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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 14, 1867, Image 2

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,-Tr- '. rrhrnarv 11. 1 SSL
..a of hearts, a "l'Ji d H'w.
!')(,' fJ A union thntnoe nwj
A "nion of lakes, a mi .on of l.mcK
- ii.'-ij he AMtR.CAJi Ui Fiuttvicn- '
Democratic State Ticket.
For Lieutenatl GoTernor,. ,
. ; Fo Trjaiinrer," t 4.
' ''a''' ' Cr'.O, FULTON, oftCrawrori.
e.:; -v 'For '-A vditoir," '! ,
"JOHN MoEUTEI!;or BulTe. '
' . 'v. For AtlorBej!-rOe"tt,vr '
FIUNK .H.'UUlWJfftf Knox.
V i For-J-ttdga of Supremo Cdurl, ' . T
0 JuJga, TII0MA8 M. KErj of Hamlttoa.
,L 'For Cnlroiiei of Treasury, ." r'
''wMILLUM, SHERpAN; of WiUlams.
'."' For Boafd of Publio Wovki, ; ; '
; ARTHUR HOqHE3,of gnyat0R(v
The News.
' ' ' a'Fobx Laramine dispatch1 soy: Col
: Dnei .C'.rnngton, . with bead-quarters
' Eighteen Ioftntrj,. Major . Morris com,
mahdiog esoor, arrived a this post to
J.v from Fort thi!. Kearney, to
prt jUePhersoq, bia now bead:quartera,
--- -. .v.. 17th whlfe riding back to olose
'wtiw'trarff;Coloel Carrin'gtonta revol
it ' disohaf ced
ver airuc ! , -
, mounding him; in thoj thjgh, ; the ball
paaaiDg near, the femoral artery, j On bia
arrival Sargeon Schell removed the' bail,
aaviBg ampuiauuu,
, A EchopeaK dtApatQh, dated, 0Jun,
vKubruarv 9. eays the King ,of Prosaja
.1 .. -. -clbdertte Diet "wTlh-W lhukflltoJbat.
' ' bod, for tb.Waial iBU.W-Biveo biib,
nd honed for- German uniTy. rponling
;l out tbe nccessity'of permanent , peace,
. both atome and' obroad. , 'Both
f King - and speeoh ,wr re enthuaiastioally
"V" '' rolived by the people.-Vv'.-" :J':i'
U estimated that aboul lcVr million
Mexican ailver dollar? have .boo-t taken
. , - ""kaB to break up.' " - ' ."
A 7 VJEI. P.Ci.a'fun & (Jo,, of-NoV York,
V. f told $72,000,000 worth of dry goodB
' -r'wn remmenta of Canadian militia
' havebtcn out on snow shoes. . " .
o.:.r Two shiploads of Amcr.caif eontnbu
, iXt'Hm ft h nreat ExBOsitibn."
Bafety reached their destination. ,
L Senator Cbandlet yesterday, in'
I n,i. nf m exoited 'sseacb. wherein
w '
addoced over half loeacharge,
either of hioh, be averred, the g reside"
atoold beimpeaohed, added, that his
. moval would create no more excitement
than that of a CustonAouBfl officer.
BKCHiKwiU speak Wednesday even-
log .ob' National affaiw. at Brooklyn
Academy, , Ho is, ufl Jcrstood now
favor "impeaebment, add itis
bjs address will place him again in
front rank of Radicalism. ; .
Supreme Court of the United
-. ' Below we publish the nmeof tbe Judges
of the. Supreme Court of tke United 8tatos,
with the dates of tbeir appointments. Since
the Radicals denounce the bench at a "ha ten"-
ing plaoe for trtaeou these are " hems of
interest. By the dates of the appointments,
it wyf be seen that five of- theae Judged
were' appointed by the late Mr.' Lincoln.,
and eonSrmed by a Radical Benater so.lhat
majority of the Court, now constituting a
hatching place for treason," are Radioal
appointees. 4t will also be aoticed that eight
. ; of the aloe Tomprising the Court are from
' Korthera States :
' ""-'. 1863, Chase, Ohio, Chief Justioo,
' 1835, J. M.. Wayne, Georgia, .
' ',. 18 8. Nelson, New York, -' : ''---'..
1846.B. CGrier.Penneylvania, '
: M 858, N. Clifford, Maine, ! "
. 1862, N. M, Swayne, Ohio, ,-.;-,
.1862, IV Uats, Illinois,
" 1862, 8. F. Miller, low,", 1 " ,
' 1863, tl. J, Field, ColtToraU, ."
. A Dxmocsjltio National Conventioa will
-U held. Id,, the eiy of LouisvilU, KyJt oo
1 uesdtV, May 7th; mi, o.n which the Desp
erate of tho united States are1 inriled to
aineet fqr tho pifrpose of tonaultalion, and a'
nurei"non or me party, and the defend
ing or we constitutional liberties of th
oiaio nil iupopia. ' . , ' ,
Thb wori oa the Pattne Kaiiroad, jrest
ward, is being pushed forward.. The traoh
jb now , laiu io mo iDBta mile post west of
Tenworta ey. it Ia ealeulated to haio
ami uiwo or mo roaa completed, west of
MBtenworui, ij ma ortt of Aprll,,
. jrjtbiflrlbo for this paper. "
States. Dan, Will & Bros
Arc -closing out their; ppcs-
nnf'itnA- of Winter Uoods,
oatly reduced 'prices, V
to make room for the Spring
stock.' J'-: 'V 1 ;.
Persons ; wishinglCJoods
line wiUrKavc policy uy.
crivinff thdni' a call. Those
knowing theru & kxow that
when they ayUhe will Bell
i.VipHnl thev mean what -they
Plan of Organization of the Democracy
of Ohio.
T,,.' fnlh'wini Circular:- pprorlag U
plan of orgaaiiatloi. o'tbi- Psmoctacy ' .of
Obio, as propoadd by tho .Democratic SUto
Executire Committee In a ctrouiaa uuu
January 2Silvt86rr, -as-reww-w-8i
from lion., E,: F Biaglia, ; Oif pbluaibns,
Krmerly of Vinlon Catttttytjoii :.';'-.'.
-. CoLuiiBBii -OvJan 31; '1807.
' Wel'tbe Demoeratia' ,M.wi '?f the, ohjJ
.egislature, ' condiaHy Sppi of .tbe pUn ofj
organufttion reooramouu. - .- -- r
eoutave uommiiieo ni iueiiy. -- , ,
2sth iLBt.;: . v -'i "- i "''..'. t."'
ik.,o ,i.inf (a Imminent and that
Rdical usurpatioa can db aeienveu j
Iho moat thorough orgmitionr tro- -recona.
fi !.. nmnraov of Hie State tnat tno
plan ' proposed be at bnoo adopted and - put
into execution in er.ry Countr and Town-
J J Godfrey,
; Frank II Hurd,
Robert Juatiee,
D B Lluo.
; Jamoe M I!"1''' t..
W Reed Golden, .
. S t Downey,
Curtis Berry, Jr,
RobaH Savage,
- M U WiUolt,,, .,;
A T Walling,.,
. J R Marshall,' .
- Tfiomas Beer, . ,
Wm Larwall,,Jr.
I C Peniaten,
v A L Perrill,
It E Jones, .
; Jobn B Rea'd,
, .A J Swaim
F W'.'TlioYBBllI,! 'i
. c niiches,' ;V
-T! Q I)eriroan,v ( .',
'SB Ersklne,'' .
-aorbar.K-'i "::'
E,ll OiTs-'.'
' Ju'i'BosenOraiii-N.-.
y Ms aujw" L '
; Jurats Parks, ;'i
E n'adlev ' .
A'O.HiboV- .
R B Gordon,!-,
, Berij LeFererr
,''8(1 2ener,Vi'-1''i,Vl
v i
EM Fitch,
J H PutnaT, ;
; John F FoUett,;
; George. IUnncts, . ! jt
". S M Worth,; 1 ', ,7
Q 11 w ."j ,,
J A CStlllf. '
Isaao Cusac,.
8 3 Blobm; -Isaaq
The Word With the Bark
wwiitutfonal ; Pnto'n, PW'shM in
i ,
' n ir ann inn aauitiuio' ivw.f"" a)
eft, me v f . iWihW if
. 1 M'hm IU tin L1U1B LIM Uixuuv frt-.
wn are on the ave Of a tremendou fepoon .
i't.:-nn,iH!a : must lire: the union
. . r. u..tin. mink iAmftin
intact 11 an iuer-Bio". "-;-" j
. ..tn tho. God of battles, ami
.,. ,.nk la nlnrava onen in -t-f,"fT
Sretrcnaational right,". ;
SIrflo-oi the Convention, t saysi .
i.Tlm movement is ou of peouliar signin
t. ihi. tims. and we hope our rneis
:ir ..im hrtil into it. A Presidential
iamnn to come oft', and there 'itre
I, i.iit.Dit nf.fttlfl In AD1B vuiuu.
must bo made for counting the- electorial
in all of them. A word to the wise is
Bufflceat."".. ,,
Iitiw Jo Jjiavis' . GaAvs. The . little
girls of Ilenrico couBty, the eldest thirteen
and the youngest four years of age, wil give
a supper on Thursday, February 7th, at
Virginia Hall, for the porP of rawing;
k fund! to put a nea . .nclosure arouno. m
ErilYQ vi w . , -
DaJs. -They expeot tq receite a liberal env
ceuragement from tbe public on the oocaslon
and we hope they will not be disappointed.
It is a sacred objeot,' whioh appeals strongly
to tha heart oi every true Southerner, and
as the managers of the 'enterprise are -children,
our older citiiens should.see tht it
does -not fail. Tbe "Memorial Hop." for
tho same object, wilt take - place at Virginia
ITall, on Friday night. It la expected that
Mrs, Davie will be present. Richmond ' fit
amifwr; , ..', ?-i ;
Oh, No!
Those of our Republican brethren
who. have heretofore believed that the
charge of a desire to confer the right of
suffrage upon tho negroes" throughout
tbe longtb and breadth bf tbe land, was a
'copperhead lie,' should out the following
morsel out and paste it in their bats for
future reference. It is from the Colum
bus Journal, the. leading orgia.of Mobi
grelism ia Ohio! " ' :. !.. :.;'
'Some of the Democratic papers are
giving themselves unnecessary trouble in,
making elaborate attempts to prove that
the great. majority of the Republican
party is in favor of Negro auttrage.
That is the fact. ' It is undisputed. .
If voti want anvthing more-to con.
vinoe you that tbe Mongrel party is in4
favor of negro auttrage, look at tbe .JJis1
trlct of Columbis, or the Maesachusett
Legisiature., .. , . .... .;
' '
Mihexal RLaoAO. This new - and im
portant enterprise is rapedly being, pushed
forward, Tha engineers engaged, in loca
ting the road, reached ting, point on yester
day.' They left Colombia Ire or six weeks
ago, But we on-demand, they have- located
only from ' Winchester to this ..place. They
will eontinue their labotfe fouiiiwarjt "The
Vice President adfertises for 100,000 ties.
LdMaslet Jiagk Jan, 30th. i . ;:.:. '..
' . '' . l -.;
rioaTca; Gbielit gijes ibaabis opinion,
thaV Ht Congress supposes that Andrew
Johnson la the man to walk qflietly out of
Ihp White Hoo.ee at tha bidding of si majorl.
ty of the Senate, they mistake.the min.V
-.' ..; .
: .ItoBAca Hahs baa been taken from the
penitentiary (o Ashtabula County, for new
trial. A flaw has been fdtind, by (he Sit
preme Court, ia the indictment on whioh he
was eonvioled of tho murder of a Mr. But-I
liff, twelve years ago) ' , .
Progress of the Revolution.
. Another bicd id the caredr of tbe re?-
htf. tha lower llumn in
tlepasMMof Boutwoll'd bill tebakiBghhogmt
ihe Buprv'uie Uourt lor jisaooiBioo ia rata(toa
r.nrd'lo tost "oatbi This -bill i elearlj
unooDstltutional, and . the Coart will eo
dpnlarfl it iode'od. it has n'Ueady boea'so
decided Uut it auswera the purpoBO oi
Jacoliai ioiuflanjiDg the atrilo betwoen
several- braoobos ,pf tha Goveruraent,
in weakening tbe confldenea : of ibe
Aboljtioo pantj , ia, tbo Mut na ??
Btrbying tbat reapcel for thetlovemment
bioh U indiBpeDnablo fo its existence in
ita'presont form. The people must look
th a nut fitcn not ho muuu u uu
evidepoij 'of the dospciatioir; bf he,Joe5
- - : - t:.. Ia Via:
cause, as me acicrmiituHUH iu uio-
oipitate, tbe - final ollisioa wbichymuat
oontinued n3' n' repnblid ' of 'Srates, -Of
whether it m to onangea iuiu iu niycu-
controlled by an' oligarcby of ne-
fanatioi. -' That' they propoBO to ef
this chance. 'thoro oan be ro- doubt
THoflvidanaa accamulates ta thef acts of
nnrtpressV in the'iosolcuet) of the.cauou,
tbe election of thieves aod desperadoes1
tt.fca and,ia lbo'i;towin deter-'
mination' ofluo several. organizations of
Abolitionism to 1 enfordq ntigro suffrage
upoa Se pcfople everjhera by fair ot by
foal mca09.' 'A'point mUst soon be readh
wheri the. revolution,' thus far accom-
huhed - bv nai lamen'ary laouca au
legerdemain.' shall beeobie a' tjuestion of:
foroa (ho argument being aelt'-pfeBerfc J
tiod. J( is tho.naturO of tevolutionary
pBTtfca.to pteeipitHte their own ' fate by
their blirid add fanatieat ieal.' la what
shape tho aolutioo to tboprcsout cr.isis
majLcqmo ij is impoasibla td fotasd )
huf as a si m ole matter of ejurivj the
people opposed to this revolution, 'in Ha
half of desD0tisin- f hould.'by - ortianiz'a
lion, prepare for ii, aa if there could be
other eoiutioo ! than that of oroe.
Tho-Dempcralic party of thn Stales i the
couitiabt body hrons!h which' the 'reme'-.
Tof these ui'urpations.aud .outrages is
bo effeotod.l ; To -make any remedy
eifaotive, the Democratio 'organizatiW
.must be maintaihed.'oon8o!iditedeolorgs
and iffiiprea-wirtr-w-amei, aotiwiy
l3rmhrdty ;$vcry real 'patriot ic
land 8h6aldide'voto-!him8elf:"nd' wtiU
watching tho rnad whirlpool -of fariat
'hen if ahalt pas the'botrnd ofin:
j ; .in Wftfcli
Aiurittuuo, no m djiuwmiij whi. vi.w.
for Constitutional
'iTHR most marked differeacoi bettveea
tb$ .two parties' in this joointry b ittpoiil
thoia .roaDcot nnu ..wani o . rqapuut iur
CotjBtitutiooal- lovf, "Tha Domopracy.hjive
Tl.vlAAnn.'!titn nV , Klin I rta 1 A - a r.rva'.V tl
havoluOnBr' l ne quDsttonrjnuBT-f vwivob
itself'i Ought the people to fix, metes
and DOUnus iu l"U uuiun.iiiv.nmun.r vuy
vest iaJtbeir agents apd,. lopresentstivop,
or ought they no allow., them ., tQ. do,, as
they chocse ? If the latter, then we Jiave
in fact,;1 whatever -it, may be called, a
nurely daspotioaf and arbitrary .Govern-
msnt, that caa disposd, of, .el, pleasn,
won the live?, iioerty, ana prosperity oi
the people I: The Democracy ire in fa
vor of puttine oheck? and restraints up
en the powers of thoir ; rulers, saying .to
them, ?i;bUB Jar. thou shait . go, and do
farther." Thay believe io having gen
eral rules of right, and justice, to bo ajp
Dlied io each and every case imperative
ly, and by, which all other laws thall be
measured. - By this meaus we have general
and uniform action Dot : one kind
or justice for oot, and another far a sec
ond, as passion and prrjadjoe may influ
ence in different caaos. ' It constitutions
and fundamental laws are necessary, they
must bo a'dherod" to and obeyed, or else
they are worthless. The Kadioais show
by their practical aotion, if not by their
.u.A ii. A .,i'v,:nT. ;n ...
pfcuppfco, iUIAk IUUJ UU UUV UOIICTB. IU uuu
stitutionsi and that they are always will
ing to disregard .them whenever 'it may
suit tbeicjnterest or convenience 'so to
do. flone of their . measured are ever
squared by the- CdnstitutTorv and -they
legislate as if that instrument was not, in
existence. If it prohibits soy thing, tbey
seek to deolare it hull, and void by a law
of Congress, a body whioo owes its wry
existence to the fundamental law of the
Constitution. The consequence is, that
very thing politically ia at sea. i We
have, under Radical' dispensation, : no
compass, no guide- We are on the widp
ocean, going here and there, as it tueoja
the oaprioe of Iheefew at the helm A
the moment they aot. 'Ve arc, conse
quently, under a despotism,- puro nd
simple, in which every thing is vestei in
tbe discretion of Congress. If tho De
mocracy bad ends they pould not acojm
plish in a Constitutional manner, tkey
dropped them altogether, . or made at
oloeo an approKimation to vthe,ra as tiey
could under the authority of that iuetra
mfit. With the Radicals tha'Corisiita
tiod in such a case, ia eithererrfddenij
&t else tbey imsnediatelj chatgoit'to suit
(be ease: ' These peculiarities have ever
been displayed by tbe respective orgaoU
zations, and.the inference froip' them-,
dearly, is, that one belief es in gdardigg
against tyranny, and the other dies not
one- thinks the people ought ' to eontro
their servants, ariti (he other thnlfs the
lervsntsuahr to.oontrdl'the- people.
Vincinn&tiJfquirer.K V j v-(y
' -1 k-f '
i ,' . ,i
wOu'a. national. debt raai be act -down
in rennd rhimbers .at. $1,000,000,000.
This,-if all in . silver dolUrs, allowing
each dollar td weih one ' onnc. twelve
ounoos to the pound1, and 2,000' : pounds
to the ton. would make 126.000 '. tons.
If this amoaat should be placed in wsg-
onsf holding one ton each,' and placed in
a .straight line, it wouJd form' a', rpeole
(rain of about 350 miles' lonir. . Unole-I
Sam's shoulders are broad, indeed to cir-
ry nuoa a weigui.
A Plan for Minority Representation.
ioeqdility df pUiwl repMBen-
m ui e. -
.. . : i niliJnol MnmHiinol
UlinOrillOB iiavo icnv m....-
the Eleotbful Colleges, or
State Legislatures. ' Thus. 215 000
nnmnnrata in Ohio Lave bnt three Con
gressmen while 245.0W) - Republioar
havo sixteen members.,'. In18C2, 180,
nnrt nomnnnits in this Stato elected four-.
nn mnmhnra (5 ConcrBSS. Willie 1 4 4,uuu
Repubticans'bUd Dot' uve metuuo!..--
Whenrre9ident uncoin w uuudcu u
18GO he Lad 180 eleotorat-votea uu.
pqp,Ur pelf Pf l.SUir.UUU. etPeo.
oleatoral OWVlto 1.DUV.UUV .popui-r
votes., ,Almost as eoormpua an lncqua.r
itv ex 9ted:at lie last I'rosiaentiai ei
, ,.; ..... Al'Pi;.lln , and -. Pendll
.inri. u 1n . MOUKlliaauanu ,noi
Vice vPi'bsidenf sgaint in Lincoln'', .and
Johneon,' -In, the present llutao Uoujte
o(. Representatives, puu.uuv
can -votes uv
mmllQdiTha'arm of all true' epub-
! 148 i mombcrcu, while
t 800 000.Pemoorats have only 40 fiiem
jer' Ifow J'ahall euoh. inequa.Utic bo
luina invnrnmenta is to (have t all
peopW rpre8ented in-it, and ; not m
no moioritjj! 'Members,' of -Congrc
nn mnior tvi 'BiemDerSii oi - viiugruro
.l.jl in mono nt . tllO .StatO
by whioh was ballod: general .iia?i j
iia ihnw rua ovorihe whole State,
and the party that cafriod jit,os them
all'1 -'Tills was enangea -.iu. -ub
sw'tev i order give-tbe i.miaorUy a
Knnvacnn mi 1 tiu. us n ho ovrKvwr-
ilTey 'would oeV-ry-iioic-. proper 'share or
the- disltiots.'. But experienced bapror ,
ed thiai to be doldsive. In.-iaJl,-. the
Amoncan party wvuu, t
votes, carried all tlie'twenty.(Ki9,;nemr
bers of Congress, while : tho JJemocrats.
Pwith 109-.000 votes, naa bb.i.'
immense minority had not a wpr.em
tie in the State of Ohio; i u;; f y.t -rt-H,'-i.
Blan--.tb8 ,-been
JU, which ie fair' and: equitable,
and sfllitUa every thing upon . antbmetio
frS7:r,H!nlAf,! Let eaob, -paitr. for in
staiite, io Ohio, nominate - and, jiote for
nineteen taea on rgoneral ticket t- jep-
raerthr. t Iia State in tbd House oi Ueprs-
of the. United ISutoaJVben
thh 4ot& are obu nHodf M the law require
of the Secfdrny orstate to mako. an ayr
TCTrr'oMlnA6te civen for caob. ticket.
Tho'ptoportion tbat- that average bears
tn tho wholcnumber of votes, cast, will
ii)!mi hns minv mombcrs areTo be
aaqio-hed.to- eaoo v tickot.; ) If one. ticket
h 250.000 votea.1 aud; tbd other., has
200 000. tbe 'crojjortion or tnembors
would be as elovea to eicht. Thff eleven
highest on the majority ticket would re-nnWaritnii-vnertifieateA'
of elcotian. and
i,;ehnt'nn minnritv-JLioJfl,p.0p
Bv this means e"aoh psrty would hayo-its
due shire of RopreeootatH'n-pro-pot
tion to.its votes, and thewuole atate oi
Ohio, and not a part of i?, would bo rep..
resented Tix Congross.:', ' ; " ',
, If thera-wero more tlian two parties, it
would not'affict' in the least, the '.work'
inw nf ihamle. If thero should De a
fraction one in eaoh base, lot the largest
one - have Jtbe boneflt bfiC : In rrsidon
tial electionhis rule would bp 'admira
ble, and "give td the minority and mnjorL
ty in eaoh'State what' they aro- entitled
to, and no more. - It is the intpreat of all
parties to Wke a reform in tbo basis of
reDresehtatidbi far oaeh has Its minority
as well as its' rapjoiity 'elomcnts. flu-
cinnati 'Enquirer.-
Afraid of a Popular Vote.
' The question V allowing bogroes the
Bamerighti with whitics'. io'tha public
oonvovanceB is now betorS tbe r curtsy I
yania LegUIaturoi r It jis. thus Referred
to by the rhiladolphia Age: :
"During the debate in the Sonata of
Pennsylvania, on the propositions to al
low negroes the same use as white men
of all the oars and public conveyances
in the Commonwealth, Mr. Mo.Candless
suggested the propriety of submitting the
mattor 0 tho oititens of Philadelphia' at
the next electiou, but this was suouted
out of the Senate by tha Radical refor
mers in that body," Our Radioal cotem
poraiies who were so highly scandalized
at the alleged' smothering of the seme
kind of proposition ia rufereaoe to Sun
day cars, will now have a ohanoe fd show
their indignation at this! retusai to test
tbo will of the people orwa popular mam
ner. But Wo doubt if they will seize the
opportunity ' thus ojfered, They-, are
aware that tho majority against suohs
measure' would be donated by thousands
ib this city; and, tberotore, Jhey are op
posed to submitting it to tne, people. .
The Income Tax.
Tub Radioal Committee in the
of Hepresentativeswhioh has tbe matter
in eharee.VU report in favor ofoontin-
uing tbe income tax;af five per 'centJ
uDon all isoouies over one thousand dol
lira. The poor clerk and meobaoio who
atru(2linff on twelve nunorea or .nr-
teen hundred dollats a year to make both
endmeet. will have, therefore, to bears
rtcbtsmart burden; that bo will feel se-
vdrcly. !fn the mentime,)' the Govern,
ment' bonds of tbe rich and wealthy
oontTnue to be exempt- from all' State or
local taxation ' The indications are that
the expectations' of the people,, that tbey
would be relievod from this inoome tax,
Will be .disappointed,' and that the op
pressive imposition "is to i qqnhuue as
too&ai Radicalism is in power.
- ' .U
'" Tne New Yorlc-?Vt6ane recohtlyjnade
iVa followiriir co'nfesiion'ii 1 1 ''') '
fc 'The Republican 'parly'1 is mortdl,
all other;partios whioh preoeeded it,
.ill die when ' its time Wias. 1 It
been misled . into putting thieves -and
ewiatilers intft'power, . abd J. "these - bave
ftr.hAd tha Nation, to its sore - discredit
andicjnry. J ;
The Income Tax. What the Men of the North—
The Income Tax. What the Men of the North— West Ask Themselves in
The Income Tax. What the Men of the North— West Ask Themselves in Their own Minds, and
what They answer.
they are tbe receivers, anu mo a,w.
Wt, wetAna oouiu to ---i
.QOESTiok Vbat ?a be name; of the
pkcleton jo'. Eastern ciOBeia i
repudiation ofjhd lNationat
f A7K Anna tha firOBDeOt bf KCpUdl
aiioi-frighten them so? A. Bjoan'a
tha receivers, ana (uu 11U11.U
H" ' . t A
(). How did Eastern men mano
nave it so arranged? A. 3j bsfcgtog
h Vit latA war.
u iiw "' . i
- n who did ihev biloo!" 0A ,tha:laW
war?. A. Well, they saw that NegrJ
Slavers' wpjfofitablt to tBe South, and
d theirrand idea of redu-
7 ' .. 1- v.0 il.' TT RltflK.
alt ice peopio l.v". y"j . .
to a Biaw vi
White and Black,
Q What is 6liyery?C,A.' Slavery is
, 6" . . . SL. tin. no.
that slate ot a sooioty in wniuu. i" -plus
carbing cf tbe. f l?ve t0
tbe sole use anu Deutumi
! QWhut is tbd amount of tnd
i..nlnira nt 'thB DGQDie OI IUV
r llr
West, West and tjajuta, annum.y .
Tbv amounted laat year to. theBUW of
about 8575,000,000. . ,
, Q What 7 beoimo fi thodo Barplus
earnings ? A. After deduetidg a small
.nmnnt t'ti auTibort:the Oovernment, the
balance went into the pockets of foreign
ab'd'eaoterb "boudholdor, v' id Wj,
j J What proportion of .the ; debt of
the United States is held by. forcigAere ?
Ar4botttpooBftBV-- V :.
'Q Who owns the balance las
iernmenr" 'C'"' j'
' Q. How did they' come to own ttJ-r
A.- During the.war.- they dida the ,ooa-
Tho East furnisnod.
ortW-WnrtU-waSt, -iWijat and
traoting, white tt
did the figlllJo.
1 i,a ers
Ulll IMV D" 4 . -. . ' I I
(he Bhoddy,' tho bad pork and beef, UU
wormy bread, tne guus mat uu.du, "iioani
old rotten transports,, in wu.uir v muj
eOldTefa . were dowced, the fifo-proof
Rubrtitutes. the hollow' talc about loyal-
.VZ -.'i:n- .AA oil that
iv me ive in i"? uni, i
thcygatbereid boite all tho, silveir Fpoons
and other portable proporty," and 6'
camo ricb," while the West, and ' North-
- ; i . .., j. - .j. - 7.1
wfeBt turniBoeu tuo looo jior puwuvr, u.
are ' now. gathering thoir dead, from a
ttrouad'battbi.isldj, and wjtblie5outh
are now bllTed" upon t-p4!l!
J.li' .7 " ' ' . -." - ...
1 Whatainrimary of:thi- result
of the war ?' .A; Why thaogroes are
lo be paid for at a yery high valuation ;
but, instead, of tbeir owners getting paid,
tbe price goes', into' the pockets of the
shrewd Eastern Yankee, and oomcs,od.t
of 'the surplus earniirgs of .all tbe other
Sections." ,- I u-A''- :. -..i-y -
JttAVnj i'are tbe' . sttrplus earnings of
South i -so ismait? -cA. Bacauso of; the
enormous amount, of indirect :tflxt,tioa
tboy are .compelled :to pay t3 aetojrn
man ufaotdrem
Q. Explain 'A: EdBlern men have
so arranged tho legislation .- in Congress
that the tarlfE'Ott loreigti manafaotures is
so high as to - exoludo .them -fiom tbe
country : so tnat eastern men onarge
what profit they cuOose on their- own
manufactures; all of which profit oomes
out of tbe consumers,1 goes i into the
pockets of tho ' Eastern manufacturer,
and so lessens the surplus1 earnings, of
the othor seotioriB." -i;' ' ' J"".
Q Now that tho, negroes are free, wby
do' the Yankee fuelemen; Butlor. - Som.
ner, Stevons, &a , keep up such a bowl
about thorn f. A. By tnisthoy expect, to
keep tbe people of various ' sections ..of
the eountrjr by ,. the ears, and thug pre
vent them thinking about, Repudiation.
Q Will they 'succeed in doing so?
.i V ;iV',--iK!':V...':.:v; '
Q.' Why? -'h.i Because'" the
are beginning to think. .v-i
Q. Why do the peoplo begin to think
so very' bard?; A. Wnjr ' they know
and feel that every thing they use coBts
about three tines as much as it used to
avwin i-u a uv rijjop an iuuwm ma a aww i
and they are thinking: where -all the
money goes and what booomcsiot it. --
Q. What is to oo me of all this, hard
thirfAung ? A;. Tho peoplo are, going to
Q.' How ? -f-'AI ; Why1, ; somebody-oat
West will run for Congress on the Re
publican tioket. end. if oleoted. thon sev
eral others will run for Congress on (he
same tiocei. ana oe ciectea: tno some-
body will run for Prosidont.on the same
tioket, and be eldeted ; then tbey will re-
construot the Supreme Court oa the
samo ticket, and thou cotn'es Repudia-
Hon.- v : ';. .
: Q.- Whatl renudiateitdebi' to ' whlohj
the faith bf tbe Uoited States il solemn-
WjTpledged ? ; A. Yes ; ii was a -Yankee
trick getting the plodge, and it is .Yankee
obioaoery that keeps; up thd talk about
(be'Died.i;;' '' s'' ..' !;
, Q. To what other institutions was the
solemn faith of tbe Unitod States pledged?
A. To the great United States Bankhnd
to the institution of Negro Slavery. '
.. Q. What became of tnose institutions?
A. Tbe'first. was repudiated bj Genoral
Jackson' and the other ' by ' Mr. Lin
coln.', . ,.!y' - :
XJ. WKo is tho coming m on, for whom
the poople ,,of the, Northern States .so
anxiously look?-' A. The man who will
vako a dollar tro a dollar ; wno will bring
free -trada awfd oheap goods; who will
abqlish theIntornaji Jleveniio and paper
money ; who will utterly "squtlob . the
bords of. tax-gatherers who now ooDBumq,
the subttanoe of the people jn fine, tbe
man who. will brfog about RdsudialYoa of
tBe JNational Debt.,, ;
-lia5.'-Wt-ai 'it.--
'It is alledgad that' John
II j Sarraty
w&'i be effarad pareiri; in cane hq . tOfos
State's" evidence acaio6t.sn.-of 'his 'Man
ooSirpiraiors in the p?ot ftftho saurderof
rt 1 3 . , t s , . - '
rjeBiaent xmooin. -; -
The Paupers of the Republic.
There are thirty tbofcanl Wle negroei
WiBhington 1 : V - .
Thirty thousand pauperi iunof'
taxiiidden, -industnooa e 0l w
Thirty thonaanOoonsnmeTS of ad
meaVpaid fot by you, Uboiwg mm
tbe country J
Thirty ihduaand peta of the AboUtio,
iiCion who convertea mem uw
obatiela to idle, mj, oiboiu r
scrviccaDie lauorers iu ju. 6 6
bonda 1 ' ' -. .. .' . ... t..
Thirl? thousand Diessinga oi u
. i . .f L Tin inn
war for the disaoiuuon oi iu
tbalmpoverisbment oftbe Southern po- -pie,
and'the galling bondage oj &J
Coring men and WeDfcf;tbJ. jfity
country I ...V. ... V.m,
How dolignted.tne naru iiuu
? mechanics, and irli&iansof the Kortn
lLa- K-.nrinld thev have a rlimpw of.
afforded them of th maaner ivL.
thirtv ihoussnd blac mem.
bors of the priyileged class of tbe ttp
spend their time. 1 ' .
Every sunshiny day thousands of tbemf
swarm about the publio plaees and lead-f ,
- avenues of the eapitoi, ; wanaeno
about aimlessly ,io rags, or strutting eon
Bequentially on. the promenades in silfcaV
and broadcloth prostitutes, - tbievet,
beK"ars. Enter the galleries of either .
Uouse cine-tenths , tbe space ' asblgoed
spectators is oocupied by gP"R;
bullet-pated, thick-lipped, 'wdoly-beaded
animal-jawed crowd of nigger?, tho dregr
r hrofeen-uD DlanUtions, idle and tl-
ojoue blacks released from wbolsoraO te :
Btraints of taBkmaitera .and'overseers
look at tbem Greasy, dirty, lousy tbey
drowBily look dpwb npod tho assembled .
wiidom of diBseyored Union sleepily
listen to legislators who bave given tbem
thmr freedom and now propose roiDvesi .
1 1 H 1 1
thflm . h Kgi$t privileges of Amor-
oitizoDship. "Appropriate, isn in-
aeasuwa (fit tbe prosperity, lb glo
Kepnbiiobow lo
bigots oa the floor, barbarians tn tbe gal
lery thd biacic pattern oi secnonai uaio,
fanariciflm, and intoleranoo frinesd by
the eablo ehreds of igooraoco, and iqual
, How long,: oh God of oar fatbsw,-
how long must we endure these things ?
'ions? shall black -treason bo tolera
ted iii the balls once set apart ia devis-
, i . al.. u1..a.
no prosperity, toe giury
trrandeur -oi tne j.enuouu uuw iuuk
ill white men submit to west tbe )oke
of vaftalacra and ''bondage that negroes
may enjoy a perpetual holiday, withottt
money and without prioe ? La Croft
Democrat. t 7.,- ' '...". .n
Grand Army of the Republic.
Lv til eras of tbo worZJ, wbfln mean
and wicied men wished to .carry oat
iheir revolutionary designs, and conspire)
under wniou
scainst tho eovernment
ibn liffnd thev have resorted to the to
,e00y wbicheoret political organisationsi
posaf 880 t vVe now have io e.xistenoe ia
this country an organisation Bijuog it
self the 'Grand Army of the Republic,"
whioh, although its professed ioteui'ffB
and designs, are good enough, should la
watched with suspicion, as fate deveiop
meots have shown that it is a trap set by
a set of aspiring sneaks to eatcb the poor ,
unwary private soldier, and force him io)
do things, which be would not iikely do
if he was hh to himsef. We merely
mootioo the. faot that every one who an
torn it, is bound to support, in prefereoirf
to all olhert, such member of tbe order
as is a oandidate for any of&.ce, to show?
the drift of it, The organization seemw
to baye been perverted from its Original
and avowed objeot," which is that of a
benevolent and patriotic order, to sin
ieter organization, and we warn all eoi
diers toeop their yes about tbem and
be carefuJ bow they step, fast they loosa
their liberty to thinfe and aot for thom
jelve?. 1 We af not afraid of the insti
tution a it wi22 in no way hurt oar par
ly, for a soldier who shows a (redibotloa
for the Democratic, rinrty, is not perill
ed to join bands with the loya blood-
a 'it. n a - i ," ty .
packers who frm tte G, A. K- Secret
societies of a politioa nature are contra
ry to tho spirit of a free Government
and Inimioal to- pdblio safety: Peojs'a
Defender, , '',..,;..
Another Sop Proposed for
Not cdntont with tho almost sioeoura'
position cf Secretary of the .United Statea
Jienatq, Jcmn W, F orney is now eodear-
pribg io get the proceedings of Codgresa
and its debates puDiisneq an nis paper
theWwhiegton tAMiucfe instead of
the Washington Globe, where they bay
been so long pnoiisncu, ana, w no wniop
'bey are now hietdrioal.y identlfledo li
this Government teal is giVen to Forney, '
it wil be to its great detriment for ha y
makes' no move exoept for spaoa and fat
consideration,; .-The poly idea of tha.
change will be to reward aa unsciapu-
jous partisan at the publio expense. ' -. ;
: .
A member of Congross jproposes to
abolish tbo Bureau bf Statistios, because
foots and figurcf aid againsObigb ;t-'
'riff. This war TnpW figure' is based
upon the'" feet that they will, not lie.- .,
The same rasoala are, trying to abolish
tho Constitution of the Uoilei" States '
aro afraid it'will, some, d, .
Be used to punish liars and thieved , . '
iTlrsaid that Govorbor' Cox's deoli-
na'tioa of , tbe iibofttioh r nomination for
Governor, was induced, by the act that '
ia a cauous of tbo Abolition me'mberi of,
the Ohio Legislature 'tbe- intolerant and' ;
fanatical Radicals from the Reserve1
abused him most ouft ageowsly on aeooont t
of his ansoundotvn on tbe negro auej
tion-btyond whiob a oheesedom' Jaoo'-' ;
.bin bss not a single idea, Cox, it iN'i'n'i " ,
timatep, aeciaraa mat ne wouia nos ooa,.
s'aot to allow bimsajf; tb be kioked. to
doath by jairk' asses': 'bp preferred;, to'
strike be biow hlsmelf. Th Cririu .i " ,r

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