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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 14, 1867, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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,, i .I.. 1 1 .: ; .; h- , . r . , . . . -
' Democratic all! Time and under all CircuiJitaiiccs.
,nui."J oilrlo i
.15 1 I. Ill
oul to !iiL.i( .i a
"If AMI H Jn wwJ
o;VHv 1 LU J 1M T, I M M"
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RSMY. FEI'.IilJARY 11.' 1SI17' : !:nrm.V i . '
tt'ltlailfD, evjri TliBgpAt MOEfyxa. BY
O PF C E-s-Iu Matpm'i Building, on il aln Stteel.
WS ertpfcios.yetti-!'J. ; fai .00 v
i, ISO
One piy., three months, - . " ' 1 " ' .M0
, J,rvMpi(t,,Uiivyr, toonePbOffioe, ftp-tir
TyiOdupKiti, ope year, tobne gostonic., " .10 On
' (im- terms require payment to be made stbiciu
i'AWurq s ( , ; , .,.. , .
'A t'.llilTfi to fie notice of A wish to iJincrmhrmn at
in ntryo oi tne timet subscribed for, will h consid.
eii!powS?nKitgHneht!inl oa pnpor , will be dis
continue df unttl -niter nil arreniii: .hull be pAid. '.
MpeMHre delivered through-trie mail rrea of nnst-
gB-tnliio Jhe snuntv, and, al.o, free to subscribers
lirin(;,!u the cnujjty, rfltose posfornce is out ofthe
. a rt 1 . fffJWKJASf OF AD YER USING. , I , ,
KEerl litifaf this type,,, or ,the space occupied, by
ttxitaiii', hinke'oiio tquare. . ,.'(
OtjeikiliArkretiRinjortiotl,". )'; jh : j ')) 1:, IV10
. E;uhylUi.tipil!tI (tinertiom ... . ,- - f . 60
Arrlnnsii'iit rfdvertislna for ti Khorler pertod'tliao
nemqvufUB, uiittiKea a iti noove rates. . . '
. i . 3 mos. 6 mm, 9mos. . 12mnj
Vi-ooI'lthtXt't nlitit. K),00-A2000 ;,(S000- .. iOOO
tolutiiu, '. .'15 (. 3('t,r0' 4500 " (100
li!iimni einr:aooo 04000; r6oeo i-iwoo
tfiiii.l piwdis from e to lO lines, per snnnm, 8 60
Divorce. TS utive'lf, liot ejtcocding 2U lines, (in '
Vuviitic8;)Uiii vjivvt-u,i i i; n' i ll' W
iV''h,Hdui.tipnal 10 lines, , , , , . r. . , , 2 00
Att.V1itiicritNbice8l"tlfl(sdranee,)' .
Administrator' or Executor's Notls, (la
ndV!nee) j ,S00
Notices of ntnnwy''huf bands' or, Wives,' double
crittA. Anil JrtAilvanpa. .
Notices of Ie'aths, free. ' Marriage Notices, nccdrd-
, 'ot;cd in, the .local, column, 10 cents per .lips for
sen Inserton. "."T." ' - ' ' ' -i ;
l!otioe 6f political meet ngn;fr ..a ; ;'),:
Official Directory.
Representative in ('orttrcss Hi S. BUMY.' ; ,
' flbita Sunotor J. IIBAJJUUHY. , ..
numsentnliTO.J.8WAlM. ' , ,
ConiWon H'rWJuilge .P. PLYLEY.
I'robate Judge BHJHABD CHAlti, ,
Auditor II; C JM.OUR. ' . .
RtiftoMer-iJONA'l'lUN .BRINE,
Treasurer-BAVlC F'
Guirlc of CoilrtB GEOK41B bANTZ . ; t,j.I
Hheri-)L)11N J.SUOCKEY.- , '
Burtbyor " I -, ,, i.' ': i :M'
Corpnei-WlIjl'IAU P;,HIHGlNBi I '. '! . ,'
tommfsSib;ri-WAeHINtJ'roN frEETOIf, ; ' '
O'jBSifiV ) iMOBUl& ALBA UGH. -: ,, ... .,.
Post Offices in Vinton County.
ti'amrrN)st fiflkie,"-1 .Township.
Poxt Maxtor
Browa' , .
Clintt)ii' .
Eagle V
Bwatr' M1
Ilopa Furoaca
' Kfeir Piymoh; Us
ZiiiiBsliieof.Tii i. ''
S. IsamlntrBT
Miles nadoliff
I. Keynoldi,
Iforaaa Redd
Elk i.ic'f
Cro nw;i
Clipton Mjf i
Swan , , Wni. Tayl
George Fry'1'
-i'S v ; f i ''i
"" ;. k' it 1 1 - ' r' ' l; r i -'
,L 'rar-I!ce m too Coiirfs of Southern DiS'
trice1 of Ohio;, nnd.m thCi
lourts of Vln;op,
Judkfloa. and. AtheiM counties.
'Omcp Stfcupd blory of Davis' llitildlng, 6:
On Main
. .ft,JtL!-pnotio in the Coiirtl 'of Jackson,: Viaton
fT ana iitner counties. . . .
Januay 24, 18li7-tf
TIATRINOdmieto erdcr.. 1 arMU8l0At. I-
It STKlfMENTi correctly repaired. ; -B-HtiectaclM
to ai ail eyes,v - 'f '.' 1 '.
MJuitlririr.At.lttfi7.lv ' t".:': .,'-.' . i ' . ' r. - '
rt f' i 'It- A Ut I i T O N i'-' O II I O , vf ,(
- ! d" frTITTUllTtTT. t :j L '- .'Ttrnnrit.tm
CJITUATEu in "e business part or tne. wiy, ena
iJ reamot ie tho Hull Kona uepot. , m
"Orhiiibiits run to and from evory train:
C January Jt,18j7-tf i' J '.ij MiU'V-.'
. oytjUxtat. biiio;
' PuKsrotsf.
. . ' CASHIIt
H. i. stlstnr, J ! o(i, .
1. r.'AdStl.ll AM.'ISI!
. , A. A. AU8TIK.
atokiw wot
- vaAHK naoxa,
II ill Uii lYi ULUUil iililULiil
' .rfl :,; V fr '
Tl AVINO formed oo-parlnershiDfor'the purpojse
JXW conducting '.-' -s i
' ti business, f.i ' -."ijE--
i ktf Irith- ample tiiilties r th ttnWt?lon.af"T
! " busloads portaininjt to legitimate Bitnkln(, we tender
w"niIV ANTi (4KI.t Hfirr.HANOB, 1!0I
is nftwti
' BONl1. Money loanod ar reasonable rlttesion ao-
" enlljlPPe-' KWnite Hfunips ' always1 en nd
!" 'mi fcr.ale.; 'lutorost pm4 on lime fip,8itf v' . I
Swiiir Utile loila things low, low. lojr; ( j
i Down tn th cold fV, :th lies, , -; i' (
Deep 'neatn (he dtv iay-kyll under the. auow,
! 'Bilenoed fcrever bf earols nud cjrie.-. , '
- '' '.'''r) ':';!) t",-;.' ..
Sweoti-Jitil dlotpleil elilu, bDW,8ha'w6ujd
! danjelih,. ,J, ,. . '. '
, 'Dear litlle langhiog eyes, how She would
Stiil are her liny feet now( and her glance
: 'Beams not'on ma foil a weary long .while.
"Deail I da my neighbors say t. Death is a.
-. t; dreao; -,.i ,,, i, 'f)''
In the' mid-Maytime sho went out 1o play;,
Daily .1 le her' by meadow. and stream, ,
! Couched 'mid the, golden-.oups, sunny as-
Weep, my eyes, soaldfng tears, !",weep,' weep,
. Bleed, piy sou) j. throb mj heart, heary
! wHh. pain, ; ;.u-,t, . : '
When shal) I jjaze on my b'eauty again? ,
I, :i
Sweei little loving thing, iow; low, low, '
Down in the eoldj. osld grave' sh lies' ;
Dcep .'nsath the daisy-knoll under (heenow;
Silenced (prefer her carols and cries '..",
Select Story.
.1 '- itl i' :: in'.' ,v I. !' .:.': i,.,1!
Mrt.Thoroeycroft'8 little bach parlor
was what New Enlnd housa-wifes calt
ttiri apple-jio-ordar.". And that, prorjer-
ly inlergretea, meaus.vory peneui uraer,
indeed; " the 'ilte &0it Te 'U8'
ier of-'rufaiee; was, shining rAddily
Ihrough 1118 .twilight ; i ; the table was
spread' with faultless china, burniBhed
silver and glitteriog cat glass, and Mrs.
Thorneyoroit, herself, had, been out into
the garden and frathcjrecj . fho; , blup,
bloomy bunphes of late grapes that wore
in the basket on the side-board, defined
(6 adorn the, dcBserf.j And aa she stood
before the fire, balaooipg first or slip
pered foot end (he other on the polished
rail or tne lenaer, buo smneu ia iuiok
what, a charming culinary surprise , was
' m . 1'. ' - it-
covered up id tne ciicnca oven, in 11.9
shape of sundry dainty bird?, nestling on
toast and browned to a marvelous enaae
of perfection. . , 1.; . ,
' ! I hope to will make'his appearance
before they are quilt upoiled, sighed
Mrs.. Xhoroeycrotr, as tne oronze oioqk
struck the hour of six.' He is looaroless
about beipe in tine for his meals. ; '
What a trim, mmpiea, ausisoiory
little Mrs. Thorneydroft ihe was. as she
stood there with the firelight shining in
to her blue eyes, and glossing, her satin
brown hair and JQ" revealing, tne taint,
peachy bloom on her cheeks and the ex-,
quiBit turn of ber round white throat.
Tbo very black . eilij dress j she wort
seemed to ; fit her by instinct, andT)he
white apron, with its ruffled pookets, waa
simply jicone perfection.
Suddenlr Bhe straightened her little
figuje. and her larkspur blue : eyesspark
lod, as a footstep sounded on the thresh
old below. ; ;; !; (,. ,
'It's Harry I, only five minutes btihind
tinie, after all. :. t i ,; ,
f,Put it. was not, Harry it waB ooiy the
cookv's eousidn, coma to pass social
evenins bsok pf the kitohen stove,' Poor
. . " M . 1 '.. S - ' !
Hilly Bhe tbougni 01 tne usu-aepreoiai
tins birds and sighed. , , ;
Fifteen minttfile past six, .JHUIy rung
rfor.the pook to take the tearvtn aown
ilatra acain. i .
: " 0 , . . ;!! ..vr
You, can brine 'it up wnen aixn
Thorneyproft comes in, Srdgetv ; ;, ; j
Half jpast ix-a quarter to seven 1
Millv beffanv-Ji erow rhtlo'ierious !
he went to the parlor window and looked,
. ,1.- .....' " '
ud anu uowu iuo iioi. . ,. . t
,'1"W1BU oe WOUta ua a uuia.niDraD.uno;.
The wish wis vet framin.r itself in her
mind when there was a night-key slipped
into the door a, tramp or masculine
boot-heels on the hall oil-cloth, and liar-J
ry came jovially into' tSe room. ; ' .
r 'As dark'as ppoket; eh t Here
1-iive- me i matoh, and'1 I'll; light -thi
'VVhat makes yod so raie'flarTj''?' !'
VLate?" OH leli.mp' see k" fellow
oame into the offioe and we smoked a cl
ear together and the first? I knew it-was
SalDaPtilx,'' ': :'.'j ! "r"- " "
;I'The dinrfer ' is i-poi'.ed, Bighed Milly,
,and I am so tired waiting.; ' , . ' '
'Oh. eve'r mlndnevefifrjMna,,.; said
flarry brisily, Hitting, down ti the tahliL
'They were beautiful birds..p.n , hour
'ago.' - ." i v,t fesi..;,, ' ;,;.,
1 ),Well,;at all events, . we can eat .the
chicken pie.' I The tea is. s cold as a
stone.' i '.''!. '. i.i J j ",...,y . .
lI dare-say,' saidflilly, dy I jr, ,'atxr is
our dinner hour s ' ,,vr t0Kt , (l
f ' Whero'ii thi use of. being .pVticiilar
to''a shade ?V1 denianded Mf. Thorncy
eliftv w ith h is tjDOiHh,uilkof -chican-pi0-.
'Woinn are so whimsicuLn iWhaidQ you
. I. . ' I . T.l...l . ! V. . T .
say lu uuariiin xvauuci iuuigui t ;. ;
' 'Milfv' faoe brightened up, ... It.
; 'l 'should like .it, of all things. Har.
!Then we'll go. " n ,.
Half an hour aftorward Milly osme
down, a pearl-gray silk, with a soarlet
opera cirele over', her shoulders, , and a
coquettish Frenoh hat of white prap
add scarlet buds fastened, a woman onlv
knows how., among her brown braids.
oriuget oniy was in ineootn. oieinog
awly the relics of the late dinner... , .....
'Where is ' Mr.. Thorneyorof t, l?ndg.
"''Just stenped out to cot, shaved, mam
he says he'll to pack direotly.' ', ., ,
Willy s diwa by the fire and began
10 roau.: n. sue lurnea me, nrst Dana
tnepiocK struc eignr.
.... . , .... . w
' 'We! shall certainly be late-,' tboagu
Millft nervously. j ,0 .j j ;
Five ten fit'teon minutes wenic by.
Milly closed, her book and laid it aside,
annoyed beyond all expression. Jt wm
nearly nine when! at length her husband
came in. ''" ' J '-" .... . .
, 'Beady V
'Ready ." echoed Milly who was de-
liberatolr untyicg her bonnet. , ,'Looka
the eloSk.' ';'''.: .'" ! 1 -.-..'!. j
: 'By Jovel' ejaoulated Mr. Thorney
oroft, 'who would have supposed Jt was
so late I Bur, yoo, eery I met Jenkins,
and'wo iauntertd down street little way
t And so we may ss well give up Bafhel
" ' 'Never mind Milly : wa Bhall go bo me
Otter evening; .. ; .-'. r-
, Willy did not, tru9t ber ,-.wa;
tonguo to answer, else she might' have
truthfully .replied that all evenings were
alike, and that the occasional little treats
that might have diversified her monoto
nous lite were too often missed through
the oareleasDoes . and- 'eelQthnCB3 of her
h,usband.( : ' 'r,', , , ' ' .
, 'Sulking, eh V thought Harry, disopnr
tentodly, as Mill? went up. stairs to put
away her hat and circle. 'Really, .Milly
is a little too .unreasonable. If I drank
or gambled there izight be some, exouse
(qr her blaqk : looks ; but a little , cars.
lessness where s the great crime of ltr
' Mildred ' said he the next morning
at the breai.-f.ist table, 'it's noeavery
buBy day with me ; suppose we go up to
parrsdale' and spend the afternoon with
your, iirotheij wa his wife jfT ; "
And return in the evening train?', ,
Yes. But imagine what a splendid
day this will be tor the old woods and
glens up there I I can .almost' faney
that hear the yellow loaves drifting
down upon' the moss. Besides. I think
little change will do you gooa; you
are beginning to look.pale.', i
' y It i would ' , be . "very i pleasant,' . said
Milly, thoughtfully. ; , r ; , , .
- 'Then suppose von meet roe at tho
depot atone precisely ; the train, JoaveB
at five mioutea past one.' ,
f 'You will not disappoint .me ?' , ,
' 'Disappoint you, gooaej I, what should
make t me disappoint! yon ? Remember
one precisely 1 : And now get tne mj
hat there's a nioe little Milly I' : .,. :
s The , great ; blaok hand of the depot
oKak was just touching the vfigare one,
whe'n-MiJdred Thoroevprjft! entered the
door of the passenger waiting loom.
She glanoed -oond . eagerlyr-no HarrJ
was' there I, ; "i! v 5 ,'-- m -:T.i..,.ui
'Jt is five minutes yet before the train
loaves he; ' may ' still ' be ' here t' she
tbjjVght, taking hor seat 'just where she
could command a view of any person
who oaqle into.thp buildtng-f. v, ,.,
. ,. The momenta glided aw ay' I the pass
engers crowded, into the ears ;. the, late
arrivals ran breathlessly (a secure seats,
while the earlier ones serenely surveyed
them from the windows, "There was the
usual bustle and turmoil attendant vpon
the departure of a well-populated train,
nd fiaaliv thenars moved'; one by one,
out of .the depot, Mildred BtiU Bit ttJlre
alone and unheeded. . -i.
The last oar had been cone about ten
minutes, when Mr, Tborney croft rushed
into the depot..-; ' . .. rr.
'Ballo; Milly I it em't be possible (hat
the cart have gone I ' Why, X.only
stopped halt leoond to kuj, ne.wpa.-
per,and ... .. "
, He stopped, . paptipg for br'aath, and
wiping the perspiration, ft but b)3, 1 orP
head with: a cam brio - pocket handkor-
aMf-; t . ....... - '
i ,It,ltpo.,bd-!., 'I ,' declare I'm. sorry.
dpto,t;eep .back, her rebellltjus tears,
is ste thought of the golden ( Qotober
sunrshine raining dowp . through th.a
grand old woods at jCarrsdale, and the
dolfcious.blue ba'ze, wrapping the distant
hill-tops . in, dreamy (.indiatiootness, ,It
was hard to come . back jto the brick and
mortar vf the city walls after,thfa.v , . , L
r'I'll tell you what Mills !J0U. ;ebao'.t
Use your eoursiop., I've gottpgo to
&ry on business to-morrow it's a jolly
old country town up, the 'Hudson and
fptt shall go with , uie. ..There'll be no
mistake about it thia time, fo; if I'm not'
there we will le non-Bu!toil, and I lose
the prettiest law case I've taken , ifl hand
this year.'.' ,-vJ.. ; ','..., i ...'.,
Milly had stood silent, outlining the
pattern- of the oil cloth on the fiodr with
the point of her parasol, but she looked
up wlth-a bright smile as her husband
quit speaking;',.,, ,) 1-t v ' , , '
Thank you, Harry, I should, like That
very touch indeed. . ' ,
'&en8;hle I', thought. Mr.;, Thorocyorof l
as he went back .to his offioe,- leaving
Mildred to retrs.ee her foot-steps solitary
and lane. toward her homo, .'I'oi :gkd
there wasn't eoane I ' ; Milly's a dear
little thing, but sho'B only a woman, and
women are unneeesranlv fussy about
nine thineS?' - ., . -: ; ,
..Mildfed Thorneyoroft met herbnsband
tnat mghf with. ft.; birghi as .he
rfould have desired. -,-Ht- y. -r'iv "'!'
"So we are really to have a journey to
morrow'j Harry V ?tf i. . ; u
V'No mi8i" 'ioo. it.thifl time, Milly.
I iriah that you'd sea that , the servants
have breakfast half an hoar eatlier than
usoai.'u v.;L: A ; i, ; ,c,.-,
''Vbat time does the train leave V
':JAteight;;'i 7' '.;.?. -,v5'"
'la there only one train a day V '
'Unit one.': i 'C
'Very well I'll see that the servants
aro punotual;'
Mr. Thornevoroft was awake - bright
and early -the next mnnii.g., . ...
,'Millyt Milly I wako up, child! It
is nearly seven V -'
. 'Nonsense; Harry it can't be posBiblo,'
murmured wild-ed, sieepuy.
. - 'But it is possibe. . : J ust g!in ce at the
etoc if you doc t betieve me.' '
' 'Yes 1VM be Pp in One minute. y ';
But when Mr. Thorneyoroft re-entered
tbe room after having ruthed up atairs
ra Ibnsd thesJeoping housohoZJ, ha found
MiUy's heal nestZad' down against' the
piow onca more, and nor lashes droop
ing on her cheek.' :'!" ;.;?;.'.' r' 1 ?
'Miliy l. MiWy I you must get up 1'
' And this-time she obeyed, the Bumi
mons. ' V.' ' '' :
"Mr. Thorneyoroft.' for once in his7ifp
was punetueZ to the eeoond; .vibrated
between kitchen and bedroom torment
ing Bridget concerning the brea&fast,
and hurrying his wife's toiZot, with about
eq.ua suaoest in either quarter, Bridget
obatipate lio the rest , of her race,
noud not be hurried, and MiiVy was as-
tonisbingt'y eisurey in her proceedings
taking :. her hair down,' twice after it
was, up, on aooount of some fanoiod der
feot, and stopping to mend a rip' i her
dress with stitches infioitesimay smaW.
So that, between one defay and anoth
er, it was Mlj htit past seven oeiore
4hey eat down to breakfast.', , , , " "
Bear inp f'sald MiKy, i'this ootTae is
quiteood.: -Bridget, take it down stairs
and pive it another boil.'
..P ' . .. . ' t 1 . .
iMy dear: now looitsu i remonstracea
Harry, in fever ' .of impatience. ''We
have not a minute, of time i.' to spare.
BriigeV leave the ooffee. ; i - :
But jnat consider how latq it it) I'
'There is plenty of time,' said bis . wife,
slowly chipping the; shell of her egg. It
von't take, nan an hour to reacn the de-
iDt.'- '..'' '.'.'.':'" i ' ' ' .
Half an hour 1' The placid Mr. Thorney.
crtft was at last beginning ' lose his ienU
per 'It only wants twenty . minutes, ot
eiglt, and you have, your tninga to put on
jet. ,1 tell you, it won't do for me to lose
that suit." . r. ..
Tou wilt not Jose it dear,' said Mildred,
with nrovokine mrftnlty. 'How I do dislike
tote hurried 1", v... . ;r-') :',y:'.r
Mr. Ihorneycroft wlaoei a little as, he
rewgnlied words that he himself -had used a
seote of times, , , . . ; - .
' 'You are going without a second car)" of
eoffeet;i .'' "' ' ' '' ' "v'; ; ,L
'Te w&VMilfy Pot ow your things it
woil't d to risk anotbe mfnute's delay.'; :t
He was walking up and down the room,
u'raing and fretting like a caged 1 Ion. M il-
dred wtoohed htm iromunaeruoreye-tasnes,
with a'comitjal dimple in heroheek. ''
: 'Don'l fret, Harry,' there's time enough.
It wont take me five minutes to put on my
thingsA,:. -ti ., ..;'.
Fiveninuteslf Andit, Is-now a quarter
of eigtilnow, and tie depot SbsUT a. mile
distant, I wish Ikad ordered. a eaVrlage. ;
DO, my ", HS10. amrm a yuyj '
net I ma carrj your gloves, and you caji
put the on as We ge along:' - . Icul . i
. 'Hothiig is fjo-ufttaily like as to put oa
your glo.ei, Ip the street,1 said Mrs. Thorney.
croff, adjusUng her shawl wfth a nicety that
Ifearfy drove her.husband distraotef. 'Dear
me, I have forgotten my parasol,-' ' -. '
'Neveminoyourl parasol,. There.' n no
time to go.baok aow, w shall lose therein,
a, step further, without' her parasol, and
bftok shq went,. in spile, of her husbh'ud'e
fran(io entreaties. ' "."
: 'Five mFoutix) of tight,' Said Mr. Thorney
crait, uispannjiy coHsuliing his vfaich. 'Of
cofvse weahall, be. loo late now.,. We may
as. well remain, quietly ' at home, and '' tbe
law 'suit goes by doriiutt. Ob, dear 1 oh,
dear ! anything but being 'behind hand.V :,'.
i ''d 1 have remarked' several timetr,' gild
M.!V, .til UnblowowaUljr. Hv y 4u llkd
unpunctuat people) my dear' ' ' ;.
Mr. Thorneyoroft did not answer he was
turning baok onoe mere. '
'You are not going baok, flarry r
'TUero is no use in trvina to .catoh the
train now,. Mildred,; h replied in a voice of,
Biosy uispnif, .. i , '
. -But think there Si,'1 said Mildred, slip
ping her arm through his and gently urging
him forward, 11a held up his finger: 1 .
, 'Hush don'tj jou hcan the hall cloik
striking?' .. . ;;'.;.
.(,:a near. t einting icveni .
,.'8even(' ! .' 'y. .'""
, tTo tell tho truth, my dear. ! ' had the
olocka and, witohes set forward an hour this
morning, least-we should find ourselves be
hind lime,, and il did not really occur to mo
lo mention it. , . , . . , ' ' .
Mr. Thorneyeroft turned suddenly round
and looded, keenly iato his wife's face ; fur a
full minute.,'...'., '.-'.' .,"'' '.'
'MUly, was that 'i '"M'J "asoa : you set
the waiohea oloeks .ahead ?"''.'" ' :. "'
, Why, what othjr'reaana otiM J poi!K1y
have 7' she asked demurely.. ' ' " ' ' '
Perhaps to give pa a lesson. f
Mildred smiled.' , '' "' ,.'''. ' , ', ';
Come, doar, we shall have' 'ni'' pleasant,
i.isurly walk'lo, tho depot,' she said, qui-
etiy. . : '-v. :' ', , "'':' ,;
'I won't forgot the lesson, Milly,' he re
sumed, aftera moment's siletice. -'It isu't a
pleasant feeling, ..the being hampered with
another person want of punotriallily.'; :
A! Milly felt that ber . little njcoe of
strategy had not, been in vain,, v '
Mr. Ihorneycroft did not reform Wholly
and instantaneously people se'dom do; but
he improved, very-much from this ' besetting
am of his. Milly s Messon by example' "did
him more good than a score 'of scoldings'- or
a deluge. of tears. - -,.. .-
' lie ;don't very often 'fdrgel' now. .
- '.''..'' 'r-.: -r- vr-r-T-;--:;
' . OcccpATios ! What . a glorious thing
it is for1 the - bumaP: heart.: Those who
worked hard seldom yield themselves en
tirely op, to" fancied,'.' or real sorrow.
Where grief sits ' dpwn','folds iti' hands,
and mournfully fpus upon its own tqars,
weaving tho dim shadow that a liule ex.
Srtjon might swdep awaj into a funeral
pall, tna ettoog Bpirit i'a' ahorn of its
might, and, sorrow becomes our master.
When troubles.flow upon you. dark aod
heavy; toil on with : the. wave wrestle
nVt with, thp torrent rather seek by oc
cupation to divert the dark' watPrs thai
threaten to overwhelm you in a thous
and channels .whioh the duties of life
present.v Before youdream of -it, thoae
waters will fertilize the present' and give
birth to 'fresh ; flower?,- tbaj, they may
brighten the' future flowers that 'will
become pure and holy in ' thp sunshine
that penetrates to tbe path of duty. Grief,
after-all,"1a-hjjt a selfish feeling; and'
most teiusa ie ne wu.vieida himsoit to
the' iudulgeqoe of any passiaajhat brings
op joy ta'Dis lotiow men. , j t
Determined and Ingenious.
' A Fbb NorxMAN, a prisoner in Edin
burg, having managed to eaoapo, took
refuge in the powder magazine, WLen
the authorities' whhed to seize him, thejr
found "him sitting on a barrel, with, a
lighted matoh, and' threatening to blow
up the town The authorities rf fleeted
prudently, and the result of their delifc
orations was,' that it would be better to
starve the Frenchman- out-. Rut they
tcokoned -without theia prisoner,, who
loved good cheer, and was determined tp
live well.! In Ponsequenco, be oalled put
thatne jould blow the town to , pieces if
he did not get turee meats .a nay-; ne
would write out the bijt of (are.-. Swany
lucoumbedt and the demands pf the pris
oner want en inoreasiog., Sometim.es he
had a serenade under his window;, then
a review of the 'garrison : afterward a
sham fight, io .whiob. the troops repre-"
seating the Frenoh army beat the. High
landers. - 'At last he exacted that every
Sabbath morning,' before breakfast, yho
Lord"' Provost in full uniform, should
make bis appeuance and read him ad
address, '.This lasted" 'until the allies en
tered Parish '-'j i . ,'- A;'i J 'k) v"
FoH or.TBi Eabtu The Earth being
round, like a ball, it follows fhat, at a cer
tain distanoa even though vision coo treaoh
much fartherits form will prevent ua from
seeing objectvevon if ita surface were per
ieotly smooth. It has been caloulah d that
at six hundred yards an object on inoh
high cannot be seen i'a a stright line ; at
niria hundred ytitlfl, two Inohea ; at fourteea
hundred yards, five 'infhes , at. ons mile,
eight inches; three' miles, six feet or at
that distanoa a man would beju-viiible. - IP
leveling, ft la urualt allow the, tenth o( an
inoh In every two hundred yards, or eight
inches in a mile, for convexity. , . . ' -
" -;.' .;.''. ..u' ' j; '
1 VcoQDsflB treat's a Jovet like a bour
quet carries hfoi ahPuf A ' cartaia lime
tot imasemerit pr show; and thon jaiatly
Value of Time.
O.vi fine ' summer morning when
Franklin was busy, preparing his news
paper for Ihe -press, a- lounger-stepped
iuti 4he Ptoro-end' spent n"hour!' or '
more in looking over' tho b,ooks, etc., and
finally iakiBgonpiu, his 'hand, asked the '
ohop b-jjr to price; 'v ' n
"Ons dollar," was1 the antw.
' Oaedollar I"-salt the lounger i "oan't,
you take less than that ?V i
jjfNo, indeed one dollar, is thp pricel" .
Another hour nearly passed", when the
lounger said :,'."'" ' "
'"Is M. Fraoklip'e homo?"1
l'Yrs, he is in ihe piinting offico."
"I want to WeVib,' said lU louogor.
The shjjp. boy thea , immediaely inr
formed Mr. FraokJip.that a gentleman -was
waiting to soe him. ( Franklin was
sooo behind tho cpnoierj wiji the loun
ger, with book in' haod, ' adSed 'him.
thus: ;'i"'i' .;,.'!!-) j j i -rTV'
'.'Mr. Franklin; what'is the low-ou "
Can fake for this 'book
"One dollar and. a qtta.rier," Was the
qu:ck answer.
i "Oue dollar and auarfer ! Why .
yoor young man asked me only a dollar "
' 'True," said Franklin,' '.''aid I could
have better afforded tp take a flollar tbeti '
ficoD"t0' h7' bee lalf9o,'0p of, (hpof.
. The,.lpubger'''see'moJ surp'riBpo! and -wishing
to end ; jo parley of his': own
maaiup, aaia i-iii ;;i ;,7 .,-
. "ouie, Mr Fnnklin, Ull, me jrhat ja
the lowest you can take for it?" " ; '
, .I'One dollar and a half'" ""'vr "v
;' "A dollar and a half 1" Why-you-of.
fered-it ypTirself for a doll&c andaquar-i
't'er:''-:.-'j. j; ,'.c.,.,,': j,,,,,.
; "Yes," hnsworcd ..Franklin! f'l
had better have taken thai 'price then
than a doflat jand' i' bttnovf."it ' il A
- The lounger I paid down: his mone
and went abc-nt hie .bsineia,' fit he bad
hi ii: . . ,v . .
'" .ou(A
l'rankun returned into the
printing ofiiee.
-q-.d ha:.
of souPd go ocly 377 yard ih second,
while the ehrth: itFelf.lgoep itightepn, and
one-third miles,. .and lighten, thousd:
times faster thpn that; while eleotrioity
Cwhich again is probably anolhdrkiPd of
vibration of the Solid atoms- of nadui,.
and certainly ..u..
wire about half as fastagaip as .light, Su
it the earth, were a cannon' 'ball, shot at.
the sun from its' jrteBerit distance, -with
thp velooity l now rravela withyand the
moment of explosion telocraphed to the .
eunrthey would got thp telegram, i -there
in about five minutes, and see the earth
coming iu eight minutes', and would have
nearly flo jnoaths to': prepare, for "the
blow, which .they -would receive about -fifteen
yeira before they heard itbeorig."
inal explosion. This is' merely' taking
the sun as a target io bo shot it, without
regard tu his , power-of attraqting thp.
earth.at the,fial rate of 39(Jmi!e9a seqr
ohd.' iDennuon't Autonomy 'Without
MudtKmalica." ' ' '' ' . .
" "iJ '-'.' ;? -,'. .). -i A .
Value of Time. Proverbs.
: Don't swop 'with ?jo)u'p relations un
less you oan afford to give tleniit&p big -end.
of the, trade, . ,. ' .' r f " r '
Marry young, and if circumstances re
quire it, often; -.-y-: - ..
"' If yod bad getgobdi o)'othesnd erJit- .
cation, too, get the olothesvi i-ui tf. ',4
Say "How ar yoo ?'".to-everybody. ...
' . Cu'tivate modesty, -but ' keep a, j-oodV .
stock or impudouCQ on nand. ' ?',''.'
v Be ohaitable-i-three-penny ocnt pio-
oes were made .on purpose. i . v. - -
, It coats more to borrow than it does -
0 buy.? o.:.-.;j-'t ',. ,,,; , .. ' .
, l.ep botli eyes; openv tut r. don't Baa
morP than half you notice. ., ; ..',.' !'
L If ypu i,tc for fame,' go into jgrave- -'
8tone. ".7 ,7. .i,- ',,'. -.''.';'''-'
Two rmio9',ge5erany ' get alp'ng qulei
(y until engaged. '. , .'; , ' , . " " '
Boy, when appreachingto.mahhood,'
show tho least affection, tha,most love of "
teasing:, the greatest 'destruotiveness, the
most selfishness and o6ld-heartednos. . ,
just its the coldness and darkness of the
night increases two-fold just before the
ininn a( t Vi a an v . .
Who, till bow,
i ; . i
saw- waterfalls
oaughtia nets?
A fish would not Is an emblem of
justice; He has unequal scalesi
scarlet and yellow, are both very good
colors for dresses, but bad ones for fevers.
It :s said that "a fool Bod - hiBtnoaay
ire soon parted ...Men of genius seln
dora part with, that commpiity and for'
the best of reasons I .,.'; , 1 , .
' '' :""
.'... -. ", - i - -'
' Ir a man dooblpsCape'llorn dooap'k ,
ha make a double opo of it.)' '.;, .v -
Tom Cablts t e'ays M k a y 5 urself a '
good man,.' and then , you may be sura
there is one rasoal Ices ia the vrii..'

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