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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 28, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer.
Items of Local Interest.
' Brown's Iron BulUing,, Philadelphia, Pa.,.
' Areauthotlxdtoottr.t tor advertising for this
jT ... itimeui ot? .'Monthly
5 JJagasiine.u la this pipnt I'" ; 1
-Tbakes le Hon. H. 3. Buady. M. C. from
thii distriot, for numerous documents.
i TjhU 'it ft.'?, f nT itr'i, ' hi'i'T ' t-.
' " 'Taatnts te Honi A. Swal, ktemberror tne.Haese
of Bepreetti-es .fromib$B Ooluity,LSr,numiods
l - Interesting aiul valuable documents., . ' ; : ;'-;
v.- Vtfi'ttim- ??rittt,rill-b'UjnkfuVly
' , oiVd troJnrrieiidVUt'inr'tl!i:frW
iiiyai ;th-oVdjolnlng frtjjtlM-
1 -.! IP' .-. .'.'.' tji.! j V-l I.'' .,,1. '
A&wp)i,.VwrwTr, t fcewporl, .R, J, w ?l Mr
vept .'ur.tHn. foriirte. e;Torkl .Bostd?,;
- and rinIBii;pir-b it. w4 "': ,:
'iJ.UW;:li l.i .,'l . IHI-I J1;1 'll 'If.'iJ -l'rTtf ;.i: c
.' 1tot i.WASTv-rl5-lB ,nU7.put';rag, .'.w
'-will be Paid for them,.ii i-'--w.','i. -i.tr. -.
t " ' ' - '':'
,;;; 'M-)Hig feood fw'-i tre weeks to two,
' months Id, to' ttt, f tM at the offiee of
ihis ;ppr; "nd' Uftta nho'ilsher PF-'
. . ,, ,. .1, .--ill 'k.i'". i-f. -i, u'Hiih'oi :!.'
i rt. VI '"i !'.(' t V 1, s T".o,v 'l.'u
:jlM' '.I !
t 4 .-.fl - 1. ' , ; m .,mm ifl ATI
iisd.'snd Ifeei ; i!gW -tydlc. tb.,-., this fill
te gwd eesioB.,- Those Utiog tree- should
Impnw thi goldeii time-'l ,! ...i -- 't..
j!encu4,kj tlt OWO, Leisltu, reU
to thp killing of tiusils,' phessVnts, lurt
i.jS, S., went Into, effect; on, - "V
" .'! LerisUlare has psstei n toft nlho-
i-ing. counoils ' of .Incorporated, .lllsgei1!
appoint rasrebsls, police, sna .uu.
n.urofficers. This hir,.M., "PP'J MoArT
. ir" it
. ortaniei anty $osir.
3- TJn oji oskinrii county, at Zanes-
tllle. '-cA'wlK.JWl'iW P-wident, The
Club- was addressed 6 Judge, Thurman on
- Pavuioay sjy .say. ,.t- q.j H
Baksom Bosinn'-i''' was executed at
,TWu, et Ahe" 46tk; Inst., fo h mnr
.John. T". Eubank,,- protested Us
Innocence as prinelir iu' d-ittd 1-l-ow
; :jtWet Virginia legislature has Voted
o aas the BlaW1 capifl "M1 Morgahlown,
Klonpagahela eotnUy. This town is situated
MtM Kp'noniahela rher, two,' hniidred and
.ninety-Bfe jnies wriownt y
":' '''Tn HatSi'i.t Cusapn-." e hMe.for
-ula at this office we mi i aaperp um
' Btatigs 'of '-!the R "! Cherubs,"
.frcni BapBerkalstinMaoBna w,htoh we
. JoTiU sTerybody especially the ledis--to
; caliandsee. The-prioe is low.,.. .
"If-Tail editor of the ForUmeath.rJ?pno'ea
thinks that the notlo i this paper; headed,
"Touns Cahes Wanted," looks suspicious,
16 say the . least.'Jj If theubtfww diter,
. aforesaid, eonld awke it convtnieot to use
think he would not diwover
o Asa'i nfeietts tb't 'took'mispwiousf to
the least.,"4Vti2 ,1 ;,.
faTKBiA NoTtorf.-Those whe prefer
payinglhelr sabscripUoni In any kind
. country produce, or mvwooa or .po.if.a-.
i(tae.tlu)ty;.4' :?..I,Te
inadenmagements 'to reoetaethe seme at
any time. 'Send us your'names.'your 'ooun-
try produce, wood and , coal, ssti wtti
, . send yon thafl nCAe70U?,
.nw Htffln toon tour way rejoicing I"
T ca'idof jVA.'Monahan, ii.'liVPhysi-
clan and Surgeon, at Hamden,-in this eoun-
; ty, will be found in May'spaper. The ir.
hi only resided In this county about two
' -sears; and,'s he is welltersed in his pro
r " fession, ha has a large practice" Tn'fcamden,
: nd ticlnity.- y All il patients are skillfully
';. treatil'-'Di"l;i,'d,"f lt
' - ' ' " -
' ' .' M.tiaV i)w 8ia'isiia has tar n
i " ' '"iarged, and with its new heading, present
Dsautlful appearance. - The Statcman, now
-undeF&e ninnigenTent 'ot BoA K KEsnel-
tnan, as ediWr, U among the h.est papers in
jfoellnion, ItahpuldrecelM thatpaironage
that it now deserres.
, lh'e ;nr9sj)eotusof ttf Blaitman will be
Jound in anof nar pr r""; ' ""
. when our frit'ndl"' wish a good .and reliable
' wpe'r. 'ire. would adtise them ttfeend for the
biJ v...,,! . ",,.f At!r.rU fi.'.i.V 1 '
.TTTvil . nn I -. v;.- ve, -lii.l
..hlffi ..Hi) )- I'D." ,.i- i -!.. I I'M
ii xyittiira wns to hato been beldon
" ui. nt:McArthur.' of the
-triiens intemtod in the ccMtruoUon ,pf:
1?' Marlett aiid Cincinnati railroad, to that
W should suppoTTat there mit
'JTimbHo'splrit enough 'jpt the cltisens
' 'SfiKu th -8ed,forb3.ot-if not,
Iby, McArthur-PofttweKt BepulUcan,
"RjT' . ': t .... .U.r vu..!a t
HhnmeeuBg was "
best and most lunneniiai cuixeni
UAtlehdanoe, Tier u pubno. spirit
,anV4Vmongthe cUixen njf MoArtJiur and
.WnUjie45et benjrllpf Jl.tW tps was
T- ask ani " . '
Items of Local Interest. DAN WILL & BRO'S
'Ukiu'im' throjiiailmojt-or the, tlesfr-HJl
wlshlna; U purthasi,hBre of the HnVl
, ,7 fH ...... ... .,
Goods Vfr'they aref H old,;;;'-pM pi th
Will Drothew vllUtirf rt fnjjt-ir'efelufjjr
new oobc's ioa TiUfc' erRisa, .tbad.
Those vUb'inf ' 3od . Sn'i . it,tO' ;be
their Inlerei W B" 'fVt n n.' jDroat.,
now,'s theyftke pUMasaifin !Jt8ent)jf
ihtir Ooj fdriaij-eotiQ! of 'lh'p'ubli. .,
.ii ; : ) ,,, ..a.. ... M ,. r.i.j.i-ni.I.
. .
i ",Tn Ii'ttIe, Cpax, pt,'rke)' pll o"
with KvnoifT' i&d'' Wertaium
whhdrivaoMbtf the le t rrid '.'LliepMt chij
drtn'g tiiette published mywbe;e.---JrAui
Th;prl( of Thef LiUleCorporal one
dollMA y$cL " i..
i 8mpe eopfles, eboj-ig..ft. mp superb
. M . 11 i
, Addresa the: vawjibw- Ai,"-, f:, pewen,
Wb wouy .fjtkll t.h.C8ttjsntMn gf;ijir resd-
e Jn ioss psperJ;; They deal .IwGot
srntnent BeouritiM. .Exehsngs, Slink, Bonds,
6ol(i,'6Uve,&e4 receive,; depoilli, nlpj
Uilr8i't: ttoe depMits;. 'mskc cttliMtions
kt nil scceesihlf poiaU in '-the Union; keep
U. 8. BeTnu dumps . ssle, n atiena
to all busa-s on the most liberal Urms a'nd
Uk the ntmost promptness..- tHn-yiWill,
Cashier of the JJank, is well Sn6n U t
tnoroiigh and tnill-'hiMAp-i
thus fishing, W transaot any kind CdrasU
nee's'witb a Baitk, s'honld'gife'i this Backing
House , call. .,
I i.ri;'.
A'PArEk- ror Ernt FAui.-iAnd we
mean not only eery, family, but sfngle pep-
American Agrief tmrut r- tn-ost tains oi
and the' cheapest journa I In the WPr-d.! ,
baVerpceiyiihi , Jrst, , numbeofj the new
Volume', which beg ins the second!; Quarter
Centnry. and. , find U. of nnexampiedl excel
lence'.and , beauty,: ,wlil (he publishers an.
nionce t!Tl greater things to tome. Mr.
Clifl, one or tne mosi popumr -.uu
writers enhe Counlryi'is to joih' the already
laree nnd'strenr editorial foTC of the A$ri-
Miiturni. ana reguiar oni,riouviuu fi-
ised from the well known ? Timothy Bunket,
fisa.'.,r the ,f DowiTEasl Firmer." The Ag
ricultural la.'iiinrte? of' turf and cheap
ness:' Each- number1, ltd' 3C to . 40 large
doubln octare! pages,- containing 25 to 35 br
raAk'niilv: Wutlful :aad instructiT JEn
(-ratings, and I, packed full of useful, tell.
ble information.. , The publisher promwe
to expend jttypiysfijt y
in engrafiegs alone. 'and gl5,O0O in procur
ing and prepapng sterling ieaaing maiwr,
adapted, to .Ibe wpvk of the Farm, tne yar.
demand the Household, inoiudiog an enter
taining nJ InstruetiTe d'partmeni for
Chiidrn',and ' Touthj, . Npthing Jesi than a
circulation Of oter 1 50,000 which" reduoes
the expenses to a small sum eaeh, could en
able the pubiisheri to furnish such a -jb4r
nal, for nnly $1.60 a year. ' We agatn adtise
erery person to subseribe for .' .thn. rM(r
it.xlt,,.i' adapted ,o.'City,. Village, and
iCoun try. Orange JndJ ft Co., PubUsbers,
41 Park Bow Kn.. wj
15, fffiWlU2
Pksssrtk AsnltssroUrpi yx-Siqht
Tac Lupaorso . Pabascopio, ,Bpxciaci.bs !,
James Malooe" of. McArthur , is -Agent for
the hhproved P,rascoplo Spectacles, (from
the 11aus9I a. rieeoerger uo.,ointw iorn
v,'Jr v v J - ----- i
tific ODtioiane and 8pectaole Makers.)
which are' made of the celebrated Pebble
cr. Crjstaliied Quirts,' and . the most peifeat
Kpeetacu iMtTec. itroaeaM m tun
glasses are grouna in ooncaTe-conre iorm,
which Iba accordance witji t&s philasophr
of nature. Their-perfect .sufaoes', purity
and transparency of 'ihaterial,' snd the exact
and spherical figure,' forni! the most Spectaole
lens in. nse.v,.'- w,r.m . .i... t-1. i'
- Probable not one person, in ten sees per-
feotlr. or as near as mieht be with proper
elasses. Pome approach nearer perfect tight
9. - ..... . :.. 1L.. 1.
(nan otners, wniie many pioa toruugu mv,
subiectinz themsolTes to kreit.paln and in
convenience, when by using, -proper glaiees,
What waa before done with, irksomness and
pain, would' ef.brd both pleasure and recrea
tion. Being in possession of the Optimer, a
most perfeot instrument for determining the
nnwrrnhn Aa. he cannot fall in-adjustinc
his glasses to tne perfeot ''Mtlsfaotton of
tnose having aeieoiivo.sigat, a tipuoin
a abl to a-tra a verfect class without the
ya-B?easurer-The glaSss.re warranted
to suit in all cases to cum weakness ana
dimness or inflamation of tne eye, restoring
ind nreatrfinf olearners. ef vleion, and im
parting strength for long reiding.and sew-
.All are invited to call at hie residence
and examine the, glasses. He , will wait
upon those residing in the country.
! A Wootis ACTokt. A perspi whi owns
a large and valuable tract of land, through
whiok the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
passes, west of and adjoining ' the' fcaleski
Estate; 'id'' Vinton "countjr, aultiorixei us to
state that a site for a Woolen Factory will
be riven free to any party who will build
upon II ! ItJs an excellent place for a Wool-,
en racvorj; aovi " win iroui uis
Depot of the M. & C. R. Rand water, coal,
wood, and eterj.' thiog' elan necessarr ' &r
building and running ;sn' establishment of
this k;lnd,'being near at ; han"d. 1 We think
there Is not s more oon.Tnient - location In
this county .for Woolen Factwry.' or fur
Iher parlfculars ealrpn or,, addreas th:Bdt:
(Or 01 Mill jfBcr.
l.Uon IP yield Ulor-Wweoytw
pssi nil.--- .-. v -. a.
Tobtshootb Inoa KfABXiT fiinoe ur last
weekly iesu there has been perhaps a larger
quanty of iron shipped than in any ofae
week daring the! past' six months. . Not leas
than 2,000 tons have oleared this port, most
ly to all order from . the down-river markets.
The demand keeps tha. flguxM of oar, last
rtootatlons firm,. Willi no perocpupip nisposi-
ii, demand' keeps tha. flgurea of our, last
h hundred finigtT
'in ibrtai
-"It is ex-
;He then froae sUff. imafbleM Ob f
summer of- 181)0 some Frenoh physlciu . i
found hkn, after having laid frcien rfor f e
hundred tti&trl&asiA :grdui.;,y
llhawed him, aal' upon animation being re
stored hs coseludod"1 his aenteuoe Wi.a
i.Jj .'A ' MAN AIIAtX, ; r.l. D J i.
K,FUl,of'Jtii6 Ifberkt ifrdn pre rVciivert f.
nifronAffe wnvm mr
t jreni , ha would 'wit twIhsKe'dec ir
ppouaHdket!. thnl lif. mar always I
W hi Jirofi'WloiiAl Mrtiretf, thnl i may nlwoys !
tbiimi t his OflV.T pr THSHlonije, on Aluin bffu.
less absent on rof'iu'iuu boslhess'.1. , ',
,'KohrHarr-SW, lof-l
.1 enHsul
We Dwf- r Dan. 1K, ilro's Sofe, Aorjft
IS i.'Sf;,'; Stile JKatiiStrttl,'. I.iivT v k
I- iUvilli-l 1A V JM VlllVri
..' '.r'r'tfzrrz: 1.
T6 x bJMtRit' BANk'feCWP'
IJ JDealln ExohangrJlovernment Secnri-
I Deposlu reoeled. .JnterMl paid pntim
deposits.-, y V u.-'v-'V n": "'VI
.; Collections roade; at all eesaibj -.points.
in thu' ITnilKil States' . ' . .''r '"..-!
Xoited 8aues Revenue Jinwnps ;pr sale.
11 business done on the mas liberal terms,
. . . ... f. . i . ... i ... ... 4 -
TACUS: - OfcU ,
'MADfi' 'NEW,'
.easily,, wjthoui doctor", " '
"'Isr" madtnlnea.'.. Sent.
.!..) Baij fitl MeeiDt of
' lOeenta. I 'P'-ki ;i TrfsO av iT;
f ,:.t ? H30 Broadwyi'.xM' ' .
WAY WIT trl'N'"'1 '
3:11 "10 'Jo,,
'ifSSES. U'C'O M-' .f"''na,
aoo -.i i fart'1 rrl' ,J ti-ii""iu
; ;uo 1 for-, the -ItUPT0REl).UrlT
Zio. Im IJsat post'pa'id'on're- 1 '.J
,ecipi..of,, l., .cehts.
' , .'VAddresV '
, " l.'.i' Drt'B. B,F00TB
f ,iJ IttO Broadway, K;Y. .
ri III. ' L " I - v ' " . j
' ' nONrtOENTrAL lN
f r'ORHAHON ' I0- !:! ' 7'
! . ,TiiE MARRIED!. Sent7 3 nti'j
1 ' -J in sealed '-(Envelops on' -it
' l .-.' reiipt nf .10 " eenis.-i
i H .'O :i Addresa .''';l)r: ' ',EnBr '
:-iir-: rooTE.. Author ' ay'.: :unv.
I'jfj e.ni Medlcal'Comi'on'-'i'.
i '- ii I s A' j : ' l J30 Broadway, N.: X, p -;
r l'eb'tiiary M.mT.'i.ri, ' fin; fii,-.-'. '0 ; .ro
-.fl. i i
THE WHITE MAN'S PAPER Clubs for 1867!—Clubs for 1867
FOR 1867!
' Tub Nsw Tobk I)AT-BooKnteri.Dpon.lhe
threshold , of 1867, .with fl Jdrgtr, circulation
than that ejony pemtcratic paper published in
(hi Korla, ana tna oiruumnfiu w vnuu ju
ereaaint and extending in every (flreotion
It has never been the. organ of. mere " party
Democracy,'.' but rather lha . exponent of
those, liberal principles of human .Upvern,
ment wbioh 'Onf forefathers. wrung, ;witb
bloody a weati fro the -tyrants ofyinfi,--Standing
on tia foundation.pf .ths Dpclaja
itnn of Indenendence; -that, " all (white) men
ire created ,eiai;.an4 lrVtrantitlod to
" . .. 1. ......J in All fymaa nd
equal ngms, im ijiio y
degrees of special legislation that conflict
with, ih grand central tbbtii, ef Dempora
0Xr,and ever all, and ftbpvp,pl, does it com'
bat thaw, monstrous, treason, to American
liberty, which, thrusting, the negro element
into our, cplitloal system, ihf o. necenily
wreck the while mighty fabric leit us by our
fathers. God, Las created white men superi
or, ani negroes inferior, and thirefart all the
efforts of the past five'years to abolith His
work, arid equalise with negroes tery law
violated,, every 8tat Constitution over
thrown;, every life sacrificed,'' and every dol
lar expended, are necenarily just so assay
steps toward national suicide ; and the tin
pie. and awful problem-now upon ua is just
this shall we recover our reason and re-
trans our steDs: or march on to Mongrelianv;
social anarpnj, ana -mv ,tu"t , ul"
country t. 'A i -c. ri 'WUO).'."Ui:;ao ;
I Tn! Dat-Book,. -thertfort, . demands the
restoration ef the rt Union, as it was" a
. .--.. , , . - 1- - A, ....
Ilnum at urauat niaiet upon int. venue want,
aa the onl hone, and the only means poest.
hW gnaw hsaven for ravine the irrand ideas
of 1776, the fundamental principles or Amer
ioan liberty, and if the real friends of free
dom, aid ike earnest peirerers in mat sacred
and glovioas cause in which the men of the
Revolution offered no their lives, will now
labor" to expose the ignorance, delusion and
treason of the Monarsl narty. &t mcctml.
and the whola whitp Republic of W'ash.ngtcnJ
be restored again in all us original Deneu
eonce and' erandeur,. i . ., ,,
i Tbb Wikklt Dat-Boos: l the most COM-
Its News Summary, Family Beading, Agri
cultural Artiole, Reports, er tattle, urain
and Cottpa. Markets, &p &p. pre not sur
passed by any paper. i'- , Ijm-- " y.-vf .'
I . ) i :.'i ! '.? : '.- yf, : r.n l
One copy one year, . .- ;- r ' fJ 0
Three cepies one year, .,, . ! Vj?0
FiVe eopies one year, and one to the-
. getter tip of the elubj ' v -'.' . . .10 00
Ten copies one, year, and one to the'' ,vi"! v;
getter up of the club, . ". . " i" If 00
Additional oopJesj, .. - -JL.T6
Twenty copies one year, and one to
the getfer up of the nluh, ! v ti . 30 00
Specimen eopies sent free.. Bend for a
copy. Address, giving pot. otnoo, county,
and Bfnte in full,- ik r s :; --i
f 1XQ11 Nassau fltree New;. York;
Corner Basin and Third Steets.
P. CHURCHILL, Proprietor.
- .... i.'.- - ay-..
- ,
15 s
ONsiVsner'aattary "ist,: JPraiat 'wilt ro'n as
'MlrLfeAfif v" y " MIGHT EXPRE3 EAST
I)cfrt tiiwiimnll TrWr.a. ! ,',
-:1),, linlaiaii .S1. ",
... .. I'tiilii-ntlMI it (W P.H-
IS 36 A."
,wm-n''.'-l '-.- "t,! V
(I Vxf -
Lgil-ti- i !i:,.i it l"'i t 0
i'i SAlhrtM His pirt.f .'..l p.,,. -..i.t
'"'W'Ait.WESt. " ' 'KlfiHt-BXmiMirWB'.il
Dls Hl"a i. ioS Ma., . ,fi 'J lSj, :: '
, Alheia sS" " lo lti." ,
' TMesl MOW " . ,
'w HMn..V. 4 ' ."" 1M".1 ' 1
rhlllitalhtfi 1 s rjr. ll i-,1 ..,-!r.;-
..a iiewaiMt a .....' , tew-" .,,-.
Arrivn Llneiliuili' 5 OO ." " ' -' -' A M '-" , '
Coiiaccnoni m'ktfe at.tfdmdep' frttb'-'.rrains'oil Hie
ii . 1,1
m.f at Cinomnflll b
Wesa ni Trans; no.l at rmkeraliufg wUh the Balti
more' ana Otii (lai)' Itoa.t'. ,! '' . -"' - -
Master of Transportation.
Chillicothe O., Jan. 24, 1867.
? ' LATIST FA8HION8 DEMAND .',(; -.;
J. Jirdfey' O'elobraiMd Patent
Duplex" Elliptic
--.(.'il! -1 j(OB, DOVBLB SrBI);lV .;.,TJ
TijE'wOERrji'Ft.EXl'rtlMTT; Jm.l'krwt
' w)rtiTndrt.nto anyljly!wifc(l,-lb
'lniinnx Miiinu Kin win neei wrtemwa wiiwuki)
in all crowd, d Awrmbliefi, Oiwriis, CnrrinKe". Bitii-
riwj Cam-IDun-h Hfwu. Arm Chaim. forPromenado
lui. llmte lir. as- the Skirt can I )ldol when
-He Mil If or Inaiin lh--p. an Invalllalilo
niialitTiaTsnnonuo, not' toand ro Snjr Single Boring
t A ijailr hating en.io;d (he pleaaur,-wmfort an
armiinw.uivaorwmrinff the I'imlex EllilHtcHt.-"!
HiirinoHkirl for a ainil dar will never aRnrwnrifa
willioglYdiaiMmsa with thuiruse'. Kof Children.
MIkih md Voting. Ladies they, 'are superior to all
nsneni.' .ol tf.n tKH-.l :" "-''J '.:! ; i
iThn.m nnfruMirl nr hrcak tike the Binsle Spriltl,
but ill iraaeryo thejr pcrfeet and graceful ha
wnen tnrw nr tour orainnr j omrm mu
thmwnndaa .uaeleiia. I The iHoops ra cofered
withdanUe and twiated thead, and the bottom roda
are not only double fifing, but twic,(or doul.le)
eoTCrwUpreicntinn tbein from wearing out when
arafflngunwn woofw-aiaira, o.-
TI,. I).,l. Ktiintin ia a oml fiivorite With all 1
(tieaatd i aniversall recommended by tl.fi Fashion
Mflffiiinea the STANDARD BK1RT t)K THK
KASHION.lI.KWOKI,n,i. y '-.. v-- "T ,
'fo'eiinylhe roIlowlnff'eneKljriianle aaranta-gas in
CrinolijS.-vfe: Superim--Quality. Perlw.t MnniifaJ-
uise.iiiynsa Biintxnnu fininn. rifuiiwiii.
ly, COnfort anrf Eitniomy, enijuire for J. W. U0
ley.'s itlei Elliptic, or Ooiibie Sptiiift S.Uirt, aijd be
sureyoigthe Genuinearticle. ,,' .
UAunua. To girart.ngainM larwuuw
l....l. I fc-zlTH-B Alm-uirta nllarjwl aa DU-
UDII'I'UIIW im -n.a.J - -' --
I.EX"hnethe rl ink atamn,
"J, W. Brad.
lev's Dunlex Ellintio tMeelSnriugs," iipou the waist
band nine 01 he fa are genuine. Also noticejnat
ery op will ad mit fit nia being prtMed througn
braided ipsfether therein, whicl ia the flexibility of,
and HtreiKth, and a combination ot to, be round In
anvother Skirt..-. '' -1- 'V-VV
influentis. tnus revewing ina iw iuruv"'"" "I"
.. IfORSALBrnan Store where FIR6T. CLASS skirtu
are pl"d, throughout the United Htatea and elaewlwre.
'Manufiatiirf by the Sold ll.wnera of the Patent,'
I-'." , WE8T8,' BRADLEY & CAREY, '" V
d l f .'is? fhamhere and Ti 4 tl Reads Sts., N. Tfiv;
.February VHW7-li iv
i'..i .r.
1 y ,; i.i 1 n "J,
Sheriff !;SaIe. 7
ClansitPowJ, Plnlntiff,- "I Ii Vinton County Court
ajiuic jLniV) , r sivi vvuttij.
: . ! , :"i va.-.'- .iJ u.ii:' --xmmon noawj
E rvin K. Dowit, Defendant. I Ordi-r of Hnle Ke. &.
FURSl'AJtT to the command f an order of aale id
the ahon cause to ma directed from the Court
oiCommoa Pleas of Vinton unty,- Ohio, I will otter
at public wile, at the door of the Court Uoiue. in the
Towu of MeArthnr, in said county, oa
"'' TUESDAY,; MARCH H,Ttf,1867,-.'r
atlhobonrol 1 nlctock P.! M. of said day, -the fol
hinSdflaerihed nnnitaa. to-it:(. i.'t...
, Beginning for the aaroe eleven ohaina Snd twenty
iiiivh weat or the nortb-eaal ooraer ofHeclion iom,
ber Thirty-two (32.) in Township Number Ten (10,)
of Range Number eixtenn (ieOhioCninparry'a Pur
ciiana; tlwnce hoinit (o'tr-one vcuama autt ueu(j.
live linka: thence West thirty-two chains and ninety
links; UMDce North (..rty-one ohaina and twenty-tire
lidkiv tbrhee fcawt thirty-two- eltnins an! seventy
links fn the place of bexiDning, containing one huqa
red aijd thirty-five JlSiJacrca more or leas.
TakeS as the property of Errin E. Dowd to satisfy
an order au4 decree of aatavourt tn tsyorot iari
L)owd. t ' I rl 1 , ..' , .'; ;
- Appraise at twenty-six hundred dollars and must
unng nrO'imruB oi cnai sum. - , ,
Terms of saleCash in hand. ' '.
' r, -uii i I .-J I'fWN J. SfTOCKEY,.' I ! -;
Sheriff Vinton County, O,
E: A. rlrarlon, AttyforPrtt. ' . ' , , '
February , 18S7 w ' ' ' 1 -" ' '
Admlnistrator'n Sale ,of
ri " Ileal Estaf t , V
Patrick Henry OdmHj Administrator"! T - '-' k
. of Estate of MiuhueJ iiaughorty, I In Tinton Pro
i. deceased. '. " . .. .. bate Court.
, -'-.'' ' ' vs. ' ' '' ' JPetitition to
I I Man naushartv tt.- al. ! '.! 8ell lyand.
IN pursuance ot unorder, of the Probate Oourt of
Vinton countv. Ohio, eranled on the Sth day ot
f enruary, a. u. icof, i win oner tor laio . uuuu
mictioD. on i :.u.i " ' -K.t !-'-'' "
Monday, the 1 8th day of March
1. .iu jj.iootf,,, H'-bi-'!
beiweed the hours ot 10 . o'clock A- M J aad i o'clock
P.M. off aid day, upon the premises, in the Townl
hin nf WilkeavHte. the fol owinz described Rea-
Estate, eltuAte in the county ofvlfltoa , and State ot
unio, ro-wu: .. r i. l.i . !. ': ' ' ' '
'The West half of .the South-west quarter of to
tlott NomsBr Five (No. I.) Township Number Eight,
8,) Range Number Sixteen, (No. IS,) containing
eyeuly.four. acres. , i - . ,'.,,' vi:.
' . ALSO ' :.'.'-,.-
Thirtv-fotir SiCWs ottol the East halt, bf th South'
Kast Quarter of Section Number Si, (No. e,). Town-
ftip Number Eight, (No S ) Range-Number Sixteen,
(No. !(,) hi the county of Vinton, and State of Ohio
contammg -niirty-iDur acres.r f f.-,v;i,j.., ;t
Terms of Sale One-third cash lh tlawdl ' One-third
In iroontt)s, and the remnknng one-third in. twelve
Btontiia, Dont Uie nay or sale,, wito, tatsreat; ueiar
red payments secured by mortsaae upon the prem
ises sold.,'. '-
i , , , AJm'roi Michael i)angliej-ty, deoeaseiL: i
'VebraaryT. WTw,,. . ; ; '. , , .p, ,t,,,
- ' .V i. . j... .. . .' . ... . 1 i
Sher IIP aird Special RSastcr
t ijommissiouer's sate. ''
si- s ?s a It'-, m
iiato.p OAioi FttKoit County.',
bur, Plaintiff, 1 1n Vinton County Court
. . I , Summon Pleas. Order
FeBx Grimes CstltJVi,ef1iad decree
IJUKHUAWI' to the oommand of en Onler and Ee
civa tstiied from the Court of Common
Pleas -of Vlaton County, Ohio, snd to me '; directed
sSherifl isnid xounty, aeting aa Speoiol Master
Commissioner herein, I will oner atpublio aete, at
the lioer. of the Court House, in the Town of McAr-
thiuvin said County, on u-u ',
.;.T;.-.-" A. D. 1867, M ;'!, ''-
at l oi!loc r: M. ot sola asy, me ioiowwig uckit
8ixly-six M KeetoPf theSonthend of In-l-ot Num
ber Sevenly-seven (77. in the Town ef McArthur. .-.
' Takan aj the nmnertv of said Felix Grimes and
Catharine Grimes to satisfy an) order and decree of
said Court, in favor or Abraham witonr.. i. .'
Anpraiaed at Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars 1250. J
anVf mtist bring two. thirds of that.sum. ' '
Texms el Sal encash in hand. - '
a '" JPHN J.SHOCKEY,-' ?;.(;.
r . , SheSft Vmton County, Ohio, and . ,,u
- I Acting as Special Master Commissioner herein,
H.8.A.Mo,Atty,sforMn-.v ' i'
, Fsbruarj SI, KWJ-pt-rll t:r ,-, .; . f o ! t o 1
? -' ' '. i i.'.'-.r: : -
'-j"-.1; j. : BosUn. Mass.
. . IS. . vw ' .,
pi so. year? sever copies jr ftirtsaw copissl
... .1;. Hi i , '
fi . Tht Cheapett'Magaiiitir. thi World!
J ; :-- "iJ,V' ' n iti
rTIBtS popular and vaklelr emiulated MagaxineAas
l how reached aa edition, unequalled in tins cotinr
iTi Vrwh number is brnamente by numerous line
engravings, and ia complet IJn itaelf, embracing a
great variety oc uuea, svetenro, i poems, aao iiwstra
rj .rttniM. written exnreasiy for ita columns. It is
eomwfwl by all lobe the cheapest and beat ataga
una in. tne worm. - . '
f ... . . -.j . arcn s.v
4. JL..U Si
1 ' - b-
''' ' ': .... v.V .'..,; . ." t; -l-. i'
i'""'' l.''.-:.J !)!-. ,ii- -a . t.i
-'W.I t-.,;-..j,-j..'R-j;. U .-'f-r i-i I Ur ,
'.'.'t J-'ll i) 1 i" tH-if',c.,s. ,' v
liariford, iiye Stb'cinsurance
'--rh ' ''-;co;;v -:'vS.-.i' ...
i.ii iil,!3 ;!,-, I,J. ... . ,KI. '. .V ',
fj - . ; 7 r. Of Conricttout ! "'I
ON thSi 1st day. Of .November, :8G6, mads
t the Auditor of Obio. pursuant to ths
Statute of.that m ,, ,, .,''.',
rfi.;i .-(' I, I CAPITAL,... , , -,.
TVW OMyas.-sV aAk tfo -Pntf.l Qt vL- V . ' -
LIV aliivuu HI ,J"p Vpki,wiw ' . ,t
..raid,up,i ;.;.,..- ., ,.f-JI5,0,000 00
.-.' ij,; "J It jr ABihTv,,' j(( ,,,- j-;;
Cash on hand. aml in Ihe-hxa ls , . ; - ,
. of Aneuts. rt . $22,31) C6
Tbe Jioadsi and Stocks owned., Mr . ., .., ,. -, -
:,,lhs .Coropany,'.;-' , ,,!-'.. fc':L .43,45.7 90
Iebts due the uompany,., secur- , . j ..-
i ed by Mortgage, A . , 3G,I00 0r!
Debts otherwise secu.J, - .- . 50.000 60
Debts for Premums, t f -." (ST
All other Securltel -i . i t . (.iV2U00
" Total Assets of Company, $155,290 $3
" m: m. liabiuai;ies.
None. .
The, greatest amount iusurea lu -any
one risk, -. - . . $2,000 00
StATB'or CoBBBCTicnt, f
CousTt or HABTroBO,' J '
E. B. Kellogg, President, and W. C. Good-'
rich, Secretary of the Hartford Live 8Uok
Insurance Company, beinf,, severally sworn,
depose and say, thai the foregoing is a full,
true and correct statement of the a'ffairs of
said Insurance Company, and that they are
the a Dove descriDeci uuioers tnsreor.
. K. N. KELLOGG, President.
W. C. GOODRICH, 8eereUry.
Subscribed and sworn before me. this 9th
dsy or November, lbuu,
-i i ;' i Ctmir thtStat4olOhii 1
Fivb Cum Stamp. .'
Officii or thb A ooitob or State, 1
Columbtu, 0.,Not. 19. 186. j
It is hereby certified that the foregoing
Is a correct copy of the Statement of the
Condition of the Hartford Live Stock In
surance Company of Conneotiout, mdo to
and filed in this Ofucefor ths year 1807.
Skai, j witness my nana and seal offl.
' 4 . JA8. H.G0DMAN,
l. ' Auditor of Stale.
' ' By Jas. Wiliiams, Cb'f Clerk.
CERTIFCAtE .OF authobity..
(To Expire oh the Slat day of January, 1808.)
Orncx or Tfis Auditob or Statb,
. Colchbvs, O- Nov 19, 1867.
INSURANCE COMPANY, located at Bart-
ford, in the State of Connecticut, has pled
in tats, pmse a sworn statement or. its eon.
ditiott, as required by the aot "TolReeulate In.
surance Companies not incorporated by ths
State of Ohio," passed April 8, 1856, and
amended February , 1864, and the act "To
regulate, roretgn Insurance Companies,
passed April 5, I860;., and, Whereas, said
satisfactory evidence that it is possessed of
an aot us i eaf itaj or aa lease- OJtc bundbid
abd rirTT thousand notifABs, . invested as
required by skid acts; and, Whereas, said
Company has filed in the office ' a written
instrument under its corporate seal, signsd
by the President and Secretary thereof, au
thorising any agent or agents of said Com
pany in this state to acknowledge service of-
proeess, for and in behalf of said Company
according to the terms of said act of April
8, 1856. . - . '.. t
Now, Tbbiifobe, in pursuatfes of the sot
aforesaid, I JAMES IJ. GODM AN, Auditor
or otats ror uiiio, do hereby cerury, that
ANCE COMPANY of Hartford, Connecticut,
is authorised to-;: transact ths business of
Live - Block Insursnce in this State until
the thirtT-first day of January, in (he rear
one thousand eight hundred and sixty
eight, Ska.4 Tn Witkess Whereot, I hate
' hereunto 'subscribed my
namsand caused the seal of
y office"' to. - be affixed ths
day and year above written.
Auditor of SUte,
. . ' By Jas. Williams,
; Ch'f Clerk.
! 1. W. BO WENT, Agent,
HcArlhuTi Ohio,
' January 31,. l07-3w - ,v; , i'
Sheriff's arid ;.' Special Master
VUUuiiiiaoiLjit.u o vaiv,
j oiate iy tfwo, r inivn 1
MOMCf vntot rinion county, n.
Snmnel V. Dodge and )
. Mary Ann Douge, Aummiatrntrator
i and Administratrix ef Estate ef
la Vinton Co.
Court Com
mon Pleas,
Order De
James Dodge, deceased, -,' 1 .
. .M.n.t S' "!..
William Mathews t John C. P. Ttrown.
J ctee. .
Wl ordermnt
iTRflUAn-r so -ni uimminii wr
decree i sailed (Tom the Court of Common Pleas ,
of Vinton county, Ohio, snd to me directed aa8henf
or said county, acting as hpeemi Master uommia
eloner herein, I will oner at nuWfe sale, at the door
of the Court House, in the Town of McArthur, in
Vinton county, Ohio, on
"an IBKT
ens eVlock P. M. of said ttnv, the following de-
wnbed premises, situate .in; the County of ViotoaV
ana cwie 01 inio, io-wu: ' -
One undivided third-part of the lEant half of the
South-west quarter of rection Number Sixteen,
Township Nuin bar Eleven, ef Range Number Seven
teentcoutaining Kigoty-four jmd one-fourth (8H)
acres, more or leas. ' . . '.
'Appraised at Ibiir hundred dsjars (1400,00) and
must bring two-tbfrds of tliat sum. "
Tukon as the property of said William Mathews to
satisly a judgment against him by said Court in fovor
of Samuel V. Dodge and Mary Ann Dodge, Adminis.
tratorand Administratrix of the Estate of James
Llodge, Ueneaaed. ,- , . i'mr ' r ''IT
Teruisof Sale Cash in hand at Ihe-timeof sale. -'
! :i i,,'r . V Hheritl Vinton County, O
Aclini as Spesinl Master C'ommilsioner in this case.
February Itl, 1S47 ow W ; :,; X
. vt ' DAHEL Sa-'-'D AWlv '"'
',,, v .... .. . ... a ..41-
; . r.,i V 7 MeARTHtR,-OfflO .1 IW,'
"liril 'rrsticein the Courtakot Southern" Dis'
W evict of Ohio, and inlthe Courts of Tlnioo,
Jackson, and ASBeas oountiea. ' i-V ' '.
Omc tteoooa uujry 01 wavis; ounuing. v mm
January atiieoytf"-
t i-Ji
;,t : -.-
,U i, Hi Uii4
I frt .ii
Jtaustfavit; V f.lu.i .ui..
;v. ... .'-. '
.. V , " - V C - '
- .fsrgini it . 11 ' iih 11: . .v.: .
,- 'l JOn9 C STETElC801S,i ' '
attorney ttuNsaajf w;uvy,
' . "PR OSPBCTUS : .
;.-'.--....- fit tbs :lJ, ';'"! y,
cisaiuATi '.sVEExix iiv:iizii
Fxtraqrdindry'- MucmtHt n'ff Omr.
- . ....
JT,-i ) j Prnmumi Amatmti? ',., , '
J";-'i.i ' ': v" 'i ni:'..;. t.'j.t.
.. t,. v,, y.r.
Foe List- of i Prtmiutns. "aad PaHlenlaraef
(. .DistribuiioB, see the Weekly Enquirer M '
.,- ,(j andi Subscriptton Circulars,.; '' '
,) ,i!'i- il i' '"j s. ' ! ,;'-'''' '
W E, fins year, oflhr prites to the abovt amount aS
an incentive tn those of oui" patron who iN
exert thomaetvea to formltili' If eurt rfrcoul4j .
lie. t akn Uk the hom.lml.l of all our t'emorrahe '.
frienilw, Bouth'-afld West, Ms (uBiib uM be ihh
a-utlr ehaaHiag Hiepolltioal attpM't aratire, The
(rret peial hr which all Irimds oi the UuJotvlionl4
taror kr U tlie I)eemuiaiua-r .lkeawxirauo. truttit.
If it hadud an runruig with the errors of our .
opanets, re shof itit lievvr have had the tern U
eriftie of the last v yera. Taoel ly ! ex,pr -.
ence of its iweaaity, we truat the Peraooratie
is in Oiture to hare si larger sphere f nflueno aa
oirenlatipn. ,; i i 1 , ;-j JV'
Vliu( evils have fallen upoa tfie lead, owing to tM
erroneottS poiilintt eduation ot the maeM If w .
would retUore th old order tit ttiintr nwe saoro, eff
feel National Unity and the old-foahioiwd Peace aa -.
Preapertty, wepiuat plai-e lie liwnosTcey gat e.'"
puwv.. Aa awtilar to this end, and as the moat eft
recti re agent in the work, we repeat, is theoireula .
e( tM lwesocrntic prens.- -n j
Tha F.nouirer haaaomeolaima unod the considers-:
Moa o the Unonraey that are- Mmvemaily awkaol-i
edatett Tltrougn proscription ami raeeusloei uom
im military edicts rutting on ournr
hole 'States ends elatrkt. threstUaedi
withtotl supnressioni. personal imprisonment aait
mob violence if we di4 Qpt change our, course, we,'
awed by tl DmcKra5 nVf cndi aay exawmaios t.
its knuetlv 'ric burned to. the ground. within fit- "
ieeo nioatna, ao.l amia i ne greatest pecuniar i-v.,
asters connoquant upon tt, we have never a)
issue of our napcr, or broken a promise to any .
onr subscribers, - In the lutnre, aa in the peat, u.Mrt
the sua of prosperity as well a the clouds of advar
slty. we shall bear aloft the Paioooratio Banner, an4
be faithful So Its organhwtioo. Will not the Usjdimh
racy of the Northwest staad by them who were true
in the darkest hours to their political nod peraonasi
interests, and will they not ' exert tbejnaerss'tP IP '
crenae our oiroulationf . . ,.. ,,,
' "As a business and family Journal, the BaqulrerhaS .
no superior. Each nabrconlaiu tirueamoanli
ot general news, latest, and moat reliaJjfe intalil.
tence and readlnu matter. Financial an4 CommiN
cial News ia made a special t'ature of the Boquirw .
An unusually largo .space being, devoted to Aill and
reliable retxtfii, uf the ruling prices or Ibis aadj Her .
piarketa.-r it .! no vmit, i-.'ji) .) ft.'
The Weekly Enquirer will be mailed ta subaeriv
bere at the following redooed rates; " "' "
. Snuioeoi'V, Due year, , ;. i. . ;i . ; , J ; a I ! (
L" ' !L'' 'Bnieaths.j'.
1 K aMoa'J
With anadditionaleopy to the getter np of fhe duky '
Money to oe aent at our aisK oy express, prepaia.
or in reirfslered letters by mail, "hoc auma over tear
dollars by mail, drains or post ofnee money osdera
should tie procured. AdJress'.". k " " .
u ) i.; BAB AN. sV McLSAN, - JU
, -.'-it' j "l-, iA '-. R " Cinelreiatl, Ohie. j
' Pnecimeivflopies snd subscription cironlars eoa
taininglistof prises aud- alt necessary -lufrssseJieaV
seut auappuoauon, -, :,
w .c-i.-.lw--Ji.S'.-d ! o'r.)
o u i o s t atcs n X m
'rnt fits.il ;'For-1867j.5'.' riairii '-i.
i!tiio:'ii;'v: .inwn r. ?! vi',i-5l.
Agin the past, throngh annshioeand stqtm.Tha
Ohio Statesman will eontinue inflexibly. Peme-'
crane unaiiernoijr ooTvte., .to in .i. .u ,;
maintenance of the Oonstitution, in spirit and in bn.
ter, and toa)li presenratierr ot the -Unionr-' Aeie'e
fro.n,this, 'l0 8tatnso fill bestqtr parHoulMSV .
I n . Ail .... . . ..-,.-'
. . ' S
tnd wilt give r.iithflil rnarkeS reports fromlho lea
ng Commercial Centers of the country.. .-,:')
tin the 13th of December, The' Weekly Statesmae ,
will be ao enluigedaa to give ' two and a. half d.i
tional eolumns t leading matter weekly. (Tue
lowlngarethe - - "
' TERMS-4!A8H IN : ADTAnCB. 1 -
Dally Statesman, per yeaii,'.b:.i c:lw !:
, " six months, .
Trt-Weakly Statesman, per year, e '
One copy, sik months, for
One copy, qncyesT, for, x .: a. 11 ' T,-'. i E Mot.
Fivecopies, one year, foy See.
Ten copies, one year, tor '.J ' --' 1 1 1T'
Twenty copies, one year, tor . , , 'S er.
f my copies, one year, 10c ,. iav
i i;; ; LAYMAN A E8HELMAN, ''
;, Columbus, Ohloj 1'
i j.Tniij OUIO FAKItlKAv ;
! -."sTols Xvi, rr 1S6T. H'
t 't,y 1 '' "'jt vi' 'j jh;i V t:'-tti
S:,D. HARBIN Eorron. 1 ; . , I ns
I .j A. ,W, PARKER, PtiBHintJt.,;.
Agricultural sand 1 Family. ' prf)
v.i t -. ii?8 1 .!' , i'J-.
Devoted lo Rural and Uouiehold Affawt.
! TBHS.-rSiBg1n eopy, oly $2,00 a year.,
An extra copy one' year Tor every , club of,
Ten, and an extra copy six months for s
olub of six.' ' Specimens and Prospeorusei
sent free to persons desiring pet up ejube. '
; Address i'-.e OHIO FARMER, i r
ir-uj n-vfiJ :i ik,' Cl9vplaBj, 0oipJn
r8 reprehy given that a petitillon has been Sled la .
ttMiOniiri ef Common Pteaa wlthm and for the)'
County of Vinton, and State ol Ohio,, theobject an4. j
prayer ot which petition toobtain an order of said ..
uoun vaemng ma wi lowing aueya Hi ta wr ew p-.
01 tne village 01 ncAnntir, wwm
joa,- rr.
South between n-Lota Numlwa SOS and suet-ana ,
Lots Numbers sloaad 211. Which, anid petition aill
be for hearins at the March Term flfctfitif said Court. . I
iiiev ivina-immeaiaieiv weaior uoim ouan
.r,.w,-ni-S.I;.iW-Ailr7 JJ'M
)f and.aiiieiaimrto Lota Numbers 111,
an,l l.lii also. 'Alleva msnint North SM '
a FE'rmoitKu.
Pebruary T, l8T-w
r;5;'. .11
i I ':'
v '-r tirVhia.r''-.'--.--
-. v . -- . ' . 'W -
A Beautifur Premi'utt " Engravingl" Mtlltth,.'.
. !" " . iueed Prices teClnbi 7, , t
THElJtDT'8 FRIEND' aayiottnce -lor 1S67 the
following noveletes: A New Stpry by. Mrs. Hear
d, aninotot -iuu uynne ' . ne linaaninga,-v .
;How a Woman had her, Way,
hy Eirsabeth Proa-
eott,saibor, of 'Told by the). Sun.' Mo tottger .4
Youne, Dy Amanna m. uougias, auinor oi -in.
Truss? t0 4t,r Castea' by Traok Lee EevnyJioS.
Itwill give a splendid double page finely colored
Plate-engraved an steel meveey number. vl.
It will give a beautifully; executed Ouroy ateel ee-.,y
graving, adala;asiiortmentof vroodcuw, illuat-
ratasgliahlonK, fancy work,' etc., Is .every number, ''
It wifl give a popular piece of Music, worth the eoat f1
of the inagasfne iteelf, in every number. It will give
a eopy of tlie PeatUiful Premnim Steel Rn grating
One of Lifo's Happy Hours' 4 by inches, to ev- r
tj single l,S0 Bubsoriber, and to every persoa a
itnrTnr'sas'tireinlilms Whseler aVuswo's oWtnt ;.
Machines, Silver Plate. 4 ea aeu, npoeoa, micnera, a
and Silver Watches, Garrst RiSes. Melodious,- c
U,o.n v 8r , ml,r.:T -
h ' ' 1 cbpy. (and tlie engraviDg ' 1 ?; :t
snoDtes. . - rz : " 1 1 .. w.
S copies, (and one gratia)
tj )
the Premium fcttgravtngt. Members of a ulut, wi--v.
V 1 s) eopies, (and one gratia) , Vrfti. W W
to copies (and one gratia) ... .7
copyeacbofthetrty'eFrtesl. snd. the Hetur.
Evening t-oaiiorwiwu.
Ph actrerup ofaclubwitl always rreeiro k Ooprrtt
ingthe Ktwsvmg most remit on da"f..J-. r'
".-YT.j rZ.VI.T . ?. iT- JZ,-T hremium
.-mpjq ajtagawav,

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