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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 21, 1867, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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ii-.u ill tj.:hi
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.r.-m ' ?; :'' K1t 11 "(i !d DcmafiMlic a ( im6 ttiid. under all Circnmncc.. .
.'. 'i,ljlM ' i ji. i m ji i,j jitj u.,;d Uit-J;:) "u;y" ,',i-,V- !-. -.' - - -: :.-,f. ,
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-fete" inomfe' '
VVBtUBltD IVCKT TllUBSbit"- BdlSlhAji.pT
Kjtoi-. an d' PuTXi nTwr i .-, , t . , ,
O Ffl C E-In MV f ' Buil dingj'on Wa In' 6trt.-
" (ik ATAc.ynoij . .. ;) i
fn6py, oM'jrwvi;! Cl i; !, i!ita..oi;r tfiJ 11
inecopy, three momhaP""'' I''"''
Plvo copies, one yenf.Aoonft W'FJlUaO.!
Trn ctipie., on year, W one Pt i mw, " 1J
Our ferma require paymeol' ii'ind mcV-
,VKeeo glTentlOfl''ori wlh' toatieohtln W1
the le ol the' Hme tmbsoribfd for, wil,hjjpni4-
. oi.itnl : anil no imnor will be dls-
coniinned nM' 1 idler all rreVfttr'e iiM) .he fM'lJ HI
pliri itfe delivered tlpoux h l,b.e pi! fro ofijost-
- li vuiif in the bounty, 1J?0 pontoffle U out-vfte
; terms vt-Af y aa "'!-.,..
Ten liiifimfthn type, or the if we occupied ty
the i-nnie, tuiike one f qur,' 10 ! nicoyjj
n kqunre, one Inserifd.v, ;.!' 4 , . ,.,JJ
All traiietnertijlnjt foi'tl PiortM priodlhiu).
three mOuHH, cniu-ieui ii '""- . .6 '
V column. I 6 (i0 110 00. $16 00 .ftfMW
column. 10 ! 30 0O-J'O(l
V ' aooo . 40 00 , 60W). -. .8000
Husii.tB cards,' from. 6 to fl lipe, Pr nniun,
Ai iuh.u ' f nrt
r,-h mlrii'tionariO-linenT'lol Krl etriuLi) . y?"?!
Alignment Notice Jin adviwe.) , ,,JM.,1
Adminiatnitor'i or ExMutur'i Noticci, (inf "
UaiuM.1 rt.ii.1 '.' I I I if -iV lifti!.,!' ill!- ."
Notice of runaway Burbnnjor TjveJ, doUb e
. ' Noticenof DenRi free. I Wnrriage .Notlce,jccori- j
tngtotuei oeraiiiyoi ino (mruea. ,
Soticea ih the local eolttmnl 10 oenU perJlAa Ibr
' clltllmiOBH;..l f j.U.I ,.n. ,f,...(
Official Directory.
tUile Senator. BBApHPBjf-iil.f 51C1j jaJi JiJT;
8 J 'lu ;'
f-rowuting Atiornoy-AHCUl B,U,l, MAXU
Clerk ofCiirt-tKWEMi,ji aaj ,ri Ji 8
Coniinsiioner-J WASHlMJWff KEtTtWti
' ,,; .lit,.; ...(.MUBKl! ALUAl'BH. .
VINTON COUNTY DIRECTORY. Post Offices in Vinton County.
Voet Master
IRicliland ,
"; t.i .1
Uopt Furnaee. .
Ditndas t '
Kit '
Brown ,.'
8. Isarainger
I, Key nolds
iloraca jaedd
lUcArfthuri . ft'ji
N6ir Plymouth 0,
Kee'is Mills ;., j
8.n.' ' ' u.
"Vinton S4,"
r .1,. j
V-iUl '::
vjunion ;
Swaij , 'X'
Oeorge if i
J. G. Will .,
VINTON COUNTY DIRECTORY. Post Offices in Vinton County. Business Cards.
VINTON COUNTY DIRECTORY. Post Offices in Vinton County. Business Cards. DANIEL S. DANA.
VINTON COUNTY DIRECTORY. Post Offices in Vinton County. Business Cards. DANIEL S. DANA. Attorney at Law,
..iji-il.a-MoAllIiniB,-! W-,, ,,,,, .t,
lirHX'VWIe tbTflonrtu; Squthwn Dili
VV tnct of Ohip, , end in the l.-ourts. of In.op
.jnn.iary24,;i0Wf C'; Wl.iwi IA J I
t r;. i ,
T'i - J , ; rv; j'-i! '.'.. '!
fi'i ' JOilY C 8TEVEKSOJT, :
i jackson; c,h., obio,
i ,':
. ...... ....... . .;
riLt,pnotioe Inlhe qoifrts of JoeK'on, vmion
anil other countiei,
January ;4,ieu7-tf
r DfOmn
v Januarys
1...) . -i. -
aarvMiTMii i ja ii
If a-i-RitMBNTd aorreotly repaired. si . t
MTSpectaolea lo auit all ys. , t
January 31, iatfT-ly " " , f " , -
Cprner Bin antl -Thiraititre.
U A 1U 1)1 v -7 i
''.!"-.. .i ' 1 . sr.. ti
' i
- - : t. .. Jj -i lu.- ri...
CirrUATEu In tne DUKinenu v" .
O """"iTr'".. train,
January 31, l07-tf . i . 1.1
viriToa couriYY cmju,
's ' . ' : . ' (oicoBoaAKn,j , ,
,08. J. McDOWEUi rr-ii, -'W-
O- TV AVING fcrmed t'eopaitne'niHlpfofthe purpi
an-t wllH ample , MlM. .MS'"
buaineea pruiuiiK ''"'"r:, " .. i ,
, WNM. .Mor.4 loaIWi at r.fH lon'
" ntble WPr. ' Revenue' Htrnp Wwawl , j.
,nH t-r .ale,-4"tt paij oni.men.no...
Persona wiAnim in rsimv i"'
Iriea can obUIn Priuia ai omtvau. . iT.
Poetry. MY CREED.
1 hoii i"t '(IhriBHan' grso iZht1.tt io .1.
J ni v Tii-' 'i n iti ' 7 ii; ' Kj.it ,,!i
q 1 :Afflr'u vlun'tt toy xJtye .pay fayjj'
; Lot makes them so.
'."'Whether ii be the lullabies ; t,;-'lu,i hit
' ' rllik'f eliaritf to Wst'th nursing bird;
'! Or thftt'sweet onnJeubVef sight ' '.VT" to
i i bluiW'taidaVitlbut a Wordj 7i 1
1 If 0 ftjitbjrn ;fa J not' stated prayers' i
Thatjnake "us ialnli'We' juJg'e'the1 rde'l
if :i..'i iiiii-!'! 'i 'i if;t .ii,! .'
; r. From rworks loeoiigiQ jruat, u , ,
t know .thbW4 about hifl'heajrt fj'-
Poetry. MY CREED. BY ALICE CAREY. Select Story.
, .
1 ! i i-'ifaViJwtr .'tlvrTTJ lK$!,0' j::fi VjH
7 : H ANNAri feSiLbr'lcanediipon'. Jer
broord, i( and looked euaft-ato 4ba 'low
kitchen door ici-oss lha'-wintry .fields tnd
'he ietf-g1aMdistremlv i whioh.i liiy ,bi
tweed her noma ana tueMiiue finogo;.i
Gfeenbock,'1 with it on. taperig .-spire
ind sloping rdofa and -blank white i, walls
'bare ndw of; the sutkito'er Ivordtttet ; 8be
had done her honsenoia ; wor-v-poiisnea
ovcrv ; ' article 1 atable of l polien. o.a
anancd and sanded all the rest.1 At . last
alJu DWCUl viua av. "" 1
.v. .it'A dait hAP nnnr Rinns nud duh
pir da whart abe ohose. to test ;or,
gosalpor'aif down '- ten needle'Woxk(
tKfeffimnouibla toiber:while-a spot be:
A.ti.. iio nni ttun niiL or oruaiT uoi
now bhe ffnlt noltbern like gosslpjog.or
folind it Heeessary:-to. siann,: niu i anu
thiblc" a iibilac. Only that sta waa not
used tb do i, she wbuld have .cried, ttbe
was so very ead, ';lt seemea to ner in
the' ' happiest people were. those wholoy
in 'tbelr green graves in the churchyard,:
wiTling. Iftwaa on ' bet duwdio. near
den lay,-1 her spirit bat wai worn
rtMy-ttavail;u tflfiKt 1) r" r
Dtt-thre'e ysir to-day I've ' lieftn
(bo burden
with earth!
.Twr.-tbre'e vtars
1 " " J aT - . m
blm1 well,-and worked hVrd and, faithfi!
td keep things . ueosn u u.
this at laBt 1 -'Thrriga tad rbeen, better,,,
e".jr"he,' if-' he'd crrwd-.-Mia Lee-
cer '..'".i .Mf;l.tvtvti fvtufc I
-;-tntrir':whatiirw -UBeias
ed by toil and c debt . had, said to
it very morning and it seemed to
Kaii that
Hannah like -the -Confession' of a long
..t.nriha-' mrns fltnm. liorlJiMt'.
D.v.u - .w-n
and oet quiet Jroa: an eaiiniy going iw
and fro for evermore; ; ..'! ', iw. ; 0 iv..
Not that Hannah' Goeldtwai tired in
body or weary with iho toil ofjhousehold
daty j for she was. strong iof. frarof, and
iALii f.aoarfbot. aa bcr hands were
UCL U'. " - r 1 - .
Poor man I 1 wisu-i cputuv
him ahe Bighed, toantng qu ner uruvui
beside the, door., .'laou
tDOUt i'ilOB iioivi .
With- that let cyea filled nd rested by
ehance on the doorstep.i!h y
M can aiena mt-a sayuuw. ?
-a W il a km Mtr . aha 1 (T
4 I Vi.vti time, tor my worn is eone.
aa u v. ,w
ia a nave
Kn anA.nnntr me uruuui ov, fu uvh..
: . ' . r
jntw net oveut u .
. i . . ... KA irnrtiA nn ana
then j hooded, ana8nawiea,.eiwieu i
fields to where the farm joined that
then : hooded, andbawled.crussea me
OltUSOU .wrajF.".j ? ' .i-V '.
,..UI1VIIH " ":k".. '"
.Infld. IvifflfV
y- - nt nn men at wort. BUU
te'em sail, ldf the
ibbiah: You see I'm
j i 'L .wish you 4 tal
. I. lot n" rt
...u,v. , t-v - i
e"",iDlVl IfUL tt .
. n .. . .:..
to no a .a vs. Bt oit ? ."rr.:,4
-"'NS I want a stepj faioj , uannan.
5 Ahd ,h pointed to a B?b,hrd y.', V:
s .riesj.sir.) liwvw, it t,
, .?J)q jowmembnuie .
! 'No, sir . " -. '
, 'You haveV pothaps records' of fami.y
eventsVyodc own. birib,.,, jour , parent'
msrriace. vout erandfather'e death r ,
minnow" irsiu
m w mn.t rtava bean verV eocentuoT nc
V iW.I to. k.bp.r l vm totta-
i-u T., .ot likslv
slOOg.ln.T hiVfl B&- 0Bft.lt.ft f .-ti
Ana bet aruaSj a!rbo;(aa meo, veoi
td work at phoa, aod thfl alabf was rolled
aodj publiet and liftel op lis way. 'It
wis toil for a laborer, bat it did Uanoah
pood. She tuggad stay; pi8hing tad
tifting. irad addioe woman s ineenuity to
mao's streogth so that'at laet it was at
nr n
white as
wilb Boma Jvitlfl i j elipw. ..weatuef'.sutns
about tta eage" ana oa ona'siJo tKef bltck
ind date' "il.on&h.BUred' wTlfi 'ihe qu
rionity of. one wbo' einaot' fe&d;'1'74 '-a ;'
L winfcjl epuldtejl wjitt" tbit' was
alisj said. 'Some oiie'fl'nafte ibd Bgip.i-'-
Ab, ttere wre tore hearts when that was
new. -ji- hop? heXif ' Ct.ivoir wilZ
bajrft wjitteo over me Inat'l waff a' good
wifol. Te -jtriei (6 bpM Vukt" W know
ttaLbig Jflitci; tfaH a bit, I bsli'eye it U
i " .....t ( .o tiM:j4-t..'i.-ii8i-:u:.
.ikeabftfaroei ilie ijrlscripliqo down-
Wtrag, tnu wusuqu iuu oiuer biuu, cicau
itod White, arid jut li fti'Jta Iplaoif. p
' Slie reqeived litlla credit forr';'hef -work.
Oliver onZjuiultered !j
" Tom ''needn't jjavn'pa'blishVd tlie fact
that I 'oouldu't afford k,'porbUft6 Vll .'the
nboa.'iA'DdW'boB 'nbiiood thestep tf"
feiward save Uatkali ; whieri' she scrub
Bed;iv' rf'i et .3"
;i ! Metiers were very tad l.bbeidt V."-
Oliver brooded, over Uie nre.in kpeeohlesK
sorrow": and crew graver and bahlef with
each passing day. ' UanQahVept ruiri off
little by'makiDg B 'home ofthe .poor
hpue, tn4,8 jfoaU of tl:e uinbfe fare,
her, houso-wiji'e's'Bkirt ; She. hiigh even
bayo cen'cbeeriul.' but' lor tbd tddkoTj
'bf.atJuckkW.speedh.-".' t'.'V" , ' 'v
ijVVOritoipflagMratiu one. oay? wubu
thfr firstspfypg grigs vrVa.grqwjng green,
Hannah heard
Jootdfeps. and Jftuog ner
nerhans.bv ber cotton' irowO,
est eentlcmah, an elderlv man with, bright
dark eye addressed. he ,ir
Bbe asked bira to waiir. in, ana ne uia
on t.nA nrnpr ii.iinwintr. . m
bv vhv, .--.-rp- , "J;--
; fn tho little narlor ihey Bat down. ,
j y0a are Irs JlartVjah' GbelUfj"OIiver
Gneldt ..wlfaZ't ,',. ,.i ,.'..- i?'
. y a sir.... ii u iuouinuum-iriiiii
me jou. look- hb a. lawyer,, aod j fear It
. juts-a80jca jousejj, ..
xenfl0 .'-assuro . yourseir,r maoam.
KYime.hasban.d is pot,.ooncerDed, jave
througn you, ana mat i y immu uj,
; yout name was Burns
married?; ,;ti;; ;i.
Hannah Gneldt wondering i, replied,
'Lhave motbet'i .Bibfa, and, they tell me
W althere.': v--no..-s?;oifc-i -.
; , ; 'How far .bacK VZn ':v. s.i !f xs1' -
graDafa,ter Burns, he had one child,
irnj t am ti,e ofTr.'one'iny'Tarenti ever
01j,j down 'our wedding-day,
-. WB. b;rthi dayv',"" !! - ' v
j 'And ? Ereat-erandfatherV,! The
.- - 0f ;hia aeath la tVer-T ' f 1
. ,j onrtkn(w. you miysj. . Wait,
:.". . .. 0ttr j J v - . j , f
Ooine fa.tha aoo.r utnnan . cown
brought 'Olivet OnSldt
' Ha also felt alamea,:batieipZanations
quieted him. Almost as muon; aawaisn
v;. I..' V.nimTvl'Ant'thA Bi-
euas pu Jr.JIfY"ZicTl,i x7
, 'The death of my wite s greai-grana
father: Zebulon Burns, is not here,' he
Ana nrsi recoru iu h.,
believe, It . Imp on ,
i nniin
, ., ... ... .
i "
n . i .f-lT ' Unrvcf lnilknd
v ' .;u
lYnn ft.nnot remembet trie uay or. nis
j.Ul. 9. 1,- ..i4
. .w- - - . , , .. .
mean iq quio.oi
I uca.u t , ...
'Ha died long tefora I waa bornmid
L.I. -and thouffh rich. left totbiog
to grandfath'dK; bey hd ;44W?V.I
believed Ehe told odd stoTie8qf hlm.--
w H"'"' .t'-tn
. tell youm.thing.n .wa Vna
e lN.f-Mid,?JJBhjl i: caoTroh'jt
an aopn xfiera she ret u rpfi and
wster if;to wash the .lab wun , j (
driven snow, for 'the niflbC tiatU
Uoadja w .two gab Jlcipeu besido; her, and
'rbsepreoijjittelj wifh'wo'mayj'i'jjxie'y
theirs, now nom qs, f
"it .. , ,-hhj-l.4 (Tb.AF
course. tHes tre the tiehtfut possessors.
poplexf,1!l'i)on,t h'ppo too waoh, mini
A will ia your jabr tbil :s bow in
jour faw,; as.yaur fatherV only ' child,'
' Jlaohah claiobed her hasbshd's band.
''Sli wwjwrittea by ona on his 11 death
bed, dated tbe 10th of March, 17-, and
leaves aH.hi8 property b jonr fathfr,bi
gr8Ddion,'then'f ; boy,'. , Hash r dos t
hope too: mnoft.. wargery. ii wu?t
Whatpf-d of. aU thU? the latost will
musistand.;;:'-.;';''.: -'- .Mf':.
ol I? . forgarv,' eaid the .'
ver.'.. . ' . . :
Oliver ltughed, , the bitter aogn oi
care and dusppoiotmenr. , ,,
'Who, pan pvve tb,M V be said. , J ;
'No one, perhaps. ' Tet ,!ie rooord of
the aid man's death "might . ' li ,
- 'A aian whosa dvicg hand, signed k
will on tba 10th of March, wond scarce-
ij mananoiner, on in, iuio,;-. oue
lieve the ill a forearv ' wrirteil 'iipofir old
parcbtnent since tba difioovery' 6f ihe
. Ttt . ti' -t.il. ftti.L'n7itk.
one x nava .epoien wr, luarforj imvi
took possessioB with no lega) fortas,1- for
no one appearea io oouicnv, ucr j.ho.-
Where wss vba erand-uther b-irled 7
' 'Here:' said Hannah. '.'They say: be
was brought down at hispwn fernieH
Mrs. WKber'.-a:i obief mourner, and: his
son erandfathet not 1 even sent for
An old craverardBome where. ,Oh' OZi-
TCI ; V.4VVI. 1
Blnterin the warm SDeZI.'
; fjhen ,it ii gone said Oliver' 1,'And
otir Zast hope with.; it, !; No, '.' gentlemen,
good luck 'could never oome to ui , Pov
erty neana to ding to us to thd fast.' I
wish you better olienls.' , '. " ;' ..; ; '
" 'Oliver, Ojiver ' ., gasped ' Hannah
GncWt. 'toll . me , bne ihing.1; Zebulon
was grcat-grandfathar's came..'' Zebulon
ii epelfed with a Z',isn't It?; Oh do
aoeak.1''. - ..., .. . , . " i
l ikifiV sou are going mtd, Hinttah :
o( course it ia ' . ; T:.7 Tr . ; t T" A
' '.Ob, the h'ig Z, I remember it so well I
.1 knew it was, Z ; and At would ave
been ibrtikcn before now. i, Oliter, don't
vouremembor my door-step that you was
so angry at ? I believe its', my great-
erandt'atbor'a tombstone. Ana, A not to
ft . t . , 3 Jk.'.tffl.i Ct .1
know it when A siariea at mo risv "
.Olivet . Gaeldti, aid - nothing, He
feared hii wife in was Urned, and
that made him faint and co)dy as be fol
lowed her lotq the garden, aod there
watched while the three others lifted at
'the flat slab..!, -v.v.'r, id.-,' -
. ti i., .iiAffYra them on the green , grasp.
black letters on U& whiteness, and berfd
inz over it they read aloud: . , . .
f'Zabulon Burns, . Bdrp May-. Pied
ir..h iith,17-w' with ulogistid ver
ses with long S' underneath, as in duty
L. J J i i- . . . . ' - ' . ... f .
OOUUU.. :,. . !l j : . ... ., .-.j
"It's jpoor great-granatainer , bbiu
. ? a .... ..lUaJaJ llta
Hannah. And tne wytf -wuu
hands, grasping those of Oliver and his
W'iTh. nrnot la fonnd I' he 'said. 'The
latest will is a forgery, for it W dated the
day after ' the old man s aeam. . mr.
Gaeldt is haireae to Urge property. , I
, a,i Hannah.r with her head on her
hnsband's ehouldei1, whispered, 'Oliver,
it wouldn't have been better to have mar
lied Miss Lester, after all V.
-' :ho turned qait'e, wbipt, nd, tittered
s cry Oler, bat must be the'graveyard
on Gray's, pfade; thai'ha.- 'dtfg , over lass
. . A' PartvnnNTA Doo Stoby. A man
M aWVam at Ann witri & full tlooded bull
KU ayl.CI w viv. .- -
?.v:;t.' iw tnitnod
J .1 a. ff n A laaaip nn M II IJ uvauuari
esotDd from the dog, the deer.rtwhed in
to the rolling surr ana Biruoa om to
... . i .
To the man b utter astontsnment tne aog
ollowed suit, and toon had hold ot he
deer'1 Fot some time tne jleer. ana aog
were being tumbled, about among tne
breakers, frequently under water, and
the man conoluded that he. had last Bog
and deer altogether; - D'inali j tnere oame
a'heavy wave that brought them both to
the shore, ana jasi air mo io.6
was about taking them out to tea again,
the man sprung into the Burf, caught his
ihaftn and draeeed bim out.'wlth
toe deer also, xao uog .v.j,.
Wrfwrtn. The man took -but his knile
" mi. - J . h'ayaB' VAiaaaoArf
.t th Jar'i throat, and then had
"( What thing is :.tht'Uch;tW'M
ve out it the linger it, grows? , A drtob.
nnuiN a-rialenoe binees bnon irini
Whatould beauty be without aDap ?.;-
i T 'ipts of the bible ere greater un-
der too roauccu. ii' ,:yr "r,
. i IMl Oia loj, rou.u, . -wv-
' a a " -j-JIma BM tAnnll
adiatinguUhsd old lawyer ho Waa sad, (
bt the father of the Kew-tert Batt ;:;';'v
"Poor man) he had. a Jre.irtlul oor a
Words and Phrases.
-- .."'4,u--
''Oca' pbtsses 8re not designed to he
con itrued too liberally. rPunch tells us
bt 4 nfan who Vas arrested for aifemptiog
td damago? the, river. Thames.; What was
the man doing tu 'jlla waa trying to pull
up tha Btrqtm.-i pp., Joseph..' brethrec
-Wn accused for putlicur Jiim ip .tho
pit; because, it is 8Qpposoi3 they though t
A. person, wuv uuiua iuhi iu me (rum so
I ' v - I. .11 .e: .t
literally that never let it escape; blin
is not to bo commendad sny , more than'
the man who' takes tlio part; of a lrie'cd
when tha aotiorX refers to a pudding but
not a quarrel ': Daphne of old was turned
nto a tree; now-a-aajg a horse la fre
quently turned into a) field, -v--' '. i
. Two or three words are strung togeth
er. and instead of retaining their coin.
it . v.... ; ' ' . ' '
pmeq meaning, auijuirB a utw t9iguiuua
Uoti, : llow diflerentiy. is the action de
scribed in scouring a forest and scouting
a floorj in skimming the sea J and swim
ming in. breaking a disb,breoking
a eolt n'3 breaking a commandment; in
Oatchine train . and patching a 'cold ;
in .falling into a dh, fulling io love,
foiling in your 6 wD estimation, and Jail
ina in with a fiicad: or falling out with
a friend, or fallipgout of a .camago.
This pe?uliarify qf our .words. Is. what
renaers you. so jtame to reau, iu tue tun
ny'co.lumn it 'ybtir. ceVspjperj'' of ' tha
,persou whrf, m aa- 'explosion lot grief,
Durst into. tears, ana nose remains pave
not been found: or who oarriod out a
I I . . 1 V .'.IH1...1.. L.!..-!.i;:.L
project anu was oonageq io uiiup n uat-a
again ,Vor who kept bis word, and so bad
a quarrel with Noah Webstcrywho wan-"
ted it for his dictionary j or who courted
an' investigation and- was wedded Uo hie
oVn opinions; or who got off a:speoob,
and has since, been, trying , to- get on
agoio, baying, found that iris train of ra
mirks rae ndfhe right'orie j 6t who, at
a mass meeting1?' being fired with' ibdig'
nationwas putou4; or who being hem-
mud lu Vjr1-.) vrofrJ, fetro pluwil.g o-.b '
led by a stitoh in ' his side y- Or who was
lost in sumber,'and after wandering for
a longtime m his owa.mtnd, fina.lly, got
out on a nightmare.; .. ,
Vthatxj we mean' by the awkward.
everv dav nueBtiod. 'IIow da' ton do?"'
; J 1 j 7 .
Wha do w mean when 'we spetkol
''old timesr" knowing as w,e do that what
we call old "times, ' were really the new
and young times, and that the present is
the truo old age of tho world I .... Uas any
debaiinsr sooietv ever decided whether a
houe burnt up ot down ( -What do we
mean when we say as we often do.1 that
wo will uo a thing in bo time We nave
no occasion to laugh at: the-nibtakcs of
foreigners when vre are so cootlnonlly
misuoderstandinzeach other.' Saidjlichs
ard BriuBley Sheridan to his' wild don.
Toin: "Take a wife. Tom. and reform..'
"With sli my heart," said Tom,, 'whose
wifenhall 1 take"; The joke oppoared
in this city only the other, day, in a new
suit of clothes. . An cnteCprising yourrg
man said he was going 'to start a; news.
psper.! 'Which of the papers are going
to start r nis utena BBea. a wg,
wit,h a fine appreoiatibn'of tho ambigui
ien of words once asked a man : . "How
many knaves dpjqu tupposo' live in this
htreet beside yourself I" ;','BfcBides ,my
selH . Do .you, mean to insult, me r
Well, th'euV replied the wag "how many!
do you reokon, inotuding yourself ?" As
an inatanoa of. the wayjn which a man
may ba roisled by the forms of language
bow bawy '-Joaira ia-.jL.one thins
and really say the opposite, the story may
be mentioned ot he gentleman, r who,
speaking id the company of ladies of tho
want otjpersonai auraonons oi boihb ia
diei of their acquintance,- said : -"-'They
tre the ugliest women 1 know present
company always excepted.'! eA' furrier
having facimies for rtnovatisg.1 old ture,J
advertised,' in a perfectly grammatical
manner, "uapes, vioionnes o., rutao np
for ladies, out of their"' owo; skinr," ?
may aiso menuon iuo euuur wuu. uemr
ing tO'Comnliment a friend, wrote : kHe
is a-olear thinker, a ready and vigorous
writer, sad a first rate fellow to boot,"-'
fThe convention of Bloomer dhmgels who
"resolved emphatically, "to wear short
dresses or nothing ;" the etrcuUr or
ladv teaoner. wnion spoxa oi ner onarto-
Icr nud, the "reputanpn tor teaching sn.
bei J " and tha kdferttisement of a con
cert director who Yhdounoed that a vari.
ety of toogs might be expected, tor tedi
ous: to. mention. " v .' .- ,r : -
Whim may'
a man be said ao treaic-
fast before he gelt tp ? When he takei
a roll in bed- :. ; - '
fTbe rtf bt pl!-Bai Si Sioklea,
regaW to ' whorn' Ui'w'a s ''muoVv,oubl,
resultfng itfthe eatb of hl-pattoit
lit loCO-'died k'ft?- City of .Hej.Ybik,'ii
.2 ; T
. sr-jew
Annother Alpine Tunnel.
, Thb projeot of -traversing the Alpj by
tunnel under. -.Juqunt.oaict., potnara,
after having beon for ten yoars the ob .
jee.t of minute study, was lately, as may
be remembered; definitely adopted oy ina -Italian
Government.:! A recent! number. "
of the Jourpal.,des. Trayaux Pfiblio gives
some details as to the oolloasai propor
tions of thiianterarise.wbich will require . '
eleven years for its '.complete" ezeoution. v
Tne tunnol will be nearlyi twonty-ono .
miles, long, including the coverod paa3a
ges rendered noaery Aa certain placet . .
by the danger of avalanches.-; lt.wul on
ly require air .shafts in Jevr plaocB. in.
fact only four, ' The Southern entrcnoo
of the pasBaga'wilfba' about 3,700 feet,
above tne level or tne sea, ana tne norms
em exit neatlyUbe' same; The horiaon
tal position of the line will be about ono-
third ot sts entire lengtb.. i he highest
graaie.ni wut do on me ltaiiaa siaeoout
. 11 I . .1 T . , ' , ' "I ' .
2 per cenl, tha average being about 1,
There ihi inclination does not 'exceed, 4
the 1,000,-ordinary 'engines will ba "em
ployed but wheu the gradient ia.iurpasac . '
dc, ipeoial Ones "will have to be used-f
The expense of the tunnel alone, is esti i i
mated at $2,800,000. . . .wsjr. riii
Mysteries of Bees.
A Scotch paper . eonoludes an articlo .,
on bees, as follows: ihe - ways and,
workings of bees are mysterious enough' '
tp bafflr the most scientifio obBervers.
There is, no doubt, much nonsense writ
ibu auuu.ii luom, r.-.A'unuRis.uuo, tuo ijuncu
is popularly,- kpown: as ajVery ?,8wU''i.!t
indiyinual,- very much Urges thao ., the (!,
common bee, and of brighter and varied
colors; this is, very poetical, bbt quite !n ,
oorf e.ot.1. The queen bep' ia" precisely the !
same color' is her subjects,' Is scarcely
any large., andean be distinguished front :'
tbem only by being a little longer is th
the body. .- -.al-ivjid XT' v
? : But there U'', euflieiet, of fii. marrel -pus
about ha bee-kingdom withounei ,
cogs'aattnir any - romance.; . Tata the act .
of Ewnrmingj.for inBtanee; the highest' "
flhf of soienoe tnjeiecirto telegranh-"
is Bimplioity itself .compared '"with this
extraordinary pnbeea. The' 'first swarm '
from the straw skep usually alights on a "
bush or branch of a tree. ' Uoioro s warmx -ing,
however, soma of them collect on the :
front board of the hive, to the edgej of
which twenty or thirty of them oling; thp ,
others pass . over them and hang on by '
each other in clusters till the ball is often
is large as a man's two ns.es. when . all ,
is ready and the royal command given,
thay all come pouring out in a stream as
thick as a mau's wrist, and take Stum.'
through tho air. ' '-- fi 1--;-.i.-!-sj
gdppose them to settle, on a thorn
three inches in oiroumfereDoe, their ,
W.ight, for the cluster is as big aa a boy's
head, will bend the thorn stick nearly to
tho ground. Comparatively few of them
have bold of the, branch; the rest 'all -hold
oil by each other.'1 llow can those '
who have hold bear -the weight 6f the
mass? How longtrould a man hold on
by (he branoh.cf a tree if the weight f
300 men were suddanly attaohed to him;,
And yet we suspeot every bee with a hold
Bustainsa muoh higher proportion of
weight if the cluster below. This is on
of many mysferiea of creation that mookj,
at human scieaoo. --W o.;i i .v:-:
The Present.
In order to enjoy the present, it is nee
essary to be intent on, the "present. To
be be doing.' ono thing and 'thinking of
anOlhOT io Tory unsatuaotdry uoda 'of '
spending life. i Bomd- people are always
wishing themselves somewnere dui wnera
.. : . . ... .... .... . - ... .
iney are, or inraKiog oi someming biso
than what" they are doing; or of some
thing else than, that they are doing, or ot -sdmahody
else than to whom they .are
spcaaiog. : xuis.ic. lui.mj mnjiij,
nothing, to uo notning wen, ana to.
pleasa nobody. 1 is better to be. inter-v ,
ested' with inferior persons and inferior
things than to be inculerent to the beti.
A'prinoipal causa of this indiffcrencs, is -
the adoption of nther people's taste in
stead of the cultivation of our own the -pursuit
aftors that fur which we ara not
fitted, and to which consequently we ard '
not iurfiality inclined.' This .folly per
vades, mcfre or less, all classes, aod arisea .
tn the error of buildintr our enjoyment
n'the false. foundaYion of the Vorld'a
-opinH,intead iof beingywith du ra- V
dbsh our own'world.
(aV Xat l t-Mva . .
tSTBright.boy to a Sunday t?ohool TeaA-- ,
er "Do woinetl go to ten aowvBlr,as U
lora?" . ' : . . , ' .' ,
Te'aoher "Why. iij, Sammy, they inerar
bV been sailors in any' age; what make
.ah V atinn'a nufflllon?".
'."" -.-."7 ':--. .) ,
. .Bright, JJoy "iiocause, ir, c
reading of tb Widow's Cru'." '' "'
tCTThers are two h-andrl fawala daW ; '.4
in LttattA ' ' ' " ": '''' fv '

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