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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 14, 1867, Image 4

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Democratic Enquirer
Standard of Weights.
Whenever tha following articles are Bold
and no special agreement' as to the measure
it made - by the . eon I reeling- panics,
bushol shall consist of the following weights
Corp,; .Jin ear,) , ,
Oats,' ' .. ,
rioter Seed,'"'" " '
Timothy Seed,
Hemp Seed,
Millet Seed, -. ,
ltuck:wheat,! ' 1
Beans,. ; -.. -' . : ; ' .
Pew; i '
Hominy, . . '
Irish Potatoes,,
Sweet Potato ,'. ,
Dried Peaches, ;
Pried Peaches, ' . ,
FlaxSeed, ,
Hungarian Grass Seed,
00 pounds
60 pounds
fiii pounds
1 70 pdundf
33 pounds
62 pounds
45 pounds
44 pounds
50 pounds
. , 60 pounds
60 bounds
6U pounds
CO pounds
CO pounds
. 33 pounus
' 25 pounds
56 pounds
. 48 pounds
34 pounds
CO pounds
Early Radishes.
' A writer states that radishes may he
rown In a very few day by the following
maLhod: . ... i "., .. ..
: T .mnm Mod rallsh seed soak in water
for ziliours, then put them in a hag and
.,nBi.a It to the sun. ' In the course of the
Am9 .rmtntinn will eommenoe. Tho teeteial
Tn,.t then be sown in a well manured hot
"" i , , ,
nrarl tin...
bed, and watered from time W. time with
.lukewarm water. By this treatment they
will in 'ery hor limfii c1u5r a su"16111
bulk, and be good to eat. If it be required
-to get good radishes in win tor during the
Mvere cold, an old cask should be sawed in
1 tw0,'ai.d one-half of it filled with good earth.
Theiadish eeed beginning to shoot as before,
('must be sown in it, and the other half of the
barrel put on the top of the full one, , and
then nhwed in the cellar. For watering,
. luewarm water should be used as beforei In
a, n..rnn of a few days the radishes will
.be fit to eat.,.., .,
The Butter Maker's Golden
'i'hd sreat secret in butter making, seems
couBieta jn attending to the following points
1st. Eecuring rich, clean, healthy mini-
.. mi
:n, n.,n.J'nr!VM tiaatures. free of
fi " .1
2d. Betting 4he milk m a moist, untainted
atmosphere, and keeping it fit an even tem
perature while the cream is using,
3d. Proper management in churning!
4th. Washing out : the . buttermilk thor
. onghly, and working so as not to injure the
irraln. - - - '
5th. Thorough!and even 'incorporation of
the salt, and packing in oaten iuds, ugnt,
clean and well madey j ; ,
Cleanliness in all the .operations is of imr
perative necessity. : (; 1 :Av. y,;.
Judgment and experience in iiranipulating
the cream and -working. the butter must of
course be had.
Rules. Under draining Land.
Experiments in underdrainingTand were
made in ScbtTand; last "jear' for the purpose
of determining the effects on the temperature
of the soil, compared with that in the same
vicinity j hicii was not drainei The re
sult was that the draining "jraised the tem-
peatnre 1.5 degrees, equal to a rcmvoal of
the land from one hundred to one hundred
and fifty milea south.. $klfl is an Important
. . : :. . . i .1 a. : : i . . .
consideration connecteii wun compact ueavy
e'oilsy whose retenGveness-cf; water renders
them cold and comparatively inert with re
, ipect.to tegbtaiion,"" Pralning land involves
; considerable expense, " 'but it's increased
productiveness soon repays this, besides
j' assuring increased profits, for the future.;.'
Keeping Pigs Clean.
'.' Farmers who want t. keep their ' pigs in
. .... . ... , , .
the best possible growing condition, snouia
waah Ihpm nnna a ' week with buttermilk.
T. :n t.:ii .it t.Ayn !f Ifiav abnnl 1
&b 11JI1 ait. U ICUlia VM it n.vj v ... v.
—Rural American.
A Vjirginia negro' boy,- who professed to be
dreadfully alarmed at the cholera,' topk to
the woods to avoid it, and was found asleep,
Being aektd why he went to the woods he
said; ' ' '
',. '"To pray.".:f' .';,,.;."' ''.''
'"Bat," said the overseer, "how is iCthat
yoiv weni to sleep?'!-. , '. , . , ''.'I ;
'Don't kno, massa, 'sackly," responded
the negro, 'fljut 'speo 1 muit hays overpray
ed myself."
Beveraf methods' of reducing' the currency
have been proposed, but no one has thought
of pulling -it; jin the ' iiewspaper ; business
conducted on the oredit system.
. To remove stains from the
The Uormon girls are
Gentile to a Mormon,
said to prefer a
When Sohnyler Cplfax was going rip rem
Troy to Burlingome ior lecture a' few weeks
singe, a gentleman entered the . and took a
seat behind him. Disposed io ' be Sociable,
tbe'strangersaid: ,
"Going to the lecture?!' " ''n '
' Mr.
. Colfax, saii he . would 'probably' be
'Bo am I. Did poo ever hear Colfax?" '
"0 yes, very often was Mr. Colfax's re-
' "Well, what kind or a man lihef Js he a
good speaker? Does h dhow i'nyUiin.: '
) '".'Well, really, I don' know as my opionion
is worth mngb, en that. 'ily. noms is Col
Strange man subsided.
FOR 1867.
punKenoiw, ide-npiUiHg gossip, , u.qiiante lem
a-m. itiii and 'atnrlinit onrnsl of the whole
....M-a ,.l.,..uf litaniliira onena its 20th volume 111
., . ..!! .. .1... .tMunar.ifia an.l Ut.i ..tOrrU lted
uie .. .. . r.:iZl .h. lwui ithe.
American weekly proas for newly a third of ace-W
ry., Always iamuua iu , , ,
. . . i . ROMANCE; . . . -, i, ...
... . ' l. x: v.. ..... Amv aa a. reiiosi-
. .u..... mi..nTMAj(fmn. the lead-
1017 w ,,r:,:...r ...i v,nnn.
inn novolials or una cuuuiry, iuikihui.,--"" ' " 7, '
hut also h a mirnor of ihe elastic ucomis 01 u s um
.. 11 w. .AiiiA.irfMl. and adapted
10 tl.e iiioMtfwilidioiia acquirements of modert 1 wste
brilliant eril novoltie., naunequt rmjr of Home
Md Uocietyblaries, bkotclies, to.jd Powins.bj'our
b autho und thoros(. while a
it, w...rd to' furnish racy, readable, and
frartcacri"cin .
SOCIAL FUIiUlsa, . " 1 ' ' -
1 i -'MEW PLAYS, '
,.i ir... , not a 11T.T& TtnnKS.
i-A.'-t-uio '1. v ' POPULAK ABTISTS,
..j.H .V....W. ci.l vniM in which the
ifhoUi couiitij wuy Ui iu.iH)sed to tako sjiecial inter
''in addition'; ttownW. to securlpR Volume XXIX
n.. ..1 u. .ina.Ar.. tk lide.ltnoH'ncontein-
iomiicouoniii8, the propnetomof 1 lie Iiew nrK
mercury ucmu umu.j 0 jjvw.
Yeur to
1 , t l,i-PKTrP NBW TALENT
from the modest mn of those possessors ol mark-
. 1 .....1 i,;!;; kn v,ana liitliMifcn Snll da
teircd from scekiMa print through lear of editorial
rebuff or neglect. ' : ' ,m
-..! 'COLUMNS, ' - v
and the proprietors promise to be generous ae well
as iuxt in daoidiiiK what manuscripts uro wortliy of
"Full manr a ppm of purest ray sorerie,
"i Tho dark, unfiithom'd oav of ocanbearj
and full many posseason of real genius may be thus
la riruuniit w me upiireuuuiui. sua w-
'- I n UHper HIU HnU D mrUO Bimmnmiv - -
i.i :n TT-I. :U nvtiatiji anil Bfl
mine correspomlence, canvus ana ii
infwra..diltr news,
n . . n
all the literary talk: of the season, taluable fashion-
arncloss lairy ana otner auos ior ins inno
.la,.u..ir,nu nf Mia mnut vantnrtf ilIiIh hahff . DOOkS. and
FLEU4Sy. .ILLUSTRATION ':,',,' . .
. -.. t k ... .o'ljl, inih nf ' them
A1IIIIIIUGI V, MI'UD Wllbjiudi r-vi..-.., . -
iun .r,,NiBiiu f..r;hA Nnw Vnrk Mercury, bv
such ceutributora as Miss M. E. Brandon, 1'ierce
F,un, William Gilmore Simms, Cousin Mar Carlo
to.i. Alexandre Immas. Fairtirtt Balfonr, and others
of thut janlr, will be given in rupid suocesaiou.
, i Q IIIKII DUl'flUn UVI 9, VUl MJIIlta n'o. ,-
Cash in advaneo: binKlecopies,;8J 50 a year, three
nmiioa. S7i siicooias. 13: tiinecopiea, (20. Ihe
party who sends uh $2U lor a. club of nine ocpies will
recaivo an additionaL copy, free. 8U montba' sub.
Un.;Un,.h..lll hAnar-arlil tn wri tfl itlAinlv the
naino oi meir jwsiomce, cou.uv, mm oi,w. r
oonios free all Address, '
Proprietors of
; i Ko. Ann Struot and 113 Fulton Street, i;
ii.i. Hew York City.
March 7, 1807 4t - '
THE WHITE MAN'S PAPER. Clubs for 1867!--Clubs for 1867!
Tn Nkw York Dat-B6ok enters npon the
ihre8hold of'1867' with larger circulation
than that of any Democratic paper published in
thb toorla, ana mac circuituiou its biuhuhj m
AraniinA an rl PTfertftint? in everr direction
It has never been the ergan of mere " party
Demooracy," ' but' rather the 'exponent 'of
ieen the ergan of mere party
but' rather ' the exponent of
those liberal principles or numan uoveru
ment ' which ' our forefathers wrung, with
bloody sweat, from the tyranls of 1 776. r
Standing on the foundation of the Declara
tion of fndopendonce, that " all white) men
are created equal," and therefore entitled to
equal rights, H is opposed to. all forms and
rlnr.T.aaa nf DTIorllll lerrislltUbli ' that 'conflict
with this graad tselitral tBWri'bf De'thocra
ey, and trver alr,nd above all, does' it eom
bftt' that -monatroue-renafn to Amerioan
liberty, which, thrusting the negrd element
into- our political system, musi oj mscmuy
wreck the whole micbty fabric lelt us by our
fathers. God has created white men superi
or, and" negrtes inferior, and therefore all the
efforts of the past five years to abolith His
work, and equalize with negroes etery law
violated, every State Constitution ' over-
tV.nvnn ..... 11 fa an frififfnrl . an. nvArV dnl-
lar exaended, are necessarily : just so many
. i ,r i ...u: ., .j ... .
Steps .towaru uaiiouui au.uiuo , iuu uio o'-
ple and awful problem now upon us is just
this shall we recover our Teason and re
trace onr'steps) Or march on ,to Mongrelisra.
sooial anarchy,' and, the total ruin of our
country ? ''; '''' ' :' '-, i;'
Tns Day-Book, therefore, demands the
restoration of the " Union' as it' was "a
Vnion of unequal .States upon the vhite basis,
'.ItA r.r,lr'1if.Ta ftntt I rifl ' nn 1 if Tno1S a Ttrtaai.
bio under haTerl for faring the grand ideas
01 li io, tijie iunaameiiiai prinuii'ico ui nmer
itsriM 1IiAt.w airtrt ,f ihti Tfldl (VlAnrla rtf frPft-
dom, and the earhest believers in that sacred
and glorious cause in which tne-men oi tne
Revolution offered up their lives; win now
or to exbose ihe ignorance, delusion and
treason of the Monerel party, t will succeed,
irf wh()j wnite RepuDiio of Washington
lha raolnmrl ttirftin in all ita nriirinal benefi-
annnA and crandeur. - ' ' '
r D
Tub Wvvui v DiT.Ttnnir (a lha mnat f!f)Af
Its News Summary, Family Reading, Agri
...11 i . . : . i .. iaa. 9 p.i,iA n..iM
cultural Arviuios, xvoioito, vi v-iu, v,.oau,
and Cotton Markets, &ou &o., are not sur
passed by any psper.
One copyn'f year( " T.i i .
Three copies one year, . . . . :
Five copies one year, and one to the
ivarloi. lin nf f.hfl ftllllv L .
$2 00
5 50
io oo
17 00
Ten copies one year, and one to the
getter up or tne ciud, . ....
At.lit.innal rtnniea." ' ' . ' . . .
1 75
Twenty-oopies one year, aud one to ;
tne getter up ui tue uiuu,
30 00
A Specimen copies. sent fre'e... Send for
copy. AddreBS, giYing post office, county,
and state in . ;' : .; ! : "
No. 162 Nassau street, New York.
Sheriff 's arid Special, ; Master
4 AYr, wi?iic.TTiirii ftnlo
State of Ohio, Vinton County, it.
Samuel V. Dodijeand ,,..,..,..
Mary Arm iwage, Amnin.!i.r.riiiu iw i uwu
nnd Administratrix of Estate of 1 Court Com
Jamea Dodge, deceased, . im Pleas.
, ngains. urunr a xtn
William 'Mathews 4 John C. P. Brown, j eree.
IlUKriUAJiT'to. (he command of .anr .oraer ana
decree issued fronl the Court of Common Fleas
of Vinton county, unm, ana io meaireciea asnneriu
of i-aid county, acting as Bpeoial Mnster Commis
sioner nereiu, x biuuw. j,,ioiv,
ofth CourtHouse, in the Town of McArtnar, in
MONDAY, XJJs zoiii iAX UJf MAtttja,
a n 1RRT
at one o'clock P." M. of laid day, the following de
scribed premises, situate in the County of Vinton,
and State of Ohio, to-wHf '
: Ooeundiviaea iniru-pars oi me trjmt ua
3oulh.wcst quarter of tection Number Sixteen,
. . i I.. T D v..m k. Uavah.
lownaiiip rn.ii.wir ni.u. juwv.iuhiw".
teen. coutaininir Eiulity-four and one-fourth (84)
.acres, more orless. .. v , . . .
Appraised at lour nunarea uouars, jvv,uu; auu
must bring two-thirds of that aura. '
niKen as p.uijorij i .u n .infi, jiu,n
satisly a judgment against him by aaid Court in favor
Ol Samuel V. auujfo aim nuj n.. ju(ci ..i,i-
tratorand Administratrix of thai telam of, James
Dodge, deceased,. - , ..' , '
Terms of Salo Cash in hand at the time of sale. ,
'' Sheritl Vinton County, O., .-.
Artinx as Spacisl Master Coinmiltl9&fI in this east.
February 21, 18(i;-0w-U .
For 1867.
Tui Seventh ' Volume and the Seventh
Year of the publication of Tui Crisis it
about to begin, and, in aeoordnnce with cus
tom, we issue our Annual Prospectus. We
nccdjoot recapitulate its history during the
Stormy years ot in cxiaieuuu, uui- nm.uu
... Iiitb rpfld !L of its services in b-
bliuoo " ' - -
half of the great principles of the Demoora-
oy, and wont l'S conuuotors couoeireu, auu
what time has shown, to be the best interests
of the country. Its merits have been ac
knowledged from the time n was starieu oy
that veteran and distinguished journalist,
Gov. Medart. and its prosent bonduptors
simply claim for it the oredit of an earnest
and undeviating adherence to the plan and
principles of its founder. In all the politi
cal ioissitudes of the past six years the
failure of some, the apoetacy of others, and
the unguarded weakness of many, exponents
f nnm,.miiv Tim Crisis has never denia-
u. miuvM"",'J
ted from the straight path of pnnoiple, nor
bten allurea ny temporary expemeiua, in
timidated bv threats, nor disheartened by
defeat and disaster, -
,On the score or pnnoiple we olaim for it
li tnovii nf flrlalitv. honesty, and consist-
I.IU l"" ' " V I .ii
enoy. AS a newspaper we ciaim ior it toe
merit ot being an exponent oi western in
u...io on,) i.ipnn. a veliahla iournaL of the
I.W L l0 " . 1
ima a valuable companion of the farmer.
the mechanio, the business man, anil the
family circle. It is our aim to nil the large
DUCU II . " ' .
manent value to discuss questions of prin
ciple that are of real significance, to inform,
mith mutter fit real interest, anu Tier-
improve, and Instruct, a-, wen as amuse-
and to this end we discard the idle twaddle
hit, r.a an far in fill un the dailv papers.
iha nkacann advertisements and the sensa.
.. . 1 . : - . ,. HJ ,L. ..a..-
tlnnal follv'of the dav. We could cnblish
hundreds of letters from the tesLrnea of the
nnnnli-v annrnTmir of the course
of Tub
Crisis in this respect, and to this course we
Ttrnnnu tn rltridlv adhere. The reliable
market reports and the Croat amount of
statistical, agricultural, financial, and po
litical information we publish, is of im
nnrin.nea nml value to busineas men. farm.
ere, mechanics, and politicians; while the
nv Which each number, contains, commends
carefully selected page oi literary misceiiu
it to the home cirele of all..
The politioal views of Tub Crisis ecaroely
require definition. It is in favor or Demo-
l.. .... .,i .L.t i i.i j
cratie principles in an muir oresum ma
purity, as expounded by Thomas Jmwi,
and the other really great men and founders
of the Uovernment, ana upon wnicn me
vi wu,sluu.vu
Government was successfully condaoted for
seventy years. It is opposed to the Aboli-
(ir. rl.onniiam which now nontrols the Fed-
era! Government, in all its shapes and no,
der whatever device it may appear. It is
nnMuil In lha anfirn Ahnlition theory of
politics, and all the monstrosities, humbugs,
and delusions which grow out of it. It ii
opposed to the thieving .rascality, the ty
rannical assumptions,, the Btupid and bar-
Kornna nnllnina and the lawless usurpations
ot Congress, and to all the machinery that
the Jacobins have devised and put in opera
iin in nvarfhrnw Rnnnhliaan Government
Ik.VM .V w.v. .... V.I . ,
inaugurale Bnarohy and absolutism, enslave
U)fe , and oppress them with odious
f n na a n f
l.aq, ouu ' J , i
- Anil in arlvocatiuir the correct
tyrannioai, insane, nun uu..i.).
principles 'and opposing the evils we have-
named, we Snail continue tu.uu ii. nuu.u.
fear or favor. ; v ...
In order to successfully conduct such a
paper as Thb Crisis, U- must have a large
list efeubBCTibersy and,, to accuro that we
rely upon 'our friends and those who hava
takettJhS..paMri.We cannot.- compete with
the cheap, shoddy publications of the East
by offering bogus premiums or . employing
traveling agents ;. but we earnestly solioit
the aid of our readers in extending our cir
culation by their personal efforts. It will
require but little exertion from each, but
the aggregate will enable us to furnish them
With a paper fully equal in size, superior in
n.i.i in anv HautArn nuhlinatinn. and of a
.,U. W "J J- 1 '
great deal more interest and Importance to
western Democrats, xtiduus, (u.. ...
upon you in vain, for the small fsvorwe
ask, and in a cause oi such magnitudo and
value? .Now is the time to send in sub-
n.lnllnna fn ll.A n TolumO. Which, at the
end ; of the year, will be worth, thrioe the
amount of the subscription puce.
Our termB are $3.00 per year, $1,50 ror
ir months. $1.00 for four months.
One extra copy will be sent to any one
getting up a olub of six yearly subscribers ;
and to any one sending a club of ten for six
or fo ur months an extra copy for the club
time. ... ..' ..
.. Vn,a nl.ih tit tan vearlv subscribers a
copy of either of the five bound volumes
('61, '62, '63, '64 or '65.) .
For a club of thirty yearly subscribers, a
com nl6te sett of the volumes of Till Cbisi
for six
Publisher and Proprietors.
Columbus, 1867. ..:.
Eubeka Cider Mills,
Victob Oanb Mill.
Stab Cobn Shelleh,
" , . ,
Warner's Sulky Revoving Rake,
Crawford's Garde;n. Cultivator,
' ';. 'Amalgam Bells,
,';,7. MACHINES,
And many other articles in the way of Implements,
ti. ..Vv.phinrv i . i
WW . ' . ;
varieties, oenu ior oircuia..
Andrew J. Beyer's Estate.
NOTICE hi hereby given that tne unaersignea was,
on the 2nd day of March, A. D. 1S7, duly ap
pointed and qualified as Administrator on the Estate
of Andrew J. Beyer, lata of Vinton i County, Ohio, de
ceased. ' . JOEL G. SwEIXAWJ.
Mareh7,18(i7-aw . , , , . , . i.
8 hereby given that a petititlon has been filed Io
,i..p.,,rfAirj,nimon Plana, within und for the
Couniy of Vinton, and State ot Ohio, the object and
prayer oi which pouwuu .n wu.,w..i n.. v u. ,.u
Court vacating the following Alleys in the West part
r .l- Yr;..n.A nf M.i rlht.r. tn.urir. '
rthe Village oi mcAnnur, w-wu: i
The Alley lying immediately west of Lots Numbers
w. 171. 198. and -2fi7; also, the Alley lying
iiw 171. 198. and '2fi7; also, the Alley lying
,,n, nfnnd adioimnir to Lots Xumbers'131, 132.
n:i 1.14. and 135; also, 'Alleys running North and
South between In-Lots Numbers 08 and 209; and
LOIS iHiinitwrH vim w iiivm pt-"uii
. - i :t h HfnrnH Tarm !Rfi7i nf un M Cnnrt.
rbiuatj T, 166T-5W
erauc -uuaiteraoiy uo.u.eu iu a., ai.uw,;. u .y.
maintenance of the Cons itution, in spirit and m let
PUKE i.f. ...nto tha. Dreservation of the Unkin. Asidi
I , J or 1867.
Extraordinary Inductmenit ; To Out
.. , rrmiumt Amounting to' . ,
$1,445 001
To U Diilributid t April, 1867
FnT.Ut of Fremiums and -Particulars of
Distribution, see tbe Weekly JSnquirer
and Subscription Circulars ;
WE, this Tuts oftbr prises to the above aiinonnt as
... tn ilmao nfour natrons who will
exert themselves to form clubs If our papor could
he taken in the. noucenoia oi an our w
triends. South and West, Its influence weuld be po-
A-. l .h. nr,lit,r,ul nmiPft fli AtllUrS ThS
erent point tor.which all triends of the Union should
labor lor is the Dissemination of Democratic truth.
If it had had an equal Hearing wun mo or.. . ,
.nn.nt. na Mhould never imve had the ternbls
crisis of the last five years. Tsusht by sad expert .
encc outs necess.iy, wo r
in future to have a larger sphere of influence aa&
circulation. ' . .' , .
What evils naveranen upon ino mini, uwr
erroneous political edualion of the masses! If we
would restore the old order of things once more, ef
fect National Unity and theold-f wliioned Peace and
Presperity , we must place the Democracy again In
power. As auxilury to this end, ami as ine niosi e.
fectivo agent in the work, we repeat, is the circula
tion OI ine jjoiihk:im,iw -
The tnquirer n u.i.ocmiu -.
tion of tbe Democracy that are universally aokuowl
rri.vr.mrh rtrnscrintion and uersecution un-
OUi. Aiii...... 1 - - ,
sT.' thre.tn.d
wjti,ioUl suppression, personal imprisonment and
nu,h vinlnca if wo did not chanw. our course, we
exnmplcd, with military ecncis ciuiing u.i u...
. i.nnii 1, V MiA Dl
mou VHI.OIICO I. w ..""r.- ; '
stood bv tlie Democratic Mag and gave expression to
. a rr v...n. tn liio rrrvinnil within tnir-
teen months, and amid the greatest pecuniary die
,.n,,.,.,,,l..iiMn it. wo hare never lost aa
issue of our paper, or brouen -a promise to any
:t- .... t .
our subscribers. In the future, as in the past, under
the sun of prosperity a? well as the olouds of adver
sity, we-shall bear aloft the Democratic banner, and
i.. .!thi in iTu nrorfnliation. Will not the Pemoe-
mnv nf the Northwest stand by them who were true
in tne darkest hours to their political and personal
inierests, and will they not exert themselves to in
crease oui ui.uu.a.i, 'in .
As a business and family Journal, the Enquirer has
no superior. .Each number oontiuos a larije amount
nf n.ua. li.tAst. (.nil most rouauie luie.u
gence and reading matter tmanem land Com per.
An unusuailv lnrire space beiiif devo'ted to full and
reliable reports of the ruling prices ot this anu oiuer
markets. . .,' , .
I fri.A waAi.iw Fn,nirar will l.a mailed to siihscn.
leSopy, ' on:ear,!UCe1 ''
" six months, : ,-. u
leucu..,, , . i.-;.
with anadd t onalcopy to the getter up of theclub.
n"ey t " Ub8 8eut etournisk by express, prepaid.
or in registered letters by mail. For sums oyer ten
dollars by mail, drafts or post offica money orders
should be procured.dres, '
Cincinnati, Ohio.
a r.;a .nil i.rtanri ntinn 'i.irmllura unn.
Mining list of prizes and ull necessary lutomiauou,
twnt on application.
easily,' without dnotor
or' medicines. Sent,
post paid, on receipt of
10 cents.
.1130 Broadway, N. V.
for the RUPTURED,
'. Seat post paid on re- .
eoipt of 10 cents.
1130 Broadway, N.Y.
' 1 in sealed Envelope tn
reoipt Of 10 cents.
Address Dr. E. B.
FOOTE, Author of
Medical Common
1130 Broadway, N.Y.
Fobruary S8, UB67. . . i . ' .
A Beautiful Premium Ehgravlngf and Re
dueed Prices to Clubs
mr, m t . rv,a DDirVn AnnnainnnB Inv 1 SAT lha
X following noveletes: A New Slory by Mrs. Kenry
Wood, author ot 'East Lynne.' 'The Channiiius,'
Ullow a Woman had her Way,' . by Elmabelh I'res-
cou, niitnor oi iom uv iuw nun. . uvuiivt
Young,' by Amanda M. Douglas, author of 'In
AlUOt, c,. .'Ull. "J ...... - - -
It will siva a splendid double paj?e finely colored
Fashion Plate engraved an steel ill evesy number.
..... . I ...,ir..llH Arttila.l fannv alaul nn
gravinij, and a large assortment of w,ood cuts, illust
rating feshionsjiincy work, eto.. In every number,
Il will give a popular pioce of Music, worth the cost
-.u. ?. ,,..nllr ; ava nmliar If will ,,iva
Ol l.io l.ntniuiic ivbcu, iu vivij ..... . w
a copy of the Beautiful Premium bteel Engraving
'One of Life's Happy Hours! ii8 by 30 inches, to ev-
ry single a,ou auuscnuer, aau m . , jicrsou
emu. . . .
It offers as premiums wheeler WHSon'a sewing
un. l..n.IOAn U... Unru.na Pit.tV.Ara
Gold and Silver Watches, Uiins.Riflos, 'Melodious,
UUIU NIU uilTCI n ntvnuD, wui.",j ...... v,... a -
Clothes Wringers, App.eton's Cyclopedias, 4o.
1 copy, (and the engraving,) 111
i copies, " w
5 copies, (nnd one gratis) 8 no
a nnninu nnn nnn prutlMl ' - 12 IX)
1111...:... A..A ..A.ieV'
Onocopy each of the Lady 's Friend jmd tha Satur
r..' i...... t e.f ml
iu uuuiea Huu uiid kiuiioi . ....
The getter up of aelubvrill always receive acopy of
.1... .....(. -nn..nDin UunL.nnri.luh wilih.,.
ing the Engraving must remit, oue dollar, estra.
HA.Teosa desirous of getting up clubs or premium
li8lB 8h0U(i euolose 15 cents (or sample Magaaiue,
COllUUUIUU U1W uuruc.ua.D. nuMir..
319 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. .
. oi Tna
- - - For 1867. - -
A S in the past, throngn snnshine and storm, The
J i. UIV " "
ra unio outveauKu. w ui wuhku.
Inffaxihlv Ilamn.
an advocac) of the
l.r. UlU W IU.' tJ' .,, v . V. . . i . . . , u o
. tulk. nMun.linn nf Ik. lTninn. 1 u ..1.
fro.n this, The Statesman will bestow particular at.
tentionto : ti-.-v 1 c ' ' i
Newt, Legislative and ", Congremonal
Reports, : Choice, Jnslructivs and
.. Pleating Literature, - "
And will give faithlbi market reports from tha lead
ing Commercial Centers of the country. . .
On tit lth or Decern Der, ine weekly Btatuman
Will Oo BO eum.gcu an vu inu .uu null nutll
tional eolumus o f leading matter weekly. ;Tbe fol
1 aw in I? are tha
Dally Statesman, per yeai, ' ' ' .
a. .4 ., v tnnnl ha. 1 " , '
S ,00
' 0
in 00
17 60
Trl-Weekly Statesman, per year, ' ' ; ',
n. iiii'ii.iinu
wpuffTV cj'i' .Ti,a.rS w
, .,: n taaut vxaAiiBMaa,
Qne copy, six months, for
ona nnnv. one vear. for .
ona nnnv. one vear. for
tr,. -nn,. nnn venr. for
Tn an ...ah. nna voar. lor
Twenty copies, one year, for
jamr rQPifl3i onn ypnr iwr,
" ' 4 a Vc T '
r Too
Columbus, Ohio.
N and after January , 1967, I'raiua will run as
Denart Cincinnati 7:30 F
, i 16 a n.
u 1 nvnlaml . H SI
S tui "
'' S 05 " '
?2i A M.
01 '
8 " '
10 " .
' Chillieothe 12 OH T.
' , Hamden
1 47 "
, , Zalesui ,
' Athens t
Arrive Marietta ,
Depart Belpre
. .... -Kaleskl' .,
if lTitnidan
2 'ii
3 ta
t lu 'I
1100 1
I.i PHJUT ti.i'M'o 11LW.
ess a.m. tiftr.il.
9os wi"" "'
,0,0.. , no
it Yivalfli.d
lit 28r.it.- ; ,
il MJ II
Arrive Cincinnati
rrive uincinnnii o uw - - -
nnn.tions made at Hamden with Irainsonthe
PorNmouth Hranch. ' .'. ,,,
Close connactlons tnnde at Olneinnstl with al
Western Troins; and at I'arkersburg with the Baiu
and Ohio Kail "
more ; .
"'' Master of Transportation. '
Chillieothe, O., Jan. U, 1807. - !.:
J. W. Bradley's Celebrated Patent
Duplex Elliptic
(or dodbii sraiMo) ''
Jl coiiroBT and riaAsvaa t nLdT wanna .
implex KlliptioHKirtwiii oe ex)c..ouu.
inCall crowded AssPmblies, Operas, Carriages, liai
nnd House Drees, us the Skirt can to folded Iien
in use to occupy n snwll place- m -ewily ana con-
quality in crinoiiue, not found In any BIngle Hpring
A Lndy Having riijyru in" ;;r - -c.
crent convenience of wearing the Duplex Rlm-Uo hteel
Spring Hkirfc for- einl tfuy . will.ueyr ufterwHrda
willingly riiimnfw with- thir ie. Kor Children.
M iHP and Younir HMea tTieT. aro Bupewor all
t -a 1 J talaMaitro. nnmfnrt And
, ' ' ' '"V m '
ouiora, i.
a:u wi v.l.i n. Vtru thAtitnolA Hnritlfl?,
fn tuai, fw..-iiw.. onri tfrueatbl shape
UUi Will Wiosroi iv ia;ii ijohw- B" . ,
wnen viirwa ui lour urtuuwT ns
il.- . Jnnn i.anUaa. Tli m . 1 1 nnn A affl OUVereU
with double and twisted thread, and the bottom rods
are not only double spring, but twine (or double)
covered, preventing them Iroiu wennng uui n...u
.llte 4!.!,l,0.V...na,U with .11 la
dieBand is universallvTecommondod by t''".1
. . , . . . iii.'tiirn 1 1 TJ 'I W la.
Wntfamnesas tne ktainuaujj diuiu vr
viSn iaw iuir iirnur n c , .
To eniov the followintT e riectiraftble advantages in
ture, Stylish Shane and Finish, J-.exi.ui.iy,
lny.'s Duplex Elliptic or bouhle 8p rinj Skirt, and be
tune yu ut nio ukiiiiiiibiuih ip' i
iVTITT(?V Trt r.ar,.l ivUi.,fc TfPOSITION he
particular to NOTICE that skirts oflered as "DU-
fc. nv.. , .u- i ,. . . .vt.. til W .Hrnfl.
I urA - IIHVO lilt) reu II1K nuu.ip,
ley's Duple Elliptic Steel Springs," upon the waist
band none others are 'genuine. Also notice that
every Hoop will admit otupiii bei"K passed througo
braided tonether therein; whiotv ia the Flexibility of
aim sirengtn,.aiia a couiuuuiuon uuv iu ,uo iui, -
auv otnerfKin. - v - ' -
irilllkiil.lr.in nil Rtnraa tvharn FIRST CLASS skirts
are sold, throuchoiit tne United stales ana cise n..
Wanuwaturoci ny tne oia uvvners oi me rK'..,
07 Chiimhere artd 70 St 81 Reade Sts., N. T:
Kebniaryll, lU7-3m. .: ., ,-; .. . . . -
SheriflVs,, Sale. ; ,
.,.!.. Slate of Ohio, Vinton County,
Clari'sa Powd, Plaintiff, l In Vinton County Court
Tn. - ' r. '"i "i, M-.w.
F.ivin E. Dowd. Defendant.) Order of Sale No. 6.
OL'llSUANT to the command of tin order of salt In
L the above cause to me directed; from the Court
ni Rniiimnn Plena of Vinton County, Ohio, 1 will oftur
at public sale, at the door of the Court House, in the
Town oi iiic.iriiiiir, iu saiu cuu.hj, n.
TUESDAY; MARCH 19th, 1807,
at the hour ot 1 o'clock P. M. of said day, the fol
Inu-inailfflcrilmii nremises. to-wit:
iloginning for the samo eleven chains and twenty
. Mr i .l II. AT.k.Anu. .nnnMnrSAilInn Ntit.t
ber Thirty-two (32.) in Township Aiiinber lenno,.
of Range Number Sixteen '(16,) Ohm Company's Pur
dman: thence South fo"tv-one chains and twenty
IlllliS .VOnt.n HIO liuilirnn, v...JV. wiui.iui. ...ni.
five links; thence West thirty-two chains and ninety
links; thence North lorfy one chains and twenty-tive
links; thence Kast thirty-two clwins and seventy
links to Hie plnee of beginning, containing oue nunc
re.l anri thirtv-tlva ll.'iil acres more or less.
Taken as the property of Ervin E. Powd to satisfy
an order aud decree of said Court in favor ol Clariaa
nuwd.. . . .
Appraise! at twenty-six hundred dulhrs and mu
oring iwo-ininis oi tiiiii sum. i,i ., ; .
Terms of sale Cash inlwud. .
.';.,.. i JOHN J. SHOCKEV,
Sherit)' Vinton County, O.
E. A. Rratton, Att'y fiirPI'tl. "
February 14, 1807iw . :; , . . ' ,
Admiiiutrator's Sale of
Keal Estate,
PoLrlnlr Hnnrv Ouinn. Administrator 1
of Estate of Michael Diiugherty, In Vinton Pro
deceased, ,, . ' if; tour
vs. J retitition
Marv Daiiffhertv et. al. : I i Suit Land.
iN pursuance ot an order of the Prob.te Court of
Vinton county,-Ohio, grained on 'tlie Sth day oi
February, A. lVltJt7, I will oiler Ior sale at puuuo
auction, on ,
Monday,' the 18th day of March,
. . Jl. U. AOtM, , .
between the hours oi It) o'clock A. M. and o'clock
P. M.ofiiaid day, upon the premises, in the I'ownl
shin of Wilkesvlllo. the following described Uea-
Estate, situate in the county of, Vinton, aud State 0i
Ohio, to-witi . , ' , 1
l'he Wost half of the Soulh-west quarter ofeo
tion Number Five (No. .) Township Number Eight,
(No. 8,) Range Number Sixteen, (No. 16,) containing
Seventy-four acre,.-' ' ' - '
ALSO,-. : - , ' . ; i
Thirty-four acres off ot the East halt of the South
East Quarter of Seotion Number Six, (No. 6,1 Town
shipNumber Eight, (No 8 ) Range Number sixieen,
(No. -IB,) In the cdiinty of Vinton, and State of Ohio,
containing Thirty-four aeres. m- . u, ;, .ji; i- ,
Appraised at 87M.OO.
'Terms of Sale One-third cash in hand: one-third
in six months, and the remaining one-third in twelve
moniim, Horn ine uuy oi saio, -wun intsresi; uuiur
.red payments secured by mortgage upon; the preui
"ises sold. . . .. . .'
. , PATR10X HENRY QU1NN," -' '
. Adm'rol Michael Daugherty, deceaiad.
' 'February 14, lStfMw i - '
Sheriff's and Special master
Commissioner's Sale; :'
'-' 'State of Ohio,' Vinton Couniy,
Abraham Wilbur, Plaintiff,! In Vlntori County Cohrt
,' vs. ! f Common Pleas Order
Felix Grimes A Catharine f ' and Decree. Order
Grimes, Defendants, fi J Ko.lw i-.'ritfj..-
PURSUANT to the command of an Order and De
cree' issued from ' the Court of Common
Pleas of Vinton County, Ohio, and to me . directed
as Sheriff of said county," acting as Special Master
Commissioner herein, I will otter at publio Kaln, , at
the Door of the Court House, in the Town of He Ar
thur, in said County, on
' -'V A. D.188T, ,'' i':-..' i.st;
at i o'clock P.M. of said' day, the following descrl
lied premises, to-wit) , . ' ..
Bixty-six (!ti) Foetoffthe Southend ofln-Lot NOrtl
ber Seventy-seven (77, in tl Town of McArthur, :
Taken as the property ot said Felix: Grimes and
Catharine Grlrhes Co satisfy an, order and decreei of
said Court, in favor of Abraham Wilbur. i .'
Appraised at Two H undred and Fifty Dollars S2S0.
and must bring two thirds of that sum. i 4;. v.
, TermaolBale Cash In hand. ',. . .
. . ' ' , JOHN J. SHOCKET,' ', i ' '
".it: jI ,:l BheriB Vinton County, tfliio, and i ii
' Acting as Special Master Coinniismoner herein,
' fl.B. A. Mayo, AMy's for I-lfl.C ' " r-i"-'
! February il.l8W-6t-U m.f.-ir i.-rf) v
f , l.l.'U ';-. .' - )U
i '.v'.Tfo Cheapest Magazine oi tie; ITorW o ''
li ri i 'iii ""' 7 "a. -r .-.t :-,.f.-i
rpHIS popularand widely circulated Magaaine hai
X u6w readied an edition unequalled in this coun
try, i ; Eath ntinilwr is brnamepted by numeroua flu
engravings, and is complete in itself, embracing a
great variety of tnlea', aketdbae, t.poms, nnd tilusua
ted arlicleA, written expressly tot its oolumna. It is
conceded by all to be , tho cheapest and tea; Maga;
snein,tlieWdrId. .i J.' V, ' - u :-. ij';
i,:' ',:;' ','. .'.XERMS. ..j, ' ,.,r ,. t,
,160 a year; seven copies ,9 00; ' thirteen copies
,16(10. hingle eopieslft aechv Adrifesa ") f::i.
Bojion, Mass.
H Aft Tf 0 RD !11 Vt 5 1 6 CK ' iKit) R
'7 ' '.
,'-:'l i ...'. '' L Hi-.J.l;:;-'l
' or THB
- V
Hartford Live Stock Insurant
: ;-J.;,:.i .co.',':'.'";-;' v-; !
. Of ConneoUout,',t .:. i
ON the 1st day of November, 1808, tnadr
to the Auditor of Ohio, pursuSnt tO Ue
Sutute of that 8Ue.:i ! " ,-'
Tha .mount nf ila Carjital Stock
Mia UP, 18 . , HVv v
i a A nnn a
tiL.i. '.J in lha ninrli 1,
IjttSU uu iiouu. pu -
of Agents. ,. -jt..' -i, .:
The Bonds and Stocks owned by
f 32,343
the company . . . .
Debts due the Company, eedur-
43,457 BO
' cd by niornjage, '
Debts otherwise secured Mi.m
36,600 00
00,000 00
2,785 67
211 00
Debts for Premums, , .. , . ,; ..
All other Seourltei, ' j .
Total AiseU of Company, $155,296 83
None.' " ' ' .' '
The greatest amount . insured in.' . r , . ,
any one riB, . i at , -;uuy
Counti or UATwt; -j
E. N. nelloez. Presidont, and, W. C. Good.
rich, Secretary of the Hartford Live Stook
Insurance Company, beinc severally, sworn,
depose and say, that the foregoing is a full,
true andHorreot statement of the affairs of
said insurance company, ana mat mey are
. i i . : i i il... a
U10 aDOVe uesoriucu wuiceia luvroui
E. N. KELLOQQ, President.
w n .lnnnnrnu c........
.'Subscribed nd sworn before me, this Oth
day of November; 1806, ":1 ! '' V
Hi Ah. . ' ' " WW. Hfl.MlSK8l.BI, !
. , Com'rfortht State of Ohio. ,
Fiyb Cekt Stam. -i ; .!j, .:,v
Orrits or thk A upitob or Stats, i '
Columbus, O., Nov. 19, 1806.
It is hereby certified, , that, he, foregoing;
is a correct copy of the Statement 6f tha
Condition of the Hartford Live Stoek' In
surance Company of Conneotiout,.made to
and filed in this OS&eo, ,for the year 1867. -Seal.
Witness my hand and seal offi
" 'clallv. .'-'"' ' '
" - JAS. H. G0DMAN,
. Auditor of Stale.
By Jas; Williams, Cli'f Clerk,
(To Expire on the 31st day of January, 1808,.), , i
OyilcB or ths Auditor or Stats,.'
,'1867.J .'"
Columbus, O,, Nov 19,
INSURANCE COMPANY-, located at Hart
ford, in the Stale of Connecticut,, has .filed
in this office a sworn statement of its con
dition, as required by the apt "Tojllegulate In'.
;..AMAA r.AMV.AlAa A. i 1,1. U .1,1
DUiaiiuv un.nuion uv, .uuui pui wbour uj .ui
State of Ohio,' passed ' April 8, T86G,,nd
amended February 9, ,1864, and the act ."To.
regulate Foreign Insurance Companies,
passed April 5, -1866; and, Whoreae, Said
Company has furnished the undersigned
satisfactory evidence- that it. is possessed of
an actual Capital of at least, on a hundeeb
required by said acts; and; Whereas, said
Company has filed in the office" a written'
instrument under its corporate' seal,' signed
by the President and Secretary thereof, au
thorizing auy agent or agents of said Com
pany in this State to acknowledge service of
process, for and in behalf of said Company
according o the terms, of said act of April
8, 1856. . - , ,
Now, Therefore,' in pursuance of the not
aforesaid, I JAMES H. GODMAN, Auditor
of State for; Ohio, do hereby oertify that
ANCE COMPANY of Hartford, Connection,
is authorized to transact the business of.
Live Stock Insurance in this State ualil
tbe thirty. nrst day of January, ill ibeyear
one thousand ..eight , hundred,, and, sixty
eight. Sbal. Ik WiTxtsa WiiEREor,'' i' hat e
hereunto eubsoribed my
- name and caused the seal of
. i . ,-,. : my office to ;.be afliitkl the
i , : ...... day and y,ar above written.
., r JAS. H. OOPMANj i ' '
Auditor of State. '
i:: r.A ' ' ' By JaS. WlLHAMS,
'un', ..' --. vu.UwCb't'Glui.
J.; at. .ir. iBWE&ufci!.tT: !
. 1 ' " Mc Arthur, 0hi.;
January Sll,18o7-Jw",. - i nn
fjiijivxuiiijsT a MgNTpitX
-.rr v.- MAGAZINE, 0i,aVl i:
UNIVERSLLY5 : acknowledged the" Model
Parlor Magazine of America, Osyatsd to
Original Stories., Poems, igket.ces, Archi
lecture, and Model Cottages, Household Mat
ters, Gems of Thought, Personal and literary
Gossip (inoluding ; special dopartments On
Fashions,) Instructions on Health Gymnasr
tio Eques)ian .Exercises,,. Skating, , Music,
Amusements, sot.; all by tbe "best authors,
and profusely and artistioally illaetrated
with costly engravings (full sizej useful and
reliable Patterns, Embroideries, Jewelry, and
a succession of artistio noveletits, with other
useful and entertaing literature. ' '." "" ,
No person of refinement, economlcaThouW
wife, or lady of taste, can afford todo with
out the ttodel Monthly'. . ;,.,
Single copiej, 80 cents; hack numbers, aa
8pecimens,'t10 cents; either mailed free.
Yearly, $3, with a valaable premium tWof
copies, $5 50; three copies, $7 50; Ive copies,
$12, and epleadid .premiums; for, olub, at
each, with the first premium, ,tp each sub
scriber. ' ' "r ' '-'"
Address .p...! t-nus.
No. 473 Broadway, New York.
.Domorest's Monthly and Xeung, America
together, $4, with the premium to each. ,
Vol. Xvl, for 1867.
S I) HARRIS,' 'EDlTba.'' '-
J; Mr,'!
,'.Tsns.i-Singlei copy, only 2,09 H yar,rm
An extra copy, ,ona jear, fpr v. .every, cjub . O.f,
Ten, and an extra, copy , six mouths for a
olub of six ''' Specimens 'anll"Prllli'peolllSr
sent freo t persons deeiriflg to ge(PupJii1t
irl ;,, ,
-1-iW i, t. ihb' OBEAT'WMKLT' -
' ' PpBLISHflb A,T Cli:YELAND,;i0ltI9.

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