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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 28, 1867, Image 2

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"A -union heirti, aumuo tiaul..
imioD &f take. uu.wiTof Iwid
i"-.: -2-
Democratic State Ticket.
-.'.0 Wtl't! QMv"T."in t .f.."-i ti
.hired Jfer Lieptr6orni'i''';' f
.--.bniKliBt Bv tJHB.'otllolriieaJ; o i;
' 'a'';' '.-fr .for editor, ! ....
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'-fir,AttoVnv1OeWa "
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7, C.WILUA.1J 8HEaiDAIJ,.!ot Vminil.; j ;,
I'" ftmnuft uumuuu, o
Ko.UtiiolBgtei8 i drealarmV'
g ld,won,;atV Kaw; Bqffalpj Mlohljan,:
nitted 28 yearaiaeo at WaieripwBj Rpyt
York. . .-- - ''
'"The DeWpcrata dflftiohiigatt wijtToltl their
lialeonjirftk CqntetfUoilai'elivlt on
.-''.K-.Hr-.1 J -y-1"J 'iK.r .i;,-
M"WM,:,J"i:'!rt!' noi)ai!:ci i
. -j?UBriMi:PjJWnJrt-.. ,Meuiwed
tbat itWiU treat aliena.iii t.ejf pirates.
J It le'aatd that Stephana he not leaded
Irelatidp bin .la i. '' tecenttjr, reeir id
iTarsoa !Browl6r.' and; Bilgham lounj
whyiceWeieM-ifyte olittprabk; the
rdloe. lUgiaUtWon thi. iWtobir
GENERAL INTELLIGENCE. The Injustice of Indirect
GENERAL INTELLIGENCE. The Injustice of Indirect Taxation.
TgKM li no piaiaMTiopositrorthan
(hat thej principle Clmppsiog uties. for
he aupport oi government upon the ne
Maitie9 fa wrong, f it th? eurplus
which ttee. create oyer aou auoywuja
neeeeart for thelrVj'etenc'ethat shWd
, r l ti: 'i.-'n,.mf . i,;i
neeeeary fort their eiiatencethat :
breath be
In thja matter.ol tixation a pontemppra
iy weU'eiys, "the State, seems to oUike
like a bjindnidor. " '.' . ' . .'':.
. 'The iojuatioe of the i 'Internal revone
law is nosi yjviuiy aeeii in ii vperaiiiuj
It imbosea a. burthen, hpon the man wli
family, to anpppJ of. fbioh the single
man is relieved.' .The "iojostioe of .the
exemption f government .bonds from
taxation is yet more plainly eomprchenc
ded, yet not more fligrant .and so . with,
all taxation' that Is not directly applied
propertyY, The joll tax it , it , true ia '
trivial matter to talk about, and yet,, the
principle involved in it illustrate the el
l'eci oi indirect' taxation , better than
aught else., it calls for a Uke sum from
the.roor wretch, wholnai not a dollar In
his pooket and the aristocrat who rolls
in wealth.., The taxupon the traoafor
a. piece or, property iu like manner pays
no regard to the ability of1 'the individual
to meet i, . u toe uansier is tor a cer
tain aQm named, a certain amoun'i ia ta
ken. 'no matter whether tha individual
rich, oV noor. and so on to the end of ihe
haotec of indiract taxation. , Is is of
piece with 'tha window tax of Iroland
one' time prevalent in the old euntry.
- TherttwilJ .come a time when this
oneetioh of taxation will bp a paramount
- ntiMtion. The in tolerable hurthen'.
taxation that wUPbe ieltlwhen prioee d
elina and .we approaoh a hard cuarency
befit, wiiU.caase the people to hjok to
inequality or , thaturtnen--io1 see i
thateypry manoarries of it in proportion
tA his abiiit a. da so. The .estimated
amount of revenue whioh the government
.:: nnn'
proposes io rauc aui jrw ti"Y
- 00&-a average of over sixteen dollar
sjar every viaft, woman atirf child, white
, or black, in the. Unite otai .Ana
this immense sum be it remembered
. 'eimplj the jevetjiue required for the gen
eral government use, and a .addition
State. County and all Other laser, ., Urn
der uch oircumstahooa ia it not the duty
p everj toner win n m toio,
-ip examine into this qoestion of taxes
r to see to it that soali a sygtem be adopted
af hU make. the , burthea fair eqtuuy
.; upon every one aoeordini; ' tP hit abUUy
tp Uay t t-jjtttoif umot r y .
. It
Thk Raiical leaderf think that their
eolitical prosperity depends upon , their
Basing the North hate the' Sonlh as bit.
terlr ai possible. And so their chief
political employment if ta lie. egainsi,
aUBder, vilJiry, aenoune", jioei, calumni
ate, eurw the bouthern State and the
Southern people with ever breith.
For the Democratic Enquirer.
WLked bj thoW drone, f Hay drones',
now to be engrossing the p
'Young America" o pul up hirU
tlwivi attend a iy np Ww
reltfDtless Mute ifl inruwu .u.u& -botu
of monJanUoB., And b j . bouW
,l reip.ia t McAnhur? : Ob. ouW wy,
apr truthralW too ; because firBf, tbe
'count,, building, ere lredj tbe ; ieo.
4i- i..lthitution: thirdly,
. V .n.t nterioc at tt
point, fourthly, Us ceatnl location,
i..tt thoneh nof',let, in,thi cbi-
f it P.itienti. tli'e? do 6ticart
It In ha TlmnVGd. because it. will. jcseeu
. SJI 'P ti.a;..nnnAit. Njw as to
the i first' three, reaaon?; it may on
u nav "lull .1; !.i';'
The first is easily set aside by the met
ibar if thi county i sqat is ttmw.
oarties dofiiriog it, must gibond auf.
- . . -I i r A
fiun ro insnre the' eraption ot aar goqa
Duildioge it the plaoe to. Bbiob a i w-
nnnn t bv taxation
A a Inr lha araona. llUJObl IOj uuiuu
. ' 1 . - - kAint in
out. county would An Equally m well ;
(or ai general luie miia ana uia
do not dwell together. . Aud s fot ' the
third, I deed i but name -wunaaa4 w
den: Allensyill. whOBe roadi ate eql'y
' I !F l ll...tqfi 7;lncii mkl t fall
Slightly behind In that rcspeor: -or-; 4 -pit
ha the edvantBge'over , all other
ItOWni inleing the I'most central ! point,
which;c however, is easily1 dvereome " by
other and more important' advantages that
other places" have over U: 49Beed not
Piohaa ihmnfl.' bat Reserve that for
fuluro'eommunicetiOB'. ' Now, ee to the
last reason let ue'look over the ground
nv) m what thore ir in thtrti' w
v It is a settled faot tha there ia but lit
lle'goad feeling existing: among th'peo.j!
pie r ihe country Jot toe oiuaeDa . vi
Slcirthur, as a com"mn'nityv' so ar 's
hnninasa is edncernedJ'-.Tha farmer has
no market there for hiii'p'roducene-haIf
the time ; atid, even vhetf he tas,. h;
mut sell far under the -market svaluejii
It ia a eoromon exDreseion amona sfar
mere tbtee) poundf bf bnlter tld five-
doxen egge. will glut the WoArthuriBr'
ket. Wow there is reason Sot this.
Look at the merohsnta- jdruggfsr-; Wd
ware men. DhVsldiafi.vtd muoy trades
men, and eiherl jithej;. 'have : Urttesbf,
their "own, ,or- at least a majority ofihem
have, from whioh they gatheri auoh t up
Dlies at they need, and therefore takq no
produce in xbanga; fori their-goods pf
services. t;Bal from, tbei farmerrvmusl
"Shvlock'l like: have mon wpejttr-
and ha. noor serf, toast jo, elsewhere to
" l ! g ,
find' a market,-; aUd.the cashjflieri; once
f . . ' : . Bv. , v.,
bancs f of the people Enough to
keep up their stock or gooas, jee to
Cincinnati and the Eastern, cities, and the
surplus intd, bonds ' nontaxable, or bapk
.nnir ,LN.w .theBe' a'ame . fafrtMi'ra' will he
MeArthnr beoaneelthev
and to ia vo ihair property, from" decreas
ina in valnfi. . ; c .:,': .. -
Have they bo acted heretofore thauwe,
1. L.I. l.a'n 9 V ,
tne peopio,. oogui iu my ... i
The next ouestion claiming.out alien-
mtoii JS'Jthf contemplated; Railroad from
TinnAna a MnAtthnr. fieverai.oi mese
trentlemen were atChillicothe'thirf week,
and met the pmoers oi me iu. a v. K jiv.,
aBltire" thera to assist." id bui'dirig that
branoh roed.i. Now . that Is all laudable
and well enough' 'and 'id one would-be
better pleased- thad I top eefl ' the "iron
horse" snorting through the valUy up to
the little, old fashioned town f' McAr
thur, as they need something to nwikSn
an energy sufficient to develop, ttje bex
haustable treasures of this mineral re-
gton, -Hi v .:; r.-. ; '
i It seems that these gentlemen' met with
but little encouragement, exeept that
thev were told that they oould have the
track whioh is graded two-thirds, ot .tne
way. to do as they .pleased with it.'."Or,
if. one oi the goutlemen would prove to
them ; . that his coal j above WcArihur
would , make good iron and would give
tberri.a deedjor it the? would ' build the
Tha fact U money was tne
priootple ,, with them, and if the road
ould pay them, ,tnoy ,wouia ouua it..
KFo one I- am satisfied that a tail road
Btmply to MeArthnr, and no further, will
dot pay ny iBompaBj. in tma connec
tion here is one thing i state lor tne con-
siderrtion of the farmer and laboring
man. ,0ns. of . that, committee, a Hani
rthois interested are. nearly all bond
holders.") said on yesterday tha t, a,' tax
ypnld be levied opon the .people, of the
county to build that road I And. who
would- pay it pray f ' Those fame' boad
holding geniiemenr ;, no, mueeu
Their surplus capital ia exempt from tax
ation. And (be .laboring men and ..far
mers, whp dplye id the earth, labor. in
the work-shops, and . till the soil, Jny
and trade in live f took, to gain the Boces
saiies of life, must pay this tax ; together
with the tax of these wealthy gentlemen
who will naturally lake the lions share
of the profiti. jul:k':U
Let me enggeet a fa things- for tha
oonfideratioajif. those who are; is favor
of the eoupty seat remaining where it is..
Open your parse-stnogs, Jorm s com-
bbbVi ana pniiu a Tianit utoau irora
Dandas to. Wc Arthur on the R.5R.
grade, put a .track on one side fot s street
air or a ear -similar, loavine me oiner
for wago'o charge moderate tola fot its
e&ct wrious manufacturing ealab
liiSnianta to accommodate
tbe people of,
your Worker
couotrv. and show by
tb'at yo.a wi"U to develop ne, icBouroeB
tbeouttry fcnd make iff people pros
perouS jBd happy, and, my wd for it,
peopleill stand by jioo; 4Bnt neg
. lect tbcW'jbings and the haD f writiog
w.ii v,o..n unon the wall: "Xhou art
weighed in tn balance ana icuaa
" Let il Hao reeorded 3 -.
For the Democratic Enquirer. "YOUNG AMERICA."
February 23, 1867.
"The Grand Army of the Republic."
-..fc . S 1 4 I IV
A,:',,'l;.ii.;iiH(i. ts.ij.
Tni: RHdicals have inaucn,ra(ed a se
nrot. militarv. oolitical association .under
), im no6i ok title, wone ar eiiiom io
bemlewFip but thqso'W? sAvtd'ia'the.
late ar, and can cbrieg te?tirkonia'!rf- ae-
10 their "soundness" on ibb puuuumi m
aaes of th day-1 opposition to Ibt Pie's-"
ident, and,bostijitj toftbe .UnidroT, U
fitaiflii. under.' the XWtuititoii Each
State coDstitute departmerit, with its
cowmapders, . grand. ;c.ommafti
other 0lccero, and 4xom; tnesi
Ascends to the ' different ;cb
lodgoe of, jhe,ordeT. - The prajr or aso
ciatiou 'transeoti ite bublneea wi)ih the uu
aaoataetareci ajjd?,tb ;memheravarq
known to each'o.ther', by 'grirjs, 'gigo's
h.aa-wof dir and xtW tontrirtftCeaf i '
without ueshonirig 'tb prdeof ttelr
superiors'; ' to"' pursue-' dilfeehily '-the'
-n.V f V.rnBfilvlin ft nl 6 tl I? t h 0 . o I (li e r ei
i hA cuiv or idb lueuucrs is iv vj
and lb be active, -lealouii attl jfefeFur it-
,'ri'ng local, Stale, knd natibpal flections.
They are, also .to.coneci iDioriuav.1
the same iia i'those
ih authoritj fn' the keve'ral.orddr ch'ajp'
inra or lodiea. nd.'6bov'k1(J W-Iirtain
intact the military 'iganikatiorf; VaridjttW
be ready.to ect at MomeiHM
., I ' A - -i - H. V a. A' In M int W fdfl aNItr h Ihtf!
Arrffy- of ChetepoWiol for Oh ink in
Columbus on the;2hlt.J0.'Abf)atVorde
The ptato uoavcniion oi, me
"... :.A.
The 'outside, att'endahce' yrwlargi, Inprudi
nnnnrca anu my, ubicuhibb u.iuu.
ipg', many f (ho luadirig: 'ItiduW.p'olitl
oians of thtft' Comdl'opweBllh.V iThis feif
tablis'hed the oonneofjotil'dftnvfce.h.rihe
'tfranq, Arrr), pf' ift'a 'tRepnllif a' s.
or'at1 'iuiiitarV. :'p'olitlcal)iaasodiaao'n-i.and
S-YiA riv I a' Vk i an A 11 st ifKifi
Rascal fiarty" ifttbe. cohntry. " The -frM
mot in. OhraJslfbar ttp member's of this-)
secr'tftBsrdgr tr'e to be aupphed Vritb sfms
from the arsenal of ihe State, and 'thus'
puf-id a:coBaIti6n fot ihimedisfe service,
ahould'Voribis' ari'80.'!-in' Ihi' o'pidion'pf
Sum'MrVnd'.the.the iVohitin'Uts,i; fn
-.-.Purin.lbe fast sesrloa ','or Coegreefs,
witl be emembctred.'Ucnefa! I'sioe read
in place a" bM authorizing jhe Goveriiprs
iJ'nin - iha mi itli ' of tfieii'-States.
that waaambvemeutunaeqwhich,11 the
".Grand .Army .of the Jlepuilio!? was to
be eovered aud maae useiuia iLe; po
litical field,JBBd also preparon for action
of different' character at- lino-; proper
Dioment.1 since thai .time eyenja nave
traveled viih . amsziocc
Radicals' h-Ave developed
IT .J Au
a ouiicy wnion
is' revolutionary id all aspec apd bear'
fogs-. ;"5Ch6 Jfresident'i th'roiteno ;with
lmpeacnmeni ana . ucposuiijD,i.iiic..-t3us
preme Court, i attacked and He decisions
and ioet'.isnoro.by.Vongrrf,od.Ven
of the' States med&obd with aucibilation.
"This is the proposed 'campaign' 6f Iho
Ra'djcalp, 'and justat thisi turn 'Of the
contest' the '"'.Grand ''AVrnv of the ,'Re
cublio''. "001088 prbminently.J inldvieW,
naoteoupy tne pojinoianr w-no jubto !
bored to produce this revolutieDiry'con
Htiirtn nf 'iffaifs'in the -.edunlryi ind sure
determined to hold power py tbe'swprd,
if the TjettPle will hot 'eubmH'auiolly- tp.
r;. ., V.-' 1 - : ;
their aasauHSBnaiusurBBuuBir. - ; -
TbU'Tganniatidn'is V-hich exfsti in
the Northern State's, is. treasonable,' a
dangerous vin whatever light it may be
viewed. ,r Armed ' or unarmed, its mem
hers are to be used s agents to eorrnpt
public sen'imept and keep alive those
feelings of hostility which render a true
and thprough ueion bo twecn ifle nortn
and'8outh impossiblei ' f-7
There is to be no oblivion 01 rng pan.
From father to son a-worsejhafi uorsiean
vendetta is to he 'transmitted,'- and' all
means used to wided the breach which
. K1nnf1.alin4 sn ' WMrfMaflH. Il AT mafia
im lit 04il. pa1itiL and. hfii!DB cir
cles of the different seotiona of 4he iJn-
yo. Further thad thi; the wl Ars
my bt the Republio" U the ppct relied
upon bv 'soch men as these' leading ! the
impeachment 1 colomn' to - enforce their
orders, no matter what 4bey xuti be. .v 1
j That military .orgatjisation' laVto prer
vent -the' peaple from exercising their
constitutional rights, to install Frost
dent chosen by twifity-slk State! of tie
Unionrand to place .the majority at 'the
merey add under thd heel of themlaor
ity. For sueh pttrpdsee' is thtt'JGraBd
Army of Ibe-Republio" brga'niied.' The
armed clubs of France, doring I (he days
of the Revolution1 jri the nation,; sdbyer
ted-the law?, goarded the guillotine, Bad
trampled under foot all W and. ; order,
and the "Grand Atoy f tha Ripublio"
may aoi the same' part kJhe history of
this oountry, if tha -people are- pot pre
pared td defend their toitfThildtl-
phia Age. '-
r.T. " r.i ,f J
-tc V.v.A
lnwnareYeF wuuy .v
! '
th ptiwer'a
r.tra an. a
. e
. ;.u ,i nwi xj-. .u .v
About taxing national kecurrties,
Radical paper says ; "To create, delip.
erateiy, in a pouotry rWhicn, inuet;or
many years'tp pome bear a heavy burden
of taxation, a class, and that class consis
ting chiefly of wealthy', men "whose be.
caliar property shall , be entirely; -frcd
irom taxaiioD, is 10 giYfl a cyjso ior pit,
ter jealousyknd hert b'rtrniog.'and per
hapafur.a movemcnfpT 4he repudiation
of the whble itbr. - v.' k "
'JAfoiiiN.TACTic8.TLe" people wero
warned long enoe against Ibe; djjsignf of
Jacobins.. It is said Hbat io.tlie'.r
peat of soffiage as a burubug and U'
a stronger Government, ;iiu which
cipital and caste eotild.be reoogn.izcd and
votes : ignored. Tbe Jacobin Jfladcra
knean to aacomplibjf thip. Uy presenting
bills to enfranchise iwomfP, ney ibibdu
bring the whole jelem"of riepublican
Qeveroment into disrepute, ('oiooident
these, schemes they od is franchise
whiie"mn, ''propose, to reduce "Butes'to
TflrriLnrina. denv the right of represen-
talldb 't6,:ever orle foiirVh of the-peOpU,
and embark in other tyraoioal schemes,
'order to test the temper of jhe pcoplo,
and destroy the Ropublio by a uurpa-
tUi'of LWgressl6nal' VVif
p'B BiumDot unuer
Ww.,R.AiLul)AD.-TrThe,oldi n.ooking
VUey RaMrpad pijeet has, been, ieviy
the "otner ena ux;ii .muv. -
the Hamden Junotiorl. .'."The
scheme) contains manj Biqiucuw v
ees, j ute. ot. w.hich.ia Jh.e fact, t h at tho
u -.hi.liad Banduskv. , Mangold
Ne.wark--RMria4 Co. .bavo agreed' ,td
take half 6t Ah stock ofithe.-jOpmpan.
anajcomoaau'naB -eeB.uinniuiou.i-t . '7
. v: . i nnnalrnrtk
joW irpm Xe-;r4yu, "V
tW Maiic'tia ifc Cincinnati Bail 11.00,
"The Grand Army of the Republic." Ironton Register.
"The Grand Army of the Republic." Ironton Register. THE SUGAR CAMP.
Maple Sugar and Syrup.
PEsiWJtelbftrrtn'atrdn dni the jsubjeet
of au'ear ahd';yinb from ibd maple, ;we
Utrrtd two of our Bubactibera.wbo (pre;
ir-wnih holexocrts in ihia busing s, jo
beir . experionpe,,
a . a, 1,
hieh wd'presenthelpWjijiAs.thP ogar
..Knn u t hand, these letters will-be of
especiaf lYiterastWutJ readera at ;iij
iime. - Wni these gentlemen or othej pf
ouf deader tpll . ha -how-fo make" tpouft
'and t the trees, and -r other suea?
iitfBs vfhi'ch occur to Ilhe'm.?.JVA.Ot.,fcj
t ' v r-'kk(f.r UVk ' and pall : the
P81? .; m efi
L .V Wl "and if I WflfeM td.cpm
Meoca'again I would have the pati maae
pj-gasairas wooa,u i r
would be Second, chJice. " rhang the
- t- Ann ii rrer. ir tjibih
erl abaoar.wcbcs lo;ng, pat rttbrobgH
I.Kjk TBtl .MIB Ufl r uuui i.v . w.
iiu.iia' iv-i1--T : 1 a ; . .. ...
. nn . Dlitl B UQIOU uiic miim.i
around tho. pour, and near , enouguo
the end, so that when, the' spoils; drive
V epnut r'ivpn light enough w-pTevent
loakiDg,Ul hbid a'paii of sap,, r " I'-
fly arches for boiling, are 10 rcoi
long, and $ feet ,We. Oo"
onS arch I
have a pan' of that lengthy bd on tne,
other I shall have two shorter pans; in
one ot theW I syrup, off. ,1 Blithe pans
by nieaus ot a pump, wruai, iiiu w$
ba tahen to preyet.ijayea ana. ujruiuui
being boiled; SB it, ei.eB U cqjor.
Wjen 1 get asmuon sap.m iub jiuub ?
ar.n! in in hatoh. I let it . boil, down
nrMu'ifrw "an'd thed'dioitirom the large
l'taa intn tin, other two; and fill, the.large
'res.wijih.Bap;. then' boil he tWP down
until one.wili: toU tncu put it intd
bne. ahd'fill. tbp other, ;wuh, sap then
Knil lifa lhin RVrnP. thea strain .through
a nlo.'tb: ."trainer into a blean Varrel,.lej.lt
settle., for twenty-four hoursk Mi yten
drajf.ofi'K w?U bp as.'the beat ide.'snd
will need 0 cleansing, iFtom thttpdiht
it can be. bpiled' to' sugar, pr Bjruf to. suit
(b -convenience, J,.tliok; u pan bn
toie U'beV; althoughfor
eltle.in'f.-5rt,p.f-f;.;;,.4.;- , ,
' As for flu prospect of a gpod season, 1
(V,ii,(r IhprA ill DO ' .rule of iudeine before
banmenftetat it?a wit) send jrb
a sample pyeytup ,. j it ( ,
i)airon the spout, whioh li done dj iaing
a.BiDg'rcov,cneugh .to slip over the
tl a atrib of strong leafh-
i ff . . 1 1 . 1 11 i 'B rf if . lit: 1 1:
I A'-' coRttssKiKDBNT o " .U'lCovntfy
beHlii, writing from Indiana, gives
his experience with seaple sdgar: VJ 1 '
1 Use theia'.f-inch bit for tapping,; but
Co aiirn'to Veb tierfec'tly sharp, knd o
gamrr'B pftthng' - thd t woodiT Bore
from a half! to five eights deeh: that, will
'rive? a ouartef of-an inoh! for freshing,
withoutmaterially damagiDg..tbo tree, i ;
' 1 would ibe the older epile' in p'refet-
. - J ' -t'lv. T L... .... .;
ence.to any iuuia.Buiiwj. """ j1
and -it proeny: oieanpa evoij fhib,
with your pans, or buckets, there. will be
no danger flibnred'sap. My plan is to
hot lime'jufice lhem,"wiih.' good rinsing.
! For iientdogydutByrup-aftor strain
ing througri double woolen clothinti a
tnb let it stand twouhonh' in '-order to
settle ; thed drtw off by 4 fanoet inserted
in the eidp of the tub pneinch above flie
bottom 'ihat Will give you the ,olear
stuff.' - Then place ev the fira and t on
coming to' a boil, and a pint; of new iweet
ir.ilV tnivfi. i 20 eallons.' 'to slaok- it e
anBkin WoliaS long as aoylhing comes'
Stir your (Bugtr tor one nour, woue it
is cooling and graining, in large wooden
trays 6r bovyJi titB a thin wooden ! pad
die, and you 'will have as white, "nice la
ear as you could wish'.1 s .-'
t If Von. would ''economize rime andl
wood. bV all means have i tight sugaf
house over your furnaob, tot a -cold gust
r ;? I'll .v. . .. u r -f
Or Wina, DlOWing ou vuo ouriauo vi nauir,
will Btop' thd boiling,1 ai thet watery ya
por 11 throw bsck by lids jsjtd tile syrhp.
Tr it fn. ai ' mnmetit' with lidi thenfnf
raise joar Hi fii ace tbe water dnppwg
back. The Taster thdeyroritioot' tho
more'aud better sugar. ' ' , y - . .
Farmers, Mechanics and
Laboring Men.
iViuftroduoca the wealthVf the coud-
try ? , Ayho pay the taxes andbear the
burdens of government f .-: Who'fignt the
battles? ' who.build ihe ships iif wir--those
for transportation oi mercbindise,'
and the boats 4bt ply cur rivers aud ea-
nals?;VVha coostrhut tne ranroaasvtaat
now are' crossing oar great" country .in
every direction ? Who. in thee wester
their brows, plant, tend, gatnerna girt
nor the grain tha gives vigor, wealth,
and, we may mj; life itself.' ta' tfio-: pic
pie 7 Ia it not tbe farmer, meonaoio ana
laboring man who does all this ? If bo,
are they not the power in thia country ?
Moat unqucsttoni ply.-. iP tnai -ciass i r
our people desire to yield op tnat power,
their, fights and Jliberties, and place them-
ia- i Mtoi ar . position with their
brethren Ia other lands? Let them read
tho following "a'ccodnt of tha -eoodition
of affairs iu EngNnd,. clipped from an
article appeayjg'jn.ljirj londori Timet
of January 22, 18(57 -X ,
i "Thov Kefcretarv-: of " theDoclr- Ind
Wharf s .Lahorefa'sj, iAssocifttion-,lligh
street, Shad well, writing on Thursday last
thinks he WW iaf)Jy say .QOO ,0 those
classes are'nous quite out of'emplnymntt
them are dragging put a miserable exis
teu'oe by pledging iit'lle thingr and Bell
ing artioies- :('of;furniitti.eg, paiid that ' the
rest are 'reeeiving soin J relief from 1 the
parishes''ofWhiteCbapelj DethPal Green,
Spitiilfieldi'j'Sbadwel),'Pophi'x and WaJ
pinji" '! urlx-kht w,' iiiini 'VI
j , Again "we ask, do the wealth producing
classes of .Amende desire to place tliAtn
elves ili that-Conditioof . Ave.. -even in
one nipre miserable and degrading still-t-a
state of inpORielism.' ; that ...wilMeave
them but a crade above the. brute? , If
they-da, Jet.tbem epri;i.pue jiji. their eupj
bort 4i'..4he mad fanatical devils at.WaHh-
ingtoafl who iwithp enprrhouj debty'nnd
unequal tea vvjus( taxatidiiy and "equal
itrof raoes for the laboring men and
thoir families, are hastening the evil hour
that shall place thon producing brasses of
fthis coudlry' In a tabre viistrabw plight,
than are tbpsd la,VW or 'U,ut)U inn
tioned in, the" abovP-;'extiaet.'"n Duh't eay
they oa n n or, i)r"oare , pf; . They d are 1 a
suit the'author of their 'being to" toBSd
Dayton Empire.
Another Little Addition to
Our National Debt.
We- see ilai andtber; lill J Ji'as ""passed
the Houpo cflleprcBeiilativcs for " the
hill oi
pasi the'
cdateo ''A'e nfeaar.eof justice tb'our
brave soldiers and sailors it will be very
generally 'acqdiceced 'itf ' thrdbghou't the
coiiDirv.- bun. the ouestlna oeours. now
tnncTi'irnriadd-to the' public -debt?
some, estimate the amount, at tour Hun
dred and eighty million dbllara-wtipqdea-
tlonably a.heavy addition ta our burdens.
liuMnstaldtjpf Tecogmxiagjti. jn:;rbis
liht it.should bojooked pporj jBi an in
cpoiitJp toeoonomy in tbiadmiaislratton,
of the public finance aDdlo J.Ue jdjut
meet of vat turifl on rational; 'and pro..
"d uctive 4'rilicfpies?j"" such aa 'prevail io
England.-. .Uy doing this.: we shall Jeel
but Kttle,the addition ip, the pubiqd.cbt
which we are called upon to make as ao
act of justice to our .brave defenders.-
equalisation of soldiers bounties,
intended bb'! ii 'subsifiu't. Itf-' the
latt sessioir "ihd wflll rio'd jdbt 11
New York Herald.
Didn't Know it Was There.
1 1'.THi.oofVe.'liaVerjfi having stated
the following, story is , resMnaibie for it;
One of the municipal fuws. of, yoripth',
Miss rforbids, .the 'running of railway
trains through' the t,own' 7 "faster than, a
walk". ! Not Jong sgo'a freipht Jrain on
the . Mbbilo van'd Ohio railroadwss jabn?
"iaVrably behind time.ao the engineer
determined' p, 4h bn thrbugh'7 Cor,inth
without- stopping to ehakp hands .with
the, inhabitaqts.. 'Jhe' municipal author
ities saw the flying raid, passj with as,(
tonisrtjpent Vand indignafjo .Bud on its
return the engipe'er was jtrrested for.vib
lating a 'y.,orjlnancind wasuly
araign'ed tgforo it? layor..;,.1! ; -6 t
, " Wqre youengineer bf the trai n whioh
dashed by here yes,terdy , without .lack
ing up i:?t.d the Myor,f V-X''o'
, ."l was" eaiq tue engineer,
'.'jAnd didn't you knpw.it is again
law for a train to pies' through a p
pity at
annh.ap1'. a.h.?is-in-i--ii;'.-y '
H did,'J replied the eteam horsem5n,
"bnt, I'D be;-Jf T knew there wis any
oify bpre,"o. f,r..-t ; t, ,i,.! 9 c
-, $ he knginter ... want np:lifor aboul a
month's wages.. a.-,,, u..j. .j.-mj
, I Not only are, the Radioala in Congroae
notiatitutian-breakers , but ithey i: ate
Itkewiso , Sabbath-breakerpr The. Radi-
eals of the United States Senate refused
to adjourn on last Sabbath morning un
til balf-pit six o'clook fn the morning,
Fpc U there was to necessity. It puld
have been obviated. To the pious -we
.refer jthe'question icr their doosideratiop,
whether blessings are likely, to. 1 attend
legislation that violates and desecrates the
pabbatbr Ww, arejmoHir;.?'" Jii s
A Slight Difference.
iinnrisonraonl iaaOUBY.Blthy histiie,'
I "I.H Fran6ei",fchh6''s'pblo dbrV
speotfaf of the'Et-tTbritt a stagecoach.
Ja fiiiit hntP'J'helianae.'-- f
1 It's Well that chap didn't' live in this
country uuntjg lutriuiKu v t',"'",;
from Bakeamdn-i-tte 'lamented Linfcoln,'
a hiaindiscreriou inipeakinjc disrespect
far csr the :ffoyernmenf'-rwouldi'hayo
hsnat ii& bis ljl or-nYonths tipo toontiu i
in b , a , : n ui u u irm .... ir . ...
n.ll,r mm At aiDU.'- i.1
imPrenbqt 'ini' -ono of tho-- filihtoil
duanvona W the-eoontryr'ior
disresptctful 0! one of his pupsa poor, v
meaa drunken spy, - And becauia wd; .;,
not talieve and, would net say thatv
Abraham .fLineoJd.Twas the "best, tha; ,
wisest, the prettiest, most dignified, pJn
btic, hoflcat. attrictiT, biilliant creature :
that tbe Oobd lod ever putbyatb Info,
vera ilaced under arrest hot lesathaBj.
five tirheaj-aad ibreatVe wit annihilM
tioo by t t'oadios about every other day. .
Such is thrdlffereqce between the mon
arcby of Franoe, and" the Republie f .;
America -ow . (ffl Watchma .
J.: Gray Meek, Editor. v---.-v:-:--;t
.'Tni FLbob. From Pitisburgb t ;.
Maysville the Ohio River was reeedifig:
laat Dightr-" ..-At' Cinclnnaii-it-.-l r ;
stand, with filty-one feet In thechannal, rf
and bard and-BteadyVrain jestOTdaj and
last night, which (may caused further'
rise. At Louisville thi .Ohio. wa re-.
ceeditig last night, withTtweBty-nve feet
over the falla .. Tbfk Lower Ohid it oca
vafet ocean tf-wateri toiles ia width, Tidm
Evansville to Uairp, with danger ot tha,-'
latter pbint being iuuedated by tha breas-t -
og 01 the levees. ' a nt ivcbuu . ,
Vabasb RiverJ ' are. falllnpj while tht
Cumberland, Tnneasee,. Missonrl, and,
Upper Mississippi are rising. A ;
.. flaJ anon a tin Lower -lIisisiPPt
iti. iaevitable, Cincinnati Commercial) . ' .
29th. t '"r-:i.V.;CiV--v'(-r;. .
Tas Cincinnati, C'owjnrciy , lshBt
with a sharp editprial lish'he Repdhli-
can members in the Legislature for their ' ..
"moial cowardice! iii'.not sabmittiog .to, t'v:
vote or the people an amendment to- too
Ctnistitauou allowing the pegrpes tor vote,, ,
The Commercial says that the Republi-.;
can "party's (iotnmiited td 'Negrb- Suff-. v
rage by tho-'Wto''''ol.'tbu;tl)tet)UUTl .
id Congress." That's,; so.,- And sd ar;
the1 Republicans in fhe, Ohio Lgilatire'
by indorsidg" hat vote.;; They, tbiok
boweverH-at least some da-that theyeau
hoodwink the people yet longeron, thil.
question; if:jby;hsir notvarpreaeTl i
oommUo iheiselvesl wr.tbr.ocr
'JSt'ftinel. r-'wM. '.'.'' ;,.'". .V
: :"
. ,
p.: . .... r ...i. ..... 1,) i i t:-:.-. .
,;' A Wooim EACrtar. A ptraon who ownt ;
a large a Valtfabie iraet ; of ' hrtia, through 1
whih the Majlotta-aad CiBofnnatt railroad
paisesweat of and adjoining thaaleiki - ; ,
tale, ' in Tfaron eoonlf , authorheu the editor
of the' Dtntoernlic piniirer t alate that a "it
forr woln :faMori will be itivaa Jfrte . to,
n.y Tiartv who -will mild ODOU H. 'i .
Tha is (b way aoi build pf. plJ Ko
donbt th giveT will k siaMj Ue ap
eratton, id. tha nhapoed valoa of bi real.
eatafe. t J jsi-wiaer than toaakt;oprioea for
tha mill. titaJ and. .tbae drite aw capitat
iaeekina invealrasnt. Portimulh RtpnbtitM.i
: T ' . ...I'.i. -f.Y... .11 .. ,,t -..
IaoH .Wobkb. The cerlihcate of laeorporB.1
jMoa of- Lawrence fresi; yTerff CompaBy av f'
filed at the aeoratarj! ''of JJUta'a ofJioe, Febi ' -,
12. Th aapiUl slock Is $500,000, .divide ; .;.
intosb'ares of $100,- and the bjec!; ia to; ,
imanu'facrurailie dlfrernr'af leliei of Iron,
jTbe manufactory ia to be located atlroatop '
Lawrerfoe courity,-'Oblor,'Th" eorporatorw ;
are iohd Ellison; Samuel W: Derapaeyi Cyw.' V
Ellison, Sherman 0- Johnson ao,! Arthur '
T. Dempsey. M i-Lbi""". '.':;.
i ;Thb Taua , Fiaq74,'. JeBAi tea, Titir,'
;IIoiir. yfa 7"ri Flag -eonlinuM its earaer'.',.
under tbe most favorable anspieea; Ae: -
tknpwledged to' be theploneer'-nawapaperl at
its alass, having originated the syitem of .
;JVo. Cimttnuti Stories, it has outlived a host of
Imitator?, and stil! distances all competition.
Its circulation exotedi" by several thousand
that of anr Wk W oaoer-ia- Saw England,
It if no't Hmited to any laSr-r'diatricli bat
cheer fie"' homes' and gladdens the nreaidee .
pf everj 8lte In the Union.- ; It Ib kot di--. .
tingulsbed niut tot'' il9: tjailM , Tales ;i
mi SieUhet, butf dyery'. nambet: aw ". enter- ; ,
tainlng and usafol variety of Aneedottt, Bo-;:-;
,ography Editoriat JUmtures, JBUtoTp, Warr.
WUe iatfttifft,' Scraps -vf 'Wit, and -earioua '
information ef avery deacripUon. . - , i .
1 .1 .-I ;
j Our Corpa of. Contributora; eemprisae thai
livelieBrstofy-fellers, and numbers many of
tba beatiutbori 'of J thd Atj la evsry de
parttneot Ojf ,litratnre.j(i c ;f - w 'A ' -i
Inespeet le the future, we can only say
that we ebajtadhewtooti
tjttsm of avoiding tedious no'valatUs,,
of giving each week tbroughent the year a. ..
ebndenaed aud sptcy. compendium of reading '
for the people. .
; Tem$aQ"'i"yVa$;;for
Mobtb;rriBriatry w
t Single copiea 6 evnta. , Sold by. all. ..Ike- '
news and periodical dealers. . . .
! Mcuitdn-'& -tiacln"f aoluheri, "Rfc'.CO. :
itroinfieid Street, Boalo'h, Maaa. '-j.'.J
.: Oeneral AgeataWfhb. i.'Amerieati' Kowa$.v ..
(Company, 1 19 and 121 Nasshii7 Street, New v '
York Cityi?r.: ZiXX. Zpt ' ':l
A Slight Difference. DEMOREST'S MONTHLY
V - .1. & A..u1 lha Mod! .
TTHivwst.T.v anMedd the Moaaa
IJ Parlor Magaaine of. Arwria,i.votl,(
Original Stories, Poia.8keUUa,, Aib
lecture, and Model Cottages, Beoaeheld MaU
ter, Gem of Thought: Penonalaad UltTT -Go.V
(Jnclidlng8 ;
Faahlona IdatruotiouB " Ctf Heaith, -;
tic Eque.(ri.a Exeroi..., ' "0I-. 7
andptofusely -Bnd erliitDr uln!t'r'J
i VcostVeiSravlng's (full ala uselW and
r,uWpitter"a,mbroidarKJew-U?KW . -a
sucoessioa oi arUaUd MeleUt w.ith, elhw .
useful and eiUrtaing liUr Wm. Vi-'J
i No person of teflnemaui, nP
wife, or lady
the Model Monthly; . . 'v . " W ia ;
lAaid splendid pratmvMnl .
LeaohJ. with the Brst premt - . . v
sditbe.7:!..i -ri
No. 473 Broadway York.
?tx 1 ' T-T:.'1.:'.

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