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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
. Tribune JJuildiflgs, New. York City,
Brown's Iron Building, Philadelphia, P.j-
Areauthoiized to contraU (or advertising for this
Locai, items of inteieat will be thankfully
received from our friends, at any time, from
any part of lb l or adjoining counties.
!.':."'' T T T" - i V ; .
,rIUoi.. WKTD.-7-Bring all , your rage ,to
this ofEee, where the highest market price
mU V.. nId fnr them. '
: -" " ' '
Yob Kansas. Silas . W. JS wetland' : sud
Alfred Bbry( both pf this Jwn, left for
function City, Kansas, on Monday miming
hat., , v '. , ;
Oua friend, A,. B. Glllcland, who has been
Chief Clerk of the Zaleski Furnaee Company
Store for the two past years, in Zaleski, left
that place a few days ago for the west.
-Yoi'xo Calves' Wasted. Any person
having good calves from three weeks to two
months old, for tale, will eall at the'oflice of
this paper, and learn -who Irishes to pur
chase. .
"' Iryou want to buy or ' sell anything, no
waller what, )be best way you can1 accom
plish your, object is to advertise in the En
quirer. Now is the time to adverse. Try
Whitewash tbat win hot Rub Oi . Mix
up half a pailful of lime and water ready
for whitewashing; make a starch of half a
pint of floor, and pour It into the whitewash
while hot; stir it well, and it Is ready for
"Th HiAVJiNtY CnisuBj.' We have for
sale at this office the most superb Bteel line
engravings of "The Heavenly Cherubs,"
from Raphael's "Sistine Madonna," which we
Invite everybody especially' the ladier to
and see. The Fe is low.
Tm roads leading to and from this town
re almost impassable at present, owing to
the mud caused by (he lale rains. But few
people visit our town, as the roads are dan
gerous in some places. Mud is the ruling
element... ',
'"' Wi'vrish the author of the communication,
signed "R. T. P," would be kind enough to
send, us his real. name-not for publica
tion tiid the communication will appear in
this paper.. 1 We hope those who write com
munications will not forget' to send their
real names. . j , , .
Sons of the ciliiess of our neighboring
village of Zaleskl'are greatly annoyed by a few
unprincipled and malicious persons who go
bout breaking out the windows of their
. houtes. The Zaleski Coiftpany offers a reward
of $25 for the apprehension of the malicious
Wi see going the rounds of our exchanges
what is called ah . amusing trick in legerde
main.1 We give it in order that any of our
readers may try it, who are disposed to-.
Take a sheet of note paper, fold in carefully
and enclose a bank note sufficiently large to
pay for the Democrats Enquirer for one year
oT'Biore- ' Keep your eyes on the printer and
11 you can detect a smile, the trick is a suo
' Piattcum Notice. Those who prefer
paying their subscriptions in any kind of
country produce, or in wood or ooal, are
informed that '.hey can do so, as we have
wade arrangements to reoeive the same at
any time. 8ondus your names, your coun
try product, wood ' and " cool, and we will'
aend you the Enquirer, and then you will be
happy and"can go on your way rejoioing I '
The prospertus of the New York Mercury
will be found in another oolumn of this pa
per: '. This is an.; interesting journal, con
taining the choicest literature of the whole
world, and w advise our readers to tend for
( for the present year; , as we are sure . no
person would want to do i without it after
reading It one year. n.viuu.vy--: '
' 'Bee' the terms In the prospeotu'' ' ' ; ','
-.t.s:Vi ;', ' ! .7-r..,;,
i. WniAt Cbop. The winter has Aten unu
unlly favorable for the growipg wheat In
Vinton County. H a' well rooted,' and tfcere
kaa been sufficient enow .to pietect it from
the sever cold;' . ' "! ' '.
From every section of Southern1 Ohio we
Lear very enc'ouTaglntf accounts of . the pros
pect ef a handsome j ield, The usual breadth
of land has not been aotn, but what there is,
is is a splendid condition. !. There should be
rejoicing Th prioe of flour will surely
some down. .-!,' .;.
YTooiiir FicTOBT. A person who owns
p large and valuable tract of land, through
whloa the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
passes west "fit and adjoining the 'Z'aleski
Estate, in Vinton1 county, ant horlies us to
ttate that a site for a Woolen f actory will
be gir;free to any party .who will build
upon it. X" (s an excellent place for a Wool
en, Factory 'about one mile from the Zaleski
Depot of the M. & ft, R.; and watej coal,
wood, and every thing else necessary for
building and running an estftishment of
this kind, being nearat hand' V think
there ii nofi a more convenient iooation in
iaeounty (or a Wqolen Faotory. For fur
ths particulari call qa ot adresl the Ed !
fjr f thli paper. ' :-V!:-
Geakd ecitijb ai ti Cathoho Cuumb,
ZAlssKt We'are requested td-slate thai on
guoday, the 24th of March, ootave or m.
Patrick, a Grand teflture will be ..delivered
in Zaleski. by the.Verj Rev. Dr. Lnney
President of 8t. Vincent's College, Wheeling,
Virginia, in behalf of the Church now in
course of completion. To oil who have not
heard him. s well as those who btei will
be afforded a more than ordinary treat
(Protestants as well as Catholics,) as he is
considered pne of the best preachers in the
State. . '. .'.' ' , Z "
Tickets will be issued, and can be procur
ed at Zaleski, Jackson, Athens, MoArthur,
Berlin and Ilamden at eaoh of the FurnT
oes through the Mission, lis well as in Chu-
licothe, Marietta and Portsmouth,
The Bishop of the Diocese, Right Rev, S.
n. Rosocrans, will bo present on the occa
sion. . .... is ' ..
Tcaciibb's Asmciatio!. At a meeting of
the Vinton County Teaohers Association,
held in MoArthur, Saturday; February 23,
1807, the following named officers were
cbosen for the ensuing year:
President M. R. Barnes.
.Vioe Piealdenls Orville Gunning a nd G;
W.Shookey. .
' Secretary James M. McOillivary.
Treasurer J. S. Huhn.
Exeoulive Committee-Wm. Mark, CD.
Gist, R. S. Barnhill, J. M. Curry, and Ulys-
ses Claypool. s . ; t.
On motion of Mr Gunning, Monday, April
15, 1867, was shosen as the day for opening a
Teaohers' Institute in Vinton County.
On mot'on, the Constitution, as provided
by School Commissioners, was adopted as
the Constitution of the Vinton County
Teachers' . Association.
The meeting then adjourned to meet Mon
day, April 15, 1867. . ' . .
Bum Total o Gbt Libramss. We have
had much to do with dictionaries, first and
last; have turned oviSr a thousand pounds to
them , perhaps; have watched new editions
rising In stately fashion, and found the best
were set on Webster's sure foundations.
What we have written of Webster's worki
while it has been in all truthfulness, has
also been in all love. We have a warm filial
feeling for it and for biui: grateful to Web
ster for earliest' lessons and for latest teach
ings; greateful to God, that, while Ho gave
us English for our mother-tongue, ha gave us
a man so worthy to record and expound it;
men so worthy to. continue the work he so
nobly begun. And we put that mother-
tongue to a suored use when, we utter the
truthful words that these three books are
tho turn total of great libraries the Biblt
Shakweare.and Webster' Royol Quarto. Chi
cago Evening Journal. -
Tns driver of the hack which runs be
tween MoArthur and the Railroad Station
has a great deal of trouble with the numer
ous mud holes along the route. He drives
around some of them; and on the Hoffhines
hill, he informs us, he made, two or three
days ago, a new track through a patch of
woods on the west side of the road, when a
man or an object that looked like a man
passed along the tra'ok and rolled togs across
the track to make the driver pass through
the bad holes is the main road. ' Shame I
TukTkcb FtAO: A Jouesai, ior Evbrt
Home. The True Flag continues its career
under the most favorable auspices. Ac
knowledged to be the pioneer newspaper of
its class, ' having originated the system of
No Continued Storiet, it has outlived a host of
imitators, and still distances all competition.
Its olroulation exeeeds by several thousand
that of any weekly paper in New England.
It is not limited to any class or distriot, but
oheers ths homes and gladdens the firesides
of every State in the Union. It is Lot dis
tinguished merely for' its Unequalled Tale
and Sketehes, bu every number an enter
taining and useful variety of Anecdote, Bo.
ography. Editorial, Adventure, Eittory, Poetry,
Witt Saying, Scrap of Wit, and curious
Information of every description. .
r r -i i ; il.
uur vorpa ot voui.riuui.uio comprises tuo
liveliest story-tellers, and numbers, many of
the best authorv of the day, in every de
partment of literature. ' . ' '
, In respect to the future, we can only say
that we shall adhere to , our old, well-tried
system of avoiding tedious novelettes, . and
of giving each week throughout the year a
condensed and spioy compendium of reading
for the people. - - -
; Terms $2.60 a year f 1,25 . for. .. Six
Months, Invariably ia advance.
Single copies 6 oents. Sold by all the
news and periodioalbalers. .. r
Moulton & Lincoln, Publishers, . No. 60
Bromfield Street, Boston, Mass,
General Agents The . American. News
Company, 119 and 121 Nassau Street, New
York City.
, Ths Radicals , mean . to oppress the
South with bayonets, keep lha Union di
vided, its busioefls-embaraBsed, and the
very exifltenoe of the Government in
jeopardy, to gratify their insane politioal
ranoor anddevlish cruelty. It is for the
people to decide whether all our groat
national interests are to be sacrificed
onr people alienated, section from section
and the fiend of contention is to reign
supreme, solely to gratify bitter hatred
or that wisdom, eilmncss. Justice, shall
direot publio affairs reotify past errors
heal deep wounds, and allow the 'Re
public ro pursue unobstructed the glori
ous tsaroh to prosperity now inviting it
onward. .Will not the public roioe - be
raised ia vindication of the Constitution,
National Unity and Peace, or shall faction
tear ns asunder, b light our blessings and
render us tho victims of that jntolerenoe
which has lighted the fires of persecution
and bowed nations to mouroiog? Cir
oleyjlle Democr,, - ' a - v .j '
A bedociion of taxation, and a con
sequent reduction o prices, beoom al
most ao imperitive qeoeissity, when it is
knowo thaU it cos's nvno teaths , of the
laboring iben ef lha country the best
part of two week's wages to buy a barrel
of flour. ""'"'
-, ii t.i !..) oi in, nu rfinm nfthe nnueK in
her, in Zuie.ki, y W. i)--Uiffgins, KBq Mr. Jouk
Wahkk andMiKS Bositti.Hakukk.
We wish the boppy couple njprosperous'.fwl over
life'udtirk'anti rtormy ocen. - -
On R.in.ln ntoht. thel 3rd int., in KrArthur, of
ConimptioD, Vr. J. S. bTaoKO. aged 41 years.
fin Bl,,r,ln niiht. lho'Otli:fnsti.'ahout 10 loVlork'
at ilie Hulljcit House, in McArlliur, of CousumuUon,
DIED, Advertisements.
E IwnrJ D. Dotlge.AUm'rdobonU n6n, Petitioner,
. vs.
Samnol V. Dode, Inmes Ilnrst, Clarisa K. Hurst,
a,wl L'.lorar.l II. l)0ll"fi. I )( ff 11 dill! t3. '
In Vinton County I'tpbate Court, State of Qhio.
rpHE defendants will tnka notice that Edward D.
X. Hodge, Administnitor do bonis non of the Estate of
.lames Dodire, deceased, on the 11th dny ot March, A.
D. 1807, filed hia petition in caid Court, alleging Hint
the pernonxl esrnto ot snid decedent ia inaurtii:ient to
py ins debts, end the chnrgcaof adniiiiisterniK hial
estate; Mutt be died seised of the following Goal Ea
tste. aitnnre in a nd eouiitv ana mute, to-wii: i i."
Number Fiftv-two (No. hi,) and South half of Iu-I.ocj
Ntttntier Thirty-three (No. 8:1,) ns numbered and des-
ignated on the Kccordea nai ot tne i own ot nniAr-1
thur, in said county and Htato. The prayer of .said
petition in for a pale ot said premises, fur thujpiiy-i
ment of the debls and charges aforesaid.
t-aid petition will be for hearing on tno imn oay oi,
April, A. l. 1807, or as soon thereafter as leave can
bo obtained. - EHWABIt I). DulXiK,
Adm'rde-lionisnon of Estate of James Dodge, dec d.
Joseph J. McDowell, Att'y.
March 14, 18U7-4w
Webster'' s
Unabridged dictionary.
' Thoroughly Revitedani Much Enlarged.
Over 3,000 Fine Engravings.
lO,000,V?ORD3 fi,d MEANINGS tot found
in other Dictionaries.
A NECESSITY to every intelligent family,
student, teacher, and professional man.
What library is complete without the best
English Dictionary . , ,
"Sunerior. in most recpects, to any other
Enirlish Dictionary known to me." lion.
Georae P. ilareh, March, 1866.
"In its general accuracy, completeness, and
practical utility, the work is one wliioh none
who can read or write henceforward offord to dis
pense with." Atlantic Monthly,
"Viewed as a whole, we are confident that
no other living language naa ayjicuoun ry
which so fully and faithfully sets forth its
present condition as, this . last edition of
Webster does that of our written nd spoken
Dnglish tongue."--i?arer' Magazine.
In one vol. of 1,840 Koyal Quarto Pages.
Published by C. & Q. MEItRIAM. Springfield,
. .. Mass,. ;
' 8old b7 all Booksellers.
March 7, 1867 Ow .
A T-
A VI NO purchased and completely
'rnvn,ir1tf fvpnniml liv V.. P. Ttnthwell.t wollM re.
spectfully announce to the public that lie intends to
keep constantly on.nauu, a
complete assortment of
cabinet rmmiimz,
smtable.for this market, at j
f;otten up in a stylo of wortmniislilpnot to be excel-,
eil by any shop in this seclion.
All kinds of work in hia lino will be neatly and
promptly done on very low terms. .
Of all kinds done to order on', short notico.
A full supply of ; i . . . '
o o ip ip x 2sr
kept constantly on hand ; and.
10 per cent, will be deducted
on all orders forcasb down. :.
March 7, 18G7-M
, ..... . a monthly. ; ' ' ;
Devoted to Literature, Agriculture' Mbd General
InWtli nence, and comprising Reports of battles. In-'
cidents, and Anecdotes of the War, never before
published, by ,
0 en kb A D. II. IIili, (Late of the Southern
. ' .''' Arm.), ,. :
J.'lawnAO. H. Hin.
Tunas. Three Dollars a year. 11 paid In advance.
or Five Dollars, if not paid till the end of the year. .
j. r. iky isx a u. h. Hiiiii,
'": -J : Charlotte, North Carolina.
March 14, 180T." -
SherilPs and Special Master
. Commissioner's Sale. A
V.,. $nte of Ohio, Vinlon County.
Abraham Wilbur, Flaintiff,! In Vinton fjbunty Corrt
vs. ' ' Common Pleas. Order
Felix Grimes A Catharine and Decree. 1 Order
Grimes, Defendants, J No. 1. .
PURSUANT to the command of an Order and Ee-
Pleaa of Vinton toiln-V, Ohio, and to me directed
aa Sheriff ot said county, acting aa Special Master
Commissioner herein, I will otter at publio sale, at
the Door of the Court U ouse, in the Town of MoAr
thur, in said County, on .
... . . . A.,Dv 1867, . ,- ,,:..,- ..
at 1 o'clock P.M. of said day, the following descri-
Sixty-six ftiCl Keetoffthe South end of Tn'-Lnt Num
ber Seventy-seven 77, in the Town of McArthu r.
Taken aa the prouerty oi said Felix Grime and
Catharine Orimea to satisfy an order and decree of
said Court, in thvor of Abraham. Wilbur,
Appraised at Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ?I30,
and must bring two thirds of that sum.
iermaoiHaie Utah in hand.
Slierit) Vinton County, Ohio, nnd '
Acting aa Special Master Commissioner herein. -H.
B. A. Mayo, Atty'a for HtT,
February 21, 1807-6t-U . . ..:,.. ,
FOR 1867.
This'veten.ir and iterlinfC journal of the whole
wnild'a i-liou fit literature oo.ia tw 2'Jih volume in
Iho full ti le of i!ihI provperuiia ud uninterrupted
wpulurit whioli baa lusiuiued it at the heud ol the
Anieriean weekly preea for aeaily a third of a centu
ry. Aiwnys utnioua us
it will enter upon the New Year not only aa a Irnpoiii
toryuffrehliuuil original numerpieceo froru the lead
ing novelit of chia country, Kngland, and France,
hut also mm a mirrior of the ctsic fictions of the old
en time, which will he carefully revlned. and adapted
to the most faatidiou'i acquirement of modem taMe
und delicHcy. Koch irsue will contain, heaides the
b. illiant nerial novcliies, lyi uneiimd array of Home
and hociety ytoneH, wkelcliea, and Poems, by our
bet authora and authoresiwR, while -
hareb.ea aeisured to fuiuiah rucy, rcadatle, and
feHrlnwscriticiHin of
. . HEW PLAYS, ' ' ' '
and all persona, things, ami events In which the
whole country may be auppoaed to take special Inter
tat. - :
Jn addition, however, to securing Volume XXIX
the choicest productions ef the bent-known cuntem
poraiieouH geniux, the proprietors of The New York
Mercury design making special efforts during the New
Year to
from the modest ranm of '.hose possessors ol mark
ed intelieotuul abilities who have hitherto been da
teired from seeking print through tear of editorial
rcbutfor neglect.
and the proprietors promise to be generous its well
as jit in deciding what manuscripts are worthy of
publication. " '
j.'uh many a gmn or purest ray serene,
. The durk, iinliithom'd caves of ooeanbear,"
and full many possessor of realgcniua may bo thus
disioverod anrf brought to the appreciation and re-
wara which, otherwise, m'ght nevet De theirs
Ihepaner willaio aiinrkla with arliHtio an ! ao
oial punguneieo, aiilo-)UiHg gossip, piquante fem
iuina corrcxpoudeuce, ruriou and intervatimi newn,
all tho literary talk of tho aenaort, valunble fuahion-
articieK, tmrv and oilier laloa lur rue mile ioikk, con
UiMisatipiiH of the moHt rciarkuble now buo.8, and
. -
: A number of choice orieinal aeri-ils. eaoh of the
written exprepalv for tho Nw Vork ilorcury, byt
such contributors as Jlisa M. urnndon, fien:e
Ean, William (iilmore Hinima, Cousin .Miv Carle
toii, AlMandreBuiiiiia, Fnirfm Balfour, and othera
of that riin.li., wiUhejgiven in rapid auuucaniou., ,
.. To mad subseribenvour terms are:
Cash in advance: Single ooiiea,!ttt 80 a year, three
copiea, 87; aixopieu, U1; nine tuopiea, 820. The
party who aenda us t'iO tor a club of nine n pies will
iceeivo an additional copy fiee. Six montiia' ub
scrlptlon received. "
Hubscribors should be carefcrto writo plainly the
hame of their Kwt ofllce, county, aud. (State, beci
men copica sent tree to all applicants. Address, '
1 Proprietors of The Few York Mercury,
Nos. 40 Aim Street and 113 Fulton Street,
, Ken York City.
March 7, 18C7 It . . .
--Clubs for 1867!
FOR 1867!
The New York Dat-Book enters upon
of 1867 with a larger circulation,
than that of any Democratic paper published in
tht world, and that circulation is steadily in
creasing and extending in every aireotion.
It has never been the ergan or mere " party
Democracy," but rather the exponent of
those liberal principles of human Govern
ment -whioh our forefathers wrung, with
bloody sweat, from the tyrants of 1778.
Standing on the foundation of the Declara
tion of' Independence, that "all (white) men
are created equal," and therefore entitled to
equal .rights, it is opposed to all forms and
degrees of special legislation that conflict
with this grand central troth of Democra
cy, and over' all, and above all, does it com
bat that monstrous treason To -American
liberty, which,' thrusting the,'negro eloment
into our political syslem mu of necessity
wreck the whole mighty fabrio left ns by our
fathers. God has created white men superi
or, aud negioes inferior, and therefore all the
efforts' of the past five years to abolish His
work, and equalize with negroes every law
violated, every State Constitution over
thrown, every life sacrificed, and every dol
lar expended, are necessarily just so many
steps toward national suicide ; and the sim
ple and awful problem now upon us is just
t hia shall we recover our reason and re-
1 (his
tra3e 01ir -r maroh on to Mongrelism.
.... i ., ,L.
gOCUlL auarcny, uuu ma luiai iuiu ui urn
country ? :' .
Tuts Dat-Book, therefore, demands the
restoration of the "Union as it was "a
fm'on of to-equal State upon the white basil,
as the only hope, nnd the only means possi
ble' under heaven for raving the gTand ideas
of 1776, the fundamental principles of Amer
ican liberty, and if the real friends of free
dom, and tho earnest believers in that sacred
and glorious cause in which the men of the
Revolution' offered up their lives, will now
labor to expose the ignorance, delusion and
treason of the Mongrel party, il will succeed,
and the whole while Republic of Washington
be restored again in all its original bonefi
oence and grandeur.
Thr Wkeklt Dat-Book is the most COM
Its News Summary, Family Reading, Agri
cultural Articles, Reports, of Cattle, Grain,
and Cotton Markets, &o., &o-, are not sur
passed by any paper.
One copy one year, ......
Three copies one year, . . . ; :. q
$2 00
6 50
Five copies one year, ana one to tne
getter up of the olub, '. . " ." ' .
Ten copies one year, and one to tho
getter up of the club, '. 1
Additional copies, i . - . ....
Twenty copies .one year, and one to
the setter up. of the olub, . . .
10 00
IT 00
1 75
30 00
Specimen copies sent free. Bend for a
oopy. - Address, giving post .oinco, oounty,
No. 162 Nassau Street, New York.
IShcrifffs and Special .. Master
Commissioner s bale.
State of Ohio, Vinton County, t.
SamnelV.-DodReand w
Mary Ann Dodge, AdminMratmtor
and Administratrix of Estate of
In Vinton Co.
Court Com
mon Pleas
Order A De
James Dodge, deceased, ;
William Mathews 4 John C. P. Brown.
PURSUAM to the command of an order and
decree issued from the Court of Common Plena
of Vinton county, Ohio, snd to medirected asShenff
of said county, acting as .bpecial Master Commis
aioner heroin, I will otter -at public eale, at the door
ofthe Court House, in the Town of .McAttmir, in
Vinton couutv, Ohio, on ' - , . i
- A. D. 1867,
at one o'clock V. M. of aaid day, the following de
scribed premises, situate in the County of Vinton, '
andState of Ohio, to-wit:
One undivided third-part of the -"East half of the
South-west quarter of section Numlier Sixteen,
Township Numbar Eleven, Of. Range Number Seven
teen, containing Eighty-four and one-fourth (84)
acres, more or loss. .'..., . M
Appraised at four hundred dollars, (8400,00) and
must bring two-thirds of that sum.
Taken as the property of said William Malhews to
satisfy a judgment against him by aaid Court in favor
of Samuel V. Dodge and Mary Ann Dodge, Adminis
trator and Administratrix of the Estate of James
Terms of Sale Cash in, hand at the time of sale.
HheriH Vinton County, O.,
Acling as Special Muter Comniimonet In lliia we,
February 2t, 1IT-4w 12 1
For 1867.
and delusions which grow out of it. It il
opposed to the thieving jascality, the ty-
thorannical assumptions, the stupid and bar
threshold barous policies andthe lawless usurpations
Tns Seventh Volume and the Seventh
Tear of the publication of Tu Cams is
about to begin, aud, in accord ante with ens
tarn, we issue our Annual Prospeetntsi. ' We
need not recapitulate its history during the
stormy years of lis existence, nor remind
those who have read it, of its servicer ia be
half of the great principles of the Democra
cy, and w lat tisconduotors eonodved-, and
what time has shown, to be the best interests
of the country. Its merits bave beem ac
knowledged from the time it was started by
that veteran and distinguished journalist,
Gov. Mcdart. and ils present conductors
simply claim for it the credit of an earnest
and nndeviating adherence to the plan and
prineiples of Its founder. In all the politi
cal vicissitudes of the past aix years the
failure of some, tbespoetaoy of others, and
the unguarded weakness of many, exponents
of Democracy, Tuc Cams baa never demo
ted from the straight path of principle, nor
b.en allured by temporary expedients, in
timidated by threats, nor disheartened by
defeat and disaster.
On the score of prinoiple we efaira for it
the merit of fidelity, honesty, and eoasisu
ency. As a newspaper we claim for It the
merit of being an exponent of Vfestern in
terests and ideas, a reliable journal of the
times, a valuable companion of the farmer,
the mechanic, the business man. and the
family oirele. It is our aim to fill the large
sheet with matter ef real iaterest and per
manent value to disease questions of prin
ciple that are of real significance, to inform,
improve, and instruct, as well as amuse
and to this end we discard the idle twaddle
which goes to far to fill np the daily papers,
the obscene advertisements' and the sensa-
i : , i l - . L - J ur. , v i : nA
uuimi, ,iui.jr i a. " wiiiu puou.ua;
hundreds of letters from the best men of the
country approving of the ocurse of Tns
Crisis in this respeot, and to this course we
proposs to rigidly adhere. . The reliable
market reports and the great amount of
statistical, agricultural, finanoiat, and po
litical information we publish, is of im
portance and valne to business men, farai
ers, mechanics, and politicians ; while the
carefully selected page of literary miscella
ny which each number contains, commends
it to the home oirele of all.
The politioal views of Tub Crisis scarcely
require definition. It Ib in favor of Demo
cratic principles in all their breadth and
purity, as expounded by Thomas jErrsRsoir,
and- the other really great men and founders
of the Government, and upon which the
Government was successfully conducted for
Seventy years. It is opposed to the Aboil
tion despotism which now oontrols the Fed'
eral Government, in all its shapes and un
der whatever device it may appear.
it is
of Congress, and to all the machinery that
the Jacobins have devised and put in opera
tion to overthrow Republican Government,
inaugurate anarohy and absolutism, enslave
the people, and oppress them with odious
taxes, and tyrannical, insane, and oorrupt
legislation. And in advocating the correct
principles and opposing the evils we have
named, we shall continue to do it without
fear or favor.
In order to successfully conduct such a
paper as Tbb Cbisis, it must have a large
list of subscribers , and to secure that we
rely upon our friends and those who have
taken the paper. We cannot compete with
the cheap, shoddy publications of the East
by offering bogus premiums or employing
traveling agents; but we earnestly solioit
the aid of our readers in extending our cir
culation by their personal efforts.. It will
require but little exertion from each, but
the aggregate will enable us bj furnish them
with a paper fully equal in size, superior in
print to any Eastern publication, and of a
great deal more interest and importance to
Western Democrats. Friends, shall we oall
upon you in vain, for the small fivor we
ask, and in a cause of such magnitude and
value ? No is the time to send in sub
scriptions for the new volume, which, at the
end of the year, will be worth thrice the
amount of the subscription pi ice.,
Our terms are $3.00 per year, $1,50 for
six months, $1.00 for four months. . .
One extra Copy - will be sent to any one
getting up a club of six yearly subscribers;
and to anv one sending a club of ten for six
or four months an extra copy for the olub
time. . ,
For a club of ten yearly subscribers
copy of either of the five bound volumes
('61. '62, 63,.'64 or '05.) , .
For a olub of thirty yearly subscribers,
complete sett of the volumes of Tuc Cbisi
, . Publisher aid Proprietors
Columbus, 1867. ....
. , , , ; . '. MAN EIELlJ, OHIO.
Eubkka Cidsk Mills, . . :
Victor Can Mill,' .':
Star Cobs Shkllkb, '
: Horse Powiu Forks,
Warner's Sulky Revoving Rake,
Crawford's Garden Cultivator,
j '" . Amalgam Bell, '
And many other articles In the way of Implements,
Tools and. Machinery. - .
varietiea. Send for circulars.'
Jlarcn7,1867 lw
Andrew J. Beyer's Dstafe,
NOTICE ia hereby given that the undersigned was,
on the 2nd day of Maroh, A. D. 18o7. dulv ap
on the 2nd day of Maroh, A. D. 18o7, dul
pointed and qualified as Administrator on the Eatate
of Andrew J. never, lata of Vinton Couutv. Ohio, de
ceased. JOEL G. SWErLASD.
MarohT.lSSWw . .' . - . ,-.
JS hereby given thata petitillon has been filed
the Court of Common Pleas, within and fnr thn
County of Vinton, and State of Ohio, the object and
prayer ui which petition ia Hiontain an order or said
Court vaeatinir the followiutr Allev in (ho Wut
ofthe Village ofHcArthnr. to-wit:
i ne Alley lyinR immediately west of Lota Numbers
ins, in, tne, ana an; iso, the Alley lying
South of and adjoining to Lota Nnmhera 131, 132
t:ta, l;i, and l.U; also, Alleya running North and
South between In-Lota Numbers aog and Joe; and
liOta Numbers aio and 211, Which said petition aill
be ior ncanng ai ne March Term tlneT) of aaid Court.
' A rEilTlOKER.
, . . .-
FebrnaryT, 186T-8 '
" Of IH :
For 1867.
I'.xtraordinary Inetuccmtntt , to Our
- JjinUt
Premium Amounting J '
01,440 00!
To. b Distributed in April, 186T t
For list of Premium and rartreaian ar
Distribution, see the-Weekly Knoiurer
i and. Subscriptia Circulars ; : ,
WE", this vtar, offr pritea to thahv amount a
an incentive to those of our patron who will
Mert themeeWea to form clubs ir onr papercouia
he t oken ta aoiisenoia oi bii our inim:r.ii
friends, South and West, ita influence wenld be iw
tentlr changing the political aspect ot aftiura. The
iK-eat " nt lor w hie half friends of the Union should,
Mor Jr ia the Pissemination of Democratic truth,
tt it had had an equal hearing with- the wror oi our
ofwx-nra. we shouM never have had th riU
criaiao tlwlaft five years. TmiKht by aad eaparl.
encc oflta D:MKity, we trust the Democratw- presa
Uin future to-have a largeraphere of iBfluenee aaa
circulation. ..!.
What evils have fallen irpon the ran J, owing; to- tne
erroneous political eduation of the masseur If we
would restore the old order of thinflw one "ore. si
fec National Unity and 4he old-6abioiid IVMCd
Presperity , we must place the Democracy egom in
powtlcT Aa atixilury to this end, and aa the most ef
fective agent in the work, we repeat, is the circula
tion of the Democratic presa.
The Enauh-er tine sotoeclmois npoa the Considera
tion of the Democracy thnt are universally aoknowt
edued. ffhrough proscriition and peraecutiow un
exampled, with military eUicte cutUn oil oui-.ir-culatlon
in whole Statca and distneta, thwatened
withtotil suppression, personal impnoBnnnuu
mob violence if wo did not change our course, ire
stood by the Democratic flag and gave expression to
. ,u .n-
- . --3 ZZm I ii ;?t necuniarv dia-
i. Twice burned to the grouna wunin t.nir-
asters consequent upon It, we have never lost aa
issue of our paper, or broken a promise to anyo
our subscri bors. In the ftitnre.aa ia the past, undar
the sua of prosperity at well aa thaolouda of adver
sity, wa shall bear aloft the Democratic Banner, ana
be faithful to its organisation. Will not the. Demoe
racy of the Northwest stand by them who were tru
m the darkest hours to their politicaV and personal
mtereats, and will they nbt , exert tbemaeZvss to uk-
ereaae onr oJroulationf , ; i
Aa a business and fumilyjonrnar, the Enqnirornae
no superior. Baeh nurnhercontains a largo amount
ot general news, latest, and moat reliable Intelli
gence and reading matter. Finaaotat and Commer
cial News is made a special feature of ;the Enquire.
An unusually large space nernp devoted to fti.l an
reliable reports ol the ruling prices of this and otuet
markets. ' , . ... .
The Weekly Enquirer will be mailed to. iBbnert
bera at the following reduced rates;, .
Singlecopy, one year, I JJJ
" six months, ' !.
Ten copies, one year, .v0?0
With an additional oopy to the getter op of theeltih.
Money to be sent at our awk hy express, prepaid,
or in registered letters by mail. For auma over ten
dollars by mail, drafts or post offlca -money orders
"- Cincinnati, Ohx.
Ppecimen eopies and aubserlption circulars ooa
tainingllstof prise and all neoeaaary informaliea,
ent on application. : a- .
easily, without doctor
or medicines. Sent;
post paid, on receipt of
10 cents.
1130 Broadway, N.Y..
for the RUPTURED.
Seat post paid on re
ceipt of 10 cents.
1130 Broadway, N. T.
": In sealed Envelope on ;
reolpt of 10 tents.
Address Dr. E. B.
FOOTE, . Author of
, Mediosl Common
' Sense.'" '
yebroary.SS, 186T. L . .
A Betatiful Premiaei Engraving, snd Rt-
. : ; ,f ; dueed Prioes to Clubs ., ,
THE LADY'S FRIEND annonneet lor 1867 the
following noveletes: A New Story by Mrs. Menry
Wood, author ot 'East Lynne.' The Channings,'
;How Woman had her Way,' by Ehiabelh Prea-
coti, autnor oi i out oy mo ou -" "b.
Young,' by Amanda M. Douglaa, author of 'In
Truat,' eto. 'Dora Castel,' by Frank Lee Benedict.
It will giv a splendid double page finaly colored
Fashion 'Plate engraved an steel in evesy number.
It will give a beautifully executed, fanoy steel en
graving, and a large assortment of wood cuts, Illust
rating fashions, fancy work, etc., ih every number.
It will give popular piece of Muaio, worth the ooal
ofthe magazine itself; in every number. It will give
a oopy of the Beautiful Premium Steel E t, graving
'One of Life's Happy Hours' 26 by 30 inches, to ev
ry single J2.60 subscriber, and to every persona
HofTore aa premiums Wheeler 4 Wilson's Sewing
Machines, Silver Plated Tea Set. Snoons, nteheri.
Gold and Silver Watches, Guns, Rifles, Melodious,
Clothes Wringers, Appieton'e Cyclopedias, c.
,1 oopy, (and theengraving.j
XJSttBlo. ,s.-. ' ;
. I
SOS --
S copies, (and one gratisi i,i
8 copies, (and one gratis) 12 OO
UO Mniu rwl nna nml.t - V ZS UU '
One copy each of the Lady's Friend and the 8atur
day Evening Poat for S4 00. . . : . .
The getter up of aclub will always receive a copy ot
the Premium Engraving. Memberaofaclub wish'
ing the Engraving must remit one dollar extra.
Teose desirous of getting up clubs or premium
lists should enclose 16 cents for sample ttafaaine,
containing the particlirars. Address . , .,
319 WlnutStreet, PhiUdelphift,P.
' 1 wot TBI I ' " :
- - ... . " ' For mi. ; : '' !' ' '
AS in the past, throngh -ennahiae and storm-, trie
Ohio Statesman wili continue inflexibly Dm-
craiio unalterably devoted to an advocacy of the
maintenance of the Constitution, in spirit and in let
ter, and to the preservation of the Union. AsiiU
fro.n this, The Statesman will bestow particular at
tentioato : ,,;
News, Legislative and Congremond
Ktportt, tAoice, Jiuiruciiva ana
. rieoaing Literature ' ' '
And will aire Ctithful market reports from the lead
ing iJommercial Centers of the-country. ' !'-. '
UU IDS inn Ol uwamm, nopMT m,ainn(i
will be ao enlarged aa to give two and a half addi
tional eolumne o f leadina; metter weekly. .The Mr
lowtngarethe , . ,
Daily Statesman, per yeai, 1 1 Ot
" six months, . r . '
rl-Weekly Statesman, per year, 4 r
. ' nix month?, , US 14
One copy, six months, for f 1 6T
One copy, one year, tor V; !..!., SO
Fivecopies, one year, for ., . I lie
Ten oopiee, one year, tof - " y jo
Tweuty copies, one year, for t j , ,. - Sloe
Fifty copies, one year, for J 00
- Columbus, Ohio, t

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