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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 07, 1867, Image 3

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OFFICfi-,n M-iions's Building, on Mnln Street.
rtelnr of iioctil Interest.
fits Diamond Furnace, at Jackson, is of
fered for sale by David Tod.
Hon. A. Mayo will deliver a lcoture al
Jttcfton,'next Tuesday evening.
Request your neighbor to subscribe for
the Democratic, jpHjuirer, Don't forget ill
Akoihir fox hunt took place in Franklin
Township, JaokronCounty, last Saturday.
Onapx. was -caught. ,
Ilo.t. II. S. Bundy, Mowbor of Congress
from this District,-will accept oar thanks
f,or a copy of the Cbloago Republioan.
r.'.u,.-, ', !.' 1 " , . .. ,',,1
- X uW of uncalled for letters remaining
(iV the: Post, Office, In this town; will be found
in' anolher column.. : ., . .
now "game law, amended at 'the last
session of the Ohio Legislature, took effeo t
eii" the 1st xf January one month earlier
t baa heretofore
U. HI! 1-
3f uit earnings of, the Marietta and Ciaoia-
ti&li. Railroad for. the year I860, are put
dow at $1,200,000 ; some $24,000 loss than
I . ..
'J'Wt'are. .under many obligations to our
good friend, Q. W. Wilson, House Carpenter
and joiner, of this' towo,; for numerous fa:
,Vof8 ! Wash ia. one of, the best of "good
fellows," and deserves the patronage of
those wishing anything ', done in the Car-
jentry Una, ,! ; ',V.j .:, , v ;.
alt ill nr. ', ' . .
. .V?s)earn' that an effort is being made 'to
lave Horace Redd, Post Master at this place
removed. '' Mr. Redl is an excellent offioial
Jjrtind and accommodating to every body
an d we think he' is just the person that
ought to be kept' where he is.; He is
"rljgpimaa in the right place." Alwajs let
'.well enough alone."
It.Tui Weather has been rather , warm since
the deep snow passed away. It was a very
' fortunate. oironmstance that the deep enow
'pelted off " without a heavy rain, or there
V would have been an extraordinary freshet.
The little rain that did fall after the three
days of thawing raised all the streams in
this part of the country.
Tui side-walks end crossings in this town
are in a bad condition at' present; but we
would be- in mud almost Knee deep, like om e
iowns we read of, )f we had. no side-Balks
.'tad' pavements. ; The country 'people are
requested not to discontinue 'their visits to
our town, if the streets and side-walks are
'gcttiag to be "horrible to behold "
tvv.u - ' .-v . ' ' .
A bill, abolishing1 tbe office of road su-
'ftArvisnm of riiRt.riot.a and niacins tha rnaria
x -- - ' r m .
entirely under the control of the township
. trustees, Las passed the Ohio Senate. The
trustees are required to contract with or em
ploy, persons ' to repair all . the roads of a
Jtojrnship, or let to farmers Jthe making of
loads running through their farms.
t ; " - -:
Why not build a woolen factory at this
jilace ? One could be made'pay at .least three
"hundred per cent, Somebody ought to make
a inoyt. in the matter, and keep moving un
til a woolen factory is put in complete run
ning orders The wool grpwers in this town
Mdapunty might organiio and build a fac
tory and manufacture- their wool at home,
4n4 not' eell it to Eastern ; speculators. We
see no reason why anyone should go abroad
far woolen' goods, when just as good a qual
ity could be manufactured at home.
,v . -
Vision County Bank. The card of this
Bank will be found in afiother part of to
day's paper. We would advise all those
wishiBg to transsot any business pertaining
to Banking, to jgo to the , t'Yintou County
Bank," in the room now oooupied by G.'W.
Sisson, as a Drug Store, on Main street. Mr.
MoDowell, the President, and Mr. Delay,- the
Cashier,'! are .both thorough business men :
. and the business ?' tlie .Bank will be con-
duotedja a way. that will benefit the citizens
Of the county, took at the eard in this p
fvt and see what they promise td'do.V-.e '."
iJ-.l-i.in.' -h r.l.i
In -I ,
;;TpEttK U an old tradition (hat the Ground
Hog, or Woodohuclr, eomes out of bis hole on
the 2nd day of February, and that if .he. sees
bis shadow in the sun he will go baolcand
: i'j'i' .i...' i i .it
' ates that thtra will be a cont inuous winter.
C-n the contrary, if it be a cloudy day, and
the gnnd Hog can not see his shadow, he'
wtfii, jrcmam out, capering apoui an aay, urns
indicating that the remainder of the winter
will be mild, and that' there will be an early
ppring.' ..'last Baturdaythe 2nd of February,
er "Ground Hog Day,"- was nearly all sun.
shine; and if the Ground Hog had come
out, his "shaggy shadow" would . have .been
visible.. Our friend, George Lanti, of this
(own, has pne. of Cse little animals, hioh
is so tame that It holds forth under the bouse
during the winter 6easori,but he did not
come out to. look, for bis sha Jew, on Satur-
. p,,, ..,, , g i i ,.m , ' ' .";.'
.John Gray, of Noble County,"Ohio, a'rev.
oliitionary soldier, aged J08 years, has been
tOttd a DSn-ion Of flva (tinnaan.l n11- ' '
Blo Furaaoe:,' in Sciofo eounty, near the
Portsmouth Branch nf thn M. k n P R
'. f?jj.ej.fJ.'J'ei M.fJole, for $60, 000.
Senate. A Mil wis repotted forever
abolishing and prohibiting peonage
(Mexican slavery) io- the united states.
A bill was passed requiring every pro
prietor of a copyright tor an j book, map,
&d., to send a oopy of the . same to ' the
Uoneressiooal Library. Ine House bill
making the maxinjum punisbmeDt for
counterfeiting the National currency and
postage stamps, fifteou years in the pen
iteotiary, or a fioo of 810,000, was
passed. The Tariff Bill took up most of
mo day. ' ;
The correspondence between the Slate
department and Mr. Motley, American
Minister to Austria wa reooived from
tbo President. Tbo Presideot's veto of
tbe Colarado Bill visa received and elici
ted some disousBlon. 1 No vote was had.
The Tariff Bill ocouoied tbo rest of the
dnj-. ,-. ' ' ' " ',
The certificate of Mr. Winston, as
Senator from' Alabama for six years from
March 4, 1867, was presented, and or
dered to lie oo the table. A bill was re
ported to establish a Department of Ed
uoation at the city of Washington. It
provides for a Bureau for tbo collection
of eduoational statistics from the several
States and Territories, with proper of
ficers to take charge of the'same. A bil
prohibiting Territorial offioera leaviug
their posts or reoeiving leave of absceaeo
for more than thirty days at a time was
passed. The tariff Bill was then dis
cussed until adiournment.
A resolution was adopted balling udod
the President for copies of any oorres.
pondenoa between the Department of.
State and f oreign Mioiatora on the sub-
Ijoct of the policy of the Administration
toward toe rebellious states. A resolu
tion was adopted looking toward com.
pensating loyal citizens of East Tennes
see forwar losses The Tariff Bill was
discussed until five o'olock. An evening
session was held, and the Tariff Bill
passed. This bill is, with a few imrxa'
teriij amendments same as that passed
by the Ildhse at the last session, and
which the Senate then feared to pasf,
dreading its effect on the fall's' eleotions.
The bill was passed at midnight fit
ting timn for the perpetration of so gi
gantic a fraud 6n the poor of tbe coun
try, Tbo vote on it was, yeas 27; Bays
IU, two Uemoorats voting among tbe
yeas Johnson of Maryland and McDou
gal of California. Tbe following named
Republicans voted against the , bill
Grimes of Iowa, Kirkwood of Iowa,
Puttorson of Tennessee, Doolittle, Heni
derson of Missouri, Lane of Indiana,
Trumbull of Illinois, Fowler. , of Ten
Deseee. Fifteen Senators had -gone to
bed or weie sick. ' . . .
v The bill to regulate the duties of the
Clork of the House : passed. This bill
provides that the Clerk of the present
(JoogroBS shall omit from the roll of the
next CoDgreaa the ltopresentativea.. from
States oot reprosontod io ibe-present
Longress. ; it was opposed by several
Senators as a purely partisan measure.
The Bankrupt Bill was taken up, and
disoussion had on an . amendment as to
the property the bankrupt might hold
exempt from tbo action of creditors.
Mr.' Wade, while favoring the law, would
vote against it,, under instructions from
the Ohio Legislature. Without coming
to any action on the bill the Senate ad
journed, . ' ', ' '
;. The resolution of Mr. Sumner, calling
upon the President for the name of the
person who wrote the letter to Mr. Sew
ard abont Minister Motley, passed. Mr.
Irumbull, from the Judiciary Committee,
reported a joint resolution prohibiting
the payment of any claim against the
United States, aocruiog prior to April
13, 1861, to any persqn not known to
nave been opposed to tne rebellion. A
bill was reported to punish any person
wbo shall rob another of property be
longing to the United States. A bill
was introdnoed to amend the act for the
removal . of cases commenced in State
Courts . against . Federal officers' The
Bankrupt Bill was taken up, " and the
question ot amount to be exempted tur
ther debated. Senate bill to regulate the
tenure of office was reeeived from the
House, amended so as to inolude Cabi
net offioers among those who were not to
be removed without the advice and eon-
soot of the Senate. Mr. Edmunds
(Rad.) of Vermont, moved to disagree.
Mr. TrumhuyRad.) hoped the Senate
would agree. ' Before a vote was had the
Sjnate adjourned.
: House. A long disoussion was bad
on the resolution introduced by Mr. Kel
so, of Missouri, declaring the impeach
niftflt and removal of the President to
be the imperative duty of Congress.
The" morning hour for-suoh discussions
having expired .before a vote was had,
the resolution went over. During the
debate, Mr, Willsoo, of Iowa, one of the
Judioiary Committee (charged , with
Ashley's impeachmoot ' resolution) said
nothing done in the Committee ion the
subjeot would be known outside of it,
until it Teported to ihe House. , A bill
was introduced by Mr. Kasson, otlows,
making a criminal offense for any judge
to sentence any oriminal to receive oor-
poreal punishment, "or for any sheriff or
other ouicer to exeoate such sonlence.
Mr. Sttvens' reconstructing bill was ta
ken up. " Mr Julian, of Indiana, cans.
ured Providence for oof having provi
vided 'an orthodox hell' for rebels. Af
ter , muoh violent ; language, and great
bitterness of feeling among the members'
and especially on. the part of Mr.
Stevens, thfl bill was sent to the Reoon
struction Committee of fifteen, by a vote
of 83 yeas to 65 nays. A resolution
was adopted calling on the Secretary of
the Treasury for the amount of taxes
paid by the National-. Banks, to the Uni
ted States, and to the States, in which
the'f are Jooated, :, ;' -k v i-vi )u
The House relieved the Committee oh
' Eleotions from the further consideration
of last 'fall's Maryland eleotioo. Mr.
Jeockes. from the Joint ..Committee on
Retrenchment reported, back .the House
bill to regulate appointmentsjo tbe civil
service of the United States.' .The prin
ciple of the bill is that every person bo
tore being appointed to office - shall un
dergo an examination to ascertain his
eompeteooy. A discussion was had'on
the Indian Bureau, which was denounced
as. a den of thieves. . A report from the
President inclosing oopies of telegraphic
dispatches relative to the New Oprleans
riot was reoeived. Tbe Dill for payment
of invalid and other pensions was con
sidered. It appropriates $32,280,000 for
the payment of pensions for the year
ending June 30, 18C8. A proposition
to pay Mr. Harvey, United States Minis
ter to Portugal, gave rise to much disr
oussion. ine ltauioais opposed, , be
cause Mr. Harvey had written a letter to
Mr. Seward not very complimentary to
Congress. A proposition was aUo dis
cussed to stop the pay of Mr. King,
United States Minister to liome, because
be did not resont the alleged order of
the Pope forbidding Protestent church
es within the walls of the city. -. .
The Committee on Foreign Affairs
was instructed to enquiro into the expo
die noy of an assertion , by Congress of
tbo pnneiplo, tbat the naturalization by
tbe United States of the Bubjeots of any
foreign State exempts such naturalized
citizen from the military serfioe under
such ioroign State as long as they choose
to retain the rights oonferred by natural
ization. Mr. Thad Stevens introduced a
bill providing for the establishment of
Coxmoo Schools in the Distriot of Co.
lumbia, for all children between the
ages of six and sixteen years, regardless
of sex or color. And in order to oom
pol poor people to send their childVen to
sohoolwita the negroes, the bill provides
that no father or guardian Bhall be enti
tled to vote at any election hosa chil
dren, being of proper age, did not attend
school part of tbe proceeding year.
One-third of tbe expense of the schools
are to be borne by the United States,
and the remainder by the District. The
Senate bill providing for an anual in
spection of Indian Affairs was discussed.
The proviso of the bill whloh stipulates
that the inspectors for eaoh district Bhall
oonsist of one person appointed by the
President, one detailed from the Army
by the Secretary of War, and the third
to be the nominee of the numerous re
ligious societies in the United States,
was the subject of mueh ridioule. Mr.
SoheocA opposed the bill ridiculing the
proposition of 'combining in each board
of inspection a politician, a priest and a
warrior.' The Consular and Diplomatic
Bill was coDBiderod in Committee of the
Whole, A letter from Rome by Rev.
Dr. Pry mo, dated January 4, 1867, was
read, stating the fact 7 of. the late 'sup
pres3iop of Protestent worship in Rome.
Tho letter states that 'Papal Rome is less
tolerant than Pagan liome had been.'
A proposition was finally adopted that
no money should be paid after the close
of the present fiscal year for the. support
ot the legation at 1 Kome. Provision
was made for a Consul to be located there.
The Military Aoademy Bill was also
considered, and both it and tbe Civil and
Diplomatic Bill ordered to be reported to
the1 House. '
The House sustained the amendments
of the Committee of the Whole, forbid
ing appropriations for the missions to
Portugal and Rome. A resolution was
adopted, after considerable discussion
declaring that the bill to deprive the
President ot the amnesty power, and the
bill.to regulate' the eleotive . franohise in
tbo Territories, bad beoome laws by the
failure of the President to take aotion
upon them. The bill to transfer the In
dian Bureau -to the War Department, was
passed by 90 yeas to 53 nays. An . at
tempt was made to oonfer suffrage on
Indians as well as negroes but it failed.
The Committee oa Ways and Means
was instructed to inquire into the expe
diency of requiring the destruction Tf
all oopper-stills confiscated to the Uni
ted State?, and tbe sale of the same as
old copper, The bill to regulaje the
Presidont in the appointments of oivil
offices was . oodsidered. Mr, Fink, of
Ohio, and Hiso, of Kentucky, opposed
the bill as unconstitutional. Mr. Thad.
Stovens favored his propositiorrto deolare
all persona nominated and rejeoted by
the Senate incapable of holding any
publio office for one year. The proposi
tion to Include la the operations of tbe
bill all UabiQot ofhoers was rejected
yeas 76; nays 78. Before proceeding
further a motion iras made . to adjourn,
before which, however, several Exeou.
live communications was reoeived and
referred.' A romonstrance was presonted
from the ' Presidents of the National
Ban&a of Pittsburg against any changes
in tho banking law. ..
Leave was granted the Judioiary Com
mittee to sit during ahe sossion of the
House for the balance of the session.
That was to give it time on the impeach
ment inquiry, ine vote to. exempt Uab.
inet offioera from the operations of the
appointments of the President was re
considered, and Cabinet ofhoers iooluded
by a vote of 82 yeas, to 63 nays. The
bill waa then passed yeas 111; nays.
33. The Senate bill tor the payment ef
certain . Keciuoky militia forces was
passed witu amendments. A bill was
reported for the election by the Bouse
of a Printer to tha body, and the aboK
ishmentof the office ol' Superintendent
of .Publio Printings
PaATca.One hag somewhat annintlv but
truly said :,V God looks not at the oratory
of your prayers, how,, eloquently they1 are J
nor at meir geometry, how long they are i
nor at their arithmetic how many there are;
nor at their logic, how methodical tbey aro ;
but he looks at their iineerltyr-how spirit-
nal they are, ' ' : . -
More Radical Legislation.
The Washington correspondent of the
Baltimore Gazelle says :
'Passing this morning from the Senate
Chamber (where a tfry debate on the
Bankrupt Bill Was 'nroiresintf' in that
of the House of Representatives, I was
imiou tu uou mo memoers on (be
RadioaZ side extraordinarily exeroised
upon a matter before them, whioh turned
out to be a bill to eitund i mnnn A.
signed to enuro to "the benefit of the
'Americsn Screw Company.' The bill
only proposed to eoninim .'ha nrinio
of 'screwing' the American peopie to tbe
tune of a miWion or two per annum for
seven joare more, in addition to the
twenty-one years tho company had already
been authorized by Jaw to monopolize
this peculiar Drocess nfrnhhin- ho Sn.
duftriaJ classes Of course, the advocates
nf il- - I I ' ,
vi mo uueicure uau managed to introduce
in their ltlh drama a 'disconsolate
wldov' and several 'fatherfess orphans '
wuiuu uau toe aesirea enecf, and tbe but
wift undoubtedly become a aw.'
That is the kind of l6nt2Lnn wni'nh
is now in fashion Jogisation for the few
at the expense of the many.
Wl VAnillfA tka n .' ! - l . .
been bold enough, during the late war for
tne m&intenannA nf a... i : tt.i . -
v. uu Kiuriuua union, 10
nave proposed the impeachment of President
"-will, upon precisely tbe same courts now
arraigiied against President Johnson for
that purpose, the very 'men now clamoring
so loudly for the trial of tbe latter, would
have beea the first ones to have swung to the
highest ftlbbet. tha mitW nf !. .1 :. 1 .1
proposal. Jranrrty Democrat.
RlPDDLICAN frinnrl I Wk.n n... ri....
tablished this Government, trey created
primarily three departments the Legisla
tive, the Exeoutive, and the Judiolal. Of
these three, two oondemn your whole paity,
Us past history, and its present purposes.
What do you think? Don't you begin to-
T- ... .u vuircumcN 01 your political be
lief? Or would you doubt though one could
riso from tde dead 1-Marion Democrat.
TlIB GathfiUn Diiivnh in 11,. it.:..j 01. 1..
. ... , wuiwu amies
is said to have 3,884 ohurches and chapels,
74 theoloeioal BuUllnlinea unrJ 1 jn.i .1 '
y -,-vTt awiuv.
mies and sohoola nnntmnlnir in nAiy-niiiiila
The Catholio population of the United States'
is eaumaieu irora 4,ouu,U(Xl to 5,U0U,000.
drive faster than a vallr wt
heavy loads, . .
A fellow in Ilnrrlnhn rtv Pat wVa
coasing a party of girls upon the ice fell
, . - ! W I1U Wf OB
ana broke bis nose.
Baltimore Market.
BALTIMORE, February 4.
. Coffee steady. Choice Bio 18jl8jo.
riour lower. Dates worth-western extra
in i . . . .
nutjHt nu.aies. IVhlln unrn .i
low 6yatfl7o. Oata holioi.
rrovisions firm, but inactive, for want of
Mess pork $22. . Lard 12o." '
Whieky nominally unchanged.
Chicago Market.
CHICAGO, February 4.
Flour firm, with a moderate business do
Wheat is less active at $1 85l 86 for
. iiu. i is ugieotea ana nominal. Corn
is in iair speculative Uemand at 79k. for
no. l. Oats are firm at 41c.
ine DroviRion marital. ! n..i:.. l.-.
holders are firm in their views, and are not
umposeu to nuice concessions. Mess pork iB
held al$19, wilh buyers al $18 6018 75.
Sweet-pickled hams are firm and suady at
Si: "". - amaaVwoVV;
, ,
H KlZt!: .fo-partaeranipfcr the purpo.e
and with ample Ciciltlies for the transaction ofanv
DIlflinMB IWNflinmn (a lnii;u.. 1. . . . . .
. , w. w i.cyiMiutiw iiuuHiiiR, wittuuer
w80KVJ?es to.tne bunneniipiiblio jfonerallr.
BONm m i iJt';WA"'. WIN AND
. lT "v; iuihhui bi. rtawtuuuuie raies on no
CaS?ohr'rrlnterp gjfEK Ms.on fcRBd
llANAII. Ul.liln. l . I.
...a,UUK , iBiuimionHy vo t oroiaa coun
tries can obtain Urafl at our Office. -.
. February 7, 1867-3ra j .
Attachment Notice.
James Glenn, Plaintiff,
! Before Gcorgj Cmig,'
Justice of Pcauo, of Clin-
n,:,., , . , ,. ' ' . I"" lownsmp, Vinton
William Z. Wicklmc, DoPL I County, Ohio.
N the 28th of j amiarv, A. D. 1867, said Justice la-
fortheuinofJ9.00. JAMES tiLENN.
eDruary 7,1867-3w
List of Letters, ,
REMAININO in the Post Office, at McArthur, O .
On LhA lflk nf VMhriiurv mm. . ' 1
jidwardi, Rachel . 8weM, John ' ' ' '
"'feOwn ' Jones, Jr., Thomas B.
bent, William j i Wilson, Jnfties V. . .:
McAudou, Thomas . . WcCon, John C. .. .
!..,;, HOIUCB HEDD, P. M. .
Tinton County Probate Court.
NOTICE Is hereby (riven that Joseph McKinnis
has fiJed his aocount and vouchers for inHpoc-
tion AnH finf.1 RAttlomAnt. anA thnt It.. ...lit
. . - 1 ' . ii u wuia n 1 1 1 119
foi hearing on the 230 Day or KnaUAar, A. D. 1867,
m .us riuuHie Luunoi vimon uotinty uino.
February 7, ISOT-Sw , . Probate Judge.
9 'hereby given (hat a petrtilion' has been filed In
; "",uiuu rieaa, wiinin ann ror me
County of Vinton, ami Btate ot Ohio, the oliject and
prayer ot which petition is to obtain an order of said
U?.ui.rt I??f '"'lowing Alloys In the West part
of the Village of McArthnr, to-wit: ... r
,Tlie Alley lying mimediatoly west of Lots Numbers
126, 136, lb2, 171, 108, and 2u7) also, the Alley lying
J.orih of and nd.ioimng to Lots Nnmbere 131, 134
M, VM, and 136; also, Alleys running North snd
South between In-LotH Numbers 208 and 20(); and
Lots Numbers H10 and-211. Which said petition will
be for hearing at the March Term (li7) of aid Court.
. , February 7,1867- . . ltfj
'.. "(', ; ..? - : . ,
Hartford Live Stock Insurance
.- ' - ' C0.f ' ' '
Of Connecticut,
ON tbe 1st day of November, J866, made
to the Auditor ol Ohio,, pursuant to tbe
Statute of tbat 8tate.
The amount of its Capital 8look ' '
paidup.is ' . ''''.$150,000 00
11. A SB r. l b.
Cash on hand, and in tbe hands .
of Aients. . : . , , . $22,312 CC
Tbe Bonds and Stock owned ot
the Company ... . 43,457 50
Debts due the Company, seour-
ea Cy Mortgage, . ' . .' 36,500 00
Debts otherwise seoured, . 50.000 00
Debts for Premums,. , ... 2,785 67
All other Seourltes, . .,' . 211 00
Total Assets of Company, $155,290 83
The greatsst amount insured In '.
any one risk, . . . . $2,000 00
Countt or Habtfobd,
E. N. Kellogg, President, and W. C. Good
rich, Seoretary of the Uartfbrd IWe Block
Insurance Company, being4 severally sworn,
depose and say, that the foregoing is a full,
true and correot statement of the affairs o(
said Insurance Company, and that they are
tbe above described Umcers thereof.
' E. N. KBLLOOO, President.
:! W. C. GOODRICH, Seoretary.
Subscribed and sworn before ma. this 0th
day of NoTmber, 1S66,
Com'r tor the State of jOkio.
Five Cbht Stamp.
Columbue, 0., Not. 19, 18G0.
It is hereby oerti fied, that the foregoing
is a correct copy of the Statement of the
Condition of tbe Hartford Live Stock In-
suraw company of Connecticut, made to
and filed in this Office, for the year 18C7. '
LHkal.j Witness my band and seal offi
cially. : ' v,- . JAS. II.GODMAN, ; '
Auditor of Slate.
By Jab. Wiiuams, Ch'f Clerk.
,i . 1
(To Expire on the 31st day of January, 1868.)
OrricB or the Auditor or State,
Columbus, O., Not--19, 18G7,
INSURANCE COMPANY, located at; Hart-
tora, in tne btate or tonneeticut, has filed
in this offioe a sworn statement of its con
dition, as required by the aoY"ToRegulaU In-J
surance companies not incorporated by the
State of Ohio," passed April 8, 185C, and
amenaea reDruary a, 1864, and tbe act "To
regulate Foreign Insurance Companies,"
passed April 5, 1860; and, Whereas, said
Company has furnished the-undersigned
satisfactory evidence that it is possessed of
an actual iromal of at least UprfiuNSRip
required by - said acts; and, Whereas, said
Company has filad . in the offioe a written
instrument under its corporate seal, signed
oy ine rresiueni ana Beorsurv thereof, au
thoriiing any agent or, agents oC wi4 Com
pany in this htate to acknowledge, semqeol
process, for and in behalf of said Company
according to tbe terms of said act of April
8, 1850.
Now, Therefore, in pursuance of the act
aforesaid, I JAMES H. GODMAN, Auditor
of State for Ohio, do hereby certify that
ANCE COMPANY of Hartford, Connecticut,
is authorized to transact the 'business of'
Live Stock Insurance ' in this State until
the thirty-first day of January, in tbe year
one thoueand eight . hundred and sixty
eight. Sbal; In Wirmtss Whereof, I hate
. hereunto subscribed . . my
. A name and caused the seal of
my office to be affixed the
". day and year above written.
Auditor of State.
- By Jas. Williams,
' ' , ' ' Ch'f Clerk.
J. Vf. UOWES, Agent,
j it ... . McArthur, Ohio.
Jnniwry 31,:180T-.1w , , .'. . . t
A Beautiful .Preraitisi Engraving, and Re-
duocd V rices to Clubs
TfiE LADY'S FRIEND onnouncos lor 18CT the
following noveletes: A New Story by Mrs. Henry
Wood, author ot 'East Lvnne' 'The ChanninirO
jHow a Woman had her Way,' by Elizabelh Vres-
i auinor or moiu oy me bud. '.o uonaet
Vnnnn ho l..nn t Tlni.lna .nil,... .f Tt.
- ....e, j HIIIMIUI Wllfil"l iM.,"l VI ill
Trust,' etc. 'Dora Castel,' by Frank Lee Reuedict.
It will givi a epiendiii double page finely colored
Fashion Plnte engraved an stoel in evesy number
It will give a beautifully executed fancy steel en
graving, ami a targe assortment qt wooa run, iiiust
g rWihion, fancy work, eto.. In every numSer,
ii hiii give a popular piece music, worm tne cost
of tha mAgnzine itself. In everv number. It will oivn
a copy of the Heautiful Premium Steel Ecgraving
'One of Life's Happy Hours' 26 by SO inches, to ev
ry Single 82.60 subscriber, and to averv unnrii
dub. - ; T"
Koflersas nreniums Whreter A Wilann'a Snino
Machines. Hilver Plated Tea Htts. Hnnonn. Pillion,
Oojd and Silver Watches, Guns, Rifles, Melodious,
viniiro niiuvfo, njurietuu m uyuiopouitta, efts. f N
, .. . : 'AfiHiVia,
1 copy, (ana the engraving,) "! ' ' ' ' $ 2 3rt 1 '
4 oopies, . . .j ) .. 6 00 '
8 copies, (and one gratis) . i 8 00 , ,
8 copies, (and one gratis) " 12 0O
110 ooniea tand one irratifi) vaon'-.
Ono copy each of the Lady's Friend and the Satur '
dav Evonina Post for I4 0O. ... .
' The getter up ofuolub will always receive aoopj of!
ii. . I..IIIIUIII uiiijiiiiiu((. iTivuiuura 01 a quid wisn
ing the Etigraying must remit one- dollar eitra.
.ieoge uesirom or gotting up clubs or premitun
lists should enclose 1& cents lor aamnla
containing the particluara. Addreas ... . . . i .
. 319 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. '
Vol. Xvl, for 167.
8. 1). HARRIS, Editob. . ., . ''
., A. W. PARKER, PuBLisuEt.
"Agricultural ' and Family Paper.
vuauanto at Cleveland, ohio. "
Devoted" to Sural and ' Hoitnhold A
Ti5RMS. Sinele cotitL onlv 5.no
An extra copy ono year for etery olub of
len.andan extra copy six months for
olub of ail.."- BDaoimoni 'and PrntMi iio
sent iree.to persons desiring to get upolubs.
Address r uiUU x AUMEU,
' " Cleveland, Ohio.
. " " ' ror mi, -
hxltaoriknanj JnductmenU to'", 'Out
' '' - Agmttt i i' f. ;,.
' '
Premium Amounting fi-' 1 1 i
01,445 001 4.
To' hi Dutributed in April, 18C7
For List of Premiums and Particulars of
Distribution, see tbe Weekly Enquirer
and Subscription Ciroulara
"" ... r . ' . ' '
rr E, this year, offrr prizes to tho above amount (
,, ..,,..,, ,, imirDDg wno Will
be t aken in the household of all our Democrat!
frionds, South and West, ita influence would be po-
iu. i-iiniiKiuK piv iMjiim.-iu wipoui oi attain. The
great point tor whichll Iriends of the Union should
If it had had an equal hearing with the errors ot our
nnhnnentr. arA Mttmil.t imia. Via v. h.J . v. . ...
crisis of the last fiyo years. Taught by sad experi.
eni oi its necessity, we trust the Democratic prem
irt in future tn havA a Iai-upp mhIibn f inA..K.. .
. , . ' a - i w. iiwunivi KU4
circulation. . ...
What evils have fallen npon tho land, owing to tha
erroneous political oduatioa of tho tnoasegl jf Va
would restore tha old order of things once mora t
fnt National Unity and the old-fcahioned Peace and
PresDerllv . a mnat. nla.a 1 1,. ri.,, . ...
y y ...v v.iuvuiih; PKIAia III
.,.,,, w. u,j tnemost ef
fective agent in the work, we repeat, l' theoimuU.
tion of the Democratic press
. . .iiia upou uih consiuora- ,
tion of the Democracy that are unirersally oknowl-
OfliAil- TlipMlrrh t,riiar.rin,iAn 1 ...... .
a.......... ."v...k..m nuU uoiauvuuon un
exampled, with military edicts cutting ofl our cir
culation in whole States and district, threatened
with tots! suppression, personal imprisonment and
inuu violence u we aia out cnatige our course, ws
fltnnd hv the HAmnnrntin fluff on.4 .ana :
its tenets. Twice burned to the ground within thir.
teen months, and amid t he greatest pecuniary dis-
nDKiB uuumjuciik ujivu it. wu nave never 103C aa
issue of our paper, or broken a promise to any of
our subacri bers. In the future, as in the past, under
Uie sun of prosperity as well as the clouda ofadver-
Hl'v. U' ahall kan- aliA V... h ll
nu mini, .ri.i aiui, avmui i.aiu DUUDflr aUll
be faithful to tte organization. Will not the Domoo
rnev of the Northwest stand by them who wore true
in tne darkest hours to their political and personal
intMAat. and will they not. eiert themso'ves to in
crease our circulation!
As a business and family journal, the Enquirer has
no fllinnrmr. Kuih niimliai.annlnin. .1 J. .
(jnucmiinnB, and itiosi reuaoio Intelli
gence and reading matter. Financial and Commer
cial News Is made a special feature of ;the Enquire-.
An unusually large space bein devoted to full and
rp.lluhlA PAnnrla nf Mla -..linn nw:rtAa ..r.u: j .... ...
. -t - . " - wv....oi..o n ituue amount
--r .Ma.a, a4iuca VI VIU0 tUlU UtQSr
markpts. . .
Tha Vaal.1. II 1 - -. . , .. .
- " v "H'"t oo mauea SUOSCrl
Ders at the following reduoad rates:
oniric uupy, one year, ' 1 8 00 '
" " sixmonths, . ia
With w additional cop'y to the getter op of the club.
MnnttV tO be RAnt lit AMP oialr V.u . :i
AT in rAO-ldtAI-Ari lattam. M.:l TH ' r .
v p v '"- ,a ; man. rur buiiis over ten
dollars by mail, drafts or post office money orders
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Specimen oopies and subscription circulars con
taining list of prizes and all necessary iuformatioo.
sent on application. . . , . .
--Vi. '-rr - -or IHK . .';.,' -j;!7--,
O II 10 : STATESlilAiX
1 ' ror 1867. .. ' , r) I :
A 8 in the past, throngh snnshtne and storm, The
Ohio Statesman wili continue Inflexibly Demo
crane unalterably devoted to an advocacj of the
maintenance or the Constitution, in "spirit anil in let
ter, and to the preservation of the Union. Aside
fro.n this, The fetatetunan will bestow particular at
tention to - .
News, Legislative ani Congressional
Reports, ,jChtrin, Lislructive , and
. , - :, j. icaxmg ; juiccrarure. .,
And will give faithful market reports from the lead,
ing Commercial Centers of the country. , .
on tl 13th of December, The - Weekly Statesman
will be so enlarged as to give two and a half addi
tional columns u f leading matter weekly. iThe fol
lowlngarethe . . , . : ; .
Daily Statesman, per yeai, $ 9 on
" " HIT TYinnt.ha . . iJ J in
Tri-Weckly Statesman, per year, ..,j. .;i ., M
" " sixmonths, StS
One copy, six months, for . ; u ' 1 00
t)pe copy, one year, for . , - too
Five copies, one year, lbr ' ' ' ' ' too
Ten copies, one year, tor r ' ' n '. .17W
Twenty copies, one year, for 82 DO
Fifty copies, one year, for ija
':. "-- . ,' Columbus, Ohio,
Vinton county ' Probate Court.
NOTICE. David Foreman, Administrator 0 the
Estate of Robert Welch, deceased, has led his
accounts and vouchers for inspectkmand settlement,
and that the same will bo for hearing in the Probate
Court of Winton County, Ohio, on the Sts dai or
FisiVAsr, A. i. 1007. ..'..
January 24, 1887-3w ' .1 Probate Judge.;.
Slicrill'8 Sale. ,
Slak'o Ohio, 'Vinton County, ts. ;i
Alexander Henderson') ' ' l -s: ! j
vs. . . Order of Sale No. J.
George A. Leach. J 1
1UR3U!VNT to tho command ef an order of sale
. issusd from the Court of Common Plosa of Vin
ton county, Ohio, snd to me directed as8hrifl of said
ounty, I will oftor at rtiWic sale, at the door of tho
Court House, in the Town of McArthur, in Vinton
county, Ohio, On -' - i v v
Wednesday, the 21th day tf rehruaty, A. D
, -.. u',1867,". .,;
at one o'clock P M, of said day, tho following de-
and Hta.t of Ohio, to-wit: w
ouriueu premiMes, bhuhwi id tne LiOuntv 01 viuton.
ive acres of land and witer in the Southrnii
corner in a square lot oft the Ea half of the South.
East quarter of Section Number Eighteen Township
Ten, Range Seventeen; also, beginning at the North
west corner of the East half of the North-east quar
ter of Section Number Nineteen, Township Ten, of
Ranee Seventeen: thence nuinincrHontK tn th.tat.a
road; thenoe North-east along the West side of said
road to tho East and West line on the North end of
said half qiiarternhonce running West to theplsee
of beginning, so as take all the land that lies on the
west siue where said road runs, belonging to tuid
half quarter. 1 . 1 ..,,-
Atso . . ' ... -:,
The following described real" estate, sitUBte in See-
ncn Eighteen, Township Ten. of Range Seventoeni
beginning 7.08 chains North otthe South-west oornni1
of the East half of the South-east quarter f said
oTOimn, iii.i tnenne nasi j.on cnainsitnence ooutn 711
links: thence N. 85. Eastl.AO elmiim: tlienOA IM M
East 240 chains; thence N. ii ' W lid Chains; theiMA
N.1S" W. 1.00 chain; thence West 40 links; thenue
South 10. 15 chains to the beginhint place, Contain
ing 6 04-100 acres. ' .. ... i
Apnraisod atone thniisanil Ova hundred delta
(KI.5oo.oo) and must bring two-thirds of that sum.
aken as the proporty of said tieonze A. Leach Is
satisfy a judgment rondered against lum in favor of
pa". Alexander nenuerson. ' - a
Terms of Sale Cash in hand at the time of sale., j
Sheriff Vinton County, 0.
B. D. Shivet; Atfy for FlaiutilT. ,
January 24, 1867-8w ' - '' ' .'! :'.'"..
,, : The Cheapest Magazine in the 'World)
". ' . ''. ,. 1 ' ' '
flHI9 popular and wldiMy circulhHd MagaHtrle has
X now reached an edition unoqualled.in this coun
try. Each number is bmnmentej by numnroua fins
engravings, and is compieto In itself, embracing a
araat ..nal. mi .j.Iab. nlid.li iIi.a Ti.na unit illnaira-
ted articles, written expressly for its eolumu It is
conceded by all to be the cheapest snd bos) Mtg.
sine in, the world. ,.1 ,
. , TERMS. . . ' "Tl
It 50aywr; Sevan cnpie $n 00; thirteen jopi(!
SIS 00.. hingle copies 1(1 cents. Address :
'"',' Boston) Masi.-

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