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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 28, 1867, Image 4

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Democratic Enquirer
Democratic Enquirer [From the Ohio Farmer.]
Democratic Enquirer [From the Ohio Farmer.] THAT SNAKE.
. .tarr koi 4ik .tout, great k.
Ln1 tLreubou.... IVnrt Me J
,; fifty feet loDR .nd IftickrdiDf h;
hr.tebed by tliel tinnatuW mojber. to
the deep wii whaia the
'. trl .eeV wa's'now cftUod)' f i)p.,;liMfiV
txer Wlad" ti''ljriog;: thoM;4rtemn8
"' ' JpMimena or, toung Anetio,.d. terW.
Greet woitoment', pretatlcd -tlirottKbaut
- the rongth and ' bt.adtU oT tbo ooanjrj,
. Mti th lion if his deJ vv . I
deaeited. iha excUewent gao ' to (die
wb7,; when jae day tkecaoam . jJ
' . .nil tivva i eood time penerally.-r-
Uweri'-wiih hislaaj-
:.Alio!.BoBj . vlauenbg! oelle,
; ttBiforra, Bd,KiiBXjBho.aoori-
. ijtf kim'mTO::M.'tfflu8iy; tu sti. Mist
f Uino ili-mlv voalLrul ia ap-
' iMimattoBMrFitiquiBhe; Froadwaj
tfsther wUh Bettid BtwpeToffi Sjowb's
water.! -Theso vmada.-wp. thia pleasure.
atrwbotrj pwiyaa jro.poa.ed n ;
' 43y cceDfed,; :?ft.9tfr. iy.frieBdritartjd
'' oni b gloiioni noruBg,.! hauog
' little aceechea made oo that occasion
and jdatai i FitzqtlifeaS "wiRaifig,BP
'jnoat skearUrendiog spoeob,' (at leaat be
thinjjbt eo) diieoted to.WiS Browoejo
whtoh be rowed o did if peed be in i ber
iioe'8'ihey.'rwere atartled by sbreanv
rVflm MtM Ljoba,-.' bo';bd .'; iiranddred; off
- from the.mHv.Pta)y '"ToMpwed by
. that lady oakrtig a rush for the Captain,
ijtktiadiog'tbifawt.MiQOU ' Vbe, artiyed
near enough to be oaught" gracefully-
but waited, 'jiojriij l4 elated the
iub9 of her fright, which, was that
snake. Sure enoiigbtbere it lay, Half
bd afeiftbi grasM, e'deabugtf hAowiig
to tell that it was, thirty feet long and as
tbiek as your arm and, most BBtODish
ftgpr, jlft(I. fprgotton .to mention
before) it was green in color. .f -' (
- Tbeniiqojh ai eeea as oevor fceare was
wMneBfedti Bettie' screamed and looked
around for Fitzquisite, who was by that
tinoq ijMh tiop of l wtrertikJ;
cliosedV mnflh tothe detriment of his un
,i mentionable flouri&hjiJg hisvwhalebpne
nod Alternately: orjio to Tom and the
tp,tan by, don't you kill the dwead
- fiii eweetare nd wesoue' the ladies?'
The Idea Of his rescuing" the ladwa be, ver
ooce oconrrcd toJhuicowsrd. iiTeB the
Captain who had 'itopd'Tannon ; baliB,
quailsd at the sight o( 'this '. ' jnon'ster-rr
Tom was daahloji f iter, .thai, Ije. had ob
'teined from' 'the ' creeiietir,: by, , oye
Misses Bowen ind Lyons, who had sue
oeectcd ia tainting fasuionkbly' -from
fmt. '-:;'.:;9;i":..v r.)";;:v:
The aqnstei ooulij bye doyoured them
if ba' had wished,, for thej were so fright
ened; that ifneyer occurred to tbew to
ruD iben inst it this oiitieal mement
some hueeine.3t,long mit hearing
their story eried oat, -run for your livcsl'
and they did run, fof ibls'mahdtfte-' w'b-
xeueu me xwo tauiei iu kuuiuiuusucbd.
Meanwhile the hunters bethought them
Ivesf. i plan to rid the eounfry' of
inie grejjn monsier, y wa.v)uein tat
be bad Weed bimsejf and was now ly
ing' dormant." 'So they" first ' ciscbarged
Bmfl'Sbot from a,' "pistol; tben ' teeing ft
neer:6i6Ted,'tbi?y ' fired niore 'with, like
eife"o.t. ,,Eboli4ecec!;iVj 'lbis;itbby;j'oame
olpsjsr, spd what do you iwnk ili, was?
b oopper pip7.T It had beentused form
. erlj by a dietillery', bat it bad got buried
in tbdeTtth7untiJ ay'ta1n"' washed
. away the dirt, leaving" this gteeq reptile,
thi copper. baviDg CorriiJod with age oa
some of the vinegar remaining ibont if.
(fit bad loan lost used la distilling vino
.. i.i r;.-.: ... '.wfu.
The rtv was. fopod by the hunters
some AtatiwaTrpia ibe teeoe of battle;
and upon neariBg toe story began look
io 'tt around on tbemselyes and each, other.
Ab,me'!"Mi8s'Lyoa8' chiejf beauty, her
flowing ringlets, were graoel'ully suspen
ded liomtbabrAnch-of a tree where they
had oanghHniiar fligbtirhjle the; rosy
bloom of yoatlLhaidisappearedwitn the
oopiuus uuuu ui . water puutei uuiu a uiu
bat said bearer" beto ffr'elfievably ra
ined-i while Fitzquisite mourned linotre
- )y the damsgd of hist iooxprcssiblss i, the
Captaio'had split his parade coat,
at ptfejtn pease, from collar:. tQ duff,
' geuiog nn B - log. ; iiettie ' ana
: BoWea mourDod: ia coocert lhe losi;rer
Bpewiivefjr of i ht, Bd.''st(i!)ade, ssid
hrtiolii.'be'iog BSt'seeff.floating down
.' creelr; ai Jhb b)brt6;m'or;t,he'rayina.'; f.'
Aside from all these minor tronblso,
;lPi(jaWW losi Bettie. and. ber 850,000
-". for his Qotimety, deeertjoo while. Miss
f. 'tjon'l'ilitfwd oat too .aJse far thi Cap
. taipw Tpmt abd Miss' Bowen fell, fiat on
. . , aha way bomeJ ; 'so , they, all "returned
' v 'the city odder and wiser than tshen they
41. eame, ajsd all because pf that saake.', ' ,
SmiUfi Zan&itj, OflX
- TsjB atr. we brrath contains die grains
-' iraw to eaci cubic; foot 'if'ita bulk.-'."-
.;ir..,Ai ,.r 1 " ! i i i
- -"Cab yottjslttrn mr-W,.aearet Jull
Cxriin)yf . I ' don't .rTrant Jt,
attTs,',.aJ1t:'-i. ;:j
Who Foots the Bill?—Legisiation
Who Foots the Bill?—Legisiation as is Legislation.
suu Sw lBwatedlB Ulte4 "Butea awk,
1 iJin i if put among other taxaoiM
Ji0 5 dupCti Meh it doe. .01 ,..W.
oa tlx
0 th
t: m U Taditrefo . it, the Legislature,
,b 8.." . 7 1 PMnVibB..-tetea th-otl.er
Vent and enjoyed t Wg spr!
meraoers vo o w.voB lwi. tavn
. .. .1. f ! memoera, wno
hd opposed the folly. ' t oaalbly-
leiialatlo. .will W but: the neation
irimi who footB'tb Wlt.l
j '7.rf..l'o',
.111 ".,
(. I"
.f,oP .'V t.iiii'i-.
lift JV
. r-' .y'.i:-.
( I'rii;iq.i j) aiii!-"'iue.'i
j) J!tl !'! 'HO-J'
.,!, 1. 1 i.ar.s'ii
,1 il ') ttl Rdion""
lu ii'i.".:'. '!) 1o 1
jia V3a ""'' 1'C''-'
.' s 'iiii'. en:. Ms.'
L av.-J'! 'Jul
; . )
.(nt..'il .! UvnMiVi1Tj.J?f.
.,,1 -Ji.-.ig e'i't -j.'l In o:f.'ir,.i .")
y.j.ucv.) .n '-r ,
.I i.'I
."titlh''""' l '" 1; :'V-!"'-f''n
!T:i. I.--'. (it
r. .1 ..O ,:;)lp-'.")' ' '
f'i'S .'iVI.t
;':i-..)Oiiu In ettJt i 0: .t'"
';f!i ' iV'-- -i-funi " iv'.K! "ir.;i ,.
' ir-a
11 '
6-. ;.i '-.-
I .0 lif.i A t ""Ji-
r. .... .... , . nv .:,!!i i'K.: UV
1. 1
.1 HjIW
i.-in j-i:r'.v: f
"lc k ) n ",.
Is replete with aU the modern improve.
,nienU. for ,fba xaxi casr,- and '
ii)..V.VAl-.'l'.:?.;' ;':''!'''' t .M7.
. .jtAPiw iMOution 'of avert, .style ' j
;1 ...
j-J-srjcfi'- A8-
jh"' .ep.'u i 1
f 3. .
t firoqraiHnut. t
rniun. . v
Ball TicJcett
JttCVpill " ' "' ;-V.-..--i-,
.1 -.
.. I in-1 .1-
AU KLND3. Or BLANKS, io ie., te.
Iu plain or faney eolored.inka. ;
Clubs 1867!—Clubs for 1867!
FOR 1867!
, Thb New T6iirDAT-BooK ehlerj npbn the
threshold; oU887ipiA 0 .iariWci'auiatton
Aid that 0 my.J)moctotic paper pubhthid t
thi vorld, and thai eflrcula'tion isr steadily In
crfasLng and eilending. in. every direction.
It has. never beeq Ue organ oi mere ";pariy
Democracy but xM6.pt . ihi, exponeit of,
ie unerei prmcipiea i buo ,vioiu
mantf'vrhlt,1 on ! forefathers wrung, -with
blfcdy sweat, from the tyrants, of, . 1776,
Standing on the foundation of the Declara
tion of Independence, that " all (while) men
are created eqaal"! and irtwjJrrs eaAed to
equal rightist ia opposed, t.al form, and,
degrees Of vpecial' legulotion- 6atT conflict
with this jrraod aantjal' M VT ot" lmoera-
'.' and over all. md above ail., dees it torn-
iiai that mnnstroua ireaoun w. v..v
liberty, which, thrusting Uif nugre element
eighty fab. ioloitUl t OUr
or and negtoe inferior, and ihreor all the
efforts Tof tue ist MjntHO hboli, H
work. nd quMW Win ueroe-wvj
..-.l.i.A 1. vf State. 1 Con Btitatioa ,Tr-.
ihrowoL every life eaorificed, and ierary dol
lr ejpende'd, are nitenarily Just' to many
ateta toward national auioide; ni .the.aUn
pl and awful problem now uponfca ia Jwt
ilila shall we reooTeir our reason and re-
ibAO akuM art arm ftl m
social1 anarohy,. and' the total rim of our
1- . " " " I :
r.uiArtkHnmof the ' Union aa iti waa i
.na H-iffuui "at upoji (Se ' nhxU basi$,
.. M.l.nW.litML and the only miani poni-
Kle under hearen for'raying the grand ideaa
Of XTT6, the flindamentni principias vi Amer
ican liberty, and If the real friadla of free
,im .t ih;earnflt helieyfUa in that aacred
add glorioirs eanse la which the aen of. the
Revolution offered top their livel will now
labor to expose the ignorance, At uslon and
treason of the Mongrel party, it iU tuccted,
..4 11,; .dnU whita ReDublio of 1 ash'.QRtf a
barestored jjcain--io' all-iisViKVal beneft-
Us News Bdtofiaiy.r.FJimijy Reeling, Agrt
nnimrl Articles. .Beporta.pf Catlfl,.Qrain,.
and Cotton Markela,.o., ,o ate uoi ip-
passed by any
Three copies one year, .; i ,
II - - . ... . , V, , .
Five copies on year, and one to me-.
v.- fritter no ef iheclub. I i;t.' iW 00
T n;.a hn 'venr-'snd' filia te thl
.. setter an of the, club," ... .,..., V.;H 00
iddiliotral oopies,?..... . ,!a.-
TihiIt enniea one Tear, and one to 1 '
-rtu getter aap"or tne oiuo, 'r,w
.? Bneolmen cobiei sent fra. P?fad for a
iopy. . Addressj giving post,. gfSoe,,Wnty;
in !-' : : 1 " '''K'
No. 162 Nassau street, New York.
THE CRISIS, For 1867.
. . ;,V;:iJ ,' rniaher &id Pioprletois.
Mil" .l h'i; !. 1 1 .1.:-- H '!
"Tas fSeVentlr Velum and the .ftyentb
Year of ,the. publication of Til Cwsts If
about to bArin. and. in accordance with, one
torn, we igsue our'iAnnuftl ProspeotBe,,'. We
need uoi reoa'pUuate its history, daring the
slormjr "years of its existence,, nor fremidd
those who have" read it, of its servides in be
half pf the great principles ,of tJUe Mmocra,;
ev. and .waatita conduotorji conceived, and
what lime has shown, to be the best.interests
of the country. Its njerits have beea
from the time it was started ty
that vetera "and distintuilhod ; journalist,
Gov. Midaet. and its present conductors
simply claim for it lie credit of an earnest
auu uuuoiiatuiK luuciouug w u " -
. . . . i. . j ... if. . ..iui.
principles 01 lie lunnuer. " iu m mv gvim
cal viptssltudes; jbf ;th, "pasti six years the
failure of some, the apoetaoy of .others, and
the angnarded weakness of many, exponents
of Demuoraoy, TJbb Cnisia has neyef deoia
ted rpm the straighi pa,tb of principle, aor
ken allured by . temporary expedients, ln
tiidated by threats, nor disheartened;, by
defeat and disanter.' ;:''r:":'--:"' VV.i :r
On the seore ef-prinelple 'we, claim for ft
ihwmartvor traeinyi'houesly," and consist
ency. ' As a newspaper we claim! fojjt the
merit oi .being an txponent of .Wesiera in
terests and ideas, a reliable 'jonraal of the
times, s valuable companion of the' farmer.
tha'pieohanicV ithe. buainass man, and the
family circle.. It is our aim to fill; the large
sheet' with matter of 'real Interest and per
manent value to discuss questions of pnn
oiple thatars of real significance, to Inform,
improve, and instruct, as well as, amuse
and to this end we discard the idle twaddle
which goes so far to fill up the daily papers,
the obscene adTertUenents.. and, the seasa-
ttonai foiiy or the day.- ne coma puoiiso
hundreds of lettefs- from th'e. bst men of the
country , approving of the pcurse 9f.TiiB,
Calais in this restact'. and ta this course we
propose : iW Jrigtdiy j adhere. The . reliable
market reports ana tue- great amount
statistical; agrioultaral, inanoial,' and po
litical Information we publish, la of im
portance and :.value to: business men, farm
ers, mechanios, and. politicians while the;
carefully selected page of literary miscella
ny which each number contains,, common
it tcthe home cirateof alU ( .v,;tif
' The polilioal views of Tqi Crisis scarcely
require definition.. ' It is in iavor of Demo
cratlo principles in all 'their breadth and
purity, as expounded by Thomas Jmaaaos,
and the other really great men and founder
Of the Government, and upon whioh the
Government was svccessfully conducted for
serenty. jreirs..;, It is. opposed to the Aboli
tion despotism whioh now controls the Fed
eral Government, id all its shapes and nn-
der whatever device it, may. appear. !,lt
opposed to the-entire Abolition theory
pvliucSf ana all the monstrosities, Qump ngs,
and delusions whioh erow out or it; nil
opposed to the thiering aasoAlity, the- ty
rannical assumptions, the Stupid and bar
barous polioies and . the lawless usurpations
of Congress, and to all the machinery thai
the Jacobins have devised and put in opera-
UoU' to overture Kepubiican uovernmenc.,
Inauenrate anarohv and absoluUsjm. enslave
the people, and oppress them with odious
taieij aids tyrainioal, IhsaneCud oorrapt
lsrislation.. And'. In advocatiat tarteol
princi pies x and .ppposina.the evils we bare
named, we shall continue ta dd il' without
itt;tt, fcvor.-..-'.x' ' v ,! :;., f
a In order ', to .suceaiifully onduol saeh
racer as Thb Calais, it must hevtalaree
list or subscribers ; and; to secure, that
rely, upon, our- friends Bad those vao aave
taken tee paper.- We cannot cotnpHe witb
the cheap, shoddy publications of Iheast
by offering bogus premiums or employing
traveling agents bat we earnestly Elicit
the aid of our readers ia extending tut
culation by . their pertonal efforts. It;
require , hut little exertion from eachi
the aggregate will enable us to furnish them
ith a paper fully equal in size, Superior
print to. any Eastern publieation, and of
great deal more interest and importance
Wrutern Democrats. Friend, shall w
upon you In vain, lor the smalt, aver
ask, and in a cause or suon magnitude
value? Now'is abe time to send in"
scriptions for the new volume, wktoh, at
eqd or the year, wilt -oe worm unce
Amount of. the subscription prioe. .
Our; terms are Tl? 0Q jei jeari l,SO.
sit months, $i.uu rorrour montns.
? One extra oopy will, be sent t an
cettinc us a elub oflfilx yearly subscribers
and to aoy.jone send kg a olitb of tea for
or io or monins an ixvra copy ior vn
For a club of tenriy '.eubaeribersv
oopy .oreither Of the1 vs .bound volapiej
Col. 'X. '83. '64 or 'B&i .. . "...i-u
Fo a club of thirty ytfarlt' subscribers,'
complete sett, of -the x o iJJonee of Tub
" WILLI Ava iKB V i IT,-"
, , - cofiPAKY,; ,2 rv:.:
Hartford Live Stook Insuraiioe
. - - t '--"4v v '. ,;'.-t .sJi :;"'
ON the 1st' day or November,. 1866; made
U the AdditoV of. 0M4,Cpnrsuaat id-tho
Salute pf tw Ptalei vi -a.-. n i y Y n
' .-Mr i tvi..:;.'t
The amount of Its Capital Stock . , . ...
.paid up,la . . . .. '.. 5150,000 00
H. , i: A8SET8. .1 .
Cash en land, and io the hands'; '
ofAgenta.' .v .' - ,,,,122,3166
The Bond and Stocki-ewned by
the Company .... .... . ,. . r, V3,T DO
Dabts due the Company, . secur
ed M Mortgage, (J i U 1 Be.TSCKrgO
Wbts othetiis aeotired,J V ' "60.000 flO
Debts for PremnmK r ;;:: ''.' , S,t85 67
Allother SeoarlU."- ; . 211 00
: '. r. i -d'.'A. -i,''S'X :
. Total Assets of Company, $155,206 83
-. .".ft "u-'ui.r v ys.d-.H.idBi i ' s. V J
: cocatT or iiATro, 1
E. N. S-ellogg, President, and W. cr tlood.
Ji-v.. o . lhaltilil T.lfli B:nni
I nsorance Company, neing sevtTaiiT sworn
danota and say. that the foregoing ia a' Ml
true, ana eorreot siaiemeni 01 iu.uwri i
said Insurance Company;" and tkat they kre
- . - '. ,.'L ..... I.I.J. ! A
the above desorioea umcera mereoi. .
..X.K. 1 KSUOGG, president.
. ;; Wi C. (JO0lIC,'8ecretary.
' Subscribed and sworn before tas, this 9th
day of November, 1866, . , .
f8BAL.l '. , T.WM. HAilEkSLEY
FlVB CBBT STABP. ' ,Kla:3 )'.
,'.'rtA' T ! t'f
OrrAiB m ta Apditob or Rr b, V
ColuBibuM, Q Nov.lM856:J: . .
It la hereby certified, tha, the foregoing
Is a oorrect oopy of the , Statement of the
Condition of the.'jHartford Ufa;. Stoek In
surance Company, of Connecticut, made to
and filed in this Office,, for the year 1807. -,
rSiAL.l ' ..Witness Wy band arid aeal pnV
; : ... ciiiy.
tf-r-s " Auditor 'of State. .
(vBjAB;(ittia,-"Cht Clerk.
(To Expire in the 31st 'day of January, 1868.).
Orrioa or thb Atmrroft or Evate, . "1
isuAc DirAxmesr, ui
Coiobcs, O.,' Nov li 1867. J
IN8URANCB COMPANY,. located at Hart
ford. In the , State of Connecticut, has filed
in this office a sworn statement ef its con
dition, as reqvired by the eo.b"TqRegalate In
surance Companiea not incorporated by the
StaU of Ohio,", 'passed - April 8, 1866, and.
amended February 9,. 1864, -and the act ,fTo
regulate Torerga Insurance Companies'
passed April D,rl8oq; aaa; wiiereas,,sa.a
ComDanv has .' furnished ' the 1 undersigned1
satisfactory evidence 'that it is possessed of
an .actus;! Ctpital.of aC least . BVHcaap
and rirvv THocsAxn 'vollaxb, mvcsieu as
required by -said aets; and, Whereas, said
Company has filed in ,the. office a written
instrument under iu corporate seal, signed
by the President and Secretary thereof, au
thorixlncfany agent or agents, of held Com
oanv In this State to acknowledge service of
process, for and in behalf of said Company
according, to the terms of said adt of April
8. 1856. ": V-.-!- '-
: Now. THEBKrofcs; "(n pursuanbi of the sot
.loreoaiu, 1 a.h us j w x ... .... , nuui.v.
of State for . Ohio. ' do " hereby eertlfy: that
ANCE COMPANY if Hartford, Conheotiout,
is ' authorised to ' transact the business or
Live block Insurance in this state until
the thirty-first day of January,1 In theyeaf
one ; tbouiandi 'eight; hundred ''and sirty-
l Swt.J JyTrritiss WatBSor; I have
'' ': ' ' bereunto '' Subscribed ' " toy
ji. u-rv. : t ; nmi jmd caused the seal of
i '':-ay: offioe 'to ; be. affixed the
i Y . !;dav and year' above, written.'
jo v
.'J ii.-
ir .
aJ r jah,.h;. GODWIN,'' " ' 1
ifu f!,f.:t "cvf Clerk;
i t
January ZlK is7 ;
Jl.'.J 1H
iVj.-T' i i. ..
:i! ' Commissioner's S'alc.v ini,
Bam a el y. uoage ana . j I
Marv Ann Dodire, Adrninlstnitrator I In' Vinton' Co,
' and- Admimairstrix. of BsOale of I . Coitit Cora-1
Jains Dodge, daoaaaed.. , I mo PWa.
w.Hi.wi Mathews k John C. P. Brown. T cree
TUKaUANT to the commaod of an order : and
r deeraa iuua4 from the OoBrt of Common Plea
67 Vinton county. Cliio, and to me directed a Sheriff
of, uiri -county. Ictlna ai "Bnecial Mnster Commi
sioner hs'reins I SrHlon
Of tha Court House, iu, th -lwa, of Me Athir, ktl
nr kaiMK i ami oner ai nam aala. at ma oxhw
Vinton i county, Ohio, .on, , . ' .
... A. Ut. lOUl,
t one o'clock P'.'-Sf. or said ' day, Ihe 'fi illowing de-
Mrtbed premise, aiwaie m tne'Wiinty. m 'iu
anaqHHeorumio.wiH -. . -, , ; .
One undivided tlurJ-Mrt of the (East half of (Ha
8oulh-wc at quarter xf tection- Nnmber ' Sixtetirt,
Township Mumbar Eleven, af- RagNiimhar Seven
tetmcooUintng Eijhtor-foiW awt oaa-tourtb .(WJ4)
' Appraised at tour hundred dollar, rt 4000) and
must bring two-thirds of that m.' ; Jl- ". '
Tnaen a tne property oi saiu niiuam jiKinew w
satisly a ludenwnl gainst him by said giirt in Savor
of namuel viwuge.ana nary aua raiijt, suuuia.
tratorajii Aamitusirairii.oi .ine . awa oi -)
'larm OI oaue Laan in nana at tne nme oi rat.
, fli v., v JOHN J. JHOCKaY,t.J' -
,y')0'' - Bertn vratoo-uuy,-u.,,
Acting a Special M'aster.ComuiiWiuneriu this ease.
rbrgy2f,18(IT-o-l ;,' . , '
" I .... ,' .'.'!; Jrii IC i-'l lJ'-
I1 i - " ! - " iheiifl vuttount. 0.
-it v) i;
SfaUof-Ohfo:' Vihti Coimi.:
J'(f:y;i ,,l l-'l: '.sl.Vtt ,
I V On Execution No. Si 'i ill
ThomaaReafth.j ' '- i -'' ) ".'.'!
By virtu of an execution to me airar.ieu i
Cowrt oi Obmmaa Ptea f Vinton Count'
, OBIo,
I will offf at public aie, tn front oil he i;oun moum
In the Town of Mc Arthur. Vmton Count r. .Ohio, on
, - ....... , - r,-, . j. u
j i -; ii -juu, iibtyt u,. r .iv-t-i-
h.twB the hoar 10 a'otoak L. M." and t o'cMck
Mj Qlaaid dy Ui rouowing peronl property, w
lk - Vr " - 'w " - ' v VV . 5 ''l Wi .
fA Tara Tsar Old Horse Colts.
. Tsken as the property, of Tboms DarVi terntofo
s Judgment id Btvor of Jbe,Blford.iJ , ,
', ou ifl'i';t,. V.
M All, EAST '.V .Ifjoui tij;'
I tt S. .cI' jv '
jtWlvajMariatt ' j .K.SU
' ' urio'"
1 ' .n it.
11 4i ' , . .
Levrlmd 8 4'i " "J.
riiM'infult. 4 00 ) ,
wp' Traina W the
UNWe comMjciiuui, . .ii 77 Di.i.
WaUra'.Tini and rtrttW.W!'h.the,Bltt
,W" "bKt. AN t) SMITH.
1 ,lMr of.Tn,pporuilonf
4, I
; 1
rh.WAWa fiMIiVTi:
W. Bradley'sl Oeleftraifea Ptttnt
- (0B '-BOBBBB StBWfl) '
.ooitroKtaiiil ri,iato any, Lady .weMlng;
Duolex Elhptio SkirHrin bBMpcrtentfd partieulariy
. .. 11 msi aan 1 sann ouii".
a May nwoB ""ri '" . r eiimua lel
Uey will not bead or break like the Bihgle Spring.
hn threaw fcuTrdinary ; Ukirte 'H?S
will urBwiivMicu irenw. n . ,
with dmibl nd tvriatod thrwuW ad le ktt0
are not only donble prmg. du '",cLiuM"vn,-cover-d,-preventing
them from .wearing Cutanea
k!irl i,i.i.v.. k .k (Uvorlte with all la.
diea avid i unierally recommended dv u.e
a a 4h TsTAnuaajj- pai....Mi.
iTJONTojiuaf-d against IMfa
particular to V'
C 'i hat Irivfu nrlArlpii
lfxm Aavilh,rd'ink stamp, v as.-u'tJ. W.,JJid-
jey's Duplex Elliplio Steel Snrlogs, ' upon the
ory Hoop wil aum lP' i;;.tiT,.
the ofentre. thus revealing the, two '.WJ
braidod teeAr thereiig whiaa ; ia he 'fff
and strength, and a combination not to wund n
itVRflALEin all BtorewhereFIR9T.CMS3 skirts
are sold, throughout the United States and elaewlrtrai
Maaufaatnredby the Bold Owner f the Patent. . ;
i.iyT, 97;hAmber naTv 81 BeaoeStaN. Y!
.februarylt, l7-ann. nw.'n f ihw o il i '.ri'l In.
ii neYfaW atattB4n
ltiolla vli Bitperlor QM ity; ,Perteo vH'" u-i?"
tyvOomfort anil JEcouomy, enquire WV ,2T-:jTl
il. i kii,,v. or finnhia BDnutT Skirt, and be
1' J.'.T'
Claris Dowd, Plaintiflt ' ") In Vinton Oriiinty Court
w- a" J WV-I trAar ni ft ill A Kti. fi.
th. ahon, cause to re directed ; ftotn. tb. Court
l Common Plea of Vinton vpuuty, yniu, " u
at oublio sale, at the doprof. the Court Uooie, in n
Toaa 0 MoArthnr Jn said oounty, on , ;
P TOESDAY. lARCa l&rJ, 186T.M"
attbabsurol 1 oVloclaP.uM, of said-AjTsi.th Hi
towing described premise, to-wii: - .. . . j
BegiDning for the1 same elavetf oliaina and twenty
Hnka Went of the North-east coroerofSection Jitim
k.. Thirtv.tun ,.12.1 in TnwnshiD Number Ten (10.)
it Range Kurobef Sixteen i(l.) phoowpaey;PlWrJ
chase: thence South fo'tv-one chain and .twenty
He Iiuk theWW' vei ininy-iwo onaini auu upv
links; thenga North torty-one clfain d twenty-Ova
link); thenj: tast thirty-two chain aud Seventy
hnka tb the ptaoof beginning, eoatiningonf huni
red and thirtydlve r3M acres more or less. '
i Taken as the propirtyV Eiwin ' Ev Dawd. to- satisfy
an order add dc?re of said Court ia tavor. olf C.laruia
T a r - .1 .1 i .L i n.J.ua4 nllara ttnA milBL
Appmirw.1 br iworn j-oi awiimwM wWI,r; "
brng twothird of that aum. " . Ik?,
U:o .Vi;ii7 -
VyAV ff. f'ivva1i - .
TfktIM T CIV r fir ITV-
; E. A. Bratton.Atl'ywrri ojrsnn! .fti iH
February 14, ism ow ( , .
Administrator's - Sale . of
-- TD:.-,-ReaI' Estate"- --'
by bnbEK of mo
ciplb- Bnr Omnn. Administrator 1 : T, -
of Estate of Michael , Laujjherty,. f In J mton Pro.
I deceased,"""1' ' !"' bat Court:
il'Vi...fiH . Petitltion '46
r,. ... .1. ' I HU Land..)
JN pursuance ol, an order of (lie Probate Court of
Vlntoii corinty,' Ohio, granted OA, the Sth day'ot
ebrtiny,A.D. isttTv 1 wltt off ' ft U tpnbli
auuuon, u 7i-(.:- v l' ' I.' :!-; J '
4yiouuuyj me ich.ii uav ua -wauuiij
betweon the hour of 10 o'clock A. M. nd o'oloek
P. M.ofiaid day, Upon the premises; in th Townl
ship of Wilkesville, the following desoribedi Rea
Estalet sittinta ia the qouaty of. mton, and Stata dt
.Thi West'tull or1 the 8onlh'est Onartei1 of a'ee
.(Inn Uumber Kivd (No. S,Twfthip Number Eightt
(Nov 8,) Bang xnimoerBntesn, yq. w,, qaonuiiim
T.ntr Lzri-'-n :".u s.vu-?.t
ThfrfvfbuT ae'res'eilfoi the Eal hall 1f the SoUtft
Eas Quarter of Heotioa Kumber Six, (No, .) Vowa.
ship Number Kight, (No :.S ) Range Number Bixieen,
(No. in,) in the.countj-.of. Vinton, nd Btat of Ohio,
putiningThirty-foinf acresV ' ' ' ' "
Appraised at 7ieTO. iufnu'w'..'! )
Lmi T!UI)na.third Mahjn nor dl one-third
in six months, and the remaiping one-third in twelve
months, nomthadayof aala, with mturest; defer'
red. payment aeboreo) by mortgageupon th prom-
... i ii il,v,retMiliairt Daogheriy. Ueueaaea.
' - " i " 1 ' ' -'
She riiP an d Sec&! .Rftfcjf
(jomlkilissioner's sale.
."; WiktsW Ohioi'tbtoHikfatyJ
Abraham Wilbur, YhuntlrT,VIn'Viritbn County jDOnrl
frelix Grimes A' Cathann . and Decree. Order
7 .. ' ... i . I : . .
vrillRSUANT to th command of an Order and te
r imiiAH from ,th - XJAiirt. f . .. Common
Plea of Vinlod County; Ohio, and urae airectea
n HhMitV of Mia eouaiT.. attinir m nneil Maater
Commisaionor herein. I wiU offer atpubJio sale,
the -. Door of the tdurc Uonae, in me Town oi ier
thur. msaid Gpunty.oa ,i; , i...a i -..
b8alj'day,-(h' foowing1 a'escri.
bedpirriis4ttAomitt- vt nt ; '-i
BMxry-six lno f eet on me oonin ena oi in-iiot num
.r-flavMit i.mani ITI.l ia ths Town airMAArthuiU u
Taken a.tbe,'ropenyt said Eelix. Crimea aid
Oatharineunmt io lausiy an, ornerana 'aecree
Appraised at Two Hundred and Fifty Dollar 1250
and.iiusfcbving lwot!rdof;that.uB).-j-j ,
Trmso(HaIa casnin nana. ' , . x f ,
, f . lv -joun J,SBOCBYi' V-
t .'.vi, .trherift VinlonCouatT.Ohiu. and (. i
I Acting a Special Master Xiommisaioner hereiri..
HB.A.Mayo,A4y-ioiinni.'i.-ii m.t ie
' '
I v" Ttot0r.rVa.i.
i : .
t. a f i rTTITr HnHTDt T" 11 1 rta TTNTI
MS.B.VV nwAvaaaass . ncaaiaa. j.
raylilir pepfflwi atwMelJ -eviilSted MaiW
jj miw reaonaa ma
Kwbanmiiarls brnasMnted by numerouanae
seii, emiiwinis
em, a ad illustra-
eoiumui ' it
oohcertwl ky. aH 4obe.:4he 'cBsapW sod, b
' Myttrfse'veif espies Ssith1rfeka';eop'f
tta-AO. fimfatleireee. Aflfllo ""-T.
: or IBB
Tut IHii. - - - --' . "
, vr..'.: I i A . .'T f : .f iti i!J'' lour ' '
Hi -ii.) jiil i J: itI.ii-i?i I -r. o! Isip.Wi'.'vi-t. .
'... -
jywMinai Amauntnt&to - -. .
viia-C -a ij u"i! ".. '.,1 k4t
. To .b't DUtribulcd: ia.Aftil, 1807 . - , -
) .!'. ,f.:i.i)ii . .ll.niJ!! ti esK.nT- ,"'
For List of Premiunra and- -Particulars, of .
- ..... - . . .r . 1. 1 rn...lw...
Di8tnbutiou, Boe ..sne nreaij
o.. ,..,:Bd .Subscription Circulars. ...-i , ,n v
YV, native to those of our nairona who will
piert-thenweltea o him elub -. If'ou? 'pnpereouldl
he take in the household of all W "emocnitiai
(rihdt, Botun ann ivesi, i mnunicn " "j-
tent Ir chonaina the-politiCaajiit;ot ftir Jh
areat point tor which all Irusnda ofthe -Union ho'' .
lf.U lwdhadan equal newing wiio ne.rr..u.. ,.
opponentB,eiiliouldneTor have find thfJ-ternbl
crisia of the last five years. , TauslH . by ; SHd.- wperii
ence ofila neeeanlty, we trust the DemoonUlo preaf
Ih in future to have a larger npher-of influence an!
circulation. . , , , lMlr.nim
What evils navemiien upon vno iuu,
arroneouapelitical aduation ,or,t)ia niaiwest If wa ,
would restore the old order oT things once more; fi'
rci tiMui uuir oa tne'oiaiiupiip T"ff-
Prosperity, we nuwt place the rwinooracy gm in.
power. At enxilary to thi end, and the incut M
feetiveiigenttn the- work we ropeol. is tUeSirStua-.
eEnqme?h1wol '
tlen-of the Democracy that ar. .univejally boIcbowI-
edced. Through proscription and pernecutionun- .
exartpled, witfrmilitery eHiato duttnig-;efl mhouj
uulBtlon in whole fltatea and districts, thrwitfnea
with tohl suppression, personal imprionmeii.im-
mob violence II wo am ni
stood by t
Ita tenet.
Sbumea iq ine grouna wmuu i.,,p
itnld Ihekraafest peeainary(is- '
ten Tnohilh), and
8rsjniiequentu0l) It, we liave never losi aa
issue of our paper.'or broken k prOmis ' W any
our suUsorlberai, ;.Iq the titurtf, as is tbe.paal, ander,
the sun of prosperity mi well aa the clouds of silver'
mity. we shall bear aloft tlx Dmnncratio Baa.ner, end,
b faithful to its organisation. . Will not the Denftio
racy of the Northwest tmiy them who were true
Id the darkest liours.to-theif political and personal
inlerests. end a-rll they Uit fexert 4heniiWlTta. W in
raaaeanKlirpulAtionJic'u till v f x, , ' V HsI
i As a business And family Jonmar, the EhquirerhaS
flo-Sliperlor; auh number conums a3ruearantint
ol general news, latest, -nd most reliable Intelil-.
genc and teadlng matter. ; Financial -and, -Commot
oial New i mad.a Bpeoial (Mature of the Enquire-.
An iintianallv fftrsA rHiia7a hein? devoted to full anal .
rollahle repoita.-of the 4"ukog pri pf thi d(oter
The WeeWy rrifreMrJil Be,maMa,:t6'''-meif- .
Mrs at u uiiowiie Teanceaie".. iUiu ii' u;
Single copy, pni-year, ,, .... -V? ??
Ten copies, one year, 2"5f
With an additional oopy to the setter up of therfuB.
MoneT to be sent at our aisk by express, prepaid,
or in registered lettcWby mailWorsuras over tea
dollar by mail, drafts or post ofttoo money order
houkl be wocoied. Addvea :. i ."!. ni,t
Id be WOBoiad. ' Addre.:. i ."s'l nt,t
; i 71 ,FARAN. S.SIoLBAN. ., .
...v ;. ,Vf"-r ... ,:.iv -'Wnainnatl.Tfttfo. "
r Specimen a ad liobhcrlfrtipo clBeiilars oa
tainingllstof prises and all pessary tiiforinuoB
ient op application.1 " Tj-ruU t uuf '
PROSP E O T' 0 8
,-WOU J,ir ? i a l.llT M SJilVJt:gHI
A Bin the past, throngh nnahmfnd stormtyn!.
OhloSUteamanwiTiconlinu inflexibly liemo-craiio-unalterabrr-devotad.-tO"an-adTOoacj
of tba
mauitenanaeof the Constitution, in spiift and in lei-
t? and to the "preservatioh of the Union.. Asid
rroua ni,.fta;ia1)'y.T ,fr:"r7"l. "TV
.iil'i;;ajt nrv' s-'.r ' V"'i ' i1"'
Jteporis, ", Choice,' Tiutruptive ' and
And will giv faithful market report rrom tn lead-; ,
Ills Coibmereial Cenlara f lh oouol m ' f h v !
1 Oa the 13th or JUeeemDer, ine iyopkit omima
will be soehhti-gerfaa to give '-two""' and a halfadd!-: .
tionallumnst.-eiDf mattes we,Kiy. j.wwi-y
loWingarethe - . .
' terms-i:caWin";advancej
Dally Statesman,' per yoar,-1.... . Iy 't is 71 I OO".
" six months, . .,, 4 o
Trt-Weeklv Statesman, tier-ytttr'-1 bteSta..
, " ... " . MIX HtUllll.B,
One copy, ix months, for ... ,
in ennt1. one vear. for - '
Trtii'rnniAff. onA veaf. foe. t ......... , S Otl
Teicofies. onoyesr.tor-' ?'"' '"," ' h"
Tweuty copies, one yoar', for, vla") Sfi?''
Fifty oopies, one year, for . . " " Twj
!W m i.vvivtwi j.1 9.Colntnbus,'Obio'ri.-
'vTIiPi-MIFAMtill ;,.
i s - Tol. Xvi, for 186T. " .-t odi
S. D. HARRISrUMTdB." ' '
;!Vf :;U 9A:W..AlfftBHl,l-BBVaB:B. -1o
Liiiif TH1..0RIAT:lWIHKLTi:ij ulj
rrif,icM?urtr i ana i miy t'i Jrdnery
Devoted to Sural ana Houttnold i
nd Uoutehota Jtiatri.
JW ...07. ,t f ii iu )? i .,Mt !j
(-T. Singls. copy,, only $2,00 a year.
An, extra copy one year for every club- er
feh, afid'.an, xtra - copy ixnontbs Jer a
olub of aivt 6peelmenao aBd.Proapectnsea
ient free to persons desiring to get'up olubs.
1 Address : "OHIO FARMER,
j-;sv:".'l ,. j J..:. .iiai!, .Clevelndhio.T
8 hereby given that a 'petitition has been filed in"
IheCoUrtof Common 'Pleas, within 'and folr th)1
ComiiyrVntonianoV8tot Ohi,rth.oiana
rirnjer ol whioh petition w to obwin an order or Sftia
Court veoating the following Alleys in the West patt.1
of the Village of McArthnr, to-wju. . . . . ,
TH lln lvincrnimediaterv west of L41 Sumbere
162, HI, 1 198,. and lo. the . AJley, lyliiR
&ou(h of abd adjoining" id Lots Numbers ill, 9."
Jht lot, auii tajou, niBdjrv arusiiaatfj - v., - .
8onth between Ill-Lots Numbers ' SOS and 808; and ,
LaiU Kmnbers B10 and I1. Which said petition win .,-
ha for hnnrinir at .the March Term of said Court.
i-i.' -A.J-!rtV-a,.i tA ps'imoNEBX; .'
"'rTriW:.wa 6); diif !.u.) .?,i
' WalmilStfeeLPMla
i ,
i wii r .::. fi'.'.'.-s.'-f .-jj.!.'. I.1 l..!.rt.f
... -t-tw.. . . nu,. rniriia
A liea'uaVyremuh,: S U$ Re1'
,. j-o,- -i-doseij Prices to Clubs
,! v ,.; m?U wo.i ..i
rftBE IjIDY'8 FRIEND announces lor 18C7 tba
X folfowing noveletesi A New ftuiry by Mrs. Henry
Wood, author ol (East : Lyons. 1 "Siie .CbaDnlng,', jt,
How a Woman had her Way,' . by Eliaabelb Pre
iott.' author of 'Fold i bir ' tHe' 8nn.t . '.Jo . LanW.
I VaMinoj kv. AmtaaiAifli ' Mi , rvMialaa. author of In
(Trust,' etc." 'Dor CastoV V Vfi)t Lea BenedioU' 'i
nt'will air a Splendid double -page finely colored
i f ashion riate engraved an ateei in eveey numoer.
graving, and a large assortment ot wood outs, lllust- '
vatmg feahioon, fanoyiwo, ,tc.,. iB every number..
It will give popular woce oi aawwim
of the magaunedfilu every aumbert ' ItWlltglv: f
mr, rf tl Bafttifwl Prmi(im blaet jtraviug ; ...
On of Life's Happy HoursVW)- by, SO inches, to ev-
w;iipglW,wuineer.lna w .wvwj -
i Machines, nilves fiawoj eaf- wanpwMf, nwiwir,
rl..i,inrf k,,r Wahihea. Guns. Ride. . Melodionl.
j Ci,"JTi'.'t0t4 kti wv"H
1 ehpyi fcdjtheengraviiig,).
'toovrw,i(sttljai,!lj811' a5"'" sowhT
a wipin, .
I 7. , ,- cpio, ytHmPvPf''
rto. fsld,ontirtisJ,,,, ' I.,,.. -ijlS 00. .,.,'
copies (and one grtiJ " " . -I . W 00
Qn4 wr(y eaeloif h Lwty .'a -Friend abd : the. WUfrji.
pies in
unr '.'M'"e v..i yi.s. . -.. . k ..j....::
tf Itf.
,th premium. Engrawing.; : MotaSara of a olub vnh-
t l ine the EDKravtng must remit one aonar extra. ;
ffJJlet4UrowOTwugr. jiu or frowum
na fchould enclose J6 -cents lor sample Mugaaiou,'
' Tn getter up oracruowui always rrvawopy oiu
hMPramium Enanwina. Monsaariofa olub wish-
coptaiDing trv.pM 'oiw. ?A& Tv?

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