fourtean yvilv. of
jaounet, and wrote down the ad.dr'ess. r
:' 'Miss Vre,108 Ewt sUeet.' "
Aod when the dism6Bd,and the ciirle,
and the meltiog iblue eyos' bad floated
off ia another direction, he drew out the
precious uis.iire to examine . it at. his
leisure, behind, i. pila of goods.. ' ; "j
'Bmiih, you're wanted !' culled some
one, before he had bed a cbaoco to break.
the. seal, aud be came forwarJ, o eq
oountep the.itonjf .-. glare of tboeldetly
Uii piy, DtJice. ioaye anything oa'tbe
uuuuiki ii v luiwif ur pivper i .. sioiuiy
deoiandetl tbe drsgOD., . ,' . .'. . .
'iNoy uia aui, promptly answqroq bi3y-
phus, mentally Stld.ng.'Sweet. angel !
JJoes she for a minute ureaai that I would
n.' f ....... .
c.iajf Uoe f ... ; t , . ...
, 'It's very strangel' said the old lady,
ezajiiuiDg foe counter irons end to end
'Very,!' meekly echoed Sisypbuy."
And not until both ladies bad entered
tbe wioe-oulored coupe and driven Sway,
did. '.be, loyQ-imittcn youth venture to
oped the epistld that had been so :(ieli
oately conveyed to hie hands.
It was brief, but exceedingly to tbe
bolnf. ('.''' ' : '.'!. . Hi.ii ;.t 1
: If you want to see me, come this even
ing at nine. Papa will boout. and there
will ba nobody to disturb us. .. A V.
There was do date and no direction,
but Mr.'Sisypbub Smith ' felt i.lbat. op
such tntls wtre needed. , .
'A. V. ! A, -V'.lMe . pondered, ;;.U
wonder if it is Alice, or Antoi.ia.-1I
think it mast be Anniegentle Aonie-i-
the very name for her 1 . This eveuiug at
nice 1 I feel (bat tho crisis of my fate
is at hand. r jJoar me t 1 will be (here
a't'tba very chime of-the-. belUj I.wa
always euro that that nine was destiueti
to be no common' lot in life J now I . am
even more eon viuccd , ot . tbe taCH 1
tbink, from the 6igns and symptomFy she
must be very much in Jove, Judeed.
'She's all iny. faucy 1 painted her; she'?
loyoly; bbeV divine! aod fehe.uVutt
hitva plenty of osh, for that ooupe isn't
Kept up ou Botnint; 1 cisypnus, yod re
ia-luck1,' my Gne iVllowT ... m: ';
All that long day bis v phut walked,
tuetaphbriaally speaking, pa air be. trod
the blue - empyrean, Mentally ; ha had
already sblected the site for his .browD
stone rosidenca on Fifth Ave sue, .apd
docidod on Loog. Branch. for; the sum
mer, iostead of Orient Point." ' l"
'And 1 ttbould prefer an open barouchs
to that shutup ooupe ' he, thought. .' 'Of
course Aunie will defer to Tuy wishes io
all suoh matters.V ..' ,
When at looztLtha hour for . olostbe
the e3tabliehmeot arrived; Siaypbus hur
ried homo to b dci .hiiniaif tu tho meat
captivating atyiej , . , ' ; .
'I ' wonde'rwhat'sho'irdb with tbe
dragon,' pondered Mr. Smith, 89 he tied.
delicate sky-blue cravat in a most do
exceptionable bow and twisted his auburn
moustaoho io a JNapoleonio fwjrl. 'I
suppose it i my oue to quoto poetry aod
talk about destiny -I think Annie s , a
little sentiaental ; these blue-eyed ciru
mostly are and we'll burry , ,up .the
match as soon as prscucabfe,' , f ; : ;
' .' Hi naat ilfinrenfltinc frlanfla'towarda
1 o'- -t. --.
the oigor box on the table, but shook his
head, almost in the same secoodt, ,
- 'It. won't do,' he, paid .'Uirls arar bo
whimsioal that ii'e not best to., risk L any
thing.' stronger of sent than- patohooli,
or verbena "water.-: -Things will,(be quite
different a&er we are marriedAc ,u ?-'-.
And so Mr.'Sistpbus Smith, '.armed
and equipped, at -all points,. for the eyept
tul eueoantcr, went ; .dawn .the ftiist
where the mellow July- moon lights lay
like rain 'of reddish golJ, and tbe .gas
latnps -winked I fitfully at , hjin ;, as, be
jSassedi" -'. f. ,t'm:tl u.'r ao w!
;W.108 "Eaet treeVwss
tiiVriok' mansion in'a'ferave ahdTeSpob
tabld Idoking bNck, with a browtr stone
church oppositeod Jipau the heavy ma
hottaby doore a silver plate bore the in
scriptionyiRE.!,,.:, ;,.".'. '. u'-V,.-i
' Wometj are ingenious little cresTlures,
id Sisyphus to himaolf. ; 'Who but a
woman wooli have thought of conveying
her eddrcBs to me, so neatly, uder cover
oi abandle .of jaoonet' Sbe's expeott,
ing nle,iof opursej. I wonder f jte day
hasioemed half as long to her, as it hss
torme. Height) I sljouidarj;r wpnaefj'
; nSo musing, Sir. Smith, went boldly pp
Ihii atnriH'anii. rani ih hell" A tall sar
vant-map opened the dqor and looked
pa'ronhingly-dowo .upon Sjsypbue.'
MfYbat ao; yownf, my,.Bn r
'l avish to se MUs Vore.' answered
LSiayphtt8,1oltily.'. ' " ...
J-The man .looked doubtful, but sfler
moment's hesitation said : .. ... -:
' 'Walk in, slf, if you please,' and ushered
, bi,in ; into pretty little boudoir,
bera gray and stiver were the. preiotii
inating- 'tints. One gas light, baroiog
ioder'a'shade of pearUgrey glass,- dif:
tusoJ a dim lusrer tnrougtioul too -ap
armctttnd.Mis'4-afarv'robo;d' " ib . a
dress of pure floouy white,' had half riaeo
fro 01 her seat as tua . door, was thrown
open.1"-;.- : v :
ThVafraid she's addioted tooigsrettes-,'
was iheihbught;that eddied through Sis
yphus's.mind. as a faint odor of Havana
reiohed his. senses., r '., . , . . .. .
The next moment he had alien grace
fully 00 one' knee at MisS''Verj's fuet,
and .eaught one of her ( delicate "little
bunds io his own. -; '.,..'.' '. ' ' '
"'My dearest 1 my own treasure !' he
fjsoilated, theatrically. , ,
' ,, But Sliss Vere, instead of responding
q a s'i,nailar,v'oio, a kJyotng ladies 'iq
high tradgy, jerked the little hao'd'ttWayj
aod burst into :a, very; genuine . screum
of. terror, surprise and indignotion
; 'Ilal.lo I' utierfd a dHel, bscs voice
from tbq curtained obscurity u iay
windo;W beond,.,sbd before Sisyphus
Sthit-h oould re2ii feet, or stammer
nut Ucstiorna word, he felt himself
seized by the collar and vigorously jerked
into a stan.duig' poiituro. A ; ?' ;-
5 'You're a pretty young ; mio, aren't
you ?' demandod the bias voice.' 'AVbat
do you mean by this sort .of i thing ;?',
.'.'And then followed a shake so vigor
ously executed aod.' as tbe vooalists say
so well ..sustained.! that' poor Sisyphus
felt uk if the teeth', were rstllfrjg out of
his bead, and the bairs nyicg Irota. bia
soalp: wtilo not too least ot nls agonies
was, that the blue-eyed damsel laughed
yes, actually ana neartuy laugiieu, 1
'Dou'l hurt the poor fellow, Phil
HeVcrazy.'.I'don't, douty,' she ioter-i
ceeded. as soon us she oould command
her voice. ' ' r
'Hurt him 1 , l'.ll kick him down stairs!'
thundered tho hags troioa, and then - fol
lowed another bone-dislooating shake.
iSUyphup dropped onthe Carpet' in a
helpless heap, with the bow of his cravat
uider bis right ear. ..The young lo'dy
stepped forward to protect him. ,
Don't Pnil ! Pray hear what he has
got to say for himself , ; v
., 'Speak, trteo I roared tnotaii jMemcsis,
standiogin a threatening posture over
tiim, , r,;'. ; '
i Sisyphns could not epeafc, but instead
he pulled out the note,, and extended ir,
appealingly,' towards Miss .Vera. . ..i n.
'You you told me to to come,yonr-
: told you to comer ; ...
Miss Vera unfolded -the paper,; and
glanoed at it with bSwildered eyes, . a 1
'What is it?'. questioned Phili '
She-give it to him, with an unoontrol
able peal ofJaughter. , u.l '.;, .
'It's the note I told you of, Phil. the
note that was intended for" you, and, that
I lost from my pocket this morning.' j
, Vas was not'' it for me V stuttered
Mr. Smith...-, , '' , , . . . ,
'Fcr yiu?',.i'Pbil.'8 fingers.lnstinotive
ly tightened wUh n ominous grasp up
on Sisyphns's neoktie, while Miss Vera
answered wttn friged tiaureur :; '' :
. 'Most assuredly, ',iV ?t.,,'.I''
, . 1 : '. !n.n.A nl,!.li
surprisea at na iuipoinoMwo . w.uivu
could for ah instant dare to. form suoh a
.. 'Then Jierbaps;i had octiergo, laiterea
the humiliated sutdr.1'" ' x ..!-.. ;
- 'Perhaps you bad,' said Miss Vere.
'Of course you had, and you'd better
go pretty quickly, if 'yott don't ant me
to help jca dotyu 'stairs,'" added Phil.j
nromDtlT..rra "
u Sisyphus looked appealingly at Miss
Vera- aa he reiohed. "the door., .but her
bjtie eyes Were full of ioyj repellant light,
and. Phil, made' a 'step forward at the
same .instant, that nao; tna eneci 01 nasten
e his departuro in a most war.vellbus
o . ..
ma doer. " "' - vrr-ri:-i. n.wi.
SorrOwfuflT be went dbw the t;
flight.bf steps,' ' mo'tirolully ho "retraced
his way ,baok. to. thai. third:rafey boirdiag
bouse where he vegetated but of bbineas
fibu're to mn8, at his melancholy leisure,
on the fallibility of earthly hopes.-, The
rieh. wife.' the oped bsroubhe, tho ;Fifib
Avenue residence, .ana Jjong wrapcu,
badj faded, iutoj mjsty'distanqe, and' 'only
the realities af working day ife.,e-
!malned ,''.'"'' n-
(VWhat a double-dyed fool I've been,'
groaned SisypijuS SmithV ,'' ' ';
And when a man finds out that fact,
he is pretty" sute to la heartily disgbsted
Pwith' himself; ,V
'I Mf.iSmith want back; ttfc. ws jaeoaets
Snd'muslinS''tbeLnxt mornings a sadder
and a wiser pereonagenftLife, is full- of
mistakes, and Sisyphus'a i.bad jbeon a
partio'uUrly aggravating eoq. ...;,(i,s5l;.,; .
i'i ' -r ','t r - ' ;
1 : ;.
toi rtf aifbot a thyself.;
BY AMY RANDOLPH. Miscellaneous.
Josh Billings' Advice to
Young Men.
" ! Plank : ruler for every Young Geo
tteman about tew oommouco Life for the
fuswTimeJ-'..-': '.. c. ,.. :T -When
you eat, always use a knife and
orc (unless you bve-jmush jand milk
for dinner, then exercise'yuro judgment,)
and be sure te-vu ppea yure'mouth when
yura elbow qrooks bi awl mcana quit
eatiqg when yu git thru. i t
, Jf yuhavp eoiip for breakfast, dotilt
undertake to eat it wih yure fingers, not
ifyucao git a rfprlt, and never wipe
yure noze on tb'o table' cloth az loDg az
yu nav a coat sleeve.
Ifyu don't kno' how tu ohu terbaoker,
luze no time (u lurn ;',the best wa is tu
go behind a hog pen and pradtis before
yu chaw in .public ;; but persevear'; it's
the only wa yure Dad Iarnt. '
iryou nav gnr. bv 14 year1 old an'
can't swear good, the chances are tnat
yu won't ever Amount to. anything., :
Lernirg'tu drink. is s slow process,
but droadful sarfin ; cider is pretty sartio
tu git the hang with, but rum cherry is
sartine,. , - ,1 , , , ,. . . .. . ;
.. Bi awl means, at an early age get iota
the habit of stain out late at nitcs. Don't
misa a pircus ; tha are means of : graoo.
iLan swi virtue nonsenso, and sospect
awl fem ail girte. 'Watch yure cider
Iruther, and brag on his deviltrees. - '
When'yii bnter' a' parlari'1 always enter
at a door (if there iz one.) and take at
ons't the' rrioSt comfortbtle - seat. ? ' If vu
nza. terbacker (and ov course yu dew,)
ana are not an - expert m tne perlite oo
oomplihhment ov alus firing at the bats
ov' the coal grate, call for a spit dlsb,- and
bore the center every .time. 1..,: -.
Always lead in conversashun, main
taloing awl yur pints with tho nervous
tenacity ov a rat terrorr beyer. letting go
yure hold ov tbo attention ya hay excis
ted, unless, it should ba tew spit ou yure
, Avoid modesty az yu would a mildew,
and dovo hlosh, unless' it iz lmegiately
after taking brandy and'wa'terV '"' "'
" When'-jou are 5n lnV'(wbich; will. be.
every ndw'nnd then) studdy poetry and
pizen', tork Injio, and go'inta a pail dek
line ; then tew save yursolf take a. doze
bf ksstor ilo arid .await the next attak
with beknming oompozur. 1 ' . . .1
iNover smoke an Amcrikan sigar, I
bav known hundreds ov promising yung
men ruined in this way. Swear a Julie
in awl kompany ; and take at least one
Sporting, newspaper. , ., . . , ....
Haze a mustacb if you hav tu poletise
yure lip tew dew 1'. Uultivate ynre
boots , and talk boss, Dispize awl em
ployment and shuddor whoa yu mcot a
mekanjk. ! . '; "V'
Know awl the intrigue and skandal ov
tha town. Bet tSa dollars on everything
kail yure father' the old man,' avoid
every appcrabce ov perliteness to him,
and lodge out occasionally. - ' ;
' 1 erleek ynreaelf in the above primary
rules before yu piesuule. upon the Beck
oned degree (tew much haste has blasted
menny buds tif promise.) and be just tu
yuraeX -' If, on inquiry yu find yu are
not put down as a "plum,' yu may con-
olude that yu have mistaken yure genius'
and have no bopea in tha oroymontal
walks of life. . . .
Beautiful and True.
In a late a r tide in Frazer'M Magazine,
I this brief but. beautiful and true passage
occurs:,,. ;. , . . . .
. . "Eduoalion does njt eommocc with
the alphabet it begins with a mother's
love ; with a father s smile of approba
tion, or a sign of reproof; with a sister
eeotle forbearance' with, a handful of
flowers ia a green and dainty meadow;
with bird's nest admired, but not touch"
ed;: with creeping. ants, and almost im
perceptible comet ; with .pleasant walks
in sbady lanes, and with thoughts diree
ted in sweet, and kindly tones and words
to nature ; to , acts of benevolence ; to
deeds of virtue, and to the source of all
good-fGod himself,," i ;
' :'" -;,:".-.:',"i , t-. . '.'t;
. ir.As yiriahmati fell In love with a
lady, but 'she.' instead ' of reoiprooating
his affections, fell In ' love with another
man hnd iaaVried him,- which oausod Pat
to ex'otaim id the fullness -bf his heart :
'iQqh,' would that 'you ' had been born
(Wins, so that 1 could have had - half ot
1 1 tSFhlTiLZ Bobhy at the break fast
table pee morning, broke out Id a new
vein :! "I don't want 'mbther tor-marry
again,'' said he.' "Why not?' was ask
ed with some surprise. '-Because,", said
he, MI've lost ope father, and I don't
want the troublebf getting acquainted
with anotuCT one,
A Beautiful Sentiment.
SnoaTLY aftor'tha departuroof tha
lamented jllebcr for India, be preached
a betuion which cbntainod this beautiful
'Life beara ns on .the stream of a
mighty river. Our boat at first glides
down the narrow channel-throagh tho
playful murmurings of the l'.ttla brook
and the bindings of its grassy borders
The trcos shed theiii blb93CmS, crver onr
youno; heads,- the flowers sSem to offjr
themselves to tho youog hsndB ; we are
happy io hope; and grasp eageily at the
beauty around ns, but the. streams burv
ties on, and still our hands are empty.
Our course id youth and manhood la
along a'doepor and wider flood, among
uijouis uuBfc Binaing anu . magnincenr.
We ara animated at the moving pictures,
and enjoyment and industry around us ;
we aro excited at some short-loved disap
pointment. The stream hor odjand
our griofo are alike left behind us.' We
m y be ship wrecked out we oan not be
delayed, whether rough or -em ooth,-the
river hastens on till the roar of the ocen
is in our pars, andh tossing of the wavea
is. beneath our fee', and the floods are
lifted up around us ana we take our leave
of earth and its inhabitants until of ear
future voyage there is 'no witnes- Avt
the-Infinite and Eternsjl,'V ; , ; f
A Droll Postmaster.
In-tho days of Andrew. Jaaksoo, hi
Poniastereneral, , Amp's lienoS'll,
Wanting to know whereabouts 'was t&e
source of the Tombigboe river,' wrote for
the required information' to the postmas
ter of a village on its course. .Sir;'
wrote the higter offioer to the lower,
"this department desires to know how
far tha Tombigbee river runs up.- Ke
speotfuUy,&e.',' The reply was brief and
read thus: "Sir : .The,Tpmbigbee river
dosen't run up all; it runs down. 'Very
respectfully, &o." The Postmaster-Geoi.""
eral continued the correspondence in thia
style: 'Sir: Your apppjptmentv, as
postmaster at. is revoked., You
will turn over funds, papers, &o.' per
tainibg 'to your offico, to your successor.
Raspoctfully, . Tk eoll jnnder-
strapper closed the correspondence with
this parting shot; "Sir : The' revenues
for this office for the quarter ending
Sept. 30, have been 95 cents; its ex
penditures, Bams period,, for tallow can
dles and twine was' $1,0S. I trust my
successor is instructed td adjust the bal
ance due me. Moat respectfully.".. , . ,
J6TIn walking always turn your toes
out and your thoughts inward. The
former will prevent you from falling in
to cellars, and the lattor from falling inte
iniquity. . J . ' usirt'.
tjvA lady in Msosaohusef'ts. 'while.
at church, put a pear in the box passed
around for contributions, wbiob,; at the
close of the servioe was sold to the high,
est bidder for seventy dollars.
tSrA gestleuen-id Michigan asked
a squaw if her papoose, which was quite
white, was not half-breed,'whereupon she
replied ! "No, not a drop of white blood
about it half Iddian and half Mission-
ta.So bommon has became the shoot
ing ot rctuisters ' in Missouri, that it js
now regarded as a branch or sporting.
In Cooper county, tha other day, a stran
ger in soarch of game was answered,
"Not much, sir, but there's the preacher
com'rog over the hill. ..d-') ts?
BuNqt , Jpng ago a melodeon ; was
purchased .and used in' the Methodist
church at College Corner, Ind. Soma bf
the members were strongly opposed to fta
ictroduotion, and (0 much ill feeling re-t
anlted that the vouoz piano was finally
carried out- of, the phuroh one night by
UnKnOWU pariie uu .uuiuw ui, io-
cently another ' melodeon was procured
and plaoed in tho oharob, but it wii alse
demolishea. -i -;-' t- t 1 :.!.
It :
.1 -, I
.. SirATfHa'ExTaAoaDiSAB.v.-vV8 there
are a great many young ladies and-gen-
that thc ar iiaiexceltenci ucoa'skatcs.
we wit) state fur their benefit (hat there.
is a young maat named , Honalus, living
r, tnnn wbn nan . finlinna ' almost BDV
body in skating, and, what is more re
markable, he does it on inrce ma an
has no legi: ' Ufs legs wertf cut off y a
train bf cars in Ohio some time . ago.
Hishody.;8its upou one skate, while he
uses the others with his hands. Ha oaa.
he seen upon Beargrassj Creek' any day, -wbea
the ice Is" good, and if 'any one of
bur youog 'bloods" think they oan beat
Mr. ltonalds, he will bt vary glad to give
them Va little, brush-f-0Mspi7??r Zit '
ocrat, : , ... , .

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