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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 21, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
Ok'k of tl bridges east of town, on the road
leading V Athens, needs repairing.':
Th t Hon, H. 8. Bundy, M. P. from
tUlgaioniuu lur numerous u "luinonis.
y,v ...
'- Thakh to Hon, A. J. Bwaim, Member of Hit House
'of Rspresentativea from Vinton County, for nuni'eious
intererting and valuable documents.
Loci, items of interest itl be thankfully
received from oar friends, at apy, time, from
any part of tun or adjoining counties.
Siiws MorriTT,:f Newport; TL L, will ne
copt our thanks for late Now York, Boston,
and Providence papers.'' ' ' '' ' "''
. Ws trust that every Democrat In Vluton
county will, feel it his duty to subscribe for
the Dtmocratie Enquirer' i Now is the time to
subscribe for n'good paper. ; Cll lit and see
us, or send US' your name bf mail t)r by some
friend Don't delay, 'i -:n'i -.'i'h'!',!'i'','K
: ",..,....;..;:;;
Yoiio ',' Caivss WATSD;--Any . person
Laving good oalves from three wests to'two
months old,' for sale'vr ill call at the 'offioe of
this paper,! and learn who wishes to pur-
"Tub IIbavkjux CutuvM.".-Wp: have for
' sale at this office the" most superb steel line'
engravings; of "The -'UeaTtQiy.VCnefiibB,
from Raphael's I'Slstine Madonna "'which we
invite everybody especially the ladiee to
call and See.' The prioels low. t"
Da. D. V. Rambus of this to.wn requests
us to say that be has the ( Veteran Medals
belonging to John Levering, Charles McKib-
ben, and Danitl lane, who were! niembcrs of
Co. I, T5th 0. V. I." They or some off their
lelallvss or friends will please' call upon
Ihg Doctor' and' got their nieUls . ' "y.; - '';'
By Referring to '. -Sheriff's advertisement
in this pnper, it will be seen that'the Sher
iff will o'ffefw sale,' on the . 19tn ;;of next
month, the htm now ouned by Ervin E.
1. 1 -!i .- L..1 I, ,1 it", f. - T V
Jienjaniiu, JEsq.an'd Mrs. jb. Boweri, one-hair
.mile west of Prattaville and about two miles
East from .Vinton Station, through' which
i'arm the; road ' leading from 1 MoAi thur to
" . :'.' J,'
PaeticdlAbJ 'Norc.-4,Tbo39 2 who; prefer
jfajring their subscriptions in any . kind -Qf
country prdu.oe, or in wood or 'alj are1
informed that.tney ean 4;4,-1lf' we. have
intde arrangements to ' reoAive the' same at
any time. Bead ns your names, -yenr.'ooun-,
try produce,, wood and coal, and, we ."will
.send ynu the J?ngwer,"and (henyoit will he
liappy andoan go-on yonr way rejoioing I"
Ballou's Monthly Maoazjni for March iS
on our table, It is an attractive number.
The ladies bight to have it, .Tha terms are
only$l 60 per.year.',' Address Elliott, Thorn
s i' Taibot, Pablishers, Boston ; Mass. ;
Vill the publishers be kind enough to wad
in Hio January and Febraary numbers, as
we'have not received'' 'themt; See 'prospeolus
in another cTiunin..'. ' .;!' ',.'i v;A
rEawsAtii We were delighted Vast Thurs.
Uy by a callwm"qur friend,,1 Aroh. May),
ProSeculing-Atlorney 'for' Vinton Connty,
hut wiiojs now making Jaokson a tempora
vy 'ptetoe f abode," where he is VrotIoin
law and editinir the Political,' Department of
ii.a r.mni-rntit! Herald: lie represents' the
.Democracy of Old Jackson County ias being
in a'flourishing ooiidilien
live and wave I" , -
'Lnnir miV . he
Block Train, going east, on oaiuraay morn
ing last, on the f Marirtt;& Cinoinnali Rail
Iload, got off He Irack.'at the . Raccoon
Bridge, about a mite west , fxom .leskl,
umashiDg up two oir three, cars, tearing up
ii'm nrnns ties, ' and : iniurinl some ot,' the
cattle wbich on the train.' A body of men
'were jmmelaloly' sent to the wreok, and, the
4rack was ropaired "tin few. houis-thefo
lel'n'g but a . sk'ght v Jniertuptlon of , travel.
No person hurt. ' " " " '. T
- ' i'Cx ; ' ' .' ' ' ' . -! .- ..;-
Jl Vo'oikh Jactort. A person who owns
-n large and valuable tract of .land, through
. which the'Ma'ietta and Cinbinnftti Railroad
ji anses, we9t of e,nd ad oiolng the t rieski
. Estate,. in'' Vinton! "oounly, aultorises ns to
iate that a site for a Woolen Faclory vrlll
lie given-free to any party, wno wuv ouiw
upon H; It it.;? excellent place for i WooU
cn Factory; about one nule from the Zaleskl
Depot 'of the M. & C. tt. R and wiroajf
-wood, and every thing , 'else necessa7for
buildine and runnine an establishment or
lhjs kind, being near at hand.. We think
there is not a more convediont location, in
' ihis county or a Woolen Factory. For fur
ther particulars call on or address the Edi
4 or of this paper.' , !,:.;,;,:.' .. ,
Th 'Kt-' JV Tribune says : Ti -nly
literary periedicarwhton nas ever su ouu
in our Western Btatcg, is '4 ns wry
aral' Us subscription list at the end of the
first year- numbers 35,00, and If it contba
.t' hfl'c8nduoted with th same ability
and enterprise whinh e now devoted to" it,
thera is no reason why the second year
should not, close with a roll of f 0,000 sub--,
eeribers: It is an admirable. perWdioal,
Tively, enteTtaunog, jnairuunTB, u"f
tioitable in fane, and charming!;. painted.
Itis publisutd aijne iow prjw i
, Sample copies, showing a' list of magnifi
cent preminme to' bp'b large, and sn)Sjl
. tlubt seutcn receipt of ten cents, by'-Alfret
Tan Railroad Meetlni.-last Friday in'ntit
was-; attended -by. those? .residing in the
counT-y . mi ts tlnmM 4owk -Ah'e .'Court.
BoWra being nearly full The r proceedings
will probably be published next twercl. A
number of lesllent-speeche wer hfade.
Adioutned tomeei Frids. night, 2lcJ Inst.
Bias Wautk. Bring' ail" your rajs to
thjs flftlee?, 'where ihe-Tiighest f.narKefjTpr9,
will.be paid for them. 0-j "
Liayitt's Psi(DBtJrAb.We 'Have Te
ceived the first number o Of this ! Journal, a
very neejly nnd'plaiuly- pribted newspaper
devoted especially to., the, dBee'mlttation, -of
wrojmauon relating j. lo j tie produc
tio and iwe -of , fuel .from PeaCtni
to all that pertains tp the economical pro
ducionan(l use of fuel of all "kinds.' " This
l really anew sonjjot. for I newspaper;
be devote j especially to, but.lt is-i indeed,
r'wjf important subject, We fiavsreoJ but lit
tle upon the subjeot.and. in facti we thfnk but
..Hide has been published in this or any otfiej-
eountry npon the subjeot. - A book has been
published), we, hotic, containing reliable in
formation and fa,bls,reUjiag '; to the use of
Feat as a fuel, but we have not had the
pleasure of reading iW .lThl paper contains
, of wternsUnt and historical la
formation, and every consumer of any kind
of fuel should have it, It, is wqrth, tp any
consumer of fuel five hundred tines the ,pricp
ef .tile ubso'rinUoa'.f tiss,,i;,-9-'f .!?3t.ltair .'A .'I
,' Piijilisjie'd montjityi ! ' by Eeavtti A.'H'anne
relL;t9 Congress ;, StriseC ; Bostdri', Mass.'r
Terms 60 cents per year, on five at sin.
gin cop.'" Call afthii effioe ahd see a cofcy
.. . .Motii-oi l Xi-C liAJ ,!.:
'I s,"..i:-r.i . il i i'mi ., i i,
, "r","r avsBT-rAn,r4'- And w
mean UQt only veryr famijy, but stiigle .pW
pie as. well, when, we .commend to all; lie
American Agrxenlluntt the xaost valusble
and the cheapest Journal Jn the world. We
have feceivsd'the firai' numbet -of the new
Volume. h!oh .beglar Ihe .'second'; Quarter
w-y"ji ",1u Ji v.uut;impiea excel
lence and "beauty, while tho publishera anr
nounoe still greater1 thing'f to come.' ' Mr.
Clifl, one of the mos't popular1 'and pra'ctical
ytiters pf the country, is tp join the already
jare and strong' editorial foroe of the rt
culturitt, , 'aY)d i reguia'r eon,tributioi)s are prony
ised from the w'eilknbffn' Timofby Bunker,
Esq.," the,'! Down East Farmeri'! j jThe,'
HcullurUth a marvel' of value, and cheap-
pMf?4cJ-j nvnber,, ,,36 ,1to,,40.. lrg'e
uoubie octave pagesy containing. 25 te .35 or
more 'costly, .Veantilul alid,1 Instructive Ku
gra.vogs,,and U packed iuji! o! 'geYtAI'j'
ible, JnfoEmat.ion-, ,f,5The 'lublishers, prqmisa
to expend Cbe present; year at least $10,000
In'engravlng's aidnfeVnd JlSOO.in'prooUJ
!nf and, priparlif alerbngreadfng 'te'rj
adapted ifi ,he .worlt of thFarni. the !Marr
den, and tie Household,' including tin enter
taldlug'Jind Instr'active'1' d'fpartmeAt1-' for
Children and," .Y, entlC VHhJUg; sjp:iih,ia
olrottlalion over 150,000,:. which; reduces
the expenses' to av small snm eaih; could n
ablthe" publishers "to furnish suoh'n yoai
na.1, foonly f l.b.O'a.jear.; WeVgaTnadviBe
every porson to subscribe for (he Agriculture
t. uIti.i adapted - City, Village," and
CountVdrange Jndd tf.'p'Jublib'nerlj,
41; Park Rpw,.w',rk City.,,;,:
PUKaEAya ASD RssToaf tat UrTiOH:
Tub ' Ikpsovkd ' I'Attisoorio , 'Stict aclis I
James Mstone, of ; McAirthur,';' is ''Agent for'
the Improved Parascopie -Spebtaolesj ' (from
the lloune of H. Seeberger & Co.,of Niw' llork
Ciy,'fur twenty years,. Practical and Solen-
tifio Opticians ' and .'Spsfitacls' "Wker,l
which are made' "of Hh 'celebrated Pebble
or Crysialised Qunrlt, and the most perfect
Spectacle .Lens ever introduced. AH 4he
glasses are ground in eoaoave-Cenvex form,
which is in accordance with' the philosophy
ofnattfre.'' Their ' perfect suefaos, purity
and transparency of maUrial, snd the exaot
and spherical figure, form the most Speotaole
lens -in use, ;- ' ' : ( M t. ,
i 1 Probably not one person in ten sees per
fectly,, or as near as 'tnight' be with proper J
glasses. rdme approach caier perfect sight
than others, while many 'plod through life,
subjecting them'seltes to great plln and in
convenience, when by using proper glasses,
what was before done With irksomness and
pain, would aftord both pleasure aad recrea
tion.. Being in possession of llk Optimer, a
most perfect instrument for determining the
power of tho eye, he cannot fail in adjusting
his glasses to the perfect fcatisfactlba of
those having defective sight, as1 no optloian
ia able to give a perfect glass 'without the
eye-measurer. The. glasses are warranted
to suit in alt cases to cure weakness and ;
dirneess or tnffamatlo of Ine eye, restoring
and preserving elearnees' of vision, knd im
parting strength for )ng reading and een
ing i ..fr.'.wv.. i.
' ' All are Invited to oall at his tesiuence
and.examene' the ; glasseg. ..He- w'41 ,,wfti,t
upon those residing In the oountry. ;, .
i f 'Ti - ' v ...... ' ' - '.'..;.:!
When Dr. Dodge, an eletvtrlo pnyslo ian
was,lecturlng through : Nr York, on (he
evils of'tea and coffee, he happened te meet,
one morning at the breakfast, tale, a witty
Son of Erin of the better; cksS.,, Conversa
tion turned to the Doctor's favorite Subjefit,
and be addressed our friend as fellowsi
"Well,'' said the Doctor, "if I can eon
yiqceyoa that they, are. injurious te your
heajt.h, will you abstain from their use?.",'
; , "Sure and I will, aid"; '',' ;
"How often de you nte '. tea. and coffos 1"
asked the Doctor.-'1 i',.r XVJ?v--'--i'
' Moraftf and night, lr." " '
j 'ffeH,'.iftld the Doctor, ''do 'you eVer'ex-
perienee a slight. disxiness of the brain ap0n
jolng to bed?" . . ,
! l4o, lnds td.JP do,", replied Erin; !.r
! "And s sharp pain through the, temples
in and about the e yea, In' thnmorning?"'!
( 'Trolbfldo so.' - '- i , r.H ; H
i "Well," said the" Doctor,' '.wit an air of
eonfidence and assnran'os i In "his manner,
"thaiU'thelen and . Vi ' ''-'U
U it indeed, faitht and I always thought
R wf tbo whiskayj drank." ,
;. The company roared With laugher and th'
Doctor' quietly )lif4',,: V'v. hi ir
I . . : ... f ,, . - ;" ;.
1 'tt-S"Laad in London ells at ten million
dollars an acre.' Pwple live there because.
itejesn nuprto tvy gTv.. , ;
The Radical Platform.
Disfraritjhldpmtrirftf, eiliite.jpenj ,'lSpj
frs'nobis'enieni'of tiegroe. -i M
Drum, head mililarj "oomnTjsaioni -for
Defjdt4tB dd"'courtJ for KefdbUcans
SQtl! Dfgrdot.'f T' ."y.'-'r""'?,' 'T T". -- v
' "Taxation; without rrprsecntatioD.
Tfee.- idiytioa'.prt' iaes to' territorfea?--ii34nriohmeQl
of ' the ' lot'o'afaetarct!
and impoverishment or- the consamer,-.
DiBplaoduient of civil knd .eptabljfab j
meai oi njniiarv power." ' en:, ,m i ;
; r A fettored preBS, BuborneJ judiciary, an
nsbrpatory Congress and humiliated jpeo-
A govern mont for white, Cjao Libe
ria tor negroes, r '"""' i''.,-' '
Opoo courts and even .bsDded! justice,
No1 military coamisJslorJs 'or mrdeiB.: 1
' RepreseutaiioD : with ' lightest,' poesibls
taxation."" V":"" ;;'''; '
, .j Tha.; union ; of forty : statea anduQ ter-
ntbnes. .-, ,;-;'.,...
'A prea trade,- low-grioes hard. money
and deoapltatiba of all ponopblieti.i Su
premacy of the1 civil authority end oom
plote eubpjdinaiioirof hn jnjilttajry. -fi
jA. free press,' aodunawed Jtididiary.
CongresK in its' appropriate) authority,
and an independent ana GropeMtif peo
iVbf "Finally in thu wpi ds , of. Jeffef
section pi bur optntnon jounry4-s'.j
ivVhioh platform suits you, reader?
JustihinI(. ot.jit i A .nriberi ''.'fund j
wed to proseeuts the, President of the jffal-i '
teijitaKs for "high1 crimos and inisdeoiean-.
8SsA-Dutchman , a. Decatur , married, a
seeonlvfe a week, after the loss of Nj l
The Sabbath following, the 'bride asked her
lord to take her riding and-. wai; "cut up"'
wua mo loiiowing response: - i , -t
i"YoU link I rWe out mit '. annoder irom'an
sosoon after tkoicath,i of mine' frauT No,
4 On the 'ill''' "iJt. at the resldenoa of Wttllam Gold.
In MuArthno, y,.ie?. Mr.T(mnion, Cnpl. Sxmiii.
u. bo..oi vaicrun nttnerva uorps, miiimen wua,
iA.t,anaMiM n. is. wwrntw- v
May .their path, Uirongh' lite be'kirevrn , wi th feapv
pleRsmetirirt happiness. ''. "i .r' ..t -ut;, . 1,..,
Sheriff 's ;;alid,r'. Special Master
y Commissioners'. Sale.'v'.'
State of Ohir Vini'm douuijr tt.L
iMxry Ann Douire, A.lminintrutrator '
l i , : . . .. . . f
In Vinton Co.
Court Com-T-mon
Order, A !)
. niiniiiiiniruMiA'.ut EiaMiiv ui.
jJames Dodge, deceased, , ,
i .rw-nirauut.-.-. .-i .
William Mntliew ft John C P. Brown.
L"3URSUAN'f , to the ooiumaad of an order and
X nectee imnta iron me Court or Common liens
l Vinton oonotv. Oliio.-ind to madir'nntiHl nnHherifT
ol aid- county, anting aa Siieoial Master Commia-
Hmr iituiii, i win uner m ftuouc huIu. fet llto 1mu
ofthe Court Hoiina, vi the i Town -of iJiiArlhHr, in
Vhiton countv. Ohio, on '." ' '" ' li
) nil ir'.i,.-. -: 'i A, Uj.JUtjTi. -1!) .,i
at ese oeloclt f.' M. of. said ' day, tha "following de.
scntied premises, aitnnWra- tlie County 'ofVuitonj
and State vf-UMo, to-wit: .... -.-r.!'.'.
OfiB undivided Unrd-part ofthe IKnpt half 'of the
Soutll-wcst'- quarter of (Section - Number-' Sixteen,
Tornahin Num bar Eleven, of HaneeNunhrUevn-
tcen, containing Eility-roUr and one-fourth (nyt)
acre, more or lem. "' '-" 1 : ,.-
Annraiaed at four BUnafed dollan, '(MOOiJOl and
mnstbrltog two-ihirdaef that sum. i-v.-'i ('-'
Tnken as the property of-aaid Wrlliam Mathews to
sallsljr a judgment against him by aaid Court in laror
of Hamnel V; Dodge-nnd Mary Aim Dodger Adminicr
trator and Admimatratilx or the-i Estate of Juinei
Dodge, deceased. . .! - ' H---J -iw : i;,.
; Terms oi sale casn in hand at trie "me i sue.
- RherilJ Vinton Countv, O.;' I :t
ActiHft aa Special Maater t.'ommiimoner iu tlue case;
Korurj 21, lSiJ76wd2.
J't'f ''2t.
SIierilTu anid Special plaster
v Comuiissioiier's Sale. )
Abraliam WilbiirVlnintilf.Ha Vinton County Court
r-t l VS.; ' - , --' I wmuHHi rioua, f, urr
Felix Grime A CatbaiineT and. . Decree, Order
Grimt a, l'efendarita. . j Mo, I.
PURSUANT to tlie comnmnd of an Order and Ee
cree issued . from-th i Court f ' Common
fleas of Vinton .County, Ohio, anAjw me ' directed
aa bhorilf oieaul ,couiiiy, acting as vumiai Master
nommiasiOMr herein, I will oner, at public tiale, at
the -Door of the Court Ilause, g lie Town of MuAr
thur, in aaid County, on ' 'r i , ,;,m;!!.
i-.'. ." - A. D.186I. ' .:" . ,
AjL O'clock P. M. of said day, the following- descri-
: 8iity-iiito) Keet offthe South end of In-t Num
ber Keventy-seven 77, in the Town of MeArthur.
I Taken as the property of aaid FelLx Orimoa and
Catharine Orjmes to aatisry an) order and devree of
aaid-Vourt, In favor o Abraham wuonr. -
i Appraised at Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars f(250 1
and must bring two thirds -of that, sum, ..
j -r: t 'x 1 j - ' JOHN J.bHOCKfT, ' V ..
I ,-i'iv: i-Bnerift Vinton County, Ohio, and . K'1'
' . Actiax as Special Master Comiuiasioner herein.;.
H. B. A". MayovAtty's for MIT. -. , , , .
February t, 1W7 6t 11 ' ; , .V .'.";;.' : .Zi
... .. -',--Vi - -T-n--.-'--, ..T, "
' wr .- r -i j-.-.- ' , .
V- J ....
Thru Door ul of ifi Iluiberl'Jioute,' t
BE PAIR! NO don&to order,. - -MU3ICAi " IH
S't'RtlMKN'W correctly repaired. . . ,-
Tipeeiaciea o sun an eya. r , . . . .. .,
j January 31, lSUMy. v . , .,'..;. .,., ,
Clubs for 18671-Cliibs for 1867 !'
r ( , i-'if
Tbi Niew Tok Dat-Book entew npon the
threshold; of ,1867 , n.iA .i larger eircvUtion
than that qf any Democrqtic paper pubtithed in
thi world, an4 that circulation is steadily in
creasing and extending in eavry direction.
It has never been the erjran or mere r cany
Democracy ," but , rather the . exponent of
those liberal principles or Human uovern
meut which.' our foTsfatherswrunf , with
bloody sweat, frora, the tyrants of 1778.
Standing en the foundation of the Deolarv
tionnf Jndopendenoe, that all (tfJKfel men
are oreaied equal," and therefore entitled to
equal rfihts, it is opposed U all forms nd
negrees oi sjeoiai irgieiauon uiav oouuioi
wita.this graad central tbut6 of Democra
cy, ana over u, ana eoove an, qoes n com
bat. tt)at tnonBtrour treason to, American
liberty., whioh. thruatine the nesro elcmonl
Into out political eyBlem, .nuit.f nwwiVy
.''" l': : ' ' '." ' -',. '...'-
wretfl'the whole mighty fbm left os by. om
fathers, pod has created White men superi
or, qu negroes m tenor, ana imreor ail uif
efforts of the past five years to abolith UU
work, east equalise with negroes 'every Ian
violated, every State (Constitution 'over
thrown, every life saor'ifieedr and every dol-
Jar expended," are ft(fcean7;just s' mtfny
oicjio vumru uiioni euiuiuo ; tair mi eun
ple and awful problem now npon us is just
ibis shall- we recover 'our reaon and re
traoe our steps', or tnaroh on lo Mooitrelism
social ' Anarchy,' and the total ruin if out
country?"'- ' ' "4 ' '. ,t r..s) tnu
Tun Day Book,'1 thurror 'demands Hht
restoration, of the "Union as it wus "o
Union 6 lo-iqual- Statet upon tkt tehite laaii,
sb the only hope, and' the only means po'sai:'
bio .finder heaven for raving the grand ias
of 1776; the fundamental prinolples of Amer'
iosn liberty,' and if the real friends of free
dom, and the earnest believers In that sacred
and glorious cause in which the men' of-the
Revolution offered np their liie, will now
labor to expose the 'ignorance, delusion and
treason of the Mongrelparty, it will tuctteJ,
and the whole white Republic of Wash'.ngtrn
be restored again ill all Its' original bonefl
coVoe and' grandeur. -41 r ' ',l . '.t i t.ii
Tns WsKKtr Day-Book- Is the most COM
Its News' Summary, Family -Reading; Agri
cultural Articles,' Reports, of Cattle, Griin
and Cotton. Markets, Aa., are not sur
passed by any paper.,.' ,-!-. j-m;
One copy one yeart . -. ; .' . . $2 00
"'' copies one yjsar, i'fi . PVLH 5' .00
rive copies one fear, and one to in- t :T" ''
r getter up of the club,- V w o 00
len copies One year, and one to the
getter np of tte elub. .rf-;.-....; t-t ,'1 00
Additional eopies, ' V' i'-J- ; v.n l
Twenty copies 'One year, and one to'u
;, the getter up of the olub, s .- 30 00
'"' Bpeolmen copies sent free. Send for
oopy. 'Address, giving post : office, oountyf
anu out in- run, " ui : -a u: '.! :. r-
, l lr I IT Birniw nAnMT bl
' No. 162 Nassau street, New York;
.'''c; Li, . ... . t , i. j .
. ' . t '
'si j V , L -It
'Tug Seventh Volume and the Sevnth
Fear of the . publication" of Ths Cams -Is
about to begin, and, in accordance Vritti cu i
toni, we issue our Annual I'roapcctus. ' We
need not recapitulate its history during the
aiormV .. nf la k.talan.. ... ' k.L
inose who nave read at, or its services la be
half (Of the great principles of the Democra
cy, and. what its conductors coloiived. and"
What lima has shown, to be the oest.lnteresta
or, ine cosintry. its merits nave .been ac
knowledged from the time it was started bv
thai veteran and distinguished ' jownalist,
Gov- Medaky, and Its present conductors
simply claim for it the credit of an earnest
ana undeviating adherence to. the plan and
principles of Its 'foupder. In all the politi
cal; vicissitudes of the past six years the
bien allured tr temporary expedientfl.'in
timidated by threats, nor disheartened ' by
defeat and disaster.' ' ' ; . .-'. -. ..
On the score of prlnofpte' we claim for it
the in.Ht or fid.Uts. honesty, and eonat-u
ency. As a-neWspsper we claim'for it the
merit of being an exponent of Western in
terestnnd ideas, a reliable journal of the'
times, a '.valuable companion of the fai'mcr','
the f mechanic,' the rbusiness man,' and the
family circle. ; It is our aim to fill the large
sheet, with mutter of real Interest and per
manent value to discuss rfueetious of prin
ciple that are of real sigttibcance, to Inform,
improve, and instruct, as well as amuse
and to this end ws discard the idle twaddle
Which goes so far to fill up the daily papers,
the obscene 'advertisements and ' the sensa
tional follr "of the day. "We could nnblish
hundreds of letters from the best men of the
Country -approving of . the Course of Tub
Crisis In this respect, and to this course we
propose ' to' rigidly adhere. .' The' reliable
market reports and the great amount of
atatiBtloal,' agricultural,, financial, an 4 - po
litical Information we publish, '" is.'of im-
poriauceana vaioe to nusiness men, farm
ers, mechanics, and' politicians , While the
carefully Selected page of literarj miscella
ny which each number contains, commends
it to the homeoirele of'alt. ',""
f Th e political tiewi bf Tns Caists aearcflly
require definitions ' It is in favor of Demo
cratic principles in all their breadth and
purity, as expounded by Thomas Jeffkrso,
and Xhe other really great mdn and founders
of Che Government, nd upon which the
Government was. successfully conducted for
seventy years. It Is opposed lathe Aboli
tion, despotism which now controls the Fed:
eral Government,' id alt Us shapes and un
der whatever device it may appear. It is
opposed to the entire Abolition theory of
politics, and all the monstrosities, bum') figs,
nd delusions which crow out of it. It ii
opposed to the thieving iascality, the ' ty.
rannroal ; assumptions, the stupid and bar
barous policies and the- lawless Usurpations
Ot tongfess,' and to ail the machinery that
the Jacobins have devised and put in opera
tion tol overthrow JiopuUllcnu uovernment.
Inaafthrate anardliy and absolutism, enslave
(he people, ' and oppress them with odious
tales, and tyrannical,' insane, and oorrupt
legislation.' 'And in advocating the correct
principles .'and opposing the evils we have
named, we shall continue to do it withouW
fear or favor. : " ' .'- ."'.' .'-' ..
In order td successfully conducl Bneh a
paper A Tub Cbisis, it must have a large
list Of Subscribers ; and to secure that we
rely tpon our vfrieads And those who have
taken tte paper. ;ne eanc compete witn
the cheap, shoddy publications Qf ths East
by offering bogus premiums or employing
traveling agents ; but we. earnestly solioit
the aid of our readers in extending our cir
culation by their tertonal efforts ltill
aitltrA Vint . Is Hi oiari Inn Iiuim AavAtti n
the aggregale.will enable us to furnish Them
vvj unv MtiM vi mvu iivui v iw, 11 , wuv
with a paper fully equal in sise, superior in
print to any Eastern publication, and of
great . aear more interest ana importance to
Western Democrat!.' Friends, shall we call
npyt you In vein, for the small favor we
ask, and Jn a cause et euch magnitude snd
value ? , Now is the .tlnte. te send- in' sub
scriptions for the new voleme, whioh, at the
end of the year, wilt) be worth thrice the
amount pf the (ubsoripdon ptice. -
the unguarded VeaknVss Zmany.S
of Democracy, Tna C.rsis ha. JevTdedio
ted from the straijtht path of urincinle. hor
W terms are jo.ou per year,, f 19 ror
six months, $1.00 for four months. s '
; One extra copy will' be sent to any roe
getting np aclub of six yearly subscriber;
ana to any one sending club of teh for six'
or fo ar months aueitra - copyj-for the elub
timew's' '"'' ;"- '. ' ' V '
'For' s olub Of ten yearly lubsorrberi'.a
eopy of eithsr of the. five bound volumes
('61, '63, '63, '64 or '66-r , H wi , : t
JTr si tlnb of .thirty yearly1 ibsoribers, a
complete sett of the voluwti u.'Tnn CW
for six years. ' , .,. ".. ., ' - v?
. Publisher Mi Tioprfcton.
Columonaj 18fi7.. 1- ., . , ',
'V I ' .
;-.S,.. A wt a iA w ' il'i i i-i
irUiurAiiiA - 4
IT . ' - '.'"'.lii'ilM'i
Hartford Liva Stock. Insurance
,:,,u:'m :t afi.'..'.,j
as rcqu.d by the aotTo;itegulate In-
?'4.t.eJof,dhi0 I,1n8a9.lAP1,,8 d
A .'the lit. day ofiNoven)ber,;8Gfi, 'ma
V tO'the Auditaj of Umopnrsuant to, th)
Statute Of that. atate,-.,.... c a ' ',. ,'..'-,.
,'; :.ii.i; c.apitaj;,.
TJte amount of Its Capita) 3tocV , . . . ;. .
, raid op, Is" i :?-- iu ,. '-t; $lip000 00
v , ...n.,,ii' v assijts, ;--;;.!.
Casbon hand, ahy. in the hands , i
,' of Agents. : ' '., .,' .. g?2,3i3 tp
The Bonds and Stookd 'oWnedjby ,;, ... '
the Company -n . ii ,.., 43,457,50
JlobtB due tliei Company, .secur
,. ed by Mortgago, .
Debts othorwiae secured
Debts for l'reronm1...; '.".r?
I; 2,785 (07
fLl other Bccurljevi
Total Asact'fs.f Companr. Sl55.2l)tJ 83
ftone. v . . -
The grpntcst amount insured Tu
any one risk,, . . .. $2.000 00
Svatp. or Connecticut, 1 '
CooNTif or HAaTroan, j S8- - .
; (E. N. Kellogg, President, and W. C. Good
rich, Secrelary of the Hurti'ord Live Stock
Insurance Company, beinfe" severally sworn,
depose and say, that'the foreuing is a full,
true and oorreot statement of the affairs of
said Insurance Company, nd (hat they are
the above described OtHqere thereof.
, : E.N. KULLOGO, President.
v.I " . W.C. tiOODRICn, SeorCtarr.
Subscribed and sworn before m?, this 'Jth
day tf November,-leCO, .' .
Seal. . WM. HAMERSLEY, .
. Cvm'r for ihe Stale of Ohi'a,
FiVWCESt grAirr. C i X .h ri'joy,. ! 1 ,1 i
J Offiub or tub Aoditob or STTaj"
' . Columbut, O., Nov.. 1!), 1800. j
', It is hereby ccrti tied, that .the, foi-cguing
is a oorrect copy 'of the Statement of the
Condition or the Hartford Live Slock in
surance Company ' of Connecticut, mide to
and filed in this Office, orhe yerl807.
;Seal Wanesi njy;hiipd 4nrstSijl ofli
cially. . . .
' ' Auditor of 8!ate.
By Jas. Williams, Ch'f Clerk
7 f"
,-j (To Expire on the Met day of January, 18C8.)
; j Orrics oi-tfib A unrron or 8taia ,
j Columbus, 0.,' Nov 19, 1867. J
INSURANCE COMPANY, located . nt Hart
ford, in the., Stato of Conneotieut, has filed
in Ibis olhoe a swoin statement of its con.
regulate Foni"gn Insurance Companies,"
passed April 5, ,1800; and, Whereas, aaid
Company has furnished -the nndersicned
satisfactory evIJenoe that it is possessed of
uu ovtuot osptvai or nt, teastf ose hundred
asd fifty thousand pollabs. invested as
required bysajd; acts,-: :and,r Wheroaff, 'said
Vompany nas niea in tho othie a written
instrument under its corporate seal, signed
by the President and Secretary thereof, au
thorizing any agent or agents' of said Com
pany in litis State to acknowledge service of
process, for and in.hahaAf of said Company
aocording to the terms of oia ut of April
8, 1850. . . , l( . , r
; New, THBRHfbBte, in uWuince of The Vet
aforeoaid, I JAIES II. OODMAN. All rlliai.
of State, for Ohio, do hereby oertify that
ANCE COMIMNY of Hartford, Conneotiout,
is .authorised ta,, transact- the business of
Live Stock-Insurance iir this State until
the thirty -first .day, of January, in (lieyear
one tnoussnu 1 eight- onndrej ' and sixty
eight. .
. Sbal Is Witness Wheiieof, I ha'
-" hereunto, subscribed; my
name and caused the seal of
. .my. offioe to be affixed the
f, . . ' - day and year above written.
....... .... - JA. It. UUDMAN,
; - - sa;' t "Auditor of Stale. "
.' ' ' . Dy Jas. Williams,
- ,' ; Ch'f Clgrk.
i J. VT. BoSf scif,
, ' ' . '. MeArthur, Ohio.
itirnliar31, 18S7-,1w .,
. ,n i '
A Beautiful Premiusi Engraving, and Ee
dueed Prices to Ctnbs t -
rpnK LADY'S FRIEND unnounces
tor 1IW7 the
X followinx novelctes:
A New Blory by Mrs. Keary
Wood, auilior ot-' 'East Lvnno1 'The ChanninM,'
jHowa Womau Bad he Way,' bv EJia.belli l'res-
COtt, ailtnnc of F&IU- uy mm Dim, -.,u i.mitM
loung,' by 'Amanda M. Dotiglaa, author of -in
Trust,' oto. Dow Cu9tol,'"bv Frank Lee Kenediot.
It will fs''3 a splendid dotthfe page finely colored
Kanhion Hate engraved n steel in e'eiy number.
Jt will giveftt beautifully executed fancy ateel en
gravinn, and a large assortment of wood cma, illust
fating faahiona, fancy work, to., tn tvery number',
It will give a popular piece of Music, wortlt the cost
ofthe nuigaiine itself, In every number. If will give
acoprofllie lleautfTiil l'remiiim Stent Ei.gravipg
One of Lifn's Happy Hours' 'i'i by )v nx-lios, to ev-
single ,oo nuuscnuor, ana to aveiy persona
lb. . - .
ltoffcrss rcriiiims Whtelnr k Wilson's Sewinz
Maehmes, Hilvcr 1'IatbdTea HrU. Spoons, Pitchers.
Ooldand Silver Watches, Ciuns, Killes, .Mf lodions,
Clothes Wringers, Appicton's Cyclopedias, 4o..
' . 1 copy, (and theengraviug,) !.W
! 4 copies,- , n tKI ,
5 copies, and one gratis) , .
S copies, (and one gratisu 12 OH
IW cpio (and one grtis - - . .MS-,-
Onecopy eachMf the bndy'e Friend aad tho Satur
day Evening Post for SAwi. --- '1 - " -..
The getterup ofachib will always-roceive ifiortr of
the Premium Kngraving. , Memberrfof a ol.ub WiehT
ngthe Kngraving mas 'mit one.' del ar- extra.
Oda.Teosp dasirousof getliilg up cli)hs or premium
lints should eurianeli cents fua sample, Magasiue,
contaMilrjg the pwlidiuirs. Address , ; : . m ..
V:. 0 310 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
til Ii OM IO FA R.Tlat
1). HARRtsT Editor. " '
. ,' . A. V. PARKER, rt'sLiBiiEa.
:. .TUB. CHEAT WEEKLY , - , '
$gr!cuUuraltMnds: Family 'Jfijr
" ----- v . - '. f - ffc -'
Dti&led to ' Sural- and, Ilotsehohl Aflu'irt,
1 - .i- . .!!- - . 'iv..
-"rRM"s.SiBgIe eopy, only $Q0 a year.r
An extra copy ono year ftr very club, pi
1'en, and an extra - copy .six months for a
olub of si., it Bptci'mctiB and l'roHpnotrtsos
sent free to pcimi desiug to, set up olub!!
iBuioiiueii reuruary u, loot, ana ine act "To
N and after J.uiilury ' 6,8B7, drains in-rti
II (biiot ,- x. v . . . "
'f.II.EA9l - ,-. 1 WGDTf:lPKE3'B E.V3T;
9Hrt ancmnaa TiiW-r.h. ' ' 18:nt
, P; ' Iceland 1 . 2 (Ki "
," I .-Ubiiltrothe fin . ft1 " ' ,
"'; Hamdeu 1 47 "" - '' tv'iM f.M.
';! StittakiviU .49 ".-J i ,r ,vv "
i.. Alhani I. a3' ." S iM " ' ''
trrive Marti tt , ' ' '"i .' !'
Depart Belprw ,.- 6DS.,i! il -7 16 r.a.,,.,
,. ,1 Atbc-ns.J as,f-,a ,i,i. I"10"
t ;. Zileekj , 10 (o '', '11 (";' 1 C
"Hiumierl lMt4.Vf 1 . H t:.j '.Jt u .. .,i .
ChilliL-otli' 12 2S r.if. . Ullli. ' "
f, I .LovHmid 3 - ' iXi"
Arnrx OliiaUinatiC OOi) ; si'l i f4 ij ,r , -ty
eine:tinna niad(atHamdcn nitli-'fr:iiuS on inn
Portom oijtb H ranch. ' , . :in (i
, i:ir.iK uonilei-tiou - nn.I t f:lniinnnti vith all' -
f Western Trains; and ut I'arkernburrf.witli the Uahi-'
nxorp au-a vmv nau Juou. ' " 1 1 - . ; 'ii';i
Watnr of Tnmsportationtf '. I'
..nnncoine. v-ran. S4, isvi. . t-'.ifijl u j
n l
) i-v-jt ;;((. o'.! 'ii? uO ; ' !
U I V.K'
J. Y. BradlV''g'OteIebraied-pM(liSit!rlii
DiipIcrEiliptic ,
ok povjbM srniirc):' 51! j'
rB dkiii.
iw U
rpiiE woSDKKWL Fi.ExiBiLrnt,.'ai'Rw.jifj
1 ufosTnn n.at'a to. any lwy we-innii tho,,
UUpli-, lilliBtii! 8kir will lie experienced Jai'diilftrly
u irarni Asspiitliliea, OiicraS. (Jamariw, Riutr n
road CkIs, Chur.-h Pews, Arm (JliaiM, fori I'roiut lindo ,
ana n7NK urens, aa tne HKirt can 'n nMiit-n wiln : 3j
in uoot!py.n smnll place ns
1 ' w family and coa-tr
Tiress, an inv;iliinWC"
wnieiuiy as a or niusnii tir
quality lu criiioiine,-nt tound In
C1.-I.4 . 1 .. . ! .. .
any -BingloiiurlnKijif )
A Ladv haTing bnjnyed tho rlf'tre.'rnmfoTknrrtt'' '
groittronvenn'iice'Uirweai'ing tliellupluK EllHitit ijtccr n
flpringlkirt Son a single, .day wilt never .hnerward .
willingly dispense with' their 'use, 'Tor Chlldrcnv't'-'t
Misses and Voung Ladje iliej Are:uporjoi Jo alt; t .
others.; 1- ... , . . , ' .' '. ' "
They wiU'not bohrt or break like rtieSmgVo Bering,, I
but Will prsserve their peifuot and , graceful, aliajw. j .
when tlnce or four ordinary Bkirls'wilt have 'bcea''
thrown aside a usct-s( Tho Hoopa aro icovei!(t .
with ddulile and twixted thread, and the. bottom rods .
nrenotonlv dpnble springs, but twice (or donblof 'U '
covered, preventing them from .wenring.-out whi.,j ,
drsff jjDgdown stoops, stairs,' & .
The I'uplex Elliptic is a "great favorite wi'thtlb frai ji
diesitnd ia universally recommended bv tl.e Fashion ,
M.ViKlncsas th ai'A.V'DAItD SUlriT Uf TaffiJ'
KAnONABpE WOttLD. 1 . J 'I b
'i'o enjoy Ihe following enenlimnhre .advantages- in ,
Crinol ne, i j; Superior Quality, Pcrfw't Manufaj:1'
titre. Stylish Sliaiwaiid.Finish, Flpiiailltv, Uumbm-i,,-,
y; cemtbrtaiidKconomv,. enqivro for J, W. ltrat ,
ley's buplex Elliptic, or bbnliie SpringSIdrt, (indW ' .
sum von gst tli litnutne.artii-.la. '" .;'! 11
CAtJTIo.V. To gimrii asjamst IMPOSITION He
particular to NOTICE that skirts oflcewd "DW
I'IjEX" have the n-d ink stamp, via. 'J.W.Brad
ley's Duplex Elliptic-HtKctfipi'ings," upon the waist ,
band none ol hors are genuine. Also nnotice that
every Hoop will admit of 11 pin being passod throtigr . .
Ilio centre, -thus revealing the two (-jr double) springs
braided tngeftrer therein, whicn Ja tho Flexiblltty bf
and strength, nnia cotnbiualiua not to be fytgid in,
anv other Skirts. .'" 1 ' ' ' - -1 -'-
iR fiALKili nll Sttrs1iereFinST pLASS sliirta
ar sol, throughout the United States and elsewhere.'.
iMnuiilii.'itute.l by th ld (rar-i "f p.teut;'.t j'i
p- v. H ChamHieri and 7!) St 81 IJeaue ijin N. t;
TobruaryU, i8U7-3rhi . " JV " "-" --' -J
r ) a !!(- l. .iu:n K Ki':;.-..;j !S '-
:'3iirjr.iu 3 aiev -, t . .
ff.'ofa e. State of Qlrio, Vinton Cuunl'u. '
(jrisa Powdi .Plaintjn", , ."lip Vinton County Court
vs.'1 '- ' Common .l'bw. v
Ervin'E. tmvd, Defendant. J OpJcofSiile No, 5. -,
PURSUANT to the oo""nua or an OMerorsalf. tn '
fha nIhjvs cause to n; direted from thaCnnr r '.
ol Common llens of Vinton Countv. Ohio, I wirtottur
at public fate, nt tho door.of (he Conr Housetn -h-.' .
Town of MiiArthnr, 1n sniAcnnney.D '.; .:'..i. 'L?
.TUESDAY, MARCH lUril, J8C7, f
-Alt, . t '-Jl P, M;' nf tint
lowlno destiritwd uramiMh o-wit;.! .1
JJL-!th Si- '
. li- iliiniina for the same plovon chains and twehtv
1 . .'r.i
links West 'of tlio North-east 'enrAer of Section Num f
ber.'riurlv-tifO'lS'A) in Township Number Ten (VM
of Range Number -Slxterti (4'',) Ohio Company's I'ur
I'liarfe; thence Sotith ro'ty.one" chiins 1 and twenty t
live tmksi thence, weit hirty-twoehaia and niirety .
links; thence NorMi lortyona ohnina and twenty-rlvV
links; thence hast, tlnrty-tw.'i cluius gnd aeventy;
luiKa to the place or heirinnmg, cout-.' ynjtQno huna
fed and thirtyfive i:ti aerns more VK les. ' '?
Tnken as tlie property of Ervin JE. Powd to satisfy, f
an order and decree jfjaid Court in- favor ot Olarisa
Doivd. ' '..- - -, ki tl.'i.' , i.-n
: Appraise:! at twenty-sui hundred dollars aud must
xtiris of saleCash 111 hind. "!;) ,K -i
: u ' .", ". Plicritr Vinton Comity, 0 - 'j
. 1, Hratloni Atl y ror.r I n. .
: Fubjujiry 1 1, ItM?, i)v . . n
A .f...'.M
AduiinUtralor's) v. Snlc
m ti ft A a J4
, Jw-J , . t ,j . 1
j.s OKyiNTOisr oouxrr, qnio. ?t ,
P.-lek Henry Qiban, Adm'nistrator 1 : , ,
,of EstiUo of ilicliael- iMiiglieity, I In Vinto'n rro-.',
i deceased, ;- ' - -' Ut: ' ! V Lata Coiltt,,.'
.: '!i' ,'; ii vs. 4i( , , 1 Potitition .to,
. Mary Daitgherty it nl.. J Bell Land.' - 1 .,
IN pursuance ot n order f the Trob ite Court of ,
Vhiton cooniy.-Ohio, granted on the 6th day ot
February, A. i). IsiiT. 1 will otl'er for sale t public
amnion, oa f ' i A f .), , ,.-.:-
3Itiday, tho 18th day of 3Iarch,T"
hftwecn the hours ol 10 -o'clock A.M..and t o'clrwk r
P. M- of "aid dny, upon the premises, in the TJltn-.
ship ol Wilkesville, the following doscnlied Real .
Estate, situate in the cotiO'T of Jinton.nnaotuto o t '
Oliio, to-wili . ( -
; The west linltof tne oulh-west QnarW of '-Sec-'
(ion Number Five (Nu. Township Kunihet Right,,
(Ne. 8,) Range Number Sixteen, (No. lii,) cotitaiuing '
bovenly-four aereev ' "- , : .,'. .: i.-;
Thirty-four acres off ol the East hall of the Soulfi
East (inartcr of Section Nnnilsbr Six, (JIo. C) Town-,,
ship Numboif Eight, (.No 8 ) tbuge Num tier hix.een, .
(No. lfi.lin thecouptyof Vinton, and State of Ohio, :
oontainm "phirtr-fohl-news. ...A
; .Appraised at !(),.. -- - '.
Terms of Sal Oiic-lldrd cash in' riahdi one-third
in six months, aad the remaining one-third in twelve-, ,
mont lis, fjom the day of sale, with uit jresti'defor
red pnvmcnU eunred bv mo rtgnge upon the rcm-'-lA'iaold..
i j - - . , , ' '
, . PATItlCK HENbt QIUNN,- - J 1 .
,-' Adm'rol Miehacl Uanghertyvdeceated; ..
.' ToUrhary7, tWIJ 4w ; , . . ., .
, .'..((' Ohio,:, Vinton Cbimv
Jabctneirord J - ' ' ' ' " . "'
gaiuat On Execution No. 3.' " 4 '
Tliomas Health. -.V ,. ?
BY virtitool an execution to, nw directed from lha .
Court ol Common Pleas of Vinton County, l)(iio, .
I w ilt otf-rut public nale, in front of Ihe Court House, -lu
the Town of Mo Arthur, Vinton County, tlhio, on
v'. '' ; V-A.D.1867, ''. . . :
betwaon the honrs'lo o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P.'i
M. olaaid day, tiie followinjf porsonal property, to-,
Sfitt -, . .-"
Two Two Year Old Ilorse C6Us."
Taken as the prowrty of Thomas'l)oarlh,to satisfy;
a tudyment in tovoc ot Jatwa Hclford., ' ,
TriHs ot'Balo Cash in hand.- """' ' f!
., i ,y. ,' JOHN J. SHOCKEY, . .
HhorilTVinton County, O' 1
February It, I81JT 21 ; 1- : ., u ,.v ...i, ?
' Tlntou County Vrobate Court.
VTOTICE lfoeliy fliven that Joseph flfovinnis
has tiledliia accounts and voatchers (or iiispoc.i
lion and flntd settlement, and that the same will hi,
foi hearing on the 2iiu Iav 01; Fr.Bifi Aiv,. A. I. ltwjT,
10 the t'Dobato Court of Vinton Comity, Ohiov , : ,,.
. .- - - ... ' , K.iUAIU CRAIU, '
Fchrtt.iry T, 86?-3v .- rntWw Jiwlgn, ' .
tS heiTliy given flint a, petitiliorj ha, Ifon fi'.l in
theCourt of Common Pls, within and fur tho
Voiinly of Vinton, ami frate nPOhlq, the-obi't and
prayer ot which petition is to obtain an oplrofsnid '
Ootirt vm-Biiiiit the fiillonlii!? Alloy ia Ha,Wtt p.if t
ol th Villnne of Mcrthnr, ta-witi ' '
1 he Alley lying immediately cf of Lois Numbers
103, "171, ins,' and iMt Ha, -tho' Alley lyM)-'
South if and iitlioiainjs to lits 'iimlieis i;il, U'i ;
l tJ, 131 and IW: aly, Afleys rnnninii 'North l'l .
truth beta ?cn ln-Lots Nirnb.rs ar Wid ;an t
i.uts Nniut,.Mf 210 anil Slk Vhk-h mi. ptm:M, ilL,
for heaiinsat the MaHTt'lm( !'!) t saldf-'iirr.
' . , -v-AJ'Bl'ITlOMt'U.:
I',.'' .rrt.5w ,, ; .
-. , '

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