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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 07, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
Items of Local Interest. JOY, COE & CO.,
Tiibune Buildingst-tow York City,
Brown's lrou Building, Philadelphia, Pa.,
AreaiWitf.tapcxtrntt,1hr oii fojrUi
' paper. "
Xim Orange f urnaod 'at Jackson, Ohio,
hftfffd,A KcUfelrM appointed last
Friday. oO ' -'
Tuanks, U Hoa. il. 8. Bundy.'M. C. from
this! iVstfVj .for'nuorQii9(4bcainent3 '.
. 1 j. i t , . ( ,
Thine o Hon, A. J.'6wim,,Miiiberof th House
of RcpresontauvesftontVintuo Pvimty, for numeious
lulSrOrUngaudsy.uable.documcjiU. ' f ;
Th weather juss now i Very dijagreca-
Local items of i'teies, will b thankfully
received from our friends, at any time, from
any part ot this or adjoining Bounties.'' ' ;.
nt1 '. .';! - ,v..;; - 'I,. I
Smoa Man itt, of Newport, R. I., will accept-
unnks' formate New. York and
rroVidenoe psperer.-''!J'': 'll
IUa Wantxd. Bring all o your rsgs . to
ibis nffieeWbere tbe highest market price
will be paid for them." .'( ;ri,- ?0
TfecjiQ Ciyn VASTKBi-Any' person
Lvin geod. ctWet ftotn three weeks to, two
months Old, tot sale, will call at the offios of
this .Ppr, sid , leara wu wwues ;w pur
chase.-id) i t 'iit
i. . ,- f T"
"Tub Hbatuhlt Cusru3."-s hare for
nate-nttBis office the most superb steel line
engrat ipgs ,of , V The , Heavenly Cherubs,"
'"Siline Madonna." which we
in.iia .vArvhmlv csncciallv the ladies to
call and soe. The prioftis low.'
.Gon' WET,--;Osoar ..lowrey,J, James .P
Revnoldb James Redd, Bamuel. . iowrey, and.
" Jacotf'fflmWsW, all young toenl and resi
dents"or 'kXrihaR"left lor' the far 'weal on
.1 .. ..... Hi'"." I . ' ,.' '' iJ L
Monday . .morning last. , wny(,i,uey enjoy
i n nnr iif when their arrie at theirnew
''I) ," "' ''KnlVtar an
JtVi 'u I . .
1 awayl"
fr '
Not'ics. Those1 who prefer
h.rii-'ihfrVii'an'hserinUbM In an kind of
. .
country poduce, or. in iwood or i coal, are
infdrmed that tUejr'- ea''d so, ' as we bate
made arrangements U..,reoBio; the same at
aoy Unim iBendiis yonr names,;;your ooun-
Ify 'produce, woo- and ' oaif we, win
j'.ii .ni i I..'.. (.;; ! I.' Vl.ii! ;i: ''f ! :' M'
" The propectus of the, .Neir York Mercury
Lin h fDiltid' In ; anolhe Column oC tkU pi
'i; Tbii fs in ittiereatlng. journjl,
taji?pg'.ih' iohoioea't, literature, ,,6r; th e whqle
world, and We adviae our readersrfo endfor
It for thepreeent'yoar,', as we art sure no
ii'rsbn'wJull' wkht'U without it aftef
reading t.one, year. ,; j).,,, ..,;) , :,
- See the terms In the propeotu ; i.,.:
, )o f r i v i -. - -;;;" 'i r- ' I '" !-. ' ii! '
' BTrcfcrrirglo an " oJTertisement In an
Mhn hart of this paper, it will bs seen that
otir fiiend"; P.Hortonof this town; has pur-
chaedpf A. IluJbfrt the .Bothwell Cab
BeLBho'and roa'nuraoturing and selling
hll kinds of Furniture i : at, greatly rd need
flos'i jfl Mr florton is " an . i accomplished
wofkminalnongVlnef best Ja the country.
ureason of his boi'pacity to do all desorlp.
liouB of work in bis:line of business, and
1wmptns and , reasonable prices, he will
trte and should receive an extensive
' Oive him a call and examine his excellent
Furaitu. .;, i; .
" ' '"' -
' Tie IAUU Corvoral is at hand. There ner
r was'a better paper printed for ch.ldren
Wo Should desire no better monument
leave behinU us in tbe worm man ine grau
tude of the little folks who read this paper.
utl tbe way from Maine to Oregon. XMoom
ingtm UllAl.aniogtapK j .- :. ;.r t
. The price ofi The tlitlo Corporal -Is one
dollar a year.
Saniple coppies, showing a most superb
list of pretniums, 10 cents. - 1 : 1 '
'.' Address the Publisher. Alfred L. Sewell,
cnioVgo;,.iit..1...f:-.., .,.,!..!'. r.'J"; , ..... .
:..-a '..i'. -i ' -,i- -'--Lr.? -i ,11
: .11 ..r rt, r " .. - '
,, Jon usually quiet town was thrown into
; quits a stir. . abiut r,l2' o'clock on' Friday
niicht last by the ringing of. the Conrt House
ML foma periou or persons, w suppose,
thougltt it would be good joke lo go up into
the Cfiurt Bouse and ring the bell and alarm
the sleeping inhabitants of the ftpwn,
they "could have a good excuse to mike
jumping bufof their b'eds and running about
id their night clothes to - sea "wnat s me
matterl" - We were not here on that night
io'see the fun," but supposo the ' jokb,was
-well "played."1 'V- ' .!'.',"',''.'.
y;sWooi'itHj,irro'BT.--A person who owns
a'iarge and able tract of land, through
which the Marietta and Cinoinnati Bailroad
poises,' e.s.t:,of and adjoining the '.Zaleski
Estate,, in Vinton county, authorises ns
state that a" site for a' Woolen Factory will
be given free to any party; .who will 'build
upon it. ' It is an' excellent place for a Wool
en factory'; abodtbne mils from the Sialeskl
BcpoVof the M. & C. ft. B.; and water, coal
wood, and every, jhing else.neoessary,
buU!jg .and running an establishment
thisitinu, being new-.j v nana.- ne a
there is not a , miVoiii(i)ent 'location"
thiacounLv for a Woolen Faoipry. For- fur
tier particulars call on or address the Edi
tif 'of lbls,yap)r,
Td ml train going west on the Marietta
Cincinnati Bailroad last' Friday : fcad
rather bad luck in passing eve the "East
End" of the, road. t; At King's Switch, a row
miles east from, Zaleskl, the lo"obmotlv6 part
lygotoff the track, detaining the train
about half an hour. ' When the train depart
ed from McArthur Station it was about twen
ty minutes behind lime;, and about twenty
ve rods west from the Station, a rail in ins
north side of the track gave way.thrawing ins
tender, mail and express oar. any one pas
senger car (in whioh we were seated) off tbe
track. The engine and the ladies' ear were
not, thank God, oapsised. ', ' Nb person was
hurL The Dassenzers. amone whom were
several ladies,-ware considerably alarmed
for about one moment, or until they discov-
ed that they were only ia a large mud puddle
near the residence of a good son of the Lm
eiald Isle. The tender .'and the cars were
considerably damaged. The Conduotor,
Wailace W. Bbock, Immediately started for
IlumJen. fonf miles distant; and in about
half aa hour returned on To Jon iw'. Ports
mouth Br.iuch Train. The uneasy passengers
were soon ''all a-board" this train and ta
ken to Hamden, "and within an hour and a
half after the accident ooeurred, ,, .
Mr,' Brock is an engergetle ,and a gentle
manly Conductor, and should be kept on tbe
road in "all coming time." Ho pleases
everybody. When an accident occurs he
knows just what to do and say to get oat of
the trouble in a very short time.
The going east train on that day met at tbe
wreck a special ' train from the east, and
the paesengers for all points' east were
not detained long. A number of men were
sent to the wreck, and the trackwas repaired
and tbe oars were removed on short notice.
ThbTkcc Fi,ao! A JouanAi roa vt
Houe. The True Flag continues its career
under tbe most favorable . auspices. ::, Ac
knowledged to be the pioneer newspaper of
its class, having originated , the system, of
No Continued Stvrie; if . has outlived a host of
imitators, and still distances all competition
Its circulation exceeds by several thousand
that of any weekly paper , la New England
It i not limited to any class or distriot, but
cheers ths homes and gladdens the firesides
of every State in the Union. , It is aot dis
tinguished merely for its Unequalled Talet-'
and Skete hei, but every i number aa enter
taining-and useful variety or Aneedatet, Bo
egraphy, Editorial, Adventure, Bitlorji, Poetry
Wie Saymat, Scrap of Wit, and curious
information of every description.
Our Corps of Contributors' comprises the
liveliest story-tellers, and numbers many
the best authors of , the day in every de
partment of literature. " -O -. ,
In respect to tho future, we can only say
tbiit'we shall adhere to our old, well-tried
svstem of avoid in tedious, novelettes, and
of giving eaohjweek . throughout the year
condensed and spiey compendium of reading
for the people. j . . : "'
Tciuu-rlSa.CO .. . yor $l,Ofr .f.. . Ktm
Months, Invariably In advance. ' 1
Single copies C cents Sold by all the
news and periodical dealers. n. .
-' Mcultbn & Lincoln, Publishers, No.
Bromfield Street, Boston, Mass,
General 'Agents-.TJta American News
Company, 119 and ; 121 Nassau Street, New,
York City. . . . , ..
A PArea ror Every Famhi. And
mean not only every' family, but e'ngle people
as well, when we eommend to all,
American Agricullurit he most valuable
and the cheapest journal in the world. We
have received '-be first number of the new
Volume, which begins the second Quarter
Century, and find it of unexampled eiJel
lence and beauty while the publishers an
nounce still greater things to come.
Clifl, one "of the moBt popular and practica
iriters of the country, is to join the aredy
large and strong editorial force of the Ajri-,
culturiit, and regular contributions are prom
ised from tbe well known " Timothy Bunker,
Esq.," the " Down East Farmer.!' ; The Ag
riculturist is a marvel of value and cheap
ness. Each number has 36 to 40 large
double octave" pages, containing 25 to 35
more costly, beabtiful and instructive En
gravings, and is packed full of useful, reli
able information. " The publishers promise
to expend the present year at least$10,0(fD
in engravings alone, and $15,000 in procur
ing and preparing sterling reading matter,
adapted to the work of the Farm, the Gar
den, and tie Household, . including an enter-
(alninir ' and Instructive department .
Children and Youth. Nothing lcaa than
cireulation.of over 150,000, which reduces
the expenses , to a small sum. each, could en-
.able the publishera to furnish such a jour
nat, for only $1.60 a year. We again advise
very person to subscribe for, the Agricultur
tt.' It is adapted to -City, Village, and
Country;, Orange Judd , 4 Co., Publishers,
41 Park Bow, Ns'w I'ork City.
Goner's Ladt's Book, for Maroh has been
received. The beautiful fashion-plates,
excellent engravings, and the Interesting
reading are worth to every subscriber
times the subscription . prico. ' Every lady
should have it. , -i- .. l ... .''-n:-.'. '
, The terms sre as follows:
One copy, one year, 1
Two copies, one year,
Three copies, one year,
$ 3 00
- 8 60' ;
7 60 '
10 00
- w r uur eupivo, hub jwtp
Five copies, one year, and ad ..'
- extra copy to .getter up of
,T elnb, ,v .;:' .14 00i
Eight copies, one yeur, and aa '
" extra copy to gettex up of P
.. elub, r ' " .2100 .
" Club t subscribere will to sent any Post
Office where the subscriber may reside ,V.
, Godey'iXady's Book and.' Arthur's Home
Magazine will be sent, eaoh oney ear, on
?4 60. ' . 'mi ' z
Address i. A. fiodcy, Corner Sixth
Cheatnui Elreet Philadelphia, rer ( : '
Tut editor of
iktnira iwtha notice in this paper
u v. rvla WanKd." looks susrioious
to say the least." , If the EepubUcm editor,
aforesaid, could, make it convenient to nse
better wattr we think he would not discover
so wany objects that "loon suspicious, w dj
the least." Democratic Enquirer. .
The water we drink is , from the Ohio
rNerv and Altered at that. We 'refer Jou
.. .k. usoina Komt. Belter water we
oan'tdod in this ballwlek:-lPorumoub
Republican. . ..
' It is not necessary to .''refer" us to any
establlsbmenU Taking of filtered ' drinks
"looks suspicions, to say tha least." Some
times when too mnoh of the 'filUred'ar
tiole is taken it makes editors eel "sus
nieious," too. Ills about that time that
"young calf notices" look "suspiplous.1
In McArthur, on 8undoy, lh Mth of Fhrurt
Miiv AtioVBTA. iiifunt dmiiihlrr of Andrew U ud
Amiuidtt Kot,Kea 10 niontln and Slj;. , , (
i "Co to thy rnl my child, i , .
Goto iby dreamless bod, -
Gentle and podeille'd, ,,. ; .'; '.'''.'I'
' With tleiin? on thy heti."
FOR 1867.
Thi veteran ' and sterling joiinwl of the whole
wotld'H choicest litemlure opeuii its 29th Tuiume u
the full tide of that prosperous soil uninterrupted
nnmi ur tr whien Dun susminea 11 hi ine nntu ut m
Aiiiorji-sn weekly prem fur jieuly a third of a eentu
r. Alwavi famous tt '"' 1 '
A. CUUruu Mini A. UK us nacsivn
Ut.VtANU, -
It will enter upon the New Vear not' only a a rpol-
lory 01 IreBII null uriiuni uiiiaverviwoau-fi" hi. "
inif noreliate of tliis country, England, and r'ntnee,
buiaiHOe inirrlor of theelnaaio llctiona of the old
eo time, winch will bj carefully revlaed, and adapted
n th mnat fuHiidioua icnuiremonU of modern twite
uid illucv. i.th issue will contain, besides the
biillianl serial novuiues, aauaequni urn 01 numo
and Uooieiy stones, Hitetcnes, ana roems, uy our
best authors and nutnore.aes, wniie a
haveben eeoured to furnish racy, readable, and
ftjarlcenticianiof , :.. . i
JiJSff l'LATS,
... Notable books,
and all peraons, thmtt', And ; events in which the
whole country uiuy be supposed to take special inter
est. 1 '
In addition, howerer, to securing Volume XXIX
the choicest productions of die best-known con leiu-
poraneouh genius, trie proprietors ui iiw imn iuh
Mercury design making special otturte during the Kew
Year to ' ' . , , . .... , .,
from the modest rums of Ihose possessors ol mark
u intellectual noimies wno nie mvuoi yoou u -
teired Iroin seeking pnut through tear of editorial
vbiilf nf nRcrlM't. ' ... ,
ed intellectual abilities who have hitherto been do-
jsvtittx suuawuiiicn 1 iu im - nan
INVITED TO WttlTe FOtt 113 ,
::::';' :, - columns, - -
and the proprietors promise to fee generous at well
iw hist in deciding what manuscripts are worthy of
publication. ' " "
"Full rami a gem of purest ray serene,
" The dark, unfutlioin'd oaves of ooau bear;" :
and full many possessor of rani genius may ba thus
disjovered and brought So the appreciation and re
ward which, otherwise, might nevei be theirs....
I'ho paper wilj.aiso Kpuriile with artistic and so
cial pungeneiee, slde-spitliK gossip, 'piquante fem
inine aorrespendenue, curious and luurdsting news,
all the literary lulk of the auason, vuluolile isshion
urticles, fuiryand other nilos fur the little folks, coiu
densstionsotthe nmst retnarkable new Duo, and
v.. .- , - - ,.
A numberof ohelce origiunl seri tls, each of them
written expressly for Hie New York Mercury, by
such contributors as Hiss M. E. Bniiidou, lierce
Kan, William Gllmure Hipims, Cousin May Carle
tOii,Aleaudrel)uiuss, Kairlax Bullour, and others
of that ruuk, will be given iu rapid successiou.
T mail iii.unrih)r. our terms aret
Cash in advance: tiingle copies, Si 50 a year; three
copies, 7; six copies, SIS; nine copies, m. The
purty who semis us H'iO lor a club of nine ct pies will
receive an additional copy fiee. Six months1 sub
scription received. . . - :
Subscribers should Do careful to write plainly the
name of their postonlce, county, and titnte. Beui
men conies sent free to all applicants, .Address,
Proprietors of Tho Few York Moroury,
Kos. la .Ann Street and 1U Fulton Street,
March 7, 18C7 4 , ' ,
Clubs 1867!—Clubs for 1867!
FOR 1867!
Th New Ypk Dat-Book enters upon the
threshold of 1867 with a larger circulation
than that of any Democratic paper puhlithed in
th world, and that circulation is steadily in
creasing and extending jn every; direct ion.
It has never bean the organ of mere " party
Democracy;"' ' but rather the exponent of
those liberal principles 01 nuiuau woTeru
ment whioh our forefstbers wrung, with
bloody sweat, from the tyrants of 1776.-i
Standing on the foundation of the Declara-
lloa of Independence, that " all (wAifeV men
are created equal,"' ana xnerejom enuuea 10
.mini riirhti. it is opposed to all forms and
degrees of special legislation, that oonfliot
with this grand central tbotb of Democra
cy, and over all, and above all, does it com
bat that monstrous treason to American
liberty, which, thrusting the negro element
into our political system, mutt of ' neeeuity
wreck the whole mighty fabrio'lelt us by our
fathers. God has created white men superi
or, and negroes inferior, and therefore all the
efforts of the past five years to otolith. His
work, and equalise with negroes every law
violated, every State Constitution over
thrown, every life sacrificed, and every dol
lar expended, are necettarily just so many
steps toward national suicide ; and the sim
ple and awful problem now upon us is just
this shall we recover our - reason and re
trace our steps, or maroh on to Mongolism,
social anarchy, and the total ruin, of our
country?...; n . '.." ,.' i.-,'i
Th' Dat-Book,' therefore, demands the
restoration of the "Union as it was" a
Union of , co-equal State upon the tohile batit,
the nnlv hone, and the only means possi
ble under heaven for raving the grand ideas
of 1776, the fundamental principles of Amer
ican liberty, and if the real friends of free
dom, and tho earnest believers in that saored
and glorious cause in wmon mo ma oi u
Revolution offered up their lives, will now
labor to expose the ignorance, delusion and
treason of the Mongrel party, t't will luccced,
. ( 1 t . Al.
and the whole white Republio of .Washington
be restored again ia all its original benefi-
rtunAA sind erandenr. ' "
4 Tna Wkikly Dat-Book is the most COM
Its News Summary, Family Beading, Agri-
Cultural ArilOies. neuvrui, ui nmw, uibui,
and Cotton , Marksts, so,, Sp, arenotiur
passed by any paper. , : ' ' 1 .
oeipfof One. copy one year, .". k . .
Three copies one year, . . ' ' ' s.
Five eonles one rear, and one to the
5 50
'retter on of the club. . . . . . .10 00
Ten eonles one rear, and one to the v
'' getter op of the olub, ''.. s ..'-17 00
Additional copies, , .' v V ... , ' T ... I 75
Twenty copies one jar, and one to
the setter op oE the club. . i . 30 00
Specimen copies lent free. Bend fore,
eopy. Aqdressi, giving post oruoe, county
full, '. ! ' v;. '
No. 162 Nassau street, New York.
No. 162 Nassau street, New York. Advertisements.
rjnabridged Uictiooary.
Thoroughly fietued and Iuch Enlarged.
Over 3,000 .Fine; Engraving.
10,000 WOBDS i nd MEANINGS cot found
.", ,' in other Dictionaries. - ii
A' JiECESSlTV to every infeingent family,
studeut, teacher, and professional man.
ttha library is. complete without t'e best
English Biotiony!.. '
"Euperlnf, in .most respect?, to any o'hdr
English Dictionary known to me. Hon.
George F Mttn-March, 8M ' '
"In its general accuracy, completeness, and
practical utility, the work is one which none
who an ttad or write henceforward afford to dit-
petu vilh." Atlantic ifontHg. i t ' ; '
"Viewed as a whale,, we are oonfident that
no other living language has a dictionary
which so full and tailhfullv sets forth its
nresent condition as this last edition of
Webster. does that 01 our wnuen ana spun en
DngUsh I ougus." Harper' Magazine, , ,
In one vol. of 1,840 Royal Quarto Pagrs.
Published by C. &G. MERRIAM: Springfleld,
; t. Masa.. :
' Sold by all Booksellers.
;,Mreh 7, 18C7-0W
rTAVING Jrarchased and completely renovated
j . ...IN MoA-RTUUB, , J
'i'i' ir." '. '-I I ii I ..y '
.ya.i wHiinid hv E. P. Bothwell. 1 would , re
spectfull'y announce to the public that he intends to
keep coustauily ou.haud, a completo) assoit.uent of
auitable.for'thls market, at , , . v,. f
1 .. . . , ri -r, a-
- 0 RE A Tt X REDUCED rillliiS,
I ' ; 1 ' . ' ' ' ' ' - ';'
otteii up in a' stylo' of worktrtinaWpnot to bo excel-
uA k. limn in thiH SMIIinn. ,
All kimWworkin his line , will; be iieatly; and
promptly don on very low terms. ; ).-. ,,,, .,, .
Of all kinds d)ns loonier on slioi't notii..,!; ,!
-.,1'-,: . .i i ,it.Tikil ,yHV.t p;f.
Aful supply of ' ' ' ' ; ",
kept constantly on hand ; and J,n
10 pfcr cent, will .-W 'deducted
on all orders for cash dbtt n. '
March 7, 1867-tt ' -:.
p. noRTow; '
, Itl-tfJIYER. OAl & CO.," 1
t'.,. : ; -MANCVtatu, Ofnn
., if i -.i! f MasvrAcvcsn' ' . ' !;'
(3 0 OK! S EV A P 0 R A T 0 11 J
EUBEKA ClDBU MlLLS, f--ui ...-r. n't
i ! i VicToa Cane Mill, . . .
..,' i ' sfAB Cobn Sheller;. '
i - -i ' Horse Foweu Forks,
Warner's Sulky Be vovlng Raike,
('',: Hi .,....!. i,f ... j . : . ..-i 1 .,t,'
Crawford's Garden Cultivator,
; .-. i ' :,Auilgan.i Bellt,,,, ..t..
.rl! v machines, ;
And many other articlesin the way of Implements,
rarietiet. Send tor circulars.
.March7,UM lw ' ; ' w . '
Andrew J. Ilcyer EMlale,
vfoTICE Is hereby given that the undersigned was,
Hi on the ind day of March, A. i. 17, duly .ap-
nnintad and aualine
of Andrew J. beyer, lato of Vinton Count'
;y, Oliio, de'
Sheriff ,s ; and ? Special' Master
' , (Commissioner s Dale -
; State of Ohio, Vinfon County, u.
Samuel V. Dodge and
Mary Ann Dodge, Administfatrator
In Vinton Co,
and AamilUBUnm " M
1 James Dodgei deceased, ti
...I against
William Mathews t John C. P. Brown.
--kiToaiTiNT1 to the command of
Court Com
; nion Pleas,
Order Jfc V
V iunod from the Court of Common fleas
of Vinloo county,,. Ohio, and to me directed asShenff
ol said county, acting as bpeciui jvmsier commis
sioner herein, I will oflfer at publlo aide, t the doorj
of the ; Court Honse, iu (he Town of McArthar, in1
Vinton county, Ohio, on ... r
. . ..:..,' A. D. 1807, - , '.'
at one o'clock P. M. of said day, tit following de
scribed premises, situate in the County of Vinton,
and State of Ohio, te-witt 'i '""''' "
One undivided third-part of the 'East .half or the
a,M,ih.,.i.t oiiarter of fectlon Number Sixteen,
Township numoar r,ieven, oi nangeiiHiiiii
teen, containing Kighty-four and one-fourth (84)
"SSSlbS hundred ' dollars:' (100,6o) and
must bring two-thirds of that sum. '"
Tnken aa tno propny or m "
satisfy a ludgment against him by said Caurttn fcvor
of Samuel V. Dodge and Mary Ann Dodge, Adminis
trator and Administratrix of tho- Estate of James
Podge, deceased. ' , . - '
Terms of Sale-Cash In hand at the time, of sale. ,
-) "'" .nhAi-IH Vinton Couutv. O..
Acting aa Special Master Cominitsjioner in thii oase.
reoruary i, oi -n - ... u.-
. , i - i-n-i - - - ...... .. .
tl. Xvl, for IS6T.
I ( .1 i 1. 1
n li HARRIS. Editor
; t. A W PARKER, PuBiianiB
Aariculturat and ' Family Paper,
Devoted to Rural 'and ', itoutehold. . Affair:
Taaiis.-Singlo'oopy. onl
An extra eopy one year for .etery club
i.t.andan extra , cony six months for
Ten, and an
olub of tU.
Specimens .and l'rospoctuses
sent free to persons desiring to get up olubs
ug to ges up OIUU
Cleveland, Ohio
, . Addresi , V1HO fahmkij,
'. ' "Form".
' ' '':f(tB!.f: .. I . ' .
txtraordtnary 1 Inductvieni"'1' W' Our
. ,' Ui- " hw. , Ane'nt!
i j : . I .rysjstjuasa. issttsiAffjif ifu , . .,
" 01,.0 OO I :
; ' ,.Tq U. Distributed 'in 'A?rif,' i$M I ' 1
1? '''' ') .' "7 :!;!n:,'i.'i
. . - t ,v tp (!' tun '
For List o . Premiums spd Particulars of
Distribution, pee the weekly Enquirer
, and Subscription Ciroulars.' t'J
W 4ni,u:ntivi to those nf our patron Khu will,
exert lhcmselves to form clubs lf ir impcreonlc
...i ,... ii,. hmiuhaM of nil our.. IWinocrstio
fricndil, Homh and West, its infliieuce would be po
tent ir phnniins the polltM aspei't J. artniTS-; J he
(treat point tor which nil trirniis of the Uoiiin slrouia
hihorhtr is the JJisaeniiHaiion " vrn""" "
If it hd hsdnn iunrn'nn)ri win w ....
onpoBMits, we should never hnvn tiad tli tcrriul
:.il:i. .. .l,ol,w,.-,v. vimrS. . Ti!zht by nivv experl .
ew-o of its nenewrty, wo ,trsl toe letnonratic prsei
i in nituco to iiaieu larger pliero of hiilueuc ao.
virnulation. ' ' ' ", , ' ' . '..
wiin viis hnvn mnen nnon ine innit. owing w u
erronpous politicul eduation- of the nisHsesl . If we
would restore the old order of tiling once more, !
toft N'nt-.niin! tTnitv and th
olil-Hkluoni t eller uu
f , we must place - tne iwniooracy i.iii. in
u tttixilsry to tins end, and tw iieaiot ei-
(nctiva sgent iu the work, we repent, is. .tljeciroula-
Thd Enquirer has. some claims tipontti cVibsIU?
tion of the Demoerwy that aro univenrnjly a'-kuoH l
edKed. , Tlirouali prosoriptkm ami vrfc,,"ti,'n ,ln
nux.JaA: uifbniiltt..rV (.(IIi-Lh oiltUOlZ .Oft 4)Ur CH-.
t w.n rj , hu lli.mmrultC UPPSW. 1 .....
uuluUon in whole States and 'districts, threatened
wilb tot il sminresaion,1 ppraoimi tmnrisonmontanu
mob violence if wo . did not .change our , course, we
stood by tle UemocnUio n:i him Jitvc expression 10
its tenctsi Twice bur nod to the ground: within; thir
teen months, nnd amid t he greatest peciminry dis
asters eonswiient upon It, an have never lost
issue of oar paper, or broken a promise , to any 'o
our sulwriliors. In the future, ns in' the past, .tinder,
the sun of prosperity as welt as' the olouils of adver
sity, we shall bear aloft the JKmooratio llanner. and
ba'niithlul to its ortranizatiort. Will not Hie Jletiioc-
racy of the Northwest stand hy. them tt howert trae
in tne earnest noiirs to tneir pouiigai mm iieinuii...
interests, and will they not cxerf themse'.Vta t IU
creiwie our ciiuuimioui , .,; r. , v
Aa a business and fiiimlr journal, (he Enmurerhas
no superior. Each number contMng tt larue amount
ot ueneral 4ie, 'latest, and most-rename, .mumi-
, ...imA m.,ii, ITinum.iul ami tTominer.
cml Naivs is made aspecHtl fratoioftlie Enquire-..
Jill liuiun.i'j (, , n . .. - .
reliable reports of the ruliDR )rices of tins and utlier
- ,. ,' ,.-"-rj "iff -n.'. ..Vtr- JrH
markets.. ' ' . '
larirM m,na liAllttr UAVnifKl IU 1U.I
Th Weekly Enquirerwill be jnailel' to-:Silbsori
bers at the following reduced rates. ' ( ,..
Single oopy, one year. J i-iV: '.'.t'T'T.i J w :
" , six niontlisv
Ton finniDH'. iiifl vnr. (. ' I X f T , SO 00
With anidditionafcopy ti (he Hotter unrof Sberlub.
Monevto besent atouraisk br expreta, prepaid,
nr in rpiririlered letters bv ms.il. For sums over ten
dollars by mail, drafts or post office money orders
should be procured. Address
1A11A.1 aicirvri,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Snncimen onnles and siibscrlption cirpulara oou-
tainuiK list ol oriaea huu uu ucviopwiij imih.uihuwm,
sent un application,
easily, without dootor
or medicines, Sent,
post paid, on receipt of
10 cents.
Dr. E. B.FO0TE,
1130 Broadway, N. V.
I. JiiT
-Sent post paid on re
ecipt of 10 cents.
Dr. E. B. FOOIE,
1130 Broadway, N.V.-
in sealed Envelope on
reoipt of 10 cents.-
Address Dr. E. B.
FOOTE,. Author of
Medioal Common
Sense. '
1130 Broadway, N.Vr
February 58,1867.
A Beautiful Tremiusi Engraring, and Re
dueed Prices to Clubs
iriEI.ADY'S FRIEND announwi tor 1S07 the
L following novcletesi A New Mtory by Mrs. Henry
nnd. author ot 'East LViine.' 'The Chanhings,'
iHovv a Woman had her Way,' by Eliiabeth Pres
ent, author of 'Told by the Sun." '.Io Longer
Young,' by Amanda M. Douglas, nuthor of 'In
Trust,' etc. 'Dora Castel,' by Frank Loe Benedict.
Itwillgiva a splendid double page finely colored
Fashion Plate engraved an steel in evesy number.
HwiWgivea br jutimlly executed fancy steel en
grswing, and a Irtrge assortment of woodcuts, illust
rntingfushions, fancy work, otc., in every number,
It will give n popular nictof .Musie, yror the cost
of tha uisgnziiieitscllVin eVery number. Itwlllgive
a copv of tho Beautiful Premium Steel Engraving
'One of Life's Happy Hours' 20 by SO inches, to ev
ry single Sil.fiO suboortber, ul to- rery person
1 It offers as nrerniiims Wheeler A Wilson's Sewing
Machines, Silver Plated Tea Sets, Spoons, Pitohers,
Cold and Silver Watches, .Guns, Rifles, Melodious,
Clothes Wringers, Appieton's Cyclopedias, ftc.
."1 copy, (and the engraving,)'. t.; r. .',: :t.
4 copies, "00
i copies, (and one grntisl ,
8 copies, (and one gratis) , (1 12 "0.
!fO copies (and one gratis) - ' -u' -'
Ono copy each of the Lady's Friend and the Satur-
.1.., s-nlnnPntfiirS4 00.
The Jetter up of anlub will always receive a oopy
the rremium ji.ngi'avmg."iuemner8oiuiaoi wisii'
Inff the Eneravinu must remit one dollar eTtrs,-
linis should enclose IS oentg lor sample Magnxine,
i.- iflfdw nus roue u uciu k iiu fmuo wi
conlaming the parlicluais. Address
319 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
or tub
. ' For 1867.
AS in the past, tnrongn snnsnine anu storm, i
Ohio SUitcsm,mwili continue inflexibly Demo-
craiio unaueraoiy usmwu w nii.nutuuHu yi
maintenance oitne uonsinuiion, in spim nnui iei
ter, and to tho preservation of the Union. Aside
fro n this, The statesman will bestow particular
tention to
INewi, Legulaliva and Lontjrimdnal
Reports, CAoice, iMlrwchve. and
Fleccsing Literature. "
i, ".' '--ti
And will give falthftil market- reports from the lead
ini Commercial Oehters of the country.
On the lath of December, Tho Weekly Statesman
Will b aoenlatged as to give two and a half addl
tipnaleolumnaif leading matter weekly. .The
aro tho
Daily Statesman, per yoat,'- . - IS
- six iiiumiie, . ,
TrI-Weekly Statesman, per year,' ' - ' '.
" six months, . 2
t)ne conv. six months, fur ., $100
One copy, one year, lor x
Fi ve copies, one year, for :
Ten copies, one yesr, lur 17
Twenty copies, one year, for ' Ai
Fitly copies, one yesr, for 7
' ' " ' ';"" Columbus, Obio.
X mMafter auury 0, ,16T. 'fraips WiffWasj ' ?
II (.lions:
pepert Chicinimti .
t lxivtdsml
' h llnniitru .
;m Zil.skl -
Ath'm . .
Arrive Marietta
h Belpre
Iwpurt Hclpre -Athemv'
a ti a '
1-i (m r . 6 "
I 47 . S 2S A.M.
ji3,: '.'i....yi i'i', ,;t
,jsn ,..,-, ,n "
' t 0U ':: i - II 0 "
.CM A.M. T 4'-: ' '
IM ;,.,,. 10 10 ". .; ..
in io ii a '
liiimden JuS.
11 U.-: " I
. I2IU.M. , ; ,.
Chillieotho litSf.s).
Lovplsnd , , 3 VI
Ar-Ue Cincinnati' 'Stuv'-. ; : S-H'" ' i;a
Connection." made at llauidi'S 'wjth TrS on Ilia
PorNmouth HntiH-b. ,' ' . '
;om connections'1 nwule at Jinotnnnt with. iV,,lj
Weitern Trsinsj nd a I'srlteMburg Uh the Halu-
nn.l uhio Kuil llnuil - - 1 1 '1 '
i.i.T i;,..OKr.AN;t, M1TH. .
. '.Master of Trsnsportution,
?., Jan, , 17. i! t. !: m
J, Vvaaiey'te Oelobratd Patetot ; -i
; ;DupIcx; Elliptic i ;
,1 :i!
(oKocBtt srsrxc) "CO , ; ; !
C .';i?
f ' ,. i'. - . .. - ' . )
rpflE. WDXDEllFUL FLEXIOIMTT land ffrtt
X ciiMro'sf andlriaaslsiito any Isviy wearing. Ibe.v;
lJuple.t BlkpttcSkirtwill b evperienced particularly
m all crowded Assemblies, Opnras, Cnrrvn, stall-a .
road f!sr, Charvh l'ew,Arm SJkair. fo Pwtu. ad ...
and llousa rress, aa the Mkirt, can, be folded when
iw use to occupy a amnlf place as easily -and con
veniently as a bh It or Muslin Jiress, sm lnvalubl'
qimllty m crinoline, net found in any Single Spring
Skirt. ,
', A Lady having enjoyed the plcasnre, comrort and
ftreatrohveDienceof wearing the Utiplni Ellipl'ctileel '
Snrlna-Hkirt for a single day will never afterwards
wrilimjly dispense Vith thelvitse. V (;hiklrnjl
srissd and Young VVr' they 'Jire superior, to all..
Thcr will not bend or break like the Slmfle Spring '
but -will prssrve tneir perfect and prnecful shape I ,
when three or four ordinary Hkirts will nav been ;
thrownasldeaS usckss. The Hoops are covered' i
withiiiHiMe and fwistwl thread, and the bottom rod
are lint only double springs, lint twice tor aouow,
covered, preventinij" them fromf wearing out when-,'
drOHxlud(iwa sloops, stairs, Ac. . . ( '
The I'uplez uiptioia a great tavnme witn an. ia-
lies nnd is tiniversally recommended by tLepashion
Msgsxinesaa the STANLAKil liKlHT. OF TUK
KASHIONAULE WOJlLl), , T'- " '' " .' "' ;
lOBiiloyino lonowinir encsnnjonw noirnwn m
J.I 4.IU, n-J-
sure von get the Genuine artk-10.
.To gimrii against IMPOSITION 1
NOTICE I hut skirts oflnrVd as ;fAU
o the red ink stamp, via; V4. W. ?rsc(-
particiilur to, isutiu
I'l.EX'' havt) the re
ley's Puplex Elliptio Htecl Springs,
hand. .nine others are enuiiifv.
upon tne waist
Also hi
hot ice that T
every Hoop will admit ofapln being passed througu
iliAnnntre. thus ravenlina tho two for double) StintlKS
bnudod tosether tlierein,' whieti tho.Jfiexibility of;
and strengT:;, and a combination avi.i? bo.founaiu
anv other Skirl... - . . ,; . '. ,. .
! FOKSALElif all Sioreswherv-FIRST CLASS SS.ina
are sold, throughout the United States and elsewher.
JUanuuiumieu or tno imhu owners o; ine rsiiui,
) '' .TTchmtrnndTD a WEodqCts,, K. T:,..
Kebruary, Msoj-an ,. ..
Cuholiu, via: Superior Quslitv. "'"'V
ture.'Htylisli' Hlwnoaiid f inish, Flrjtibitltr. KuWhil l'i
ty,' Uomtbrbnnd Euonomy, enqtpre tit J. W. lirad -..
lev'aDiiDlexElliptio.orDoulae BprlngSkirf, and be,
i ; i!
' ")J ti I'll? ltd
oir.i" -' ;' ' ta(eoj (mo, rtnion- t-ontji. .
tlarisapowd, Waiutiff, "J lnXiiton County Court '
il ci ...i,; ; r.'ib Couiuion; Plea LoC
Eryip E. I)owdr Defendant. J Orrfw of !lo No. d. f
PllIWlTAN'l' " " command of anarder of Jala ti't
Jtha above cause to me directed, ftoiu the Court ;
ol Common l'lens of Vinton Couuty, Ohio, 1 will offer '
at public sale, at the door of tho Court llousa, iq tl; '
Toon of McArthnr.-lp; said county, on .. ., - , '. ( ,
,. -.', l'VESDA V,' MARCH IStx. 1
at the hour of 1, o'clock P.' M. of said,', day, 'jthe ai.;
lowing deicribof prcmiseito-wit:'V 'r i- v , ,t
: Ic(annitag-fiir the same eleven cnainti and twenty
I in Wn iWei of the North-east o raer ofteolion Iiunt
btir Thirty-two in Township Kuiubet Ten (io,).
of Range Number Sixteen .(IS,) Olim Coropaiiy's'l'uf-'
cnasei tneneo ooutn nnv-ona xnains; ana tweaiyr'
live (inks; theflco-West thirty-two chains and nirioiy
links) thence North torty-one chains and twenty-flva'
linlcsi thence h,ast thirty-two, lmins and seventy,
links to ih, plwieof befflnuliig, containing OAS hund
red and thirty. live fix ioros-more or less. . )i in
. Taken as the property of Ervin JO .I wJ to satisfy
an order and dutiree of sold Court In favor of ilarisa
Dowd. -i 7
Appraiiel nt twenty-six hundred dollars and mu,t
H-.... ,.. ... w( .iai, nun,. - . C ' .il
-Terras of ssls-JJash ia hand,"" t; ...
. ..r, , , J'jTUN J. SHOCK EV, .
L- " -a. ''Sherlu'VtntouCounry.Oii'f
Fobruary 4, 1SU7 Sw
n.n. nraimn, airy nr ki 'tl.! ;;!';i
Administrator's) " $aic '
": 6ip Vixtoh4 cbuKTT, pirio, c;
Patrick Henry Omnh,' Administrator V ' .xu I'i
of Entote Of, Michael,, Jiaughertyi '- In Vinton Tro-.
deceased,. , . r bat Court.'.
' i! H.'Cti.0ii i Petitilion t.
' Mary Dnitgherty tt. aL s -,..' ) Sell Ijind.
IN pursuance ol an order or thar Proh.te Court of 1
Vinton county,- Ohio, granted on the Sth day of
l.'ebrnury, A.D. 1807rI will ort'or fpr.sale at pubho;
nnotion, on . ' ' "' ; 'i '
M6ndayr tU 18th day of Marchy
A;X:i867rn ;;,);
between the hours ot 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 octoes: '
P. M. of said day, upon ths premises,, io the Towal
ship of. Wilkesville, tho following described Rea
Estntei situate In the eouuty of ,Vintoo,iiod8iate, ot
Ohio, to-wit: ' , " .
The West hall of tho So'nth-west Ouar'teir ft Reo-J
lion Number Five (No. S.) Township Number Eight,
(No. 8,) Range Number Sateen, (No. 16,) containing.
SeVonty-fsuf aores.' . i.-, v.J " ci
'"tO.i r ti'" AlSQt.. ' : t-i
Thirty.fpur acres olfol the Enst Knit at the South
Eat Quarter of Seotlon Number Six, (No. ,) Tewn-
hi. Numbr-r Eight, iNa.S) Range Number Hinwin,.
(No. If,,) in the county of Vinton, and Stats of Ohio,
containing Thirty-four acMS. ' ':-.'l.i : ,'.i'. tt. k-
Appraised at SJjiJ.OO. . r ,. - , . ' ,, i,
Terms bf Sain One-third cash in hand; onS-third
in six months, and the remaining one-third in twlv
mouths, noni ine my oi saie, witn misresti aeier-
red payments seoured by mortgage upon the pretu
isoa s4 , ,ATR1CK HEnkT QUINn, '
'- -' - . Adm'rol Michael Daugherty, deceased. o
Februarslt, 1S67 4w '' i- a t
- r
SheriiPs and Special master
j Coramissiouer's Sale. - ;
Simv of OKi, Vinton County '
Abraham Wilbur, r'lnintiftl In Vinton Counly Cuu-t
vs. I Common Pleas. Order
Felix Grime Catharine f , and Decree, Ordor
, tiriniv , Defendants. J No. 1.
TTjURBUANT to the command of an .Order and te-f
JL eree insued from tho Court , of . Ommon
Mens of Vinton County, Ohio, and to m directed
asSherllt ofsnid county, actiag , a Spatuat Mailer -
Cnmmissioner Iwreio.-I will otlw at public sale, at
the Door of the Cotirt lfouse,iDihTowBO(McAr
thut, inanid -Couttty.ioar ; , t.: . -. r !t
r,,v, piy,vh,;
at 1 o'clock P.M. of said day, the following descri
bed premises, to-wit." - ' ,'' '' ' ''
Sixty-six Co Coct offlhe South end of In-iot Nwn
bcrfieVenty-scrcn 77, in the Town of Mi-Arthur.' , ,
Taken as th proiieriy ot said KeliS Urimea and
Catharine Grimes to satisfy an order and dcre of
said Court, in favor of Abroham Wilbur. -
Appraised nt 'IVo Hundred and Pifly DollatS J3o0 i
and mils unug iwu b:iirus ui iiiiib.nuui.
TcrmotBiue--uan m nann. - --i
, . ; . , -- . ..v , JOHN J.SHOCfnJY, . i'i
Sheriff Vinton County, Ohio, and ' ,
' Acting aaSpceiitl Master Commissioner herein, t
" 11. B. A A. Mayo, Atty's for Mil'. .. . ' . v .. ;.
' Kiibrtiury 21. lwi7-t-l ' ; '' l ."j-" i .'
lowing 00
Thi Vkapitt MagaiiM (tYtti -Worldlu
T1RIS popular and widely circulated Migar.lno ha
now reached an editiou unequalled in tlua conn
try.' Each number is bruamented by numerous II n
engmvwgs, and ia nompleta in Itself, epi bribing a
greut variety of tales, sketches, ponms, and illustra?
usi articles, written expressly for Its oolilinns. It is
conceted by all to be the plieapcsl and ,hoa; M sgn,
no iu .'life world. '. " . ' . v " ' . '
,i v- 0 i i-IfcUVJB, : l 'i''!,ii! JW.'
' II "in " aavn.rppl hirfl oplS
lis on. ' s.ir.l ponies IS oer.tv" Address
I ; N., .mi;. ii.-.V . - Boston.' Ml ii.

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