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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 07, 1867, Image 2

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" "! ' ivi raoraitfno. .
J. W. ;
"Tv- -&fT
1 Jj..i4 I
(mfhwrt a union r lawnis,..'-
, . 'The
Democratic State Ticket.
1 f; (-.' i i (For Governor,,, , v, ;s ,
' jl i Ati.KNG. T&ORMANjjof Franklin. , .
For Lieutenant Governor, ' V ;-. -s.
'UHIii if Holmos. t'iuA
.f. li 'V v : For .Auditor,;. ,,n em.-I
... JOHN jMeEtKISft of : Putlera.
-tvl For Attorney General,, o n - ,-.
" -FBASkttHUEDifWWi'i
"lev jo Je!b'f Sttpreme' tettt,
"jtnoMAS 61. KEY.of.ne.n,iU6n.
ff": - ' ... , -
i'.i v iy0rControUo oPTMury;:i ,;i
v WILLIAM snERlDAN, ef;W.iUiains. ,
I"'. Tiokrd of PoblU? WerW ' :
:' " AUTIltJl. HUGI1E8, of Cuyahoga
. ' :' i vU."..n lianitaliBte are trav-
cling" thfough .'Louisiana', tHu W
with in ee fo fature'purcbttses U
Tuesday last. It ! U f&JW
roinVrkableVtbat in drawing for eaU in
the' iiiwi the' 'Republican' -nenibere
hastened .to' chbosV UjecinUi rf-TI.
SteTensrjttst'liko a JftooaibCcbickens
seeking- prelection hefath ibe;old,hen.
The tegislaiure Vf 'Ktohcy
polled all, .wintar; u, 6
Business at the woolen mills ioHhorte
Island U io.- dull.' bat ,: hsidly,
x.- l .1.. :.!iiJ.! fitii; I "i."4'7 .t.'r.i
The Radical .LegiBlalnre of .$,onr
liave found Judge Moody Vguilty of the
char-'crtney tfampted up agamst,iim.
Dcmoorais nave.
MrtjoT, and 10 utjl,'";.r"r"
ester, i
N.'Y.' -1M lote-exwinr
The April Election.
rTfi. no time fof the - Democrats
tho soveraf townships' in Vintoa county
to organize preparatory ' t o the April dlec
tipn. 'Let, ooiMbe. Tost ! AwaVo'
Democratsi and fet us shke off tie ip:
atby which looms to insbrou us. - The
radibali are rapidly prepafing their mid
plght soUeme's, carry forward the infa
jjous doings of . an usurping, 'self-BtyliDg
Congress, and . tbo .friend? of aonstUtt.
tional liberty must not sleep on';t'air
rights.' Ob to work in every township
yes, in' every school 'districtt ; There is
only. one. month for yon to.work.'jThcre
should be an efficient, thorough, and. a
permanent orgmization of.lbfl Democrat
ey in every towafthip. Now is the .ii
to begip, and weihalt be succeasful It the
fall election. v; 3, ::;.- f v'
- We' would call.yoni attention to the
fullowine circular, which- we rebelled, on
Monday night, from the Democratic State
COLUMBUS, OHIO, February 27, 1867.
J ' n. Rial 1. is of the first impor
tance that the Democratic, party should
noil oo the first. Monday in April as large
.-fa r.nB5ible.- The larger this vote,
.'Vm'ore productive o good it win be.--
,Ii wexsan siuio, e". y". , .
.uL. and towns in which we nad
B.juri'ties iastf.tl, id if w can reduce
the ma'ioriuea of the Republican! in those
.cties and towhs.in whicb -they naa ma
t the same time, jt will give in
:-:...; n nn friends all over the State
inoniration that wilt "prompt such
throroui eotion s to render our mcccss
t the election in
Thii eonsideration (of itself should rrcito
rt-.r,in ifcxi at the April flection on the
wart of the Democrats,1 Aside from this,
.however, ttero is a consideration of more
commanding importance.; 'Tke nncon'.
stilutional and nBurpatlve legislation
the 2'Jth Conress should do leouaeo.
.nrt th 4.0th nonnresa. which convenes
on the 5th of March, mora bent even on
fatal mlaohief than tha 39tb, should le
ttdmonished tbat nch legislation and the
threatened displacement of the President
for a too iaitntui aaneroncc ui ao vuu
aritution and a ReDullioan form of Gov
crnment. will provoke the displeasure of
' 1 a' I. TIT. a i..t
i miority of. tho peopie. r p "
in the people, that if these questions
shall be fairly ' presented tq 'them, in a
pirit of kindness, very many who here
' lofore veteJ the Ropublioaq ticket, will
not do to in ApriU Eon vthough the
. 7
strongest prejudice the conviction must
anoirtA that the leeislation of Con
gress has not eondaoed to the welfare of
the country. , xae counwj uu inu
perousj Ehis is plain to every person
Vor if there is i cause a chief, coutroll
ing cause, bubordinate! to whioh there are
nthpif cnusfs. V unquestionably" Tbi
chier. coDtrolling cause 4s the offspring
of tUo desolated and impoversnea oouai
7 . . .
tion of the South; and no measure or
legislation tLat is nut calculated to incite
tno poople of that section to such effort
as will rebuild tbeir waste ana bcsui
uUcos. will servo to benefit our sootion of
the country, it we are aismciiuuu
msgnaniaious, we are not disinolined to
listen to the suggestions of self-interest.
It is the impression of leading financiers
in the country that wtafuiay be regard
ed the jiolent dieplaoerocot of President
Johnson "from his office wilt so diaar
range the finaricies and hu8ineBS, afi to
enusa ai?'oniEibir distresi:' Whalhori this
mbiession: is well founded or the reverse,
ills ctrtata that ibo oountfy tia not in a
condition to adait of muott more revo
lutionsry experiwentinK. -AH effort,
therefore, ehould be made to arteat K-r-We
believe .'tbatSf the' rcsalt t! At
ol.nm 'mnrlcea 'fall
April eireuwu "''""'" "
lA in t!i 'Rpniihlican .vote, that the
!n.mih i firinfresa willba 'awed into
.nm.thintf tiltft dBcoBov..at least so lar as
ttf ) Bdoia Impesohiueat.' t So believing,
m cT.nfriiil iiht vou to oommunioate
with your Comttiitieemen, youB ,Glubv if
von have one,-and wiifrthe active ,
cerate throughout your c'onnty anu pre
vail upon' ihem to Bee that good Town
ship. Town and City Tickets are put in
nnminntint. tfnd anDbortod with all toe
vi&or end strength possible,
You i will
also oblige us J by communicating tQt ub
the result of tni-alisction ; in the-espoo-tive
Township?; 'giving the-Kcpmparatlve
gain' Of Jobs on' the election o Jsrt rVll.
Allow u to remied you that with' a yiejf
to success in the epriog elect joni you, will
be greatly aided by activity in organiiing
olubp," as heretofore recommended by the
JSK'OOttUTt uomminee; ;; :": ( . t
t-IoBE about inn 1 Rail Roah to
McAOTBdiupo account 'of being ab
son t ''' iho -grea'tot 'prof 1 Jaet week ,'and
part of' tbe wqetpreVious, '.?w '"dtd.v noi
ham timo to aav anvthinc about tne adj.
jdurned meeting of the citize'nsof McAr
thur and vioinity, who assembled at tne
Cpnrt HouseaatJriday wcoV,;the .,22nd
utit for.the pur'pos? 'of caringitho ,' .ro-,
port of- the. Committed tppointei! at a
previous meeting to ebnfer with 'the di
"of 'tha Marietta" & Cidcincat?
Railroad at thcrrftnnual meeting held in
CUUicbthe on e0th7Tt,:7J. JM'
Dovroll,'1 Chaitman' of tbat.L'ommitteo,
mido'. a very satisfaotory - ifoA- to ihe
roeetlug of 'tho lntorview I' between : the
Committee and the Directors and'.Officers
of the M. cY i 0.: R.;: R j. reati?e tQ the
building of a Railiroad from Mc Arthur
Station to MoArlhtir. The' offiders of
X": n ' s'lyj-tili :' -'.Li :ti l-fJ:Hm
loe ivoao proajiseui iu acuu,u
their - Eogineej oer .the line ind haye
him make ad 'estimate- of the coit:ol
building the: road to' this ptaoes,,,ii ,f' :
..This enterprise is ono lnivnien we, are
all interested, and if advantage, are of
fered by the Railroad Company we should
not be 6low in aoceptifigUhem. , All arn
aware that the erection 9r the road would
not on!y"hriDg,'ts this place a large) num
ber of cacitalists , and, ;immigantp, , but
would open wide the doors of .attraction
to the mitCial resources of this vicinity,
Repcdiatiou. Somo . of the i papers
are in tavot'of repudiating the National
debt;? Tha. reopln ' are v fired Of being
taxed, and il.they. do not sodri eryr out
against this wicked taxation, we are muon
mistaken. In the Rionmond Times, of
a recent date, we find the following::
." "We do not know that the mantle
prophecy has ever (alien' upon ob,' but
we venture a prediction. It is ihis
That eigns of a desire to repudiate, the
n.flnnni ap.ht will loneaf in - the North
loos before thpy do hero, although :the
debt is more theirs than ours.- And ve
venture the' further prediotida that,'
soon as the1 Northern j peaple have , fully
recovered from the exoiiemeot caused
the Radical liel bf. the last election, jwe
shall begin to heat growls about: heavy.
taxation. - The mm then 'who mill wipe
nut taxation soonest will bo the favor
Ite." 77 77 .'.'Vi
- A Meetisq oj Counthy , Publish,
ebb.- We hava been requested to elate
that there- will be-a meeting of Cottntry
Pnhlishersln this bity on the .1st
Anril. for the purpose of adopting meas
ores that will saouie the ; establishment
of a Paper Mill for thd . mutual ad van
tWof Countv Publisher. J, .'.r l
i Country Pnblishors favorable to . the
onterprits1 win pieaso nonce. wuiy
Scateemio.' t, ; j; -.
: IIinbv , 3 4 Ratmond sajs : ;"It is ev
ident that the Democratic party , grows
worse msreaa ot oeuer, , xuih ib iuo
w a . . I mv- il.
very highest pnise ;whioh it is possible
for any mortal, to sobiow on me : uomo'
oeratio party. For what is vice in .Kay
monc'e mind.'ia virtue in. the estiniatjoa
of all richt thinking men. , If the Dem
ocratic party ia getting worse in his eyes,
it is because it is returning to the faith
od principles of our fathers.
The Mabch Seon or the
Commissioners. Pursuant to the pro
vision of the Satute, the County Coin
missioneramet at the Auditot'e offlee,
on: Monday ! last. ' 'Pr. U. C Moore,
whose term of office expire surrendered
the offioeio'the new incumbent, William
F. Felton.
Tbo Doctor has made one of
the best Auditors tbo County
has ever
had, discharging the dutiei of the office
to tne entire bbiihbu" m.u
ho had to do; and il his euceesBor will
only diaoharge the-duties of the office ib
faithfully and oorreotly a has Dr. Moore,
truly his constituent may feel proud of
such a fwan ; in the; .oUim, a , ne la ,a
futhorongh acopuntant" and '"fully able
acdompotent to d;sohig9 the duties oi
the office." as has already been, demon
atrated by bis official" conduct 1 since the
oommenooment jot.-this , session , t)f the
Board ot Commissioners." if 's -n
We, learn 4haV' thero is " considerable
busioeFS botore -.tte1 Board, Ind as- -'the
present; Legisiature haa (", made ' a , Krat
change in the law rela'.log to '-Roads and
Hiahwavsl"1 officers and the; Tax of
the same, it will be oompelied to make
"chalk mark'.' of abouV five mills lor
Roada'ar.BridgO';!ndi;,.,Tha ftryl
should have been made before Col .Pot
nam "qnlt" the ' board; aa the levy will
make, somebody; Squirm"' under the
ypke ofheavy taxalion j and '.the', lojfal
ists will attempt to throw the blame upon
Messrs-. Alba ugh and Clark, as be7- ire
thn nnlv anthnritV now ' in .iStselOU tO
"-'j ; 4 .i , . . i
m ira tna low
UiBo a,V svj. ( , , ; j
The query ; in our tnind,
did the
Colond discharge the Aoditorj or did the
Auditor, Clark and Albaugrif, discharge
him? ljy oftrli deparfure 'from : town
J yesterday morning looks aV though ' tie
i .. . . ... .. ..i -....
waa diszustea witn me, isooraoi auia ui
the new Auditor.. The Colonel ie ole?
cr, social and ood- looking' joung man,
a'pd we 1 think.' much'' of a gentlemm
nnri wfi wonaer at ui8 buuuuu im
balance of the "Board'' ,are in esion
yet,! and will so remain ub til the accounts
of the Treasurer are prepared and'the ball
ances of "each fund are, shown p. when
C".-' - ' i1:' 'i'Jir - 'all. ' t - - V-- C.
wo presume iney wut iiojyuni., 1
i f At.lhib session'thercwas. a "dee4, of
general warrahtyf- made to . the .'Abi.;
and posaession' given,' fof Ihree-sevenths
of, the .entire ypurii( uouseanu. itm
this timo forward will,, be thereign;'
torror" as 'we1 see iinea ot tne legal
&knti!" 'are 'assisting in ' the Auditor's
office, (as'lve gd to press ;) and, as -the
poor man 8aid,,'Iie would as spon have
the do vil after him, aa a . . lawyer. . 7 ,,
' We propose' keeping the publio posted
somewhat as to the ' competency of the
iiewjy elected inounbents '
7New, JjAW, An act was passed 6n tho
274 of February, by ithe. Uenerai as
iombly, entitlod "ao act relating to roadi
and Eighways'.V,. which ia of iconsiaeraDiei
importance, irissmuoh Ab U abolishes the
office of. Superjasor of To'ade' and ' bigh-
ways, and gives to tho, trustees of ihe
several townships control aod.euperyUion
of all 1 putlie oad3 and : highway', aad
requires the erectfon of guide boorda'
the fork's of all .roads'jn the. State; V'No
aupcifviBors will be eleoted .this spring.
This hew law may be satisfactory ' tp tne
peVpl6;Sna7ta'arof be. We shall see.
OrpiciAt Vote op Ywton Cocmr.
W ..VallBnbli6h the official abstraot
the yoteVpolled at' the Ootober election,
ia the BeveraUownships,in Tinton eoun
ty, in a week or two. , ;lu the , mean time
let onr friendB-subsenne for b iiNQUi-
BEii, so they can see the offioial vote, ''
f One; of 'our , Republioaoi exohanges
eaya'tlie -'Grand.Arrny of the Republic"
numbers sixty-five thousand members
this State.i The Republican . paper;
right in regard to that assertion, as about
ooe tnonsaod ot tnat numoer resiao
Vinton codnty alonp. '"r '
Radical and Conservative
-i Observe, and yoa will find that what
aio' oalled Conservative , Republicans,
while they will at times protest with ve
hemence acains't measures f of, the.Radi
oala aa destrnotive'and nncnlled for,
nevertheless vote for the Radicals
than for- Democrats. jNot so with
Radicals.. 'Rather than abandon; their
measures for half-way ones to accommo
date tender-footed conservative ipuo
lioans, they, will vote with the Democrats
to defeat Ahe Conservatives.. Look
tha vote in -the House on the Sherman
Amfendment. and vou will find confirms
of wbati.we lay.-,: The - Radioals
united with the - Democrats and defeated
that somewhat mildly featured abomin
tioDj'' Can't Conservative Republioans
get a suggestion from this vote tbat will
rerve them lo.maintainiog (heir ground
against the Radioals r ' '
. tE Marietta1 & Cincinnati Railroad
earned.' during' (be third week 'of Febru
ary, $19,807," ' as follows :;l Passengers,
$5,922; freight. 1Z,S5 ;' mail, express
and, telegraph, $i,SOO.' ' Thelncrea8eover
the corf ospoBding week of last year was
?1,6SC Chihcotho Uazette.
Notices Given
us by the Press.
Tn following oMnpUmeataryaoUeeswe
oopy' from sotae of the
papers wuioiwe r-
, . f ; ! , ,
celve: .
ViHioa' Codhtt.J. -w.
n. fnrmrlr of tha Jaokion Ezvtetn, has
oommeneed th. puWicatioa of a n.w Demo
cratio paper at McArthur, Ohio, called the
Democratic Avqircr. m
JPwtmoulh Timet., -.: . ;. ,
Haw PiM.-'Wa have received this week
initial oumber or, a new ,jeiuooruQ
pater caiiea tmnwuiK ,..(..-.. ----iubllahed
aiMoArthur, Vinton County, Ohio,
by J. W. Bo!. who formerly published the
t..w.. rrn. The Enovtrcr preaenta a
.wu "t , . , - .....
Mr m(rftnce. ' eonsiueriBg , w- r
the weather." ' We oheeifullj ! aooor " i. an
exchange.-MidJlrport Qatettc, ileigt Vounty.
A Haw Demooralio paper, ealUd the Dma-
erotic Emmirtr, Has been sianea i m'
i' il, Jmtliion Exvrtti. , BuCCCSS to
ucn .
it, Circuit vtmocrai. . . . .. .
wi i,.t. oei7d Ko. 1 of the Dmft'
eratic Enquirer," jubliahed by J. W Bowen,
v.n iiMoArllmr. Ohio," It is printed on
tha sifce type that for thepaat eight years
v.i. Un baltline for, Abolitionism, two
ealiS, and all other isms advocated by that
.rrt7 Mr BoWen has set them up t better
idtantage. They will hereafter be soar
Minffsd aa to dTott lk--4a inutnes
n.rMiifti-T for a Democratio form or ucvern-
ment. - The caper (although .gottea upon
short aoticel presents i a neat appearaDoe.r-
DrinB , tbe darkest hours lor vae verawr.;
ey, BowiM, as editor of the "aolson Ezprtp
mint faltllltlllV IL All DUOl. UMbiiuic .w.
rninn and the Constitution. " " u t
.WW ----- ' - . ,
friend the best of sucoess. FawWy Dmw.
li"v. Pines J-Wa Lave received- thi
week, a spicy little paper, entitled, The Pm
oeratio Enquirer, published , at .MoArthur, the
seat of Viatoa oounty. . " puuuuuou uf
M..T.W nnwfin. of whom we know nothing,
hut mm hnna that tha Enaiurer under his
vaa v . "vf j - ' m
auspices will pursue a different course from
the published at Iho same place by
. , who aold out one-half of It to
,hm Radln'ala. . We admire courtesy On tn
part of political enemiea, but the man who
Would -furnish bis enemiea with a bludgeon
to be beat hia own brains, Is anything else
but a Wise man. . W e Wish the Enqytrirer.tut-,
... .nd lt RditnT a Ions and bappy llfe-.
Th first number of the Pmoorahe- Enquiry
ir, published at .Ho Arthur, Vinton ponnty,
Ohio, J. Boweu, Editor, ia before ug, It
presents a neat typographical appearance,
and its editorials have the "ring of the true
metal;"'- - Its jnotto "Demooratie rat'i.aU
times and under all Circumitanoes" judg
ing from the present bu nber( wilj, ; be faith
fully adherel.to by the. Editor. ,- :We wish
the Enquirer abundant auoeeaa, and hope the
Democracy of Vinton will .dulj appreciate
t&o advantages of having an organ by giving
id the proper" supports Demcra(s ,1'nion,
Otu Lezinston, Ohio, . ".IL .' .. udi
; V have, this week, toe two first .numbers
of Ie Democratic Enquirer, published at Mo-
Arthur, Ohio, by old old friend, 3. W.Dqwen,
la politics, the - ttMocratie Enquirer, (is . un
queationabl; orthodox, and, jii iu' .column
we' roognie fair editorial abiltity.5 1
i-Marulta timet, ' . i ; .: - -m
', DliiiocaArio Enqoi" A nAw..nemfiaratie
paper emanates 'from McArthur, under the
above title, with the name of J. W. Bowen at
it mast head as Editor; and Proprietor,: It
i the same sise of the Utraii, and presents
good appearance. Democratic Utridd, Jack-
r'Mf;;t j. f. .:(;' v J
Ihe Editors and Publishers ; of , the papers
above named willaooept four many thanks
for their kind notices.
Standard of Weights.
Whenever the following articles are sold;
and no.speoial agreement aa to'.thei measure
ia made bv tbe'i eoB.traoung, paruee,
bushel shall consist of the following weights:
Wheat,!'.: '. .i i
Bye, , ' -!. ,'i .
Corn, (shelled, ) ; ...
Corn,, tin ear,) '
Oats, ;' ',' 1 7 J
eiover'Seed, ,' .i -i, vet
Timothy Seed,. ! ' ?
Hemp Heed,, , - , ; , -Millet
Seed,: . .
Buck-wheat, , - 'r
Peas, '.
Hoiainy, i') -i -! i
Irish Potatoes, .
8weet Potatoes',
Dried Peaehea, r ' '
Dried Peaches, '' '
Barley, -m ; .
Halt,"' ;: - Ji- r - -
Hungarian Grass Seed,
a 60 pounds
77". ; j) i pounds
. ', ' 66 pounds
' c ' : ' 7Q pounds
33 pounds
- VI pounus
',.,45 pounds
, 44 pounds
SO pounds
80 pounds
- CQ pounds
' CO pounds
7- CO pounds
, 00 pounds
CO pounds
' 33 pounds
-; 25 pounds
i- v66 pounds
; . 48 pounds
. . 34 pounds
10 pounds
Letter from Boston.
BOSTON, Feb. 25, 1867.
J Vf Bowni, Esq., Editor Proprietor Democratic
''jinqulrer. WcArthur.O.: - - j :
. , Dear Sir: In vour paper of the 21st inst,
yon give us a very kind and liberal notioe
our Peat Journal., You mention that yon had
rd but little on the' subieot and refer
tha book - w advertise; me. we tnereiore
fai the honor to send . you ' tacit About
Peat, ai shall bo pleased to have you, gtta
it 'nioh attention aa rod may feel Inclined
bestow upon aaubject, which ail are more
lesa interested in, viai tnaior jueh - --
Pleas oDt our tbaaka for the notieef
the Peat - Jonraat ia your interesting and
wide-awake pspar. -,' ;'
n . Bespeotfully Your Ob't Berv'U,
Where's the Nigger.
". A Radioal sheet sayi : " We bave'bai
the Republican viotory ; 'now Where's
the nigger?" 7'77 :. 7, 7
: ,AtiswEa, Go to your itore, Ind yon
get from, eighteen to twonty-nve eots
worth of nigger in eyery yird 6f muslin
von buv. from ten to fifteen cents worth
of nigger itt ' every ' yard of calico your
wife' and children nee s from fix to eight
dollars worth of nigger in eacli barrel
flour yonr family consumes ; twenty-nve
cents worth of nigger in eaoh pound
nnffea van nurchase..from eight to twelve
eenti worth pf nigger in each pound
lugar yon buy to sweeten it. Yon wil
find a small bit of nieeer in your :,box
matches, awl, ' considerable of .nigger
voar nlue of tobacco. , Yon can eat noth-
ingrwear nothing, taste nothing, of have
nothing, that is not more or less affeoted
ed by the miserable niggerism . that,
'left Springfield for Wiibingtotu' ,'
caniEDiieu svuu vvuuti w iihuv , viw
The Organization of Congress
—Democratic Pretest.
.Tan nmiPit . whloh Mr. BrooiSi a no
hia Demooratie' iCollnicue 'yesterday ol
fored in .the House lot "Repw?entati.ves
ia regard to the organization of that body
Was topst propetly madcj and wifl.be use'
ful for future reference ana coneiasf vm.
ii i. vattA nr. hifiinr that 'should be
tftken note ot betore we proceca o
over the next leaf. When revolutionary
proceedings . of the most rad'cai paiurc
are about to'be enaoted,'it is well to keep
beforo the people the character of the
body that thus legislates, mere
nm nnnntinir in all the little "rotten
hnroneh"-elates, euon as -wevaui, .i-
braska and Kansas, thirty-seven States
n Jbe Unjon Ui, mese, aeveuioou
Rt.tna are fotallv nnrepresnnteo, n,
tloiefore, follows that in ooe branon oi
the Government the ' Senate eleven
Slates x)'onstitue !it: majorityj An6 their
SAiiatora.; twentVHtrto ,iay uuniper, .can
nnntrnl aad'shsDa all the polior' of the
thirtysevon- States , wlu seveniy-iour.
Sanoir. ! Tn the House there are not
m meeed one hundred and . hlty-seven
members out of two hundred and tnirty-
aeven whioh eompose that body A ou,
eieht members being a majority of, this
fraotion, . aitnougn ui a, ,vuir;
Whole number, rIo'b FlanM Tif lleS'
resentaiivesj jidu-in -
r..ki. frunt'inn in "tha Senate." trODOse to
institnte measures that subvert the w hold
Government. Our Congress now, by
Virtue of its fxagmentary epmphixjon and
of its own members, ma
i,a ,,rt.;impint. of. constituent bodies,
bears a most striking analogy, to the poU
ebrated VKumn Parliament;, ot Jingiana,
and the Frenoh Convention, after the
.T.flnhina bad mutilated it by their des
truction of the members from the prow.
of the Gironde. tike those assemi
blies, too, it keeps in perpetual sessian,
and aims to have all executive and judi
cial, as well as legislativo' pbwers,; m its
power with professions of freedom on its
lips, and ended by nuiioing up an. aimoei,
uneoauraoie aespoiinui,
. i i . :
The . protest or W. ;?roos aou u.a,
t ..
oollf aeues. of eburae. fecieved no atlen
tion. but. beine disaereeable to the ma
jority; wis buried out of light is soon
POCSIUIC. X utu uv, UV..K.V.,
from the record of thd TiisforUtt orirom
the chrbnioles of tBes'e times, of whioh
forms so1' prominent a ' part.,- Hereafter,
in tha fntni'oJ it will Do a ia tna wiu mo
freauenJIy recalled and made the basis
onmaieor in conoeonou' wnu
Cincinnati Enquirer, 6th inst.
Connecticut Election.
Tn Connecticut the State election! . will
take plaoe on the jfirsfMondai u April.
. . -a -t H' L.i:
Id the election last April, me .uepuv.i
oaui camea ine otaio oy uijwinrvi
541. We should, opt be surpriBed. it the
Demooratg were to parry the btate ,.tni
. ' m. . i. '.i-1 1 ' 'Tit.
year." Alio iiiivnat -ni,"
Secretary of State who' wcie las year
eleoted on tbo lwpuDiican ncaet, uavo
written strong letters, setting forth that
they cannot this year act with tnai pany.
They both' regard that organization,
now contrblled'and direoted, false to their
hitherto ivowed purposes ind to the Con
stitution. i! Evidently," they1- are honest
and coofc'clentiousj and tneir lotion nay
nfluence a soffioieot number oi votes
throw tha State against, the Kadieala
tesult that would, awaken hope in
hroasta of all Conservatives ind Demo
crats throughout the land.
Organize! Organize!!
We are .glad.to see.hy nur( exchanges
tbat tho Democracy, throughout the State
ik va itinrnnirhtv " or!aniaini into , county
and township clubs or associations. Tbia
is what oueht to have beoo done , lajig
- o . ... , , . : L....U
aco and had it been aone, wo wuuiu
hava bren more suooessful in J our eleo
TIia TlAmoeraev1 have been
inactive in the taat; while the Abolition
ists bave left nothing undone to oarry
out their wioked and designing purposes.
We must meet tbem in tha future with
bold and united front, and manfully con
test for our rights, and in order to
this we will bave to be tnorougniy., v
oanized t With the prpper organisation
wa are bound to, be 7,sucoe8sfal, aa
right must finally overdome the wrong.
the infititutiens
our patriotio fathers from the threatened
destructionby be lawless ' and treaoher.
ous party whioh nov has control of
Government, we " musl'coihbak for them
manfully," and ,Jn order to meen them
thuB it is ibeolntely essential that
should be effectively organized. Wo miy
hope yet to preserve bur frie institntions
if we will immediately go to work,
energetically and earnestly engige in
performance of onr high, and holy duty.
Lot no one, then, be .bictward in
matter, but let every county end tnwn
ship in tha State organise. We hope
see the Democracy of Bardin county
immediately. We have impor
tant and laudable work 1 to perform
us prepare for it, Kenton Dem6ori,
' - .( ''",
The Toledo Blade lis a very' great
contempt for the Uepubjioans who voted
against submitting to a vote of the peo
ple an amendment- striking 'the) .word
White from the Coostiiuiion,- nnd pro
poses to "novr leave' the tende toed
Republicans to the care of their constitu
ents and the oontempt-of thpae who ad
vocate the causa of manhood and justioe."
The Blade may say' what it pleases, vttthe
tvntiTR TOED
Renublicana",wiU, confrol
the Republican Stte, Convention, in
af tho eandidato for .Gover-
.nt in the Platform. At least
is tie programme thi fender toed
nublicans" have marked out for tbem
lves.-OhioSliteimiii,c i: 7: 'f
f . - v . : v r
Effect of Congress on the
Effect of Congress on the Business of the Country.
Tub Philadelphia American, a Repub
lican joutnal, - speaking of the prostra
tion of basinets, remarks : .
wlf the session of Cofcgress were to end .
on tne 4th of Marches usual, we should
bavein end of political exoiteroent, and-
the uncertainty . respecting -.
od uoancui measnrea wouiu
"But the rheeling oitne new
immed ate v H very nJ rrv-..
trade from getting a frssh start with the
opening 6f spriog.-.W. mnjUoaodidly,
say that while the nature of the emer
genoy may justify the measure at this
Vime. wedo not think it will be found to
work well as I general rule, bo long as
any Congress remains in session, bo maU
.r hal telitical party may oontrol it,
schemes of ill sorts wjll be, batcbea In Jt,
or" thrown into the arena' frbm withobt
to mate distraction . in tne .p8J J.
and affect the. currents of busioess. .
! The legislation ot me present u
thus far has been safe and wise, snd W
do not fjar lbit any mischief Is Jikely(
to result from the remainder of the sea,
sion, for, in the v toaio the majorities in
both Houses pnrBue a oare ful ecurw.
But it is the uncertainty that i sd ioin-.
dus to busipcBSv vWo bave yet no i indica
tion as to what will be done in the way
of relieving the people of a portion ef
thoso burdona of Uxattou that are n our .
10, much' more felt thin in the daja of
,onr prosperity. - If tha .manufacturing
industry of the oounfry eould be relieved
nf tha five nor ' cent. tax. the 'beneficial.
effects would be Immediate and general;,
and tho revenue thus parted witn -woum .
be more than made up by the Increased ,
revenue from other sources, . "'
For 1867.
ganize let
"Tm Seventh Volume and the Seventh.
,tfear of the publiostion of Trte Carsts is f
about to begin, and, in accordance with ens-'
mm. wa issue our Annual Prospeotus.M We t
nnd not recapitulate 1U history during the
!'ii!alormy yeara of its existence, nor- remind
iinniiT veara
- Uyt md of ltJ 8eioes jH b9.
iir nf the treat nrinoiDles of the Deraocra-i
cy, and what its conduotors conceived, and ,
what time has shown, to be the best interests
of Ihe country. Its merits have been ao--knowledged
from the limb it was Started t
that veteran' and distinguished 'journalist;'
Gov. Manaat. and its present 'conductorA,
simply claim forjt. the. credit; ofj an eprnefc!
and undeviating adherence to the plan ana
principles .of. Ua founder. , In all the. poli',
eal 'vicissitudes 'Af'the' pasi 'sfxyeaTS--tlie -failure
of sonie, the apoetaoy of, othars, and i
the unguarded weakness of many, f exponents;'
of Deiuocraoy,' Tbbi Crisis lias ,eier donia,
tei from the straight path of prinoiple, nor.
bten allured by temporary, fxpedlenls. in
timidated by? threats, nor disheartened' .'by
defeat and disaster.',;' l:;f,'i
On tho score of principle we claim for it
the merit of fidelity, honesty, and consist-1
ency. As a newspaper we claim for it tho-
merit of .being an upon cm or western tu-,
terests and Ideas, reliable Journal of the"
times, valuabb companion ot tho-tormer,
the mohanio,: the. business manani tlie
family circle. It is our aim to nil the large
Sheet with matter of real interest and per-
manent'Value to disouss questions of . prm
oiple that are of real significance, iodoform,'
improve, and, instruoti as well s nmusai .
and to this ana we oiscara tne iae iwaaaiO)
whioh goel So far to fill up the daily papers
the oteoene advertisements and the senea
hundreds of letters front the best men of th
country approving-of? the course of JKa
CaiBis in this-respect, and to this course wo
propose to rigidly adhere. The,, reliable
maikef reports and Ibe great amoijot ;ot ;
slalistioal, agrioultural, fiuaaoial, ,uj . po
litical information we publisl(, is of im
portande- and value to kusinesf aen, fartu.
ere, mechanics, and -politicians --while (he
carefully-selected page of literary jniscelhw
ny which each number contains,: commends
it to the home circle of ail.
( Jhe political views Of Taa Casrs scarce; .
rduire dfifilsllion. It,' is i& favor ibC Oemiw
cratio principles" in all their breadth nhd
purity, as expounded by Thowab JerjssEON,
and the other really great men and founders
ot the. Governinent,randl upon? whiou" ;te
Government was sueceasfully condaoted for
seventy years.., It is opposed to the Abolik'
tion despotism which now controls the Fed
eral Government, in all its shape and un
der whatever device . it may appear , It
opposed to, the entire Abolition -.theory Sof
politics, and all the monstrosities, humb iigs,
and delusions whioh grow but of it. Iti.r
opposed to' thi thieviagC iasoalityy lhal'iy.
rannical assumptions, the stupid, and bar
.barous polities! nd the lawless' nsorpationa
of Congress, and to all the machinery -that
the Jaoobins have devised and put in ope&a,
tion to overthrow Republican GoTernmentr
inaugurate anarchy and ebwolutiam, enslave
Ihe people, ' and . oppress them with . odjous
taxes, and ' tyrannical, insane, and oorrnot
legislation. And in advooatlng the correot
prinotplea and opposing the evils ba'ya
named, we snail eoouuuo. to.uo u wutiout
car or iatqi. . ; y i i .r
In order to successfully ' conduct sook a
paper as Thi Crisis,; it ,mnJt have large',
list of subscriber; and to secure that we,
rely npoh onr friends aad those who have ,
taken the paper. ,, we cannot .eotnpet wita;
the cheap, shoddy t publications, of the East,
by' offering bogus premiums' or employing;
traveling agents j but we ' earnestly soIioU
the aid of our readers in extending our cir
culation by their pertonal efforts. It will
require bat little exertion from' eaoh, but
the aezreeate will ename us 10 iurnisa men ,
with a paper fully equal la Siie, superior ia
print to any" Eastern publication, and of a
great deal more Interest and Importanoo to.
Wntern Democrats. Friends, shall we call
upon you in vain, for the small favor wa.
ask,' and in a cause ot such magnitudeand
value? Now is the time to send in sub-'
seriptions for the new volume, which, at the
end of .the, year, will be worth thrice the
amonnt'of the subscription prloei '
n. tonAa An S8.00' nor ' veav. Si. 60 for
six months, $1.00 for four months.
One, extra oopy win ne sens 10 any ono
vAttlnv is a elnb of six yearly subscribers )
and to any one sending a club of ten for sis
.. a M at. 1...
or four montns an exira oopy iwnmm,
For a einbof Unf yearly, v subscribers a,
eopy of either of tha five bound, volumes-
(61, '63, '68, '4 or '66.) ' ' ' '
For a elub Of thirty yearly Subscribers, a
complete sett .of tbo volumes .of Insj. Caiy
for six
Publisher and Proprietors.
Columbus, 1867.

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