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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 07, 1867, Image 4

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Democratic Enquirer
Domestic Faults.
Homes mUoro often, 'darkpncd by
tl.e eoottoutrceurreoceol email laults
. than Lt actual presence ot .an, deoided
vice ' Those evils are apparently of Very
'dissimilar magnitude; jet it ia aaieaie)
Grapple vnthoue thau the pthefr. ibe
..stern traveller can eoubiae hie -force
and bunt down the tiger that provvls un-J
on his path but bo oaa scarcely ear
ths' 'nipt-quitoes-- tbnl infest, the ,Bir. ho
reathes; or the flea that swarm the earth
io treads.1' Ttt drnnkard h8 teen
inown to renounce his darling vice; the
tiuve to dress- and extravagancovher be
Mttine sin i. bat the yaepish. temper, the
. irritstieg-tone, rude, dpgrnaliqmaoners,
and the Mnit fl tjanetef-B , pr&'vwo
that Ppoif tVeibeiitity of aseooition,httye
rarely done other than proceed till the
action of &'wi and gradnal aljecatloD
has turned all the. currents of .affeotion
Trotn their eouTsc, leaving uothing but
i..rn tract:, over which the mere solei
liatrB track., over Which
ton of, sijmpanipnBWp stalks along..
Bleeding From the Nose.
Sotoo two j4ari ago, while going down
Broadway, New Yprk, b!p6d commenced
dropping from tny nose quite rapidly. - i
ntnnrved as
ida and .ippHed my haudker-
intecdinu to. repair! to the nearest
fcniAl. when a eontlcmao acoosted -nie.
Baying: , V Jo&t P PieC6 of PPBr !n.
n,,'r mnuth hew it rapidJy.and it' will
ttop jour, nose' bleeding." Thanking
bim rather doubtfully; I did as ha w
-.cA hd ihe-flow of 'blood ceased si
gnet trnmcdiateW. I have eeen'the remr
d ridd iilci!fiauiffraaen:ly. and with
Bucoess always',, ' Doubtless any substance
niniwt the same purL08e as well
- t.a ctflnnaorfl of the fluV? 1 of
blood being caused doubtleas by Ibe rapid
nation of the jaws; and the , contraction
and arteries oonneotiDg
Cor. Cultivator.
Potting Butter.
I' obVerve BoinV" S' InqairJ
for the beH mode cf petting butter, and
where, tQ keep it. . From' my "experience,
butter is best, put 'down .n.jh? IOth or
11th montBflie'tasf of good grass but
ter.;'! U si nuclt more difficult Jo make
. eood bntterin 3oe days : and if It is not
good -whea'put up, ;t wUl not improve
' it:; A8 06K' as tho butter is ohurnedi
work' out some ".of. the butte Biilk, and
add good, find isalt, fto.smte tastp,; one
r ' tabla-jpoonfpil 'of . whife. Su4",: one 'small
tea-spoonful of .saltpetre, (both pulver-
ited.) ' to -every ten. pouttds of butter ;
Work these; ihrough the butter, and set
in a cool place severSl hour'j hen work
is agnia sufBoiently to get the Bait,'; &o ,
woll through Jt, and the buttor-milk out,
or It will be streaked ; if it is worked too
wuch, it will-; tough aaajoM its fla-
'tor. , ' ''' . ' '''V'-'-
Have 'ijjlfllrion jbXptthe b&t
-tttT salt, anq aaa me uuiuicuhujo
didtAl. a small Dorlion' at. a time, sot
', leaving - any spaoeaf theV'sWs' ' of any
part, and press firmly. If One churning
'" does bflt.fill' the ,pot,;epvw;.tha butter
' witt a'lhlch layer :'or,Bahj'Aen put a
- clean, dry cloth5 oiS,':ani tie' an other sev
Mai thickneafles : over, the tqp .of the pot
tn Axnlnda tha air. and set in a cool cellar
or cave. Continue this process until the
. pqt is nearly fall ; then put Bait half an
- inch V thick on it, and the cloths as above;
tuevions to fvinfl! the cloth on when the
pot is full, paste a paper ovor the top of
the' pot,' keep in a eOol place., 'If it
freezes,; fht po mayipursi ana air, ana
that will make the'; butter rancid. Cor;
'Katheb Coot.--A gentleman resi4ing
ia a village not many milos from Exeter,
N.'Bv. finding that, the diminution of
ulS WOOd fMo cuuiiuueu hiluk iiu uiuj
went oixttff .awake ia, order to get f
posaible &ome clue to the mystery. , At
a late lour, when all honest folks should
be ia bed, hoaring an operator at work in
the yard, ho cautiously raised his window
and saw a lazy neighbor trying to get a
large loz on a wheelbarrow. , ... ,
" You are. a pretty fellow," said the
owner, "to come and steal my wood while
1 sleep."
L" Tea. replied the thief, "and I sup.
pose you would stay op there and see me
. briak my ink witu Jilting, botota you'a
offer to eome and Lwlp mo." ------
'; Selecting 8HEEP.The ' most ap
' proved form is the general roundnes of
shape and, fineness ot bone. 1 no cheat
should be broad, the ribs well arohed,
the back and loTns broad flit and straight;
tno limbs snouid oe snort in proportion
to the body, he head small, the ears
thio, the skin (oft and ' elastic, the wool
. soft to the touch,' thick and coming well
' t forward to the face, but not coveripg tt.
The faoevand forehead uliould be clothed
with short hair, and the eyes should have
a lively expression; '. ' .
a '"'
IlELioiotfa 0fiDKB8' orlTAX.T. Some
. interesting orders of Italy have recently
been published, from which it appears
that the mala members of these orders
holding 'property tie 6687 in number,
and reside ia 625 buildings. The femalo
members are 12,481, with 537 houses.
The numbers of the mendicant orders
are .18,858 mea and 1,373 women, resl
dinjr in 1,352 houses. Italy thus counts
38,796 'f persons devoted to rtligiou-r-a
number which will no doubt surprise all
ucaequainted with the r wide diffusion of
r the religious order of that country.
A sr.RijON io four words' on this vanity
. ofarthly possessions : " Shrouds bave
no pockets."
[From the Ohio Sthlesman.]
, IJoys. After a long, and oonstant
study we have reached . the unanimous
concision. that hoys are queer Institu
tions ' We watch' them as daily we pass
tho State street Eohoolhouse, and worn
df r if it can be possible that these noisy,
yjuriog, boot-buratirig-f ants-tearing
youngsters, are1 W fact soon to exchange
all their fu td.-.boisterous mirth ror
seeming pla-s and ambiiioui plots ; it
they roust ol ao'ce'esity go, ere long.'some
to the countine room, some to the farm,
others to win,r renown as warriers ae
at.teamen. and as Philanthropists;.' ,vili
some of ihem be great divinei", ot as
physicians or lawyers? Will all be bb
harjnv. when renown -ts attained, as
V' ... ..
But bdys are. queer institutions. ... Did
you ever se e a boy who wa not hurgry
Stuff him with eoodieS even w. -
Anii. : ..a ;n Ron minutes oe u
find room to etow awavlau apple.
their pockets !, ' Did, you yer-eMmwa
the contents of a boy's pocket? ,Isn t it
a funay Bight ? But not a thing" is there
that could be1 'by any means a'8Pen"(1
with. , Yssterday we capiurco.
fnllnm r,arhfM nlnM VBffl old. He W88
of the " In
v.. - -(,- . t , , ,
dianB? Sixth " pattern, a reauoea uu,
a pair of blue pants, and earrled.tts
books ia a haversack. I But, his pockets
Av hntrfn;n Thev stuck out toar
f,ii)o a. wo a.iJ n niDtured him. and
sat i?owu on the ourb-8tone. A a apple
wna hia confidence, and he let UB View
his': collection. .There ws a piece
string, two nail, a broken serew, a piooe
of a black bottle, a pipe bowl, three or
four Bpools, three pieoes of shiney paper,
d piece of chalk, two corks, piece of a
handkerchief, elite pencil, , n"ful
of marbles. nd a nilsca of Bponpre. And
do you believe tbe RttU chap would part
with lne .of them No, inUed. Dia
monds have not half tho'lvalue in his
eyes as'eitber; one of Jhese constantly
srathered. lontr preserved curiosities.
WeinsisC boys are queor institutions
rr.fi rv i
-."! 10
y. i w ( r t
r I" A l';l,;::;,
"" --c i" -i J ..- f
son trintiivo
o ip ar- 'iiO,
In 'Malont't Building, on "Main Stree
'.. ( . ' . ' . I '', " , . t '' ' , .
Is replete with air the modern improve,
mentf for the neat, cnsAP, and
,- j ,. . . '','-'''"
, bapib execution of every btyh I :
... ' " .' -
;"''-.!'-: - .'-of PRINTING, " :'""'
' --'. CiYewfati, ?''
' ' ' Ball TicJcctt
ALL KIICD8. OF ? BLANKS, &c, e., &c,
In plain or faney colored Inks.
TTTf 1VEHSLLT "nckpcwlcaee'd"' tne Mode
JJ Parlor Mognin of Amerioa, QeTOte't to
Original fitwius.'" Pooma, Bketcbes, Jiwbt-'
teqlure, and Model Cottages, .HiUBhoM, Mat
ters, Gems of Thought",' Persoualantf literary
OoBsip (locluding speiial departftienta on
Pnoh ong 1 inSLrtlOUOUa ou- untiu, uyiuubb-
tia Eqttoairian ExeToises," Bkatin,' Muslb,'
Amuaements, ecU; all uv lh beat outhora.
and nrofuaelr aud, artistioally illjetralea
with eostPpcimraTings usbi.h uu
reliable Patterns, Embroideries, Jcwelry.'and
a succession of artistic nbveletits, w.'lh other
...1 ....ALKlnin IWarnhtrit ' ,'!jV',': '.'
430111 nu . r
Ko person of rtfinemant, economlcarBOUsa
wifo or lady of tablo, can afford to do fcith
out the Model' Monthly.,: u ' : i x
Sifigle copiea, BO cent?; ' ack numDera, as
ni-ciniena. to
; in Mama aiinnii m&iion rrnn.
v.nrlv. i'.i.i. Vith: oi valudble premium,'
copiea, $5 50; tlircO Copies, $7 50; flye wpUs,
$12,anu apionum premiums iur viuuj v
eaoh, with the first jsrciniiiin '. to eih sub-
sciibor.'" 'v' ;y.' ':: .v i. ... 'o
v 1 - . - Nov 478 Broadway,' New
Demoreat's Monthly-and Young, lAmeripa.
tot ether, $4, with the premium to eaohj ,
..."'ml- " . . . f-. - ' '.
. ',.'-(:
the cms ts;
Tns ' Seventh Volume and the Seventh
Year of the pnblioatioa ot Tub is
about to begin, and, in, accordance ittf oua-
I , T . ,, IV.
torn, We 188U8 our iinnuni tryaj.cui.uo. , ,..,vj
need not rsoapitulate its history during. tei
stormy years or its exiatenoe, nor remum
thpse vho have read it, of iia services ia be
half of the great prinoiples of the Demoorn
... unit wbat ils conductors ednooived, and
what time has shown, to be the heat, interests
of tho country.-. Its merits have heea e-
knowledged from the time it was slatted by
that veteran and distinguished journalist,
Gov. jtlKDAar, and .its; present- conduoUirB,
simply claim for it tue-ereuu o. an teraieii
ana unueviatmg aanerenoe w lao yi.au tun
principles of Us founder.. In all'tlie politi
cal vicissitudes of the past six yearsthe
failure of some, the apoetacy or others. and
the unguarded" weakness of mapy, exponents
of Democracy, Tu a Caraia has never donia
ted from the straight path of. prlaoiple, nor
been allured by temporary expedienta, ini
tiaidated by threats, nor dujoerlenea by
defeat and disaster. -k - . - '
On the score of principle we claim for it
the merit of fidelity, honesty, and consist
ency. As a newspnper-we claim for it the
merit of being an exponent of Western in
terests and ideas, reliable jedrnil ff the
times, a valuable' companion ot the farmer,
the mechanic the busints? man,, and ,the
family circle. It is our aim to.fili tbe large
sneei witu maner oi r:ai.intri,nu per
manent value to onsonss questions oi prin
ninln thai. n.rfl of rpal Riynific.finc.R. to inform
v-f- 1 O, , ' . ? , il
impror6) and instruct, 'as well as itmiise
and to this end we discard the idle, twaddle
which goes so far to fill up the daily papers,
the obscene advertisements .and the sensa-
tinnnl fnllv nf tKa lav W .nni.l.l nilKliRll
hnmlreda of letter f.m ". tn JuJrt
country 'approving or the course of The
Calais in this respect, and to this course we
nronosa . to lieidlv adhere. .The reliable
market reports -ami the great'- amonnto
statistical,' agricultural,: financiiil,. apd po
litical information we publish, t5 of im
portance and value to buaihe&s meni firmi
era, mechanicsi and politicians, i while the
carefully seleoted page of, literary miscella-
oy which each, number contains, commends
it to the home circle of ail.
The poKiioal views of Tub .Crisis, floarcely
reauire definition. It is in favor of Demo-
cratlo principle tn all tbcdr-breadth and
purity, as expounded by IkiouAB JsrFiBsoit,
and the other really great men and founders
of the Government, and iupoij - whieh th
Government was successfully conducted for
seventy years. 'It. is opposed to the Aboli
tiou despoti&m which now controls the, Fed
eral Government, 'in all its shapes and un
der whatever device it may- appear. - It
opposed to the entire Abolition theory pf
politics, and all the monstrosities, humbug1,
and delusions which grew out of it. It-is
opposed to the thieving aascality, the, ty
rannical assumptions, the stupid and bar-
barous polioles and the lawless usuri ations
of .Congress, and to all the machinery , that
the Jacobins have devised and put in opera
tion to overthrow 'Republican OoVernment,
inaccurate anarchy and absolutism, enslave
the people, and, oppress them with; odious
taxes, and tyrannical, insane, and corrupt
legislation. And in advocating the" correct
principles and- opposing, the evils we have
named, w shall continue to do it Without
fear or .favor.: u '-:;"?" '''-
. in order to successfully conduct such
paper as" Tub Crisis, it must have a large
list, of subscribers; and, 'to secure that we
rely upon our riends and those who have
taken the paper. We cannot compete with
the cheap, shoddy publications of the1 East
by offering bogus premiums 'or 'smployjng
traveling ageuiu ; put. we earnesuy solicit
the aid of our readers in extending our eir
culfttioa .by- their perianal effortB... ,It,';will
require but little exertion from each,.' but
the aggregate will enable us to furnish them
with a paper fully equal in site; superior in
print to any Eastern publication, and of a
great deal more interest and. importance' to
Western Democrats. Friends', shall we oall
upon you in vain, for the Small favor we
ask, and In a cause ot sueh magnitude, and
value? Now is tho" time to. Bond , ia sub
scriptions for the new volume, which, at the
end of the year, . will, be worth thrice the
amount of the subscription pvioe. , '
Our terms are $3.00 per year, $1,50 Tor
six months, $1.00 for four months. . : '' '.:
One extra copy will be sent to any one
getting up a elub of six yearly subscribers
and to any one sending a club of ten for six
or fo ur months an extra, copy for the club
time. -"- - - . - : 1
For a club of ton yearly subscribers
copy; of either of the five. bound volumes
'01, '03, 08, ' or 004 u tf r. it
Jfor a club of thirty vearlv .aubsuriberB.
complete sett of the vo lumes 01 Tna Caisi
ror six years. . , .
. Address, -( ; wiLUAil TBBVITT,- '
Publisher aad Pioprietore.
Columbus, 1867 "-'' ,1' ?
fSlicreby given that a pebtilioa lias Ix-en filed
.... . r i'... . , ...
iiiDvuiii, . wi... !... ..aw. wiiiiin.ana tor in.
County of Vinton.nnd state of Ohio, the ohject end
prdyer ot whioh ietitfon satoobtalo an order of said
Court veralinitlie following Alley in the West pert
otlhe Villaffe ofMcArtlmr. to-wit- . r
The Alley IviDK imineillfltclv west of Lots Wnmh'rf
102, 171. ll8, , ind 'l7i also, lie'Jkllpy lying
South of and adjoining. Io- Ixta .Numbers 131, tfi
1:13, Lit, and 13.' ls. Alleys running Nonh end
Houlh twlwoen In-Lots Nuinliers JOS Snud -20: end
Lots Auinlisni BIO aud 211. Whu-h said petition will
be for hearing at tlje Blarcli Term (1W7) of said Court.
.i f.i-J .-), :cf 1n9 J ".lit;',
"i ttifi-.tito-y i -ii erf, un Li.!. .law
I '''Mi ;-LUi7'.''.''.'l -- ".Jt.:.l
JixtraordlnAryti hdmwthyA9 1 ,
HMl4im.i nidi
rt: I
At" ii 1, t
ii':') .!?
1 iv.Ji.iii It i'r.i ti :',
. i, fi i ,o'i.', ;',ik ;
Jor List olf , Premlums and" PartioUlare f
,, jpiilriruio?fr tbe WeeklyAiiBquirer.xi
and Subscription Ciroulars .-
l.."!4..'--'l.i '.' -ir
mo ,1, i: u -
E, lliin ynr, bnerprtes'Wlnenoviiiooni ni
nn incentive to tnoe ot our pnirons mm w n
exert themselves to form club H our pRiHTCould
L. . iha hnimnhnhl nf nil our Democratic
fronds. South n-l West, ils' infli.MWB wOuWtbe VOr
trill lr phnnxmn xnn poniioni ww . .....
labor Jur ti
11 it Iwd Had
ciisig of the
vsliould never have bad the ternU
le last five years. - Tnunlit by sad expert.
We KIWI IIB wciiiu.;. mi ro
n-.tur io nave iw.mm yi ."f.-r, , , "
cirmiltoiv . ,1. . .r:.,-'iA-n'-ll.fc
What avils nave mi on miuu u. muu,
.fmnflnm Dolitieal.elua(ivu.. bf tho .mnwiwi u
Kotivc aKent in the wbrUk we repeat, is theeircula-
i The V.nquirer baa someclaim lipon the eoMldptm
l.i Ti Zr .iZ? i,i that iita nniTemallf iwknowl-
11a Th,,oli nroaerintlon and powenution uo
nintlnn in whole States-and chstrKits..' thwaMiiwd
.i.hint .i um.nrflsaion. personal imprisonment nna
mob violence if wo did not changn our '". "
stood l)Y the peuiocrntio flng and gave Pr,ll? 10
Um tenets. Twice uiiniou i imrai..
asters consequent upon- i. we hv -neTer lolt
issue ofoiir paper, or ' broiten : a- promise, 4o, any
our sutaenncrs. in no mu ".." "-, Z.
the sun of prosperity as well as the qou s of adver
'v; W .hill lA, U the p.tnocra U
in tSAdtirKest nou.9 w.wii ."...fr. . .
inlnsts. end will they not.ren .y .
AS brwiness and fsmilyjoumal, the ftnqilirerhas
jaon nuisuuc uuuuuus
9ws, latest,, and most reliable intelli
gence and reading matter Financial ana wmmr.
"iwl.News is mwle Bpecil feature Of -the. Enquire .
reliable repprtsof the rylisiryies. Of uu unw
All UUiwuni.j im.mw "I""-. '. ... , . ...1
markets., .vJn.,, f-n.i. .....
The Weekly Enquirer will ba.Taadpd, to lubsori
txirsst lheloiioiTing reuuuwi ,jr, , , . t
.1 SB.
With'fto additional copy the frttel-lipof ttilab,
le cooieavonByeat,
Innauln hfl 1. A CI Oil T AIBIC tOT il ICTi l"V
nr inr.ilowrf lRtlrshvnnail. . For sums over leu
loilars by mail, dratts or post .office monoy oruers
Ppeeimen copies nnd Isubscr'P''0" iroilar oon.
laininglistoC piiaee and. aU peiiBJtiwrjr WAKWW'
sent.ua a i.piicuuon.!. ,4 Bj,.j., t
t i .WAY WJiTfi SP'E'C.,.:..;j
'- '"; A' TACLE3; --OLD'i-':fK-;
EYE3" MAUE'.,'NEWll"v,!l' ''',',;'
. , v... :. aaily,.'Witliout"'doblbriff,Mtj.-
- or -medieinee,' 8ent,U :.:.v..f:
i ', post paid, on receipt of ,
l.tt ceniS ., . , ,
'', ) ..,.. br.B ,B: FOOTB,... ':'.,,'.' i
' " 1130 Broadway N. yi.., ii. j .
. ...A'
Comport Ani.i ...;.. -
IVni.l .aill. VV"ir.r( VI
for the RUPTURED, i. ...,.
, Sent post paid on re; ,!,('1";'l
ecipt. of. io . ceats. '.: :; ,.
i .Address i- '' " ! a-ni i
mllaO Broadway, !N,r,. ',,;
r-Tn -V FOIUUilOpi.,JTp," '
.ct TUB MAltRfEDt A8rfrit:'
V. t ... .In aa'aIai) 'i Rnvnlnnd An .'n l
reninr or 111 cents.
AddrMB'-jriV .E..;B."i
??i :
'j ii FOOTE, I AulborO of
Medical Qammoti
... Sense. ,.,'-' ,.i :,--i v y.
February 28,1807.
n " (rt ...I '. l: i , . . nit l:n.v.l . . . '
A Beautiful Premium ;Epgaving, an4 JRe-1
-('ivrv 1 . dueed i'rwea to- Wuob ,,, ;.
nnHK LADY'S PRlSNty announces'' lor 'lSoV the
X following poveletes: A J(ew Slorjf by'Mrs. lfcnry
wood, nnthor ot ' 'East l.ynne.'JllThe ' Clilmnlss,'
iHow a Woman had Iwr Way,', by. Uhiabeth j f resr
cott, author at .'Told by the- Sun.' ( 'Jo Longer
Young,', by Amanda M. Pouglas,' aiitlmr of 'In
Trust, etc: :'f)or Cnstel' by Frank Lee Relied lei.
It will givar a splendid double' page finely colored
Fashipo Ilale-rengrnved ei steel m evesy number.,.
It will give a beautifully exceutei
zivea beaulilul V exceuieu ninny siePi en
nTuMntr. and a arse assortment or
nd large atsortmen of Wood euts, fllns.t-
rating fashions, fanny work, ote.rf to every Dumber,
U will eive popular pteee of Music, worth the cost
of the magazine itself, in every number. It will give
a copy of Ihe-lioantihil rremium nwei.ir,ngraiiK
'One of Life's Happy Honrs' 2 by JJO.inohea, to ev
rr single 2,0O subsoriber, . .end, ,tq jenteff- person
Jtoflers aa- premiriiria'Whtelora: Wilsoh'B Sewing
Machines,' Wlver Plated Tea 8et( Hpoonei Pitcher,
gold and Silver Wsbihes, tinns, Kities.i Melodious,
Clothes Wringers, APP'eton's Cyclopedias, Ac. . .
.....'. , : -iERMS.. ;'
1 eopy, (and the engraving,) '. 1 ' ' 2B0'-1
"eepiV-t " - '"' rS oo. -i
.' fioopies, (end one gratis) l-tir,
... S. copies, (and one gratis). 12 06 , ;
20copie8(aiidonegratisf ""0. " 'iMOC "t
Onoconv each of the Ladv's Frtend'tuid. the fiatu
day Breiitngfost lorM tw,-, . t
The getter up ofaclubwill always receive a oopy or
the Premium Engi'aving. ilcmbere of a club' wish.
Ing the Engraving must remit ene dollar v extra.--
lists should enclose li cents tor samnle llaKuxine.
containing the pnrticluars. Address'"" "'
iieacon & Peterson. "'
;r ,"310 Walnut Street; Philadelphia; Pa.: ;
iS'V i .! :.'.) PI li
1 l tfl ji).o;
r i i'
"'For im.' " '
A 8 w. the past, thnMah snnsTiineand stOrm.'Tne
Ohio, btatesman will conlimie inHsiibl Oemo.
craiio -unalterably devoted to an advocac) of the
maintenance or tne uontitution, in spirit and In let
ter, and to the preservation 'of the Union. Asido
fro.n this, The Statesman will, bestow particulars.
tentkmto-,;H yja-ui ;-Cu,,r. -i.t, rt-v' 4I1
Newi, ; 1 Legitlatitt"' and"', ponjr'ethdnal
v Reportd, '' Choice, 1 Ini'truclwe :, arid
Pleating Literature.'''
And will give faithful market reports from the lead-
iug Com mercial Centers of the country. . -, , n '
On the 13th of December, The Weekly fitntesmen
will be so enlaiged as to give two and a half addl.
tional eolumnB of leading matter weekly H ;The fol
lowing are the . .1 .. ',: ,,! -j ..(..;
Daily Statesman, per yeni,, , j j'j 11'.$ 9 00
" sumonths, . - .,,, ,;,
Trt-Weekly Etatesinan. per year, 1 '"'Jo
u - .. , si month, V-.'.' t tU
One copy, six monthsi for' n . :: ; ...; B 1 on
One oopy, one yeer, for -.- ,1;,.', ,,oo
Five copies, oue year, for
Tea copies, one year, lor, . , .;,
Twenty copies, bne year, for' '
'. .12
in J copies, one year, for
; - T 'LAIMAN &
won drestore'tlNipiu ofu.s wi v" r
r-t National Unity and the "ldir'pnei.ari J
ll.tnna T.,. t.l.tf. RIM
'Columbus, Ohio,'
rioi.urt CnuMnimil 7:iP.M
l' iovt.lml'i LB t 1 r.
,.i"t.., .U.iUipJ.)ie i?W r.,
,,, 1 llnmln "HT "
11 .. .,1 ...!. bi... .. 23 ' .!
fUl SI . .
tin.'.! J.BB AiKwrii,.-
....... vt, .,
Arrive - M -
.. I Mill. WEST
.Hnimlon ,, II' " '
.. Till.. I . . 11
I .jfcoTOlmid; 4a"'- JaT' .1.
Arrive Cmcmnntl o w - ,e
Connwtions mn.re n umimvi. w....
Western 'Tmlns; nt j'MMrpuufu ." m ,
rt?iWa i.bKi;AND SMITH. ,J! ,r
Chillicotho.O.,Jn., 1807. ,
! 11 '.'l'- ' "'' f :' li' fr "111, 1 I .'
' -. i k 'I ..'. JB. ID.. 4-An 4-
J. V. Bradldy ft Uelenrawu '
Duplex Elliptic::
H - j: ii" 6i
milt WONDKKrJL.r " """':;''
1 - A ' - T,t. a.1 Xfi.a.lM TlrphS
A Lady having WPJ";"" tni .., Hti
Krewconvenienceoi weivring u v j"
Bprin Skirt for-a sinKle 'day will nev,'' phndppn
lliiily dispense .vith .thir une.i, d-or U"u'e!
M Kr.indVoung Ladles they are aupenor to all
others'. " i '' ' ' " . '.
Vhrv will sot bend or break like theingie opnn.
hut will preserve their perfect and frracenii srmpe
when three or four ordimirj ' BkirU will neiw"
thrownesideas.useiesf.. me H""''V?'.i
iU. double and twisted thread, and he bottom rmta
aronotonlv donhle BDrinfi, but. twice (or 'double)
ooverl. nreventina thorn from wearing oui w.icu
'1?. ."Jft7.K.u,?"f?..''. i Hrfniauirt-andlie'.
joy 8 uupie rjiii(iiu, ui wuuro Uk...n .
nstnmiiiir wrJi iur. nun ... :ito-, -,
1'l.E.X" Jiar.e the red ink stamp, ylsj " J. W. brad-
lind-i.ioiiaolbe(.aro coniiine, , .Also .notu.e tiiai.
every Hoop willadmit of apih WirtR passed tnriuni.
i .r...i.. il,,ln ,.hin Is the FleXlblhtV Of
and streiiRth, and a combination nofle belbundin
ahold, tHrouanoucuif uniteo isuiwffiinu ei
M,.....r....tiim.l il.o wlil llwnors of the Patent,
' WESTS? BUADLEV & CAREY", -"'..r.
if i. 07 Ohamlwrs and 1 1 81 Beode Sts T-
ruaryiw?,,) v, tv.,, H
1 3 ettrj-J'mYA 'V.'ntnitf'nVM,:
eiar'U'PbVrf. PlarriHlf;-35 7!nVlntn ContityCoart
i u..,vs... ... j, .,., i Common 1'iMis.,
ErviS fiowd, iWendnntJ Order or Sale No.' B.
m 1.UUIT11S.TT tn ll.A nntnntiylfl Clt nn Oftler OIJlHlfc In.
L tlie above cause to rr.e directod from the Court
oTOomirion Pleas of Vinlow roittity, -01liv, wtl boiler
atniibln sale,:nt the.doorof (ho Court Uoilte.jn, the
"..'... xrnllnlrll.nv In said nntintV. Oil ' -w ' ''
! t -.ffUJjSOAV, MAllCHi lOtm 18C7......V.
at th,o,hour of 1 o'clock, p, M.,pf .said dayglo fol
lowing described premises, to-wit: .' ' "
".HeuinniufarUie, same eleven ohaiiu ;and twenty
links West of the North-east comer ol Section bum
hr Thirtv.lurn i32.1 in Amnsluii K u in bo r Ten (III,)
of Itnii(e'l'iTl,mrfilppn (HI.) Ohio OoniiwpY's l'ur
rhase; tlienoS gonth ni'ty-oiie clvilus ana twenty-
live links; them West ,,tlrtyjtwo chains and ninety
links: MipnnA North lortv one cliiiius nnd twenty-five
links; Whence1 fcs 'hif-ty.twn bhains ; mid seventy
links to the place or heginning, onniaininsoiie nuiiu
r.l nnd Ihirtv.fivfl ' I V.Vt nrrcs riiorB oriess; '
i Tnlienasiheurbnertv ol'.Brvin E. Knwdto satisfy
an order anddecree of said Court in- favor of ' CUrisa
lloivd. .,:u.iuH .",) i lilv ,uuo
Djira'seJ ftt twohtv-six .hundred dollars and must
brng' two-thirds bf that sum. " ' 'r '
fsheiitl' Vinton Couutj',.0.
E. A. I'.ratton, Att'y for PI'tt. ' .
February 1 4, MOT tw- .
W ir' , , ii ) . t Ill ' I 'I .'.
Administrator's). . Sale of
IlV '6p,' "PEOftATE COTjRT
cf yixTpr cpuixTf ',,'piirc).'' '.'
Patrick Henry Qu'inni AdiivnistratorV ' ' ' ' 1 ''
ufKntnte Of Michael' lMUgherty, i In Vinton Pro
, deceased. . .. . , , V lte Court.
11, .. ; . , V'"- ". ' " ''''' 1 (Petitition
iw Mry. Daughortv etj el.. ,i.,1.,Jl boll Land.,
I N pursimnce of an order or tho i'rob.ite Court
ir Vinton ooiintv, hio,'gran'ed on- Uieitb,day
February, A. P. Jaw, 1 will offer, for sale at uublio
anction.on' ''' i'' ' ' v J" 1 ' 1 '
Mondayy tho 18th dayof March,
rbetiteen "die hours tW o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock
p. MVof eid day, npon the iiremlses.i In the lowni
ship of WHkesville, the following described Re
Kwnte, RitiiiUaUl tlie county of.VinloiHandSlule
Olno, to-H ii: . . . . ,
The West halt of the South-west Quarter of V.
lion Numlsir Five (No. t.l Townshio Number Eight
(No. 8,) ltnnge Number Sixteen, (No. 10,) coutaiuing
sovonty-iour, utfres. : .) .j:
.- . f- Aijatr .. '. c .
Hirtv-four acres otfot the Hast halt of the South
East (jnnrter of Section Kumhor 8ix,;(Noi U,) Town
ship Number Eight, (No 8 ) Kange Numl)erSixicen,
(No. in,) In rhe county of Vinton, and State ofohio,
Gontaimng Thlrty-leur acres.. H ,, . , i
AnnrnlsidBt S75U.U0.- ' 4
v rprms of Sain One-third osnh in nanti; ooe-tliird
in six months, and tlie remaining one-third in twelve
mourns, nom the day ot sale, witnunieiTstr aeier
red: pajmeute secured by mortgage upon the prem
isea sold.
r i...... ..( PATttlCK HBNKT QUINN,' atu
i ,. Adm'rol Micligel iMugherty, deceased.'
'February It, i7-4-' " .' '
ShcrilT's and Special Master
1 Coriinilsstdncr's Sale 0
t,,u-''' ,!-''" 1 3i"atelof Ohio, .Vintim County;"
Abraham Wilbiir; riaintiflll In' Vinton County Coif-t
V.J..-'"".!it j t. j;-. 1 i vommon rieas. uruer
Felix Grimes, Cathnnffo ( and Decrees Orddr
I'Wriinea, Jlerendantm ,J ..Kc.lii ei ti . ?,
PUBtiVIANT to, the cpmmsnd of nn Order and To
creo' issied' from the J Court oft Cftmrnon
Hoas of Vinton Ooiuily, Ohio,'1 and to me- directed
as bheritl of said' couiiiy, nutini; as Special Master
Commissioner herein, I will oflor atpublio sale, nt
the Door of the "Cuort louse, in the Town of McAr
thur, in said County, on
JlONliAr, THE 25tH :DAY: bP MARCH,
"i I ,', i. ' U'. A. T). 1SR7. ''i.i i .t:rr
at' i o'clock P.M.' of said day, the following descri-
tu premises, to-wit: , ,. . . . .
Sixty-six ftkil 'eet offthe South end or In-Iot Hum-
her t?eventy-seven ,77, in the Town of McArthur.' ; .
Taken as the proiieriy ot said Felix Grimes and
Catharine Orimes to satisfy an, order end decree ot
said Court, In favor of Ahrshnm Wilbur,
Appraised a Two H lindred and'Fifty Hollars ?i!5U
and 'liiust bring two thirds of that sum. - .,, n
Terms of Sale Cash in hand, " ' ' ' ,,
j ' Bherift Vinton County. Ohio, end .1 ..
Acting as Special Master Commissioner herein.
H.B. A.MayoAtty'8for Hfl'., . -February
n, ISB7-tH 1 '. ' .!
Thi Chtapttt Magazine in tht Worldl
rpHI3 poputa r and widely circulated Mngniinje has
X now reached an edition unequalled in iliis coun
try. Kach nnmber is brnamented by numerous Bne
engravings, anilia complete in itself, embracing
great variety of tale, sketches, ' poems, and illustra
ted articles, written expressly for its columns. It is
conceded by all to be the cheapest and best Maga
zme in .the world. ' : Ii.' mi,
.... .,. i ' . ..-', TERMS. . . l.
II M a year: seven copies SO 00; thirteen conies
'v nipwv." "ii""jj,"7',r: ;,Ti.riv
niinlex Kllintie smriwni ue
.V eil crowded -Assemblies Oihis, Carriages, Ja.r
load in CMVurXl'ewsrArm CbaiM. for Proniehade
and Hnnsi I Ms, as ' the Skirt wrt be fold.- when
HrflffHing town sionH siium, . . ,),ii,
XFe Uuplex Elliptic. a Kb"?
diesand.isnnivereally reoommend.l-p"?'I
Miisiiiineeaa the 8f ANUAR1 . SKlKf ,-aF!
Yto enjoy the (bllowiBg neshmable ,adan lagea m
Crinoline, vim Superior Quality, Vertwt Mnuf
tSn.Stvlih Shape mid Finish, FtoxibilUV. u"
sill uv, niirEio wiuim 1.1 vci.ir. . Itv.im r... . . i
' .' - ' Boston, Masi.
: - v , "Y vy
of 06 a utiwricm
i 11 1 ,jill! j:l'u il.lll i l.'...rii.
' . jaiiapiaiBWBiajjnjaA-ifi-rwwa, unummm"- w---..-'ia(.4 4
b orma - ,.
Hartfbrd Live , Stoofc Xrauranoe
Co., ' ,
Of CJonnectlout,
a ") r - r.,..i 1 ,.. .i
! i"i'
rSv tint lat dav of November,
y to the Auditor of Ohio, pursuant to the '
Sutute. of that 8tate.
j .CAPITAt. y "i".'!'
The nmouhf of its Capital' StocK" '
S 'paiiup,iB . $150,000 60
i , . - lit- A88ET8.
Cash on bandaad la the hands Ik hi !
, of Agents. ' - . . , in,n.t ;
The Bonds and StookB. owned by ' .
the Company: ,, . ... fd,oi w
Debts due the Company,1 ' eeour. -k-W
, ' ecf by Mortgage).! i"- nV.j.i ,-36,600 00 .,
n.v.a AlliatwiaA aAnrAil.r , 60.000 OCT
Debts for Premums, .
2,780 e?i
All other Securltes,
211 00
'" TetaV Assets of Company, $15,208 8i
The' gtealest amount linsured ia ( V,,,,:(
. i any pneuBieU,. .,...:,;.! r,.":M,0W 00,
Statu of CoirmccTiotiT,
' I f!nl!HTT n Uartfobd.'
I E. N.:Kellogg,' President, and W. CVOood
rich, Secretary of' tlie Hartford Idve 8tock,'
Insurance Compaoy, being, severally sworn, (
depose and pay,. that,, the foregoing is a full,
true and correot statement of the affairs Of
gaid Insurance Company, and that they are
the above described Umcers thereor.
, , E. N. KELLOGG, President.
! ' ' ' 9 W. C. UOODRICH, Seoretary. 1 '
i Subscribed and sworn before me j thla 8tU
day of November L8C8, . ,
rSKAi.l, .. , . . ,vw.,Haiii;Kai,Jsi(,
' "" Com'rfor tht Statt of Ohio.' '
riiva'CEBT Sil''YY'Y
OrriuB oilthb. Auditor pr Statb,
,. , r Columbia, 0., Nov. 19, 1800.
; ,It i's fieroby certified,1 thai the foregoing;
is a correct oopy of the ' Statement of the.
Condition of i the flartford, Lire Stock In
surance Company of Conueotiout, made tt
and filed in this UfBc'e, for the year 1807. ' "
3bal1 , f " Wliiiess my hand and seal oS'
, A-u U rtjtall. t';'. t-ji- v'.if v i-.-J
Auditor of Stale. "
By Jab! Wuauas, Ch'f Cleric.
':o (To Expire on the lst day of January, 1808.) , ( j
Ot noa of Tifa Acditok or Statb, , 1
(,,: JJlSUaAHjCR PtPABTMENT,' ,. , r ,' V,
n am,- ?on)MBUS, 0., Nov 19, 1067. j
INSURANCE COMPANY, located at Hart
ford, in the. State ei" iConnecticut, has. filed,
io tliia, Offioe.a awern, ststement of ta, eon
ditionas required by the aot "ToJUegulate In-'
surance Companies not incorporated by me
State of Ohio, passed April 8, 1856, and
amended February 9, 1864, and the aot "To
regulnte Foreigu"'Insurnoe Companies,"
paoixd Jtpril ,r,, istC nJ, Whereas, said
Company fiB .furnished, tho undersigned
aatuifac'tory evidence that it . is possessed of
an Actual Capital of at least one huhcbbd.
and'tift thou8an0: dollabb, invested i as
required by; i said acts; , nd, Whereaa, said
Compapy, jias filed iu the oflbo a written
instrument under its corporate Beat, signed
by. the President and Secretary thereof, au
thorizing any agent Or-ftgenta of said Com
pany in this State to acknowledge service of
process, for and in behalf of said Company
according to the terms of said aot of April
8, 1856. .' ' '" p i"
Now, TniBKroRi, dn pursuance of the act
aforesaid, I JAMES. H GODMAN, Auditor
of State, for ..Ohio, da hereby oertify that
ANCE COMPANV of Hartford, Connecticut,
is nuthoriied to '''transact the business .of
Live''. Stock Insurance in this State until
the .thirty-first day of, January, la tbeyear
one thuusand eight, hundred and eixty
ei.glil. ' "" "'' ' ' ' :' '" ' .' ' ..
TSbaI.'. ' Ih TfiTEss . "rfuBaKor; I. bate
'jn . ' ..hereunto : subscribed t. my
0 h '.'U , ua name and! caused the, seal of
my office to be affixed the '
,. , day and year above written.
'"- ' '' J AS'. II. GODMAN, ' '
1 Auditor of State. '
-- - - By Jab. Williams,
Ch'f Clerk,
-o f.-n-.d f ,i , . ;,'.
.-.it: j.i w. DOWEX, Jfeeat, ,
1 uvr..:i -!i , . JlcAjihur, Ohio.
i January 31, 1887-3w ( , ... ' . ,
.'i v.'j f i.v v: i. i . a'.:, i.t . ,!
Sheriff's and Special: Master
" Cbmraissioner'fi 'Sale; " '
' i StaUof Ohio, Vmlon County, ii.'
Samuel V.T)od2e and ' ''' 1 ' ' ' '
Mary. Ann Dodge, AdministrAtrator In Vinton Co.
..and Administratrix of Estate of Court Com.
lames Dodge, deceased-' ' mon Pless.
against ' .Order a Xles
William Mathews John C.P.Brown. e.r.
1)UK8UA.N T to I lie command of an order and
decreelssiied from the Court of Common 1'lraa
or Vinton county, Ohio, f nd tosHedirected asBherifr
Of said county, acting Bpecial Master Commis
sioner herein, I will offer at puhlic sate, at the door
of the Coilrt H&use, in tho Town of McArthur, In
Vln.nn rnnnlT. 4hi1. on .-II ... .
' .' . , " A, D.'1867, .'' ''
nt or.e o'clock P. Til. of said day, the following de
scribed premises, situate in the County of Viutoa,
arid State of Ohio, to-wit: T . '
.. One undivided third-jiirt ofthe 'East half of the
Bouth-wftst quarter of hection. Number Sixteen. '
'lpuship Number Eleven, of Range Numnar Seven
teen, containing .iguiy.imir ana one-iourtn ifim)
acres, more brless. , - . ' .
Appraised at four hundred, dollars, (5100,00) and
must bring two-thirds of that sum.
Tnkon ss the property df said William Mathews to
sntiHfya iudgmenl against him by said Court in fhvor
of Heniuel V. Dodge and Mary Ann Dodge, Adminis.
trntorand Administratrix of the Estate of.Jumes
Ilodge, deceased.
't erms 01 Baie-rCAsn in nana ni me lime oi saie.
. Hheritl Vinton County. 0..
Acting as Special Master Commiuionei' in this case.
;eijruary,,jBiii-ow-r ,j: r., f,
Vol. Xvl, for 1867.
B. U? HARRIS, Editob. t , ' -tf f
TH1 iQEIAT WJIKLT ;, ., - ',u
Agricultural and 'j Family l Paper,
btvottd io f t Rural and "tioiuhotd 'Affairi.
,. , .,,'. t I. . I - V:
Tjaas-Single copy, Only $2,00 a year.
An extra copy one year for ' every? club of
Ten,' and aU taira ' topy' six month for i
oltib of slx.i.' Bpeoimene and. Prospeetuses
sent free to persons desiring to get up olubi.
, Cleveland, Ohie.

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