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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 14, 1867, Image 4

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A bhabp Yankee proposes" that hero
' lifter the governor proola'rnvT banksgiv
iug oaJj oo condition that poultry'is
cot ovec fifteen cents a .pound.
It is affirmed by sotetiiiflo gentlemen,!
tbettbe resur of the runes, U it oouid
be used, as, it ptcpel'in? power, would
tore a jssat. sctoas ' the " Atlantio
twenty-four lours. -'' v-'1 '
A New York paper, announcing tbo
.wrsokiog.of. a, vessel nearhe , Narrows,;
:'&it" "The.6nlv mssencers were. X
NatbabJ wh&u ne,d Ibree-foutths of
. vessel and totj qaptaw s wuej' . .
A BOT bavinRTBOmplaHied o his fatb
' that Bill had thrown the Bible at Kim,
'and hurt foitn on ' lh head:' the father
'replied j, Well'you are the.. only,mem
(ber df wjiamlrj ou tfbuai the Bible ev
or made, the hast impression."1 -..:
-: t -. . .' .-, ft ' i. .', .-,t
; f ' Jt'ito,;; Jroa: account for
extraordinary etirva in this horse's' back?'-
. "Sur'att' r. cad, air. Before the baste
va j your property, she - was baoked agi
in, Irish, horse, that bate her, all hollow.
ntf ihi net got'straigt since,".;'.,..:.!
-i AH.tusfi i:Lat arTmali iitfg IT gonfleman
coat and vest too fmalL was ordaied
' talto (hem home and lot them oat. Some
days afterbtailor iold the.ge.DtlepIo
that the .garments happening tcf fitj
coanirymaa 'of lis, ho, had Jo
- at a Bhillin' etweck.',T'!:"Hr'?v'
k ".TA7 Vi&tW oming!from.tSIt6;'!ili'd.
Allegnanies tJ New Yjork, iijiptoras
asked whether itwas- as oold there aa
the "city,; . lie bad probably, been $i 'scmii
niatchof intellect tphool, for, he glanced
ai too, Iheripomftten: vVHorribly cold,"
said he, "for they have bo thermometers
there, and bf cburee Ita gets just as oold
.' j$Mrx;S:c::. x:X'.;
.-'f'lTU.l ." i in,i " ' "
; APt53;'--SWy mellow.applai are di
gested in an hour and a half, while boil
ed eabbsge; "requites five - hours. Tbe
'most fceal thy desert that ; can be placed
. on the tabic is a.haked flppid;. If eaten
frequently; at-, breakfast, ..with eoarse
bread and itter, .without miiat or flosh
of any kind,- it has admirable effoot on
the geoeril, ystem,; removini? constiba
tion, correotiDg acidities and eoolins off
lODrua poaQiuona ,more eacctuauy tnan
tbe most approved tteioines Liebeg
. - says tho: preTonl debjlity; fitroDgthen
"digestion, correct tbo putrefaotjFe tend
encies of nitrCgenotJB iood, avert scurvy.
th power bf Productive labor. ''1- :
EtaioiOT-nrflKjjeiigion jn WOman
. woums- all - her interestr--1 adorns . her
character, promotes her peace, endears her
friendship, MgUentJev esteem. and adds
,.Wiorrbs'ble i worrtn ncC mgnt-irjfcM-
worus apa qej- ijow svreet, vWhca' m
BlislreBa of iia iiml,i tlie hnrlfnlct nf I ho
Ior'1.whea the mother of your "children ia
an ia.mpie Of pifiy-rr-wen th wife of your
bosom is espouse to. the Redeemer I ' How
desirable that the daughter be a. oliaste v ir-
gin m Uhrist t That .1
l hat .ihe sister leanethup-J
qn the arm of One who ... aticTteta closer than
a trpthtsr Beligionhaa a -peculiar sweet
aesi when it mingles with the softness of the
femalo-obaraoler. Bo' the dow dropa borrow
pdpr ant 9lor fronj the rose;
A riu-wy on ooara a snip, iiia sF"ij
- 01 which was a. religious man, was oalled op
to he) whipped for some, misdemeanor, lit.
He Jack went crying and trembling to tie
', Captain.- i
; , "Pray, sir, will yott watt till I say my
, "y,"wa.the rcply. 'i . ,' . -''Wllj
then,? replied Jack, "I'll say them
vhea).I get4 ashore." . . .. .
Ohio Legislature.
- - This grand burlesque ffn, LegtslaUta bodV
lea ia adll at work on the nigger. The nl-
tfa radicals aria determined to accept riegro
suffrage' ai the issue for the ooming'oam.
" paign, A Mr, Rhodes has offered a resolu
tion ia ahlch it is proposed to Tote upon the
opproTaUrffsjectioft of. striking the ward
"white" out of the State Constitution. Sev
eral of the Conservative Republicans are
averse (q the move, but as hereioforp thm
will be whipped into the traces before lie
oiate convention. fuermey 'Jeffertonian. ;
; .' ' '
, . . .,
WianiKflios speoial' says'V i Thehighlr
Important consultation Vinci the Presideht
and, his Cabiaist ave. been.' holding with
leading Southern men on the' new plan for
reconstruction, fnd allihitd to las( week-ended
last night itfan agrement. 4 series
6 resolutions drawn UD at nnnfaronnn in
1vm of suffrage, based on fHng and wri-
iuB, nuu wproperty quantifion or aoo.
Should be submitted . far iArinlUn tr tha
Beuthern 'legislatures to pave the wa for
ruumiaaiumi toe qnesnon Dy tne rresi-
nous ia ma message jto tbs Hortieth ' Con
grass, .--.' c v ... . .
, ovia tw moiatha .have pasad and yet
vongresa nas given no relief to the soldiers
by passing to new bounty bill. The . sold
lers ought to go to .iVaahifigton in a body
sau.nvnanq soiioo, ... . .. r -
k t- if , now said, that the Judiciary Coin
tnitrw WMl Con over, lha imneaohmnnt ieti.
. innn befpr they report Jt.ia order to get a
18 UP 1? tnS Uh' Legislature to
camp. (,Aiew oiuce pi count School Com.
V V, V'; " " 'ry or iou, a year-
"",, vvwrj Aumeorat to oppose it.
- It is given out "that Grant is to be sum
moned Jbefore the Clmmittee to testify all he
knew aAbout the Prtsidenl.rf" If favorable to
, .impeachment he is to ha iei-lir.ri ...!..
Pmident, arid the impewchment'to'ifo.on, J
i Biauus py tne rresment and tbt Con-
imutioo, ne ia to be declared a .'fTperheadw
- ,. , ' ' ..." ' . -Maitr.
r h A jirw appropriation bill for the Freed
7'ajBa.Sura calls for $38,000,800. This is
a tax' upon the laboring hites to support
iuib negroes, woo were sell SMpporUng be
fore the AboliLTojiIsig gol hold of teem,
A man; , ojxt west, who" o wns Jarge
farm, says he . stacks up all the bay be
ii ,nii.ri...d ...i .1.. i , .
v.uivi uuu, nun iuo roujainuer ne
pat ia tbo barnx
Row About a Postage
jsTifB following laoidcot whioh a Frenqh
exchange brings us as having taken place
iai'ans, is so t?(od, and contains auoh
cspifal moral fn'r jhe edification nf peo
ple prone to'find fault with the Postmas
ters, that wo translate it with pleasure:
Tbe widowIlichard is 'an old lady ad
dicted to making "bulls," and is of a
piece With the pood woman who poured
nut the Doffae to faakt neon the croundi.
It was a blander jsgmething of this char
acter she ba) just committed,; for which
ah e has oome to answer at tbo police ol
fioe. a.--.;'. 'si. ... ;
This cause, of the babbuhhad 6ccurrcd
in one of tbe city post-' offices of iParis.
where the olerk. whose duty it was to
attend to prepaid letters was suddenly
accosted by a woman who rushed in in
great, trebidation,- This woman was the
widow. Richard. .
. uSir," ahe exoiaimedj in a voicS trem
bling with anger, "how does ft happen, I
should like to a; now, tbat.wnen one has
prepaid thef poskge on' a? letter' the pen
son to whom it ia uent is made to pay for
Itagaid?" ; '-i-T
'How it happens, madam i,vi cried the
clerk: "why it don't happen at all." ' :
' ''Well .1 Sit It does hatnen. and whit's
vore, inat irnapiseooa to day mere I
, lA T : it.... : '
sioia tttai it snouid be so t-; '
"But; it is' a; paraon of my Bcquiritance
to whom X wrote yesterday, and "whose
letter J prepaid, who says the had to pay
for it too, , 'She; Was furious about itf and
I don't wtfndcr she waaj fovI wrote to
hor boerningmy owni afifatrsj and she
naa 10 pay ine postage; it s downngnl
robbery, I say!"-. ' ,v - 9 .
And (;hereupon':the (ow. kicked ua
inch a , rumpus that it was found to be
necessary to call in a policeman and take
her before a magistrate. InBlead of pao
ifyiflg Madam Kiishard, this probeeding
nearly threw her into the last degree of
exasperaionY Although the . officer 're.
quested net ta.4fl.sume a proper linfc of
oooduot, the widow pars Wud in ber ld-
ry,jiud stamped.anH screamed inoBk-'up.
"To ha. told, ;fooJ. thai I, don't know
what I, have dene with.il J",, she cried.
"Done wilh wht?:iBqtiiredtbaVfflBs3rjie
utrate. i '.
reocipt. answered tin widow
'thB(irecoipt which poves that l prepa'iil
the letter.' ' So sayibg'sha fumbled In
ai ner ppctetp. , -
ill a i - ,WJ : " ' : '
.VTbere.'J .sho, exclaimed , suddonlv.
ri ve got it i ! ueta u 1st ' . . , , ir. t
And she exhibited Iriaoirjiantly tothe
msgistrateT-wnaJ can you? imagine it
was?Va postage stamp I - -The poor lady
had takao Has a reoeipt-for, the rroncy
Bne naa paia o ine ciert, ana flso trees-
.t .i , -. .....
ored it sacredly instead of pastiogit up
on the 4etter ! ' , !. : ..J '
inr -MDTalnedto
her. am.ii.lba Jaubtet olih,iiMoioi.axii.
Sbe promptly acknowledged her fault,
and regretting she had given way to hern
anger, neggeu ma vouri so ueat feniBDtiy
with her. ... She, pleaded her fccoraoco i
tbe oause qt the- storming and 'abuse of
wbiob, sbo stood oonvioted. 1 ;"
The Court' took the culprit ;gonerAl
good. Conduct intqooosidoretlOn', , us well
as her conti'''OM ?4 ber 1( fraDC8
only. -. ' '-J '' .:
Ttiowevor" ridiculous this peace of
French Partingtonism may seein td the
reader, he aan rest assured that scarcely
a week passes at any P. 0. jo this coun
try without aotpe absurdity likojt occur-J
iiug, iur wuuu toe poor r. ox, is rountyy
berated, without enjoying the satisfaction
of seeing .ihe blunderers punished for
Comic Monthly.
. The Sun.
Sir David Brewster makes the follow
iog remakes relative to the structure of
the sun: .
So strong has. been the belief that the
sun can not be a habitable world, that's
scientific gentlemen was, pronounced hy
his medical'attendant to be insane be
oause be had Bent a paper to the Royal
Society, id whiah he maintained 'th'arthe
liglit of (be sun proceeds from, a dense
and universal aurora which may ajFord
ample iigut to tbe inhabitants of the
suraoe bcDfathand yet' be at such a
distance aloft as not to anpoy'them ,' that
.'here may be water and drv4and there
k.-ll. .J J.I ! r "... ..
uiuonuu union, tain ana jair weatner
and 'that. rs tho 'liVht ami ih
must bn fltnrnnl tha nn ,. .;i i
nnni ,n i,. I. " .I. "Lr r,
- - - " I .fuw WUO. U IDfilUI 1
habitation of tbe whole system.' In less
' . . I
than fan years after this 'apparenlly ex-.
travagant notion was" considered a proof
or insanity, u rwas maintained by Sir
William ersonelUar a rattooal and
probable opinion, which might 6e d-
aucea irora bijown obserTationa 'oo the-
slruoture of the sun.'
jua,nijB,i ouiue years since a
oiergyma in l.ibneld eoaty, CorTii,
was reproving aa old Indian for his era
el and revengeful con4ucV.towards those
thaj had , offended hun. ; Ton should
love your euemiest" observe tbe parson'
"and preserve an affection for 'those that
Hurt you. ;y ,Ui , - :"..
"I do love my enemies aeVor'edbfi
Uon of nature."and a ..freat ffeotion for
mom mat Hurt me. , ... ,
"No such thing " retnmed the-cTerffv.
man: "yoaaon't lava vonr"nmia
..vwno are the-eneme you lova'
Rumani Cid4r;' ,
T8s -committee on New OrleansVioU la
concluded the investigation, and are prepar
ing thefr report, whioh il ia understood wilt
very severe unnn th Ksw flrWni ...
thoritrea, but subsuntifiUy rxoooriiei the
I'reeldcnt in tbe affair. - . . '
Political. "The Grand Army" Humbug.
'.-. ""bug;- ' ;
TilE seorot Abintion "society c'allirr;
itself hy tbo "nighfalutir."-titlo1of "The
Grand Armv' of the Republic," held a
Convention jn this oty lat-t we'ek. If the
Booreortwoof military politicians nJ
office-seekers who . worO in attendance,
affecting to be all that i let of. the late
Federal Aimtes. con'titute "the army,"
a wotd expressing the re verso of "grand"
would Ifs a better title for the, organiza
tion. : The object of the society, as offi
cially declared io- iho resolutions, is to
aid the families of disabled soldier?, and
WK'jnimote active loyqlty." ; We are on
ablo tofcefl lhe necessity for the cumber
nninft flnrl exnensive maohinerv of an
oath-bonnd society to 'aid the fOullieg'of
6oldiera; and as to the ecoond. object
the promotion of active hyalty--lho loss
that quality is encouraged the batter it
will; he "for ' this eono'try.' Loyalty 1 had
been entirely too active of lato years, as
huodrpds have discovered to their sorjrow
ad6 disgust. The arbitrary arrests, the
mobs, riots and assassinations' that dis
grace the history of the country are at
tribuuble 1 to the loo moxiro l.oyalty of
those who reeardod that thins as a shield
for every orime and the justification- of
every infamy. The "active , 'loyalty
which developed itself in the capture of
spoons,' in the scouring of , fat eontraots,
in robbing tbo governmebl ia every con
ceivable manner, In cheating-"' soliterf
through .staM.ei shop or starving (nem
tbrongh.the obromissary flenartmect. can
be 'dispensed ! with' now without dftri.
ment to the o'ountry.' Tile 'loyalty whose
activity is now Jisplajnd in the parsuit
of -publio offices.-is not exaotlv the tort
oT thing to be .boasted of by people of
Buuuu uupu, uy renuiuiion or oiuerwiso
and the dupes who are' doludei itvto ee
cret political tsrsanizations by any such
piea aa tnatot "loyalty'' will not.-wo p
preneno, be long in discovering the root
that "Xhe.Graud Army of tlie RepuhliV.'
is a ..aiiiy sen ana . wrctcooa uumoug.
The Impeachment of the
' We have advices "from Washington
that tbo Radical destrubtives will, be
yond any doubt, within ninety days, rav-j
uiutionizs tun vjovorDuiouv vy tue iurui
ble deposition and removal of the Presi
dont from pffio,"w Under this impression
we advise our ? readers ' and ftiendt to
av6id the 'entanglements of debts apd
other business contracts thatare depend
ent upon a state of peace and. tranquility
for their performance ' and to keep" all
sails i.eeybjf' an jnipoh,diOi Ptortn aidj)pn.L;
vulsipo. A, cr.sia )d at, hand, tor euca a
notioTion-oreaie .a
general state o: uncertainty aa regards
the faiure will destroy all confidence.in
tbe South to meet its engagement, and
unsettle trade and business in every di
xection. The impeachment, theTres
idont will lead to consequences tKat those
engaged In" pu&hfrig It on have contemn
plated or dreamqd of in aqy respect', It
will open a nev and revolutionary chap
ter in -our history, wTien all the checks
and balances of the Government will be
destroyednd every thing like perma
nenoy ic it forever disappear. In 'its
best aspect, tbe usurpation would be dan"
ejou'tp the puBlio peace and tranquil
uy, and.in its fruits will be tollowoor by
results that we can nardiy oonsider witb
out a shudder. 'Cm..Enq.-1 . ,': ....
Let no Democrat be dlsooaraged beonuse
of the general prevalence of Bepublioanism'.
Remember that, of old, it took the flood many
days to subside. . The black .waters no lon
ger cover all iho earth. Doves from the ark
otPemooracjrdaily bring in the .-prognostic
olive branch. We have that grand enuncia
tion of the Supreme Court or the . United
Stales, that the Demooraticfparty have been
wise, faithful and patriotic, and that the
Lincoln reign, with all ila wide-spread and
iar reaching ramifications, was a usurpstioa
from the beginning to tbe end I -The Test
Oath is abolished! .The Civil Rights Bill,
and the Bureau' liill will go, in the same
way, and fcl due time. What pext I Let tbe
bond-holier -make'- dillfgent inquiry. Ja-
rion Democrat. v',;. . , .,.
Sirproas a set of lawltssmen should com
nto your county tear bp Ihe publio records
and Ancieil land marks; denounce the Jud
ges or your courts ; impeach and throw the
Sheriff o.il of his offioe,.and then help them
t the money in yrnr treasury Wolild
IlAt B'lnh
such proceedines eloite vour virtuoua
indignation? f.; . , '
" - WUUU Ul,
Well now , there are a set .of publio eery
anti at Was hington, tearing up the Conli-
tution of the Fathers, blotting' but the an
cient lajiu marks ofeten States ; Impeaching
and trying to throw the bigh Sheriff of the
nation out of offioe, and voting 'themselves
extra pay out of.lhe National treasury. Let
every,law and order man think of this.
... , i.
Tin President is the" body guard of the
people to pmtttt tMm jm hasty leirisla.
Hon. The Supreme Court is the oreat ini.
wark of the Constitution, td protect it and
nation from bad laWe.- Yet ongrlaa is
66-ll " ""buiw w jbisilt lie flenlftlAfta
unaeetaine the Constitution.;', Tho Dem-
ocratsna ConservatPVts North and South,
vvu.iN.qiiig irgo arajonty or the people
Sustain Ilia Prtal.Uni VnJ
.v.wv otuu ftiio muuri. nn
uempi or wngress taarraign tliam for eb.
MMn.lni .1.. ...II Ym ... . T
...v.,ut,u, seuiiiueais oi a majority or the
people is nothing more ifor less than ffcWn.
aQ inBurreouon, anu when H .comes to
neao. tne people will arrest the conspirav
and tint. J... iK!. .vn:. . I
' - r -" v " " cuviiiuu sbuidsi ina
governmentandtta instiUitions. Gturturt
Jfffferionun. "'.
Massachusetts br hi'trh tariff, h.'. ....
and thrived off, the bounty of 'the eaS.
ernment, and ,her SJonators, Sumner and
niwon are now opposing, a shiga tarifftonU
coat ana wood, because the West de
mands 1t. They will puttflfc West on an
equality With the negro in voting but When
equality is asked ia ihe tariff lets, they say
yo can't bare it. . .
N nd iiftct Janunfjr e, .1807, , Trains w. ill run M
Ppnrt Cincmnntt
' J KlGirt' excess Bast
7:30 .; -H35 A.M.
v20 '!
, r 605 .
6 24a.ii.
7 01 ' -'
.'.8 84 (' ;.
10 48
- l U Ghilliootht f.M.
: y Z'lcskl
' Athenil -Arrive
... "r . llelpre
Depart Hclpro
" . Athens, i
"; , Znlexlii
Hamrten '
", ci IOV?l'l(t
Arrive Uinninnnti
8 '2,1 '
S 2S
1 1 m ".
03ff a.m." .,,.1 i 7 iar.au,,.. ,;
KM . 1010 "
in 10 " " " 1106'' 1
10 4 '"1142 v '' '."
tan m-;- 4-i '
. 8 43 ',, .- .4 32 "
' t no ' 5 A4 ' ' '
Connection!! made ntHariiden
ith Trams on ine
Portomoum Kmnob.' 1 :. a .is.
Close eonntion made at ('inomnnti with:
Wontera Trains; and at Parkersburg with the Balti
more and Ohio Kail Road. ; ' ' ''
' . .. . . .. - ORTjAN SMITH,' (!:,'
, . . ' .?;, Mmter or.TranaportaUea.v,
'Chitlicotb.O.liab. at, tstlT,.,-..' . .' . ,
Attachment Notice.
Jamea Glonn, PlaJutlff,
- '.. ajjainst; 'r. ;:'
1 Before 'Georgi Cwn
1 Justice ft I'cftc-e, or filin
(toil Township, Vinton
wiii!r. '. vinViin. TlnrL I County, Ohio.
ON the 28th (,f I snnary, "A. D. IK87, said Ju'tice i
sued ao rdr of attachment' in the above notion
fortheaumofSM.OO. V JAMES GLENN.. -
February 7, 18(i7-3w ". 'j, '.! ; ! ).JT :i
Ylntoa County Probate Court
01 I
i Clio Pro!
te Court of Vinn County. Ohlo.
, February 7, 18C7-3T , iy .. .. Prphate Judge.
iTOTICE is hereby given tha Jodeph MoKittnl
l naa filed his accounts T'10"e,h?r' for '
hearmK on me-zjo i- ,. . ' ' t 1
ISliereby giventhnta petititioh' liiw been filed in
the Court of Common Pleas, within and for the
r .,,! utat. M CiUin. theoniect and
. t ,i,iK n.,iinh i. toohtu n an ordor ofsaia
of the Villajre of McArthnr, t-wit: I- .
The-Alley lying immediately west of Lots nn,.Jf
.Stand sdioinmgtc , Uu, K-ta-.
l.M, 134,' unu l.K'i iao,. iinrji anA
a.,,!th l,tw.n In.Lotn Numbers 2U8 and 200, ana
Lots Numbers 210 and 21t. Which said petition iui
tL i,.arin t th. March Term ol said Court,
A P1J lTrl0flSR.
February 7, 1867-Sw1 ' . ; ' ll".i.l,;
rli ti 1 jf,'
V n1: i
;!. S.nt
':!.; tt
O' IF JF X O 131
- ' :- r ','"' v..'
In Malont't Building, tn MaU Strtd,
Is replete with all Iho noderUyimprove
. mentrfor the mat,' cheap, and
, ; rapid' execution of every tyle !"
V'r'i-orpBINTINGi-'v.1:. r
j f
A ."; .(
'- ? :
Programme? ,
' f" ' Cirjular$t'
Ball Tiotutt
Xo,- ,"!
ip xs:.igau3ti-Ti. i ' . ... I
...! i:-' a,!
rtlNDI j-ft: BLANKS, Ac,' &rf te.,'
In- plain or faney eolottdinke.
. ,
t:iq. a 1 1
or TH,
n c.itti..
t.'t ';' ol n:
1H 'i-'O'i If '
, For 1867..,,
. ' r.iM.n i;".t f. v.v
,i nt'utiemeufi... ,to,
VVni'umi Animmlitij to W; '
, .1 tl
.! To'
be DUiributei in Jpr$ ,1867 ,,;;
For List of . Premiums and Particulars
Distribution, see' the Weekly Enquirer
!: aud'Subseriptton Ciroulars
WE, this year, offlir prises to theaboreamonnt
nn incentive to those of our patrons who
exert themselves ttr form club It our r'apcrcoiild
bo t alcen in the hotipohold of all our. Oemooratic
ftiends, Couth and Wect Its mfluenne would be
tent Ir. ehanaine the political aspect ot; 'flaira' - !
rrent point (or wbich all friends of the Union should
Jalior lor Is the iJissemiiintlun or -Demdcratio trilth.
If it. had had an Co i ml hearing with the errors olom
opponents, te should never have had the terrible
crisis of the lust fire years. . Tauisht' by sad expert
encc ofits necessity, we trust the Democratic presi
is in futnre toJiave a larger phore . of influenoe
What evils nave fallen rtpon the land, owiiiK to
erroneous political.eduation of the nmssesl If
would restore the old order of thines onc more,
Nntioiial Unity and Ihe old-fHsliioncd Peace
I'resperuy, we must place tne iwmoerncy again
power. As auxilury to this end, and as' the most
agent in the work, we repeat, is the circula
tion of the Democratic press. - ; .
The Knquirer has Borne olarms upon the considera
tion of the Democracy that aro uni.voroully acItnoWC
edifed, Throujrh nroscrlptlon- aad 'psrAocution un
exampled, with military edicts cutting of ourcir.
dilation in whole States and districts, threatened
with tot l sUDnression, personal Imprisonment and
mob violence if wo did not change our course,
stood by the Democratic flag and gave expression
its tenets- Twice burned to tne ground within tuir
teen months, and amid t he greatest pecuniary die.
asters consequent lipon it, we have never lost
issue of our 'paper, or broken a promise to any
oursubscriliers. In the future, as in the past, under
the un of prosperity a; wen as tne cioiins or adver
sity, w shall bear aloft the Democratio llanner, and
be fniihliil to its orimnlzation. Will not theiJemoo-
racy of the Northwest standby them who were-tiue
in the darkest hours to their political mid personal
interests, and will they not exert themselves to
our circulation? ,....,. , ,..-.t.
.'Aa business and family Joumat,he Enquirer
no superior." Each number contains -a lure amount
oi. general news, latest, ana most reliable intelil
genue'and reading matter. FinanciaLnnd Commer
cial News is madea Bpeaial feature of the Enquire-.
An unOsually large space bein devoted to full and
refiaWe'reports of the ruling prices of this'and other
markets. ,
' The Weekly Enquirer will be mailed to subscri
bers at t lie following reduced rates . .. ,,: . .
binglo copy, one year, . " 8200
.' i 'V-'i'Hz.montha, ' !." ' 125:
Ten copies, oneyenr, . . . ' . 20 00
With ap additional copy to the getter up' of the tiub.
M'onevto be sent atouraisk bv exDress. nrenaid.
or in registered letters by mail. For sums over ten
dollars by mail, driilteor post, office money order
suuuju He procurea. Aauress
- - 'FABAN & McLEAN, " '
.i."i i '.-.! ' ; Cincinnati, Ohie.d
. Specimen copies and subscription circulars con
taminglmtof ptiaea And all necessary information,
sent onapp"hcation. j ij , i,, ,. ',
II ,- 'A:
IT3V "
or ins '
."or 1807. 1(. . .
6lilo ftitesmaii wiltcoutinua iiifli.iil.lv
eraiie -unalterably devoted Itnu Adrocnc) of tlm
maintenance uf the Constitution! m spirit and in lat
ter, and to the. preservation nf the Union. Aside
iro.n mis. l ire cuuesman w ill Destow particular at.
(enUonte t ,; ,;, t .r , ,
Ncic ' Legitlativc J and Congietnonal
'Kejorltl Lhbcey , Instructive apd .
"Xr' Pleating i Literature.). ,.
Andwlll give faithful hiarket' reports from the lead-
ng wimmerciai uenters ot the coun rv. , '
On the 13th of JJecdnber. The' WoeklvRnton,
will bo so enluigeil as to give two and a half addi
tional eolumus c I leading matter weekly, , Tbe ful-
Daily Statesman, per yeni , ' '
": " nattientha.'. '""'".' '
8 00
Tri-Wcckly Etatesman,"j)er. year, i' -.-t,.
. : aix-momna,
Ffeklystausuan. : .J
One copy, six moifths, for . ,
One copy, one year, for ' ' '
2 0(1
' i -BIKI
ivecupiB?, one year, rot '
en conies, one veiir. tnr.
Twonty copies, one venr. rr a
r; -V 60
i.. 32 00
Filty copies, one year fo? ! '
75 00
V ' " ' : Cbhimbus, Ohio,
Tin (on Uoup.ly Probate Court
NOTICE. David Foreman, Administrator of the
Estate of Robert Welch, deceased, b,,. niJ kil
eccounts and vouchers fbr inspectionand settlement
ana mat ine siinie win oo lor nenring in tlte Probate
Court of Vinton County, Ohio, on the 8m dat or
Febbuaky, a. X). IGG7. ' ,
' ' "KlCHARD CRAIG, ' '
January 31; 1887-3w.; t Probate Judge.-
Shrrifl'ti Sale.
jSitats of Ohio, Vinton County, it.
Alexander Henderson ")
George AH
vs. l-Orfler af Sain w a i 1
iree aiaen. '
Ht WtWcommandof an; order of sale
if-eued fronTlhe Court of Common I'lens of Vin-
toncountv. Ohio, rnd to medirm-leil naShonft nU;
eounty, I will ofbrat public sale, at the .io,.r nrthi,
xruuee, mi uie . iono or jaoArtnar.jn Vinton
couuty, Ohio, on , . . .
Wedneiiofy, (he 21 th day of February, A. D
one o'clock P M: of suij day, the n,iowlng de'
scribed premises, situate in the County of Vlntou,
State cWhio, to-WJt:
Five acres' of Innu and w iter in the South-vest
corner in a square lot orl the Kast half of Jie Boutli
Easf quarter of Section Number Eighteen, i'ownship
Kange Seventeen; also, beginning at the North
corner or tne r.ast nsir or tae rtortn-east qnar
of Section Number Nineteen, Township Ten, of
Ueventeen; tnenoe rnnninx tjouin to tneMnte
thence North-east alnns the West Side of said
to the East and West hue-on the North end of
Mf quarter; thence running West to the place
beginning, so as take all the land Ihnt lies on the
Westsjde where said road runs, belonging to Jaid
quarter - . ,
--'-W , A1S0 iil
following described real estate, situate in Sea
Eighteen, Township Ten. of KangA Seventeen,
bezinninn 7.C8 chains North ofthe Sou fewest corner
the East half of the B.onth-eaat quarter of said
Section, o.; thence East 7.08 ehams;tbence South .70
thence N. x Kn chains; thence II SS
114 chains: thence N. 22" W. 11 chains: thenca
1.1,W.l.(X)ahaiB8', thence -West401inks; thene
10. 15 chains to the begmliing place, contain
ing 6 04-100 acres.' . . , , : ,
Appraised atone thoimnd ' five hundred dollars
Kl.600.00) and must bring tra-thirds of that sum
lakenas the propurarof said George A. Lnaoh to
audgmedt rendered aginsl him in favor of
Alexander Henderson. i.i , .. . ' - a;.-
Term ofaale Caslr in hancUt the tlmeof saje.
yil1W!' .-i s; ... ullJ. BBUt;itS(, 4
, nnenn vmton uouniy, u.
D. Bhfvel, Att'y for Plaintitf. ' aa-.-.a. '., ' -January
24, 18o7-6w ,. . v ., '-.', s ;
, Thi Clitapht -MagazHu in the World!
...'. . ;i.', .il-KL ,.;. , A.:,,tr-K
popufarHnd' widely orrciiled Magnatna has
now readhed an edition unequalled in this coun
fcach numtwr ut brnamentod by numerous tins
engravings, and iif .eomufcte in itself, emhracinra
variety of tales, aketohes, oerh, and Illustra
ted article, written expressly for its enlirmnS. It it
conceded by alrtobe the cheiipoa.t (md bei Maga,
fth A rn'ar: aeveh nm'Aw SOnO!' ihiviia nHi.
"Single nopiel.' cents. Address , . ', -
' 'iPiiviAr4fk Iti w mwa'mvjI wji Wv W WaaW
i -ni i.
foc and
fective we
1 ilf'uilJI V.f
.V Vu
V ) ..T09-r wjl
, -' : iai Xr-B,a
Hartford Live - Stock In3Uian0a
COi fS 'iK') .'
"' ;r-''' 'df nnotlOiif,1 (a s-i'd
. io.i.j , :., ,,rA.n -c, if v,;,,,,
ON:Uie Ist dny. of November. 1806, made,
to the Auditor of Ohio, pursuant to the
Statute of that State. .
' I. . CAPITAL. ,
Tbe amount of its Capita Stock .
, , paid up,U- !" 'J' '-' -i ; $1'JO;0()OW
, t IT. 'A8SBT!l-Jtt.."i ..-(! A
Casb'on hand, and' in ihe hands -r 'i r na
, of Agents. . , $22,342 66
The Bonds and Stock i owned by
! ' the CorapafiyA '. .''' .' 3,46f.B0
Debts due the Company,; seour-i d 7.-,
i u ed by Mortgage, t: V(j , 36,600 00,
Debts otherwise secured, ' 60,000 00'.
Debts for Premums, . . ' i '1 2,785 6T
All other Seouritev. ........ ' 211 00
"i "' 'Total 'Assets bf Company; $155,296 83.
None,.. '-.'.', ... " i i , . , ,
IV.' MISCEttANEOtrs;' ' r'"1
Tbe greatest amount - insured in1 k'
':nj oit:Fleki-a -.'.'J .i!.r.-ii'-ia.00OjQ.0i
- .Ijl'lu f x-j -Li
Statu or Cosn.kcticdt,.'1
CqONTT 0,.lATrORD. ) ' " , .
. E, N. Kellogg, Presi'denCari A V.! VI flSod
tich, Se6rolftry of 1 the H.irtiord Uve Biboar
Insurance Company, bein -sevtrally swotu,'
depose and say, that. the foregoing . is a full, '
rue aad'correot statement of the affairs of
said Insurance Company; ''and that they aref
the above described Oflloers thereof. -
i .-.i u;. E, N. KELLOGG, President
' . W, C, d.OODRIplI, Seoretayy, ,
Subscribed and eVorn before ma, thiu'Ol'b?
day of.'Nov ember,. 1866, T : ","
bai,. .J WMniMEftstEir,''
" - Coin'r for thi Slate of OluiKf
FlVB Cen'StAMP.:i .,v (. vf, bf,,j '
. Orrtca or. ihb Aodiiob or Staib, V '
Columbia, 0., Nov. 19,1806. p.
It is hereby certihed, - that the foregoing
is a correct oopy .of the Statement of the -Condition
of the Hartford ' ' live V Stock 4a- '.
Suranoe Cbm'pe,iy -' of ' Connnotifl'it, ma Jo to
and filed in-this Ufflre, for the fear lSG J, ; , w
;; S4i.. :,fVy,itne8s ruy.hand and seal ofuV
,, , oiallv. "' " " ,: '" ':v-"i,'f '
'' t''T'v . JAS:H;OBSlA$, 'f
'''": ;;; r; Aadi'tor-ot-atateo'.
,,1 it; ?;o By 4As.iV?iHUMs).ChX:,Jlerki.
'.''J V'ckittt'rdiTDF "Atr'TBofiiri'. ,v,i'i!'
'-"' " '". ' '-tt-.-n- .' ; i " xl in
: (To Expirs ion the 81st day of January, 186S.) '
., - Orsiosor H8 AopiToB of State;, '
lilSUaAhCit SEPAtTMBir'"' '-' .f-t'W
UOLUMBUsO.y'Nov 19, 1867. ) 1
in this office a sworn''' statement oMtg feoai.
dilion. as required by tbe aca-"ToRegulate In- '
surance Companies not incorporated, by the
State of Ohio," -passed .April ,8, 1856, and
amended FebroaTy 9,-W64,-and the act "To
regulate Foreign ".Insuranos Companies."
passeuTApril 5, T8B0; anJ," WUer,eald
Company, has furnished' the ..Mndersianed
satiafactoryjvjiRnqB.th9t,it a poasessed.of
an actual Capital.0! at .loast 0N? uuNoasn
ano fifty TiiousA nd ottARs,'' Invested-' a
required by1 . said acts,:aad,' IVhercas; saiit
Company has filed .in-Ahe offioef a .written
instrument under its corporate seal, signed
by the President and Secretary thereof, au
thorizing any agent or agents of said Com
pany, In this Plate to acknowledge service of
process, for arid in behalf of said Company'
according 'to the terms of said'aot of Aaril
8, 1856.V-V. i--m-in..,.bl,ia-.1iim -u;
. Now, TusiBtronfi, in pursnanoe of tbesot
aforeoaid, I J AMES-H. GOD. AN, Auditor
of State ' fof Ohio;" do -hereby certify thai
ANCE CUMPANV of Hartford, Conneoticuf.
is authorized to transact (he business of
LLive1 Sltck Insurance in this State uatil
the tbirty.first lnf of January,; irl I he year
one thousand eight; bojrdred add eixtyj
eight. .
Sbai... Is JTiTHgsa. WnERKor,, I ..hate
. .i j hereunto subscribed.!., roy
'. ' name and, caused, the seal of-
r i. ms offioe tq ,be affixed the'
. . i., day and year abovq writU-n,
- ...,.t. ... Auditor of 8p: 1 .
' ',! , 'By Jas. Will;ahs, ;
' ' ''?'' -V; . ' . . Ch'f Clerk,
J. Tf. BOWES, tgeaf, ' ' ;.
,-v . . McArthur,, Ohio.
INSURANCE COAIPAY,, located at; Hart
ford, intho . State of ConneiticuC.linsJfilciV
........ . . 1 ....'I
A Betfutiful Premuisi Engrdvirisr,' and lte.'
dueed Prijes to Clubs 4' -d;'i ,
THE LADY'S PftlEND announces lor "ls'fif ihe '
following noveletesr A New Story bv Mrs. Henw
Wood, author nf F.nat I.vnnn 'The nimnninif
jHow a Woman had her Way,' . by - Elisabeth ? Pres-
co(i, autnor or 'lom Dy tne .Hun '.10 Longor
Young,' by Amanda M., Douglas, . mitliorief Irt
i'rust," etc '"Dora Caste, by. Frank Lee Keuediot. '
Itwillaivs splendid double pa;e fihely colored
imarayed an steel in evesy number.!
leautlfuilv executed fancv steel en
graving, nnd a large assortment of woodcuts, illiunw
It will give a popular piece of Music, worth the cosrA 11
efthe imisszine itself, in everv number.' Ifwillaiva J l
n conv m LIIA Kpniiliflil Hrnltiiiim Ktoal h rr.mi ., X '
'Oi of Life's Unfcnv Hours' 20 bSO"mclif. toev
ry singlo f2,5Q subsuriber, i and. to. every person a
club. - . .- ., - i '' ;' ';'" '
Itoftors 'pretnlnma Wheeler Wilson' Sewing
Machines, Sliver ptite Tea Sets, Hnoons, Pitchers,
Gold and Silver Watchea, (Gttns, JJifles, aielodiens1,
Clothes Wringers, Anpieton's Cyclopedias. c. .
. ., . -.,.TRMs:' ' :7;
' . 1 copy, (and the engraving, J .r . i p f js so -i '
i, Acopies, . . i.,,' .. -i. , . . i..,'" J. . 5 oo;' ';
5 ooDiesi (and one gratia) ' J Son."..
A'- 8 copies, (and one gratis) t 1.7 .r.j n IB IX)
iiO copies (and one gratis) ( , v '28 00 .
Ono copy each of the LAly 'a Friend' aha" the Satur
any 'evening rostior t w.
The getterup ofaoltibwilt always'recerveae6py of
le Premium Engraving Members of aolnh wiK.
the fremmm Engraving. Member of atelab wish-
Jng the Engraving must reniMino dollar extra.
j.ieos desirous orgetting up elube or premium,
lists should euolose XS cents lor sample Magaain,.
containing the partialuars. Address -. ...
' DKACUN & JWERSON, ,.ia 'c
jt i. 319 Walnut Street, Philadelphia! fiaj, -
t J,'i;-W. PARSER,; PoritisBE. .
,-' '.' '''iis-aitM 'wwtt.f ' V'f 'f.V-,,. .
AgrifuUwal. , and ' .Family.. Paper?,
Devoted to Rural V mdr Jlouiehqld Jfairi,
' TiBMS.'i-Sinir.le copy bnlyl $2,00 a year.-i-.1 '
An extra copy one year for . every club t "
Ten, and'aa extra; copy, aionionths foea-
of six. , - Ppeoiaieoa and -.Prospeptusea,' .
free 'a persons desiring to get up clubs. ,.
qartjss . - vhav iaiuux ,i ... .
I I.'" , Clevelantr, Ohio.", ,

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