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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 21, 1867, Image 2

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Thursday, i
Februarytai, 186T
,A union of hrta, a imion ol hands, .
1 A union of hiken, imloii f lunds,
J i inimi Kintniw nmV tdver: .-.) !
Democratic State Ticket.
j ... .i . ,
viu't i3 .Fa Governor, -v- '
j, ALLEH 'O.'taCBMAS, it Franklin. ', '
T li Fo Ilentenact 0ni"' ' '
s DANIEL 8.TJHT of Holmes" ' t
' L- ,; vi: .,;,
. ..,,, For Treasurer, .
V;r.'riIII.tO 'Crirr';V'!
tf p - ilot A tulMoiy -,-.---JOHN
MElAVE, of Butler.: vf;
' 'FRANK H.HURK, of Knox. l
,' I f or Judge of Supreme, ' Court,- ;'
JudgavlIOMA KETf,' of -Hamilton?;
..!; For ConiroJlei of Treasury,', ..t.iV -
; "".'tor' Board if Public1 Works''-;'
'ABTHCJfEUQnES.ofCiiiraJiogft. '
'.RoteU n4 Turkey are toUrely preparing
for var, tb.caoao pf the difficulty being the
. Eastern question; . -.'-,T,..J.; i. U
J 5h English Csbinet hare ref medio al-
loVt Secretary fiawanT la,' bay the papers in
the caaef of the Fenians recently : tried at
-.Toroatft. , . ' ...
.4 .... f.VV : . v.- V .. r r-
, Rbmu is about to build a Church in New
York for. worship acourding to ,the Greek
( Maximilian reftweff Ui reoogaiae the. 'rew
cent' arTatwemenii ihadev betwee Iraioe
and the United' Stages relative to Mexico.
The (Canadians have refused to accede' (o
; the, terms proposed by Turkey, and the Ore-
tan war is to. be resumed. Greece is irioreaa
log her, arnry largely. .. i . "".
Jhi Austrian Army are tcatiug the Amor
- loan breaohJoadinggua. ..-v.,:.
The restu'otions upon foreign ressels are
to Tbe remoTed at, Havana,iand thatf port ia
to be made a general entreport for tM Swf
age of sottoiiJL J J'iiU-t -i- ..-
Cholera hat almost;' entirely- diaappearcd
from St Thomas, but the small pox. hai not
abatea,..;,: vj..,.... . .5
A convention ia to be held in Loulsiania
to revise the Constitution, so thatahe State
will be taken out 'of the hands of the Radi-
. caie. i ' v i " ;.;fi?. -.
The Constitutional Amendment has been
tiuanimously reject!-; bjr thA-AIiasisaipJ
,.i8ttartorifc . -j ; . '. ' 1' -'.'"'.,'.
Forts Phil. Kearney, Reno, and Smith, are
in a state of seige. ; five thousand Iadians
are encamped in the VioinLty. it :;'. v
. Napoleon has dispatched .another ship of
war to'the Pacrfip.. - i ;. f."
John Bright indorsos Napoleon's reform
measures' v,., ' ;,'' ':"
The French army .. in Mexico is practloing
etriot neutrality, ana-ta&es neither sid in
the Birniishes between) the Imperialists and
tbe LICerala;..';r:.i.';! .; -J-'j!'', ,
JHht Emperor of Brazil is ' increasinV-his
. army, for the purpose "pi' carrying .'onfthp
war Ojgalnst the Paraguayans with renewed
vigoi. . , . , . . -..v
Tit. 1Lf:Kt.i n . - t
; f u5. ith;u iujuiDir v .iirazu uicu a lew
dtye ago at IJlo Janeiro. A j , j ; .'" ., , V
The Frendentof Panama, in- s .letrer to
the Secretary of the interior 'a,t 'Bo"ol, de-
nics that he ever attributed the agitation of
Jnlependenoe on the sthmus m. Amerleahs.
The people 0)' (be Couth look ; upon the
Japeaohment as a fixed feeV p.'- .".
.There is more trouble among the freedmen
of South i Carolina. - They will - sot work
when they can obtain a iljvinjj by, any otker
means. Verily, tfceBureau ia a vorthless
piece' of furniture. ' : ;
'France and Russia are,nrging'tfie, ';TurkS
ish Government tomaka oonoassione to-the
Canadians- . f!'.':':i. ; " '?l-
. . Av United States fleet is looked tor in-tbe
Bosphorus.1.. ',.-..- . v
. The allied Republics of ..South America
have refused the meditation of dpaln.' Spajn
ia making active '' preparations for war, and
Will reinforce Rio Janeiro.!? yr i..'
The Austrian Troope will remain in Mexi
co after the French leave." ;"V
Maximilian ia about to'issue afroclana-J,
lion in which lie will take stronger groun
. ' taan tbose .be. -assumed , at
Jblnot deoided Aupan ii
- Mexico. .'
Orizaba. T.ha.
is remaining in
...... .. V
J '. . The Western frontier is
by the Ihdiaas. ; .'
still', threatened
..r rosier wui resign tut position. as
BA. . Ml -m . .
Fesldeat of tte Senate about 'the last of
this month. ' ' . ; " ' v" '
,-Tle Consflrvalh-es, in and out of Congress,
artaaeavon''T,fonst Btanlon ir om the
Tan Rump Congress la still tryiftg to
usurp tho Government, and U will suo-
1 . r ...
ooaa, nniesa tne poopie ehsll organise
, ana resist ttj cuprts.
"Grand Army of the Republic."
U aaother part of lo-daya paper will be
found ,n article headed - "A . Oigfttiiicf Plot,"
&e.; taken from tW New York World, whlca
gWea an , acoeunt ' of a interview betweeo.
a' cwn4W Of thU'-new treasonable
organiialioa ofthe ttadioals ofib oouptry,
known as th "Brand Army of the Rejpublio,!
and a Reporter for that paper;. " It ,1s said
thai this organisation has been formed in
eery SlaU ind in erery oount in. the On.
ionr-and Ten In yinton eouniy mo organi
sation now exists. -The Headquarters of the
Order in this Btate-OolUmbui, Ohio, where
all thein(fr.iorj -officer seni. thoir.Tepvts.
We are Informed that-, a !'w,htary "Jgent
hvn was at this pTace a ehort timsgo jbo.k'
ing after thenteresU tfri' iarigtropi pjd
njphC Order, -seleote Vw men to act
aa fcflioialVin' the.-'prgahltilVniV"11, tbC'
were called togetherand "swftrn'.into oflioe';
J-bot not ooording'thy: law. JL ptpmu.
nent BadJical and 'drttmBrr.fo.r. tnt Secret
Order in this county al Undwi a mooting
the headquartera-, at Columbus, few days
'gd ' We presume, he, Earned fMjhi gns,-
gripos, 4o.i The times, ' Dd,,- plaeea r
meeting are generally kept -tecreL and oilfy
members are admittei." It ia supposed; bow
em, they held a meeting, 6a: tueslay nighty
somewhere on Market ' Street tn ttls plao,
of lb county. They talk rathMjpltaain ta
woiwof tho soldiers-Jofhe late war ten
thenv thatits objects re or a patnoiio ana
becTolent charaoter,. audjls'aima,4(isiBt,
those.of Its members .who may be in nceg.
We warn, all soldjow "and. ethera ; to keep
their .ey es about them and to be careful how
they step, as there is gret .danger ofgejllng
into bad company. I)o"; not ioin tandf with
the treasonable: Hood-suckers who fotm this
dasaerous seorit society .They re setting
a tran to catch all the poor private' eoldierA .
hd, should they suoceedih catohifcg-solder
Uier wtu. Dy iauoiy coasiriunir me wickcu
oats administered :them, 'foroe them to dt
things tmj. would not4o if . , ln yo . Jtnonv
J TJie. only object of the organiiiklr 1b to
baok.iip h Radical and Pisunfou Cungrcsd,
in case of decessity, if H-lnpoqchos President
Johnson. X ' ' : a ,-. "r-
- Thk FiE8T GuN.--Oa th.e,4b int
the CoiEofttits were gloYlontily triumph
ant, in the, charter election at Burlington
roax elepting tbeir'eandrde; for May
or1 fry nearly ;400 majority The, City
Council will sttcd 9' Democrats to 3 Be
publicans;' .- -y'p'i
Tni Jacksori'.S'ancfartirof last oek;
contains the ',prospe'ctua j 'of ' Jbe -Vt
Paper." It is strange' that. the;" loyal
Slqndarcl has brass enough" 'fo ' publish
toe piospeotui or a paper ij4qs aeoiaroe
that "God bai created wtiWniea su;eri
pr, and negroes iofenorV, jir i. , ;fc:r
The Iladipals in Congress seem, deter
mined not -only to overthrow ail , the
gafoguards of popular rights, but to do il
in tho most flagrant and tyranioai manoor.
They retuse the minority the privilege of
dtbating important questions., -It reaJly
seems tKaf they va determined t o destroy;
finoor.tr.M'nn InfltitlitionS.- - Al''.!'-1
: Tub -Pcmodracy-, 'ot Calnmlius.- pnd
Franklin county have formed ad A'ssq-
eUliob f or . thp purpoeo ot promoting the
... 1 1 . . 1 . : . . T . . ' .
luiciuoi-B 01 iuo partj id iaai ouusiy.y
Hon. 'E. Bingham. fprmeriy.;pf :V W
ton county, is President ot tfie As'aocia-
loiunow mis eiampie. ; ve wom sugr
gest an preanizAtion of this kind in ihfB
it i . ' tit' ' : 1 ' ' 1
cojinty forthwijbv1 It is time 'to : organ; '
iwr-ume inaievery- iemocrai' supuip:
arpuve to tis trnp', conctftion, JDeinP;:
cxats of ' Vinton ConutyJ Organize J ,Or.
gaa:oJI - J. ' a . : . i
;;' ; .'.J'' ' t;:, M.V :-r';,-)
if p&xtn.: of Mbs.-Geo, ' E.'. P&B..4-;
On the morning eft the'l lth-inst.Mri:
Thercse Chiifant xo2lr if'irf ftA
vtevrgo ja. f-ugu, uiea 1101008,11. 10
mo oyiu jearjw ner ago.. a, most esti
mable ffomail shjs wai-r-the'pridp arid
oi'nameoi of the circle in which ale
bani ii severely strioken,?and three ohil-
uron re oeroit oi,tno kino,-.care ot an
affectionate motheri - " . .
JscbA8 dv SALABl8.--8ometimea'
we are askej what the Legislature ii do
iff. - Wo will tell; woo. It.TiaS afaed
the salaries of the Common Pleaa JodgCB
from $1,800 an to. $2,500, . That wilt do
for the pTeBant.-rOAu DnnocraC -..:
Thebe is a ProtesUnTcoDgregstion ef
300 persons, a.nd six sohools of 2'IQ obiU.
dren, at Jemsalern. t ( ,. V - :.
' ' ' L : " '
i m .
.W are to have terrible times. Rab
els are to be admitted into the Supreme
yonri Of tbe United Slates, and preach
ers are going to preach secession, treason
and rebellion ,in Jlisaourl. now that 'be
Suprpme Court. t?aa decided :., the' Test
Oath nnoonstitutiOBal. ao far as lawyers
unq. pjaoners are conoerned, a.t least.
00 say loaders ot opinioq in tha lvepu
t;. it.:. lj.. '
Oa A Volcano. Old Bon Wada says
tbat 'Constitutional .Jimon3mont most
past, or the Eopiiblican parts is on a
VU.MA W. .k:l. :j rl.' 1. .
voleano How, and that tbo neoolt are
viuuji i, uiu saiu usriT is on a
fervently prayioc that said volcano mav
speedily lave sooh an eruption as will
send, it heavenward, or overwhelm it w&h
fflA T A vi .f . . J 1 . . a 1
(w wviu uu ouDVf mps so oeep 1
that itsyejurreolion, will bo iprpossiblo. '
[for the Democratic Enquirer.
Ma. EDW0a!( Do yoa tohenga ,.!;!!
the "ZatisU M6V- If. 5 dV ?
ddabt yo kivd tead: tuoaa l.otnrs writ
ten, bj "il,1 published ia-tba ifQf osutd
sleet of thV U'.h init.:J was not a-re
tbat Zaleski a$ so? flouriouiog a flacd
until T rend thoso letters. I-have finked
tLeplaoo fretiHentiy,bat in every inBtande
failed todnoover too enierpruo uujwur.-
uKiv'g -condition M 'tepresentea .?nv;tn$
letters of VJC." . It may '.bo all" true
about ZialertveiDg votiysituatco:,
tbatx"cheapJael and-oheap-iroa forqih;
;a here thovjuost ioviCiog '.prospeots for
eatablisltineiV ot rbllipg'diilla' on a Targe.
soalej" that 'Uhojolayft oClhi? district
ireiof eepeoial lexoelleaoM jCfio.'f ih.
ClavSl of Itontuoky) &o j&o.;ut every
doa't s"o it tnnbat hght.t4,VAr yflti
i a a-atiller'i bas. noisoned, the air witb
its postiferous tamos : ''ib'tfUf Ithere js a
that ea'u- beat it 'for' f'i'oiftier an'df ."rn ta
ihopk'M am tdady and wiriDg.tDpa for
-Band. tp'tVoiyo .hpndred',iDhabitanfBJa
rtbuslv estimated' I?i!i'Ck'n'a b
ing OQQPted aa sixteen mao abd otber or
una propouBiiiujj-itu., u dhimo pyyui"uu-
J, luppuBC ;. tHUUiBniig tuo injjuiuuu
they eo Hiakllu .puraide AJuojM
Tiiliiis, Bay wi.vui-.j,iira
South, East and; West.: leskriB situa
ted about 141 milerttaH 01 Liinqinnau,
do the olarloita k Cinpinnati- .Bailroaoy
eOinilea West of Maiietts " and' but-a;
' vetvhort diBUnoe.ffo.ru tho fiddle fork
p. Raccoon creek, ("J.'' .oal'a Jt Kuccoon
.7iiwj! ha must have been witli'JoDe in
he Jieg(6lature);"atid MK PrajtlBville.-
1 see mere win uc t iicuhuu jibbuivv
thfl' .Commissioners' of .hi3acpuut,prav,f
ing rpr .the view, jofyejj "aod location 01 a;
xotd lea'dingTrom Zalcski tfiVc b.thd
b3vefaenuonou.plaocr, wnicn wut mate
i very i.c.bnvoniQnt' iof pleaSure'-SeekeS
nd trahBicht pbrsons generally1, Tor tboy j
QO'a: 'aba't8nd 'Viufi; placeV''-'Now;' for
mV partk f do hope r'tpeulndn7' Cfc'mmlB
eipneii wilt gm tM.Iew -Burvey,.. &p;j
there without 'grading" - for fearrit;may
tumble. down :. and the jtreets.11. from one
end pfr.thotpwp to th9 othdf, remind -da.
of tho olcti'ashibndd.w'ay'' of '. churning-
"up and '.Tfr,.tllo'' t rbprietors -of
Zaloski bad purchased. wands at McAr
thur Station ,00, tho' M& Ci R. R., and
built their town,' they could have had tho
County Seat long since; put "they are
too far
; """in:.
(ow",in tbestrmalioa. f X : hul in
the esUmation;of .bout rour-fihhof . the
eop(o.o this county. It U far , d.fferent.r
thSpk..t ntbombuMMWht
(bp coWtj.' .ThetoaB't build. I ncuse'
ir frorn rundaytrcv-ej' 'jtopttiii-ftofcIar0.(hM
.I'll.! 'T
February 10, 1867.
.--'1 T
Decision os tut Otueu SibB,HRd
icals are h aprJJ, " finSall .ertitnbOiVo'.tboin
comfort now-tt-daysi,"' The'W decision'-, "of;
the'Supreme Court of the United tatee
pronouncing UBOOtrsiitufiocal t'eet-Oftrhs,
j as applied .to'toivyerr a1ji'prca6.b'dp threw
lnto ; passion, andr to.fr flays tbey
lv foamod at thfl-mbuhV'KffcontlVja
! PlstridC ol Xjolnuibid vopr1-' whereof l.
'K; darter is" Jadire-a subrdinaW Cduit
-a ioirt me uccisrons pi wuiono"no
. .'l. ' J L I ff 1 1 -'..'.' ''I.'-!
rannaa ot special lmjiuiianoanas uuci
ded ho tcBt oatb,i)s applicable'to lawyers
III up VI .viuviuh viav. u9 uvvisimi
1 w - - (JJf ..
uu tc u 1. l. ua. illu 1 u lauibut n 11 u iuv ... .xuu
the Suprome'Court of tjo United' S
'doeided'as D. Kf Carter's Court' has d,d"cK
ddu lind'h PK l-Csrioi'a' .-Court ifcci
ded as lie rjuiremc Court of the Uni'tdd
States decidc'd- k;vearyTOfiirgDifict Coutt
woilJil -Carter' tVuiAflrifieari iii lidieat
Byuiauuu.. . is jt ip, . mey. ai;e; ciotcuf
ipgijwiBna-iai lotTcry tmaiu lavurs. 10
the' Way of-J.udidiai atcisitme.' " ' v j 1 .
;A-?';'.:vi--;---'v: :'.f'': :-i
,!' -i
Sonata - have plsVcd th.e new JTariff -bill.
Ulays tfie hoavioet brirapn over before
tmpOBod'upon Uhe wdiitiTig menUof, the
Sonotry: b'prtfes8ivo!ry ictxjng.liio ; r
ticrieB'-rnd8tly consumed 1 by the poorer
ciasBop. 'Jkne.bill -.was originated to tho
interest or manuiaoturers- and -monope
JisW, and for the purp'ostf 'of bpr1ciih
ttc few ? at iBp ipensc:of the man)1.
- Ins ! JbanyTen;vVoMwiiSay:
lA -leading dry godds.JDerpba.Dt of New
Ybrk.'Baidv to yesterdays Jl:? dud
willingly- drawlny clieck (or a. hundreid
thoBsand dollars, as a bomis-- to any be
nevolent instrtutidnLf the" House would
td-moirow "dismisa. the ,',Biij4Ct..pf. iiu
peaohme'nT " it'-i't'f.
Who Foots the Bill?—Legislation
as is Legislation.
ThK 8tate Auditor of Ohio, in his recent'
an'uuil report to.the 'Ohio .Legislature, says
that one hundred tuillionj of lioflars. in thin
tStkte, are Invested In United 8tat?S stocks,
ami go uauixeu. wiiai that amount would
yield in taxes, if. put atoong other taxables
od the duplicate, but whioh it-does not yield
on eocoujLtof tha exenfrition complained ol,
has to, b piade up pfl! . the laables that ark
on the tif.pjicabp, by increasing theirlmrthen
0 the extent ef the exemption. Vet, In th
face of that Startling fact, with the report 67
' Auuuur ociore it, tne Legislature,
uw in nession uoiuibdus, voted, -tbe other
day, to lake off the duplicate the larirest tax.
payers' taxables of thiaeoitr the taxables
amounting 10 ever one and a quarter r- "n
of dollanl And, after tho memberahaJuo'ne
that thipg, they want and enjoyed a big spree
jim juruy luuuy ageius, woo ftaa persuaded
members to so wrong their on constituents
and the constituents ef other members', wko
bd Opposed the follV. . Ponihlv lhat VimH
of legislation will pav t but , the . ateaUtn
arlsts, who foots .tbe bill?
It is a'facktbst can not be denied that
the leaders pf the Republican party dc
not understood the people, -
The Question in a Nut-Shell.
."'tz v'oKey tf Cpogresn. e,cips ta be,
if posaiblJ, td .'check,.or iold batik , pe
Tt Oa'h KS. IfllifiP SS t)035lb!e; A
- -- o
tUifl'ja now ftond.tbej Are ia o; aw
l,.i:.T17 I lift Wish, tO
Ijjawbei of the7: Supreme ioair oy jui-
1. u ... w. . j J If . ; .7- , .
ting ia enough 'Loyal', members, to gtte
thorn a msiority and have tbe case tried
over; tot aa tbjl Constitution laTesJs the
I'rofiidentr with the,appointing power,
that at ohoa blooke the eame, hutif. tboy
oould deppso. him, they jpuld.bTe en
tire ooptrol oi t,v reins or 'uovernuiouy
Wen'.th,ey.wouid tighten, them - ar ; long
as the opposing; element 'would yield to
the'pres8urf bj obnpxioas and illegal
aqtfi?aba;wheii tppoecf b& oilitan
called upon to kid them in their diaboli-'
aal and .fiendtali: designB, to, perpefnire
nnmir in' their- own hands. ' We' no
draw ;doWn'tl!c) iurtaU" ftti Ue'.deloge
of Toodarrd deetrnotipn wmen wouiq
ti !inii6'I ia ehne.-aPd leave it'to the fu
Missouri Independent
Missouri Independent Press.
Missouri Independent Press. Hard Times.
"J'fiiw froiri "tho'tho erf i)f hatd
tb.tia comibe ftooa every Beotido'J
W"rTV7. ..i.''-c-it.s'Jli'U: 4
IplSB 8 e8B0tt.l R putmum. jiwiuiyi .iu",.
that.pouimbn 85)089 M n?Btpfore 'failed
4a UnM'iiiii Ituttr" undnr Jtatidinir
M r ' . . ; . - -
If J ha finanoial prasb. that is no w threats
Leuing, comesaod wi cannot eee how it
Allen County
Wages of Farm Laborers.
59' por month wili
t,irV, The avi'rsge rate or ,freedmen'B
ar $1C ; ' with ! board '"furnisliW,
fa 75.-,(The highest.!" States is id
c;Ufprnia,wnicV.boute45r 'Mamr
Tha ' rat0'for the Eastern. States
Agr!oulturo ,rot Jnnary oopiaius.au
ojaborate compilation of the statistics o
the wae-fis of firm labor, tbrooehout tho
cohntrv. It la based on the original re
tiirn from. every State fViionr.
moBt pyory ,oou aty being T'epresented in a!
portion of them. Vlt;al80inoIndes' tho
territories, ,Xho average raw . pi wgup
r.,T lifia. laW rithout" board. Is made
The aver sea
Ir 833 30 1 in the Middle State'c.1 $39 57.
thoV do tfot etist,' are so 1
fiah; and absurd as oply'.tOatp'
iiibupaed aetonlslinient and ktuatOn
1 1 1 Ipoiafai.t.i! nlnk ' all n ta Irn"' .
! Onh baa flnsafeot.1 In'.1' hii iM "brdvi-
doDco,Jdiffetent riaceil'of :meo.''sbrae!,lofl
wham are vastly interior d others in io-'j
tellectual cultivation and ' rciB'oning" en
dowment. Thefforft that arjjj made to
ionnra alt ihese distinctions ; and "differ;
enoicB, lad, y human ! legiBratid fo dtf
It is leeislatioB whioh 'sbnu its 'eycs to
factb-j-which ' refuses ,to 1 recognize'- the
truths of history ;or actual peneneej'
in order to Klliae some1 Utopia idcis
which: have, no other basis than enihusi
aatio fancy, aLd whdfe practical .carrying
out cisaBTer' an ruin io
Circleville Democrat.
, ', IJow Tiii Pzopee AKK. OrFRissiivW
The .'Auditdr. of State1 infdima' r that
ooo "hundred millions of dollatS mLOhio
rarcflnyoBtedin, W 9 St'ecks; and go tin.;
taxed, lle . also- revosls "tfte .fact; tbat'
muitittiilespf capifalist8;'maVo iemporiry
.lUVBOlUiuu B V r 11.1a u.l. iu ciro .ItfAB
i f T . ' ' ir ...
fori'' the ' assessor comes .' hronhddepbEit
their; money,, take.a certificate; bt slock,
and; a few dayB afterward '.draW.:"their
funda again, and thus escape laxatiod du
ripMle w.holo Vear. '-','r-- -i- n:
J:."?,re'q irpa , money 1 0' ' pro oopt,o tbt
Impeo'iOnietit of the 'Preid(;nt-" On
Mondaythe Hp use voted ''ten; ibotisa'nd
ddUarir W 'the ' Judiciary' oommit tee -to
prostcato investieatioof. -Tho expense
attending'thit criminal foolery oomos
ok tho pedpjej, in the .Way , of taxeBj of;
Course C :f r l' ,iyt,ll
'.i wiLW 'tearsaco.uonitrcssidnai an
proprlations foe National eifensg $7t,i.'
000,000. V Tho . 'Aotonn InktUgencer
tnougnt it wouia auogeiner run up 10
$75,000,00.0, and wastartjd aljbe tfi
travigance. '. Now the "Freedmen a Ba,
reaii alone. costs $25,000000 per annnoj,
iuanging itotu a fiaiipuai uoyernmeni,
uuutr xcuiuutstiu juic, uss, ueeu -auuui
J I'. . -. T T . t. 1 L
the most eipepsiyo experiment that evcr
'T9B bolclesf man that"igded .n Deo
jarajioB 'of 'Indepeitden'ee )ras fJharies
Warroll. of t)arrollton( tJatnond: tbe
most distinguishod fo'ifiigoer" that aided'
the Qolonieo ia their Btrotrflle with Great
jjriiam, was ua cayeue, a vatooue. ice
first, European power yiat reebgnized the
independence of the "Uniled "States,- wai
Catholio Franco the best expounder'of
tD3 Uonstitution wav. Uh)dl jubuco it
neyJa Catbolio; i'::yK
. ...1 - - I ! 1' I
; Civil. LiBEBf y has boon' restored ltp
the people of Maryland. . The petty ty
ranis of that ,B;te who thought to per
p f,uajjf tjcir power by oppression, have
biln ovoroome.and better $ty dawns
upon the people. Tbe Legislature has
invested witb their political rights "all
citizens of MaryJand who had" b'ee'B dial
fraiohised by previouipio'scriEtive legit)-
ti . - .
- iitzsiBESs men oomptain nai inert a
great stagnation m all kinds, of Iradv,
thronghout tbe -country. "lhi8'rultH
mainly root the unsettled conation of
the oountrv. and the continued disunion
of .Jfcs Slate, caused by Badlba! legisla
tion. . 1 - " . I
[From the New York
A Gigantic Plot—Two Hundred
Thousand Radicals
Organized to Sustain. the
Impeachment of the President
—The State of New
York Divides Into
Orders Promulgated—Remarkable
Interview with
one of the Commanders,
I'of 4u revOlatibnary -meai
'tliCvicw of
'$ 'IJirjftlsa the-
lebellioq, Demoorata were Ircqflently ao
nsodrol conspiriog against the Union
ind tbe'Gpvernment. It was asserted thst
visf 'oreanixations, euoh as the 'Knights
r iVflnlden Circle. werer; in exiatenee
far the express, purpose of resbting the
othaHlyJ pt IboUerument. These
0rgc??8tions were never proved to have
TJte: and ertaily no euoh rceistanee
l WaB.spoken of wss offered at any time
te the powers tnatjvjere, , r, a
lla is diiferent with thoMdicalf, wnp.
it"fti'persf Lavo beetf for some timo or
oVnidM in mintart masses for the. snp.
runt Oonpress and the restriction of
fhfi PrRident as thoMeCtal constituted
l.'.1nf the (loveroment. Just in the
tame wiy 1M j they 'jb'rganj.ied aiVlia.e
tbi' nprrocs. whose work has been'Bimo
nrr,T n
view of the projeoted plan or impeacn
majjt the movement now being made in
evcrj' Stato.,bclng rapidly' pushed 'bn,
Byf this "mean's it 'is h'opdd ihat'all 'the
military power'or the oputitty,y;rreipeo
iWh of tho restular army, will be at the
idip'posalpf CoogrJCJtof,hf fsttberance
uenefal iiraat
f i'lbt. attributed' of noispcoui rmpor
tanea. ', ' t-u-u, tam v.ji
The (acts which bear out hit argument
1, Hot long since i a i neWr ,prgani?aiop,
eatled TUc Grand Army ol thelleDubUc,'
an formbd in evorv oitv and State io !ka
JJnion. It is composed exclusively :6f
veterans whTseftfexi ntne.jaie war. .
The formation of .This army made; aimpst
aa littla noifo in tho country as tbe tall
of a Bbow-flake. Ifwusnot dssigned
that it should take a prominent place eei
fort the
I , , .
public till Bqe great necestatJ
rvico should arise.' ."In addition
for its service
to1 the main purppso of sttpporting the
Government; its obkot w48 of 'a bonevo-
. . i -m
tent nature, ana oj inis mesas- mrooou
ted epeeiaratiractiona td thp soldier;
fiva bundrejl thousand men. I 1 v.
On Thursday tor tue nrs umc, ine
Stato of 'NeW "dffc wis difiddJaui mil
itary district! by to Adjutant uenerai 01
r . - ik.
tbe orean.zation, as win appear irom mo
Toflowinz .'General Oners' published in
tho.5x.$n of;he. tollowjogjday , ,
BAS Q'iB DlfiAKTMEWT. Ny XoB:, )
u Obaso Abmt OF IHB.iUVUBUO,; ,1,
Ad'tObn'sOpfiobi N T, Fob, 6 'tiM.
".0JiBAli UBDR8, i BiO.p.-r.l. AUO,
fo'.ldwiog named comrades are hereby de
tailed and announced; mombers pt the
provUioual staff of.ihia department, nn
duty at the hoid quorteis: Mtjor Ueo,
T, Stevens, Aid-de-Canip and 1 Assistant
.Inspector General; Brevet , Lieutenant
D ranois VI? a'arsous, -.Aidrde- Uamp,
They will' lie .respected acoordingly, , and
are -hereby authoriged , to establish and.
orga'nite potts in. localities not Under the
juriBdicttlnu of district eommapubre, an;
nDunced in orders from these headquar
ters 5 -j-'i-J .Ip.f jf.fj w.-JKjd 'Mf' ;,(,
. ; 2; -Th following named- eomradca ue,
hereby detailed add announced; as tempo-
irpry pommaadcr df their respective d,is-
.tnets; wbiob are designated as; follows:
District' of Manhattan; 1 ccmprising 1 the
OUy and oounty of New. iorfc, with head
(juartersat Ijie Biblo' Ilene; Bievet Brigr.
dicr Ooneral Rush U.:IlawkiOa t
triot of Oneida, OomprUing the county. of
A.J'.i. M. 1..1J .
Vtkif, Major 'Javid F,.Ritchie.. ",'Thy
will at' oncej assume, commands and 'will
a.. w--w-'r .'a- 1
do ooeyea.ana respected acooiogiy.,
. 3. .To prevent informality ia he -mas
ter-fc of yedrnits in'thia Department, n. It
is hereby ahflOBneed; for the information
of this . oom opabd4 that ;'iroraiaf will ,? be
mustered only iioi regufarlyi oonstitnted
posts, ,and by- JUistnot yommanqeri .n
the eBtablishment 'of post's, txcepi bv the
Errand Commander,-an pfBeer.of hia staffr
oj oj Bpeciai aainoTiiy irom inese nea
quattorsi ; 'The attention of. tbe-rffloera
is-particularly ,Ued .to kf tiolot 5, .9, -Jl
and 15 of -the rules add1 regulations of
Ihe Grah'd Arn of' he 'Pftb j jo,-, and
especiayy'eDjovned.Silair 0:
- . , . '
be enrolled as.'mempcra pf .posts, and it-
rn.tA k'-1ta v.IIb ... 1, tei. l. l.1
as upon (pctachedf.'serf ipoi ."'.. '1 '
. JSy order or the' Of and Commander. '
Official Assistant AdjutabtgeBeral
D. VAN SCHAICK, Aidda-Camp.
.V -IBS,.. V.'Stl I t
j, in order to ascertain Irom ! an omoial
source the avowed objects and oha'raoterLbor
pf thrf organization, one of our reporters
eaiied tare evening it tbe omce.ot tne
eVmoiabderf the forces of the District
of Manhattan, in the Bible' 'House, and
fipdlrg the apartmohr closed, prdooeddd
to bis bouse in Fifth Avenue,' when the
following dialogue ensued.- which the
reader "Will find bears otit the assertions
which form the prefaoe of this article ; -
T Reporter' (handing the polonel a copy
of the above 'general ordora') There ii
a report to the effect that, tbe Grand An
my of tbe Ropublio, to' which reference
is made In Iboao orders, has been raised
for Radical purpdse.s,: and that.!) ms de
signed to be used! against (be President
1 II. .1.' i - ' r .11
uu uis suuerenui, puoum any troueie re
suit from bis, propossd Imptaobmenf. ,'
" Commaoder If pongrega'should ' im
tfeaoh th's President-1 have no doubt as
to whioj, side the ,Gabd Array of the
Ropublio jill take. - --n.i
. Reporter WilJ ' yoa pleases tell mp
mi i i mill nil ITT
time einoef in porUon,or the West wheie
thcta'va ndtJiIUia. . Ita objeot, are of a.
benevolent cliiraetcr; Usaima to assist
all its Bflmb3rS';ba..n.aybe,iBxeed. .. ,
' Heportcr-llow iny men Wtbcw.. :
UH ...
Tare "M jcetg - nd when it ysti
formed? ', ' .
IV.""" ..1.
nommandet It tid
origin some
enro,uciin h -- ,.
- CimmoderUver ouu.uuu, ah
jL nnnnrblv discbarced are adttissiN
m. V have Uemocrats ana ivepuuu-
v - " ti: a
.n ;n nnr ranks i but all the leading
officers areIldicals,-BO.yoo en .lmag.nw
bow-the army wouia De wioiuemu
of any National neceesily. ,
Reporter men me ru'jp
main? y.'' '. wT'TMr""
. Commender-ep. l,t is Kaaicai tiop,
and if there ehoSld bfaiy-cecaalrl llrf' . -
its services, I have bo doubt they would
lo iendcrelforlo pPTposepf support-V(; ,
ing UoBgiess,. tmpcacneuoiue . D",,
:. Reporter-U eraser aoiforms tct'u ;
furnifitcd to the men ?.
Reporter v tnoy mcoi regumriy. f
.' Opujmandor-yesut their mftUoga;, :
are seoref, tbey meet in lddges,atid only
' . . j.:.i.I" u'a arnamrtiRillar
DTalput our ni ember : all v who apply for .. .
id mission aro obliged to Tarnish papers -shdwini
their connection. with ,' the atmjf'
'aa4na'it'boDerD)e' discharge, :
guo was the v interview 'pur'r.epoiicr" ? .
fcaf.ttUb.ont of. the miliury .leaders of
thp organization, whoso replies 'show ihat- j ,
tbip'new ariry msy' ltc tfsed 'at aoy.l'ime'
a'tlha back; of Cdegrotti to ' nastala its i
policy by foroe, ana to fiiif nee an opposi- , .; 5
Don to the impeachment of, the l'reai-
dept. vW.bo.ft '.tM.fiof1 ? b-retliMth'at il
is fanncesrV to oi'eate 'il'milUary.'deV .:,
partmenta' for a 'benevolent'" organise
tidd tho. object of tho army, in the prcs
ent crisis of the ootimry,';wilt 'ibe fouidV'
- -p1 ''
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
Military Despotism.
''tUlre'ans. and the deaecratlou of th'q Itcrd's '
Tns odious bill for ..conveying (lie, .
Southern Statesjintd I "military despptisni v
nRMiil tlm Rnnntfi v0Htnrilv mnrninrr.-.
: " - - - , - - v ;
It u Well that the Radical dcstruc'tiyjss ,n ,
should eoosumate 'their ; inirjuity japon'-
the holy Sabbath. it would ..sebm as it
Providence had so arranged that the en-'
Blavementtofreieht- millions i?.!AmeriV"
asi amended is but a small Improvement
upon te priginaI.. :1The j3outh 19 banded -
tvet bodgy to tbe oapnoe of any mili'ory
tyrant that dare plat tho'patt ', of Nero. 5 .
Thoote was 29 to lO; and yet fhera is. :,)
not one df that twenfy-oine bu.t' has, or
would serosa.,' against tbe tyranny , of ',
European deBp'ots. ;
;; j As it is, tho Southern people are to bo
placed uoder a military ' VaBsalagia,'' Citv
it.be " that ihNdrihern- jdna IVeitera- '
mer,.wheo they ve ihbir vdte to placa- ,
such men as'we'see hdtd a inaioritv in
,'Jongrr8s ponb3mpiatcd(.l fiat they would '
ho buuse luerr puwbr i xto luoy reanzo
tbe fact ibat,.to keep .'' the Silih lubjw
ted, a standing ' aruiy , of one hundred -thousand
nan. will not. be sufijuient '
Are they prepared to cuduie'a rttpoiual ,
system -of taxationt ncder which that oK . , ,
,Ebg!a)id eVo'b appears light ? By fthja V ,
not tbey hare dnnvetted the South into a '
gigastuIrelabd,and.;an Irefanc" Ihntj
will.be more troublesome in case, of any J
foreign imlroglio than the 'Orecn ,iale
ia to England, for its hato will be solid',',
pompact and undivided.llrrd is" a preu
ciou8.A(7i?e to JbeVVar (or the Union,'
,sj.bypoeritalj- .mojtto,,.vejrH.w'8 ib
vented by liaro abd Bdeaks,; Ila'd sucha v
coDBumation ,? aaibia becporesoen, wo -are.satitfiad
that not one in " tan of the '.'
the brave menjkno' ehduldered a muBket v
for the prc9er'vationof an -undivided '...'
Country, but woulcl Lave been content to' .
em'braoe the aiiertrative of eertain. black.
jdurnalist, and Ipt the Union ylidoAuu
I e wme idis nnrjieaiy upon ine jp- ..
colpt of the telegram, bot wedo opt prO'" ''.
propose to dismbs'ths aobject w.ith this "
passing, notiep, jThe enslavement of .a ;
prave, gallant and-"Jmpttlslvo' pooole,
however they Lave. erred, will be. rocor ;
.ded as one or the - rnopstrooitus or the' .
agdi The question ia rJo)'alone whclbor -tho
South -will endured, for-we err if
the manly heart Of the vNdrtK is not in
digbapt at'lbd! outrage jipOBatt-oU asee ;
oiates of -tbo early Revplttio'pS' s '7
The Impeachment of the
The Impeachment of the President.
of Congroes odght to be sufficient t&:,
The Washipfftoii obrresdondent of U
Now York Etcpreu.'hi keCps well post--
ed jn regard . to Iha movements pf the
reviilqtionary leaders, says i:.
I 'If any man. has. any doubts as fp (he
deeigus . of . the, Jacobin leaderp. who'ara
managing the jmpea'ebment 'conspiraov ;
l.l him 4..A Tl.,. .L : .,'...
nificant ipoeoh ib the : Horse vesterdav
v u, u. iv.ii iumnsii 0 . suet . iiut.
afternoon. Sdeh a sDeeoh hi anv mnm.
Create a lively, apprehensien , for the fu-
tore but eoming as it did from BryT
wen,;, a 1 member -ot tbd 'irppeachmeat
nag,' and tbo confident of Bod Sutler,
it discloses the important frfot that tbo
men who are now' condcting a 1 sort of .
star-obainber inqliisiton against the Pres
ident, have predetermined to remove hint
from, office if by any possibility tbe .thing, ,
skn, be iioiomplihed.,' The vepomons
utterances of Bootwell but reflected tbo -wicked
and revolutionary , designs of hist -
conspirators,, Tbat they are determined X
to attempt tht'consumatioo 6f this con-j
iumation of this eonrpiracy, I have : not "
a particle ef doubt, i All the visable 4in
dioations point directly to such a rosalt, ;
a"ad if-the American '-'people aft to be
bodnd, hand, bod fopr fhr an' indefinite
peripo by a bittet and malicious Radical
despotism enthroned in thia cityH it is
high time tbat tbe-jiation, should begin
H prepare Tor' the cqming conot".' ' -:-
4 . -

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