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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 21, 1867, Image 4

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The Household.
How to Burn Coal.
Nuts out of ten who attempt to barn
r.ial iii ft stove' W881Q tbout SS CDQOh ooal
as i oeoessarj to bo consumed for the
nKltinlnff or all the ieat desirable. Ob-
ra the followioK simple rules, sugges;
ted by a eot.cmporarj, and tew who adopt
the buruire of -coal will return 10 wooa
. " ... ... M.; , ,
linn. nnd instead. Fill the earthen car
'ity (if the Move has one) neatly full of
chunk or orj wooa, say iour or ha iuuu
ea In length.' On the top pat about i
dozen lamps of cezvoal.;, It ten ruin
utcs add about twenty moro lumps of
coal. Ai poon tha wooa pas tmrnea
our, fill lie cavltj ho'f to two-thirds full
of ooal. The fire will be : a good one
The coal will, by ib--sejlireotioD, become
tnorougniy ignueo.:. .. , . :
2d.-. Nevef fii! a stovo more than half
or two-thirds fall of ooal, 'even in 'the
COlUObl. wenvucr,., .,, , .. ,, .
3,1 Whan tho Br U low. never abeka
tba erate or dieturb the ashes ; but add
from ten to fil.trenflmU lumps of coal
andset.tha draft Open, When these are
heated through, and aome what ignited,
add the amount necessary for new fire.
hnt'da not disturb the ashes, jet. , Let
the draft b open half an hour. Now
halt- out the ashel. Tho coal will be
thoroughly ignited and will keep:, the
atova ia a high heat from aix to twelve
hours aooordwtr. .to 'the colduess of tLe
t .
Ath.' Vat terv cold weather, " A'"'"
the fire-id made, according to ralee lit
. and 3d; add every hour, twolva or fifteen
. Jnmpe of coal. Yon will Bod that the
ashes made each hour will be about that
.TC,wHl.ifpoee tha iloTO W W eWM
cdout; ' ' :
l3r To rattle a coal fire put io a
J..;. i.-.Jft,tftr.i..vJiiw or usa kind-
UUUUIO SlttU u a ui a a.-- t - ' I
The Best Bed.
A fBATitBa bed is ruinioui to health
A mattress is bettor, but ia the course of
a generation or two, either will , become
nnoo.K!o inmlnd with the emonationg
from the todiss ot tnoso who Bioop on
them. ' When we consider the immense
amount of animal refuso wbi is con
etantly escaping from the pores of the
skin, the conviolion is forced; upon ub,
tlat whst we sleep on needs purification
once in a while, just as the olothca we
. . wer-hve need, to be taken to the' wash
tub. A straw bed ia better than a mat-
- - m .
t. for we can- throw the straw away
, whan it becomes unclean, and the e
- i i . .. l . : .n j
. as a straw bed is, it . has, a tronblesome
.rattle, while it is new', which to Bomo
' persons, ia suggestive of gboets or mid.
night robbers, - A light elastio plank, is
wapr nUniii if sunnnitpd at the ends.
J .vw-., .. " f 1
and covered with a blanket. : Sleeping
on the fl jor is pleatan ter than it seems,
aud there is danger of .breaking ono's
tinnoa fc tnmhlin'r nut of bed. filanv pf
our soldiers have found efsepisg in snow
drifts or mad puddles, to ogree with them;
it is "ceitttio tliat a uiua paJuio
pate atmosphere, is a more who!e?ome
. aleoping accommodation than , the most
luxurious bod in an unventilate'd obam-
But of all beds ever invented, tbe best,
ipost wholesome, and pnhaps tho chep-r
est n the hammock.- iouneedno Dco
etead, no mattress, no cumbrous trapping
of any kind. You can lie at porfect eare
in if, all the "making of the bed" that is
neocsjsry. being to bang' it up, and to
pat a basket or sheet into it aa you may
prefer. It should, be well bung on two
$tout wrought iron hooks, which ire se
curely fastened inta ' the wall o the op
posite sides of the room.' Jf you want to
rock yourself as you rock . your baby in
tbeteridle,.yoa can do it with no trouble
at all. There if jione of that feeling ol
uaventilatcd close nes?, which, there is
" about a feather bed, for the whole cos,
cern is open like a shad net. There is
' no fear, of Vermin taking up their lodg
iog in it, for every shred of it as exposed
.to view, and there ia no room for crea
.inrna tn" hide. There is no difficulty
. about oleaoing it, for you can dip it into
a backet of scalding water. .Nor is there
any trouble in moving it, for when U is
rolled up and tied, the bundle is no lar
ser than Your hat. . ,
. Anybody who will try a hammook tor
a few nights will wonder that they ever
could enjoy the ponderous old thing
' known aa bed and bedstead. selected,
Farmer's Wives.
Husbands, bo mindful of your wives,
dutiful wivet need watching aa much as
any. Not because they are liable all
sorta bf improprieties which characterize
roisorahlo or lodinersnt wivff, but be
cause tbey baro frequently one fault,
which works their -rum. They are ha
ble to work too hard. Women arelm-
pnlsive whatever their hearts lead them
to do, they do with all their might, and,
without knowing tr, many work them
selveejo death.. Perhapj your farms is
mortgaged ; your wife Uouite as anxious
about the dent as yourself: and is will
iog to work early vi Into, and to andare
privajioiiaafroui wbioh you would 'bbrink
affatn and agaio If jou are not mind
ful, she will one day fall in the midst of
ner worr) like alt oyer-spuned norse taat
ias just been driven to douth. -Study to
ease her burden. Above all things, don'fl
anaerfiHe a woman a work! Wake every
arrangement aooapme nousa. as couva
nient as possible. In shortly od moil
ilka aara (J her. fur Ka will not tut
oara of herself. Olajarnier'n AlmanaeA
.. t ..
lS5"Land ia London fella at ten million
dollars an acre, People lire "there- because
' ttey cau"t affoxd te buy a we. . .
" ' , -
9 ...... i
The Word With the Bark
Rergardiog the Contention, it sys:
" t'Tbe moTementis 6netof -peouliar aignifl-
canee t this time and we - hope onT friend s
wiH enter heartily into it. A. Presidential
'The Constitutional Union;
kWasbingtoa city says'.; the uerao-
oratic party or tie unuea dim
. n.n n keen the Radicals from ruining
the aouhttv. neaoibly if wa ten, foroibly if
we roust. This la no tiae lo myjoe word;
.r An tha eve of a tremendous epoch.
ti,. p.nnhiin mimi'lt'. the Union must
be preserved ; the Constitution mast remain
intact. If 'aH other means fail, there is al
ways an appeaJHo the God of bstllei, and
the last resort li always open to a free and
enlightened and.brave, people to maintain
.v.ii.n ; mnn to eome oft', and there- are
.. . n. i ii.: ,irnn ' PrniHinn
thirtyr"11 Dvaios m - wu uum-.. --
must bo waue ror oounung m oic.u..
rote in all othem. A word to'tbe wise is
suffioeat.".', . ' ' v;
thnir CAtatitulional right. '
J i:. '
i i'O
O P 3? I O 33
jtnt'SlaIon$'i building, jon' ifatrt., Strt
Tllox'tlixxr, O.,
Is replete with all the modern. Improve
for the
kiat, cIisap. and
bapid exeootion of every style
of rRINTINO, :
- Cinulart,
, 2JqW ' r'cAi
"Y Xa6eb, -
CAeCrJtj .
Receipt, ,
ALL KIND3 OP BLANKS, 4c, &c.f '&:.,
In plain or faney colored inks. '
THE WHITE MAN'S PAPER Clubs for 1867!—Clubs for 1867!
FOR 1867!
" TurWtw Yo DiT-BooK entei-s upon the
inresnotd otTt)T vith larger circulation
than that of any Democratic paper publiihed in
tht rorWl4and that oiraOlation is steadily in
creasing and extending in etery direction .
ft baa nerer been the organ ( mere " party
uemocracy," but rather the exponent
qient which onr forefathers wrune. with
bloody sweat, from the Urania of 177ft.
Standing on the foundation of Ihe Declara
tion or independence, tnat " alt luhue'i men
Me created equal,"and therefore entitled to
equal rights, it ia opposed to all forms and
degrees of special leglalatibn that con6iot
with this grand
central trcib of Democra-
eyVtand over all, ahf above ell, (roes It eom
btith'at motistTouB' treason to American
liberty, which, thrusting the negro element
into our ' political system, muit of ifctititf
wreck the whole mighty fabrlo loft u. by our
fathr.i God has created white men superi
or, and negroes inferior, and tktreort alLlhe
efforta of the. ,Taet0v years V abolufi Ills
weTk, and squalise with pegroea-eTery law,
Tiolated, iTryi State Constitution ;OTer
thrown, eyerlife sacrificed,. and.:ery dol
lar expended, are pteettarily just -so,, many
tn toward natiotal suicide ; and the sim
ple and awful, .problem .now upon, os is just
tbis4-shall Tft :repverteurj xawott and rer
tras our fteps, or march on to MtfngreHsro,
social anarohy,..and ,the. total ruin , of our
eoaniry ? --t a u . i .. i i i , r, ,
Ti Dai-Book tUnfou, ..demands -.llie
restoration' of, the '! Union, as it 'wii8"a
Union co-ffupl, Btattf upon thq. yfiiUflaiit,.
as the only hope, and ha only .means posgW
ble under beaten for ,eaTlos the grand idoas
of 1176, the fundamental principles, of Amer
ican; liberty, and H h rcai rrienaa or.ifee
iinm n,1 thn mrnGBt belieTen in that socred
and glorious o&uee in wuiuu iof mvu ui iuo
Revolution o(Terd up.Lir. Uyes.-wllVpow
lttbor to expose thegn.oraqce,; delusion, and
Ireasifn of the Monerel pftrt. '. will tumed.
and the whole white Republio. of,. Washington
be restored again in ail its original beaeft
&mil ' vriLtlllMIP. r' . I T '-. . u'J ;i r
' Th WriKLt Dat-Book ,ii the most COit-
Its :Newa Sutnmaryj. Family Reading. Ag.
cultural Articles, Reports, of Cattle Gtain,,.
and Cotton Markets, So., Sc., are not sur-
.psssed by any paper.. "v i i'f.r; --c)'.i.;-
r - ...u. l . .
Tlre copies one year,, r;;( $ fiy.
was tsTiaw .nnM vhmp. buiii iiuta. au iu.a t -t
'getter: up of the club, , ii. , i )'. IP 9
Ten noniei one Tear, and one to tne - ,:.
getter up or .the, ciubyi-t.wj .e". j'.;i4
Additional copies, ,--,".;. .!.,: , J "
Twenty eonies eut Tear, and oaa to , -:
the setter no arthft duo, ; uuu
,ljpeoimen copies" sent frqev Send for
oop. . Jiaurtsii gijfiug on. quvPi
and Htte iB tun, uf.,,7 '..I'
van Lvaix,, xiuni-vu a. w.,
C "No. 162Nassaa'Sreetr New Yorlu.
iriu r rr n I n nniwiu v. t'l
THBSoTcnthVoftme' ftna "tfie ''Seventh
Yea of ihe pHbl'wation .of Tub Catjts i t
about Wbegiiland, in accordance' with Cue1,
tnm. w Isauo nur Annhul Prospeo'tiisr 'We
netd noicaiiitulate ju histoty duritag'the
stormy years oa jts is.usnce, nor . duhv-
thoae whe hTread tt, oljls BervioCSltf be
half of the great principles of the Peaiocra-
rv nnH wbat ila" candiictftra Conceived, and
what 1dic hBbown, jp.be ibe best ihtoresta
of ihe coiintr'y.; Its rierlts (haTe 'Veen ac
knowledged from the Urn's it was. Started by
that veteran and distinguished journalist,
Gov. JlKrHET,',anI itsj present', cbdduotors
simply olalm fpf it thorodit of an' earnest
and undevjating adherence 'to tne plan and
jprincipjes of il,a, founder, ,Jn alt (,be. pollt.'.
kl T-icissitudes of .the , pust .si y ears--the
failure .of lome, the ap'oetiey of' .oihersj and
the unguarded weakness of many, exponents
of DemocraoyJ Tdk Carais'bas jieyer denia
ted from the straight path of principle; nor
b.en allured'by temporary epedwnts, in
timidated by threats, nor disheartened by
defeat and disaster. ..' -;
' tin'Vhe score -or' prtneTpTy'wa plaint for. tt
the merit of fidelity, honesty, and. coneist
ency. As a. newspaper, wS claim for it 'the
merit 'pt being anjsiponeut of, VfesUrh ln
'.teresta and ideas, a '.reliable journ,aV of .the
times, a Aluble,,OQrnjiftnion.ot tbe.tarujef,
the mecbanio, ,t.he .buslaesa man, and' ihe
family circle. ' It is' bur aim to fill ilie large
au cel..
dole that
improve, and', instruct, as welt as amuse
land to thia end we discard the idle twaddle
mi,, kuc ir v on up iub uauy papers,
the obscene advertisements and, the sensa
tional folly' pf the day. We jcould . publiab
hundreds of letters from the best men of the
country approving 'br,, the course, of. Thb
Cbisis in this respect, and. to thin oourse we
propose, Jo.,' rigidly, adhere., .Ihe" reliable
market,. reports -anti' the great amount of
statistical, agricultural,, fiuahcial, and po
litical Information r we , publish,; is of . im
portance and .Talus' to business ?nen, farm
ers, mechantcs, and politicians ;. while the
oar'tfully selected page of .literary , misoelia
ny which each number contains,., commenda
it to" the nome, cirele of all.' , -; ',; , , ..,
The political riews of Tua Caists eoarcefy
require definition,' It is in favor of .Demo
cratic principles in all their breadth and
purity, as expounded by, Thomas Jarriss'oN,
and the other really iiVeat men and, founders
of the. Government, and ution which the
Oovernment was successfully conduoted for
seventy years.,, It. 14 opposed, to, the Aboli
tion despotism wbioh now controls the Fed
ora) Government, ia all its shapes and un
der whatever .device. It may appear. , It is
opposed (0 the entire Abolition theory of
politics, and all tho monstrosities, humbugs,
and delusions which grow, out of it. It. Is
opposed to the IhievipK jascality, the ty
rannical assumptions, the stupid and bar
barous policies and the lawless usurpations
ot .Congress, l t U, th machinery that
the Jacobins have devised aud.DUtJn onera-
iiou to overthrow: Republican uovunment,
inaugurate anarony and absoiutieni, enslave
the people,, and oppress them. witf odious
taxes, and tyrannical, insane, and. corrupt
legislation.; And. in advocating the correct
principles and opposing the evila we have
.named, we shall continue to do it without
tear or favor-1 ..'..-,., t-.w ,
Iji order to successfully conduct such a
paper as Juu Caisis,' tmust have a large
list of eubscribofj ,- and, to Secure that we
rely upon our friends and those who have
taken the paper. We cannot compete with
the cheap, shoddy publication of the East
by offering bogus premiums or employing
traveling agents but we earnestly solicit
the aid of our readers ia extending our olr
eulatby their perional effotta. , It .will
require, but little exertion- from, each, but
the aggregate will enable us to furnish them
with a paper fully equal jn sise, superior in
print to any Eastern publication, and ot a
great 'deal more interest and importance to
Western Democrats, Friends, ehaltwe olll ,
upon you .in .vainot the small favor. we
ask; and in a cause ot suoh magnitude and
value? Now ia the iime to send in.sub-
scrlpflons. forth new1 volume, which, at the,
end. ty.t the year, will be worth thrice the
amount ot the euosoription prioe.
. Our'' terms are $8.00 per year, f 1.50 ror
months, $1.00 for four months, , . ',
One eltra copy wiUiJoe senrto apy,0Mi
getting up alub of arx7early subscribers ;
andto any one, sending a club of tea for six
or .four, months an extra, oopy for, the elun
time .;..' i'ui.'i a'-,-;,- h.'i "!o '
For a club of ton yearly ,-. rubseribers ; a
copy of either the five bound voluiues
Wr; 62,'63,i:. wr.,,G6,
Tor a oiuo or Ui
thirty yearly Bobs.aribera, a
ceropUte'sett of 'the vqlumes at
for sirjeari' r
wnu .raatrr!f ,r?ai lateTestand per-
t value-r-to discuss Questions of trin
are of real siznificane. in Inform.
Publisher and Proprietors
Columbus, 1867.
'!rdi .,.AjrT:i 1867.' triibi' Wll Tuni
I'fcllnJ,. - - ' ' HI 1.1
f. M.sHtrn. pvnn rcQ ITlftT ,
. i I ' m - u I ' I
i ,!,!'-.
I C2H .. " !
: .101 '.,'.;!j',i
. i;hiiiwoih ia w ." i ,it
j ' .tenki '' -'!) Vi
..j.. 4AS"
Hdlprs 1 uo
: . 110U "
1100 "
rvourl lloli.ro
,ro - so
I lo r.m.
' Hamilen "ilOM "1 11,1
JllM IVii.l!)
1 il'i.H,.
1 1
rrl.o Llnclnintl '6 0- '"10"? !f 5 . "
oo me
Portunouth Brench. ' . ' -ii
1V....H. rVAin4. Anrf i.t HurkArHliul'a Willi U1V vm.-
.i,l Ohio Rail Road. ' ' -' 1 ' 1
r , ... nut . VT) BMITH. .
i "-' " ' WMter ofTraasporUUo
CbilUethe, 0., Jan. 24, IS07.
f. W. Bradley's CJelbrfttct Ptnt
i llnnlnv fllinf IP' j
; ,v:.i"i; ii '(. MDwa aifHiiio) j ,,j ; ,
mnv tirnNnwRPTir. VI.F.XIHIljl'l I ana rrrav
1. cuMrmT and M-waiim to any Lady wearing the
Duplex Elliptic Skirt will be ertoawa paxncu air
nil ArnwHarf ' k .KAral-tliM. .TlnAraS,
road Cam, ChutEh Pewa, Arm Chair', for Promenade
and House trea, aa ins Btun o ivuvr ,w ...
ia uu to ocetipy a email place- aa eaaily and con
ventently aa a Bilk 'or Musiih "Dreaa, an tnvalimble
quality In crlnoiin, not found . in any Bingle Spring
1 1 . j., i.LiliuoA ih ntraaiit.' ilonifbtt and
ereati-onwiuaiSeof weariDg the Duplex Kllinticatfel
Spring Skirt tor a single day will never a"''.!"8
willingly dispense with their uee. . For Children.
MiHsand Young Indies the .ara superior lo all
0tTney will not bend 'or "break like th8iiMrJa-'8prtaJ.
but wiU lirmerve their perieot and Brnceml shape
v ' .L.J2. r h,na ii hava been
thrown asideai uwlest. .The Htn r overed
with double and wied thread, and the bottom rods
are not only denote apringa -but twlow (or double)
oovered, preventing tbem. from wearuig,out wjieu
dragirinii down atoopa, etairat e. ' ' " "'' ,
M'hi tTuplex Elflptlo 11 .great fcferite with alt la-
Mia7.l n aa th 8T A N DA RD : BKIliT 'Of : TUB
To enjoy thQ followingafnentimable dvantaea In
'jnriB0lhm.'vic Snnerlor Quality PeritoV, Mnnufao.
ti r,8tyliah Shape aud fiut-h, Flexibility, DunKU
Iny.'a Duplex Elliptic, or Double 8p.rin''fr(, anJ be
.anravou (tt the Genuine article. . ' ..j.,,.
, CAfcTION.-To- Kiiard against IMfOiW'b
Wicular to NOTUJK that akirta oflrtred as DU'
PLEX" have the red ink stamp,- vie "J. W. Brad
in.,i. ri.;.,in- vniniiA utaAl aM.incra..iilnnn lh Waist
band none others are genuine. 1 Aio notice, tna
every Hoop will admit of a tun being passed through
i... vavMntin., ia twn doubla dnTinss
.lifnuln (icMlhAr thAmin. whioB..is the Flexibility of
and atren
r. I- Alha,
' FORflALFJn alf Stores where FIRST CLASS akirts
an sold. Ihrouthoutthe United States and elaewhare.
. Uanufnntured by the Sold ewnora of the Patent,
i - VM;namoeraaa,iv' p fivwupi., w ,
f 'Febrnaryl. isti7-8m '- -
; mi -.i:i.,:; i state af Ohio; Vinton County'.
CUtrfiafiowd,1 Plaintiff, ." 'JlnVlirton County Court
! vs. common rivag.
Ervin K, Dowd, Defendanf.J Order of al No. :
flURbtJANT to the oommand of an order of ant In,
r thaahovA eanae tn ir.a directed from theOeiirt
ot'Common Ploaa of Vinton County. ' Oht, I will effat
at public aal. at the doorof (ho Court House, in the
Tuna viMnArthnr, lB'Swa wmntyi no--
jt j ruifsiuv; MAltuu itrrir, tour "
at fho hour ot 1 o'clock, li M. of said day, the' T
lowing described preminea, to-wit; ' "'' ,r.'.-w t.
Uesinninc tor the aame eleven chain and twenlv
linka West of the North-mat corner of Section Num
ber Thiity-two (82,). 111. Toirnahip Number Ten (10,)
of Kunge wumber sixteen (le.) unio Conipany 8 t'Ur
ehaae; thence Seoth fo- tv-ono chin and twenty
fir linki: thence Wost thirtv-two cliaim and ninety
linkn; thence North lorty-one ehaina and twenty-five
uniu; tuenee JUut . uiirty-twa .onaina ana aeventy
links to the place of beginning, Containing one hund-
ml tn ihUtf.flv., 11.111 m.h mniM I...
' ' Taken aa the property of Ervin . Co ad to aatisfv
an order .and decree of aud Court in uvof, ot Cloriaa
Dowd.' "i; !.: i'.t yfi c. I '' IV ;',),' .;; .
: Appralaei at twenrjnsij hundred dollars aha muat
bring two4hird of that mm.. ij ....
iTermeofaalB Caahmhand. .' 1 i-.jj
" . 1. JOHN J. RROCKKY. .
. -. V I ' Sheriff Vlntoa County, 0."
February 14, 18G76W
Administrator's) Sale . of
!'i-iU t Kea I Estate, i I -t , j
Patrick Henry Quran, Administrator) :'-n-' .tu.itsi
, or Eetate of Miuhael Uauglierly, Iq Tinton Pro.
deceased, : r", ''. r bate Court.
I vs. '. .' I Peiitition to
Mnry Daugljorty efal?"'''' -J Bell Und. f
I N pursuance ot an ordef or th Prebite Court of
1 Vinton count Ohio, gftnted on the Sth day ol
t enruary, a. v. isu7, 1 will oner ror sole nt public
auction, on ,, ;' '. ' . 'r-1 1 l
Monday, the!8tft day of Marchi
A.- Ji. lU7,' :-
between the hours ot 10 o'cloclt A. M. and o'clock
P. M. of find day, upon the preraiHw.ln the Town-
ship of Wilkesville, tlie followiim dewribid Reat
Estate,' situate in the County of , inlon, audStaie 9)
unio, to-wu: : . . 1 .'ft
The Went halt of the South-west Quarter of Mo
tion Number Five (No. .) Township Number Kight,
(Nov 8,) Range Number Sixteen, (Xo. 10,) coutaiuiuj;
aeveniyriour acre. : j - . r.k..
' - v- ALiSO.'--'"'1 .11: '. j-ji ;ii
Thirty-four aores off ot the East hnH' of th South
East Quarter of Section Number Six, (No. 6,) Town-
imp unmoor mgnc, V" a nange mini ner nixieen,
(No. lfl,) in the county of Vinton, and State of Ohio,
containing Thirty-four acres. . ;. . .. ... . I
. Appraised at (760.00, ' li. :..:!; !
-. Terms of Sale One-third oxali in kanrt, An, third
in. six months, And the remaining oi-third U twolva
monma, nomine aay 01 snie, witu lntarest; defer
red paymeate secured .by inorfgage,upofl Hie prem
ises sold.
' ; Adm'rolMicheLliughenyi deoeaied. '
. o:l; Stattof. Ohio,: Ymtm (tomlytf
Jbe Belfbrd,
1 againat J V On Execution' 3, 4" " '
Thomas Dearth, j '' ' -' .
BY virtue of an execution to m directed from the
Court ol Common Plessf Vinton County, Ohio
I will onVrat publiesale, in front of Ihe Court Homr
in the Town of Mo Arthur, VimonjGounty, Mio, on
;:! r.:;V . A.D.i867, r ...n." ,,
between the hours 10 o'clock A.' M. tod O'clock P.
M. olsaid day, the following -personal property, to-
Twn TirA Vaa VlM tlnM. fW. 5'5r d
; Talei a the property it Thomas Doajth to eatiify
a judgment in fcvoret' Jabe Bslford. -1 , , ' .
Aviuiavi obw" asnin nana. y i
L .'' ' . ' . , SheriffVinton County, 0.
February 14, lSef-tt,, ; r-. ,,,,.,,'
I 11 1 ' -
Tinton Cunntv Probate Court."
NOTICE Is hereby .fvn that "Joseph McKlnnie
baa filed his accounts and vouchers for Inspeo
tion and final settleanent, and that the aaiae will be
fot bearing en the n Dai or Fcsauaav, a. p. U07
In Uie Probate Court of Vinton County, Ohio.
1 ' i " -RICHARD CRAlfl 7 .,,
weqruary 1, 'cniwiw
f liereby glveVthata petitilion hae -been filed in
1 theCouVt of Comtnoa Pleaa. wiUua and for-the
County, of Vinton, and etate ot Ohio, the object and
prayer ot which petitlod n to obtain an orrieV'of said
Oiwrt Vacating th
imiowing aiiflya-inuuiTfeai nsrt
of 'ha vi u of MrArthni.. ti,.wrf- :
ilias of
Tfe AJly, hrluw immediately west oflota' Numnfrs
lez, 171, ins, ana wrri also, the Alley lyini
of 1
Houth ofaitd adloiniDir to -Lots. Vumhani 1A1. in.
u., 1.1, fw, mioyv,, running rionn ana
tquth between In-Lol Nambcrs,308 and SSOO; and
,(.ta Numbers lilOond 211.- Which said petition ill
be for hearing at the March Term (ISffjof said Court,
1, im, and 15! , aQ, Alleye,, running North an.
a rciiroNCH,
mi.: i',
.1 tr.i.i ii
- Of TBS
laitford Live Btpofclnawyace
I . y.z't. .. .
,m j in- j Of Conneotioat. , j
ON the 1st day: or HOTemoerj moo, main
to the Auditor pt phiol.ipurauant to the
N Ui 1st day! of NoTemberj
. I . L (3 1 . A .
Tl..' .mnnnt f 111 Capital 8tOCK' ( ulUm.
" ' .. .n
raid op. Is .-' 151 . !--r no . fw,wv..vw
ct iianil. and in the bsnaa
ofAeents. . . , " .9441 v
. rr7: .: , , ...1 no
TKinn,,.uni1'RtAnl!A awned bvi '.'in
- - .-. . i,ifn
th Munpanyi j -t , v mfjUi,
DebU di. tl Company seourr
ed by Msrtgage,
.1 1
DahU otherise secured,' ' v
50.000 00
Debts forPremnmsj'' 1 .'.W' ' t
All ether SaourlMs,- ';. ' 3 iH
fifl,T86 7
i r'Totai'A'sseta'or'CeVpV
'II''' 1 - III 1 r.T ATtTJ.I ATIESI ' ttvtW
. 1 . . . "
trnl' ' W-T 1V lift S T l;i,i ..I ! K'a I
',i;r iv'' MISCELLANEOUS.. 1 Vi in
AUO KrtMioif sjaw- i't-" . A.. v,!
any onejisa, ,.....,,, r..v, i?:0O.
' v 1 rl
. . , , 1
'1 (t ?n
1 'iwi
ranL,-Vh, HAarroBD." I ' 1! hu In i
N. Sellogg, President, and. ?. flood J
riohr BecMtary,or.iBe.naruoru iivn. oivs
Insuranee Company, teiug severany sworn,
denose and say. that the fffregolni is a fall,
yde apd eewwt atajemeat of .thfl affaire of,
said Insurance; uoninany,, ana luanney are
the above described uuoers toareor.
.1 1 K.N. KELLOGG, President. -
rV. CrtrOODRJCH, Secretary.
iSubscribel and aw jra tbefor ra , ,,hia 9thl.
day .of November,,
c ! Vbm'rfoT the State 0 Ohie:
fpiVi Cast Stamp. '' 'v'"' "' " ;,v
i , a ft . .iirid unj 11 ii 1 mi .t-t't, 1 ."i 1 )i-
,7,) ,( Or rniK ar thu A tmrroa er PtaiM b
Cofumrluf. O.. Nov. 19. 1800. f
8 irisliereb'T cerUfted, thai l,h roregxdng
fsa'eorrect copy of Ibi Statement 'of: the
Condition of . the lllfdrd ,Live,-8tacls In-
suranee Comoanvi of, Conneeticut, ronda,,,
and filed ia, this Office,, for jthe yetr I8b7..
Skal T 1 Witness my hand aad seal offl.
-.'! lo
iy JAS. U. GOP1UN;
Auditor of Stale..
jy lu. Wiuuais. Ch'f ClerV.
f.'ir.i.. :. a ...i hit: '.i.li.'M,! .1
'. t-u'ciiH
! ' (Ta ExjJIre on tbi sis2 day of January,' UCJ.)
! Onic 6r Tna AobiTnab StArfcj":'
.-i c IMSUaAaCB DElAaTHKI(rt ( Tri'Ki'j
'. .'i CotBiiBCs. OiKov-1 .18. 1867.
1 WHKaais, l'he HARTFORD LlVfifiTOCK
INSURANCE COMPANY,' located" atf Hart.
ford,- in the 'State of Connecticut, has flleJ
in this1 Office s sworn: statement of its con
dition, as required by the act "TollteKulate In
siirance Companies not ilicvporated by tho
State of Ohio;" passed' April' 8, 1858, and
amended February 9 1 804, and the act "To
reeulaie , I orelcn Insuranee ... Companies,
passed April 6, ,1806; i.tn J, Whereas, said
43othtt ha -furnished the tindersiendd
satisfactory evideuoi ' that it is possessed of
anaetoat upttat or at leasr bvmdred
And viftt xiidusand .DOiWHi, invested aa
reqjiireiiby. said aots; aad, yher9,ls, said
Joiiipunyias tiled in the pmce a" written
iustrument ander iis corporate seal, 'signed
by the i'resident and Secretary thereof, au
thorising any agent or agent of said 0).
cany in this State to acknowledge servioeof
crooess. for arid in behalf of said 'ComDanv
according totiio ierms of salii act of April
8, 1850. - r--t-- - -i
Now; TucKtroftB, in pursuance 'of ilic'aol
aforesaid I JAME3 H. OODMAJi, Auditor
of BtaU; for Ohio, do- hereby certify that
ANCE COMPANY of Hartford, Connecticut,
is author! led to transact the business of
Live. .Block Insuranee in thia State. until
the thirty. first day -If January, in tbeyear
one r thousand ; eight hundred l anu) sixty
eigiu. !.. 1 ..,;.,. -.i,,i
. I Wimtss WasBror, 1 bate
.s heteujito i, subscribed my
name and eaused itbe. seal of
i ..my lomei to , be affixed the
; -.6. y ana year aoove wriuep,
:.', rrc' .u 'iv.'s Auditor of State,.j
J-i-c s-i '!.!: By Js..WitiaAJ8, ,':
V'i i "i''i'.ix.-.-...i,u Ch'f Clerk.
.fM-t; -."-4MUlAr, unto...
j January Slu nc7-Sw
' -.'i-: .: j. -fin y.
A beautiful Premiuri Engraving, and Re
! , ,(, dueed Prices iubs f . - ;.-
THB l'-ADY''8 FRIEND annouries ior IScTi the
following noveletes: A New Blory'bv Mrs. Henry
Wood, author of. iKast I,vn 'l'li' r.h
jHow a Woman had her; Way,' . 'by Eliiabelh ' Prea-
uu, auu.ur 01 'ioiu ov ine Bun.- ".10 Longer
vA..K , a . m 1 ... . 9. .
f mat,' etc. 'J)ora Castel,' by Frank Lee Benedict.
It will gtr a splendid double pna flndly colored
Fashion Plate ngrnved an steel m ewsy gnnrbeiv
1 liwiiigivea Deauuiuuy exeeuiea rancy steepen
graving, and a large assortment of wood outs, illust-
iff fashiorui. fancv work, etc
1. w.,, in iniimwr,
11 wiu give a popular
.. . n . - - . -
ive 1 Donular ni
leoeof Music, worth the cost
of the magdfane itwlf, In every number.' It will git
a oopy of tli Beautiful Premium Bteel Er.graviiig
'Oneicif Life's Happy Hours' M by 30 inches, to er-
rv nngle 12,00 iiibscnber,. and; to every .parson a
. BoftePs as premiums Whf elor Wll80-' Sewing
Machines. Bllver Plated Tea bets. Hnoons. Pitcharn.
Gold and Silver Watches, Gun, hides, Melodious.
Clothes Wringer, Appicton's Cyclopedias, Ao,,., ,. ,
I. . 4.:- . ., , .aJStUiia, . , .. ,N
1 copyjfand the engraving,) ( ."''". S150 '
. teopiee, -. .,'. w.f- ,(,-. .'0- ;
S eopiea, (arid one gratis) . 8 00
S copies, '(and one grabs) t 1 - ' '' H00 . .
ito ooriea tand one aratit.1 ' , (8 nr. '
One copy each of the Lady's Friend and the Satar
dnv Evening font for St 00. io . ..
The getter un of aclub will alwava nm niMn, nt
the Premium Engraving..- Member of a oiub .'wish
ing ina engraving must rem li one uol,r e.itra,
4.i,s aesiroue oi geitmg up ciube or premium
usia snouia enclose 10 -canu lor aamnle Hairaiina.
contaming the parhclunrs. Address 1
'7 - , . , . 1 1 . A II IH ft. OA , ..!.
- v"vwiv o. mi iiJio-jn,."-
319 -Walnut Street, PhiMdeTphia, Pa. -
1Ty 'VYiiimrf'i''V'ovvvinnf -)"(,
TI1L' OHIO rAUfllKli
Tol. Xrl, rorl86r.;:v
O. V. StAKlUe),.- iiDITOa. - Ul tr f,-'f .
:-i i-.tfel i;;a,,W. rARKSll, -fniMtan.
AgricMUvral 4 and, j family i Paper,
Devoted, to Sural" and' JtiUehold'Aldlr's.
i'aaiis.l.fiDj-le coprVonTv tOo'a v'ear1-
An extra eopy ope year for " evert club ' of
len,. and an eitra TonV-alr montha Cam
elhb of sjlx.'' 1 Bpemetis 'fcnd Prospeotuses
sent free ta persons desing"te tftH up cjubs.
w Address
CltTelknd, Ohio.
M l ...'is f H'i'UHri'H f
or TB ' j ;
!iA ! I u:i siij 2:-,Jbr 1887. 'j ...i'i:'i 's ; la mv.d
J'gcnlst.- ' N
1 1"
V' DUltUMltd ik !rtf,'l86l 1 :o !
t. jaio. s.iiiiloij. 10 .!' to i't"';
For List' of .Premiums aadi irarticuiara ai j
Dintribulloni.see ns , wRiy, ,u..m,v;o .,r,a
and Bubsonpiion vifu''' 1
W"" ' E, iWWKoWWaei!totiebWa'maBlM-v
TnJtiTe thoe of oqr pauoua. lio, ,, ,
nrt themaolvea to form elube ou( trr ''!' .
bT "akS" II houholcl o( ! iU, our
friends, South and West, its influence we.110 Depo
tonUr chaiig nft Hi political aipeet ot- altara f he
.;r5nf tor whiehall friends of Jh ehoulJ
he .'
fZ for is ft. ST. eminfition i,( Democmtic truth.
If hid had" n equal hearing wlth.the errors ol pt r ,
o?h. w. should neveAave had the terrib
:: LT. r th. Wflvevr-anr. TaiiBhf uy saarexpn.
tie last Bve yr-anr. rmienv aj
Kreceity, w. trut the Dmacrotio preas .
e to have a larger phore of influence and
-.' L-;i.i.i ;ju,il -:v',:i i-r ( .
encc orita.r
ialn future t
wrmiiatron.' -,... u,lnlh.
iwhat civile nave nn rn upwii i ",
ex7o..eoSs p6lit,cal eiluatioh of the' ma.-Hesl Jf we.'.u
wou drestire the old ordev of th ngj. ronce more, el- ,,,
feet Nnt.onVuniy and the old-fj.Ti.oncd Peace f nd -St!.i,Jt-.
n.it nlaca the Dumocmcy tgair. .
nower . As atixilary to this end, and as Ihe.mcst f;f-.. -Hive
agent m the Jwork, werepeaM. the circula
tion of tho, Demporatio press, , ,,0 4 l.t'
iThe Enquirer has eome'clainu npon the eonsldehi'
lion rrf tlie Demot-raoy Oint art. unrvernally acknowl-. ,
edged TINigh proscription and penwcutidiu un
exampled, wrth military edicU uttlng oft- eur cir-, , ..
dilation in whole etaios and ..dlatrlqta, tbreutened .
wilhlotil suppression, purron iiupi""""B
uh winiAnn if did 'not change our eouraot we ....
'atood by the Democratic ting and gave expression to
ibi tenets. Twice nurneu io unngruuiiu hiuu vunj
teeii months, and amid t he .greatest peouoiury dis
astrg eoiflioqueiit upon if, we-hav -never lott aa .
issue of ouruapor, or. broiien a promise to any o,
eur subscribers'. In the furm-e, as in the past, imdor
theiumof proapontyn? wjl aa ueofouuaoiauver
uity. we hajl bear aloft the
Deiiioi-jiiifni Ilaitnor, and
ia f.iiihd.i in Itu orijuaization. Wulndt the Demnc-.:
1 .u. M,l....nu, .land l.v Ihoni u lirt wnrn trill, .
raov ui puv pvitunw, 1"'","., ,', , , t
in tne darkest hours to their polittedl J and porsomd
uilereats, mid will they uof, iiert ihemsBlT.e 10 iu- t)
crease our circulation?. . ' ' '
,lAs alxisinewi an fjwllilj-'Jounml, the Enquirerhaa;,,,
no superior. Each numbe r ooiynina a lare amoiinl
-ot general news, fateat,','od -'hSoa teliaUd- JiiMn-C'iH
geuce aud reading matter. Financial and- Comruer
ei'dNews is made aBpecinl fen'tureor.tlio Enquire.
An unusually Urge epaoe beim' devoted to full and,
eelia'ik- reports of tlie ruling prices of this and oilieri
market-,1 ti.ni Jffjr '. -....-a,, ,,;
, The. Weekly Enquirer wil be mmle4,to subecrt-
bers. at the foil.
jllowl.ng reduced rates.' . '"
. Bingieeopit, oniyeri u w
1 a six months,
1 iTnn ntmi. nnn faiLt -'. a 1 Ulitt w '
1 M '
su ui ,
With an additional copy, to.the Rftter np or tne cmi.
Money to be sent at Ouriihjk1 by. fjiress, prepaid."
or m registered. letters, byi. mall.., Forauiua overlcn .
dollars by mail, drnlls or post office money ordure
should be provurtd; Address", i ... ... .-t i.
t ' at MUu.oZ FARAN jfc.MctBAlt,. ,
' . " 4 ' Cincinnati, Ohm.'
Specimen copies and aiSliscription circulars enttV
taiuing list of prizes and all necessary iufo- maiiun,
sent on application. " ..' - r
'I )'.
Attaeliincnl itieti.,
James Glenn.'PUuntiff, Pml Before; Oeorg), Craig
,,, ; ... , 1 .IiisticeofFcficcof Clin
, Mi against -,, . ,.; e J. (lin, , rswn-hipj Vinton
Willram Wiekline, pefU J.County. Ohio. ,
ON the2thof Innimrv, A. D. lxoT, said Juftlce l -Sued
an ordr of mttoobmoptt in- the ab e a;'' : ' ,
for the sum of JW.oo. . . jIAJllia OLJt.fr. .
'. February 7, li7 -aw "". '-"v,
"V'v-fe B.OS1' ECT l3 - -
, ,oi, mi. 'Tin" i u; vr. i t:i..,.' . s ; Bl,v ;..,,
, ; .'' iSi')i il-or JUB-r-i.;! 17 , )..,.! -. ,
0 SllO. STATE S i?I A. iV
'iV V"" ' iri8C7!;-i ;' .
' .l.y&SiU ,,;! -i-.;- -l -.i ,'f.li, . .,
. A 'S tn Ins nnst, Qironuhitaiishlne and storm, Tun
JX. Ohio Ktntem.in wili continuo Inllcxilily Demi-'
eraile -unalterably "devoted tr an advocHc) f tha :
ranintennnceof the Constitution, in spirit and in lus
ter, and to the preservation of the Colon'. Aoid
from this, The fclateimin will bosto purticulcrat.
Mention t i,,,. . ...
NewiyJjegislaiivijiniJ ,.. Congtttsxonal .
1 Reportt, Choice, Instructive and
Pleasing Literature.
And will give faithful market reports fjom tha k-nj-Ing
Comnierolal Oenters ei'the eoiimrv. . ,
l the lath.o December, The Weekly Statesman,
will be so enlarged us to'give two and a helfaddi.
tional eoluu.uB o ( leadiui) matter weekly, Tlio U
lpwlngare tho . T ,
DallyStatesmtui,por fea, " ' ,..( .;,. , $ goo
. -. . .-. sin months,. ' Aw
Tri-Wcokly Statesman, per year; ' '' v i tin
,.'j..iM,) . . -'Six months, aaa
One copy, six' montha, for ' ''"'$ loft
One copy, one yeAri for ,,-,,, , sou
Fivecopies, oneyr, for " 'su'
Ten copies, one year, lor ' : ' i ., ',,-lTSe
Twenty copies, one year, for w no
Fifty copies, one year, for - - ' 7jw
. MtilAN.& ESHELMAN, , ,
!. .;,..!,ri:.,i. ' ' Columbus, Ohio.
! SUeHfl'sSate.
..I ,
Stake fthio,' li&iW (kuhtjjf'u. r- iM? ''
Aftinnder Henderson '(' ' ''''' " -:'",j :
i.ve.i4 .?- iOrJorof galeNo. 1. ,. , ;
George A. i.eocn. j
PUltSUANT tothd command of an order of sale
: ibsurd from the Court of Common HU-h of Vin
ton county, ,Ohio. n.nd to ihe directed asShoriH of Mild
oimty.,1 wilt ouVrat miblie salo, at the door .of ihe . '
Court Uouso, in the Town of MoArthur, in VUUob
county, Ohio,' On i . .,. . .
.WtHiiedayihe'lilh day o February, A. D
'. "-' ,:18ti7, . ' ';-,, J...--V- ,.v
A ona) o'clock P H. of said day, the following de
scribed premises, situate in the County of Viutou, .
and Hbite of Vhlo, to-witi fH. , - -
' Kiveacres of la'na and witer in u8 Fonth-pt
corner In a square lot oB the East half of t lie .South-
niasi quarr ui doihuh iiumut-r jicitf-en, lownnin
Ten. Kaniie Seventeen; aluo, bearinnina at tho North. '
weateornur of the Eaat half of the North-east quar
ter oi oecuon wuniuwr ,.iueit:u, ruirnsnip len, or
Kange Seventeen; thence ruuningSouth to thptttata j
road; thence North-eust along the West side of said
road to the East and West line on .the North adnr
said half quarter! .Ibonee running West to the plAce ,
oi oeginning, so aa iae an me lann lliul lies on the ' v
Wfsv side where said road runs, -be hinging to sunt
half quarter., (. ... , ..-
'. ," Atso " ;'"''; V-'-1 '-' '.
The following desoribed real estate, ailuato in See-
ti,n Eighteen, Township-Ten, of Kange tfeventcon, '
beginning 7.1'S chili ns North of the South-west Corner
of the East half 'of. the. Houth-oaat quarter ofsai.tr,
Ueotion, Ao.; thence East 7.08 chains;thence South 70
links; thence N. SS, East 10 chains; tlwuce N 65
Eaat W chains; thence N. 22 W. M chains; thence
N.lo W. 1 .00 chains; thenco "West 40 links; thcuca, ' i
Houth IO: 15 chains to the beginning place, contain
ing e ei.lfio acres. ' .''.' '
.Appraised atone thousand fW hundred dc)lr ,
(l,6UO.00; and must bring twa-thirds of that sum.
iTakenaathe.propertyof said 4ieorgA- Irfchto
satisfy a judgment rendered, agidnsl him in favor at
aid Alexander Henderson.
J TerBifcoCSalo Caehin hand at the time of salt. '
i: ai.v .. JcHN.MWKEr,:' '
B. D.Bhivel, Att'y for plainUffi. ; , ., .
JaauijryiiMSOWw , ,., ; kf. :)., . ' '' . '!'
''''Tke Cheaptit Mgatmi n the World '
r1H18 popular and widely circulated, Maju?ine! hi '
A ow reached ao editiow unequalled In tlda cotin- '
trv. Each number is brnaaienUM bv mimnmiia. S tf k
engravings, and is complete In itaelf,imbrauliga
great vait(ydt'.taia,aketchei, poems, and lllustra- '
ted articlea, written expressly for its columns. It W '
oouceded'by alt to be tha cheapest kqd best, Mtftiv) '). ,
naein.the-vodd. T ?' -.- -.. . '
- Terms. ''.-t
(oayoa'r'i seven copies -SO 00; ethirteon topiet i
1 00.; Bingle copies 14 cents. Address jt '
' ELUOrVt XUQilE li tALUOT, J '
; ; -. ' - Uoitori, itaaif .. ,

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