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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 14, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic? nqiiircr
f Iffems of few lnlcrit.
Ik another pfof til parer will bo fouud
the Prospeotu' ' l'""-
The j0a y!J9 unlT,,,i ! ' eT'r7
family, ine country.) s i -
10) Ji
.tyVHa Caits WXntkd. Any person
hing good selves from t hree Weeks to two
nonths old, for sale, will oali'et the office of
At paper, and Tearn whtf wi4 to pur
chase. ...
, A swiwjlti iibolng V"VuP byfianltl
& BrosV, hack of their Store Rooms.td be ised
ai a IV are-room.' -It l meaHy completed.
r Tun Llodsley' House,"' at ZaiesU, In tthU
county, has changed hands,.. Mr. P. Bryant
ban been succeeded by a Mr.' Duncan.' from
Perkersbur g. ,
. ,BT,I,:
.! I i.
llWttARi CBuO, Esq.,'! retired Trom fiie po
sition of Probate Judge.' o'n. Monday last;
fend Joseph. Kler, isq.? was ,duly ( Ipstailel
its Probate udge. Mr. Cratg iuaije a $ood
Judge.aad left, the books, anj papers all in
good order. ; "
Tri members, of1 , the ' Tenoner,'1 Inslltifte
will meet at 'he TJiiion gchooV llpu'se, ft ttlfl.
. town; on' Saturday, the 23d inst., for the pur
pose of organizing forthe ensuing- year,-; A
ulf attendance is requested.- '.,,;,t ,' of
ReiAD the Prospeotui of The Crisis in this
paper. 1 .'It is an expllenjapr. . t (
Os account of hating a' great deal of.jb
work to Jo, Vblb requires ur attention
both day and night, we are compelled to neg-
. Jeet many , departments-'of onr pap(
a ill
J s: ;!
; '.A . Wooys'i" F aotot.V-lA 'pr8on
a large and .valuable tract of, land,, torougu
mt.,h the Mftietta and Cincinnati Railroad
-l. '" ' koii .rtfntiitnir the. Zoleski
Estate, In Vinton .county,' authorixes us to
tatcthat a silo for a Woolen Faolory . will
be given free to any party .ho will build
u n :. .n T.llAnt Tilace for a wool-
i FaclorT: about one aite from' the Zaleski
Depot of the M. & C. ft. R.; and atercoal,
wood, and every , thing else necessary for
tuilding and running n irabllehment of
akt. ir(n, kninff.near' ai'- hand. We think
t.... more eonvenieut looatVon in-
this county for a Wooieo Fiotory, ,' Fo; fur
ther particulars call on or addre'sa the Edi
tor of Ibis paper,
) ': mi i
i".tBb MaArtbur House, U IW "', :
changed hands'. MrP Bryant, late of the
Llndsley Houar, at Kleski. Jiae leased the
llouee of Judge Kaler Mr. Bryant is k
good lauaiord, and understands howa Hotel
ought to be kept. May success attend Jim.
' ' r ' 1 '
". It Is said that counterroits or inc. new.
live cent coin arc in circulation' and 1 many
f them have bee passed.; : The die ;pr mat
rix by which they were made is almost per
eo but the melal , of ih imitation is very
iaij;i being soma", iostaaces not much
tfltter tbaa leaiJ.- :. f i
1 Taki to Hon, A. J Pwaim, Member of the House
i ,inai
B.prehttie), from Vintu. County, fornumeiou?
iHtciwtiHa - i f
'Tii.Oiirt of Common ' riens wili commence its 1
cb.rinii tiuinif on Sloniiar. Mnrch 18th.
' : The following are the nnmes of the Grand and Petit
Surori, IbrnWcli We a.re undelli6tion to Jamea
Maron,t)eputf Qerkof theUourtsoi vimouv,ouii-
j: -, ' ' ' '.,"-v :
, j'' ' '';. uNjrioM;' .
William CiiR,:1 "' 1 Beninmin Newland, "
. KlmeonMown,.' W,l(m VsndrforJ,
Toob S. Tilench, , Jwnea .A Gunning,
1L. Thorn, , .'. Jo.-ejih Bobo, f
Ben janun ephard, Oeorx Crow, "
William D. AuJornon, Orville Gunning,
;eorg Creifr, . .
John llerrolil, ' '.
John Wimnr), Jr.,
. Anthony It, Heard,
William H. AMaon,
Henry Hoflhines.
5 , .riTit juaoas ,
0, W; Sherrod,
" Himeon P. Deaer,-.
! Jm3 Me.Cormick, Br .
, Un.M.iireen,,,
Lmvih Brown,
Krederleli llonderson.
A PiMt or Evbrt FAMitr. And
toeaa not only ery family, but single peo
flsas well, hea we commend to all, the
AerumlimrM h moat vaIUf
.ni, tht cheapest Journafin tho world,. We
bava received, ' 'M trst number, the new
yolume", whtoh begins tba second . Quarter
- Century, andfind 'it of unexampled exgel-
. . . i U.I
lencc- and beauty, w htie me puoiisnsre an-
- ' Bounce still greater things lo come, ; , Mr.
. Clifl, one of the most popular, and practieal
- writers of Jtho country, Is to join lbs already
laVgeand, trong editoriatorcs of 'tbo " Agri
' fulfuritt, apofregular contributions are prom-
' iscd from the well known Timothy Bunker,
.'Esq.,' the" Down EasUFarmer," ' , The Ag-
riculluruttU maryel of Talus' and oheap
ness. Eaoh number sm 38 'to 40 large
MloublVooUTe paft, containing 23 to 35 or
"more eostly, beautiful and nstruetiye En
gratings, and is packed full of useful, reli-
able Information.1 The publishers promise
-.V,, . ,..., innnft
to ,s?peM present yeaf at lea t $10,000
.log and preparing sleriinreading matter,
, .a,k.a in the wnA Af ihn t,ym iia !p.
J ...i ,v. 'it.-vm ' ta.tt.J-i
. Uining - ancL instructive department .for
Children and Youth.- Nothing lesrthan
'jKu!atlon of over' 150,000, nhich reduces
. jlhe expns W a'amall sum eaihf could en-
,ble the publishers to f Ornish such a jour
. tat, for only 8JJ50 a year. -. We sgaiff advise
1 every prton to subJoribe for the Agruul(ttr
.;-.--tv!rtad.pW: t.:;Cityj Village, and
; v Country.' Orange Judd & lCo.,TuhH8hers,
"- .'; 'i'ttl totV9 'lerk j?ty.v..' .'V:a:
M (he mM
this world's good'a
Kii. Road Wkiia A miieting iff.lne
cilUeiir lit' fo'wii rtL? cruitjf will be
eld a t the Court House to-morrow (Eriday)
evening, for thef purpose of do-rising ways-
eansffor the extension of lb Moristta
Cinoinn ati & ail Hot a from Mr Arthur B(
to McArthur. Ve hope this mfeting
be attended by'ftlLwbp',are interested
hariu; a Bail Road ati Ibis plaoe.'e
tliinU eVery tiody in Hie- town and Tlcinit'y
deeply interested ; In' this fmattei'-' A
Road'is tiadly needed. Wt say, let it
buiit If it takes' the last dollar in the town.
Mmetj will .build a Bail Boad onyuhero ; and
money will build a, Boad ftomJloArthur
Station to the Iowa oT UfArthuf only three
miles. " It w'il Sol cost much to' Jailil - ' three
of Rail Road : and w'e th ink tie iime
occupied in building' it would not be very
If our oltliens would' take the tnifc
ter in ' hnn4,, tejthe meefuig." -morrow
erening fully prepare the preliminaries jfor
commencing the work forthwith, or so soon
"mother earth" hall be dry'enough-lo
sboyei,' plow and scrapei,,.' Settle all, the prci
liminaries at this meeting, and have the work
pressed through to completion with energy,
are surethat every" man and, boy';' would
their shoulders to the wheel.1 Bach could
out and contribute, a few' '-days' .'or
weeks' work upon lh roal until'J" completed,
AU will admjt thato. road is necessary for
(iranpority of the towo, und -rioinity, to
nothing of the pleasure and eonvenience
Would b., '.TV a ork ; Of great import
ance to all, to the poor as- well, as the rioli
man. Let the man or . means aid , with bis
ncft blessed with much
s vim bis couboH, uis
advice and his labor,' . ,' . ,'. ', : ,
Tub Lat3T FAsnioxs.Sinoo the inven
tion and successful introduction of, the cele?
brated Duplex", Ulliptid or, double Spring
Hoop Skirt, byMr.' J.' W. Bradley, of New
York, the' ladies throughout '. the i coun try
tiave.'glven p the idea of discarding th
fashion of wearing boop' skirts o n account
the peculiar and graceful manner in
which the Duplex Skirts adapt themselves to
everya exigency; and emergency." So gener.
ally acceptable have these: skirts beoome
that the la lies regard them as a ppeoial fy
vorite, in Tioi of the superior flexibility',
lihtnessand durability combined in their
manuiaoiuro., .iney aieo opusmer uiem
mgly dispense with their use.
more economical and ' comfortable hoop
skirt than, ever has -or cafl be made for all
crowded assemolies,' for . the. promenade or
house dress.- Any lady after wearing ono
these skills, will never' afierw'ards will-
Long experi
ence in the manufacture cf hoop ekirts, tiaj
proven to the proprietors of this invention
that single springs will always letain the
Stiffs uDjielding7,hnff bungling tyle?; which
has ever characterised them, whereas the
Rouble Spring Hoop, or the Duplex Elliptic
will, be .found, free from tneee onjeououe.
Notwithstanding the ability of the . man'n:
faoturers, Messrs, Wests, Cradley & Carey,
turnout over six thousand skirts per ilay
from their large manufagtoricj in 'New
York, they feel obliged to request merphants
ordering the1 Duptex EUiptio Skirts, to send
their oi dera a'T6W days befoie they are
wanted, a they aro moat constantly over
sold some days.ahoad. r ;".i ',. '';.' 'A
Afct in tub' West A' Notb From Mr.
Ukait. We have bcon presented by Air,
Alfred L. Stwell,' publisher of The Little
Corporal, of this city,-will ,a most superb
steol line engraving -of " fhe Heavenly
Cherubs," from Raphael s " SisUne Mailon-
na, engravea ior a premium p mie jor uis
entrravea ivr n ureiuim liiw tut uia
.,.,. hv M. Sherlow. of the West-
em Engraving Company. Mr. Sherlow haj
shown himself a genuine artist, ana Mr.
Sew ell deserves (bo thanks of the . whole
country for calling out such rare talent on
a work bo dellffhtful. .the pioture will bo
aii ornament to every homo of, tate. The
following note from, our distinguished fellow-citizen.
Mr. Healy, shows what'estimato
is plaoed on this beautiful gem by one of
the leading painters or our country; -.
45, Opera HoosB BuiipiNO,
' 1 Chicago, November 1.
C. Knickerbocker. Kan.. Secretary of the
.-. Won tern Eneravine Company: .
Dbar Sib r - I have just seen a lovely
work of art. The Heavenly Cherubs,'' given
to the world by 'your company for jir. oew
ell. of The lAtlli Corporal In point. of mer.
it. think it will sueeessfully compare with
any line eli graving our country Jia yet pro
duced, and 1 rejoice that ChiASgo, I love so
well, has the bonoi of it. , Allow me -to hope
vour Institution may elve to the West more
like this, whl ch must gladden every lover of
i am am v a ura trniy.
Chicago Evening Journal. .
The prtce'of this superb engraving is $100,
It is sent free as a premium to 'every bffe
who sfiwds to the publisher three new sub
scribers for ne year to. ',' The Little, Corpo
ral,", The pjlctfof the Corporal is one dollar
a year, In advance ; "sample copy, ten cents
Ad dress, ALFRED L EEWELL, Publish-
er, Chionge, III
tg;; white man!S Aper
Clu1j3r 18Q7 1-Clubs for 1867
W E W.I'ORK.DA Y - B 0 Q K
. , foR 1S07 V ; , , :':
....i-. '-"'': r"":'-iii- '
' ifffls Nej Tokk Da Y;Bo8 enters npoti the
threshold of 18fl7 with a, larger circulation
J-JJ aniJ Dmoeratk , pMUhed
1 creasing and extending in every flireotloa
It has never been the ergan or mere " party
Democracy." , but rather the exponent
liberty, .wbioh, thrus
! into cur 'political Sy
those liberal nrinciples of human Govern
ment which. our foro fathers wrung, with
Mood aweat. from the tvrlnts of l77Cr
Standing on the foundation 6f the Deolara
tioa of Jadependeftce, that "U Mile) men
are created equal," and thetefort entitled
eaual riffnts, it is onposed .to an forms and
degrees of special, legislation that- conttiot
ilh'thill grand central taoTR of'Dmoora-
oykand over air, and above an, does it evn-
trous treason - io American
thrusting the negro element
System, -tnu' of. necessity
wfeck the whofe mighty fabTieleft us by oiir
fli$eTjt ; Ppd has created white mensupTi
or, aud nepioes. inferior and ihirtfort all the
eilVns of the patt, five years to abolish jlis
work, andequulUe with negroes every law
violated,' everf " Slata Constitution:' over
thrown, every life unorificed;- and Svery dol
expended, are becetmrily just' So many
steps.toward national suicide ; and the sim
ple and awful problem now upon us is just
this shall we recqver our reason and re
trace out steps, or march on to Mongrelism,
social anarchy, and the total luiu of our
country?' ' ' 1 '
T ub- Dai-Book, vtherffvre, ,'doraand s , . the
restoratiou of the " Union. as it whs "a
Union of tp-equal States ujo,n th whitf basis,
the only hope, and the only means possi
ble under heaven for. laving ilm'grand ideas
1770, the fundamental principles of Amer
ican liberty, and if the real friends of free
dom, and the earnest believers iu.tliat saoroJ
and glorious cause in 'whioh the men of the
Revolution Wered up their lives, will now
labor to exposeVtbe iguorance, delusion and
treason of the Mongrel parly, it will succeed,
and the whole white Republic of W ashingt.cn
restored again in all li .origin al heui-fi-conoe
and 'grandeur, "i ' J , "
Tub WxEKLy Dat-I3ooe is the most COMJ
News Summary,- Family Re id inz, . AerU
cultural Articles,; Reports,-of CuttIi)l,Oriir,
.Cotton .Markets, &o.,' are uo sur
passed by any poper. , : .1 . .. ;
TEMS.-tCASJ q. A D V. ANCE,-. 'T "
One copy one year, . .... ,. , .' Si 00
Three copies one y-, W!',, t n . , 5 50
rive copies one jeaiv ani one to u - h i.
getter up of tlts'olsib,'i.' '-', . . lo on
copies one year, and one to the'
getter up or the club, Vv . ; . . , 17 00
Additional copiex .- .' rr-'-f - rv - 1-76
Twenty copies one year, .and oae to
the getter up of the club, . , . 30 00
Specimen copies, neut free. . Send for a
copy.' Address, giving post office, county,
State in full, ' - f ." 4
. - : - VAN EVRlE,,110RTOiT& CO., ;,'
No; 102 Nassau street, New York.'
... ":
XX1. 0232r33 OTTTS :i: ,
;. v;; . --or- ,;;,'-':.
t':??:j2y ' ibr J8tl7.-, ,. ;
The 'SevejitbV o!u and the' Seventh
Year of the pliblioatioa of 'Tub- Cains" i s
about to begin, ana, in accordance with cus
tom, we iBsue our Annoi Prospeot-us. We
need not roapituiate its history during the
stormy years of its existenoe, nor remind
those who have read it, of its services in be-
jtialf of the great principles of the l)emoor&.
cy, and waatits conductors oonoeuveu, anu
what lime has bhowr, lo be the best it tsrests
of' the country. Its merits have been ac
knowledged from the time it was start id by
that "veteran and distinguished'' journalist,
Gov, MEDAKY. nnd its present conductors
simply clairq for it the credit of an earnest
and undeviftting adherence to tsjo pla i and
principles of its fouuder. In all the politi
cal vicissitudes of the past six years the
failure of some, the nfto&tacy of others, and
the unguarded weakness or many, exponents
of Democracy, Tub Ceisis has never denia
ted from the straight path of principle, nor
b.en allured by temporary expedienta, in
timidated by -.threats, iior., disheartened by
.defeat 'and; disaster.' ,-i "' - Vl .
On the score of principle "e claim for it
the merit of fidelity, honesty, and consist
ency.. As a newspaper we claim for it the
merit of lieing1 a -r , . , .c.,.rn, i.
teresU and ideas, a reliablo journal of the
times, a valuable ooniuioi tko-fiuoij
the meuhanic. the business man, and. the
family circle. .It hjQur- aiin to 811 th) large
Bheet with matter of real interoit aildfer
manent value to discuss questions of prin
ciple that are of rcivl signillcance, to inform,
improve, and iustruct, as well as atriusi
And to this end we discard the idle twaddle
which ggoa so far to fill up the daily papers,
the obscene advertis'ements and tho sensa
tional folly of the day. 'We could publish
hundreds of letters from the; best men of tho
country approving of the oourse of Tbb
Crisis in thisaoBpect, and to this course we
propose to rigidly adhere. 4'ho reliable
market reports and the great amount of
statistical, agricultural, financial, and po
litical information wo publish, is or im-
Dortance and valuo to bmieus's .nen, farm
era, mechanics, aud politicians ; while -the
carefully selected page of literary miscella
ny which each nnmber contaiud, commends
it to the home circle of all. .
The political views of Tub Crisis ecarcely
" . J .!.! T. ! 1- f f H.m..
reauiro ueuiutiuu. i m m mim iwmw-
oratio principles in . all their breadth and
Durity. as expounded by ihomas jKrrtcnsoM,
and the other really great meu and founders
of the .Government, . and uoon -, whioh the
Oovernment .was suooossfully conauotea ior
seventy years. It. is opposed to the Aboil
th desDotism which now controls the Fed
eral Government, in all its shapes and un
der whatevor devioo it may appear. It is
onnosed to the entire Abolition thoory of
politics, and all the monstrosities, huinl)ugs,
and delusions which arow out r( it. It is
opposed' to the. thieving 'aascality,' the ' ty
rannical assumptions, tho.stupid an 'I bar-
knm rml flies and the Jawiess usuxpaiiuus
of Congress, and to all" the machinery that
the Jacobins have devised. ana pui m up
tlon to overthrow Republican GoverdmeDlT
Inanffiirata anarohv and absolutism, enslav
Ihe people,, and oppress tliein with odioua
Ivrnnnioal. insane,' and cortupt
lsgislation. And in advocating the correot
prinoiples and opposing the evils we have
named, we shall continue w u
fear or favor. JT
In order to successfully conduct suet a
paper as Tus Crisis, it must have a Targe'
list of subscribers; and fo secure thatwe
?ely updif our friends. ad thoseho ha'e
W rfancul xompetenwrth
the ohean. ihoddv Tjub'.ksationa of the Eatt
hv nft'arinr hoiriia nreiaiuma. or employing
traveling agents ; but we earnestly Holiot
the aldof our rea'ders in extending our o;r
iinlatinn hv thair personal efforts. U Villi
wnnire hut little exertion from eaoh,. tut
the aggregate will enable us to fuyiish thsia
with a. naner fu v enual in size, luperiur-m
.... T-r .
nrintto anv Eastern DuDlioauon, anu oi
irreat dal mora lnteiwst ana importance w
Western Demecrals. .Friends, shall vfeoalL
unon vou in -vain, for the small favor we
aak. and In a eauifl ot such maenitilde, and
valued Mow is the time to seuo, xa auu
aorlntiona for the new volume, which, at the
ena o.t tne year, win oe worm uum
amount of the subscription price
Our terms are $3.yu per year, t,oo
aix montliB. Sl.Q0 for four monthB. '
. One extra copy will be sent to any-one
getting up a olub or six yearly auosormo
- nn. ,jfn a rtlnh of ten for si;
or four months an ra copy for the club
time. - ' "... i '.' " -
1 For a olub of len arly enbscribers.
copy "of tither ff the Ave bound" volumes
f'fil 'fll 'an 'RX nr '6S.1
Eor a club. of. thirty yearjy. subscribers,
. "- 1 Tli,r -t.
: - Publisher sail T,ri"v;.
In a club. of. thirty yearjy. subsoriDers,
aplcteaseH folk ve lumfS dl las Cbisi
six years.1 . w -..
4'ddresiiV - , WILUAM TpVITT,.,
4 '',
J. V. Bradley's ClnbVn.td Ptnt
Dujp!c .Elliptic '
' .,'(oa PountB spring) '
rrVHE WtWrt'UtFUt .F.EXIAlf-'TY, nafigrent
1 iviMFoitT iiml pi.p.rtriiK to any jndv wrarini tlie
""plpx Elliptic Hkirt will hepxiieriea.d purtionlnrlf
all orowdd A"i"inli!u'H, Operas. ,Crrmi8.s Ril,
rood Ours, Cliur'h Pcw.h. rrtn CIuum, for rromenmlo
and' Homo Iirens, n ' th .Skirt oun he folded when
use to occupy sninll pliiufli m enxily and oon
venientlya n Hilk or Mnsiin l)res, nn invnltulile
otiality m criooiiye, aH found: in any fflmjle Spring
feki rt. . J - '
A I.ftdv havinor t-n Ifivnd ' ilU Tiliftmii nifnr anil
t?rei oirnienoe of wearing (lie Duplci Elliptic Sb"tl
Siriiiff Hkirt for a ninitln ilny will never nftorwnrdH
willingly ilitmw Willi thriV N. v-For Children,
Mimes and young J.iulies they . ur iiiuoilor tv all
others. ' . -. ' '
'1 hey will not hend or hrenk like theSinslo Spring,
but will prwerve their twifeiit Bud trnioeful hpe
yhen three or four ordinary Skirts will have lieen
Uirawn widens. uelfniH,
with doulil,
are not only donlile nnrinE'. hut tici! w douhlu)
cnverd, prnrentln. them from treariiiK out wheu
"ri!(ing iiowii stoops, Htair?, ,.o.
Tim DufHox Elliptic i jreat Sivorite with all la
dies and is universally repniipnudid tiy the Fa-shinn
irMB(i a t.1 htANDAKD BKIB1 . or inn
KAhimojJAHIiB WOitl.O. '.K i .. i'
To enjoy tho following enestirunlile advnntngis in
flrinoline.viK Superior Quilitv. PeHxot Mnnhfnc
tur, Stylish Shane mid Finiidi,' Flolhillty, llnmWIi
ty, Conifort ati Economy, enquire for J. W. Hmd
ley'a Duplex Elliptie,or t)nhla SpriiiRSkirt, aud be
Aire von at the Genuine article. , ' - . ,
CAL'TKIN. To ir'nnr l Kgninst IMPOSITION he
pnrtieiilur to KOT1CE lhu sltlrts orleied ft" "DU
PhEX" have the red i ftTip, via "J. W. Brnd
loy's Duplex Ulliptio Steel Springs," upon the wni.it
ban, I none clhoi uvo ;nulnw. -- A Iho , noting that
every iloop will ad in it of n pin lining passed thrnuRh
,i.n..... tiink rvnmiMui tjii two Mr iionriiei poriuxr
iher lharein. whicn Is the Flexilnlity of
Snd streiiitth, ami a eolnbinatiori hot to be found la
nv other Skirt. , j f.ii :rt. '' -m - -c
, FOU MA i;K ill nil ptoren where FIRST Ct.ARfl skirts
aw sold, tbrouilioitt the United ttit and elsorhire.
.laaiirimtiirril by (he Sold Owners' of the Patent, ,,
BTUhrtnibera and 7ff & 81 Keauestd., W. I'..
Tho. Hoojw are ovred
and twisted thread, and the bottom rods
PebronryH, 1807 -Sin
SherlfPs Sale. r; i
1 ' : i ,. :i; ' State of Ohio, Vinton County. .
CJarisa towd, PlaintilT, ' . "J !n Vinton Coanty Coi4rt
' Th. : Common PM.
Ervin F.' Dowd, Jieftjndant.) Order of Sale No. f.. - i
IyV ItHUANT to tho command of an order of sale in
the lxv emine to mo direoted from the Onurt
ol Common Pleas' of Vinton Comity. Ohio, I willotfer,
a( puhlic sale, ht the door of tho Court House, jn t
Town of MeArlhnr, in said county, on v., ., 1 , ,
,. ..TUESDAY, MARCU iUrn,, 18CT;. .
at the hour ot to'cloek P. M. of said dy,ihe fol
lowing described-premises, to.wit: h.j - : j
' tleginniug for the samlpven ohains and twenty
links West of the North-east cntsvr of Soclinn Num
ber Thirty-two (82.) m Township Number Ten (ll),V
of Kungo NumlierHixtoen- (1(4 Ohio Company's Pur
chase; thence Sfliith fo'rV-ono elnins and twenty
lire linksf thenee- Wot thirty-two chains and ninety
links; tbenco North lorty one chains and twiflitv-fiva
links; themee East" thirty-lwv-chains and seventy
links to the place of beginning, containing one huna
red ami tliirtv.flvnaRreR.II.'lol nloro or loss.
Tuken as thenronertv of Ervin E. Onwd b satisfy
anorder oiiddeci-6oof8jaC6urtiu Civorof Clarisa
l'"'itd. .A -"..,'. ,.',',
Ap iaise ol twenty-six hundred dollars antiijid
or ,,g two-thirds orthat sum..
Terms of sale Cash in hand.
,.,', ' Sheriff Vinton CountyvO.
'15. A.-Hratton Att'y fur pi'tt. ." '';. . .. i,
I'-Aruiiry 14, IiJWt&w , , ; ; ,, ; .
lieriirsriMd Special ITIater
i Coinmtssioner's Sale' ;
'-'.". '', " ' Jule'of-C-hio I V'ntliiCounhJ.
Abraham Wilbiir.TIninli'tO In Vinton County Con-t
, vw. i. (.: . Common Pleas. Order
Felix Grimes, Defendant. JondHeeree. Order No. 1.
4U KHUA Vl to tho comrhHiid of an- Order and Te--jfree
io the above cause, .to. Bin ..directed from.
thoHourtof Common Pleas of Vinton Coiin'y, Ohio.
will offer BtipuhHA sale; nt .tli. Deor of the Court
House, in tne town oi.aic.-iKiiur, in suiu uiiimy, on
T015OUAT,.TUE 10TH -BAY- W MA-itOtt.
J -..a. D.iao7 . ''.'-
at l o'clock P. M. of said day"tnio .enowmgosem-f y
Mixly-six Liiii rcet otrthe fouthond nrin-l.ot um
ber Wcventy-seven T7,J in the Town of MoArtMf.
Taken as tho properly ot said Felix Grimes U st
isfy an - order turd decrco of said Coutt, in favor of
Alra'mm Wilbur.' I ... i i ..-.;..
Appraised at Two Hundred end Fifty Dollars 13250 1
and niiistltfing two thirds of that sum.
Terms otSale-Caslv in hnndi
JiillN J. SHOOK EY. '"
1,1 " ! ' ' Sherifl Vinton County, Ohio, i nt '
Acting atilHnecinI Master CniniuUsiouer herein,
ft. II. ft A. MityoiXity'sforHrr. ' ,
Fobrunrj H,1S7 St' i . '' ' ' . ,
Mary DnughoitT et. iA.'
Adiulnistrator'si Sale of
Real Estate,
IVtriolt Henry Qiunn, Adinliilstnitor
of Estate ot Michael Il.iughorty, tn "Vmton I'ro-
y i IKito Court.
Petitition to
f Bell !nnd.
I N onrmianoo of an ordar of 1 10 Froh ite Bnurt of
I Vinton coitntv. Ohio, wanted on tho 9th day ol
Uehruary, A.,U. .WU7, 1 will otl'or for aide at public
auction, oa . . .
Moiiclity, the ,18th day of March,
. A. D, mil, ' !
hchrboh the honre ot to o'clock A. 14. and J o'clock
P.-M.orVaid Uav, upon the premise in in iown
Mliin of Wilk esvdlo. the following doiwribcd Real
Kmate, bI tuato ill the county of Vinton, andeitale ol
Ohio, to-wlti" ' ' i . ,
Tha Went Imll of triA floulh.ire.it Quarter of -fee
lion Numhor Kive (No. &,) Township dumber Kight,
o.f liTinyi, iiumucr 3'Aieu, iW. twmwiliiuft
onvonty-tour lutrua. t i ,. .
v.; , ; ALSO, -.
Thirtv-four acre s oft" ot the Kaat hall if the South
' East (iuarter of tieolion Niimtier Wx, (No. 0,) '1'own
Bhin Nunihsr Kiiclit. iNo 8 1 ihuiae Number nixieon,
(No. in theiourity of Vinton, and State of Ohio,
oontaining lnirty:lout acres.
Appraiksd at i7oil.u0, .
Terms of 8al One-thfrd i
cash in iiandi one-third
in 9jt months, ana y,e remaining one-tnira m iweivo
nioutim, llin ino.nny oi gnie, wim uibsreni, wiui
red paymonts aoo'urjd bv mortgage upon the prein,
ia sold. . ' i
Adm'rot Michael Uaughony, dwieased. ;
February 7,. IS7 iw .;. . , ;,,..' i.
State of Ohio, Vinton County.
JabeSBelfo'rd. ,V ' ' ' '' ' ' -
- ogainut vwn liXecution nu. a. .
ix Tiriun. oi ai exocuiioii w mo uumwu imm
rVnourt ol Common Plea of Vinton County, Ohio,-
... lA n hnnl,nrih..lln,irt H niiu
I will titter Afc UU1JIIU imiir, w nun. ...w .
L 'pnn of HuArthur. Vintou County, Ohio, on
,U vito - - i , . . - -
between the hour 10 o'clock 'A-.M. and Vclock P.
M. olaaid day, tho following personal property, to-
Tio Two xearum uoriivuin. ,j
'TalfenM the propcrt of Thomas Doarth t satisfy
a judgment in Uivor OlTlabe Hnlfatd ; i ' i j .
iwma o. fihOCKEY.
i'i'.i ' ' ,; V Bheriff Vinton County, O.
' Pr4rnj UlSOT-St 'i " ' -" '' , '' '- '
, rnnnfv PrubattvCourt.
VrOTICR Is hery given that Joseph JcKhnis
. iT-j K.-..rn,rnt.and vouchers for wnnec-.
iti .d ,,irs..ttloment, pd that the same ill he.
toT hearing o ihe Sits luv of "., .
h, the rrooaw """."V k cHAKl) CKi6.
"Fehruarj Tilglft-aw frobate Judge.
d'.i j Notice ;f';-:':v:"; !
'ra 1. .iitin that a' petitition liaa been fcled
TS ),tr"!- 5'!? 1. " J T ".rti.,. within and Ibr the
ii ofVin onTaid Sttteonuhio, th. object and
Oeiinty oi vinu . , y dsr of
P':!.r :,',' following Alleys in the West part
f the Villag. of McArthnrv .
JtoAUeBand .wT the . Alley lying
Sl.'..h oVan I adhSf W ,'-04 Kuniber 131, iti
??,hrSf n,l iT also. lAllcya. running North and
be for hearing tth Marcj a. PEIITKJNEB.
' I foirruVrA isct-k ' . vv ,
I''--' ' of tub ';:' """"' i
:: - ' . ; -. . ..... . .
Hartford Live So.ck Jttaurance
-" ' - Co.,
'i- - , .
''.it i i
, : "e! .( i,;
Of . Gonneotiout, .'. ,
ON tha lift day ol November, 18CC, madft
to tho Auditor of Ohio, pursuant io lu
Sutute of that Sute. ' .,,...,:. '
' I. '.CAPITAL. ' . ' '.'
amount pf lis CutiUal StoA ' r ' " " ;
pam up, is " : ; 5150,000 OC
. ..:. i.'; VLt 11. 7ABSrt5. :!V- '
Cash on banj, ami in the hinds
pr Agents. - 4; ?,.,,. -.$22,3 W 0
uonus and stocK4 owned nr
the Company w , ,"
Debts dud the Company,
eil. oy fliortcags, i
Debts otherwise secured,, , j 60.000 00
Debts for. Tremuras, ;. . . , ,3,785 67
other Securileii, . . , '21100
1 -T'j '
43,457 50
36,500 00
TotaT Assets of Company, $ 155,290 83
.1 lilt .LIAlHUAilES. ; ,
'Vv'..'!,iis'cELL jdovs. ' .
The greatest amount insured in 1
Jan one risi,' ' , $2,000 00
Statot, CosxscticuT, ' l ' . ', ;i '
County of IIartpobd; , ; 1 ,
,E, N, TielloL'g, Preflii!ent,'nd'w','c. Ooo'd
rich, B.o..y at the Hartford ttion'c
Insurance Company, being severally sworn,
depose and tnv that tue loregomir is a full
true and correot statement of the. affairs of
said Insurance Company, and that they are
tpe above described uuicers tiiereor. . .
' f ' ." E.'N. KbLLOGQ, President. .
i ' ' r ' " W. C.UOODEICH, Seoretarv.''
Subscribed atid sworn tefore ma, this 0th
uay orwoveoiDer, looo, . - ' '' . i
rSAi. :, ,) ,WM. HAMERSpy, ;
, ' -j Com'rfor th4 Statt of Ohio; (
Ffvs Cent Stamp. ' , ;. ; 1 .
'0rpicopSn uDtToft 01 State,
' ' Columbus, 0., Nov. 10. 1806. -J-'
.It is hereby certified,' that the foregoing
a correot oopy of the Statement '. of the
Condition of the HirKord Live Stock In.
surauoe Company .of .Connectiout, rnado"(o
and moil in tuts umce, ior tne year lt .
SSai, -Witness my hand ani seal oS.'
i-.j r i : ."' ciftiiy. - i i '- '"
v j (- i J AH H. GODMAN, : '. ,
, Auditor of Stale.
" ' By Jas. WtttiAiis, Ch'f Clork,
' "" : -. s '.':.
(To. Expir'o.on the 3lst. day of J'aniinry, 1808.; '
Orncsl or tnt AcDtToa oi Sta; 1 '"1
tsal'RAJiCK department; -' t'
; ' -j i f i-CoLuiincs, O., Nov 19.' 18C7. 1
INSU1UNCE COMPANY, located at Hart
ford; in the Stale Of Connecticut, has filed
this office a sworn statement of iff con
dition, as required by the aot "ToHegulale In
surance Companies not incorporated by the
State of Ohio," passed .April 8, 1856, and
amended February 9, 1864, and the aot "To
regulate Foreign Insurance Companies,"
passed April 5, I860; and, - Whereas, said
Company has 'furnished 'the 'undersigned
satisfactory 'evidence that it is possessed of
actual Cspitat of at least ; one bvxdbcd
rcquirad by said acts; and
y said acts: and. Whereas, said
Company has filed in The oliise a written
dor ItH fiopEUitA.tA.Aal filirnttft
the President and Secretary thereof, an-
iliojizing any agent or agents- of said Com
pany in this Btate to acknowledge service of
prooess, ior ana in Doiiau or said Company
according to the terms of Baid aot of Apt! I
Now, TnsaEFOHB, in pursuance of the aot
aforeoaid,. 1 'JAMES H. GODMAN, Auditor
Diaio ro. uuio, do hereby certify that
i ,t i i thai, ., ' i J
sain nainruftu STOCK ISSCR.
ANCE COMPANof Hartford, Connecticut,
is authorised to transact the business of
Live i Stack Insurance in thi State until
the thirty-first day of January, in the year
one (lioueand eight hundred and sixty
eight. " ,. ' .',' :; '
Seal. I Witness ;WHKaKo, I haie
' ': - hereunto.! subscribed : ' my
.'. .! i . V name and caused tbe seal of
, .. . , . . my , offioe to , be affixed the
. day apd year above written,
: " ; JAS. U. OODMAIT, .
V- ; 1 v Auditor of State.
, . , By Jas. Williams,
'.' Ch'f Clork
- j. .
' J.VIV. HO WEST, ilgrent,
, '. .- ,. . i JfcrfAMr Ohio.
January 31, 1S07-3W " ,
If it
is in
in f
A Beautiful Premium Engraving, and Re
duced Prices to ClubAf
tllK T.ADT,'3 FtllEND nnnonncee tor IflfiT the
by'the W '.io'Longor
. Douglas, anthor of 'In
il,' by Frank Lee Benedict.
rlnnlilA mum tinelv enlored
ri - . . ... .........., i
liowine noveirwrai a i"jw oiuii u. .,u. iwiiij
Wood, anthor ot 'East Lynne." 'The Uianninir','
... . . ..." . . i ... a. i
liiiifr a n ,,i.HH( i". ,,., ,.y -...-"w-.
cott. autnor ot 'ioio oy me oi
tourtS.'.Dy Amanna m.
-i ruat. eto. -iiora uasiei.
Itwi k m a splendid douoie page nneiy coiorea
FashioS Pla.e-Pengn.yed an steS fn -y number.
It willg.ve a tieaiiliiuiiy eseoutea innoy . moei wt.
iviiiKi n .vara nnm, 1
!" ' . ' : : ....- rv. .i--
II aio rv.. r. .... -
it wit giv
,t.' ...i. so ...liuinhor. anil tn averv nnnnn a
1 Bllwro ,w - . 1 I
club. . .. .' .' .
CIUU. . . I
..h,n-a hii, PItdTea Beta. Hnoons. Pitchem.
nH rtilvnr Wntuhea. Guna. Kitlen. Melodiona.
v..,. - . - , 1
Clothes wringers, tappiemn a vopuias, o. -
IKiU9. I,-... u ,. -
l oopy, (and theongTavinSa, 91 M
axiopv of the Beantiml Premium Steel Engraving
'Une 'of Life's Happy Hours' 20 by SO inches, to ev-
rV single S2,50 subscriber, "auil- to every persona
5 copleifKand one gratis .
8 cvpies, (and oiie grati
One conV each of the Lady's Friend and the BJiur
dav EveningPostforSton.
8 00 ' I
10 !
. I
oo.om (n.l nni ratikl . . 28 "O - 1
W.WPuT&.U.i.... .v. Jl..
" -
he getter npofcliibwUl alwaya.reciT?acopy or
the Premium Engraving. Meutfr ol a oiun , wia n-
ia should enclose 16 cents lor samplo Maj
(atainina the parucluars. AduresM
Beacon &-petbR90N.:
. .: 319 Walnut Street, Shlladolphia, Pa.
' ji.ii.ij rmr i ' m -f --'--' rn: '-,-S-n ;,- '
T II u o U I O F A mi Vtll
; ToK Xvl, for 1SGT.
S.'JJ. HARRIS. EditoI. ' f
' . ... n.vtfTTjin T.
' A. if. 1 Asvar,!, 1 vBidsiifta.
Agricultural anJ, Family '' Pajcr
Dcvotei to 5frai 'and Household ; Af airs.
Tkms. 8ing1e copy, tfnjy $2,00 a year.--
Aaxtrei copy one yea for ievrjt emo
Ten, ana an extra opj
aix months for
elub of si.-.- BPecimene, ana,rroBpu.
sent free 6 persons denng to get up vabs.
; Address
nnin v i niiVD
.VmV X JilliUJUi, .,
er tna
lot USC7,", , " "
A genld
A iOur
i rrrpiiim Amounting , :
.'.oii-iBooi"'-' ''
- '" - uvr.i:
M Distributed i Anril . Tflt i ...
. . 9 . i !
;7 .Vrf,'l A ''
List' oi remiom$ and Particnlars "of
Blslribationi see the Weekly Enquirer'
' ' and Subscriptioa Circulars
!f";.H ','',; ,;...f.r-v.- j,, ; ,
WS, this yar, orj-r prijea to the abo amount
an inoifnlife tothow? of ouf patroni -who will
ert lliemaelvea to form Hubs , If our paper tonhS
paper tonhS
t (ken in the hourphnld of nil nnr
...J flu., i. t-a . . . ,
nvuHiiwi ht Miouvnce wiuiq oe po.
ir rhanging tha political aspect ol altair. The
noiut tor which all friend of the Union ahouldL
for is the Dissemination f Denoocratio truthu
had had an equal hearing with the error of oar
onnonetitH,. we should never hero had the lenihla
of the last Are years; -Taught by cad expert
of its neirenaity, we trust th Oemo:ratta pres
future to have a larger sphere of influence an
circulation. - , ' i . . . - .
What evil have fallen anon th land, owlns to the)
erroneous political eduation of the masses! IT
restore the old order of things one more, ef
fect National Unity and the old-fashioned Peace auA
Prosperity , we mutt place the Democracy egala tas
powtT. A. .iu, this mil, aim u th most .
loutive agent in the orlc, w repeat, U Un eirauU.
of Uie Democtatio press. , ... - ,, , ,
The Enauirer has aomo claim nnon th ivnm.i.i
of the Democracy that are anirertaily acknowU
. Through proscription end persecution nn.
examined.' with military edict outtin on
vulstlAi m whole Btate; and districts, jhrmteBedl
mm jiupiiressiuii. personal imprisonment nodi
violence if we did. not change out course, w
by the Democratic flag and gave expriwtKxi t ..
itetenet. Twice burned to the cround within thir.
mouths, mvl ami,! t he greatest pecuniary d
consequent upon it, we bare never lot M f
of our pa)ier, or broken a promisa te nr e
ul8crilr8. In the future, as in the past, under
aim of prosperity well aa the cloud of ndven
e. Hhnll bear aloft the DemocratM Banner, ami
liiithhil tn Its orgnnisatioa.' - Will not th Jejnoo
lacy of the Northwest stand by them who wer era;
ao darkest hours to their political and personal
interest, itnd will they not exert ihemselTC to ta
citase our oirculatiOS? r'-.h - - i'."- ' t : t' i '
As a business and family journal, the Enquirer ha
snpener. J-'.ach uumoer contains a large amount
general news? latest, and most reliable Intelll-'
and reading matter.. Financial and OOmmer
cial News is made a tpeoini' featum of ;the Enquire-.
unusually Urge space being d&votod to full aa4
reliable reports ut Um rulidg puces of this aoit etbar
market; '!'.' 1 '' ''"! 2k ' '(fjr '
1'be Weekly Enquirer will be. mailed to aubMti-
ai the fullowing reduced rates:
ISngleoopr, oneyear. .'.'. i ' f f aflt
" six niontlia,- , .-'.,.,,.,
Ten copies, one year, " '' ' ' ' sooo
aa additionaicopy to th waiter np ef th cluk,
Money to be sent at our aisk by express, preoairt.
in registered letters by mail. For sMms over tea
dollars by dmuI, dralla or post office money ordsi
nhould.bo procured. Address - ,
' .' ' f ARAN & MctEAN.'i -"'r .
, :.. . Clneiunati, Ohi;
Ppcclmen copies and subscription circular cou.
(ainimc list of priiea and all necessary infornulioa.
seutuu application. j -, y , r j
i! V. i''t.-V::' ' ..K ,t!" 'fg.'li
II 1 0;S T A T E 8 M A it
in the pae. IhixHign awnsniD ana storm, Tn
Ohio statesman wili continua inflexibly Uen
-unalterably devoted to- an adrooacj of the
mamtenanee o ine tonmuuoi. m iniirn win in. iri
xer, rcwol,vaUoil of the Untau. Astdsr
this, 'J'he btateumao will bestow particular a,
toutioa to.t: .r.-.v-- "
Jreic, LegUlative and Congreetional,
Hcjwrts,' lflotce, 7tfruca ant-
,! l;Fleonm$ .Literature.' ;-c:
will give raithful market reports from the loMn
uimmerciai sewers oi uie country.
On the UHh of December, The Weekly Statesman
be so enlarged as to give two and a half add!
columns of leading matter weekly, IThefoU
lowlngare the . - . ,
Statesman, aer yeat
" I sir mnnthfl. ' ' ' -
otateaman, per yearr .--i -
. " v . ," six monins,
I m rit?trTT tun imruii l
copy, six months, for ' 1 ' 1 On
copy, one year, tor . : ....... oe
Five copies, one year, for ,',
copies, one year, lor life
weniy copies, one year, tor mi uw
Fifty copies, one year, for , . " - .If W
ItAXilAH ft 3HELMAn,'
'..-. ,i i -J Columbos, Ohio.
Tint on CoHBiy 'Probate Court.
NOTICEL---Dviil Forerjaa, Administrator of thaw
EstatI of Robert Welch, deceased, has Died hie ,
nmniintwRnd vouchers for Inspectionand settlement.
that the same will be for hearing in Ui Probata
Coiirtof Vinton uouuty, utuo, oa- tn r bai am f,
January 84, 1867-3iv ; Probate Judge- ;
Sherifl 'jjSaie.
Stale o Ohio; VMon County, u, . n'-' '
AlexandeAlendorson) . . .
, w. Order of Sale Ho. l' ...
Geort A. I,each. ' - J - ' ' i " "
PUBSUAW I iwtne uuuiiuaiiu oi ma onior vt saiw
' issued lrm the Court of Common Pleaa of Vm
ton county, Ohio; and to me directed as Sherifl of said
um hi sme, ih inv unqr uiuiw
own of McArtuar.ta Vlntoe
county, on.o. on . .. , ...
Wednesday ttheilth. day of February, A. Q
,'1867, v
' '' . .' . .L ' .'
Mill mill
.,n, 1 will oftnr at Dl
i ,h .T,
uinn iiuiimi -
. i . t , ,,j jJ ,,;.
t one .'ol U. J
aKiuiru .t....j-, - ? - -- , .
nt iwa Ulll Wltr in th BOuth-W!
7 i..n
. . - i , - -. i7iu,-. T Kl
East quarter oi oivuiiu kuiuuci xhkiivtou,
'I'en, Unnqe Hpveniwn; aiso, oeKinuiiiei. wie nviwi'
eorner ot tne r.asi nan oi tne worm-ewn. jur-
tor of Section mimtxwr puneieen, iwiwmp ion, w
. . . I. .. : D . k. , 1. . U , . f
Kngeiietiiini "
Pu VfV..ao.l alnnl, th WAHt Hide of Said
roaitothe Eat and West line, on the Korttl mW
said half quarter, inenoe runoing rt es ,,.
. . Inl.A all t,.A lttl
Ten, li
ter of 8
of Kenning, so as take all the land that f ie on the
Iwest side where said- Bsad runs, belonging to sat
half quarter-:
The following deacrified teal estateTVilnale tn Bee
12 tion Eighteen, Township Ten, of Ranm Seventeen,
. w oa 1 . VaJAiet ai flha Hai 1 1 viaiSreaeaL nf?rA
belt nn III 7. Cnains nonil oi vim Doma-woo. uyiu
?h. TL5thalf of the South-east quarter of said '
. ik.n,,. v.aat. T nd phiLini:ih(ice Bmith 70
ne"ou, u.iii;'" T : . VL. iu
"-v By - - - - h . CM
.1015.1X0. the tegtnam..
Bmn io. o tiuim, -o-r -
".thOHaend v. hundr'ed -dollM
(l.wo.ou) ana musi onnKiro-. nra v .
TaUnnaatho property of safd eorgA. Lfcb
I aat,"fy a juilgmeat rmd'e.jrd against bun tr fovor et
I aaiit Alexander Handoreoo. i .1 , 1
1 . .. . , l .1 -1 !. ., n M Ul. .
- , , .,.-' ' Kherif?VintoBUOUB7, v.
B. D.BhivlAlt'yfo Plaintitt
JeuaryJ4,l07-i., ; - ' --
. '. Tht Cheapest tfagaxiM ia.lAf WorUt ' '
THIS --'-iiarano wmwywrcuiaieu .
BoVr .vilodn'ln,n tinequiilled in this cend
. 'V.'u ..,n,h.ri hrnamenleti bv eumereii fin
"'....2r- -.j nomolete in itself, embracing
ivarTety of tales, skethee,- poems, and III nirs-
tarticles; 'irritu-n expresaty Ibr Its l
n"dSl b, Miobe ih cheapest and beMnr
onein.tnworia.-awKirl .,. -
fl soa'ar;" trrs ebrlee lhirte. sopwe
LSOO. t-'ngl. ropieolj v ' '
( f ' " A- v aaf

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