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j. w. ow. wiToa xo rtoreirroa.
ThursdMiv Jauuary 31, I86T.
Democratic State Ticket.
''' For Governor," - .
JILL EN 0. THURMAN, of Franklin.
Fcr Lieutenant Governor,
JUNIEL 5. UULjOf Holmes.'
For Treasurer, ;
'I y Dr. C. FULTON, of Crawford. !
j '' - For Auditor,
JbHS MoELWEE, of Butler.
. For Attorney General, .
, . FRANK H. HUflD, of Knox
. Tn Judge of Supreme. Court. . .
Judge THOMAS M. KEY, ofJIIamilton. .
' ForControllet of Treasury, - ' ; "
WMIUIAM SHERIDAN, of Williams. .
For Board of Publio Works, . , .
. ARTHUR HUanE3, of Cuyahoga
The News.
Tng CtroleVille 1 Union . publishes the
- results of the opamiB-fbJ8jP.ic.kaway
aounty Rat Eitermlaating Assooiatian
for one year, 1 Tbe number of rats killed
was 36,612, at' a cost of $614,50, or
bout one oeot and sis millajper ,rat.
The executive cmmitlee estimate that
the farmers of that county will save in
one year, by thM destruction of rats, over
quarter of a millioa dollars- ' '
Tni Athens Meitenger says that a
man earned Eoooh Taylor killed a man
'Tjemed.WmChoots, in Troy township,
with,4 an ax.' It wu tha result of a
quarrel, about , .cutting wood. Taylor
was oommitted to jail. .', .:
Tub Rdssisu Government is about
trtetina Greek Church ic tbe city of
Ntn York.. ,
' Tbi Rirtori furore did not mob. the
exoitewent ' point is St, Lonis. She
opened tboie last nigh; to a slim audi
ence. '. "
Thi steamer Platte Valley ran upon
a innken wreck last week between Mem
phla and Yicksbnrgh and was sunk.
' "XT. P. Wifci.is-ttie'pioeti dled-wt-kU
'farm, called Idlewild, New York, last
week, oo bis sixtieth birth day.
T0X recent fall of enow 'was the
greatest tbat ever fell in tbis country,
averaging about 12 inches in depth, and
axtendiog over 50,000 square miles.
Tbe President Tuesday last transmit
ted his veto of the Nebraska Bill to Con
Tbi Gold Bill has been rejected by
the Senate Finance Committee. .
Tbi Papal Governpoot at Rpmo has
ordered tbe Atrr(cao Protestant cnufoh
es to be removed without the city. As
. retaliatory movement, , Mr, Stevens
Tuesday last, proposed to withdraw the
Uoited States Legation from Rome.
Tbi relations of Turkey ' and Greece
.re becoming more belligerent every
day. A war between those two powers
If inevitable, t: ; .. - ; . i.
At the municipal election held on the
28th inst,, aMSVheeling, ..West Virginia,
tbe Democratic ticket, with the excep
tion of Treasurer, was elected by a de
creased majority. '
, Llwin' , wool and satinet mill, in
Naugstuck, Coon., was burned Tuesday
eight, Lofs $75,000 partly insured.
" Lati Cork papers announce tbe death
'. of General Sweeney's, mother, in Ireland,
, frorq intemperance, and in extreme indi-
genee; ... i. ... , . :J .
;; ,"A: PfilLADlLPHIA ' dispatch says:
"lion. J.' R. Sanders, Grand Sire of the
i Grand i Lodge of the United States of
r Odd fellows, bas appointed .April 26th
as a general day oi thanksgiving in the
Order, for the return of peace, with links
' of the Order unbrokeo, and for genera)
Prosperity. ' It is . also tbe anniversary
of the establishment af the Order in this
eountrr: A briok fell from a house
on Saturday, up town, and striking a
ian i named Conner bo Ibe head, killed
4 Shi Bostoa. Timet . cont ins a loog
Washington letter, in which the writer
" reports a conversation held with the
f,Vrefident.' who spoke ' very etrongly
i justifying himself in tho position r iaken
.' oa ,the subject ; of ' recooatruotipn, and
1 violently assailing Cowgresi for usurping
the Judicial and Exeeutive power, ' ''
- This L'Uillicothe AivtrlUer says that
in forty days the Emmitts manufactur
ed M5.4().1 gsllons of corn wlifky.
It is easier to note tne bietiry of the, Re
tublieaot'party and tbeoriie upon its destiny
(ban predict with any degree of certainty
our future as a nation. Pity tbat tbe nil
men may do should live after them. It has
been thought by many good men who differ
rrou tbe leaders of that party, that, having
gloated qpon their ' subdued enemies; tbir
coffeisfilled from their stores; hating be
come satiated with, blood and spoils ; hav
ing, as they claim, exterminated Slwry
now by them admitted to bare been the ori
gin and moTing oauie of all 'our troubles
they would eease their work of destruo--tion,
and unite with those who might have
differed from thorn in efforts to bring back
the goTernment to an., .ariministraiioa tof
delegated power. Such, boWerer, Is not tiie
aim of the Republican party. It never has
been the purpose of their loaders to admin
ister it as banded down to us by its framers.
Their purpose is consolidation, subversion,
destruction. The three departments o f the
Government the Exeoutiro, Judioial and
Legislative though distinct and separate
one from the other, are all sought to be ex
ercised by Congress in utter disregard to
the fundamental principle of delegated pow-
er. xne Jeoiaratton or pnnoipies . wuioo
the framers of our government gave to the
world in their protest to the Parllmont of
England, when that body sought to quarter
soldiers in Boston, tbe . better to foroe Sub
mission to their .taxation of the colonies, so
hiehlv eulozisedby ' Lord Chathak in that
body, enunoiates tbe true theory of govern
raent. It anserts that " In all free States the
" constitution isflxed; and as the supreme
" legiilature derives its power and authority
" from the Constitution, it cannot ovecleap
" the bounds of it. without destroying its
, ' own foundation, " This doctries is just
as applicable now as then. It is the doo
trine of our fathers of 1 7C against vturpa
lion. Our goverm-(ji framed m ao
cotO.box. wHb it. The threr wnphes ot
the government, being distinct heads, one
cannot exercise tli e powers and authority of
the other, without : throwing aside r.
ganie law and usurping powers subversiv e
and dangerous to its vsry extstence,
Such is the position of Congress to-ay
Th. rfl leiriiilaiinir to deprive ' the States
--v r o . - . .
of their reserved rights, and seeking to en
force the ratification of their, odious Const!
tutional . Amendments
end. They are legislating
power by providing for perpetual teiiiotu ; by
refusing to ratify the appointments of. the
Executive; by depriving him of the patron
age heretofore vested in him and vesting it
in themselves, i They stigmatise the . Su
rre' Cburi for deCidtnit tbeir odious test
a - w
oaths unwarranted and unconstitutional,
and denounce' that body' as
traitors. They denounce the President as a
traitor and threaten his impeachment - for
Turnininv tioweri unauestionsd in their
.... . B . .
exercise in bis predecessor and, then, ad'
quiesoed lo by them.
There remain two small barriers, .to-,U
complete triumph: of ine Republican party,
and a' consummation of their plans to destroy
our government, vis : the Pretidtnt and the
Suprmi Court. Couldjbey only depose these
powers, as in their mad efforts they are
seekintr to do. and re-mould them te tbeir
will, what a prospfot would be presented to
our view, buoum au me nenas oi rmio s
region burst the gates and bars of their in
fernal prison, their second advent would be
more harmonious and less destructive than
these contpiralort against the liberties of tbe
We are not of .those who belier- thal the
recent demonstrations w intimidate the
President and Supreme court are destined to
have' the effect contemplated by that body.
Tbe President is cool and prepared for tbe
emergency,. Jhp demonstration on the 8th
inst., at Baltimore, is significant of. the po
sition of tbe people when called upon to
aot. The President bas the command of tbe
army and navy, 'He will, no doubt, upon
the f rst substantial demonstration,' arrest
npon tbem to that
T .
ing to increase their
a band ef
the leaders of this body, and call upon them
in the eeurts of the country to defend them
selves for their treason.
Congress, we think, dare not advance one
step farther in this question of impeach
ment. The people will not support tbem in
It. Outraged justice will demand that they
be arraigned for the act, should they attempt
A Beautiful Tribute.
On Tuesday last, in the Senate, when
the election ot Uoited States Senator
was in order, . Hon. Bsyless W.. Hanna 7
' 1 ' f
aid: . ,-. ... i; .(;.!:, I
Mi PnvairtuMT ' I Aflsira to nlaoa in tee.
nomination the name of one whose elo
quence. integrity, eoursge and unchsng
ing devotion to the exalted principles of
tbe f ederal Constitution bava endeared
him to the heaits of all who really cher
ish Democratic principles, " He is not
f. . j. ,. j ; f. vi. ;j j live
faradyancedin years, bui his mind and b
heart lare thoroughly imbued with tbe the
genius end science of republican govern-
ment. Trained by the severest mental
tried in the seven times- ott
heated furnace of persecStion, .ndc.rr.
ed over as ha is with the ctuel shafts of
ealumny, I desire to-day to give him that w
indorsement. . in whioh I : believe the ture
. . .
future judgment or tae Amerioan people ,
:n : .v- IJsmes
.In.n. . V a mmmhI llAllV kh11 h.Vi I
.vim vi iu i io.vu. ,.
been shut up once more in its natural lions
caves, and when the gentle band, of peace
shall again smooth the surface of the :
angry waters of our troubles. ,' I place In last
nfITn Tlanu. W ttrCJ
nominatton the. name
Voorhees.""-i '
r, - - ,. , , I U0
uui. j1UB1v, . ' tion
elected to the U. S. Senate, and has
rcs;gned his office ss Governor. . yend.
Connecticut Democratic
State Convention.
At the Democralif State Convention in
Kew Haven, January 8th, the following res
olutions were adopted r
Wukbcas. It beeomes a free and intelll
ent Deocle. Justly jealous of their rights
and liberties, to frankly and fearlessly as
aert their views upon all great and ' impor
tant Questions, and,
Wbibias, When armed resistance to the
authority of the United States ceased, each
of the several Statoa that had been in an
tagonism to the Government became, by the
Inherent force of the Constitution and the
fundamental- Drincloles upon -which . cur
system of government is based, reinstated
and restored to all. their rights and privl
leees and.
Whbbkas,- The President of the Uuited
States, br virtue of the authority vested in
him by the Constitution Of the United States
and the laws )n pursuance icereor, issued
bis proclamation declaring the war at an
end; and, - -
Wbkbias, The Congress of the 'United
States demanded and accepted from said
States the exercise of one of the highest du
ties devolving upon States, to-wit, an alter
ation of and amendment to the Conetioution
of the United States; and,
Viiiui. Ths Supreme Court, of the Uni
ted States 'has declared That if Military
vflvernment is continued after the Courts
r reinstated, it is a gross usurpation of
power. : Martial rule can never exist where
fho courts are open and In proper and unoi-
iracta tcle of thr-jurlsdiclion--
Therefore r--'
Rttolved That each and all .of tbe States
tbat were arrayed in armed opposition to
the anthoritv of the Government of the
United States, having ceased auoh opposi
tion, are now entitled to representation in
the Congress of the United States, and to
all other rights and privileges appertaining
to the 8tates of the Union.
.Rt$olvti,1ht. the Congress of the united
8ttee, in its persistent exolusion of the
Senators and Representatives of said States
in its open and-avowed determination to de.
strov tbe organisation and subvert the au.
thnritv nf naif! States, violates and under
mines tbe Constitution of the United States,
attacks the very principles that lie at tne
foundation of our system of government,
and strikes a fatal blow at the financial,
commercial and industrial intcreets of the
entire people of ihe Union. . . - ' - -"T ,
y Rewind, Ikattbe. Congressoflhe Uni
w bi. tn aUTts lezialaTroTrrTU its aot
levying internal taxes upon all the States,
including the said States expressly by name
in its acts prescribing number of Rep
resentatives in Congress for u the States.
In its aot submitting the Constitute!,
amendment abolishing slavery to an me
States, ' in its aot of last session submitting
another proposed constitutional amendment
to all the States, in its joint ' resolution,
Mtir unanimitrr de-
clariLg tbe objeots of the war to oe ;w as
r.nii n4 irmintain the supremacy of tbe
Constitution, and to preserve the Union in
all tbe dignity, equality and rights of the
several States unimpaired,' and in- otner
K. iinifnrmlT. from . the commence
ment of the civil war to the present time, In.
ih. moat deliberate manner, recognised saia
8tates " xi8tinK 8tftt!sVn,d th
r,mU,A Thui ibe Exeeutive departmeat
of the United States, by its 'proclamations,
its administrative action, and its diplomat-
with fnreisn nowers. bas unt
of the
wgit, UsraTd V. 8tau7 in ti Union,
11 vutili Judicial ABarimeui
the U nlted S'ates, .including the Bupreae
fiourt at Washington, the Circuit Courts in
tbe several circuits, and tne uismov voar
tbe several dislriots, have unirormiy rec
ognized tbe said States as existing States,
and as Stales in the Union. ... j.
Seiolved. That tbis repeateu recognivion oi
aid St&ie us eiigtinc States, and as States
the Union, by the Exeeutive, Judioial and
Legislative Departments oi imuo""",
leaves no question that tbe exolusion of these
States from Congress, governing them and
taxing them without representation, is aot
only a violation of tbe Constitution in its
most oBsentiel pert, -end tyrany as defined
tbe deolrationi.of Independence, but a
most -flagrant breach of the public faith,
alike prejudicial to tne oeBt interest u
hnnov of the eountrv.
ff,w.,f Thut. in the Bupremc uoure oi
United States we possess a tribunal that
may justly be termed the bulwark of Kepub-
lican liberty, and, in the language or us
eminent jurists,
"The Constitution of the United States Is
fnr mlera and neople. ' eauallV In war
in ItuM n A PAlflrl with ltB Shi
protection all classes of. men under all olf-
eumstances. " ." ; po.,.jactrine lnvoiTing
more pernioious conseqnecces was ever in
vented by the wit of man than that its pro
visions can be suspended during any of the
great exigencies of geuerument. Such a
dootVine leads direetlyto anarchy or despo
tism, iiui we meory . oi neceonikr, uyuu
whioh this is based, is false, for the govern
ment within the Constitution has the powers
granted to it Which are neoessary to preserve
existence.' ' ' "" '
Thus ths Supreme Court of tbe United
States, in 1066, vindicates and sustains the
positions assumed and announced by the
Democracy of Connectiout, In convention, in
- " " '
Reiolved. That after solemn deliberation,
is tbe opinion of this Convention that tbe
suggestion ot our conservative brethren of
Kentucky that a convention of the Demoora-
""d all constitutional Union men of the
ektwfv.alv BtsilAaT at. .lit I skk11l1 With Ant.
delav bv the National Deinoeratio Commit-
and we respeotfull auggeet that s&id
Convention meet in the city of New York on
4th day, of March-next, to advise and
counsel upon the great questions that now
agitate, the public mind, to protest 1 against
revolutionary and unconstitutional arts
the present majority of Congress, ..to an
nounce the determination or tne csuserva
. . . . .
men of the Union, to resist and opposs
constitutional exercise of power
disprganiiatlon of States and ythe die
tructlon of State authority. 1 : -a . '
.Retched, That the thanks r every patn
disoiplino citUn eminently due fbe President
.,:,,: t-ut. f thii'8iat. and
pledge to him our support in all kis fu-
efforts to ths same nohAe end.
. . i i . it... .
Auuressw were men ma t ..r.
Brooks. William W. Eaton, Thomas
. ' . . . .
.. ,h nnrarl thin M na nomina.
to make. ' ! ; ''
ni' V'.i. t : - "J,.--
Tbk Cincinnati Commercial has . at
cyme' out fairly and squarely for. Ne-
SUutSgO ID VOW. - AOM . Bpyoouy
able or that paper i j a reauingot
files for tbe past five years, would be
refreshing to those food , of variety, . It
. ..... .m. nr n..J
UCOU UU I ui uncoil
in our national politics. aJwajucan'
aging lo be on the wrong side id tbe
Radical Ideas—Plenty of
Wandeir Phillips was preeent and
made speeoh at the 'Ladies' Thirty
third Antislav'ery-SubBoripiion Anniver
sary,'. held in Boston last week. The
points of his speech wote : 4 1
1. 'The duties of the an ti -slavery men,
at the present (time, wera to keep up the
publio purpose to a white best, and nev-
r allow it to fall one deeree bolow its
present determination. Tbe masses must
be kept up to a revolutionary beat.
2. 'Aotion on' impeachment should be
taken at onoe, as there is no surety that
the publio thermometer "would be, at the
next general election, ao high as at pres
3. 'He did not went to puwish Sir.
Johnson : he only wanted bia room.
Tbe Presideni and every other power
(Supiene Court), that indicates trc'sson
sgainst the Northern ' ides, must be re
moved. : : i . .
4. 'The Legislative branch must ab
sorb tha Govgrnmentj and save it by ab'
sorption.' ; ' ' . 1 :
Redpath, another Rsdioal leader, is
out of the Anti tlavery Standard tor
three things, whioh he urges in the cause
of 'Progress and Improvement:'
1 . Tbe abolition of the Supreme Court
of the United States." '
2. Tbe abolition of the Senate of the
United States. ' ' ' v . ; '
3 . The abolition ot the army ef tbe
Uoited States, ' '" ' -
wia la rimAv in fall Into line?
These are the rjioneeri of tbe Rsdioal
partv. clearing the : way, settling, the
States, and making tbe lines of 'pro
cress and improvement.' Keep the-peo
nle ud to a revolutionary heat deposo
the President abolish the Supreme
Court abolish tbe Senate abolisb-ebe
...l.t .n V, noera--f the Gov
ernment be absorbd-1n an ' assembly of
tbi neojl. ' Vby have lestrsints-why
oneoks oo the well of tbe people t 1id
erty should have restraints not imposed
uireciiy oy luepeopiBe jejjroouuvn'-,
Suoh was the case in the French revolu
tion, why should it be. otbeftfirevrv--
Saoh are now the utterances yi au.u...
s.m P.nd b thev will grow from nt
teraneef to action. Are the ; ptoplo
Cincinnati Enquirer.
The Impeachment Question.
On this subject tho New York corre
nondent of the Atlanta (Ga.) ;ifet-
qencer writes ss follows : 'I , i
xne very latest luuioaviuos uvu f
incton are that tbe preseot Senate is not
considered 'reliable.' In the next Sen-
ate Cowsn. Foster. Hsrris and Patterson
ill not be members : and tbe.Radioals
will uw w - , -.
are in hopes of keeping up a vacancy in
a . rv I
Keotuokv. Uowsn, jfosMr-anat -uarrw
will be ucceeded by biitcr Badic.Ts..-r?n
the mean time, a quiet but active maoip
ulation of a publio opinion . that will
consent to, if not spprove, the impeton
ment programme, is going on. ,, The op
position of the Republican press bas
oessnd altogether. The . 2Vt'6ne gives
its quasi oonsen', after a vigorous re
mooetranee. in. these words (referring to
Sumner's oharge that tbe President bas
become an enemy of his country):
"Tbe country settled the point refer
red to some, months ago, and by virtue
of its decision the XLth , Congress will
hold its session' Believing that , what,
the whole oounfry had agreed to must
be admissible in -debate, Mr, Anthony,
who had the chair, so decided." .,- .
Saints A No. 1 Few.
.Wendell '"Phillips' thinks 'there are
not many A (No. 1 saltitf" in 1 Congress,
ofLbutiHs ar fair sample of tbe general
opinion of the North.' When Ben
Bailer and Simon Cameron get there,
the saints will be transported to a higher
sphere, and nil will become 'A No. 1
Just wait until the text Congress meets,
Mr. Phillips aBd we think. even you, will
be satisfied with its saintly cbarscter.
Cincinnati Enquirer. ,'. ; V , ' '; ; ' ';
Tax lladioals reoeive the late decis
ions of tbe Uoited States Supreme Court
vory ungraoiously and exhibit' a dispo
sition to be rebellions.' A majority ; of
the Court,' be' it remembered, was . ap
pointed by'- Mr. Lincoln. They : sup
posed them to he after their own heart,
willio&to forget the aored duty - they
owed to the Constitution, and the laws,
and ready to aid the work., of the revo-
Jationists.i Tbe Uincinnati . uazette oi
Mondavi Has an srtiole with the caption
'Tresson ia the Supreme Court,', . and
says these decisions will expose it to
'popular contempt i-.Tbe. Gazette; snd
suoh journals,' would.prefer haviog.this,
the highest tribunal io toe land, com
posed ef demagogues who would be eon
trolled io tbeir actions by personal and
political prejudices.1 Ulea who. are fit, to
on tbe bench, and who hava .eqme
pride of reputetion, sre not to be swayed
ih olamor qf pfihticians or the bab,
bliog of fools. PortmotHhttTiinedt!
II V7i.nl -i.'. . i i l J -J "I Ii ! . -
'fin S ti Louis1 Republican' t Sf J oseph
special says tbat parties from the Plains
report a lsrg "numbei'' of Indians' en
oamped near MorrowVRsfiobe, beyond
Cottonwood,' ' It is supposed 'it-is their
intention to pommtt aepreaauonB on me
whites. , . The settlers in the vicinity are
taking unusual precautions' for. defense,
and are well prepared tor prevent a sur
prise or. repel ad " attaok. The Xlmaha
bapers state'' that there is littls deubl
that all the Indians on ' tbe Plains are
hostile, and, unless' prompt and decisive
measures are taken 'to prevent is, there
will i be a general iodiatt war next umr
mer.- ... , -
Beast Butler and his Libel
, The following correspondence explains
itself. There are .people-' who think
Butler never commenced vuit against
us for libel, ss first published in the Chi
cago Tribune, that Republicsn paper
that is always reliable".. En to the point.
January 13, 1867.
Editor Democrat, Lacrotte, Wit!..
S.r.'-lWhen in Milwauke "last October, I
made all arrangements with parties there
toward tbe proseoutiou of the suit I have
brought against you for defamation of
eharaster, as per preliminary noti floatioa
and summons. This was the principle ob
ject I bad in visiting Wisconsin and my
work was done welL On consultation wfeb
a few friends f hate deoided.to withdraw
Hie stilt If you will agree to stop your per
sonal attacks on me as a man and officer
which have so often appeared in yourpaper,
the La Crosse Democrat. . I have no particu
lar wesire or need to collect of you the
amount claimed, ($100,000) but do wish to
have your annoying articles stopped, and
if y ou do not accede to this proposition, the
law must take its course., B. F. Boxhr.
Sanctum of the Democrat,
Lacrosse, Wis., Jan. 18, 1867.
Major General Benjamin nf. i Butler,
L. L. D.: v-
. .Sim Yo-rnnl nhtfiiMJG
day's mail, and daly noted. . As, at
preseot constituted, with a naturaf die
gust, for tnit ves, , robpers, turn-coats,
military blunderers,, bank robners, wo
maf insulters, and evil hearted scound
rels generally permit me 10 all kindness
to say that I have no re traotion to make
to yon, for I never , published a word
concerning yon I did not believe true,
and which you must know ' to' be' true
as holy writ, if vou are at all familiar
with" jour own dishonorable history as a
publio being, dignified" by accident of
birth with the name of man. I would
not willingly injure your feelings, or
drprive you of your world vside rtputa
tion, ao well earned in, tbe servioo of
Butler vs. honesty, patriotism and virtue
Nor do I wish you to die yet awhile, for
yod natne. history, blunders,' robberies,
lnsnwc women1 and treason to.yoar
country arevaluaole. as "wijtatha
rising generation. . ,;.
iielievmg you to be all I nave ever
charged you with being, confident in my
full aaiuty to prove every,. charge, you
are politely privileged to let tbe law take
its coarse, .when. Ihe world will know
more of yotirv robberies, history, smbi-
tions, ete eto, too, numerous to meu
This only favor' I ask of you is'this
if you conclude to go on with your suit
jor.uoei ana ana asmsges to tne amount
of (100,000, permit me to .'plead my own
ease in eourt ,and give me bolj time to
put my spoonp. sijver . were, wstohes.1
; - . - ' ; . '
jewelry, Xo., &o, iq some plsce.of ssfe
..iJ iL. . a iTtt at. a! I
y " j wsa iju, ;.!nf
With bVsf wishes for your success sod
wsroi reception in your future home, 1
ain - . ';.
Editor Democrat, La Crosse, Wis.
New England Civilization
and Morality.
I.v the concluding volumes of the cen
sus, of 1860, wbioh have just been issued
from tbe Government printing office, we
find tbe following interesting figures io
refereqee to pauperism and crime, which
snow Jtnst JUajsaohusetts with , all . her
boasted intelligence, morality and civili
zation, produoef more, than her share of
criminals and paupers. Massachusetts
with a population or 1,231,060 suppor
ted . during . ;he year .cndiog Jane 30tK
I860, 51,880 paupers andconvioted 12,-
732 criminals,.,. Ohio with a population
of 2,339,511 bad but 5,953 paupers and
C.830 . criminals. Tho , population .In
diana was 1,35028 j, number of paupers
i,903 auu onuiipainijio'. ropuianaa
of Illinois, .1,7,11,051 ; numbdr of pati
pcra. 4,625; number of c'rirrjinsls, 812.
Population ,,qf . Kentucky, , 1,155,684;
number of paupers,' 1,265 number of
oriminajs, 600. It will thus be seen that
Ohitawith nearly, million larger popu-
lation than Massachusetts, oooviotsd but
little oyer one-half as mapy criminals.
Kentocky, with nearly, as, large k pbpu.
.lation as the Bv Stato, has less than one
twenty-fourth, of ; the criminals., , The
other States reveal obput the same ratio.!
iTh,e. figures dp not. speak well of New
England morality, and ita boasted ("o(v
ilizstion" produces vety poor fruit, i The
Yankees as a people, may publish more
books and have more book learning, but
they had rather ' finanoier" for ', living
than work for it and.,thoir,ttfcha,rpness,",
wbjeh jqeans as!y Xankee.waypf swtnd
ilnu. oft times .brings them .within the
olutches p( the i.law. Pitrttmoni Timer
r'l 1 "III. 'i m f' , ,'r.i.)a i
--Ai New MiLirARt'jPosT.-wTbei Jef
ferson villa (III.) .Democrat ia informed
thaf ' the Government, will oommjanCe
buildine in that town, in tho ! spring;
SUbstautis brjok warehouses .of extensive
proportions, fori the purpose vofi ieoom;
modating eommissary, quartermasters
and ordnance (departrreDts, unjs.kiog a
military depot of more ,signiuoaBe.thau
anypolct in the unitott Diates tew
barraoks are to be erected there .also for
tbe-'dUartoiinw oi the detachment .of
troops noW stationsiat Newport.; Ky. v
"I lUZJ. U-hm, ' Ail In r,,,l, V,;
Th national debt.. of France' si no a
the aceewiiu of 1 the1 preseotNapotoon,
haseo' ihcreasod .270.000,000, the
entire national debt Mm6unting to 483,
000,000. . , ,
Int Supreme Court 'or Indiana has
j.M.if that ihe law levving Uxes On
dogs .inbat. State foj the
couraging sncep raistngj i vanu.
"Rebel" as a Term of Reproach.
-' - proarh.
Therx (is no - greater truth n ihe
Declaration of.' Independence tha the
statement that all history he's proved
that people are mote' prone to bear ip
pression and tyianny too long than o
ise and change their governments upon
too light snd trifling causos Notwith
standing ihe opprbf ium whioh is sought,
in this age, by shallow partisans, to bo
visited upon the word .'rebel," there is
little that is glorious in the history of
mankind that is not associated with that
word. All tbe freedom there ia io tho
world, politioal and religious, we owe to
tho exertions of what were oalled "reb
els" io their day and generation. Tha
oames ws have taught (or hnorriioih in
ancient and modorn timeSj wsta .those to
whom tbis appollatibn has been applied.
Large eoovmunities and great bodies of
men. do not rebel ' until they have real ;
tfansos of trievsDoe, , The risks of rebel
lion are too great,, the sufferings they
are almost certain to cause, too intense
to lead to suoh decided 1 action,' wjthout
the publiq are spurred on by injuries and
iadigcities that no high-spirited ' people -can
submit toj without disgrace' and but
rflillatipn injurios that, if submitted to, ,
are certain to lead, in tne end, to un
bearable oppression. ' It is singular that,
iixUlusfjjUiitiy, whna Qaaejuunenl. is
tbe fruit of a juceessful jbllioDt which
was formed by "rebels' and then adopt
ed by "rebels," which has sympathized
with every rebellion that wri ever set on
foot, should now have a party that finds
ia that term its highest degree of politio
al .depravity, whioh mouths tbe word
"loyalist" with all the fsoility with whioh
it has dver been used by the supporters
of kingcraft snd priestcraft in all
and countries.
.: They are, indeed, trying to read our
aistory backward, or, rather, to use with
a different -application the language of
the President, they have swung around
the circle until they have got directly
upon an opposite, side.' Only think ef
the deoendants ot those who boast of
their Hampton and Sidney who have
tbeir Washington, their Adams, Han
oock and Jefferson, all of whom soted in
defeuse of, civil liberty and of the right
of a peopi wheo oppressed to change
tboir government, and adopting as a
fundamental artiola of their creed tbat to
rebel agiinst constituted government is
the highest of orimes and the greatest bf
moral as' well as political sins.. The
most ultra high Tory dootrines o( the
apologists of .the Stuarts io the darkest
periods ot English history have bow be
come the.oroed of a faotkon io our own
oountry. From tbem they draw all
their arguments.' They reason from the
sarde premises,' and they oome to the
same conclusions They seem deter,
mined to blot out rebel reoollections in
the past by the greater tory or . loyalist
seal io the precept; Our haters of reb
els hare been, we fear, thrown into the
wrong, century. , What an . admirable
force they would have constituted to
sustain1 ' the tyranny of James or. of
Charles, in England 1 How loyal they
would have been to the British Govern'
ment in 1776 I , What faithful subjects
of tbe Hapsburg.or of the,, Czar they
would malte, whose Governments do not
bate rebels more than they do. '', "
How many Jeff. .Da vises and Robert
Lees tbey would have found in Huog.ry
and Poland !. VYhat extensive fields for
confiscation would the rebellion io those
nations have presented to them '' "Tbey
would have had their gibbets' snd Sibo
rias for all who had rebelled against
rightfurauthority' and : the proscrip- -tion
and persecution would have been
sufficient to gratify the malico even of
suoh men as Ben. Butler and Tbad. .
Stereos. Unfortunately for the cause'
of humanity that it was the destiny of
these zealous. loyalists to bo cast in this
lanS, whose previous history and the
temper of whose people had not beau
nxaotiy io oonsonanoe with them, and
that, therefore', so much. has to ho done
in order to blot out the pastt that we
may have an . eutirely new politioal
dispensation.--They would have .given
the Czar and Kattior no trouble, wheress,
in the Uoited States,; owing to the per- .
vereiiy of those who can not entirely
forgot our history, they promise to be an
ejement of trouhieby their1 atjempts to ,
move us back into 'the darkness of. the
Middle Ages, whep te resist any degree
of oppression of s government was tresson
both to God and man. and when rebels
were at onoe given over to the fagot and
tus siaae. or wt-io tiuuuicu uuvu iug
gallows. Lin.Enq,
William Brown, v desperado of
Lynchburg, Ky.J committed a robbery ,
io the violnity of. Broomfield Station.
He barricaded his house and defied ar
rest. Friday week, Constable murpny
summoned a young man named Samuel
Broomfield to assist Jbim io ' arresting
jJrowo. On aDproaohine, Brown's bouse
they were fired' upon with a 'rifld from
the house.' One 'shot passed 'through
Broomfield's breast, killing bim ioatant
ly. Another , shot took effeot in ( the
breast of Mnrp'by.J iofiioting a'tnortsi
wound. At last acSouots Murphy wal
sinking rspidly. ' No further attempts
bad been made lo arrest iirown. wno
still held possession of the heuse strong-.
ly barriflsded.
ANOinia Fenisn, Pat McQratb, has
been oonvioted. at Toronto, but not sen
tenced, as the'Jddge said' he hsd re
ceived inslruotions to en tence no mere
eniaua just tneoBu( : . , ,f.v-
A Toronto paper . ! ir-an, article on
Ihe impeadhmcot of tifer President.,, aj
that the leaders io tne movement -are
Ihe very men to fiioclif before,, dc,mn
stration of public opluion.y., , , ,'f .; c

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